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Help and advice for Cornwood 1861 Census - Book 24

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CORNWOOD 1861 CENSUS, RG9/1433, Book 24

Transcribed by Wayne Shepheard

[NOTE: Question marks indicate words and names that were indecipherable due to the quality of the reproduction.]
Superintendent Registrar's District - Plympton St. Mary
Enumeration District Number 27
Registrar's Sub-District - Plympton
Name of Enumerator, Mr. John Vivian
All that part of the Parish of Cornwood which lies to the South from Alms House Bridge
to Yadsworthy. Including Alms House Bridge and the Cottages near thereto Higher Hele
Coom Watercoom Yadsworthy Farm Reddifort* Stone Cornwood Village & Delamore
*There are no dwellings at Reddifort. It is only some fields and a lane called by that name.
No. of
Road, Street, etc.,
and No. or Name of
Houses Name and Surname of each
to Head
of Family
Condition Age of Rank, Profession, or Occupation Where Born Whether
Blind or Deaf
and Dumb
Inhab. Uninhab. Male Female
1 Naphill Cottage 1   William Sanders Head Widower 64   Mason Cornwood, Devon  
        Ann Parkin Niece Un   42 Dressmaker Plymouth, Devon  
2 Jenkin's Cottage 1   George Tregillis Head Mar 65   Tailor Yealmpton, Devon  
        Mary Tregillis Wife Mar   61   Lamerton, Devon  
        Ann Skelly Servt Un   12 General Servant Cornwood, Devon  
3 Jenkin's Cottage 1   John Chapple Head Mar 55   Hind (Mrs. Praed) Cornwood, Devon  
        Louisa Chapple Wife Mar   46   Morley, Devon  
        Emily Jane Chapple Daur --   11 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Louisa Ellen Chapple Daur --   1   Cornwood, Devon  
        Sarah Lavers Morgan Visitor Un   17   Middlesex, some part of  
4 Delamore 1   Anne Francis Praed Head Widow   64 Gentlewoman Devonport, Devon  
        Elizabeth Ball Boarder Un   53 Gentlewoman Berry Pomeroy, Devon  
        Albert Praed Halifax Cousin Un 20   Gentleman Exeter, Devon  
        James Piers St. Aubyn Visitor Mar 46   Architect Porvick, Worcestershire  
        Mary Anne Potter Servt Un   38 Lady's Maid Otterton, Devon  
        Marianne Taylor Servt Un   56 Cook Trinity Exeter, Devon  
        Maria Dergis Servt Un   26 Housemaid Morton Hampstead, Devon  
        Tryphena Small Servt Un   18 Under Housemaid Cornwood, Devon  
        Jane Hammett Servt Un   17 Kitchen Maid Plymstock, Devon  
        Samuel Westaway Servt Un 28   Upper Footman Sampford Courtenay, Devon  
        Charles Atford Servt Un 19   Under Footman Powderham, Devon  
        James Staddon Servt Un 17   Groom Norton, Dorsetshire  
5 Church Town Cottage     John Northmore Head Mar 44   Farmer Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Ann Northmore Wife Mar   40 Schoolmistress Cornwood, Devon  
        Harriet Northmore Daur --   10 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
6 Church Town Cottage     John Vivian Head Widower 71   Carpenter (Parish Clerk) Cornwood, Devon  
7 Church Town Cottage 1   Elisha Wilcocks Head Mar 60   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Sarah Wilcocks Wife Mar   59   Ermington, Devon  
        Richard Wilcocks Son Un 28   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Elisha Wilcocks Son Un 24   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Jane Mary Wilcocks Daur Un   15   Cornwood, Devon  
        John Wilcocks Son -- 10   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
8 Church Town Cottage 1   Dorothy Luscombe Head Widow   74 Buttwoman Church Pillaton, Cornwall  
9 Church Town Cottage 1   Haly Horton Head Mar 71   Carpenter Cornwood, Devon  
        Betty Horton Wife Mar   69   Cornwood, Devon  
        Jane Horton Daur Un   23   Cornwood, Devon  
10 Church Town Cottage 1   Philip Horton Head Mar 36   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Jane Horton Wife Mar   39   Cornwood, Devon  
        Alexander Horton Son -- 14   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        William Head Lodger Widower 69   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
11 Puttypool Cottage 1   Charles Maxwell Head Mar 42   Land Agent Scotland  
        Agnes Maxwell Wife Mar   42   Scotland  
        Agnes Maxwell Daur --   10 Scholar Scotland  
        Anne Laing Maxwell Daur --   6 Scholar Scotland  
        Alexander Maxwell Son -- 4   Scholar Lanlivey, Cornwall  
        Williamina Maxwell Daur --   1   Cornwood, Devon  
        James Maxwell Son -- 27 days     Cornwood, Devon  
12 Puttypool Cottage 1   William Ford Head Mar 32   Brick Maker Cornwood, Devon  
        Caroline Ford Wife Mar   34   Hartland, Devon  
        Richard Ford Son -- 2     Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Charlotte Ford Daur --   3 mth   Cornwood, Devon  
13 Puttypool Cottage 1   John Sercombe Head Mar 38   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Elizabeth Sercombe Wife Mar   34   Cornwood, Devon  
        Robert Sercombe Son -- 11   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        John Sercombe Son -- 5   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
14 Puttypool Cottage 1   Philip Horton Head Mar 24   Carpenter Cornwood, Devon  
        Anne Horton Wife Mar   21   Cornwood, Devon  
15 Bridge Farm 1   William Walke Head Mar 51   Farmer 40 ac, 1 Lab & 2 Boys Lutton, Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Ann Walke Wife Mar   45   Yealmpton, Devon  
        William Walke Son Un 19   Farmer's Son Cornwood, Devon  
        Richard Luscombe Servt -- 11   Farmer's Servant Shaugh, Devon  
        Richard Walter Visitor Un 42   Labourer Lutton, Cornwood, Devon  
16 Bridge Farm     John Northmore Head Mar 70   Agricultural Labourer Buckland Monachorum, Devon  
        Ann Northmore Wife Mar   72   West Allington, Devon  
17 Bridge Farm     Henry Elvins Sweet Head Mar 47   Stone Mason St. Stephens, Cornwall  
        Mary Sweet Wife Mar   41 Dressmaker Fowey, Cornwall  
        Thomas Sweet Son Un 22   Stone Mason St. Stephens, Cornwall  
        James Henry Sweet Son Un 20   Stone Mason Kent, Woolwich  
        Fanny Sweet Daur --   11 Scholar Morice Town Devenport, Devon  
        Mary Jane Sweet Daur --   7 Scholar Morice Town Devenport, Devon  
        George William K. Sweet Son -- 4   Scholar Ivybridge, Devon  
        Ethel Adolphine Sweet Daur --   1   Ivybridge, Devon  
        Elizabeth Sweet Daur Un   17   Fowey, Cornwall  
18 Higher Smallridge Cottage 1   John William Burnett Head Mar 35   Tailor Plymouth, Devon  
        Mary Ann Burnett Wife Mar   35   Lansallos, Cornwall  
        Charles Jnr. Burnett Son -- 5   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Harriet Burnett Daur --   7 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Jane Burnett Daur --   3   Cornwood, Devon  
19 Lower Smallridge Cottage 1   John Baple Head Mar 39   Coachman Chumleigh, Devon  
        Martha Baple Wife Mar   29   Egg Buckland, Devon  
        William Davis Baple Son -- 10   Scholar    
        Mary Elizabeth Baple Daur --   8 Scholar    
        John Thomas Baple Son -- 6   Scholar    
        Thomas Harry Baple Son -- 3        
        Sarah Ann Baple Daur --   6 mth   Cornwood, Devon  
20 Cornwood Inn 1   George Jones Head Mar 32   Innkeeper Pyworthy, Devon  
        Elizabeth Jones Wife Mar   30   Cornwood, Devon  
        Elizabeth Mary Jones Daur --   8 Scholar Plymouth, Devon  
        Fanny Jones Daur --   6 Scholar Plympton, Devon  
        William Jones Son -- 3     Plympton, Devon  
        George Jones Son -- 1     Ivybridge, Devon  
        Emily Mudge Servt Un   19 General Servant Cornwood, Devon  
        Alexander Horton Servt Un 23   Servant Cornwood, Devon  
        Samuel Lang Lodger Mar 51   Cattle Drover White Church, Devon  
21 Cornwood Village 1   Robert Elford Head Widower 55   Shoemaker Cornwood, Devon  
22 Cornwood Village     Samuel Phillips Head Mar 22   Stone Mason Cornwood, Devon  
        Lydia Phillips Wife Mar   21   Cornwood, Devon  
        John Charles Phillips Son -- 1     Cornwood, Devon  
23 Cornwood Village 1   Philip Chapple Head Mar 60   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Jane Chapple Wife Mar   58   Cornwood, Devon  
24 Royal Oak Inn 1   William P. Vivian Head Mar 38   Licensed Victualler, Carpenter Cornwood, Devon  
        Ann Vivian Wife Mar   40   Ridgway, Devon  
        Mary B. Vivian Daur Un   15   Cornwood, Devon  
        William B. Vivian Son -- 9   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Hannah B. Vivian Daur --   7 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Lydia Dawe Servt Un   17 House Servant Tamerton, Devon  
25 Cornwood Village 1   John Kerslake Head Mar 35   Labourer Okehampton, Devon  
        Mary Ann Kerslake Wife Mar   31   Cornwood, Devon  
        Richard Brooks Boarder Un 46   Labourer Sorton, Devon  
26 Hillson's Cottage 1   Daniel Wilcocks Head Mar 35   Labourer St. Beaudeaux, Devon  
  Bond Street     Ann Wilcocks Wife Mar   34   Aveton Gifford, Devon  
        William Charles Wilcocks Son -- 1     Cornwood, Devon  
27 Roger's Cottage 1   Robert Mudge Head Mar 35   Carpenter & Sub Post Master Cornwood, Devon  
  Bond Street     Jane Mudge Wife Mar   36   South Pool, Devon  
        John Elliott Mudge Son -- 8   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        William Robert Mudge Son -- 5   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Louisa Jane Mudge Daur --   3 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Samuel Mudge Son -- 11 mth     Cornwood, Devon  
        James Nott Lodger Un 23   Carpenter Gorran, Cornwall  
        Richard Ureu Lodger Un 23   Carpenter Perran, Cornwall  
28 Cornwood Village 1   William Chalice Head Mar 71   Letter Carrier, Shoemaker Stonehouse, Devon  
        Jenny Chalice Wife Mar   66   Cornwood, Devon  
        Henry Chalice Son Un 24   Invalid Cornwood, Devon  
29 Cornwood Village     George Dearing Lodger Mar 33   Stone Mason Okehampton, Devon  
        Jane Dearing Wife Mar   43   Cornwood, Devon  
30 Wheelwright Cottage Shop 1   Robert Mudge Head Mar 65   Wheelwright Cornwood, Devon  
  and House, Bond Street     Martha Mudge Wife Mar   65   Cornwood, Devon  
        William Henry Mudge Grand-son Un 16   Wheelwright Cheltenham, Gloucestershire  
        Henry Mudge Grand-son -- 11   Apprentice Wheelwright South Pool, Devon  
31 Wheelwright Cottage Shop     Richard Webber Lodger Mar 23   Carpenter Plympton, Devon  
        Margaret Webber Wife Mar   22   Modbury, Devon  
32 Wheelwright Cottage Shop     John Mapson Lodger Un 25   Labourer Brinkworth, Wiltshire  
33 Hillson's Cottage, Bond Street 1   William Shepherd Head Mar 56   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Shepherd Wife Mar   55   Aveton Gifford, Devon  
        Mary Ann Shepherd Daur Un   25   Cornwood, Devon  
        Eliza Jane Light Grand-daur --   4   Plympton St. Mary, Devon  
34 Roger's Cottage, Bond Street 1   Thomas Hurrell Head Mar 49   Thatcher Yealmpton, Devon  
        Agnes Hurrell Wife Mar   43   Shaugh, Devon  
        Joshua Neck Hurrell Son Un 16   Thatcher Cornwood, Devon  
        Silas Nichols Hurrell Son -- 13   Thatcher Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Jane Hurrell Daur --   10 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
35 Cornwood Village 1   William Northmore Head Mar 56   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Northmore Wife Mar   35   Cornwood, Devon  
        Fanny Northmore Daur --   9 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Ann Northmore Daur --   7 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
36 Cornwood Village 1   Richard Shepheard Head Mar 70   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Shepheard Wife Mar   63   Cornwood, Devon  
        Richard Shepheard Son Un 32   Cripple Cornwood, Devon  
        Robert Clark Lodger Mar 30   Stone Cutter Tavistock, Devon  
37 Woodbine Cottage 1   James Northmore Head Mar 47   Gardener Cornwood, Devon  
        Elizabeth H. Northmore Wife Mar   33   Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Ann Northmore Daur --   11 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Elizabeth Walk Mother Widow   78   Cornwood, Devon  
        Elizabeth Horton Vine Visitor     5 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        William Steer Boarder Un 28   Labourer Modbury, Devon  
38 Woodbine Cottage     Anne Gay Lodger Mar   62   Ermington, Devon  
39 Cornwood Village 1   Mary Luscombe Head Widow   63   Cornwood, Devon  
        Elizabeth Ellen Luscombe Daur Un   26 Dressmaker Cornwood, Devon  
        James Luscombe Son Un 23   Carpenter Cornwood, Devon  
        John Jenkin Osborne Lodger Un 23   Carpenter St. Stephens, Cornwall  
        Philip Nott Lodger Un 21   Carpenter St. Gorran, Cornwall  
40 Blachford Lodge 1   Thomas Northmore Head Mar 71   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Sarah Northmore Wife Mar   66   Meavy, Devon  
41 Cornwood Village 1   William Elford Head Mar 27   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Sophia Elford Wife Mar   27   Cornwood, Devon  
        Lydia Elford Daur --   5 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Thomas Elford Son -- 3   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Ellen Jane Elford Daur --   1   Cornwood, Devon  
        Sophia Askell Mother-in-law Widow   64   Cornwood, Devon  
        Margaret Askell Visitor Un   24   Cornwood, Devon  
42 Cornwood Village 1   Richard Ford Head Mar 68   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Peggy Ford Wife Mar   67   Cornwood, Devon  
43 Cornwood Village 1   Elizabeth Crispin Head Widow   51   Cornwood, Devon  
        Jane Crispin Daur Un   21   Cornwood, Devon  
        Charles Crispin Son -- 4   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
44 School House and 1   John West Roberts Head Mar 24   Teacher of National School Plympton St. Andrew, Devon  
  National School     Agnes Harvey Roberts Wife Mar   19   Cornwood, Devon  
  Cornwood Village     Charles Vivian Wife's Brother -- 8   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Richard Vivian Wife's Brother -- 6   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
45 Cornwood Village 1   John Carpenter Head Mar 39   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Susan Carpenter Wife Mar   37   Beckington, Somersetshire  
        Prudence Carpenter Daur --   7 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
46 Cornwood Village 1   Henry Bastard Head Mar 47   Labourer Aveton Gifford, Devon  
        Charity Bastard Wife Mar   38   Cornwood, Devon  
        Richard Vivian Bastard Son -- 12   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Charles Hawkes Bastard Son -- 7   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Emma Charity Bastard Daur --   5 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Ann Bastard Daur --   4 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Andrew George Bastard Son -- 2     Cornwood, Devon  
        Rosina Kitty Bastard Daur --   7 mth   Cornwood, Devon  
        Ann Tall Boarder Widow   68   Cornwood, Devon  
47 Cornwood 1   Richard Vivian Head Mar 33   Baker Cornwood, Devon  
        Selina Vivian Wife Mar   33   Cornwood, Devon  
        Charlotte Vivian Daur --   9 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Jesse Vivian Daur --   8 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        David Vivian Son -- 7   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Edwin Vivian Son -- 5   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Lydia Vivian Daur --   3   Cornwood, Devon  
        Susanna Mudge Servt Un   16 House Servant Cornwood, Devon  
        Thomas Askell Servt Un 16   House Servant Cornwood, Devon  
48 Cornwood Village 1   James Sandover Head Mar 41   Blacksmith Cornwood, Devon  
        Ann Sandover Wife Mar   38   Cornwood, Devon  
        Maria Sandover Daur Un   20 House Servant Cornwood, Devon  
        Anne Sandover Daur Un   17   Meavy, Devon  
        John Sandover Son -- 14   Blacksmith's Son Meavy, Devon  
        Agnes Sandover Daur --   11 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Stephen Sandover Son -- 9   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Elizabeth Sandover Daur --   7 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Peggy L. Sandover Daur --   5 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Sandover Daur --   1   Cornwood, Devon  
        James Harris Visitor Mar 25   Carpenter Somersetshire  
49 Cornwood Village 1   William Hill Head Mar 27   Blacksmith Spreyton, Devon  
        Lucretia Hill Wife Mar   27   Cornwood, Devon  
        Harry T. Hill Son -- 2 mth     Cornwood, Devon  
50 Cornwood Village 1   Elizabeth Luscombe Head Un   50 General Shopkeeper Cornwood, Devon  
51 Cornwood Village 1   Robert Elford Head Widower 77   Shoemaker Cornwood, Devon  
        Charles Raymont Grand-son Un 21   Shoemaker Servant Newton Budel, Devon  
        Selina Raymont Grand-daur Un   17 House Servant Tuckenhay, Devon  
52   1   Richard Kerslake Head Mar 38   Stone Mason Okehampton, Devon  
        Elizabeth Kerslake Wife Mar   33   Cornwood, Devon  
        Elizabeth Kerslake Daur --   13 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        William Kerslake Son -- 12   Scholar Plymouth, Devon  
        Francis Kerslake Son -- 1     Cornwood, Devon  
53 Cornwood Village 1   Elias Elford Head Mar 37   Shoemaker Cornwood, Devon  
        Louisa Elford Wife Mar   34 Dressmaker Cornwood, Devon  
        Dinah Elford Daur --   13 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Fanny Elford Daur --   10 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
54 Cornwood Village 1   William Bowden Head Mar 52   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Susan Bowden Wife Mar   50   Bridestowe, Devon  
        Jane Bowden Daur Un   23   Cornwood, Devon  
        William Bowden Son Un 20   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Thomas Bowden Son -- 8   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Priscilla M. Bowden Daur --   4   Cornwood, Devon  
55 Heathfield Cottage 1   George Saunders Head Mar 43   Labourer Aveton Gifford, Devon  
        Charlotte Saunders Wife Mar   39   Holbeton, Devon  
        George F. Saunders Son -- 1     Cornwood, Devon  
56 Cornwood Village 1   William F. Gray Head Mar 37   Vicar of Cornwood Bryngury, Monmouth  
        Constance F. Gray Wife Mar   36   Stanhope, Durham  
        Ellen G. Gray Daur --   5   Cornwood, Devon  
        Annie J. Gray Daur --   1   Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Crispin Servt Un   20 House Servant Cornwood, Devon  
        Susan Sanders Servt Un   17 House Servant Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Ann Bradford Servt Un   22 House Servant Upton Pyne, Devon  
        Mary A. Ralph Servt Un   22 House Servant Lawhitton, Cornwall  
57 Bridge Cottage 1   William Elliott Head Mar 42   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Elizabeth Elliott Wife Mar   49   Holbeton, Devon  
        Elizabeth Elliott Daur Un   14   Cornwood, Devon  
        Henry Elliott Son -- 4     Cornwood, Devon  
        Elizabeth Luscombe Lodger Widow   75   Holbeton, Devon  
58 Bridge Cottage 1   John Ford Head Mar 40   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
  Bridge Cottage     Elizabeth Ford Wife Mar   42   Cornwood, Devon  
        Joan Mudge Lodger     85 ?? Woman Cornwood, Devon  
59 Wisdom Cottage 1   George Hillson Head Mar 69   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Elizabeth Hillson Wife Mar   78   Aveton Gifford, Devon  
        James Hillson Lodger Widower 67   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
60 Torr Farm 1   John Curry Farington Lodger Un 24   Curate of Cornwood Woodbury, Devon  
61 Torr Farm     Nicholas Colton Head Mar 62   Farmer 84 ac, empl. 1 lab. & 2 boys South Brent, Devon  
        Susanna Colton Wife Mar   59   Cornwood, Devon  
        John Colton Son Mar 29   Farmer's Son Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Colton Daur-in-law Mar   38   Abbots Kerswell, Devon  
        Charles Colton Grand-son -- 5   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Elizabeth Colton Sister Un   55 Dairymaid Cornwood, Devon  
        John Ford Servt Un 15   Carter Cornwood, Devon  
        Henry Hill Servt Un 15   Agricultural Labourer Tamerton, Devon  
62 Torr Village Cottage 1   William Northmore Head Mar 53   Labourer & Pensioner ?? Engineers Army Tamerton, Devon  
        Mary Northmore Wife Mar   53   Herefordtown, Hereford  
        James Keys Lodger -- 5     Plymouth, Devon  
63 Torr Village Cottage 1   Richard Baskerville Head Un 30   Shoemaker Cornwood, Devon  
64 Torr Village 1   Thomas Greep Head Mar 38   Agricultural Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Margaret M. Greep Wife Mar   37   Shaugh, Devon  
        William H. Greep Son Un 14   Agricultural Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Robert F. Greep Son -- 11   Agricultural Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary B. Greep Daur --   9 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        John Greep Son -- 6   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Margaret Greep Daur --   5 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Rachel M. Greep Daur --   2   Cornwood, Devon  
65 Torr Village 1   John Shepherd Head Mar 46   Agricultural Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Betsey Shepherd Wife Mar   48   Ilsington, Devon  
        Ruth A. Shepherd Daur --   9 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Elizabeth Shepherd Daur --   7 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Susanna Shepherd Daur --   4   Cornwood, Devon  
66 Torr Village 1   James Poynter Head Mar 38   Agricultural Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Elizabeth Poynter Wife Mar   38   Meavy, Devon  
        Jane A. Poynter Daur --   9 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        James B. Poynter Son -- 4     Cornwood, Devon  
67 Torr Village 1   Susan Eason Head Un   72   Cornwood, Devon  
68 Coombe Farm 1   Trobridge Horton Head Mar 45   Farmer 121 ac, empl. 1 lab & 2 boys Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Horton wife Mar   54   Cornwood, Devon  
        William Small Servt Un 18   Servant Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Horton Servt Un   16 Servant Cornwood, Devon  
        Edward Turpin Servt -- 10   Servant Cornwood, Devon  
69 Watercombe Farm 1   James Walke Head Mar 36   Farmer 150 ac, empl. 1 lab Cornwood, Devon  
        Kitty Walke Wife Mar   34   Cornwood, Devon  
        Louisa S. Walke Daur --   9 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        John S. Walke Son -- 6   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        William Turpin Servt Un 15   Carter Cornwood, Devon  
70 Yadsworthy Farm 1   Dianah Walke Head Widow   84 Farmer Cornwood, Devon  
        Richard Walke Nephew -- 12     Devonport, Devon  
        Clara Sanders Servt --   15   Cornwood, Devon  
        Eliza Ellis Servt --   13   Holbeton, Devon  
71 Yadsworthy Farm     William Walk Head Mar 52   Manager Cornwood, Devon  
        Anne Walk Wife Mar   46   Cornwood, Devon  
        William Walk Son Un 24     Cornwood, Devon  
        Richard Walk Son Un 18     Cornwood, Devon  
        James Walk Son Un 14     Cornwood, Devon  
        Thomas Walk Son -- 12   Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
72 Stone Farm 1   James Walk Head Mar 28   Agricultural Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Ann Walk Wife Mar   44   Sheepstor, Devon  
        William H. Walk Son -- 13     Ermington, Devon  
        Ann Walk Daur --   8   Ermington, Devon  
        Ellen Walk Daur --   3   Ermington, Devon  
        Frederick Walk Son -- 11 mth     Ermington, Devon  
73 Blachford Garden House 1   Joseph Crispin Head Mar 57   Gamekeeper Ermington, Devon  
        Sarah Crispin Wife Mar   50   Ermington, Devon  
        Priscilla Crispin Daur --   13 Scholar Ermington, Devon  
        Ellen S. Crispin Daur --   9 Scholar Ermington, Devon  
        Sarah A. Crispin Daur --   6 Scholar Ermington, Devon  
74 Yeo Cottage 1   Philip Chapple Head Mar 48   Labourer Ermington, Devon  
        Ann Chapple Wife Mar   42   Ermington, Devon  
        Henry Chapple Son -- 9     Ermington, Devon  
        William Chapple Son -- 11 mth     Ermington, Devon  
75 Yeo Cottage 1   James Luscombe Head Mar 51   Herdsman Ermington, Devon  
        Honor Luscombe Wife Mar   58   Ermington, Devon  
        Henry Trewan Boarder Un 52   Labourer Bicklegh, Devon  
76 Yeo Cottage 1   Richard Hillson Head Widower 70   Labourer Cornwood, Devon  
        Mary Ann Hillson Daur Un   42 Dressmaker Cornwood, Devon  
        George Hillson Son Un 33     Cornwood, Devon Deaf and Dumb from birth
        Elizabeth Hillson Grand-daur --   7   Cornwood, Devon  
77 Wisdom Mills 1   Martin Taylor Head Mar 33   Miller Modbury, Devon  
        Caroline Taylor Wife Mar   34   Modbury, Devon  
        Louisa Taylor Daur --   9 Scholar Modbury, Devon  
        Agnes W. Taylor Daur --   8 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Caroline Taylor Daur --   7 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Georgina Taylor Daur --   6 Scholar Cornwood, Devon  
        Rhoda Taylor Daur --   4   Cornwood, Devon  
        Martin J. Taylor Son -- 2     Cornwood, Devon  
        Emily A. Taylor Daur --   5 mth   Cornwood, Devon  
        Richard B. Taylor Brother -- 13   Servant Plymouth, Devon  
        John Tarr Servt Un 20   Servant Bradford, Devon  
        Thomas Drake Servt Un 23   Servant Stonehouse, Devon  
        Elizabeth Mudge Servt Un   15 Servant Cornwood, Devon  
  Cornwood Church   1                
  Higher Hele Tor   1                
Total of Houses 67 2 Total of Males and Females 169 172