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Help and advice for Cornwood 1881 Censes, ED 27

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Transcribed by Wayne Shepheard


Superintendant Registrar's District: Plympton St. Mary; EDN 27

Registrar's Sub-District: Plympton - Enumerator Mr. William Mudge

All that part of the Parish of Cornwood which lies to the South of the River from alms House Bridge to Blachford including Wilkensmoor Farm, Fardle Farm, Langham Farm, Moorcross, Corntown, Wisdom, Steart, Uppaton and such part of the Parish as is situated in Ivybridge.

No. of
Road, Street, etc.,
and No. or Name of House
Houses Name and Surname
of each person
to Head
of Family
as to

Age last
Birthday of
Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born Whether 1. Deaf & Dumb
2. Blind 3. Imbecile or
Idiot 4. Lunatic
In. Uninhab.
Male Female
1                     Blachford 1   Frederic Rogers Head Mar 70   Baron Blachford   London  
          Georgiana M. Rogers Wife Mar   59 Countess Baroness Blachford Beckenham Kent  
          Henry Clerk Serv Unmar 49   Butler Gainsborough Lincoln  
          William H. Gorsett Serv Unmar 21   Footman Devonport Devon  
          John Husband Serv Unmar 20   Stable Boy Yealmpton Devon  
          Annie Prince Serv Unmar   42 Lady's Maid   Cambridge  
          Jane E. Gordon Serv Unmar   29 Cook Inveravon, Bannf Scotland  
          Amelia Glasson Serv Unmar   40 Upper House Maid St. Erth Cornwall  
          Eliza Andrews Serv Unmar   29 Under House Maid Holbeton Devon  
          Louisa Elliott Serv Unmar   22 Laundry Maid South Pool Devon  
          Annie M. Yegnan Serv Unmar   17 Kitchen Maid Bridgtown Totnes Devon  
          Lavinia M. Nicholson Serv Unmar   19 Dairy Maid Cornwood Devon  
2   Puttypool Cottage 1   Kitty Walk Head Wid   53 No Occupation Cornwood Devon  
3   Puttypool Cottage 1   John Horton Head Mar 79   Retired Farmer Cornwood Devon  
          Mary Horton Wife Mar   77   Cornwood Devon  
4   Puttypool Cottage 1   Phillippa Thompson Head Wid   68 No Occupation St. Columb Cornwall  
          Phillippa A. Thompson GrDau     2   Cornwood Devon  
5   Bridge Farm 1   Richard Hillson Head Mar 40   Farmer of 70 Ac Cornwood Devon  
          Margaret Hillson Wife Mar   53   Ivybridge Devon  
          Florence Hillson Daur Unmar   15   Ivybridge Devon  
          Agnes Luscombe Serv Unmar   19 General Servant Plymouth Devon  
          Samuel Colton Serv Unmar 20   Farm Servant Indoor Harford Devon  
          George Wright Serv Unmar 13   Farm Servant Indoor Canada America  
6   Puttypool 1   Charles Maxwell Head Mar 62   Land Agent   Scotland  
          Agnes Maxwell Wife Mar   62     Scotland  
          Wilhelmina Maxwell Daur Unmar   21   Cornwood Devon  
          Prudence Clift Serv Wid   47 Servant Domestic Bishops Tawton Devon  
7   Mill Cottage 1   John J. Collier Head Mar 40   Labourer Plymstock Devon  
          Mary Ann Collier Wife Mar   37   Plymstock Devon  
          Clement T. Collier Son Unmar 11   Scholar Plymstock Devon  
          Lois S. Collier Daur Unmar   2   Cornwood Devon  
8   Mill Cottage 1   William Bowden Head Mar 39   Labourer Cornwood Devon  
          Priscilla Bowden Wife Mar   33   Cornwood Devon  
          William H. Bowden Son Unmar 16   Wheelwright Cornwood Devon  
          John Bowden Son Unmar 14   Labourer Cornwood Devon  
          Frances G. Bowden Son Unmar 9   Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Alfred E. Bowden Son Unmar 5   Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Alice E. Bowden Daur Unmar   1   Cornwood Devon  
9   Moorcross 1   Thomas Kerswill Head Mar 63   Blacksmith Revelstoke Devon  
    Blacksmith Shop     Elizabeth Kerswill Wife Mar   61   Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Thomas Kerswill Son Unmar 29   Blacksmith Cornwood Devon  
          Elizabeth Kerswill Daur Unmar   20   Cornwood Devon  
10   Moorcross 1   William H. Vivian Head Mar 41   Carpenter Foreman to Lord, Blachford Cornwood Devon  
          Mary Ann Vivian Wife Mar   43   Surrey Cumberland  
          Frederick N. Vivian Son Unmar 15   Carpenter Cornwood Devon  
          Harriett E. Vivian Daur Unmar   10 Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Charles S. Vivian Son Unmar 9   Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Agness G. Vivian Daur Unmar   7 Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Albert E. Vivian Son Unmar 5   Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Grace M. Vivian Daur Unmar   2   Cornwood Devon  
11   Moorcross Lodge 1   John Kerslake Head Mar 54   General Labourer Okehampton Devon  
          Mary A. Kerslake Wife Mar   50   Cornwood Devon  
          Louisa Kerslake Daur Unmar   18   Cornwood Devon  
          William Kerslake Son Unmar 16   Stone Mason Cornwood Devon  
          Henry Kerslake Son Unmar 14   Stone Mason Cornwood Devon  
          Lydia Kerslake Daur Unmar   11 Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Jessie Kerslake Daur Unmar   9 Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Elizabeth Crispin MoLaw Wid   72   Cornwood Devon  
12   Moorcorss House 1   Katherine Rogers Head Unmar   68 Daughter of Baronet   London  
          Sophia Rogers Sister Unmar   64 Daughter of Baronet   London  
          Hannah Badger Serv Unmar   46 Lady's Maid Gnosall Stafford  
          Mary J. Ford Serv Unmar   22 Cook Cornwood Devon  
          Mary Badcock Serv Unmar   20 Parlour Maid Highampton Devon  
13   Moor Farm 1   William Kingwell Head Mar 62   Farmer of 121 Ac Cornwood Devon  
          Elizabeth Kingwell Wife Mar   63   Cornwood Devon  
          Parry M. Gill SonLaw Mar 26   Farm Labourer Cornwood Devon  
          Harriett Gill Daur Mar   32   Cornwood Devon  
          Eva H. Gill GrDau Unmar   3   Cornwood Devon  
          Ernest W. Gill GrSon Unmar 2     Cornwood Devon  
          Parry M. Gill GrSon Unmar 3 m     Cornwood Devon  
          Phillip Horton Serv Unmar 16   Servant Boy Indoor Cornwood Devon  
          Susanna Luscombe Serv Unmar   15 Servant Girl Cornwood Devon  
          James Woods Serv Unmar 14   Servant Boy Indoor Cornwood Devon  
14   Hangher 1   William Barons Lodger Wid 70   Assistant Overseer of Cornwood Plympton St. Mary Devon  
15   Hangher Farm 1   Joshua F. Northmore Head Mar 26   Farmer of 6 Ac Cornwood Devon  
          Ann Northmore Wife Mar   27   Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Frances F. Northmore Daur Unmar   7   Cornwood Devon  
          Mary Northmore Daur Unmar   6   Cornwood Devon  
          Maria H. Northmore Daur Unmar   4   Cornwood Devon  
          Ellen Northmore Daur Unmar   2   Cornwood Devon  
          Grace Wood Serv Unmar   18 Servant Plymouth Devon  
          Maria H. Northmore Sister Unmar   28   Cornwood Devon Cripple from birth
16   Hangher Farm 1   John Horton Head Mar 33   Farmer of 78 Ac emp 1 lab Cornwood Devon  
          Mary Horton Wife Mar   32   Cornwood Devon  
          Phillip M. Horton Son Unmar 11   Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          John Horton Son Unmar 9   Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Joshua N. Horton Son Unmar 5     Cornwood Devon  
          Ernest J. Horton Son Unmar 1     Cornwood Devon  
          Angelina Hawke Serv Unmar   15 General Servant Plymouth Devon  
17   Hangher Cottage 1   John Stevens Head Wid 66   Agricultural Labourer Cornwood Devon  
          Elizabeth A. Stevens Daur Unmar   22   Cornwood Devon  
18   Wingreen 1   George F. Youlton Head Wid 51   Bank Manager Stoke Dameral, Devonport Devon  
          Sidney Youlton Son Unmar 17   Apprentice to Wollen Manu, Labourer Woolen Mill Stoke Dameral, Devonport Devon  
          Gertrude Youlton Daur Unmar   16 Scholar St. Stephens Cornwall  
          Camilla A. Youlton Daur Unmar   13 Scholar Stoke Dameral, Devonport Devon  
          Charlotte Roniter Cousin Mar   42 No Occupation St. Thomas, Exeter Devon  
          Emily Roniter Daur Unmar   22   Brentwood Essex  
          Caroline M. Roniter Daur Unmar   14 Scholar Lewe Sussex  
          Williw W. Roniter Son Unmar 10   Scholar Lewe Sussex  
          Emma J. Parker Serv Unmar   25 Housemaid Fillaton Cornwall  
          Louisa J. Nicholson Serv Unmar   21 Cook Cornwood Devon  
          Sarah J. Blackler Serv Unmar   16 Kitchen Maid Lutton, Cornwood Devon  
          Amos Davey Serv Unmar 20   Groom Okehampton Devon  
19   Uppaton Farm 1   John Horton Head Mar 61   Farmer of 100 Ac emp 2 men Cornwood Devon  
          Caroline Horton Wife Mar   59   Cornwood Devon  
          Matilda Northmore Daur Unmar   23   Cornwood Devon  
          John Horton Son Unmar 21   Farmer's Son Cornwood Devon  
          Caroline Horton Daur Unmar   16   Cornwood Devon  
          John Crocker Serv Unmar 20   Farm Servant Indoor Cornwood Devon  
          John Woods Serv Unmar 14   Farm Servant Indoor Cornwood Devon  
20   Lower Uppaton 1   James Rice Head Mar 41   Agricultural Labourer Bratton Clovelly Devon  
          Joanna Rice Wife Mar   41   Thruselton Devon  
          Rosy Rice Daur Unmar   12   Walkhampton Devon  
          Thomas Rice Son Unmar 10     Walkhampton Devon  
          Mary Rice Daur Unmar   7   Cornwood Devon  
          Emma Rice Daur Unmar   5   Cornwood Devon  
          James Rice Son Unmar 1     Cornwood Devon  
21   Houndle 1   William Mudge Head Mar 40   General Labourer Cornwood Devon  
          Amelia Mudge Wife Mar   39   Cornwood Devon  
          James Mudge Son Unmar 17   General Labourer Cornwood Devon  
          Charles Mudge Son Unmar 14     Cornwood Devon  
          Robert Mudge Son Unmar 6     Cornwood Devon  
          Emma Mudge Daur Unmar   4   Cornwood Devon  
          Hilda Mudge Daur Unmar   2   Cornwood Devon  
          Elizabeth Beale Mother Wid   69 Dressmaker Cornwood Devon  
22   Houndle 1   John Tall Head Mar 25   Gardener Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Louisa Tall Wife Mar   25   Revelstoke Devon  
          Mary Tall Daur Unmar   4   Cornwood Devon  
          Edith Tall Daur Unmar   2   Holbeton Devon  
          Lucy Tall Daur Unmar   1   Cornwood Devon  
23   Sherwill Farm 1   Philip Horton Head Wid 58   Farmer of 96 Ac em 1 lab Cornwood Devon  
          Trobridge Horton Son Unmar 29   Farmer's Son Cornwood Devon  
          John Horton Son Unmar 14     Cornwood Devon  
          Philip Horton Son Unmar 14     Cornwood Devon  
          Elizabeth Horton Daur Unmar   11 Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Fanny Horton Sister Unmar   46   Cornwood Devon  
24   Dinnaton Farm 1   Haly Horton Head Mar 48   Farmer of 125 Ac Cornwood Devon  
          Caroline Horton Wife Mar   50   Cornwood Devon  
          Kitty Horton Daur Unmar   19   Cornwood Devon  
          Haly Horton Son Unmar 17   Farmer's Son Cornwood Devon  
          William Horton Son Unmar 15   Farmer's Son Cornwood Devon  
          Richard Horton Son Unmar 11     Cornwood Devon  
          Mary S. Willcocks Serv Unmar   19 Servant Cornwood Devon  
          Thomas Northmore Serv Unmar 15   Farm Servant Indoor Ugborough Devon  
25   Dinnaton Cottage 1   Philip Horton Head Mar 39   Farm Labourer Cornwood Devon  
          Ellen Horton Wife Mar   38   Cornwood Devon  
          Florence Horton Daur Unmar   9   Cornwood Devon  
          Jessie Horton Daur Unmar   9   Cornwood Devon  
          James Horton Son Unmar 7     Cornwood Devon  
          Louisa Horton Daur Unmar   2   Cornwood Devon  
26   Dinnaton Cottage 1   John Walk Head Wid 67   Farm Labourer Cornwood Devon  
27   Dinnaton Cottage 1   Philip Horton Head Mar 40   Farm Labourer Cornwood Devon  
          Mary Horton Wife Mar   47   Ugborough Devon  
          Philip Horton Son Unmar 12   Scholar Ugborough Devon  
          William Horton Son Unmar 10   Scholar Ugborough Devon  
          Richard Horton Son Unmar 4   Scholar Ugborough Devon  
          James Horton Son Unmar 18 m     Cornwood Devon  
28   Wilkinsmoor Farm 1   James Horton Head Mar 26   Farmer of 100 Ac Cornwood Devon  
          Mary Horton Wife Mar   26   Cornwood Devon  
          James Horton Son Unmar 2     Cornwood Devon  
          Mary C. Horton Daur Unmar   1   Cornwood Devon  
          John Prout Serv Unmar 20   General Farm Servant Indoor Cornwood Devon  
          Mary Phillips Serv Unmar   17 General Servant Cornwood Devon  
29   Pithill Farm 1   Nicholas Wyatt Head Mar 42   Farmer of 116 Ac Ermington Devon  
          Jane Wyatt Wife Mar   32   Ermington Devon  
          John P. Wyatt Son Unmar 7     Cornwood Devon  
          Nicholas Wyatt Son Unmar 5     Cornwood Devon  
          Richard Wyatt Son Unmar 3     Cornwood Devon  
          Joseph P. Wyatt Son Unmar 11 m     Cornwood Devon  
          Joseph Pearn Boarder   64     Ermington Devon  
          Margaret Lang Serv Unmar   15 Servant Ermington Devon  
          Philip Maunder Serv Unmar 17   Farm Servant Indoor Ermington Devon  
30   Station Cottage 1   Emmeline Quantick Head Mar   31 Wife of Railway Servant Berry Pomeroy Devon  
          William Quantick Son Unmar 11   Scholar Littlehampton Devon  
          Edley J. Quantick Son Unmar 9   Scholar Littlehampton Devon  
          Frederick J. Quantick Son Unmar 6   Scholar Littlehampton Devon  
          Owen J. Quantick Son Unmar 1     Ivybridge, Cornwood Devon  
31   Station Cottage 1   John Rowe Head Mar 33   Station Master Ivybridge Liskeard Cornwall  
          Elizabeth Rowe Wife Mar   27   Brent Devon  
          Mary E. Rowe Daur Unmar   5   Cornwood Devon  
          Thomas Rowe Son Unmar 3     Newton Abbott Devon  
          Annie L. Rowe Daur Unmar   9 m   Cornwood Devon  
          John Sercombe Lodger Unmar 24   Railway Signalman Cornwood Devon  
          Tom French Lodger Unmar 18   Porter Brent Devon  
32   Wood Haye 1   Anne Harris Head Wid   48 No profession or occupation Malting Kent  
          Anne E. Harris Daur Unmar   19   Islington London  
          Katherine Harris Daur Unmar   13 Scholar Bierton Buckingham  
          Arthur H. Harris Son Unmar 10   Scholar Ivybridge Devon  
33   Beacon Villa 1   Edward H. Tayleur Head Mar 36   None Middlesex London  
          Susan G. Tayleur Wife Mar   29     Scotland  
          William H. Tayleur Son Unmar 7     Ivybridge Devon  
          Eric Tayleur Son Unmar 6     Ivybridge Devon  
          Mary E. Tayleur Daur Unmar   5   Ivybridge Devon  
          Arsioc Tayleur Son Unmar 3     Ivybridge Devon  
          Charles E. Tayleur Son Unmar 1     Ivybridge Devon  
          Evelyn M. McEwan SisLaw Unmar   17     Scotland  
          Ellen Vernon Serv Wid   36 Housemaid Plymouth Devon  
          Hannah Hudson Serv Wid   34 Nurse Plymouth Devon  
          Keziah Tregillus Serv Unmar   21 Cook Hoorabridge Devon  
34   Ottawa Villa 1   Samuel Luscombe Head Mar 72   Retired Farmer Holbeton Devon  
          Catherine Luscombe Wife Mar   72   Plympton Devon  
          Ann Luscombe Daur Unmar   37   Modbury Devon  
          Mary Cragg Visitor Unmar   60   Devonport Devon  
35   Ottawa Villa 1   Henry Macdonald Head Wid 62   Annuitant Plymouth Devon  
          Hellen Macdonald Daur Unmar   36   Tamerton Folliott Devon  
          Elizabeth MacDuff Serv Wid   39 Cook Domestic Servant Devonport Devon  
          Eliza Balance Serv Unmar   25 Domestic Servant Devonport Devon  
36   Vicarage House 1   Frederic Granville Head Mar 71   Colonel HM 2nd Warwick Malitia Farley Stafford  
          Isabel Granville Wife Mar   49   Brails Shipton on Stour Warwick  
          Vincent P. Calmady Visitor Unmar 56   J.P. for Devon District   London  
          Marion Dodd Serv Mar   30 Housekeeper Lochabie Scotland  
          Richard Dodd Serv Mar 32   Groom Moreton Hampstead Devon  
          Emily Heard Serv Unmar   26 Lady's Maid Dolton North Devon  
          Mary Hind Serv Unmar   35 Parlour Maid Ugborough Devon  
          Sarah May Serv Unmar   22 Cook Clyst St. George Devon  
          William J. Dodd so R Dodd Unmar 2     Ivybridge Devon  
37   Beacon Villa 1   Mary Edwards Head Wid   50   Clapham Surrey  
          Sarah Brock Compan. Unmar   60 Formerly Governess Brechnach    
          Elizabeth Corber Serv Unmar   49 Cook Domestic Penryn Cornwall  
          Bessie Furness Serv Mar   27 Housemaid Radstow Cornwall  
          John Head Serv Unmar 15   Gardener North Filham    
38 5 Station Road 1   James Pickard Head Mar 60   Major General Retired R.M.L.S. Aston Warwick  
          Sarah A. Pickard Wife Mar   62   Gosport Hants  
          Constance Pickard Daur Unmar   21   Gosport Hants  
          Henrietta Pickard Daur Unmar   18   Gosport Hants  
          Jane Batten Serv Unmar   20 General Servant Domestic St. Martin Cornwall  
39 4 Station Road 1   Mary Lugg Head Wid   61 Gentlewoman Helston Cornwall  
          Bessie Eale Serv Unmar   18 Domestic Servant St. Cleery Cornwall  
          Catherine Cookes Millerin? Visitor Unmar   50 Gentlewoman Portchester Hampshire  
40 3 Station Road 1   Martha W. Sawyer Head Unmar   37 Annuitant Filham Devon  
          Jane Pearse Visitor Unmar   82 Annuitant Diptford Devon  
          Eliza Gillard Serv Unmar   14 Servant Marley Devon  
41 2 Station Road 1   George W. Anstiss Head Unmar 46   Vicar of Ivybridge Dover Kent  
          Caroline Coad Serv Unmar   66 Housekeeper Malborough Devon  
42 1 Station Road 1   William H. Millman Head Mar 28   Domestic Servant Boots Ermington Devon  
          Lavinia Millman Wife Mar   22 Dressmaker Devonport Devon  
          Fanny Millman Daur Unmar   1y11m   Ivybridge Devon  
43   Erme House 1   William Blackmore Head Mar 49   Labourer Ivybridge, Ermington Devon  
          Matilda Blackmore Wife Mar   50 Lodging House Keeper Ivybridge, Ermington Devon  
          Robert Blackmore Son Unmar 16   Teacher Board School Ivybridge Cornwood Devon  
          Francis Blackmore Son Unmar 14   Apprentice Plumber Cornwood Devon  
          Elizabeth Blackmore Daur Unmar   10 Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Kate Blackmore Daur Unmar   8 Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Catherine Meatherel MoLaw Wid   87   Ermington Devon  
          Henry H. Woods Lodger Unmar 41   Gentleman Barnstaple Devon  
          Mrs. Annie Woods Lodger Mar   29 Lady Plymouth Devon  
          Vernon Woods Lodger Unmar 11   Gentleman Plymouth Devon  
          Byron Woods Lodger Unmar 9   Gentleman Plymouth Devon  
          Thomas Woods Lodger Unmar 8   Gentleman Plymouth Devon  
          Henrietta Dennis Lodger Unmar   64 Lady Devonport Devon Deaf
          Martha Dennis Lodger Unmar   43 Lady Devonport Devon  
44   Erme Cottage 1   Martha Sherwell Head Unmar   54 Income Derived from Interest of Money Ivybridge Devon  
          Catherine C. Sherwell Niece Unmar   32   Ivybridge Devon  
          Agnes C. Gatt Serv Unmar   38 Cook Torquay Devon  
          Maud M. Foster Serv Unmar   18 Housemaid Harwich Essex  
45   Blachford Cottage 1   John Bidgood Head Mar 59   Paper Maker Silverton Devon  
          Eliza Bidgood Wife Mar   59 Paper Sorter Prawin Somerset  
          Elizabeth Bidgood Daur Unmar   32 Laundress Silverton Devon  
          John Bidgood Son Unmar 22   Servant Cornwood Devon  
          George Bidgood Son Unmar 18   Servant Cornwood Devon  
46   Blachford Cottage 1   Thomas Walk Head Mar 62   Carter Cornwood Devon  
          Ann Walk Wife Mar   62   Cornwood Devon  
          Thomas Marshall GrSon Unmar 8   Scholar Dartmouth Devon  
          Robert Williams Nephew Unmar 16   Cutter Royal Paper Mill Plymouth Devon  
          Selina Andrews Niece Unmar   26 Invalid Plymouth Devon  
47   Nirvana 1   Robert Morris Head Mar 45   Retired from Ceylon Civil Service Kandy Ceylon  
          Sarah S. Morris Wife Mar   44   Manchester Lancashire  
          Margaret Ward Serv Unmar   25 Cook St. Gynish Camelford Cornwall  
          Mary Torr Serv Unmar   19 Housemaid Ermington Devon  
          William Scolar Serv Unmar 19   Groom Grampound Cornwall  
48   Langham Farm 1   Henry Cole Head Mar 53   Farmer of 189 Ac emp 2 lab South Brent Devon  
          Sarah Cole Wife Mar   47   Ermington Devon  
          Sarah Cole Daur Unmar   20   Cornwood Devon  
          Susan Cole Daur Unmar   17   Cornwood Devon  
          Henry Cole Son Unmar 15   Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          William Cole Son Unmar 11   Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Eustace Cole Son Unmar 9   Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Minnie M. Cole Daur Unmar   5 Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Ada M. Meathrel Niece Unmar   6 Visitor Ermington Devon  
          Edward Hill Serv Unmar 23   Farm Servant Indoor Plymouth Devon  
49   Dinnaton Sidon 1   William H. Coath Head Mar 34   Agricultural Labourer Brixton Devon  
          Sarah A. Coath Wife Mar   28   Yealmpton Devon  
          William H. Coath Son Unmar 7   Scholar Sparkwell Devon  
          Mildred Coath Daur Unmar   3   Hemerdon Devon  
50   Fardle Farm 1   Henry Luscombe Head Mar 26   Farmer of 287 Ac Harford Devon  
          Emma Luscombe Wife Mar   24   Cornwood Devon  
          Emma Luscombe Daur Unmar   2 m   Cornwood Devon  
          Elizabeth Yeoman Serv Unmar   17 General Servant Cornwood Devon  
          James Yeoman Serv Unmar 18   General Farm Servant Indoor Ermington Devon  
          George Scoble Serv Unmar 22   General Farm Servant Indoor Ivybridge Devon  
          John Pomeroy Serv Unmar 14   General Farm Servant Indoor Modbury Devon  
51   Fardle Mills 1   Sampson R. Chaffe Head Unmar 21   Miller Modbury Devon  
          Anne Chaffe Mother Wid   58 Housekeeper Stokenham Devon  
          Henry Hill Serv Unmar 18   Miller's Servant Modbury Devon  
52   Woodburn Farm 1   William Maddock Head Mar 69   Farmer of 42 Ac Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Ann Maddock Wife Mar   66   Harford Devon  
          Thomas Maddock Son Unmar 22   Farmer's Son Mary Tavy Devon  
          James Friend Serv Unmar 16   Farm Servant Indoor Ugborough Devon  
53   Steart Farm 1   Eliza Turpin Head Wid   60 Farmer of 120 Ac emp 2 lab Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          James Turpin Son Unmar 32   Farmer's Son Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          William Marshall Serv Unmar 16   Farm Servant Indoor Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          George Munford Serv Unmar 14   Farm Servant Indoor Yealmpton Devon  
          Emma Ashall Serv Unmar   16 Servant Cornwood Devon  
54   Blackford Lodge 1   Agnes Turpin Head Wid   66 Laundress Cornwood Devon  
          Charles Turpin Son Unmar 23   Clay Labourer Cornwood Devon  
          Elizabeth Turpin Daur Unmar   20   Cornwood Devon  
          Florence Turpin GrDau Unmar   7   Plympton St. Mary Devon  
55   Cornwood Station 1   John Sobey Head Mar 62   Station Master Dawlish Devon  
          Charlotte Sobey Wife Mar   62   Newton Abbott Devon  
          Harriett Lock Serv Unmar   14 General Servant Domestic Lutton, Cornwood Devon  
56   Corntown   1U                    
57   Corntown Cottage 1   James Carpenter Head Mar 54   Farm Labourer Cornwood Devon  
          Elizabeth Carpenter Wife Mar   58   Cornwood Devon  
          Elizabeth Carpenter Daur Unmar   22   Cornwood Devon  
58   Corntown 1   William Walk Head Mar 69   Carter Cornwood Devon  
          Mary Ann Walk Wife Mar   64   Yealmpton Devon  
          William Walk Son Unmar 38   Clay Labourer Cornwood Devon  
          William Northmore Lodger Wid 72   Clay Labourer Cornwood Devon  
          John Northmore Lodger Unmar 26   Clay Labourer Knackerknowle Devon  
59   Corntown 1   James Fay Head Mar 45   Journeyman Baker Devonport Devon  
          Elizabeth Fay Wife Mar   41   Cawsand Devon  
          James W. Fay Son Unmar 23   Brick Maker Devonport Devon  
          Samuel S. Fay Son Unmar 20   Brick Maker Devonport Devon  
          Emily Fay Daur Unmar   15 Scholar Devonport Devon  
          Mary H. Fay Daur Unmar   12 Scholar Devonport Devon  
          Amelia A. Fay Daur Unmar   10 Scholar Devonport Devon  
          Sarah J. Fay Daur Unmar   7 Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          John S. Fay Son Unmar 4   Scholar Cornwood Devon  
          Emma H. Fay Daur Unmar   2   Cornwood Devon  
          William R. B. Fay Son Unmar 1 m     Cornwood Devon  
60   Steart Farm 1   Robert Turpin Head Mar 29   Clay Labourer Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Kate Turpin Wife Mar   25   Plympton St. Mary Devon  
61   Cresent Road 1   George Kite Head Mar 24   Signalman Lew Trenchard Devon  
          Prudence Kite Wife Mar   24   St. Winnow Cornwall  
          Frances M. Kite Daur Unmar   1   Wolborough Devon  
          Henry Collins Lodger Unmar 20   Porter Mary Tavy Devon  
Total of Houses 60 1U Total of Males and Females 155 181