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Name Index


Elize Hele

Trans. Devon. Assoc. Vol 21. (1889) pp. 488-497.


Winslow Jones

Prepared by Michael Steer

Elize Hele or Elizeus Hele (1560-1635) of Fardell was a lawyer and philanthropist. In 1632, Hele transferred his lands into a trust that was intended for "pious uses". The trustees included his wife, John Hele and a number of trusted friends. The trust was used to create a number of schools in Devon including Hele's School at Exeter. He is buried in Exeter, his son Walter was buried in Bovey Tracey where there is an elaborate monument in the parish church to Elize. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.
The Wills of Elize and Alice Hele are appended; pp. 495-497
Blachford, Lord 492
Boase, Rev C W 489, 494
Bray, Alice 490
Bray, Anne 491
Bray arms 492-4
Bray, Frauncis gent 496-7
Bray, Reginald 490-1
Bridges, John 491
Burdwood, Richard 495-7
Burdwood, Walter 496
Campbell, Lord 491
Champernown, Katherine 489
Charles I 490, 496-7
Charles II 491
Colby, Dr 491
Collyns, Gilbert 496
Collyns, James 496
Corbyn, Hanniball 495, 497
Cullinge, John 495, 497
Curson, ___ Esq 496
Daw, Mr 494
Drake, Mr Frederick 494
Drake, Joan 489
Drewe, Serjeant Edward JP 490
Dugdale, Sir William 490
Earbery, Sackville 497
Eaton, Christopher 497
Elizabeth I, Queen 490
Eveleigh, Alice 490
Eveleigh arms 493
Eveleigh, James 495
Eveleigh, John 490
Evelegh, Nicholas 490-1, 493
Foss 491
Geall, Thomas 496
Grew, Salathiell 496
Harte, Richard 497
Harte, Thomas 497
Hele, Mistress Alice 490-3, 495-7
Hele arms 489, 492-4
Hele, Elizeus Esq, armig. throughout
Hele family 488, 491
Hele, Jane 488
Hele, John Esq 490, 492, 496
Hele, Sir John 488, 490
Hele, Margery 489
Hele, Mary 489
Hele, Matthew 490
Hele, Nicholas 489-90
Hele, Thomas 496
Hele, Walter Esq 488-92
Hender arms 493
Hender family 490
Hender, John Esq 490
Hender, Mary 490, 493
Hole, Mr William 491
Ingolsby, John 496
James I 489-90
Lane, Rev Richard 488-9
Lysons 488
Maclean, Sir John 490
Mallacke, Roger 496
Martyn, Mr William 490
Maynard family 491
Maynard, Jane 488
Maynard, John Esq 491-4, 496-7
Maynard, Thomas 488
Meade 490
Oliver, Dr 490, 493
Palk, Sir Robert 494
Pinsent, Jane 497
Pode, Mr John Duke 494
Pole, Sir William 489
Pollard, Hugh Esq 492
Pollexfen, Andrew 495
Pollexfen, John 495
Pollexfen, John jnr 495
Prince 488-91, 493
Ralegh, Sir Carew 489
Ralegh, George 489
Ralegh, Joan 489
Ralegh, John 489
Ralegh, Katherine 489
Ralegh, Walter 489
Ralegh, Sir Walter 489
Salter, Nathaniel 496
Stert, Elize gent 492-4, 496
Stevens, Edward Esq 496-7
Stroode, Frauncis (Strode) 497
Vaux, Alice 491
Vaux, Thomas Lord 491
Vivian, Lieutenant Colonel 490-1
Warwyke, Elize gent 489
Westcote 488, 490
Wills, Robert 496
Whalley, Rev Peter 491
Woollcombe, Mr 494
Woolrych, Serjeant 490-1