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Help and advice for John Tucker: Parish clerk of Cornworthy and antiquary (1893): index

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John Tucker: Parish clerk of Cornworthy and antiquary

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 25, (1893) pp. 470-481.


S.G. Harris

Prepared by Michael Steer

Mr John Tucker, Parish Clerk and Schoolmaster of Cornworthy for forty years. Died December 1860 aged 74 years. He was correspondent for many years to the Sherborne Mercury and widely respected as the 'maker of wills' for those in his locality. He is best remembered as an antiquary and local historian of some note, with a particular interest in Cornworthy Priory, founded in the 13th century by the powerful Zouch family. The paper, despite its title and introduction is essentially a history of the author's family. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of Michigan Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.
Barter, Mr Charles 471
Bassett family 475
Bassett, Francis Esq 480
Blake, Eleanor 473
Boone family 480
Boone, Thomas Esq 480
Bradford, Mabilla de 473
Browne, Joane 478
Bulley family 472
Burch, Arthur Esq 473
Cawniam, Margaret 478
Comtiloupe, George de 481
Cornwall, Earl of 481
Crewes, John 478
Crewse, Margaret 478
Cromwell, Sir Thomas 475
Duke, Philippa 476
Duke, Richard Esq 476
Dunstanville, Lord de 475, 480
Dynham, Avisia 473
Dynham, Thomasina 473
Edgcumbe, Sir Piers 475
Edward I 481
Edward IV 481
Elizabeth I 475-6
Essex, Earl of 475
Finch, James 480
Fishacre, Jane 473
Fortiscue, Mrs Agnes 476-7, 479
Fortescue, Arthure 477-80
Fortiscue, Mr Bartholomew 480
Fortescue, Mrs Bridgit 476, 479
Fortiscue, Mr Edward 476-80
Fortescue, Elizabeth 477
Fortescue, Jane 478
Fortescue, John 477-8
Fortiscue, James 476
Fortiscue, Henri gent 476-9
Fortiscue, Susan (also Susanne) 476-80
Francis, Bridget 476-7, 479
Francis, John gent 476, 479
Freench, James Esq 480
Goldsmith 471
Gratrex, Mrs Mary 480
Hardy, Fortune 479
Harris, Mrs Agnes (Harrys) 478-9
Harris, Ann 476
Harris, Anne 475
Harris, Annys 476-7
Harris, Arthur gent 476, 478-9
Harris, Christopher 475-6
Harris, Mr Edward 475-8, 480
Harris, Sir Edward 475-6, 478-9
Harris, Edwardus 477
Harris, Lady Elizabeth 475-6, 478-80
Harris family 475-6
Harris, Gyels gent (Giles) 477-9
Harris, Honor (also Honour) 475-8
Harris, Sir Hugh, Knt 475-6
Harris, John Esq 480
Harris, Philippa 476
Harris, Susan (Harrys) 476, 478
Harris, Susannah 477
Harris, Mr Thomas gent 476-9
Harris, Sir Thomas, Knt, MP (also Harryes) 475-6, 478-80
Harris, Thomsinge 479
Harris, Walter (Harrys) 476, 479
Harrys, William 477
Henry V 481
Henry VI 481
Henry VIII 475
Holditch, John Esq 475, 478, 480
Huckmore, Ann 476
Huckmore, William 476
James I 475
John, King 481
Kirkham, Robert 481
Lankester, John Esq 480
Long, Henry 481
Lucy, Jane 473
Lysons 473, 480
Mounteroy, Joane 478
Mounteroy, John 478
Mydwinter, Joan 478
Nicholas IV 473
Oliver, Dr 472-3, 475
Pley, John Esq 480
Potte, Mr Robert 480
Pomery, Elizabeth 476, 478
Pomery, Henry 476
Pomerye, Maria 477
Pomrye, Mr Richard 478-9
Pomrye, Thomas 479
Richard II 481
Risdon 475
Seale, John Esq 480
Southwell, Anne (also Annys) 475-6
Southwell, Sir Thomas Knt 475-6
Tent, Mr Philip 480
Tokerman, James 477
Totneis, Joel de 480
Tucker, Mr John throughout
Tuckerman, Agnes (also Tokerman) 476-7, 479
Tuckerman, Richard 480
Tuckerman, Robert (also Tokerman) 476-7, 479, 480
Tuckerman, Robert jnr 478
Veysey, Bishop 473
Vogode, Fortune 479
Vogode, Willyam 479
Vyvyan, Honora 473
Wakeham, Chrystina 478
Warrington, Earl & Countess of 480
White, Edward 480
White, Florence 478
Whyte, Chrystina 478
Whyte, Joan 478
Whyte, John 478
Whyte, Joseph 478
Whyte, William 478
Williams, John 475
Willins, Florence 478
Willins, William 478
Wills, Honor 476
Wills, John 476
Wortheham, Margaret 473
Wyse, Richard Esq 479-80
Zouch, Elizabeth le 481
Zouch, William le 481
Zouch & Senore, William Lord 481
Zouche, William 481