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Help and advice for Crediton - Pigot 1844

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PIGOT & Co.'s







Transcribed by Lindsey Withers

CREDITON is an ancient market town, in an extensive parish, and hundred of its name; 175 miles W. by S. from London, and 8 N. W. from Exeter - situated near to the river Creedy, between two hills; and consists of two parts, the 'East town' and the 'West Town'. The latter was formerly of much greater extent than at present, nearly five hundred houses having been destroyed by a dreadful fire, in the year 1743. A second calamity of the kind, in May, 1769, consumed many of the new buildings on the sites of those before burnt, together with the market-house and shambles; but these have been rebuilt in a handsome manner. A court leet is annually held by the lord of the manor, when a portrieve is chosen for West Town, and a bailiff for East Town; but they are merely nominal officers. The county magistrates hold petty sessions here, for this division (which comprises the hundreds of Crediton and West Budleigh), about once in three weeks. This town sent members to parliament in the 35th of Edward I, but it has not since been represented. The manufacture of serge, dowlases and flannel prevailed here not many years since, but none of the fabrics are now made to an extent worth mentioning. In September, 1843, gas was introduced, under the superintendence of Thomas Sharp, Esq. of Northampton, and the expense of lighting the town is defrayed by voluntary subscription.
    In 910 Crediton was erected into a bishopric, the See having been removed from Tawton; and in 1032 that of St. Germains was annexed: the bishopric continued here till the year 1049, when it was removed to Exeter, and the cathedral became collegiate. The church, dedicated to the Holy Cross (rebuilt in the reign of Henry VII), is a remarkably handsome structure, in the crucifix form, with a noble tower rising from the intersection of the nave; it contains a good organ, and several attractive monuments. The other places of worship are for Baptists, Independents, Unitarians, and Wesleyan Methodists. The free grammar school was founded by Edward VI; it is under the management of twelve governors, and has three exhibitions to either of the universities. There is also a large school, on Dr. Bell's system; this charity is supported partly by subscriptions, and partly from rental of an estate, in the Isle of Sheppy. Crediton is the centre of a union of twenty-eight parishes, under the new poor law; and in 1837 a convenient workhouse was erected in a healthful situation. The market is held on Saturday; and fairs May 16th, August 24th, and September 21st, for cattle and various commodities: there is besides, a great cattle market held annually on the Saturday next before the last Wednesday in April. Crediton parish contained, in 1831, 5,922 inhabitants, and in 1841, 5,947.
    Between one and two miles N. by W. from Crediton, in the hundred of that name, is the village and parish of SANDFORD, containing a parish church, dedicated to St. Swithin, and some educational charities. The population of the parish, at the last census (1841), amounted to 1,988.

POST OFFICE, CREDITON, Francis Shute, Post Master. - Letters from LONDON, &c. arrive (from EXETER) every morning at eight, and are despatched every evening at six. - Letters for other places are despatched to EXETER every morning at half-past seven. Letters for BIDEFORD and BARNSTAPLE are despatched every morning at a quarter past eight, and those for BOW and NORTH TAWTON at the same hour.

Barry Mr George, Sandford
Bellew John, Esq. Stockleigh
Bent Mrs. Emily, Penton Cottage
Blagdon Mr. Peter, Mill st
Brown John, Esq. Park House, Sandford
Brown Mr. Samuel, High st
Buller James W. Esq. Downs House
Cleave Benjamin, Esq. Newcombs
Davy Sir Humphrey, Bart. Creedy
Dawe Miss Annette, Market st
Deans Rev. James, East st
Drake Mr. John, Windswood House
Emes Mrs Grace, High st
Francis Mrs. Elizabeth, Blagdon place
Francis Mr. James, High st
Francis Mr. John, High st
Francis Miss __, Palace Cottage
Francis Mr. William, High st
Gregory Rev. Charles, Sandford
Gribble Mr. Robert, Parliament st
Halse Mr. Nicholas Wm. Blagdon pl
Haydon Lieut. William, High st
Holman Capt. Charles, High st
Huggins Mrs. Grace, Parliament st
Hugo Mr. Thomas, High st
Jarman Mrs. __, High st
Lane Mrs. Mary, Sandford
Maccall Rev. Wm. Lawrence's green
Madge Mr. William, High st
Manley Rev. John, High st
Melhuish Mrs. __, Fair Park Cottage
Millman Mr. Samuel, Sandford
Morlish Mr. Richard, Sandford
Norris, Mr. Edward, Sandford
Pasmore Mrs. Catherine
Pearce, Mr. William, High st
Richardson Mrs. __, Sandford
Roberts Miss Sarah, North st
Rowe Rev. Samuel (vicar), Crediton
Silliphant John, Esq. Combe House
Silliphant Jno. Esq. jun. Combe House
Sybella Mrs. Burlington, Sandford
Taylor Mr. John, High st
Thomas Mrs. Ann, Parliament st
Tremlet Mrs. Betty, Parliament st
Tuckfield R. H. Esq. Fulford Park
Yarde John, Esq. Trowbridge
Young Mrs. Frances, High st

Amery Elizabeth & Margaret (boarding), High st
FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, High st - Rev. John Manley, master
INFANTS' SCHOOL, East st - Robert Norris, Master; Mary Ann Kerslake, mistress
Langworthy Mary (boarding), High st
Luxmoore Helen (boarding), High st
NATIONAL SCHOOL, parliament st - James Bradford, master; Mary Amory, mistress
SIR HUMPHREY DAVY'S CHARITY SCHOOL, Sandford - Wm. Morgan, master; Sarah Gerrard, mistress

Bond Thomas George, East st
Drake George Henry (and proctor), Market st
Francis John, High st
Langdon William, High st
Medland Robert, High st
Pring Thomas, Market st
Smith John & Francis, Parliament st
Tanner George, High st

Thomas John & James, High st
Vowler William, High st

Anstey John, Exeter road
Badcock John, Exeter road
Bishop William, High st
Burdge John, High st
Cleave John, East st
Gale Frederick, High st
Hamlin Giles, High st
Herring Charlotte, Lawrence's green
Hodge Ann, Lawrence's green
Hookway Giles, High st
Jennings John, High st
Lee John, High st
Lee Simon, High st
Milford William, East st
Pickett Richard (and brewer), Sandford
Stone James, Parliament st
Thomas Elizabeth, High st
Wippell William, East st

(open on Saturdays - draw on Hanburys', Taylor & Co., and Barclay, Bevan & Co. London)

Back John, Sandford
Blight Robert (white), Exeter road
Madge William, Ship yard
Pollard John, North st
Risdon John, High st
Tremlet Thomas, Sandford
Upton William, Exeter road
Wright James, Sandford

Luxmore Jane (& printer), High st
Vowler Betsy, High st
Wreford Susan, High st

Backwell James, High st
Backwell Samuel, High st
Berry Thomas, North st
Berry John, High st
Browning John, Lawrence's green
Cleave James, Market st
Clegg Joseph, Mill st
Cook Richard, Sandford
Hatton John, Sandford
Hatton William, Sandford
Lendon William, High st
Mander Samuel, High st
Marchant Edward, High st
Marchant James, Parliament st
Traies John, High st

Bing William, Lawrence's green
Channon John, Lawrence's green
Manning Henry, Horse & Jockey yard

Bond Thomas, North st
Nicholls John, High st
Nicholls Thomas, Parliament st

Brown William, Sandford
Dicker Robert, Parliament st
Hatton James, Sandford

Baily John, Sandford
Baily William, Sandford
Dicker Robert, Parliament st
Howard William, Sandford
Thomas John & James (& builders), High street
Thomas William, High st
Vowler William, (& builder), High st
Wright John, Sandford

Read Robert (and veterinary surgeon), North st
Searle William, High st
Wreford Ann, High st

Norris John, East st
Richards James, Exeter road

Beck John, Sandford
Goodhind Samuel, East st
Hutchings William, High st
Jarrett James, Sandford
Jarrett William, Sandford
Wellicott William, jun. Sandford

Adams Edward, High st
Brown Samuel, High st
Coldridge John, High st
Francis John, East st
Kersley William, High st
Labdon James, North st
Snell John, High st

Edwards John, North st
Shepperd John, Parliament st
Thomas John, High st

CLERICAL, MEDICAL AND GENERAL, Charles Hainworth, High st
COUNTY (fire) AND PROVIDENT (life), Samuel Backwell, High st
EAGLE, William Langdon, High st
FARMERS AND GENERAL, William Henry Hugo, Market st
NORWICH EQUITABLE (life), Wm. Burdge, High st
PHOENIX, John Holmes, High st
SUN, Robert Medland, High st
WEST OF ENGLAND, John & Francis Smith, Parliament st

(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)
Andrews John, Lawrence's green
Berriman Jane, High st
Braund George, High st
Bulley William, North st
Glanvill George, Exeter road
Harris Robert, High st
Holmes John, High st
Kelland George, High st
Mann John, High st
Mickleburgh Jonathan, High st
Newcombe John, High st
Pickett John, Sandford
Pinson Mary & Sarah, High st
Rouse Ezekiel, North st
Stone Robert, High st
Tremlett William, High st

Fursman John, East st
Pope William, East st

(See also Taverns & Public House.)
Ship Hotel (commercial and posting house, & excise office), James Williams, High street

Berry John, High st
Gover James, High st
Heathman Thomas, High st
Lee Thomas, High st
Pollard John, High st
Voysey James, High st

Badcock Thomas, East end
Finch Charles, Parliament st
Greenslade William, High st
Skinner Ann, High st
Snow William, High st
Pope Simon, Blagdon place

Drake William, Four Mills
Gosling William, Sandford
Pearce William, Gunstone Mill

Adams Emma, High st
Ayre Ann, North st
Cleave Susan, High st
Gover Jane, High st
Norrish Elizabeth Ann, High st
Tucker Charlotte, Market st
Vigers Mary, East town

Berry John, High st
Ellis John, Sandford
Hall John, High st
Newman George, High st
Sorrell James, High st

Gover James, High st
Gover Samuel, High st

Blatchford John, Exeter road
Dawe Thomas, East town
Rice Michael, Mill st

Ellis Henry, East town
Gibbins George, High st
Lee Thomas, High st
Tozer William, High st

Back Samuel, East st
Berry Elizabeth, East st
Brown Sarah & Ann, Sandford
Clark William, Mill st
Clarke John, East st
Clockworthy Mary, North st
Discombe Betsy, Sandford
Discombe Elizabeth, Sandford
Edwards Elizabeth, High st
Luxmore John, East st
Marles William, Sandford
Milman Edward, Sandford
Milton Richard, East st
Morgan Elizabeth, Sandford
Norris Robert, East st
Richards James, East st
Salter Ann, East st
Shaw James, East st
Treble Maria, Mill st

Badcock John, East end
Brown Samuel, Sandford
Kelland George, High st
Searle William, High st
Tremlett William, High st

Empson & Holman, High st
Empson Edwin, High st
Hainworth Charles, High st
Hugo Stephen, High st
Hugo Thomas, High st
Hugo Walter, High st
Hugo William Henry, Market st
Stevens Thomas Henry, Sandford
Yarde Edward, M.D. (and registrar of births and deaths), High st

Leer Henry (road), Exeter road
Warren M.W. & T. (and civil engineers), High street

Bicknell Charles, High st
Bradford Wm. Henry, Parliament st
Glanfield William & Samuel, High st
Hatty James, Sandford
Lattaney John, High st
Norrish John, High st
Picket John, Sandford
Rowden James, High st
Snow Thomas, Sandford

Finch & Son, Parliament st
Norish Abraham, High st
Snow William, High st

Angel, James Collings, High st
Cornish Arms, Thomas Odgers, Parliament st
Dock, William M. Davie, Lawrence's green
Duke of York, Rd. White, Lawrence's green
Green Dragon, William Milton, High st
Horse & Jockey, Henry Ellis, parliament st
King's Arms, James Stone, East st
Lamb, William Bawden, North st
London Tavern, John Gover, High st
New Inn, Jane Guppy, High st
Oat Sheaf, Thomas Brown, High st
Old Swan, Abraham Hicks, High st
Ring of Bells, John James, East town
Rose & Crown, Giles Hookway, Sandford
Royal Oak, John Milton, High st
Seven Stars, Thomas Coles, High st
Star, James Daw, Sandford
Star, Henry James, Mill st
Union, Simon Mounsdon, Parliament st
White Hart, William Anstey, Exeter road
White Swan, John Holcombe, High st

Lane John, High st
Maunder John, High st
Snell William, North st
Webber George (and silversmith), High st

Amos William, Sandford
Ward Thomas (and coach builder), Exeter road

Berry John, mason and plasterer, East st
Coldridge William, hair dresser, High st
Davy & Sons, linen manufacturers, Fordton Mills
Dimond Joseph, dairyman, Sandford
GAS WORKS, East end - William Madge, secretary
Gover Samuel, brush & clog maker, High st
Hawkins John, excise officer, Exeter road
Langabeer James, cheesemonger, North st
Lee Ann, straw hat maker, Lawrence's green
Mansfield William, worsted manufacturer, High st
Milman Richard, chair maker, Sandford
Radford James, basket maker, Mill st
UNION WORKHOUSE, William C. Leach, master; Mary Leach, matron
Webber William, machine maker, Sandford
Wellicott Wm. relieving officer, Sandford
Welsford Giles, glove maker, East st

To BARNSTAPLE & BIDEFORD, the Royal Mail (from Exeter) calls at the Ship Hotel, every morning at eight.
To EXETER, the Royal Mail (from Barnstaple and Bideford) calls at the Ship Hotel, every evening at six - and Coaches , from the same Hotel and the Angel Inn, daily at twelve and one.

To EXETER, John Rudall, Elizabeth Rudall and John Grant, from High st, daily.