Name Listing from the Crediton Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Edwards, Giles: Academy (Day)
Jones, T E: Academy (Day)
Webber, John: Academy (Day)
Lightfoot, Nicholas Rev: Academy (Free Grammar)
Mends, A: Academy (Ladies Boarding)
Mends, L: Academy (Ladies Boarding)
Towills, I: Academy (Ladies Boarding)
Towills, J: Academy (Ladies Boarding)
Knight: Academy (Ladies Day)
Sarell: Academy (Ladies Day)
Cross, Francis: Attorney
Pring, Thos: Attorney
Smith, John: Attorney
Tanner, George: Attorney
Dawe, John: Auctioneer
Thomas, James: Auctioneer
Vowler, Wm: Auctioneer
Anstey, John: Baker
Anstey, William: Baker
Berridge, James: Baker
Bishop, Wm: Baker
Collins, Wm: Baker
Gale, James: Baker
Hamlin, Giles: Baker
Hodge, Robert: Baker
Hookway, Giles: Baker
Kerslake, Richard: Baker
Lane, Wm: Baker
Smale, John: Baker
Stephens, Wm: Baker
Saunders, Rd: Basket Maker
Luxmoore, Benj: Bookseller, Stationer & Printer
Backwell, James: Boot & Shoe Maker
Backwell, John: Boot & Shoe Maker
Berry, John: Boot & Shoe Maker
Burrington, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker
Traies, John: Boot & Shoe Maker
Browne, John: Brick Maker
Channon, John: Brick Maker
Dawe, John: Brick Maker
Dart, John: Builder & Carpenter
Thomas, James: Builder & Carpenter
Thomas, John: Builder & Carpenter
Trowbridge, Wm: Builder & Carpenter
Vowler, Wm: Builder & Carpenter
Coles, John: Cooper
Hutchings, Wm: Cooper
Kerslake, George: Cooper
Adams, Edward: Currier
Browne, Wm: Currier
Coles, Abraham: Currier
Roberts, James: Currier
Snell, John: Currier
Searle, Wm: Druggist
Wreford, M: Druggist
Roberts, John: Fire Office Agent (County)
Wreford, M: Fire Office Agent (Norwich Union)
Ewings, M: Fire Office Agent (Phoenix)
Melhuish, A: Fire Office Agent (Sun)
Smith, John: Fire Office Agent (West Of England)
Berryman, Jane: Grocer & Draper
Ewings, Mary: Grocer & Draper
Holmes, John: Grocer & Draper
Luxmore, John: Grocer & Draper
Mann, John: Grocer & Draper
Melhuish, Anne: Grocer & Draper
Pinson, Richard: Grocer & Draper
Tucker, Wm: Grocer & Draper
Whidbone, Richard: Grocer & Draper
Burge, Wm: Hat Maker
Furzman, John: Hat Maker
Pope, Wm: Hat Maker
Browne, Wm: Hatter & Hosier
Pollard, Jonas: Iron Monger
Vowler, Wm: Iron Monger
Voysey, Richard: Iron Monger
Finch, Charles: Maltster
Langworthy, John: Maltster
Roberts, John: Maltster
Skinner, John: Maltster
Snow, Wm: Maltster
Berry, John: Mason
Channon, John: Mason
Cockram, John: Mason
Luxmore, Elizabeth: Milliner
Snow, John: Milliner
Tooze, M: Milliner
Hall, John: Painter & Glazier
Newman, George: Painter & Glazier
Sorrell, Jas: Painter & Glazier
Spurr, Stephen: Post Master
Dawe, John: Rope & Twine Manufacturer
Latchford, M: Rope & Twine Manufacturer
Rice, Michael: Rope & Twine Manufacturer
Challice, Richard: Saddler
Palmer, Thos: Saddler
Roberts, Thos: Saddler
Tozer, Wm: Saddler
Brown, Samuel: Serge Manufacturer
Davy, Brothers: Serge Manufacturer
Emes, James: Serge Manufacturer
Francis, James: Serge Manufacturer
Fulford, John: Serge Manufacturer
Langdon, Wm: Serge Manufacturer
Luxmoore, Wm: Serge Manufacturer
Madge, Thos: Serge Manufacturer
Prickman, Thos: Serge Manufacturer
Shute, George: Serge Manufacturer
Yolland, John: Serge Manufacturer
Berryman, Jane: Spirit Dealer
Searle, Wm: Spirit Dealer
Whidborne, Rd: Spirit Dealer
Hainworth, Charles: Surgeon
Holman, Henry: Surgeon
Hugo, Stephen: Surgeon
Hugo, Thos: Surgeon
Bicknell, John: Tailor
German, T: Tailor
Lattney, Wm: Tailor
Melhuish, George: Tanner
Cox, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Angel)
Kingdon, Rd: Tavern/Inn (Dock Inn)
Stuckey, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Duke Of York)
Gregory, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Globe)
Milton, S: Tavern/Inn (Green Dragon)
Milton, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Half Moon)
Proctor, Nathl: Tavern/Inn (Horse & Jockey)
Browne, John: Tavern/Inn (King's Arms)
Bawden, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Lamb)
Milton, Jas: Tavern/Inn (London Inn)
Searle, Elizabeth: Tavern/Inn (Oat Sheaf)
Holcombe, John: Tavern/Inn (Old Swan)
Wollacott, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Plymouth Inn)
Woollacott, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Prince Frederick)
Quick, Abraham: Tavern/Inn (Red Lion)
Wollacott, Rd: Tavern/Inn (Ring Of Bells)
Rattenbury, Jno: Tavern/Inn (Royal Oak)
Collins, Jas: Tavern/Inn (Seven Stars)
Spurr, Steph: Tavern/Inn (Ship)
Lamprey, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Star)
Browne, Edw: Tavern/Inn (White Hart)
Webdale, John: Tavern/Inn (White Swan)
Cover, John: Turner & Chair Maker
Gover, Saml: Turner & Chair Maker
Bucknell, James: Watch & Clock Maker
Lane, John: Watch & Clock Maker
Mortomer, J: Watch & Clock Maker
Pollard, Jonas: Watch & Clock Maker
Ward, J: Wheelwright

Extracted and reconstructed from a file made available by Cornwall Online

Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1999