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Cullompton - Burials (April 1754 - December 1773)

Transcribed by Elizabeth Howard

Made available here by kind permission of the Rev. Philip Sourbut


James Lake, 5th April 1754
Thomas Holland, 10th April 1754
John son of Thomas Whitney, 10th April
Christian dau of Mr John Burtton, 14th April
Widdo Keene, 14th April
William Middle, 2nd July
Robert Andrews, 14th July
William Stevens son of Mary Facey, 19th July
Joseph son of Joseph Taylor 28th July
Joseph Murch, 2nd Aug
John son of Henry Norman, 4th Aug
Thomas Bidgood, 12th Aug
Elizabeth Johnsling, 25th Aug
Rebecca dau of William Drake 28th Aug
Ann Grinslade, 1st Sept
Sarah Alway, 1st Sept
Joan Matthews, 8th Sept
John Tribute, 10th Sept
Martha Allen, 20th Sept
John Bayley, 29th Sept
John Allen, 2nd Oct
Mrs Mary Salter, 26th Oct
Mary dau of John Vicary, 6th Nov
Henry son of John Pidgeon, 10th Nov
William Willey, 18th Nov
Richord wife of Peter Palmer, 18th Nov
Elizabeth dau of John Allen, 1st Dec
Philip Broadmead, 10th Dec
John Fulford, 10th Dec
John son of Edward Harvey, 27th Dec
Mary Fortescue, 29th Dec
Mr Richard Patey, 4th Jan 1755

Joan dau of John Norman, weaver, 12th Jan 1755
A dau of Richd Collard, 12th Jan
Mary wife of Thomas Palmer, 14th Jan
Joan Pearce, 22nd Jan
Grace Molland, 30th Jan
John son of Mary Leigh, 1st Feb
Mary Thompson, 2nd Feb
Thomas Allen, 2nd Feb
Hannibal Rowe, 16th Feb
Anne dau of Joseph Randall, 16th Feb
Elizabeth Osmond, 24th Feb
Rebecca Murch, 2nd March
Mary dau of Samuel Shepherd, 2nd March
John Gibbons, 9th March
Thomas Clarke, 10th March
Zachary Potter, 11th March
Elizabeth Sweet, 12th March
Elizabeth Goodhind, 12th March
Robert Lane, 16th March
Jane Man, 16th March
Anne dau of David Allen, 16th March
Susannah dau of Nicholas Brimsdone, 16th March
Mary Potter, 18th March
Mary wife of Mr John Reynolds, 17th March
John Shuttock, 19th March
Mr Ambrose Shere, ....March
Hannah wife of Robert Guydon, 26th March
Elizabeth dau of William Vinicombe, 30th March
Joseph P[illegible]y, 1st April
James ? Son of Joseph Shepherd, 11th April
Eleanor [illegible], 11th May
Robert [illegible]11th May
Robert Ellicott, 14th May
Stephen S[illegible]17th May
Paryenas ? Son of John Hodge, 20th May
Anne Shackell, 1st June
Thomas son of Francis Matthews, 11th June
?John Rossiter, 6th July
Mary dau ?wife of John Rossiter 9th July
[two or three further unreadable entries]
A dau of `Cosse/sold` 29th July
Mary Bidwell, 6th Aug
Margaret Luxton, 6th Aug
Henry Salter, 9th Aug
James Evans, 10th Aug
Agnes Criddle, 17th Aug
Mary Creggy, 17th Aug
John son of Thomas Willey, 7th Sept
William son of Henry Drake, 16th Sept
Thomas son of Charles Cookley, 14th Sept
Elizth Mills, 19th Sept
Philip son of John Shackell, 19th Sept
Jane dau of John Lock, 26th Sept
Jane Upcott, 1st Oct
Thomasin Hall, 3rd Oct
Emlin Tucker, 26th Oct
Charles son of Charles Cooksley, 9th Nov
Elizabeth Ellicott, 12th Nov
Mary dau of John Parrott, 13th Nov
Robert son of Henry Furse, 21st Nov
James Allen, 23rd Nov
Elizth Farber, 26th
[illegible] son of Abrm Ware, 30th Nov
Margaret Fortescue, 1st Dec
William son of Alexandr Harris 7th
Elizth dau of Mary Tribute 7th
Henry son of Henry Norman 7th
Mary dau of David May 11th Dec
Diggory Sandford 11th Dec
Mary Leigh 13th Dec
Bluett Diment 15th Dec
John James 15th Dec
William son of William Searle 21st Dec
[illegible]dau of Elizabeth [H?]yndsford 21st Dec
Sarah Trump 21st Dec
Samuel son of Thomas Searle 23rd Dec
Ann and Sarah daus of ??Anne Price 17th
Elizabeth Fortescue 27th Dec
Jane the sister 31st Dec
A son of Thos Bazeley 31st Dec

A dau of Chris Commyns 2nd Jan 1756
Elizth Hake 4th Jan
John Burton 9th Jan
George son of John Luxton 11th Jan
Elizabeth dau of Thomas Pannell 12th Jan
Sarah dau of William Gratland 14th Jan
Joseph son of William Holland 16th Jan
William Hill 17th Jan
Priscilla Whitrow 17th Jan
William Shepherd 18th Jan
John son of Abraham Sanders 21st Jan
Robert Seller 28th Jan
Susannah Norman dau of James Norman 28th Jan
Omittd ? Of William Galpin 25th Jan
Jas Thorne son of ...........left blank 1st Feb
Mary May dau of ..........left blank 1st Feb
A son of John Langham 8th Feb
William Randall son of Mr Charles Trump 15th Feb
Anstis Chick 15th Feb
Sarah dau of Richd Sprague 15th Feb
Richard Sellway 22nd Feb
A son of Humphrey Bliss 29th Feb
Thomas son of Roger Allway 29th Feb
Sarah Hill 1st March
Rebecca Weare 5th March
Mr Henry Bazeley 7th March
Mary dau of [blank] Kerbey 11th March
Anne dau of Thoms Frost 14th March
John son of John Parrott 14th March
George son of George Criddle 17th March
John Matthew 26th March
Simon son of Matthew Ellicott 28th March
William son of Wm Holcombe 29th March
Mary dau of Richd Collard 7th April
Philip son of John Lock 4th April
Richard son of Wm Holcomb 22nd April
Agnes dau of William Pannell 28th April
Elizabeth dau of James Drew 30th April
Edward son of Edward Tozer 2nd May
Priscilla Ash als Salter 4th May
Katherine Oxhorne 16th May
Anne dau of William Norman 17th May
Dorothy Davy 17th May
Anne dau of John Mortimore 23rd May
Ann Johnsling 28th May
Henry Sellway 29th May
A son of William Grinslade 30th May
Susannah Chare 4th June
Mr Thomas Jesse 7th June
Richard Ellis 9th June
John Vinicomb 13th June
Sarah Slewcock 17th June
Joan Cooksley 20th June
Christopher Furber 24th June
Elizabeth and Anne daus of Thomas Maunder 4th July
Mrs Mary Martin 8th July
A dau of John Ash 12th July
A son of Thomas Willey 16th July
Joan Minson 16th July
William Murden a stranger 26th July
John Middle 21st July
John Jewell 1st Aug
Alice dau of Mr John Cross 6th Aug
Hester Norman 11th Aug
Elizabeth Pannell 19th Aug
Ruth Pullman 19th Aug
James Blackmore 19th Aug
Armstrong a Scotch man 19th Aug
Nathaniel son of Robt Ash 22nd Aug
John son of John Vinicombe 23rd Aug
Elizth Matthews 31st Aug
Priscilla dau of Philip Drake 12th Sept
Joseph son of John Martin 12th Sept
Elizabeth wife of Wm Pannell 18th Sept
Mrs Rebecca Hopping 23rd Sept
Widdo Maunder 10th Oct
Jenny dau of Nichs Pope 12th Oct
A dau of Robt Baker 20th Oct
Mary wife of William Searle 28th Nov
William Sweetland 5th Dec
Henry and Elizabeth son and dau of Henry Fulford 12th Dec
Mary Blackmore 19th Dec
Honor Chappell widdo 19th Dec

John Bradford 2nd Jan 1757
Sarah dau of Jno Ash 9th Jan
Nicholas Coleman 14th Jan
James Webber 20th Jan
Sarah dau of Thos Hake 23rd Jan
Avis Palmer 30th Jan
Thomas son of John Powell 31st Jan
Amey Voisey 2nd Feb
Agnes Bradford 6th Feb
Elizabeth Rabjohns 6th Feb
A dau of Saml Sheppard 9th Feb
Wm Taylor and Robert Harwood 11th Feb
Edward Willey 18th Feb
Omittd a son of Richd Taylor 13th Feb
Constant Rossiter 18th Feb
Deborah Chave 20th Feb
Alice Pring 20th Feb
Richard son of Humphrey Carnall 27th Feb
A son of Peter Plumpton 4th March
Agnes Horrell 6th March
Mr Skinner 6th March
Joseph son of Ann Mortimore 12th March
Elizth Wright 13th March
Rebecca Piercy 14th March
Mary Spire 20th March
William Allen 30th March
Alice Gibbons 13th April
Mary Bidgood 17th April
Edward Leach 20th April
William son of William James 24th April
Elizabeth Hitchins 13th May
James Symes 19th May
Agnes Casse 22nd May
Priscilla Salter 22nd May
Philip Rice 22nd June
John Harvey 25th June
Thomas Luxton 10th July
Sarah Poole 13th July
Margaret Hake 14th July
Mary dau of Hugh Budd 24th July
Hannah Warren 24th July
Agnes Tozer 28th July
Wm James 8th Aug
The wife of Wm Whilby 21st Aug
Henry Keene 21st Aug
Thomas Godfrey 28th Aug
Wm Norris 1st Sept
George Short 18th Sept
Mary Drake 13th Oct
Wm Whiteby 30th Oct
Hannah dau of Wm Voisey 3rd Nov
Dau of Wm Bampton 9th Nov
Diana Rice 9th Nov
Widd Prigge 13th Nov
Mary Osmond 4th Dec
Jane dau of Robert Cording 7th Dec
Solomon Perry 7th Dec
Anne Rookley 16th Dec
Mary Sayer 29th Dec
Mrs Williams 29th Dec

James Osmond 1st Jan 1758
James Johnsling 5th Jan
Wm Molton 13th Jan
William son of James Hunter 15th Jan
Anne Cross 16th Jan
Mrs Sarah Hopping 16th Jan
Thos Hill 20th Jan
William Potter 22nd Jan
Thomas son of Thomas Bazeley 25th Jan
Mary Denton 26th Jan
A son of James Voisey 26th Jan
Sarah Cross 31st Jan
Elizabeth wife of Lionel Chancey 31st Jan
Wm Mitchell 12th Feb
Rebecca Piercey 13th Feb
John Harris 17th Feb
Joan Lane 22nd Feb
Mary Keene 22nd Feb
Jane Bampton 26th Feb
Katherine Marsh 28th Feb
Margaret Fortesue 10th March
Tho Stone 24th March
John Whilby 30th March
A son of Samuel May 2nd April
James Vinicomb 4th April
A son of George Lympany 16th April
Elizabeth Palmer 16th April
Anne Durham 21st April
Ruth Mountjoy 23rd April
Cornelius Davy 26th April
[The following 10 entries for the end of April and the whole of May are completely illegible]
Elizabeth Pring 9th June
John [illegible] 11th June
A stranger 13th June
Mary Hunter 22nd June
Samuel son of Samuel Ellicott 23rd June
Judith Pinn 25th June
Mary Eades 25th June
Rebecca Turner 25th June
Joan Upcott 26th June
William Searle 28th June
The following two names are illegible
[illegible] Upcott 4th July
Henry Fox 14th July
Judith dau of Thos Carnall 22nd July
A dau of John Goodhind 23rd July
Anne dau of Thos Rookley 23rd July
[two further illegible entries]
[illegible] Taylor 1st Aug
John son of [illegible]
[illegible] Hayman 10th Aug
James Smith 15th Aug
[there may be a further name in this space]
The wife of Nathaniel Ash 27th Aug
Mary dau of John Smith 10th Sept
John Rabjohn 13th Sept
[three further illegible entries]
Mary dau of Thos Carnall 15th Oct
George Rossiter 20th Oct
Mary Moore 22nd Oct
John son of Joseph Keene 1st Nov
Anne dau of John Taylor 1st Nov
Ja? Taylor 7th Nov
[unreadable but possibly Hake]
Robt son of Wm Leat 3rd Dec
[unreadble but possibly Hole or Hele] 5th Dec
Simon Bampfylde 10th Dec
Mrs Anne Taylor 13th Dec

Grace Andrews 5th Jan 1759
Mr Henry Blackmore 19th Jan
Elizabeth Salter 28th Jan
Sarah Dalton 28th Jan
Eliz dau of Richd Holcomb 28th Jan
Eleanor Pearce 18th Feb
Nathaniel Ash 21st Feb
[two further entries unreadable]
A son of Peter Luxton 4th March
[illegible] of Robert Carnall 8th March
[illegible] Searle 13th March
[illegible] Plumpton 13th March
Mary Trump 23rd March
John Barber 29th March
Jane dau of Saml Pearce 15th April
A dau of Christ Harward junr 18th April
Henry Evans 29th April
A dau of Maria Evans 29th April
Thomas Brown 29th April
James Clarke 29th April
Edward May [no readable date]
Henry Gratland 15th May
_____ William Allen 15th May
Robert Reed 23rd May
Elizth Rabjohns 24th May
Alice Osmond 24th May
Margaret Coleman 29th June
Thomas Palmer 15th July
Dorothy Knight 22nd July
Wm Shepherd son of [left blank] 22nd July
Wm Galpin son of [left blank] 22nd July
Elizabeth Harding 2nd Aug
Mary dau of Mr John Murch 3rd Aug
Mr Prouse 5th Aug
Joan Lardy 17th Aug
Sarah Joi 26th Aug
Jonathan Hutchings 4th Sept
Son of Thomas Matthews 13th Sept
Mrs Sarah Trosser 14th Sept
Bathsheba Turner 19th Sept
Daniel Cleland 27th Sept
Christopher Palmer 7th Oct
Mary dau of Saml Ellicott 11th Oct
James son of James Tallaman 17th Oct
Mr John Thomas 15th Oct
William Dunn 18th Oct
Susannah dau of Wm Goodhind 23rd Oct
Two children of [blank] Savoury 24th Oct
David Allen, 7th Nov
Joan Edwards, 18th Nov
A dau of John Symes 18th Nov
Sus`n Case 20th Nov
Jane dau of Mr Edward Cross 23rd Nov
Henry Hill 8th Dec
Mary Rabjohns (als Cox) 16th Dec
James son of Henry Bidgood 23rd Dec
Wm son of George Vincent 28th Dec
Joseph Morgan 30th Dec

Joseph Collard, 1st Jan 1760
Sus`n Quant 4th Jan
Saml May 8th Jan
Elizth Giles 10th Jan
Anne Stark 10th Feb
Eleanor Keene 19th Feb
Mary Norrish 21st Feb
John and Sarah son and dau of John Frener 24th Feb
Eleanor Merson 2nd March
Edward son of Mr Edwd Cross 7th March
Elizabeth Cleland 9th March
Mary dau of Christoph Leat 9th March
Wm son of Mr Saml Searle 14th March
Thomas son of Saml Shiles 16th March
Mary Moore 21st March
[New book PR 5]
George son of Mr Edward Morson, 30th March
Margaret Rice 4th April
John Carnal 16th April
Sarah Cross wife of Mr James Crosse 22nd April
Mary Fox 23rd April
Mr Wm Brown senr 30th April
Mary Palmer 3rd May
William Every 12th May
[possibly as many as 6 further unreadable burials]
Isabella dau of Danl Bushell 1st June
Joseph son of John Venn 1st June
John Cox 4th June
Mr William Matthews 5th June
Dau of Henry Matthews 12th June
Simon Taylor 1st July
Alice Taylor 6th July
Grace wife of Henry Hayman 20th July
Daniel Cutler [very faint and no date]
Henry son of Henry Hayman [date unreadable]
David Allen 6th Aug
Roger Rutley 16th Aug
Mrs Syer 18th Aug
Anne [no further information]
Mary Alway 10th Sept
Anne Davy 26th Sept
Henry Fulford 13th Oct
Mary Searle 26th Oct
A son of Thomas Holland 26th Oct
Mrs Mary Crosse 27th Oct
Anne dau of Thomas Webber [date illegible]
Mrs Sellicke 17th Nov
John Bazeley [date illegible]
Dorothy Channing [date illegible]
John Andrews [date illegible]
Sarah dau of John Pidgeon [date illegible]
William Sheppard [date illegible]
John Beere [date illegible]
Mary Grandon [date illegible] all Dec

John son of John Mardell 4th Jan 1761
Anne Hall 4th Jan
John Hoswood a stranger 5th Jan
Robert Broadmead 12th Jan
Grace Taylor 25th Jan
Margaret Keene 4th Feb
Mary Fulford 13th Feb
Mary Harding 19th Feb
A son of John Dummett 22nd Feb
Thomas Pearce 11th March
Margaret Parbell 16th March
Hannah Watson 20th March
Thomas Bazeley 7th March
Richd son of William Middle 8th March
Anne dau of George Rossiter 12th March
Humphry Salter 15th March
Mr Ralph Fowler 20th March
A dau of Thomas Webber 22nd March
Mr Saml Shiles 23rd March
Jno Harvey son of [left blank] 29th March
Mary Bishop 19th April
James son of James England 21st April
Elizth dau of Thomas Willey 26th April
Elizth Bazeley 26th April
Anthony son of Mr Ralph Fowler [date illegible]
Mary Quick [date illegible]
Robert Johns [date illegible]
Anne dau of John Mondy [date illegible]
Mary Edwards [date illegible] all May
Mary Willey 4th June
James son of _______ Bazeley 7th June
John Davy 21st June
John son of Edward Tozer 5th July
Robert Willey 7th July
Susannah dau of Wm Williams 15th July
Mary and Thomas son and dau of John Tozer 15th July
Elizth dau of Elizth Warren 18th July
William son of Rachael Maunder 19th July
Sarah Walters 26th July
John son of Roger Fortescue 26th July
William Mardell 27th July
John son of James Leat 2nd Aug
Elizabeth dau of Anne Carnell 2nd Aug
Mary Prigge 3rd Aug
Thomas Always 3rd Aug
Sarah Palmer 5th Aug
John Perriam [date illegible]
Thomas Rice 5th Aug
William [unreadable] 30th Aug
Anne dau of William Willey, 9th Aug
Richd Doe or Daw 13th Aug
Anne Upcott 13th Aug
William son of Christopher Harwood 16th Aug
James son of John Drew 16th Aug
John Beer 20th Aug
Mary Prigge 20th Aug
Robert son of Robert Rossiter 26th Sept
John son of George Bidgood 26th Sept
Joseph son of Sarah Prigge 26th Sept
Mariah dau of William Blisse 26th Sept
Thomas son of Thomas Benning 27th Sept
Scipio son of Peter Luxton 30th Oct
John son of John Palmer 30th Oct
William son of Henry Keene 30th Oct
William son of Joseph Bazeley 30th Oct
[September written across column]
Charles son of Thomas Pannell 2nd Sept
Lydia Upcott 2nd Sept
Anne dau of Mr Thomas Rossiter 3rd Sept
____________ Poole 3rd Sept
Jane dau of Saml Goodhind 6th Sept
Mary Langham 6th Sept
A child of Robert Ash 6th Sept
George Bidgood 10th Sept
Mary dau of John Dennis 13th Sept
Joan dau of John Langham 13th Sept
Jane dau of John Upcott 13th Sept
John son of Mr John Fowler junr 14th Sept
Dau of John Jewell junr 20th Sept
Susannah Axhorne 27th Sept
John Westcomb 28th Sept
Mary dau of Thos Willey 1st Oct
Mary Westcomb 3rd Oct
Sarah Vincent 8th Oct
Anne Osmond 8th Oct
Elizabeth Harris 8th Oct
Jessy Upcott 8th Oct
The wife of Wm Gratland 12th Oct
Joan Willey 14th Oct
William son of William Rabjohns 16th Oct
George son of Edward Morson 19th Oct
Thomas Bradford 22nd Oct
A son of Wm Croden 22nd Oct
Mrs Grace Thomas 28th Oct
William son of Richard Rabjohn 31st Oct
Sarah dau of Humphrey Beere 1st November
Mary Jewell 10th Nov
Solomon Allen 17th Nov
John Hill 21st Nov
Hannah Gaydon 22nd Nov
Roger Walrond 22nd Nov
William Forse 23rd Nov
Henry Westron 24th Nov
Margaret dau of John Sayer 29th Nov
Mary Willey 29th Nov
George Baker 30th Nov
William son of William Kendall 20th Dec
Omitted Matthew Ellicott 7th Dec
Samuel Parrott 23rd Dec
Margaret Flewelling 27th Dec
Mary Hake 30th Dec

Nicholas Hellens 1st Jan 1762
Robert son of Robert Cording 3rd Jan
William Cross 6th Jan
William Hake 6th Jan
James son of James Vinicomb 6th Jan
A dau of Thomas Ellicott 6th Jan
Mesheck Thomas 15th Jan
John son of John Galpin 19th Jan
Mary May 22nd Jan
Joseph Parker 24th Jan
Elizabeth Taylor 24th Jan
Mary Mardell 24th Jan
William son of Joseph Taylor 24th Jan
John Sheppard 31st Jan
A dau Ruth of Nicholas Hellens 31st Jan
William Drake 3rd Feb
John and Betty son and dau of David May 10th Feb
Sarah Edwards 14th Feb
Dinah Toogood 14th Feb
Elizabeth Leat 22nd Feb
A son of James Baker 26th Feb
Mary Forse 28th Feb
John son of Joseph Taylor 3rd March
Mary Marshall 9th March
Elizabeth Kendall 16th March
Henry Ellis 17th March
James son of James Johnsling 21st March
George son of Mr Robert Ellicott 1st April
John Reed 3rd April
Andrew son of Richd Frost 8th April
A dau of William Bliss 16th April
Mary dau of Mary Tucker 18th April
Mary Eades 18th April
William son of Wm Hill 18th April
Ann Cattrell 21st April
Anne Bridgeman 21st April
James son of Joseph Mitchell 25th April
William Middle 25th April
John Woodrow 26th April
Mary Hake 30th April
William Osmond 5th May
William Savoury 5th May
Mr Edward Crosse 7th May
Elizabeth Seller 9th May
A dau of Joseph Keene 9th May
William son of John Jacob 14th May
James son of Wm Middle 14th May
Elizabeth Bowring 23rd May
Adah dau of Wm Baker 23rd May
Sarah dau of Mattw Ellicott 2nd June
Wm son of Wm Gratland 2nd June
Elizth dau of Thos Whitby 6th June
Robert son of Robert Chapple 6th June
Anne Vinicomb 7th June
John Howard 7th June
Susannah Abbott 13th June
Joseph Johnsling 18th June
James Drake 16th June
Susannah Baker 20th June
Ann Glass 20th June
Joan Edwards 21st June
Elizth Vinicomb 21st June
Elizth Vinicomb 22nd June
Elizth Upton 23rd June
Ferdinando Pearce 27th June
Elizth Allen 29th June
Martha Rossiter 29th June
Mary Dennes 1st July
Samuell Williams 1st July
Elizth Mugford 11th July
John Sheppard 11th July
Samuel Sheppard 11th July
William Frost 12th July
Dorothy Barons 17th July
John Haris 19th July
James Forse 19th July
Elizth Dyer 2nd Aug
Hannh Wright 2nd Aug
John Clogg 6th Aug
Mary Keene 8th Aug
Abrm Dyer 11th Aug
Thos Forse 11th Aug
Mary Callard 15th Aug
Jennett Willey 15th Aug
Elizth Richard 15th Aug
Alice Hatchwell 18th Aug
Elizth Every 20th Aug
Mary Shore 22nd Aug
Mary Rossiter 2nd Sept
Samuell Cann 4th Sept
Mary Hayman 4th Sept
Anthony Leat 21st Sept
George Greenslade 27th Sept
John Parratt 3rd Oct
Mary Blackmore 3rd Oct
Mary Whitney 3rd Oct
Mary Voisey 6th Oct
John Luxton 17th Oct
Mary Merson 25th Oct
Mary Loudhill 7th Nov
Agnes Rogers 10th Nov
Henry Hake 11th Nov
Agnes Blackmore 22nd Nov
Mrs Agnes Merson 22nd Nov
Amos son of Mr Edwd Merson 5th Dec
Ann Mudford 12th Dec
John Frost 13th Dec
William Job 17th Dec
Henry Norman 20th Dec
George Johnsling 23rd Dec
Thomas Morrice 24th Dec

Josph Commins [no date] Jan 1763
Elizth Bowering [no date] Jan
Agnes Burton [no date] Jan
Robert Gaydon [no date] Jan
Mary dau of John Goodhind [no date] Jan
Hannah wife of John Goodhind [no date] Jan
Henry Hayman [no date] Jan
Mary dau of Mary Giles [no date] Jan
John Broom [no date] Jan
William Short [no date] Jan
Dorothy D [illegible also date] Feb
Nelly dau of Nicholas Webster? [no date] Feb
Sarah Church [no date] Feb
Grace [illegible also date] Feb
Elizth Croden 6th Feb
Elizth Marchant 7th Feb
Elizth Clisole 8th Feb
Margaret Blackmore 10th Feb
Martha Norman 13th Feb
Mary Thorpe 14th Feb
Joan Norman 16th Feb
Abraham Dyer 18th Feb
William Johnsling 21st Feb
David Commyns 23rd Feb
Mary Reed 27th Feb
Isaac Salter 3rd March
Sarah Frost 3rd March
John How 7th March
James Codner 8th March
Sarah Ellicott 9th March
Mary Fry 9th March
John Bazeley 9th March
John Hayman 19th March
Grace Marshall 20th March
Elizth Crosse 11th April
Thomas son of Wm Willey 12th April
Elizth Hill dau of Wm Hill 14th April
Sarah Allen 17th April
Thomas Carnall 22nd April
James Vinicomb 24th April
Mary Rawlins 24th April
Eleanor Carnal 29th April
Elizabeth Drake 7th May
Joan Carley 7th May
Dorothy dau of John Blackmore 18th May
Robert Denham 22nd May
Anne Ellicott 22nd May
Joan Rendell 25th May
Anne dau of John Forp 27th May
Elizabeth dau of John Salter 26th May
Mr John Martin 28th May
Anne Lawrence 8th June
Susannah Barone 9th June
Robert Cording 9th June
Hope Westron 11th June
Thos son of Thos Rossiter 15th June
Henry Matthews [no date] July
John Blackmore son of Mary Searle [no date] July
Elizabeth Pannell 1st July
Nicholas Baker 10th July
Agnes Morgan 10th July
Sarah Sanders 24th July
Alice dau of Willm Harris [no date] July
Grace Diment 24th July
Sarah not baptised [no date] July
A son of Robert Chappell [no date] July
Elizabeth Norman 2nd Aug
Eleanor Forse 22nd Aug
Christopher Taylor 1st Sept
Willm Eades 4th Sept
John Bidgood 8th Sept
Anne Walrond 25th Sept
Emlin Limpany 29th Sept
A dau of Christopher Leat 2nd Oct
Mary Norman 7th Oct
Mary Willey 13th Oct
John son of James Short 16th Oct
William Dummett 18th Oct
James Leat 25th Oct
Susannah Cremond 26th Oct
Jane dau of John Norman 7th Nov
Henry Voisey 13th Nov
John Worth 13th Nov
Jenny dau of James Coleman 20th Nov
Susannah Mitchell 19th Dec
Margaret Whitby 24th Dec

Mary Ellicott 5th Jan 1764
Thomas Kemplin 14th Jan
David May 19th Jan
Richard Knight 22nd Jan
George Hill 25th Jan
Sarah dau of John Mondy [unreadable] Feb
Mary Jewell [unreadable] Feb
Elizth Crosse [unreadable] Feb
Thomas Holland 12th Feb
Richard Davy 14th Feb
William Murch 17th Feb
Mrs Clarke 24th Feb
Sarah Criddle 24th Feb
Hannah Firks [unreadable] March
John son of Mr William Brown [unreadable] March
Edward son of John Parrott [unreadable] March
Mrs Alice Heathfield [unreadable] March
Mr Wm Palmer 24th March
John Salter 31st March
William Osmond 1st April
Mary Batten 1st April
Sarah Sweet 9th April
Mary Pratt 13th April
Hannah Galpin 22nd April
John Forse 25th April
Susannah Pearce 26th April
John Galpin 26th April
Mary Hart 29th April
Elizth Fidammore 6th May
Agnes Skinner 9th May
Simon Vinicombe 13th May
James Cooke 25th May
Elizabeth and Mary two daughters of Robert Wyatt 27th May
Susannah Denham 29th May
Sarah Oxhorne 31st May
Grace Laurence 3rd June
Elizabeth Pearce 17th June
Mary Drew 24th June
Eleanor Shaddock 1st July
Anne dau of Wm Hake 1st July
William son of Thos Potter 1st July
Thomas son of Mark Potter 4th July
William Marsh 27th July
John son of Willm Willey 29th July
Abraham Coleman 3rd Aug
Richard son of Richd Frost 9th Aug
Humphry Beere 24th Aug
Jane Sanders 26th Aug
Mary Galpin 11th Sept
Mrs Elizth Weeks 19th Sept
Elizabeth Blackmore 14th Oct
Tamsden Pratt 14th Oct
William Forse 18th Oct
Thomas Bazeley 11th Nov
Joan Endicott 13th Nov
William Kendall 16th Nov
Robert Baker 13th Dec
Widdo Casling a stranger 16th Dec

Thomas Bidgood 11th Jan 1765
James Hole 14th Jan
William Galpin 24th Jan
A Child of Thomas White 20th Jan
Mrs Ware 25th Jan
Charity Edwards 28th Jan
Mary Langham 1st Feb
William Blackmore 3rd Feb
Mary Venman 6th Feb
John son of William Hill 20th Feb
Mary Cord 22nd Feb
Richard Prigge 27th Feb
Elizabeth Bidgood 3rd March
Christian dau of Thomas Pannell 5th March
Thomas Lane 31st March
Thomas Worth 2nd April
Henry Selway 7th April
Elizabeth Trickey 14th April
John Goodhind 21st April
Sarah Taylor 25th April
Alice Prigge 25th April
Richard Mills 29th April
Mrs Alice Heathfield 9th May
Samuel son of Saml Ellicott 10th May
John son of Peter Dammerell 10th May
Henry Norman 12th May
Samuel Pearce 16th May
George Lympany 23rd May
Joan Baker 23rd May
Thomas son of William Pulman 27th May
Martha dau of John Murch 29th May
Thomas Loddy 31st May
Mary dau of Willm Greenslade 2nd June
William Hole 4th June
Jane Godfrey 4th June
John Brewford 6th June
Dorothy Channon 7th June
Eleanor Carnall 9th June
Thomas Skinner 16th June
Dorothy Commins 25th June
John son of John Galpin 25th June
Elizabeth Dyer 19th July
Sarah Upcott 21st July
Mary Hors 21st July
Sarah dau of Wm Poole 21st July
Mary Drew 28th July
Humphrey Till 28th July
Francis son of Wm White 8th Aug
Henry Edwards 15th Aug
Anne Johnsling 21st Aug
David Commyns 23rd Aug
Sarah Frost 6th Sept
John son of John Legge 8th Sept
John Pratt 10th Sept
Joseph Evans 19th Sept
Peter Kemp 21st Sept
William Plumpton 23rd Sept
Richard Rice 24th Sept
Mary Palmer 2nd Oct
Judith Knight 12th Oct
Joseph son of Joseph Weare 13th Oct
James England 13th Oct
George Criddle 24th Oct
Mary Ellicott 27th Oct
Henry son of Thomas White 3rd Nov
Thomas son of Henry Matthews 3rd Nov
William son of Wm Bliss 3rd Nov
Elizabeth Norman 6th Nov
Sarah dau of Thos Howard 6th Nov
Elizabeth Taylor 10th Nov
Sarah Hole 17th Nov
Elizabeth Coleman 20th Nov
Mary dau of Wm Weare 24th Nov
Mary dau of Richd Goodhind 27th Nov
Sarah dau of Mr Edwd Crosse 27th Nov
John Leat and Francis son of Frans Bidgood 1st Dec
Francis son of John Marchant 8th Dec
John son of John Jewell 15th Dec
Mrs Joan Whitman 20th Dec
Anne dau of Solomon Betty 25th Dec
William Stanbury 26th Dec
Susannah Carpenter 29th Dec
Elizth Knight 29th Dec
Elizabeth Rooks 29th Dec
Anne dau of Wm Trickey 29th Dec

Henry Rabjohns 5th Jan 1766
Charity Kemp 13th Jan
Dorothy Hart 16th Jan
Elizabeth Wright and Sarah Frost 19th Jan
Samuel Finnemore 20th Jan
Mary Drew and Agnes Sprague 21st Jan
Dorothy Tucker and James Poyle 26th Jan
Edwd Carryl 27th Jan
John Bidwell 27th Jan
Wm Lawrence 27th Jan
Katherine Williams 2nd Feb
Juliana dau of Wm Whitby 6th Feb
Hannah Wright 6th Feb
Mary Leat 23rd Feb
Anne dau of George Rossiter 5th March
Elizabeth Rowe and Mary Bradford 6th March
Henry son of John Hayman 10th March
Mary Frost 18th March
Robert Dennis 20th March
Betty dau of Mr Jno Fowler jnr 24th March
Sarah Venn 28th March
Thos Grinslade 30th March
Susanh Eveleigh 30th March
James son of John Langbridge 30th March
John Wey 31st March
Thomas Willey 1st April
Martha Howe 4th April
Sarah Prigge 6th April
A son of Thomas Mann 6th April
William Carpenter 14th April
Mary Rabjohn 22nd April
Katherine Webber 27th April
Mary Frost 27th April
John Mondy 28th April
Mary Taylor 29th April
Thomas Blackmore 29th April
Peter Job 5th May
Elizabeth Needs 11th May
William Middle 15th May
Silas Baker 18th May
Isett Hayman 21st May
Mary Clogg 29th May
William Forse 1st June
Jane Bayley 6th June
Robt Whitby 11th June
John Sayer 12th June
Susannah Finnemore 12th June
Robt Griffin 22nd June
Joan Toogood 27th June
Richd Frost 1st July
Mary Baker 2nd July
Edwd Knight 6th July
Susannah Montjoy 6th July
John Hill 13th July
Agnes Blackmore 13th July
Mary Holland 16th July
George Bidgood 24th July
Robt Wright 27th July
Samuel Cann 29th July
John Wey 12th Aug
John White 12th Aug
Elizth Middle 16th Aug
Rachael Case 22nd Aug
Mary Pannell 31st Aug
William Salter 7th Sept
Mary Burrows 12th Sept
Mary Andrews 12th Sept
Peter Palmer 20th Sept
Samuel Pulman 21st Sept
Mr Wm Trump 22nd Sept
Mary Thorne 22nd Sept
Mary Sayer 28th Sept
Mary Tribute and Margaret Weare 5th Oct
George Viccary 7th Oct
Jane Mills 9th Oct
Mary Bliss and William Toogood 12th Oct
Anne Taylor and Tamsden Hill 18th Oct
Solomn Baker 28th Oct
Mary Allen 2nd Nov
Thos Dunn 2nd Nov
John Ash [unreadable] Nov
Mary Baker [unreadable] Nov
Dorothy Baker 11th Nov
Mary Evans 13th Nov
A dau of Isaac Dyer 23rd Nov
Hannah Cann 30th Nov
Anne Rice 8th Dec
James Williams 8th Dec
Thos Horne 9th Dec
Elizth Wolland 18th Dec
William Berry 25th Dec
Jane Thomas 26th Dec
Mary Facey 31st Dec
John Sheppard 31st Dec

John Salter 1st Jan 1767
Anne Criddle 4th Jan
Anne Allen 4th Jan
Joseph Prigg 5th Jan
Mary Drake 11th Jan
Lydia Pasmore 14th Jan
John Griffen 18th Jan
Thos Pulman 21st Jan
Mary Bowring 25th Jan
Sarah Leaman 29th Jan
Jane Fulford 1st Feb
Francis Hussey 15th Feb
Anne Greenslade 1st March
Sarah Denham 1st March
Anne Ellicott 5th March
A dau of John Dodd 6th March
John Drew 8th March
William Denham 27th March
Mary Bazeley 29th March
Hannah Prigge 29th March
John Harris 1st April
Mary Evans 5th April
Mary Wey 6th April
Joan Taylor 9th April
Sarah Lock 12th April
Anne Davy 26th April
Mary Budd 26th April
Thomas Flewellin 26th April
Richd Perry 27th April
Anne Radford 28th April
James Forse 1st May
Solomon Voysey 6th May
Tamsden Old 6th May
Mary Cann 17th May
Anne Willey 20th May
Mary Merson 29th May
William Voisey 1st June
Ramoth Johnsling 11th June
Mary Flewelling 21st June
Susannah Leat 29th June
Francis Martin 1st July
Henry Norman 3rd July
Thos Lympany 5th July
Mary Barons 5th July
William Gay 9th July
Jno Mathews 11th July
Mary Poole 15th July
Sarah Hake 19th July
Anne Mitchell 19th July
Mary Andrews 25th July
Robert Vinicomb 1st Aug
Mary Way 9th Aug
Wilmot Leat 9th Aug
Sarah Beere 11th Aug
Elizabeth Williams 21st Aug
Mary Rabjohns 23rd Aug
Abraham Avery 27th Aug
Michael Savoury 1st Sept
Mary Hart 20th Sept
Sarah Drake 30th Sept
Margaret Wolland 5th Oct
Alice Middle 11th Oct
Elizabeth Taylor 12th Oct
Mary Tribute 22nd Oct
John Sayer 26th Oct
Mary Worth 1st Nov
Mary Fortescue 20th Nov
Dorothy May 23rd Nov
Mr Joseph Brutton 1st Dec
Mary Holland 11th Dec

Martha Cales [unreadable] Jan 1768
Philip Perram [unreadable] Jan
Sarah Tozer [unreadable] Jan
Joan Drew [unreadable] Jan
Moses Giles [unreadable] Jan
Susannah Ash [unreadable] Jan
John Denman 27th Jan
Elizabeth Blackmore 27th Jan
Joseph Jacob 29th Jan
Charles Furlong 14th Feb
Edward Tozer 20th Feb
Thomas Veryard 21st Feb
John Sheppard 24th Feb
Mary Whiddon 2nd March
Sarah Sheppard 8th March
Mary Langham 16th March
Robert Whilley16th March
Richard Waldron 20th March
Edward Dunn 27th March
Edward son of Mr Edwd Merson 1st April
Mary Fulford 3rd April
Mary Hunter 3rd April
Isaac Dyer 5th April
Simon Mills 6th April
Mary Cross 10th April
Mary Codner 11th April
Sarah Palmer 17th April
Thomas Palmer 20th April
Charles Simons 24th April
William Rabjohns 24th April
Roger Hembury 27th April
Jonas Harding 27th April
Sarah Whitby 28th April
Susannah Johnsling 28th April
Robert Thomas 1st May
John Rodes 10th May
Judith Bidgood 13th May
John Stevens 21st May
Joan Thomas 28th May
Agnes Rogers 1st June
Dorothy Mollen 4th June
Mary Alway 6th June
William Plumpton 7th June
Agnes Dyer 12th June
Joan Hill 26th June
John Langham 7th July
William son of Wm Bliss 8th July
William son of Wm Willey [no date] July
Sarah Skinner [unreadable] July
Lucretia Smith [unreadable] July
Mary Salter [unreadable] July
Agnes dau of Henry D ..[unreadable] July
Sarah Oates14th July
Elizth Galpin 17th July
Thomas Down 23rd July
A son of Thomas Johnslen 24th July
John Richards 8th Aug
Joan Chilcott 14th Aug
Anne Norman 16th Aug
William Willey 17th Aug
Agnes Diment 28th Aug
William Sweet 4th Sept
Elizabeth dau of John Blackmore 11th Sept
Elizabeth Bidgood 25th Sept
Mary Parker 25th Sept
Richard Goodhind 21st Oct
Elizabeth Godfrey 23rd Oct
William Salt 27th Oct
Henry Dummett 28th Oct
John Upcott 1st Nov
Joseph son of Samuel Evans 9th Nov
Elizabeth dau of Robt [unreadable] Nov
Mary Criddle 24th Nov
Sarah Heard 26th Nov
Mary Turner 26th Nov
Edward Bradford 26th Nov
William Blackmore 26th Nov
Richard Ellis 3rd Dec
Elizth Searle 9th Dec
Elizth Hussey 15th Dec
Anne Norman 20th Dec

Thomas Bradford 1st Jan 1769
Mary Willey 1st Jan
Thomas Minifie 18th Jan
William Hill 22nd Jan
Richard Leat 25th Jan
Abraham hart 25th Jan
Elizabeth Maunder 5th Feb
Mary Short 19th Feb
Matthew Tucker 28th Feb
Anne Allen 6th March
Thomas Finnemore 12th March
Mary Morgan 17th March
Grace Baker 19th March
Elizth Blackmore 19th March
John Worth 27th March
John Lock 28th March
John Salter 31st March
Saml son of Mr Saml Serle 3rd April
Samuel Goodhind 5th April
Margaret Job 7th April
Mary Collard 9th April
Mary Drew 16th April
Christopher Trump 2nd May
Elizabeth Norman 6th May
Mary Dunn 11th May
Sarah Timon 15th May
Hugh Budd 21st May
John Cudmore 2nd June
Rebecca Dunn 4th June
William Dobb 4th June
Elizabeth Hornsey 9th June
John Pallamounter 11th June
William Westron 14th June
Susannah Baker 15th June
Elizabeth Forse 15th June
Elizabeth Mills 22nd June
George Hake 27th June
Humphrey Sweet 9th July
Elizabeth Holland 9th July
William Hake 9th July
Samuel Ellicott 9th July
William Hellyar 10th July
Elizabeth Norman 10th July
Richard Pearce 11th July
Susannah Parker 13th July
John Langham 19th July
Solomon Bazeley 23rd July
Elizabeth Mondy 6th Aug
Elizabeth Reed 6th Aug
William Beer 20th Aug
John Knight 27th Aug
Alexander Harris 20th Sept
John son of John Ash 2nd Oct
Sarah Sheppard 4th Oct
Mark Potter 15th Oct
Mary Budd [unreadable] Oct
Elizabeth Taylor [unreadable] Oct
Mary Hambury [unreadable] Oct
Thomas Whitefield [unreadable] Nov
Anne Worth [unreadable] Nov
Frances Dyer [unreadable] Nov
Thomas Hake [unreadable] Nov
Joan Down [unreadable] Dec
Joan ?Isent Shobrooke 24th Dec
Thomas Shobrooke 24th Dec

Moses Giles 7th Jan 1770
Lydia Holland 7th Jan
Robert Vinicomb [unreadable] Jan
Anne Pearce 27th Jan
Charles Salter 27th Jan
Henry Drake 7th Feb
Eleanor Perriam 11th Feb
Mellony Gratland 20th Feb
Robert Gratland 20th Feb
John Forse 26th Feb
Mary Rabjohn 28th Feb
Abraham Endicott 7th March
Elizabeth Vincent 14th March
Christian Brutton dau of Josh Brutton 15th March
Thomas Bazeley 25th March
Jane Coleman 1st April
Charity Norman 12th April
Elizabeth Greenslade 22nd April
John Hake 1st May
Thos Potter 20th May
Sarah Roades 23rd May
Mary Dennis 23rd May
Robert Coleman 3rd June
Sarah Graves 5th June
Robert son of Robert Chappell 19th June
Daniel Sanders 24th June
Mary Sweet 24th June
Elizabeth Forse 5th July
Anne Edwards 13th July
Joseph Prigge 21st July
Mary Reed 5th August
Grace Bayley 3rd Aug
A son of Samuel Norman 12th Aug
Dorothy Featherstone 15th Aug
A son of Elizabeth Chipman 19th Aug
John Sheffield 19th Sept
Anne Griffen 23rd Sept
Thomas Pulman 26th Sept
Mary Bidgood 30th Sept
Mary wife of Francis Gratland 8th Oct
William Taylor 17th Oct
David May 18th Oct
Mr James Cross 19th Oct
Mary dau of Henry Down 21st Oct
Mary Luxton dau of Mary Dummett 21st Oct
Thos Holland 21st Oct
William Bampton 21st Oct
Anne wife of George Rossiter 25th Oct
Anne wife of William Upton 28th Oct
Dorothy wife of - Reed [left blank] 28th Oct
Sarah dau of Sarah Madrick als Thomas 28th Oct
Sarah North 4th Nov
John Cross 7th Nov
Mary Forse 23rd Nov
William son of William Tymon 25th Nov
Thomas Ellicott` s dau 9th Dec
Mary Holcomb 9th Dec
Margaret dau of John Blackmore 9th Dec
Alice Bussell 30th Dec

John Tozer 6th Jan 1771
Roger Walrond 11th Jan
John Cross 13th Jan
Grace Osmond 6th Feb
William son of Thos Maunder 10th Feb
John son of Thos Rutley 10th Feb
Robert Andrews 10th March
Edmund Holland 24th March
Mary Sheppard 29th March
Sarah Clarke 30th March
Morrish a ` Culler` 1st April
John Way 11th April
Samuel Pulman 11th April
Tamar Potter 16th April
Soloman Willey 22nd April
Agnes Leat 22nd April
John Baker 28th April
Mary Ware 30th April
John Brice 16th May
Ann Upton 16th May
Aquilla Davy 24th May
Son of John Worth [date unreadable]
Mary Pulman [date unreadable]
Elizabeth Hill [date unreadable]
Sarah Tozer [date unreadable]
Simon Vinicomb [date unreadable]
Sarah Matthews [date unreadable]
Nancy dau of Thomas Graves [date unreadable]
A son of John Ash [date unreadable]
Joan Luxton [date unreadable]
Elizabeth White 7th Aug
Margaret Ellis 7th Aug
Elizabeth Bazeley 11th Aug
Sarah wife of Lionell Chancey Parh Clk 16th Aug
Mrs Mary Webb 19th Aug
William Medly ? 22nd Aug
John son of Jno Mountstephen 8th Sept
Richord dau of Thos Luxton 16th Sept
William Wright 24th Sept
Joan Smith 30th Sept
Susannah Wright 30th Sept
Jane dau of James Parnnell 14th Oct
Joan Jewell 19th Oct
John Crosse 19th Oct
William Timon 26th Oct
Elizth Wilney 3rd Nov
Mr William Fowler 4th Nov
Ann Newton 7th Nov
William son of Wm Blackmore 11th Nov
Samuel son of Saml Shiles 14th Nov
Susanna Case 14th Nov
Saml son of Samuell Jewell 16th Nov
Nancy Luscombe 16th Nov
Dau of Anne Bridgman 16th Nov
Mary Cann 19th Nov
Joanna Langham 20th Nov
William Hyatt 24th Nov
Joseph son of Joseph Keene 28th Nov
Thos Hagley 29th Nov
Elizabeth White 30th Nov
Susannah Dyer 1st Dec
Sarah dau of Wm Osmond 4th Dec
Sarah Pearce 11th Dec
Henry son of Thos Heard 15th Dec
Samuel Upcott 16th Dec
Rose Rablins 17th Dec
Sarah Tozer 20th Dec
Thos son of Thos Sheppard 22nd Dec
Edward son of Edw Griffin 26th Dec

Anne dau of Josh Channon 3rd Jan 1772
Joseph son of John Martin 3rd Jan
Susannah dau of Eliz Webber 6th Jan
Elizth Miller 12th Jan
Elizth Vincent 12th Jan
Matthew son of Anne Miller 16th Jan
Elizabeth Page 22nd Jan
Sarah dau of Thos Mann 20th Jan
Elizabeth Carnall 20th Jan
Sarah dau of Joseph Taylor 20th Jan
Mary dau of Thos Mann 20th Jan
John Denham 25th Jan
Anne Alway 27th Jan
Susannah Matthew 27th Jan
Anne Leat 27th Jan
Robert Flewelling 28th Jan
Sarah dau of Anne Searle 29th Jan
Simon son of Simon Beere 2nd Feb
Susan dau of Robert Chappell 2nd Feb
Anne dau of John Price 5th Feb
Peter son of Peter Plumpton 6th Feb
Agnes Sweetland 7th Feb
John son of Elizth Reed 9th Feb
John son of Elizth Thomas 9th Feb
Isabella dau of Chas Byne esq 10th Feb
John son of Henry Voysey 16th Feb
James son of Richd Drew 16th Feb
Mary Sheppard 20th Feb
Lydia dau of Henry Bidgood 20th Feb
George son of Christopher Taylor 25th Feb
Anne Northcott 26th Feb
Elizabeth Thomas 26th Feb
John How 27th Feb
Joseph Willey 1st March
Robt son of Robt Wright 3rd March
Elizth Manley 6th March
Elizth Knight 11th March
Henry Toogood 16th March
John Drew 16th March
Elizth dau of Mr Wear 19th March
James Vinicomb 20th March
Giles Keyward 20th March
Sarah Pellamonalling ?27th March
Robert son of Mary Perriam 29th March
Anne Facey 29th March
Simon son of Robert Vinicomb 29th March
Elizabeth West 30th March
Sarah Plumpton [date unreadable]
Martha Langridge [date unreadable]
Joan dau of Jas Bennett [date unreadable]
Mary Crosse [date unreadable]
Anne Ruckley 12th April
Mary dau of John Reynolds 30th April
Robert son of Jas Salter 3rd May
Elizabeth Leat 3rd May
John Merson 24th May
Mary Ellis 25th May
Thomas son of Wm Bliss 29th May
Mrs Sarah Shiles 10th June
Thomas Allway 14th June
Rebecca Bazeley 25th June
Constant White 26th June
Mary Hellins 28th June
John May 7th July
Samuel Selway 8th July
Elizth dau of Peter Plumpton 15th July
Mr William Finnemore 28th July
Joan Thomas 18th Aug
Dorothy Furlong 23rd Aug
Joseph son of Jane Clarke 30th Aug
Elizabeth Hayman 6th Sept
Hanibal Rowe 6th Sept
Mary Toogood 11th Sept
Ann Sprague 13th Sept
Thomas Denham 15th Sept
Elizabeth Marshall 25th Sept
Susannah Clarke 1st Oct
John Seaman 4th Oct
Sarah dau of Robert Templeman 2nd Nov
Alice Avery 12th Nov
Elizth Worth 15th Nov
Thomas Heard 18th Nov
Humph son of John Blackmore 29th Nov
Mary Gratland, Mr Turpin 30th Nov
Mary Cornish 4th Dec
Jane dau of John Symes 11th Dec
Mrs Mary Richards 15th Dec
John Cornish 24th Dec
John Lympany 24th Dec
Wm Pearce 24th Dec

Sarah Mann 8th Jan 1773
Bernard Kendall 10th Jan
John son of Thos Mitchell 10th Jan
Mary Evans 13th Jan
Francis Drake 15th Jan
Mariah dau of Joseph Ellicott 24th Jan
Thomas Haris 27th Jan
John Hodge 27th Jan
Mr Wm Wright 30th Jan
Mary Hyatt 31st Jan
Mary Radford 31st Jan
Mary Drake 2nd Feb
Mary Bazeley 14th Feb
Thomas Haris 14th Feb
Joan Luxton 18th Feb
Mary Gratland 20th Feb
William Drake 23rd Feb
John Londwill 25th Feb
William Clarke 25th Feb
Mary Bowes 28th Feb
Bridget Vinicomb 28th Feb
Henry Hill 7th March
Jane Palmer 10th March
Mary Bray 14th March
Mary dau of Jas Richards 19th March
Noah Whitby 20th March
Elizth Vicary 21st March
Anne Shackle 24th March
Mary Kendall 27th March
Christian dau of Mr Jos Brutton 28th March
Humphrey Franks 6th April
Edw Trump 14th April
Nicholas Hellens 16th April
John Upton 18th April
Mary dau of ......[left blank] Squire 22nd April
Thomas Dodge 25th April
Mary Brimstone 30th April
Anne Galpin 2nd May
James Dixson 4th May
Wm Baker 12th May
Jane Baker 12th May
Thomas Hake 16th May
Elizabeth Blackmore 19th May
Humphrey Beere 19th May
John Dunn 23rd May
Mary May 6th June
Elizabeth Middle 6th June
A strangers child 9th June
John Beere 18th June
John Taylor 18th June
Susan Parker 20th June
James Baker 27th June
Mary James 5th July
Rogr Parkers child 7th July
Mary Norman 11th July
John Shallis 11th July
Jane Fulford 18th July
Thos Lock 28th July
Sarah Criddle 28th July
Mary Hellier 11th Aug
Joseph son of Saml Templeman 18th Aug
Jane Eadis 21st Sept
John Goodhind 22nd Sept
Hannah dau of Jno Worth 10th Oct
George Mitchell 18th Oct
Mary Piercy 19th Oct
Ellizth [sic] Endicott 22nd Oct
Agnes Matthews 9th Nov
Samll Case 11th Nov
Mary Dyer 15th Nov
Mary dau of Jno Jewell 19th Nov

Brian Randell, 18 Jun 2006