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Help and advice for Cullompton - Burials (Jan 1798 - Dec 1812)

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Cullompton - Burials (January 1798 - December 1812)

Transcribed by Elizabeth Howard

Made available here by kind permission of the Rev. Philip Sourbut


3rd Jan 1798, James son of James Tapscott
14th Jan 1798, William Berry
14th Jan 1798, Susanna Mills
16th Jan 1798, Mrs Susanna Endicott
17th Jan 1798, Mrs Jane Baker
4th Feb 1798, William Burrow
7th Feb 1798, Honor Lowman
14th Feb 1798, Elizabeth Fry
19th Feb 1798, Humphrey Bliss
19th Feb 1798, John son of William Commings
21st Feb 1798, Robert Luxton
22nd Feb 1798, Elizabeth Blampin
12th March 1798, Charlotte dau of Elias Baker
13th March 1798, .........dau of John Voisey (?cooper)
14th March 1798, Elizabeth Mitchell
14th March 1798, Peter son of John Plumpton
23rd March 1798, Jenny dau of Robert Salter of ?Vernie
6th April 1798, Hannah Langham
8th April 1798, Simon Drake
12th April 1798, Thomas son of Thomas Fry (mason)
15th April 1798, Robert son of John Eveleigh (shoemaker)
15th April 1798, ...........son of John White
16th April 1798, Robert Blagdon (a private in the Cullompton Volunteers)
....April 1798, William Cotterell a private in the ........? Supplementary Militia
.....April 1798, Mary Taylor
.....April 1798, Elizabeth Greenslade
.....April 1798, Mary Ann dau of Thomas Fry (weaver)
11th May 1798, Jane dau of Henry Williams
11th May 1798, Ann Frost
16th May 1798, Simon Beer
27th May 1798, Margt dau of Samuel Shallice
...June 1798, Sarah dau of William Berry
10th June 1798, Ann dau of Elijah Salter
16th June 1798, Mary Veals
17th June 1798, Mary Palmer
17th June 1798, Rebecca Hills
22nd June 1798, Ann Lock
6th July 1798, William Poole
6th July 1798, Thomas White
11th July 1798, Francis Bidgood
14th July 1798, Ann Andrews
21st July 1798, Elizabeth Searle
21st July 1798, Joan Facey
27th July 1798, Sarah Picking (alias Stark)
27th July 1798, Robert Dowdney
1st Aug 1798, Thomas son of Thomas Bridgment
5th Aug 1798, George son of George Greenslade
13th Aug 1798, John Chambers
31st Aug 1798, James Williams
7th Oct 1798, Elizabeth Upham
8th Oct 1798, Mary Toogood
14th Oct 1798, Elizabeth Denham
16th Oct 1798, William Way
16th Oct 1798, Edward son of Susanna Parker
19th Oct 1798, Margaret Esing
24th Oct 1798, Ann dau of Mary Baker
1st Nov 1798, Mrs Ruth Taylor
6th Nov 1798, Mary Jewell
14th Nov 1798, Mary Cann
21st Nov 1798, Sarah dau of James Eades? A private in the East Somerset Supplementary Militia
22nd Nov 1798, Margaret Blackmore
28th Nov 1798, Richard Daw (smith)
7th Dec 1798, Mrs Jane Clarke, (this share?)
16th Dec 1798, Ann Rossiter
18th Dec 1798, Elizabet Trump
23rd Dec 1798, Mary dau of John White
6th Jan 1799, Martha Dunn
11th Jan 1799, William Frost (foot guards)
...Jan 1799, Thomas Willey
....Jan 1799, Samuel son of Thos Searle (P clerk?)
....Jan 1799, Elizabeth Ware
....Feb 1799, Charles Gray a private in the East Somerset Supplementary Militia Major Polens company
.....Feb 1799, Mr William Brown
.....Feb 1799, Margaret dau of John Bazely
.....Feb 1799, Elizabeth Marshall
.....Feb 1799, John son of John Maylard (horsekeeper)
.....Feb 1799, Ann Norman
.....March 1799, Ann dau of James Emling
....March 1799, Ann dau of John Merchant
....March 1799, Mary Palmer
....March 1799, Ann dau of John Hollings
23rd March 1799, Mr Philip Martin, senr
24th March 1799, Joseph son of Thomas Hornsey
7th April 1799, Susanna Hyatt
7th April 1799, William son of John How
10th April 1799, Henry Upcott
12th April 1799, William son of George Hill
21st April 1799, John son of Anthony Trump junr
30th April 1799, Margaret Mills (alias Murch)
5th May 1799, Mary Harris
6th May 1799, Simon Mills (papermaker)
22nd May 1799, James son of Henry Galpin
26th May 1799, Nathaniel son of William Westron senr
10th June 1799, John Richards
10th July 1799, Mary Martin, (Langford)
21st July 1799, John son of Mary Eveleigh
26th July 1799, Martha Frost
7th Aug 1799, Francis Colman ye younger esq
11th Aug 1799, Thomas Gay, (tailor)
22nd Aug 1799, John son of Elias Baker
23rd Aug 1799, Joan Ebbles
25th Aug 1799, Elizabeth Palmer
8th Sept 1799, Sarah Willey
20th Sept 1799, Sarah Warmouth
6th Nov 1799, John son of John Bazely
14th Nov 1799, Mrs Betsy Pennell
17th Nov 1799, Henry Hill (mason)
22nd Nov 1799, Mr Lionell Chancey who was clerk of the church for upwards of 50yrs
2nd Dec 1799, John Baston
27th Dec 1799, Elizabeth Bridgment
2nd Jan 1800, William son of Thos Pork
....Jan 1800, Charlotte dau of Abraham Merrifield
10th Jan 1800, Mrs Ann Hayman
20th Jan 1800, Mrs Mary Smith (late of A Haynes ?)
26th Jan 1800, William Taylor who was found dead near Knighthorwood?
3rd Feb 1800, Mr Robert Ellicott senr
14th Feb 1800, Sarah Palmer
16th Feb 1800, Sarah Way
22nd Feb 1800, Elizabeth Way
23rd Feb 1800, Sarah Job
27th Feb 1800, John Ash
2nd March 1800, George son of Mary Hartwell
14th March 1800, Ann Manley
27th March 1800, John Mitchell
27th March 1800, William Lemon, (serjt in Colonel Halls Regmt of Devon and Cornwall Fencibles
30th March 1800, Elizabeth Dyer
6th April 1800, Mary dau of John Woolley junr
7th April 1800, Miss Mary Fowler
13th April 1800, George son of Richard Hornsey
19th April 1800, John Lake
20th April 1800, John son of Joseph Blackmore
20th April 1800, Elizabeth dau of Willm Commings
26th April 1800, Humphrey Carnal
2nd May 1800, John son of Willm Pidgeon decd
11th May 1800, Daniel Saunders
18th May 1800, Sarah dau of Elias Bazely junr
21st May 1800, William son of Ann Hake
1st June 1800, Jemima dau of Edward How
......June 1800, Ann Langham
......June 1800, Elizabeth dau of John Wheedon
......June 1800, Ann dau of Henry Way
......June 1800, Thomas Salter
1st July 1800, Carolina dau of Mr John Sellwood
1st July 1800, Penelope Leat
2nd July 1800, Elizabeth Dixon
1st Aug 1800, Edward Frost
10th Aug 1800, Humphrey Mills
31st Aug 1800, John Sheppard
31st Aug 1800, ........dau of Mr Thomas Bilbie
5th Oct 1800, James Vinnicombe
5th Oct 1800, Stephen Blackmore
16th Oct 1800, Mr Richard Goodhind
3rd Nov 1800, Elizabeth Dart
4th Nov 1800, James Mann
16th Nov 1800, John Andrews
16th Nov 1800, Mary dau of Joseph Winter
20th Nov 1800, Mrs Thomazin Gay
26th Nov 1800, Mary infant dau of ye Revd John Sydenham
9th Dec 1800, William Sayer
10th Dec 1800, Margaret Hiley a soldiers wife
14th Dec 1800, Hannah Tarrington
21st Dec 1800, Mary Savery
21st Dec 1800, ......dau of George Gill senr
26th Dec 1800, Mr Richard Whitby
6th Jan 1801, Mrs Agnes Tayler
11th Jan 1801, Elizabeth Elworthy
12th Jan 1801, Ann Sprague
14th Jan 1801, Samuel Savery
15th Jan 1801, Mary Facey
18th Jan 1801, Sarah Holcombe
22nd Jan 1801, William James
1st Feb 1801, Joan Hayman
7th Feb 1801, Edward Knight
8th Feb 1801, Sarah dau of John Miller
14th Feb 1801, Elizabeth Hake
18th Feb 1801, Elizabeth Croggy alias Flewellin
22nd Feb 1801, Mary Greenslade
1st March 1801, Mary Eveleigh
22nd March 1801, Alice Walrond
27th March 1801, James Forse
1st April 1801, Elizabeth Elworthy
1st April 1801, Wm Voisey
7th April 1801, Ann Worth
1st May 1801, George Criddle
1st May 1801, Francis Grattland
1st May 1801, William Denham
1st May 1801, George Legg
7th May 1801, Thomas White (coomber)
20th May 1801, Thomazin Blackmore
20th May 1801, James Taylor
20th May 1801, Moses Giles junr
3rd June 1801, Mary Pannell
4th June 1801, James Norman
6th June 1801, Sarah Ware
17th June 1801, Nicholas Gay
19th June 1801, Elizabeth Eveleigh
19th Jun 1801, Joan Shere
3rd July 1801, Elizabeth Goodhind
14th July 1801, Richard Keen
18th July 1801, Mr Whitlocke Sydenham
22nd July 1801, Joan Norman
6th Aug 1801, Joan Hake snr
8th Aug 1801, Robert son of John Eveleigh
14th Aug 1801, Mary Ellis
3rd Sept 1801, Leah Winter
4th Sept 1801, Ann Tribute
13th Sept 1801, Susanna dau of Thos Eames
13th Sept 1801, Katherine Mildon
20th Sept 1801, John Marchant
20th Sept 1801, Thomas Tribute
......Sept 1801, Hannah Greenslade
27th Sept 1801, John and Jane son and dau of David Bowden
14th Oct 1801, John White
16th Oct 1801, Elizabeth dau of Wm Smith
18th Oct 1801, Mary Forse
28th Oct 1801, Mary dau of David Croft
1st Nov 1801, Sarah dau of James Dryer of Bridgwater
1st Nov 1801, John Pidgeon
15th Nov 1801, Henry Cornish
15th Nov 1801, George Greenslade
15th Nov 1801, John son of Thomas Middle
29th Nov 1801, Richard Baker
29th Nov 1801, Jane Short
.......Dec 1801, Ann Morgan
.......Dec 1801, William son of Henry Ware
.......Dec 1801, Sarah Taylor
.......Dec 1801, Wm Cross
.......Dec 1801, Wm Ellis
1st Jan 1802, Benjamin son of Mr Thos Pannell
1st Jan 1802, John Baker
1st Jan 1802, Joseph Ware
1st Jan 1802, Thomas Dunn
1st Jan 1802, Ann Knight
......Jan 1802, Hannah Bridgment
......Jan 1802, Mary Matthews
......Jan 1802, Margaret dau of William Hyatt
......Feb 1802, Thomas Holland
......Feb 1802, Thomas Matthews
21st Feb 1802, William Mosse
21st Feb 1802, Elizabeth Ellsworthy
21st Feb 1802, Ann dau of Penelope Leat
3rd March 1802, John Mounstephens
9th March 1802, Mrs Sarah Haycraft
11th March 1802, Ann Thomas
30th March 1802, William Dodd
30th March 1802, John Hayman
31st March 1802, Mary Bilbie
4th April 1802, Matilda Foxford
10th April 1802, John Foweraker
11th April 1802, Christian Rawlings
......April 1802, Elizabeth Way
......April 1802, Sarah Tyman
......April 1802, Ann dau of John Woolley junr
......April 1802, Thomas son of William Mountstephens
......April 1802, Joanna Prigg
......April 1802, Elizabeth White
......May 1802, Sarah Short
......May 1802, Mary Carol
......May 1802, William Buck
......May 1802, Thomazine Osmond
......May 1802, Mrs Betty Bull
......June 1802, Margaret Heard
......June 1802, Jane Lympany
......June 1802, Elizabeth Coleman
......June 1802, Ann Norman
......June 1802, Rebecca Voisey
......June 1802, Jane Lipscombe
......June 1802, Susanna Pearce
......June 1802, Thomazin Manning
......June 1802, Thomas Johnston
......June 1802, Mary dau of Joseph Blackmore
......July 1802, Sarah Wellington
......July 1802, Mary dau of James Parker
......July 1802, Thomazine Drew
......July 1802, Peggy dau of John White
......July 1802, Mary Ann dau of Jno Luxton
.......July 1802, Ann dau of Ann Flewellin
.......July 1802, Jane Chapple
.......July 1802, John Pidgeon, junr
.......July 1802, William son of Wm Martin junr
.......July 1802, Betty dau of Thos Salter
3rd Aug 1802, Joan dau of Richd Squire
3rd Aug 1802, Sarah dau of Thos Searle
11th Aug 1802, James son of Thos Salter
26th Aug 1802, Edward son of Scipio Luxton junr
26th Aug 1802, Mary Ann dau of Elias Bazely junr
6th Sept 1802, Mary Ann dau of Jno Saunders junr
9th Sept 1802, James son of John Voisey, (schoolmaster)
14th Sept 1802, Charles son of the sd John Voisey
24th Sept 1802, Ann dau of Samuel Shallice
6th Oct 1802, Mary dau of Thos Matthews
11th Oct 1802, Frederick son of Wm Maunder junr
24th Oct 1802, James son of Robt Grattland
1st Nov 1802, Wm son of Joseph Harrison
2nd Nov 1802, Elizabeth Waldron
4th Dec 1802, Jenny Channon
6th Dec 1802, Joan Carnal
17th Dec 1802, Richard Squire
1st Jan 1803, Wm Grattland
1st Jan 1803, Charlotte dau of Thos Matthews
1st Jan 1803, Mrs Frances Brown
20th Jan 1803, Samuel James
30th Jan 1803, Wm Holcombe
30th Jan 1803, Margaret Cross
.....Feb 1803, Harriot dau of Christian Wescombe
.....Feb 1803, William son of George Luxton
.....Feb 1803, Sarah dau of James Parker
.....Feb 1803, Barbara dau of Wm Stanley
12th March 1803, George Luxton,(coomber)
23rd March 1803, Mr John Fowler
27th March 1803, Henry Bidgood
29th March 1803, Elenor Budd
2nd April 1803, Mary dau of Geoge Luxton
3rd April 1803, Mary dau of Willm Shepperd
11th April 1803, Robert Grattland
11th April 1803, Mary Toogood
14th April 1803, Frances dau of William Forse
17th April 1803, Elizabeth Luxton
18th April 1803, Sophia Mills
20th May 1803, Thomas Hake
2nd June 1803, Abraham Endicott
2nd June 1803, John Allen
3rd June 1803, Edward Seaman
5th June 1803, Jemima Sheppard
10th June 1803, Betty Stiling
22nd June 1803, Maria dau of Thos Down
17th July 1803, Nicholas son of Sarah Rabjohns
26th July 1803, John Ware
27th July 1803, Sarah Seaman
4th Aug 1803, a man a servant to Colonel Peachey
10th Aug 1803, Jane dau of the Revd John Eddy late vicar of Todington Glocestershire
10th Aug 1803, Thomas Andrews
23rd Aug 1803, William son of Mary Jeffery
31st Aug 1803, Mr Robert Ellicott
11th Sept 1803, Samuel son of Sarah Savery
15th Sept 1803, Thomasin Mills
27th Sept 1803, Judith Leat
28th Sept 1803, Joseph son of John Maylard
16th Oct 1803, James Wright
18th Oct 1803, Ann dau of Elizth Taylor
18th Oct 1803, Giles Eames
27th Nov 1803, John son of John Dinner
29th Nov 1803, Elizabeth Gill
11th Dec 1803, John son of Joseph Blackmore
18th Dec 1803, Winnifred Toogood
24th Dec 1803, Mary Hole
27th Dec 1803, Thomas son of Thos Allen
1st Jan 1804, Samuel Goodhind
2nd Jan 1804, Ann Lock
7th Jan 1804, Samuel Shires
10th Jan 1804, Charles son of Edward Ellicott
12th Jan 1804, Mary dau of Wm Milford
18th Jan 1804, Mr Henry Melhuish
20th Jan 1804, Christopher Leat
20th Jan 1804, Margaret Salter
24th Jan 1804, Caleb Dalton
8th Feb 1804, Mr William Upcott
16th Feb 1804, Peggy Ruttley
17th Feb 1804, Mary dau of William Mann
19th Feb 1804, Ann Ruttley (sister of the above)
24th Feb 1804, John Blackmore
9th March 1804, Grace Sweet
9th March 1804, Mary Ann dau of Wm Rice
11th March 1804, Sarah dau of Sarah Norman
25th March 1804, ..........Stranger's child
25th March 1804, Giles Needs
27th March 1804, James son of David Allen
28th March 1804, Elizabeth dau of Jno Facey
6th April 1804, Thomas Seaman
8th April 1804, Alice Whyatt
12th April 1804, John Heathfield
17th April 1804, William Willey
29th April 1804, Charlotte dau of Thomas Webber
7th May 1804, Sarah dau of William Rabjohns
9th May 1804, William son of Willm Rew
18th May 1804, Jane Langham
22nd May 1804, Mary Down
31st May 1804, Ann Forse
1st June 1804, Mary dau of Sarah Squire
5th June 1804, William Cooper a private in the 15th Regt Somerset Militia
8th June 1804, Elizabeth Mary dau of Mr Francis Bilbie
10th June 1804, Elizabeth Gardner
10th June 1804, Solomon Baker
22nd June 1804, Sarah Whitby
3rd July 1804, Elizabeth dau of Edward Pratt
6th July 1804, John Gamlin
17th July 1804, Elizabeth Moore
2nd Aug 1804, John Griffen
4th Aug 1804, ........Richards
14th Aug 1804, Sarah dau of Elizabeth Hagley
22nd Aug 1804, Mary Harvey
27th Aug 1804, James son of James Williams
2nd Sept 1804, Sarah Kerslake
16th Sept 1804, David Allen
16th Sept 1804, Emanuel son of Wm Pearce
8th Oct 1804, Elizabeth Soper
16th Nov 1804, Sarah Bennett
18th Nov 1804, Eliza dau of John Voisey (schoolmaster)
29th Nov 1804, Thomas Matthews (quartermaster serjt in the Hayridge Volunteers)
2nd Dec 1804, Dorothy Blackmore
6th Dec 1804, Ann Allen
7th Dec 1804, Henry Elworthy
14th Dec 1804, Ann Salter
19th Dec 1804, Thomas Hake
27th Dec 1804, Sarah Coles
30th Dec 1804, Mary dau of John Dunn
7th Jan 1805, Mary Forse
27th Jan 1805, Mary Bennett
27th Jan 1805, Charlotte dau of Wm Lowton
4th Feb 1805, Elizabeth Shiles
4th Feb 1805, Sarah Toogood
17th Feb 1805, Sarah dau of Wm Westron junr
8th March 1805, Maria Maunder
10th March 1805, Elizabeth Shiles
22nd March 1805, John Batten
31st March 1805, Sarah dau of Sarah Hartwell
2nd April 1805, Samuel Lock
7th April 1805, Joh Shiles
21st April 1805, John Maylard
22nd April 1805, William Blanford son of Sarah Crowden
24th April 1805, Joanna Goodhind
6th May 1805, Thomas Webber - serjt major of the Hayridge Regt Volunteers
24th May 1805, Sarah Fowler
28th May 1805, Charles son of John Budd
2nd June 1805, James Martin
19th June 1805, John son of Michael Tregay
13th June 1805, William Brice
16th June 1805, William Dobb
17th June 1805, Mrs Susanna Skinner
21st June 1805, Joan Patrick
5th July 1805, Samuel son of Jno Voisey (schoolmaster)
9th July 1805, John Osmond, junr
11th July 1805, Margaret Ellicott
19th July 1805, Jane Willey
21st July 1805, Mary Vinnicombe
15th Aug 1805, James Tucker
23rd Aug 1805, Agness Down
1st Sept 1805, James Eveleigh
1st Sept 1805, Robert Ruttley senr
3rd Sept 1805, John Wright (comber)
3rd Sept 1805, Agnes dau of John Wescombe
20th Sept 1805, Peggy dau of Richd Davey (shoemaker)
22nd Sept 1805, George son of Wm Baker
29th Sept 1805, Sarah dau of Henry Voisey junr
6th Oct 1805, Elizabeth Taylor
17th Oct 1805, Rebecca Dalton
26th Oct 1805, Rachel Short
23rd Oct 1805, James son of John Fowler decd
14th Nov 1805, James son of James Williams
17th Nov 1805, Philip son of Thos Pannell
20th Nov 1805, William Monday
22nd Nov 1805, Mary dau of Thos Matthews decd
24th Nov 1805, John Scadding
27th Nov 1805, Mary Dyer
1st Dec 1805, John son of Henry Savory
5th Dec 1805, Mary dau of Thos Hatchell
5th Dec 1805, William son of Robt Wyatt
11th Dec 1805, Harriet dau of Thomas Bond
22nd Dec 1805, .........dau of Henry Farrage
5th Feb 1806, Elizabeth dau of John Coleman
9th Feb 1806, Mary dau of Wm Barter
11th Feb 1806, Jane dau of Abraham Bickerton
19th Feb 1806, Thomas son of James Cheek
27th Feb 1806, Elizabeth Bishop
14th March 1806, John Fowler senr
21st March 1806, Mary Lewis
31st March 1806, Martha dau of John Mondey
4th April 1806, William son of Edmund Broom
6th April 1806, John son of George Mildon
13th April 1806, William son of John Lock
12th May 1806, John Pring son of Mr Henry Crosse
14th May 1806, Elizabeth Mills
14th May 1806, Betty White
23rd May 1806, Elias Baker
27th May 1806, Sarah Mills
9th June 1806, Thomas Heathfield
15th June 1806, Rebecca Wright
29th June 1806, Mary Knight
4th July 1806, Ann Lindsey
6th July 1806, Henry son of Edward Dinner
11th July 1806, William Commings
18th July 1806, John son of John Axon decd
21st July 1806, James Coleman
16th Aug 1806, Mary Pleace
......Sept 1806, William son of Edward Blackmore
......Sept 1806, Mary Blackmore
......Sept 1806, Edward Blackmore
......Sept 1806, Peggy Blackmore
......Sept 1806, John son of Mellony Toogood
......Oct 1806, Thomas son of Saml Foweraker
......Oct 1806, Elizabeth dau of John Eveleigh
......Oct 1806, Betsy dau of Wm Cleave
9th Nov 1806, Thomas Hayward 'Comis' of Milverton Somerset
2nd Dec 1806, William son of William Westron
11th Dec 1806, John son of Susanna Barket
16th Dec 1806, George son of Henry Down junr
21st Dec 1806, Ann dau of Sarah Eades
1st Jan 1807, Thomas son of Thomas 'Jordy'
4th Jan 1807, Mary dau of Robert Jewell
4th Jan 1807, Elizabeth dau of Jno Tapsell
19th Jan 1807, William White
19th Jan 1807, Cornelius Baker
19th Jan 1807, Mary dau of George Dunn
22nd Jan 1807, James son of Charles Criddle
25th Jan 1807, Thomas Bidgood
30th Jan 1807, Abraham Hammett
1st Feb 1807, Samuel son of Wm Davey
1st Feb 1807, Elizabeth dau of Francis Mann
8th Feb 1807, Eliza dau of Henry Voisey
11th Feb 1807, Sarah dau of Sarah Norman
11th Feb 1807, ......dau of Jos Harrison
19th Feb 1807, John and Henry sons of John Norman (Dragoon)
20th Feb 1807, Ann Webber
.........March 1807, Ann Howard
......March 1807, William son of Willm Jewell
......March 1807, Samuel son of Thos Fry
......March 1807, Ann Mann
......March 1807, Mary Ruttley
......March 1807, Isaac son of Willm Dyer
......March 1807, Sarah Avery
......March 1807, John Cross
......April 1807, Joan Milford
......April 1807, John son of Willm Baker
......April 1807, Parthenia Norman
......April 1807, Thomas Davey
......April 1807, Richard Parkhouse
......April 1807, Henry Voisey
......April 1807, Mary dau of Francis ......?
......May 1807, Harriet Flewellin
......May 1807, Henry son of John Baker
26th May 1807, Christopher Tayler
27th May 1807, Elizth dau of Silas Baker
29th May 1807, Ann dau of Robt Richards
10th June 1807, Mrs Alice Brutton
11th June 1807, Mary Symes
17th June 1807, Mary dau of Thos Bond
20th June 1807, Ann Facey
23rd June 1807, Mrs Amy Huish
25th June 1807, Mary Gore
8th July 1807, Gifford son of Wm Upcott
12th July 1807, Samuel son of William Jennings
29th July 1807, Mary Dunn
2nd Aug 1807, Mrs Elizabeth Ellicott
4th Aug 1807, Mrs Jemima Colman
16th Aug 1807, John son of Melony Jeffery
21st Aug 1807, John Borne
24th Aug 1807, Mrs Mary Crosse
30th Aug 1807, Christian Wescombe
27th Sept 1807, John son of Joseph Hugh
1st Oct 1807, Agnes Reek
1st Oct 1807, John Toogood
11th Oct 1807, James Langham
16th Oct 1807, Elizabeth Hutchings
5th Nov 1807, John Sellwood junr
10th Nov 1807, William son of Willm Spurrell
20th Nov 1807, Joseph Pannell
28th Dec 1807, David Sweet esq
30th Dec 1807, John Davey
1st Jan 1808, Mary Cross
8th Jan 1808, Charles son of Philip Martin
10th Jan 1808, Ann Griffen
19th Jan 1808, Mary dau of Robert Wyatt
29th Jan 1808, Frances dau of Richd Holcombe junr
......Feb 1808, Thomas Land
......Feb 1808, William Short
......Feb 1808, David son of David Sweet esq, decd
24th Feb 1808, Mrs Nancy Blackmore
26th Feb 1808, John Frost
2nd March 1808, James Cann
3rd April 1808, Susanna dau of Jno Merchant
7th April 1808, Mary White
10th April 1808, Hannah Holcombe
10th April 1808, Thomas Baker
17th April 1808, Ann White
17th April 1808, Elizabeth dau of Elias Baker
24th April 1808, Jane Baker
26th April 1808, William Pearce
26th April 1808, Wm son of George Milton
3rd May 1808, Alice Reynolds
8th May 1808, Robert son of Elizth Dalton
15th May 1808, Thomas son of Henry Surrage
18th May 1808, John son of William Hart
20th May 1808, Mary Ellicott
22nd May 1808, Thomas Mitchell
26th May 1808, Sarah Criddle
8th June 1808, Ann Blagrove
17th June 1808, Samuel Wescombe
1st July 1808, Elizabeth Leat
15th July 1808, Ann dau of William Leach
17th July 1808, Mary Rice
......July 1808, Elizabeth dau of Silas Baker
20th July 1808, Theodore Dart
31st July 1808, Sarah Minson
18th Aug 1808, Mrs Susanna Brutton
......Aug 1808, Richard Taylor
......Aug 1808, Priscilla Frost
.....Sept 1808, William Blackmore
.....Sept 1808, James son of Jno Vinnicombe
.....Sept 1808, Ann Goodhind
22nd Sept 1808, Eliza dau of Ann Forse
4th Oct 1808, .......dau of Jno Baker (wheelwright)
6th Oct 1808, Mary Facey
6th Oct 1808, Henry Bishop
8th Oct 1808, Mr John Palmer
10th Oct 1808, James Toller
26th Oct 1808, Sarah Frost
10th Nov 1808, Thomas son of Wm Baker
20th Nov 1808, Eliza dau of James Criddle
.....Jan 1809, John son of Samuel Searle
.....Jan 1809, Mary Chappell
.....Jan 1809, Thomas Heard
.....Jan 1809, Elizabeth Thomas
4th Feb 1809, Robert son of Charles Salter
6th Feb 1809, Edward son of John How
20th Feb 1809, Mary White
10th March 1809, John Tribute
16th March 1809, Elizabeth Hyatt
16th March 1809, Alexander son of Wm Bazely
30th March 1809, William Hole the younger
4th April 1809, Peter Parkhouse
9th April 1809, Martha Legg
12th April 1809, Henry Seaward
16th April 1809, Fanny dau of Wm Facey
23rd April 1809, Betsy dau of Wm Venn
23rd April 1809, Anstis dau of Wm Richards
25th April 1809, John Norman junr
26th April 1809, Moses Giles
26th April 1809, Jane Richards
5th May 1809, Melony Salter
5th May 1809, Aaron son of Samuel Ruttley
12th May 1809, Richard James
20th May 1809, Thomas Heathfield
23rd May 1809, William Minson
25th May 1809, William Brayley
8th June 1809, Mary May
21st June 1809, Thomas son of John Tanling
30th June 1809, William son of William Venn
....July 1809, Ann White
27th July 1809, Samuel son of Wm Hole
30th July 1809, Richard Holland
30th July 1809, William Johnslin
2nd Aug 1809, Ann dau of Henry Lawrence
6th Aug 1809, Thomas Carrel
18th Aug 1809, Elizabeth dau of James Cheek
18th Aug 1809, Leah dau of Robt Richards
27th Aug 1809, Thomas Maunder
27th Aug 1809, Dorothy Jewell
27th Aug 1809, Elizabeth dau of James Tapscott
29th Aug 1809, Ann Beer
20th Sept 1809, Sarah Grant
24th Sept 1809, Lovily Reed
1st Oct 1809, James son of Henry Voisey
1st Oct 1809, John son of Elias Jarman
12th Oct 1809, Mary dau of Wm Upcott
13th Oct 1809, William son of Mark Farrant
31st Oct 1809, Eliza dau of Wm Plumpton
5th Nov 1809, Sarah dau of Robert Winter
17th Nov 1809, Sarah George
17th Nov 1809, Charlotte dau of Wm Lowdon
26th Nov 1809, Francis son of Wm Lowdon
28th Nov 1809, John Knight
13th Dec 1809, Robert Naish
16th Dec 1809, John Searle
17th Dec 1809, John son of John Davy
20th Dec 1809, Elizabeth dau of Richd Thomas
22nd Dec 1809, Richd son of Richard Taylor
22nd Dec 1809, Richard Bult
29th Dec 1809, Richard son of William Borne
31st Dec 1809, Francis son of John Bidgood
.....Jan 1810, Dorothy Norman
.....Jan 1810, Joanna Parker
.....Jan 1810, Joseph son of William Willey
22nd Jan 1810, John Tayler (butcher)
23rd Jan 1810, Elizabeth dau of Wm Voisey
24th Jan 1810, Elizabeth dau of Wm Philips
26th Jan 1810, Elizabeth Perham
31st Jan 1810, Henry Norman
4th Feb 1810, John Parkhouse ?
4th Feb 1810, Sarah dau of John Vinnicombe
26th Feb 1810, James Basleigh
1st March 1810, Elizabeth Coleman
13th March 1810, Robert son of Mary Snow
20th March 1810, Ann Wheadon
4th April 1810, John Carnal
5th April 1810, Thomas Rutley
13th April 1810, Thomas Rossiter
15th April 1810, Mary Bult
15th April 1810, Rebecca dau of Thomas Matthews
18th April 1810, John Read
20th April 1810, Betty Symes
22nd April 1810, James son of William Basleigh
4th May 1810, Richard Crosse esq
13th May 1810, John Trump
29th May 1810, Richard Pascott
31st May 1810, Robert Beals
3rd June 1810, Hannah Matthews
4th June 1810, Honor Parrott
7th June 1810, Robert Coombe
20th June 1810, Gabriel Manley
24th June 1810, Joan Dixon
8th July 1810, Charlotte dau of Wm Gilford
18th July 1810, Robert Jewell
19th July 1810, Sally dau of Wm Hore
12th Aug 1810, John son of John Coleman
14th Aug 1810, William son of Wm How
19th Aug 1810, Elizabeth Gilpin
9th Sept 1810, Sarah Luxton
10th Sept 1810, Joan Martin
23rd Sept 1810, .......son of Robt Frost
30th Sept 1810, Alice Dobb
1st Oct 1810, John Poole
16th Oct 1810, Elizabeth Blackmore
1st Nov 1810, Ann dau of Charles Milton
15th Nov 1810, Elizabeth dau of William Berry
10th Dec 1810, John Appleyard esq of Galway Ireland
17th Dec 1810, Elizabeth and Sarah two children of George Morris
25th Dec 1810, William son of John Holley
13th Jan 1811, Mary Allen
20th Jan 1811, Mary dau of Wm Blackmore
27th Jan 1811, .......dau of Jane Eveleigh
30th Jan 1811, Sarah Blackmore
3rd Feb 1811, Robert Ellicott
12th Feb 1811, Henry Hayman
17th Feb 1811, Edward Warman
6th March 1811, Sarah Goodhind
12th March 1811, James son of William Drake
30th March 1811, Hannah Maria dau of Richd Staddon
31st March 1811, John Addicott
31st March 1811, Jane Dalton
7th April 1811, Isaac Hart
14th April 1811, John Westacott
17th April 1811, Thomas Harris (clerk)
17th April 1811, Anthony Heathfield
28th April 1811, Elizabeth Blackmore
28th April 1811, Sarah dau of John Toogood
.....April 1811, William son of Samuel Shallis
5th May 1811, William Dunn
16th May 1811, Ann Murch
26th May 1811, Joan Upcott
.....May 1811, John Rice - Capt of the Hayridge Local Militia
.....May 1811, Eliza dau of John Voisey junr
9th June 1811, Elizabeth Howe
11th June 1811, Thomas son of James Clark
16th June 1811, William son of James Criddle
19th June 1811, Eliza dau of Ann Mitchell
26th June 1811, John Clough
30th June 1811, Elizabeth dau of John Mills
7th July 1811, Mary Bidgood
19th July 1811, James Maunder
26th July 1811, Richard Greenslade
31st July 1811, Mary Goodhind
11th Aug 1811, John Osmond
12th Aug 1811, John Facey
22nd Aug 1811, Mrs Emmeline Jarman
26th Aug 1811, Henry son of John Brimson
26th Aug 1811, William Davy
15th Sept 1811, John son of Thomas Milford
15th Sept 1811, Elizabeth dau of James Criddle
22nd Sept 1811, George son of Joseph Blackmore
23rd Sept 1811, William Davy (waggoner)
6th Oct 1811, Henry Williams
7th Oct 1811, William son of William Watson
10th Oct 1811, John son of John Chapple
11th Oct 1811, Maria dau of Richard Holcombe
12th Oct 1811, Charles son of John Saunders decd
15th Nov 1811, Susanna dau of Thos Howard
22nd Nov 1811, Eliza dau of John Manley
6th Dec 1811, Samuel May
15th Dec 1811, Mary Frost
15th Dec 1811, Mary dau of John Waters
22nd Dec 1811, Thomas Wellington
22nd Dec 1811, Hannah Parker
3rd Jan 1812, Mr Gilbert Stainforth of Leeds in Yorkshire
10th Jan 1812, Edward son of Hannah Winter
12th Jan 1812, Richard Langham
16th Jan 1812, Mr Hugh Skinner
17th Jan 1812, Hannah dau of John Chase
26th Jan 1812, Mary dau of Jane Jerrad
9th Feb 1812, Ann dau of Joseph Lyon?
23rd Feb 1812, Robert Neels
23rd Feb 1812, Sarah Dixon
8th March 1812, Elizabeth Osborne
8th March 1812, Thomas son of Henry Elworthy
18th March 1812, Elizabeth Mills
27th March 1812, Amy Langford
2nd April 1812, Richard Holcombe (serjeant in the local militia)
5th April 1812, Mary Gay
12th April 1812, Edward son of John Woolley
15th April 1812, George son of Thomas Croaden
20th April 1812, Thomas Baker (wheelwright)
6th May 1812, Jane dau of Joseph Ruttley
8th May 1812, Henry Richards
15th May 1812, Nicholas son of John Bussell
15th May 1812, Jane Frost
18th May 1812, Catherine Blackmore
23rd May 1812, Elizabeth dau of John Ireland
23rd May 1812, John and Jane two children of Thomas Pugh
9th June 1812, Elizabeth dau of Charles Salter
16th June 1812, Samuel son of Peter Westcott
21st June 1812, Thomas son of William Maunder junr
2nd July 1812, Mary Webber
10th July 1812, William Heathfield
16th July 1812, Jane Basleigh
21st July 1812, Thomas Criddle (taylor)
23rd July 1812, Richard Carnal
2nd Aug 1812, Melony Monday
5th Aug 1812, Peter Stone
5th Aug 1812, Robert and Elizabeth son and dau of John Gillard
9th Aug 1812, James Norman
9th Aug 1812, Elizabeth dau of Susanna Williams
18th Aug 1812, Martha dau of Thomas Middle decd
21st Aug 1812, Jane Salter dau of Thomas Frost
26th Aug 1812, Maria dau of James Parkhouse
27th Aug 1812, Sarah dau of John Wolley
27th Aug 1812, Sarah dau of Joseph Yew
2nd Sept 1812, Mary Norman
13th Sept 1812, Joseph Prigge
13th Sept 1812, Thos son of George Morrish
16th Oct 1812, John son of John Bell
18th Oct 1812, Henry Allen son of Edwd Gillham
22nd Oct 1812, William Dobb
25th Oct 1812, John Wey
6th Nov 1812, Henry Mann junr
6th Nov 1812, Ann dau of John Bidgood
17th Nov 1812, John Vinnicombe
23rd Nov 1812, Mary Sheppard
25th Nov 1812, Samuel son of Samuel Foweraker
4th Dec 1812, Sarah Eames
18th Dec 1812, Thomas Carnal

Brian Randell, 29 Mar 2006