Name Listing from the Cullompton Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Hill, Henry: Academy (Boarding & Day)
Davis, J Revd: Academy (Classical)
Voisey, Henry: Academy (Day)
Sanders, Bula: Academy (Ladies Boarding)
Anning, James: Attorney
Leigh, Ewd Manley: Attorney
Melhuish, Hy Daubeny: Attorney
Poole, Francis: Attorney
Whitter, Tristam Walrond: Attorney
Fowler, J: Auctioneer
Summers, Richard: Auctioneer
Budd, William: Baker
Hoare, Sarah: Baker
Marshall, Thomas: Baker
Mills, John: Baker
Pippett, James: Baker
Toogood, William: Baker
Brown: Bank
Heath: Bank
Skinner: Bank
Veals, W: Basket Maker
Hill, Henry: Bookseller & Stationer
Rowe, W: Bookseller & Stationer
Broom, Edmund: Boot & Shoe Maker
Luxton, John: Boot & Shoe Maker
Webber, William: Boot & Shoe Maker
Wescombe, Thomas: Boot & Shoe Maker
Davey, John: Cabinet Maker
Frost, Richard: Cabinet Maker
Wescombe, William: Cabinet Maker
Jarmin, Elias: Carpenter & Joiner
Toogood, William: Carpenter & Joiner
Veals, William: Carpenter & Joiner
Webber, Thomas: Carpenter & Joiner
Bazley, John: Carrier
Brice, J: Carrier
Chadwell: Carrier
Clapp: Carrier
Ellicott, H: Carrier
Gratland, R: Carrier
Beedel, Henry: China, Glass & Earthenware Dealer
Stark, John: China, Glass & Earthenware Dealer
Tayler, Joseph: China, Glass & Earthenware Dealer
Ireland, John: Cooper
Minson, John: Cooper
Rice, Richard Abraham: Currier
Rowe, Charles: Currier
Humphrey, William: Druggist
Manley, John Snow: Druggist
Sanders, J: Druggist
Davy, Joseph: Fire Office Agent (Eagle)
Whitter, T W: Fire Office Agent (Norwich Union)
Pannell, E: Fire Office Agent (Royal Exchange)
Ellicott, Ewd: Fire Office Agent (West Of England)
Harvey, Richard: Grocer
Howard, John: Grocer
Nichols, James: Grocer
Palmer, John: Grocer
Frost, Josh: Iron Monger
Summers, John: Iron Monger
Collards: Linen Draper
Fowler, John: Linen Draper
Humphrey, Robert: Linen Draper
Mills, John: Linen Draper
Monkton, James: Linen Draper
Quick: Linen Draper
Brice, John: Maltster
Broom, Edmund: Maltster
Burnard, William: Maltster
Frost, John Bodley: Maltster
Frost, Robert: Maltster
Sellwood, John: Maltster
Wolland, Thomas: Maltster
Flood, William: Mason & Bricklayer
Teed, William: Mason & Bricklayer
Wyatt, John: Mason & Bricklayer
Melhuish, William: Miller
Mortimore, Richard: Miller
Hole, William: Painter, Plumber & Glazier
Matthews, William: Painter, Plumber & Glazier
Mills, James: Paper Maker
Mills, John: Paper Maker
Pannell, W: Plumber & Bell Founder
Pannell, Elizabeth: Post Mistress
Gillham, Edward: Saddler
Goodhind, Richard: Saddler
Howe, William: Seedsman
Murch, John: Seedsman
Tuckett, John: Seedsman
Baker, John: Serge Manufacturer
Brown: Serge Manufacturer
Davy: Serge Manufacturer
Merchant, John: Serge Manufacturer
Upcott, William: Serge Manufacturer
Bennett, William: Shopkeeper
Melhuish, Ann: Shopkeeper
Surridge, Henry: Shopkeeper
Westcott, Sarah: Shopkeeper
Bennett, John: Soap & Candle Manufacturer
Skinner, Robert: Soap & Candle Manufacturer
Pannell, E: Stamp Distributer
Pannell, J: Stamp Distributer
Gabriel, William: Surgeon
Hine, Tristram Collins: Surgeon
Pullin, Edward B: Surgeon
Darby, Thomas: Tailor
Middle, Henry: Tailor
Voisey, John: Tailor
Westlake, Thomas: Tailor
Mortimore, Richard: Tanner
Sellwood, Daniel: Tanner
Frost, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Admiral Hawke)
Wescombe, John: Tavern/Inn (Bishop Blaize)
Tucker, J: Tavern/Inn (Crown & Thistle)
Wolland, Ann: Tavern/Inn (Dolphin)
Goodhind, William: Tavern/Inn (George)
Gillham, Edward: Tavern/Inn (Globe)
Blampin, Grace: Tavern/Inn (Half Moon)
Burnard, Thomas: Tavern/Inn (King's Head)
Shallis, Saml: Tavern/Inn (Market House Inn)
Frost, J B: Tavern/Inn (New Bell)
Tucker, William: Tavern/Inn (Old Bell)
Frost, Robert: Tavern/Inn (Red Lion)
Searle, Elizabeth: Tavern/Inn (Three Mariners)
Tapscott, James: Tavern/Inn (White Hart)
Uglow, William: Watch & Clock Maker
Whitby, William: Watch & Clock Maker
Bell, John: Wheelwright
Goodhind, John: Wheelwright
Extracted and reconstructed from a file made available by Cornwall Online

Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1999