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Help and advice for Dalwood & Stockland Wills - Index Library Vol 53

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Dalwood and Stockland Wills

These two parishes were originally in the county of Dorset but in 1836 they were transferred ecclesiastically to the Exeter diocese and in 1844 they were transferred to the civil county of Devon. Dalwood is a chapelry of Stockland. This transfer from Dorset to Devon meant that the wills of the parishioners were not proved by the Devon church authorities but those of Dorset. For this reason, unlike the old Devon wills and admons that were all lost in 1942, those for these two parishes still survive. This is an index of the names and jurisdictions where their wills were proved and that have been extracted from Vols 22 (published 1900) and 53 (published 1922) Index Library, British Record Society: "Calendars of Wills & Administrations relating to the County of Dorset. All now preserved in the Probate Registry of Blandford (Dorset)".
It is assumed that, subsequent to the publishing of these Index Library volumes, these wills were transferred from the Probate Reigistry in Blandford to the Dorset Record Office.
The old Diocese of Bristol was created in the year 1542 and included a large part of the County of Dorset which had originally belonged to the Diocese of Sarum.

VOL 53 Index Library, British Record Socty (published 1922)

Transcribed by by Jean E. Harris

("--- being an attempt to bring together as far as possible and make available for reference lists of the
known existing testamentary records relating to Dorset which were not incorporated in Volume XXII of
this series.")

For the years 1686-1790 excepting those for 1692, 1696, 1697, 1700, 1702, 1707, 1708, 1709, 1710, 1711,
1713, 1718, 1719, 1720 & 1721
BAKER William Stockland       64 1688
BOYLANDS Ann Stockland W   1776
BROWNE Mary Stockland   84 1689
COLMAN Robert Dalwood W 13 1706
DARKE William Stockland A 106 1691
DAVY als WHELLER Joseph Stockland W 30 1728
DAVY Richard Stockland   80a 1686
DAVY als WHELIER Thomas jun Stockland A 104 1691
DAVY als WHELLER Thomas senr Stockland A 105 1691
DAVY Thomasine Stockland A 86 1694
DENING Thomas Stockland   41 1714
DOWNING Joane Stockland W 15 1705
EDWARDS Elizabeth Dalwood W 6 1717
FOOT William Stockland   85 1689
HANN John Dalwood W 11 1730
HANNE John the elder Dalwood W 41 1695
HARTTE Robert Stockland   28 1730
HARVEY Samuel Stockland A 60 1687
HOOPER Obadiah Stockland A 80 1686
HUSSEY John the elder Stockland   86 1689
KNOTT Thomas Stockland W 38 1706
LONG Theophilus Stockland W 1 1724
LUCAS Elizabeth Stockland   39 1699
NEWBERRY Elizabeth Dalwood   17 1704
NEWBERRY Elizabeth Stockland   19 1705
NEWBERY John Stockland W 79 1687
NEWBERRY Robert Stockland W 87 1689
NEWBERRY William Stockland   87 1691
NEWBERRY William Stockland   43 1704
NEWBERY William Stockland   33 1712
ROUNSEVALL John Stockland W 83 1689
ROUNSEVALL John Stockland W   1763
SMITH Ann Stockland   36 1701
SMITH William Stockland W 63 1688
SNEDON John Stockland A 103 1691
SNEDON John Stockland   89 1694
STOCKER Soloman Stockland   32 1727
STOCKER William Dalwood   21 1698
TRIM Benjamin Stockland   42 1704
TUCK Joan Dalwood   22 1698
TUCKER Richard the elder   Stockland A 123 1690
TURNER als HARNER John Stockland A 76 1686
TURNER als HARNER   Joseph Stockland   29 1730
TURNER Tamsen Stockland   54 1703
TURNER William Stockland W   1744
WHITE Jonathan Stockland   41 1704
[surname illegible] Margaret Dalwood   51 1690
EDWARDS Elizabeth Dalwood 1717
EDWARDS John Dalwood 1741
NEWTON Mawde, wid Stockland 1572