"DARTINGTON parish, from one to three miles N.E. of Totnes, contains 603 souls, and 3248A. 3R. of land, on the south-western side of the fertile and picturesque valley of the Dart, and includes the small hamlets of Wick, Venton, Brooking, Staple, and many scattered houses. It was anciently the seat of a barony, which belonged successively to the Falesia, Tours, Martyn, Audley, Vere, Holland, and other families. Henry Champernowne, Esq., owns two-thirds of the parish and is lord of the manor. His seat Dartington House. has been the residence of his family for many generations, . . . The Church (St. Mary,) is an ancient structure, with a tower and five bells. It is in the perpendicular style of the time of Richard II., and was renovated and newly fitted with open benches about 15 years ago. It has a handsome pulpit and screen, and some antique monuments of the Champernownes. The rectory, valued in K.B. at £36. 4s. 4½d., and in 1831 at £924, is in the patronage of Hy. Champernowne, Esq., and incumbency of the Ven. R.H. Froude, M.A., archdeacon of Totnes, who has 108A. of glebe and a handsome residence, which he has much improved. . . ." [From White's Devonshire Directory (1850)]

A parish in Stanborough Hundred, the Archdeaconry of Totnes and the Diocese of Exeter. Regarded as part of the South Hams area.


Archives & Libraries

Dartington Rural Archive, which has a large collection of photographs of people and places in South Devon, has now merged with the Totnes Image Bank.



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Transcript of the 1841 census, from the Parishes of the South Hams website.


Church History

Dartington - from J. Stabb. Some Old Devon Churches (London: 1908-16).


Church Records

Parish Registers going back to 1538 are held in the Devon Record Office.

Transcripts of the Parish Registers going back to 1538 are held in a special collection in the Westcountry Studies Library.

The Devon FHS publishes indexes covering (as of June 2004): Baptisms 1813-1839, Marriages 1754-1837, Burials 1813-1837 - for details see their Devon Parish List.

Entered into the IGI (as of Jan 1993): Parish Church Christenings 1542-1727, Marriages 1538-1555, 1569-1635, 1653-1727, 1810-1852.

The Deanery of Totnes: An index of baptisms, marriages and burials . . . with photographs of the churches and extracts from White's Devonshire Directory 1850, CD-ROM, Exeter, Devon FHS (2009). [Ashprington: Bapt (1813-1839), Mar (1754-1837), Bur (1813-1837), Blackawton: Bapt (1813-1839), Mar (1754-1837), Bur (1813-1837), Buckfastleigh: Bapt (1813-1839), Mar (1754-1837), Bur (1813-1837), Cornworthy: Bapt (1813-1839), Mar (1754-1837), Bur (1813-1840), Dartington: Bapt (1813-1839), Mar (1754-1837), Bur (1813-1837), Dartmouth St. Clement: Bapt (1813-1839), Mar (1754-1837), Bur (1813-1837), Dartmouth St. Petrox: Bapt (1813-1839), Mar (1754-1837), Bur (1813-1837), Dartmouth St. Saviour: Bapt (1813-1839), Mar (1754-1837), Bur (1813-1837), Dean Prior: Bapt (1813-1839), Mar (1755-1837), Bur (1790-1837), Diptford: Bapt (1813-1839), Mar (1754-1837), Bur (1813-1837), Dittisham: Bapt (1813-1839), Mar (1754-1837), Bur (1813-1837), Halwell: Bapt (1813-1839), Mar (1755-1837), Bur (1813-1837), Harberton: Bapt (1813-1839), Mar (1754-1837), Bur (1813-1837), Holne: Bapt (1813-1842), Mar (1754-1837), Bur (1813-1837), Rattery: Bapt (1813-1839), Mar (1754-1837), Bur (1800-1837), South Brent: Bapt (1813-1839), Mar (1754-1837), Bur (1813-1837), Stoke Fleming: Bapt (1813-1839), Mar (1754-1837), Bur (1813-1837), Totnes: Bapt (1813-1842), Mar (1754-1837), Bur: (1813-1837)]

McNaught, M.J. (transcr.). Totnes Deanery Marriages, Vol. 1 - Ashprington: M 1597-1649, 1657-1850, strays index & banns only index, Blackawton: M 1538-1850, strays index & banns only index 1758-73, 1785, 1796, Buckfastleigh: M 1597-1641, 1650-57, 1668-1850, strays index, Cornworthy: M 1568-1642, 1653-1850, strays index, Dartington: M 1538-55, 1569-83, 1589-1635, 1653-1850, strays index, (2006). [SoG Library, DE/R 98]


Description & Travel

Section on Dartington  from Samuel Lewis: A Topographical Dictionary of England (1831), provided by Mel Lockie.

You can see pictures of Dartington which are provided by:



Transcription of the entry in White's Devonshire Directory (1850) by Terry Partridge.

Transcription provided by Val Henderson of the entry (description and names) in Morris and Co's Commercial Directory and Gazetteer of Devonshire 1870.



The transcription of the section for this parish from the National Gazetteer (1868), provided by Colin Hinson.



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Land & Property

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A Short History of Dartington Hall, with Architectural Notes (4th ed.) Totnes: Dartington Hall (1937). [Raymond: Traces descent through Fitz-Martin, Audeley, Holland, St Leger, and Champernown, medieval to 20th c.



View a map of the boundaries of this town/parish.

You can see maps centred on OS grid reference SX785626 (Lat/Lon: 50.450621, -3.712742), Dartington which are provided by:


Military History

War Memorial in St Barnabas Churchyard, Brooking - transcribed by John Williams


Names, Personal

Listing of subscribers to the relief of Turkish captives (1670) , from the Churchwardens Account Book. 


Probate Records

Will of Francis Yarde (1799), transcribed by David Davy.

Will of Alice Champernowne (1682), Alice Farwell (1654) and William Callard (1779), transcribed by Ros Dunning.

Will of Gawine Champernowne (1592), transcribed by Kathleen Noye.

The Will in Brief of Gawine Champernowne, Esq., of Dartington. Miscellanea Genealogia et Heraldica N.S. 4 (184) p.165



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Kidel, MarkDartington. Exeter: Webb and Bower (1982). [SoG Library DE/L129