The Collected Poems of the late N T Carrington, Vol. I

edited by

H.E. Carrington

London: Longman & Co. Bath: H E Carrington, Devonport: W Byers (1834) xxiii, 273 pp.

Index prepared by Michael Steer

N T Carrington (1771-1830) was born in Plymouth. His father was a grocer. The family lived in Plymouth Dock. An extensive biography of the poet is presented as a preface to the volume, which was edited by H E Carrington, his son, probably as a memorial to his father. The elder Carrington's biography has been transcribed for GENUKI and can be found in the section on Westcountry Poets. The poems are supported with elaborate notes by William Burt, brimming with information about Dartmoor and its people. This rare book was produced from a digital copy held by the Bodleian Library that can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. Those on which copyright has expired are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Abberburry, Richard195
Alexander, Mr140
Archer, Addis Esq126
Armachanus, Archbishop Richard168
Ashburton, Lord130, 175
Athelstan, King150
Bailey, Messrs & Co126
Basset, J D Esq35
Bastard, E P Esq, MP175, 204
Bastard family203
Bastard, T P Esq175
Bath, Sir Henry110
Baylay, Henry Mervyn Esq185, 189
Bedford, Duke of (and Earl)118, 178-80
Berger, Dr206
Boethius160, 181
Bourchier family110
Bowden, Mr210
Bray, Rev Mr Edward118, 156, 162
Bronescombe, Bishop Walter184
Brooking, Rear Admiral158
Brougham, Mr145
Brown, Mr122, 145
Brown, William177
Buller, Sir Francis118-9, 121, 148, 156
Burt, William Esq16, 101
Cadoc, Earl180
Caesar, Julius194
Cameron, Sir Ewan161
Celestine, Pope178
Cotgrave, Captain162
Charles I111, 168, 180
Charles II176
Childe, John129, 164-6, 246, 248-9, 252, 254-5
Clinton, Lord176
Copleston family203
Cornwall, Charles Duke of176
Courtenay, Peter e195
Crocker family203
Cromwell, Oliver185
De Luc108, 111-2, 131, 159, 172, 197
Domerham, Adam de168
Drake family189
Drake, Sir Francis68, 177, 184, 190
Drake, Sir F A184
Drake, Sir T F E, Bt184
Drew260, 270
Dyer, Mr201
Edgar, King178
Edmund Ironside, King179
Edmund, King179
Edward the Confessor178, 194
Edward I111, 176-7, 202
Edward II111, 176-7, 184, 195
Edward III177, 196
Edward IV203
Eleanor, Queen184
Elford family185, 190
Elford, Sir William, Bt125, 137
Elizabeth I161, 184
Ellery, R Esq35
Elliott69, 184
Ethelred, King178
Ethelred II, King194-5
Ethelwold, King178, 203
Fice, John (or James)116
Fitz, John177
FitzHerbert, Matthew203
Foot, Mr4
Ford, John130
Fortescue, Sir John138
Fortibus, Isabella de163, 166, 184
Fosbrook, Rev Mr149
Fox, Mr Thomas5
Fuller139, 196
Gaveston, Piers de195
George IV17, 144
Gilbert, Mr C S204-5
Gilpin105, 107, 197
Glanville, Sir John177
Glanville, Serjeant177
Gullet, Mr118
Gumb, Daniel204-5
Harvey, George Esq, FRS35
Hemans, Mrs16
Henry I178
Henry III161, 166, 186, 195
Henry IV176, 195
Henry VIII111, 180
Hepworh, Joshua Esq119-20
Herring, Mr138
Heywood, Mr118, 181
Hill, Richard168
Hine, Mr71
Howard, Mr135
Howell161, 199
Hullett, Mr John119
Hullett, Mr Thomas119
Humboldt106-7, 115
Hunter, Dr195
Isbell, Mr182
James I111, 176
Jervis, Sir John8
John, King160, 181, 203
Johnson & Brice, Messrs182
Jones, Rev T P35, 106, 108, 111, 124, 129, 147, 154-5, 198
Kircher, Father84
Knox, Dr33
Lampen, Rev R35
Leach, Dr175
Leaman, Mr Thomas148
Leland106, 178
Levingus, Bishop179
Lewis, F C177
Lopes, Sir Massah, Bt, MP126, 135, 181-2
Lopes, Sir Ralph136
Lyde, Rev George168
Lyttleton, Bishop160
MacCulloch, Dr209
Mackintosh, Mr Hugh125
Magrath, Sir George MD35
Malmsbury, William of157, 177, 179
Mason, Rev J H35, 118, 127, 129, 144, 148, 167
Maynard, John177
Mela, Pomponius151
Morier, Mr210
Morley, Earl of133, 135
Morrice, Dr33-4
Mortaigne, John Earl of160
Mountjoy, Lady Dorothy179
Mudge, Colonel128
Necker, Mr206
Northmore family190
Oliver, Rev Mr181
Ordgar, Earl178-80
Ordulph, Earl178-80
Oxenham, Elizabeth201
Oxenham family199
Oxenham, James200
Oxenham, John200
Oxenham, Mary200
Patterson, Mr119
Pattieson, Mr13
Piozzi, Mrs103
Pole, Sir William194
Polexfen family203
Polwhele, Rev Mr131, 152-3, 157, 160, 168-9, 174, 201, 203
Quicke, Andrew Esq176
Radcliffe, Rev Walter103, 181
Raleigh, Sir Walter180
Rhodius, Appollonius208
Risdon106, 166, 195
Rivers, Baldwin de184
Rogers, Sir John Lemon, Bt158
Rogers, P H Esq16
Roland, Madame45
Rumon, Saint177-9
Russell family165, 255
Russell, Lord John178
Rutter, T Esq35
Rychard, Dan Thomas181
Sanders, Joseph Esq146
Sanders, R R Esq146, 170
Sanders, Thomas Esq118, 132, 145
Shenstone, Mr71
Shillibeer, Mr (also Rev)117, 120, 122, 127, 129, 134, 157, 166, 188
Smith, Colonel Hamilton35
Stapyldon, Bishop176, 181
Stephen, King181
Strode family196
Strode, Richard196
Strode, William196
Stuart, Mr William125
Syward166, 187-8
Tavistock, Marquis of179
Templer, George Esq156
Templer, John Esq130
Turner, Mr118
Tyrwhitt, Sir Thomas118, 122, 125-6, 132, 140, 144-5, 156
Vallancy201, 207
Vancouver, Mr123
Vollans, Rev Mr118-9
Warner240, 261
William III179
Williams, Sarah137
Wightwick, G Esq35
Windeatt, Mr166, 255
Wood, George Day125
Woollcombe, H Esq35
Wordsworth28, ix, 163
Wrey, Sir Bourchier110, 175
Yonge, Sir George, Bt146
Yonge, Rev John204