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Dartmoor and its surroundings: what to see and how to find it


Beatrix F. Cresswell

London: Beechings, (1899), illus, plates, folded map, xxxii; 132. pp.

Index prepared by Michael Steer

During the mid-eighteen hundreds there was a great upsurge in wealthy people wanting to visit the 'picturesque' scenery of Britain. This desire was fed by the numerous artists, poets, and writers of the time who produced works that portrayed wild rugged scenery in a romantic and somewhat nostalgic manner. Nationally there were such artists as Constable, Turner, Gilpin, Bewick, and a host of others painting rugged and idyllic pictures of the British Landscape. Such writers as Austen, Wordsworth, Bynge, and Price produced poetry and fiction set in remote, wild locations. All this fuelled the 'need' for the wealthy to visit such places and see for themselves the romantic landscapes. Dartmoor had artists like the Widgery's, Rev. John Swete, Benjamin Leader, William Morrish, and a multitude of others producing paintings and sketches of the wild scenery of the moor. Then such writers as Swete, Page, Crossing, Rowe, Worth, Mrs Bray and Miss Cresswell generally describing their travels throughout Dartmoor and the plethora of features they saw. Again, many of these people were portraying a romantic and idyllic insight into 'picturesque' Dartmoor. Miss Cresswell's garishly covered tourist guide retailed for 6d. It is a typical product of the period and is 8th in the Homeland Associations' travellers' handbook series. Mr Blampey of Ashburton provided most of the photographs that decorate the pages. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally by Google from a copy in the University of California Library collection and can be downloaded from HathiTrust. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

General Index pp 5-6

Note on pagination: The guidebook has two large sections of business advertisements.
The advertisement pages in the front section are designated with roman numerals
The advertisement pages at the back of the book are designated with 'rear', and their appropriate roman numeral (e.g. see the Ballin and Barr entries below).


Albert, Prince Consort 114
Ballin, Mrs Ada S rear xx
Barr & Sons rear xxviii
Becket, St Thomas A 27-8
Bedford, Duke of (also Earl) 23, 84
Beechings Ltd vi, viii, 3 rear xxiii; xxv
Beer, J G 134
Bentall, Lloyd & Co i
Bingie 109
Blackmore, Mr 41
Blackwell, John 133
Blampey, Mr 120
Blundell 85
Bonner rear xxix
Bowerman 37-8
Bradbury, Agnew & Co vii
Bray, Mr 60, 84, 91-2, 118
Bray, Mrs 41, 50, 60, 76, 78, 85, 88, 91, 98, 118
Bray, Vicar of 8
Brewer, Bill 32-4
Browne 85
Browning, J S ii
Bulteel 105
Caesar, Julius 76
Carewe 105
Carrington, Nicholas 37, 100
Charles I 8
Charles II 83, 110
Childe, Amyas 102, 107-8
Clifford, Lord 14
Cobbledick family 66
Cobleigh, Tom 32-4
Cornwall, Richard Earl of 21
Courtenay family 68
Davy, Peter 32-4
Devon, Earl of 28, 68, 83
Doble & Son iv
Drake, Sir Francis 85, 98-9
Edgar, King 83
Edward, King 84
Edwards rear xx
Eland, Henry S 132
Elfrida 82-3
Elizabeth I 20
Ethelwold, Earl 83
Eustachius, Saint 84
Evans, Charles E rear xxi
Evans, J J O rear xx
Exeter, Marquis of 70
Fairfax, General Sir Thomas 8
Fitz, Sir John 71, 84, 89, 91
Fitzurse, Reginald 28
Foot, Isaac i
Freeman, Mr 8
Gaveston, Piers 98
Geare, Benjamin 64
Geen, Henry rear xiii
Genoni Brothers rear xx
Gidleigh family 58
Gidleigh, Giles de 58
Gilbert, Adrian 16
Gilbert, Sir Humphrey 15-6
Gilbert, Otho 16
Gilbey, W & J rear xxi
Glanville, Lady Alicia 84
Glanville, Judge 84
Godolphin, Sidney 53
Gould, Mr Baring 12, 23, 32, 66, 71, 81, 107
Grandison, Bishop 8
Grenville, Sir Richard 71, 77
Grimball, Betsy 84
Gubbins 78
Gurney, Peter 32-4
Hallett iii
Hawk, Harry 32-4
Henrietta, Maria, Queen 71
Henrietta, Princess 8
Henry III 21
Henry VII 7
Henry VIII 70, 77
Hentschel, Carl rear xix
Herrick 109
Herring, John (novel) 66, 75
Heywood, John G rear xx
Hill, Roger 36
Hill, schoolmaster 36
Howard, Sir Charles 71
Howard, Lady 70-1, 84
Jackman, J rear xxi
Jackman, Mrs rear xxi
James II 8
Jefferys, Judge 8, 77
John, King 58
Kelly, Admiral 85
Kingsley, Charles 53, 116, 118-9
Knott, R rear xviii
Layton, L A v
Lugg, T & Son 90
Macaulay 12
Marks, Stacy 119
Maurice, Prince 70
Meecham 67, rear xxiii
Miles, T O rear xxii
Mohun family 68
Mortimer, Bros rear xvi
Norrish, J rear xviii
Orange, William of 8, 15
Ordulph 84-5
Orgar, Earl 83
Orleans, Duchess of 8
Ormerod, Mr G W 60, 75
Owens, Charles J i
Oxenham 75
Page, Mr 25, 48-50, 62, 64, 73, 103, 117, 121
Patteson, Bishop 8
Pearce, Jan 32
Perriton, J rear xviii
Perrott, J & Sons I, 54-5, 62-4
Petre 106
Powlesland, John 133
Prouze family 58
Prouze, Robert de 58
Prouze, Sir William 40
Quether, Margery (novel) 81
Raleigh, Dame 16
Raleigh, Sir Walter 16
Redvers, Baldwin de 68
Rendell & Simons v
Richard III 7
Risdon, Tristram 23, 27, 76-7, 93, 108, 119
Ross, J & G 133
Rowe, Mr 22, 91-2
Russell, Lord John 84
Scott, Sir Gilbert 28
Shakespeare, William 7
Shrubsole, Edgar S 122
Siward 98
Somerset, Duke of 49
Stewer, Jan 32-4
Suffolk, Duke of 71
Symons & Co xxii
Tavistock, Abbot of 107
Tourville, Admiral 12
Tracey, Sir William de 27-8
Tracy family 27
Treadwin, Mrs 10
Tregeagle 109
Trelawney 105
Trelawney, Bishop 8
Urith, Saint 81
Wales, Prince of 21
Warbeck, Perkin 7
Webb, Mr 52
Whiddon, Daniel 32-4
Widgery, Mr J 76
William I 68
Worde, Wynken de 56
Worth 10
Wright, Miss x
Wyckoff, Seamans & Benedict rear xiv