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Help and advice for Amid Devonia's Alps, or Wanderings and Adventures on Dartmoor (1888) - Index

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Surname Index


Amid Devonia's Alps, or Wanderings and Adventures on Dartmoor


William Crossing

Plymouth: W H Luke, Publisher (1888), illus. vii, 242 pp.

Index prepared by Michael Steer

William Crossing (1847-1928) was a writer and chronicler of Dartmoor and the lives of its inhabitants. He lived successively at South Brent, Brentor and Mary Tavy but died at Plymouth. He is now considered one of the best authorities on Dartmoor and its antiquities, having made it the subject of his life's work. Crossing was one of the earliest members of the Dartmoor Preservation Association, joining it immediately on its formation. It is likely that he started the popularity of the modern pursuit of letterboxing. In his book Guide to Dartmoor he refers to what might have been the first letter box. It was placed at Cranmere Pool on northern Dartmoor by a local guide in 1854. In Crossing's memory in 1938, a plaque and letterbox were placed at Duck's Pool on the southern moor by members of the Dobson's Moormen walking club. He was buried with his wife at Mary Tavy: his house at Mary Tavy bears a commemorative tablet unveiled in 1952. The book has a general index at page 221. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally by Google from a copy in the Harvard University Library collection and can be downloaded from HathiTrust. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Albemarle, Baldwin Earl of 219
Alexander, Mr 30, 206
Barrington, Mr Charles 87
Bate, Mr Spence 104, 190, 204, 216
Beare, John 103
Bennett 17
Bishop, John 57, 116
Borlase 192-3
Box, Mr W H 235
Boyer 63
Braosa, William de 219
Bray, Rev E A 98, 179, 191, 206
Bray, Mrs 179, 192-3, 206
Brimpt 185, 202
Brunel 109
Buller, Sir Francis 62
Burt, Mr 106
Cann, John 209
Carrington 1, 106, 118, 136-7, 192, 198, 210
Catel, L 31
Cater 56
Caunter, George 186
Chichester, Lord S Elect of 219
Childe 118, 204
Cleave, John 172-3
Cleave, Mrs 74-5, 186
Cleave, Richard 74
Coffin & Homes 236
Collier, W F 34
Collins, Mortimer 138
Colma 89
Commin, J G 242
Cottle, Joseph 189
Crossing, William throughout
Davidson, Mr 31
Dixon, Miss Sophie 113-4
Drew, Samuel 76
Dymond, Mr Robert 216
Edward I 215
Edward II 153
Essex, Earl of 219
Ferguson, Mr 37, 206
Ferrars, William Earl 219
Fice 83
FitzPeter, Geoffrey 219
Fowler, Mr G W 62
Gayer, Benjamin (Bingie Gear) 182-3
Gullet, Mr 61-2
Henry I 218
Hereford, Henry Earl of 219
Hood, Tom 107
Hooper, Mr 65, 134-5
Hooper, Mrs 134-5
Howard, Nathaniel 137
Jeffery, W & Sons 239
Jewitt, Llewellyn 238
John, King 85, 217
Jones, Mr Pitman 214
King, Richard John 48, 176, 193
Luke, W H 238
Magrath, Sir George 32
Matthews, C Elkin 242
Maynard & Son 240
Michelmore, Mr 53, 58
Mudge, Colonel 198
Murray 189, 191, 194
Ormerod, Mr G W 177, 201-2, 216
Ossian 89
Paddon, Mr 107
Petre (Cross) 42-5, 50, 66, 95, 195
Pollock, Frederick 192
Polwhele 192-3
Poulain, Mons Jules 198
Princep, Mr 200
Prouz (also Prous) family 153
Rawe, Thomas 103
Rendel, Mr James M 34
Risdon, Tristram 153, 210, 214, 216
Rochambeau 63
Rowe, Martha 233
Rowe, Rev Samuel 88, 179-80, 189, 198, 201, 206, 214, 216
Salisbury, Lord Herbert, Bishop of 219
Siward (Cross) 35, 64, 88, 107, 110
Smirke, Sir Edward 214
Spooner, & Co 237
Spurgeon, Rev C H 158
Swift, Dean 108
Tyrwhitt, Sir Thomas 24-5, 30, 32-3
Valentine & Sons 234
Wales, George Prince of 31
Westcote 216
Wilkinson, Sir Gardner 202, 206
William I 85, 214
Worth, Mr R N 190, 193-4, 196
Wright, W H K, FRHS 238