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Help and advice for Abbeylands to Birchey

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Abbeylands to Birchey

ABBEYLANDS              B/fastleigh             BAKERS MARSH            Manaton
ADDISCOTT *             Moreton                 BAKER'S TNT             Dean Prior
ADDISCOTT *             S Tawton                BAKER'S TNT             S Brent
ADDISHCOTT *            Moreton                 BARE WALLS              Peter Tavy
ADDISHSLADE EST         Dean Prior              BARKWELLS CT            Whitchurch
ADDLEHOLE *             S Tawton                BARLEY COMBE            S Brent
AGISTMENT               S Tawton                BARN                    Ashburton
AISH *                  S Brent                 BARN                    Lustleigh
AISH DOWN COTTAGES      S Brent                 BARNE *                 Lustleigh
AISH RIDGE              S Brent                 BARRATTIS TNT           Dean Prior
AISH TOWN               S Brent                 BARTON                  Belstone
AISH WOODS              S Brent                 BARTON                  Drewst/gnton
ALIGHT & COME IN        Ugborough               BASTOWS TNT             Whitchurch
ALLENDOWN               S Tawton                BATSWORTHY              Chagford
ALLENSDOWN              S Tawton                BATTERSHAYS STEER       S Tawton
ALLER                   N Bovey                 BATTERY                 Gidleigh
ALMS HOUSE COTTAGE      S Brent                 BATTISHILLS WEEK        S Tawton
ALSTON                  Ashburton               BATWORTHY *             Chagford
AMBLINGTOO              S Tawton                BEAR DOWN               Lydford
ANCHOR INN              S Brent                 BEARA                   Buckland
ANDERTON                Whitchurch              BEARA *                 S Brent
ANDERTON CT             Whitchurch              BEARA DOWN              S Brent
ANDREWS                 Belstone                BEARAS                  Lydford
ANDREWS TNT *           S Brent                 BEARDEN *               Peter Tavy
ANDREWS TNT             Walkhampton             BEARDOWN                Lydford
ANDREWS WRANCATON       Ugborough               BEARDS                  B/fastleigh
ASACOMBE                Lydford                 BEARS LAKE              Sourton
ASH                     S Tawton                BEATLANDS               Whitchurch
ASH *                   Throwleigh              BECKAFORD               Manaton
ASH                     Whitchurch              BECKHAMS                Manaton
ASH *                   Widecombe               BEERA *                 Moreton
ASHBURTON DOWN          Ashburton               BEERLAND                Moreton
ASHBURTON GAS WORKS     Ashburton               BELFORD MILL            Ashburton
ASHBURTONS FILLICE      Walkhampton             BELL VUE                Ilsington
ASHILLS                 Ugborough               BELLECOUCH              Chagford
ASHWEEK                 B/fastleigh             BELLEVER *              Lydford
ATWAY                   Walkhampton             BELLIVER                Meavy
AUSWELL *               Ashburton               BENNETT'S LITTLE WICK   Chagford
AUSWELL WOOD            Ashburton               BENNETT'S MURCHINGTON   Throwleigh
AXNA                    Mary Tavy               BERRY                   Moreton
BABBS TNT               Mary Tavy               BERRY'S COTTAGES        Cornwood
BABENY *                Lydford                 BERRYDOWN               Gidleigh
BABYLAND                Walkhampton             BETHILLS OVERLAND       Ilsington
BACHELORS HALL          Lydford                 BICKFORDS TNT           Ilsington
BADCOCKS                Sampford S              BICKLIME WOOD           Sampford S
BADPARK CT              Whitchurch              BIDLAKES BURLAND        S Brent
BADPARKS                Whitchurch              BIGADON *               B/fastleigh
BADWORTHY *             S Brent                 BILBERHILL              B/fastleigh
BAGTHORN                Drewst/gnton            BINNAMORE *             S Brent
BAGTOR FARM             Ilsington               BINNICKNOWLE *          S Brent
BAGTOR MANSION          Ilsington               BINNICKNOWLE COTTAGES * S Brent
BACTOR MILLS            Ilsington               BIORROW                 Drewst/gnton
BAGTOR WOODS            Ilsington               BIRCH WOOD              Whitchurch
BAKERS ARMS INN         Chagford                BIRCHEY                 Whitchurch
Brian Randell, 16 Jul 2010