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Help and advice for Piles Park to Rundlestone

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Piles Park to Rundlestone

PILES PARK              Ugborough               RAILWAY INN             Lydford
PILES WASTE *           Harford                 RAMSHORN DOWN           Ilsington
PILLARS ZEAL            S Tawton                RAMSLEY PARK            S Tawton
PINCHAFORD              Ilsingt * on            RAVENTOR COMMON         Ilsington
PINMOOR                 Moreton                 READA PARKS             Moreton
PIPHOLE                 Manaton                 REDDAWAYS               Belstone
PIT COLLIBERR           S Tawton                REDDECLIFF              Mary Tavy
PITHILL                 Cornwood                REDDICLIFF              Whitchurch
PITLEY                  Ashburton               REDDIMEDE               Sheepstor
PITTEN                  Widecombe               REDDIPITT               Walkhampton
PITTONSPARK             Widecombe               REDEFORD                Peter Tavy
PITTS LOWER SIGFORD     Ilsington               REDICLEAVE EST          Dean Prior
PIZWELL *               Lydford                 REDLAKE                 Drewst/ton
PIZWILL *               Lydford                 REDSTONE                Sheepstor
PLACE FM                Ashburton               RENDLE STONE            Lydford
PLASTER DOWN            Sampford S              RENDLE STONE FM         Lydford
PLASTER DOWN            Whitchurch              RETREAT                 B/fastleigh
PLUME OF FEATHERS       Lydford                 REW DOWN                Ashburton
PLYMOUTH & DARTMOOR RWY Meavy                   REW EST                 Ashburton
PLYMOUTH & DARTMOOR RWY Walkhampton             REW LEA                 Ashburton
PLYMOUTH LEAT           Meavy                   REWDOWN                 Ashburton
PLYMOUTH LEAT           Walkhampton             RIDDON                  Lydford
POCOCK                  Whitchurch              RIDGE LEY               Chagford
POLTIMORE WOODS         S Tawton                RIDGE WAY               N Bovey
POOL EST                Ilsington               RING OF BELLS INN       Chagford
POPES HALLINGTON        Sheepstor               RINGHILL FM             Lydford
PORTWORTHY              Shaugh Prior            RIXHILL CT              Whitchurch
POST BRIDGE             Lydford                 ROBBINS                 B/fastleigh
POUND HILLS             Drewst/ton              ROBIN'S TNT             Dean Prior
POUNDS GATE             Widecombe               ROBINS                  Belstone
POWLESLAND              S Tawton                ROCK INN                Ilsington
PRESTACOTT *            Belstone                ROGERS WELL *           N Bovey
PRESTON                 Drewst/ton              ROOK                    Cornwood
PREWLEY                 Sourton                 ROOKE *                 Cornwood
PREWLEY MOOR            Sourton                 RORA                    Ilsington
PRIESTAFORD             Ashburton               RORA WOOD               Ilsington
PRINCE HALL             Lydford                 ROSE & CROWN            Ashburton
PRINCETOWN              Lydford                 ROSE & CROWN INN        Dean Prior
PRISON LAND             Lydford                 ROUGHBROOK              Widecombe
PROSPECT PLACE          S Tawton                ROUNDEPARK              Walkhampton
PROUDYTOWN              Whitchurch              ROUNDHILL               Lydford
PUDDAVEN *              N Bovey                 ROWDEN EST              Widecombe
PUDDICOMBE              Drewst/ton              ROWDENS                 B/fastleigh
PUDDICOMBE              Ilsington               ROWES                   Throwleigh
PURPS *                 Shaugh Prior            ROWES GRIMSTONE         Whitchurch
PUTOR COMMON            Sampford S              ROWES HORNDON           Mary Tavy
PUTOR COMMON            Whitchurch              ROWTRUNDLE              Walkhampton
PUTSHAM *               Buckland                ROYAL OAK               Ashburton
QUARRY                  Drewst/ton              ROYAL OAK INN           Meavy
QUARRY                  Ugborough               ROYAL OAK INN           S Brent
QUARRY *                Whitchurch              RUDDY CLAY              Buckland
QUINTATOWN *            Chagford                RUDGE EST               Lustleigh
QUINTS                  B/fastleigh             RUGGLESTONE             Widecombe
RADFORD TNT             Walkhampton             RUNDLESTONE             Walkhampton
Brian Randell, 16 Jul 2010