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Help and advice for Town Estate to Westaways Ash

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Town Estate to Westaways Ash

TOWN EST                Ilsington               VIXEN TOR               Whitchurch
TOWN FM *               B/fastleigh             VOGWELL                 Manaton
TOWN LIVING             Belstone                VOOGHTS BUTTERDON       Moreton
TOWN MILL               B/fastleigh             WADICOTT *              Chagford
TOWN MILLS              Ashburton               WALKHAMPTON COMMON      Walkhampton
TOWN TNT *              Chagford                WALKHAMPTON INN         Walkhampton
TOWN TNT *              S Brent                 WALKHAMPTON TOWN TNT *  Walkhampton
TOWNSEND TNT            Dean Prior              WALLON                  Drewst/ton
TRAVELLERS REST *       Ashburton               WALREDDON *             Whitchurch
TRAYHILLS               Drewst/ton              WANFORD WOOD            Manaton
TREEBY'S AISH *         S Brent                 WARD *                  Walkhampton
TREELAND *              Manaton                 WARMHILL *              N Bovey
TREELAND                S Brent                 WARN *                  Mary Tavy
TRIGGIS TNT *           S Tawton                WARNACOMBE              B/fastleigh
TRIPS DOWN              Moreton                 WARRENS                 Meavy
TROLSWORTHY WARREN      Shaugh Prior            WASHFORDS               Chagford
TRUELOVE                Shaugh Prior            WATER *                 Ashburton
TRUNDLEBEER             S Tawton                WATER *                 Manaton
TRUNNELBEER DOWN        Lustleigh               WATERCOMBE              Cornwood
TUCKING MILLS           S Brent                 WAY                     Throwleigh
TUCKINGMILLS            S Tawton                WAY BARTON              Chagford
TUDDYS *                Mary Tavy               WAY DOWN                Throwleigh
TUNHILL                 Widecombe               WAY EST                 Lustleigh
TUNNAFORDS              Chagford                WAYE *                  Ashburton
TURTLEY                 Ugborough               WAYTOWN *               Walkhampton
TURTLEY MILL            Ugborough               WEARE DOWN              S Brent
TWEENSTILES             B/fastleigh             WEBB LAND               S Brent
TWENTY ACRES            S Tawton                WEBBERS                 Holne
TWO BRIDGES *           Lydford                 WEBLAND                 Throwleigh
UNDERDOWN *             Drewst/ton              WEDDICOTT               Chagford
UNDERHILL               S Brent                 WEDLAKE                 Peter Tavy
UNDERHILL CT *          Whitchurch              WEEK *                  Chagford
UPCOTT *                Widecombe               WEEK                    N Bovey
UPHILL EST              Widecombe               WEEK *                  S Tawton
UPPACOTT *              Moreton                 WEEKS HORSEBROOK        S Brent
UPPACOTT COMMON         Moreton                 WEEKS TNT               Chagford
UPPATON                 Cornwood                WEEK'S TNT              S Tawton
UPPERSHAUGH *           Shaugh Prior            WEIR MILL               Drewst/ton
UPPERTON                Drewst/ton              WELL                    S Tawton
URGLES                  Meavy                   WELL                    Ugborough
USHERS EST              Ilsington               WELL PRITTON            Holne
VACATONS                S Tawton                WELL SPRINGS            Shaugh Prior
VALES LEA               B/fastleigh             WELL TOWN               Walkhampton
VEALES EST              Dean Prior              WELLSTOR                Ashburton
VEET MESSUAGE           Drewst/ton              WELLTOWN                Walkhampton
VEET MILLS              Drewst/ton              WEST DOWN               Shaugh Prior
VENN                    Chagford                WEST DOWN               Whitchurch
VENN                    Whitchurch              WEST LANDS              Whitchurch
VENTON                  Drewst/ton              WEST LANDS CT           Whitchurch
VENTON *                Widecombe               WEST WOOD               Drewst/ton
VERNOXWORTHY EST        Lustleigh               WESTABROOK              Ashburton
VERNOXWORTHY MILL EST   Lustleigh               WESTABROOK              Ilsington
VIEW CT                 S Brent                 WESTABROOKS TNT         S Brent
VINNEYLAKE              Walkhampton             WESTAWAYS ASH           S Tawton
Brian Randell, 16 Jul 2010