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Name Index


Dartmoor: National Park Guide No 1

By W. G. Hoskins (Ed.)

London: HMSO (4th impression, 1969)

Index prepared by Michael Steer

This small book, with preface by Lord Strang, Chairman of the National Parks Commission, 1954-66, is aimed at "making known to those who visit Dartmoor, its varied attractions and its outstanding merit as a holiday area". There are seven sections on the following topics:
•   Geology, physiography and climate
•   Natural history
•   Prehistoric monuments
•   History, from Roman times to the present day
•   General information
•   Walks
•   Places of interest.
Aelfwold of Crediton     10
Alexander, Daniel     34
Bagenal, Hope     vi
Battishill family     66
Bibbings, A.V.     vi
Bidder, George     63
Biscoe, Miss H.N.     42
Bourne, Cardinal     55
Brailsford, J.W.     23
Brooke, Rajah of Sarawak     66
Brown, Mr.T.     41
Burgoyne family     66
Chapman & Sons, Dawlish     vi
Chinnery, Mr.     10
Christy, M.     16
Chudleigh, Elizabeth     60
Comper, Sir Ninian     67
Cornwall, Richard Earl of     27
Crossing, William     v, 35, 38
Davey, Mr. C.     41
D'Urban, W.S.M.     16
Elizabeth I     56
Elmhirst, J.V.     v, 37
Ewans, M.C.     70
Exmouth, Viscount     56
Ford, John     61
Fox, Lady Aileen     v, 17, 23
Fraser, G.T.     16
Fulford family     58
Gordon, D. St.L.     16
Gregory, K.J.     6
Harris, G.T.     16
Harvey, Prof. L.A.     v, 8, 16, 27, 36
Hele, Walter     59
Hemery, Eric     v, 44
Henry III     27, 66
Herrick, Robert     58
Hicks, Mr. C.E.     42
Hoskins, Prof. W.G.     v, 28, 53
Hurrell, Mr. H.G.     10, 14
King, R.J.     35
Kingsley, Charles     61
Le Messurier, Brian     35, 41, 46
Lutyens, Sir Edwin     58
MacDonald, Mrs. B.     41
Martin, W.K.     16
Mary, Queen     61
Mathew, M.A.     16
Mercer, Mr. I.D.     42
Moore, Stuart     34
Oxenham family     66
Page, J.A.W.     36
Page, W.     16
Parminter, Aubrey L.     vi
Perrott, James     40
Prideaux, John     60
Radford, C.A.R.     23
Ravenhill, W.L.D.     6
Richardson, A.E.     33
Roberts, Mr. E.A.     42
Robinson, Mr.     14
Routleigh, George     61
Rowe, S.     36
St. Leger-Gordon, D.     36
Sandford, Mr. E.G.     41
Sayer, Lady Sylvia     vi, 36
Shorter, Dr. Alfred     v, 1, 6
Simmonds, I.G.     6, 16
Sitters, Mr. H.P.     42
Slesser, Sir Henry     v, ix
Small, Mr. F.W.     41
Spooner. Mr.     14
Stephenson, Robert     63
Stidston, S.T.     16
Strang, Lord     Preface, v
Street, G.E.     54
Tansley, A.G.     16
Tyler, Mr. Kenneth W.     42
Tyrwhitt, Sir Thomas     33-4
Ware, E.H.     vi
Whiddon, Sir John     56
Williams, Thomas     59
Wilson, D.P.     vi
Wilson, Richard     64
Worth, Mr. R.Hansford.     vi, 6, 16, 23, 27, 29, 32, 36
Wyke, John     66