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Some remarks on the bounds of the Forest of Dartmoor, with special reference to the parishes of Throwleigh, Chagford and Gidleigh

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 25, (1893) pp. 510-534.


T.W. Whale

Prepared by Michael Steer

At some time before the Norman Conquest, central Dartmoor became a royal hunting ground. It was known as the Forest of Dartmoor. In medieval times the word 'forest' was associated with a designated area of land in which the king had the right to hunt deer. The Forest was owned from 1239 by the Earls, later Dukes, of Cornwall and was traditionally used by farmers (paying a rent) to graze their animals in the summer. The records in this paper commence at 1224 and continue to the late 17th century. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of Michigan Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Allemanie, Richard de534
Arscott, Hercules520
Arscott, Tristram520
Aysche, William518
Ayshe, Simon520
Baillifer, Warin512
Bamfelde, John512-3
Baptiste, John517
Baurabis, Robert512
Beaghe, John516
Bernard, Alice511
Bernard, John511
Berye, Claricia513
Berye, John513
Betty, Margerie513
Betty, William (Bette)513, 520
Bowen, Emmanuel532
Bret, Reginald le515
Brightrigistone, John513
Bronescombe, Bishop531
Bruere, William515
Brugghe Dionysia atte511
Brugghe, Thomas atte511
Brygge, atte family523
Brygge, Stephen atte512
Brygge, William atte512
Buttockisside, John513
Buttockisside, Walter513
Buxeia, Richard de515
Bylholle, John517
Bytton, Bishop516
Canetyng, Serls518
Capra, William (also Chievre)531
Carsleghe, Simon518-9
Cary, Robert519
Chageford, Andreas persona de514
Chageford, Hugh Lord of510-2, 515, 522-4
Chageford, Thomas de510-1, 516, 534
Chaggeford, Alice de510
Chaggeforde, Henry de511-2, 534
Chaggeforde, Johanna de511
Chalvedone, Andrew513
Chudleigh, Sir George520
Cola, Robert de515
Colemore, John520
Connock, Edward520-1
Connock, Judith520-1
Constance, Bishop of533
Copleston, Honor514, 520
Copleston, Richard514
Coplestone, John513, 520
Coplestone, Katerine513
Corndone family514
Corndone, John de512
Corndone, Robert de512
Cornwall, Edward Duke of534
Cornwall, Richard Earl of518, 528
Coterel, Alice512
Coterel, Matillida512
Coterel, Thomas512
Courtenay, Hugh532
Courtenay, Richard521
Courtenay, Sir William520-1
Credy, John517
Creuweburghe, Alice512
Creuweburghe, William512
Croppe, Geoffry510
Croppe, Reginald510
Damarel, Isabelle513
Deneys, Henry518
Deneys, Thomas512-3
Denys, Margaret518
Devon, Earl of530
Devon, Anna Duchess of515
Deythe, William518-9
Doune, John518
Dru, William (also Drew)518-9
Du Cange521, 527, 531
Ebbesworthy, Thomas518-9
Edmunds515, 526
Edward I515
Edward II515
Ellis, Sir H522, 534
Esshe, James de512
Eudon, Sir Hamlyn d'522, 527
Ewle, John (also Yeule)513
Faber, John511
Fenne, John at513
Ferariis, Sir Stephen de516
Fernworthy, William518
Ferrers, Fulk523
FitzRoger, Roger515
Foleforde, Henry de511, 516
Foleforde, William516
Flute, Walter511
Fraunceys, Henry513
Frensche, John519
Fullo family523
Fulo, Philip511
Geffraye, John518
Girold the Chaplain534
Gitislega, John515
Gitisleya, Richard de511, 515
Godescote, Mabel of522
Greynovyle, Henry de511
Grose, William517
Grueym, Roger de515
Haccombe, Sir Stephen de516
Halle, Geoffry517, 519
Halle, Joceus519
Halyun, Sir Robert de527
Hamelyn, John517
Hankeford, Elizath515
Hankeford, Sir John520
Hankeford, Sir Richard515, 518
Hankeford, Sir William515, 517
Hankford, Agnes517
Harris, John520
Helion, Hervy de532
Henry III534
Henry V515
Henry VI515, 532
Herstone, John519
Herstone, Richard519
Hexte, William519
Hilion, Henry de (also Hervy)515
Holonde, John515, 518, 520
Hunte, Reginald518
Hurcistone family514
Hurcistone, John512, 533
Isaak, John513
Jewe, Roger le516
Johnson, Dr523
Jones, Mr Winslow516, 522, 524
Kelli, Sir John de515
Kirkham, Robert516
Kirkeham, John Esq513, 516
Knightston, Robert513
Knyghstone, Robert517
Laker, William (also Lakyer)513
Lakyer, John513
Lange tenement512
Langedone, Robert511
Langedone, William de511
Langford, Mary514
Legher, Geoffry517
Lemescote, Richard (also Lymescote)519
Leytersfote, Geoffry519
Losky, John513
Losky, Richard513
Lupard, Walter511
Luppincott, George520
Lyppincotte, Honor514, 520
Lyppincotte, John520
Malet, Sir Baldwyn522
Malet, Mabel 
Martyn, John518
Martyn, Matilda518
Medlond, John517-8
Merton, Sir Henry de527
Moeles, Isolda516
Moltone, John519
Moltone, William518
Moynge, William le516
Munck, Richard516
Mychel, Elinora518
Mychel, John518-9
Neck, John518
Northcote family516
Nywehaus, John518
Ormerod, Mr516, 530
Paganel, Ralph526, 533
Parker, John518
Parker, Mary514
Parker, Wyke514
Payne, John513
Picot, Richard515
Polard, William513
Pole, Sir William515
Polerde, Martin513
Ponte, David de510, 522
Ponte, Elena de510
Ponte, de family514
Ponte, Geoffry de510, 522-3
Ponte, Thomas le511
Probus, Willelmus514
Proucz, Agnes512
Proucz, Claricia512
Proucz, John (Prous; Prucz, Pruz)512-3, 515-7
Proucz, William512
Prous, Laurence514
Prous, Matillda512
Prous, Richard (Pruz)513, 515
Prouz, Anstice515
Prouz, Honor514, 520
Prouz, Humphrey514, 520
Prouz, John514, 520
Prouz, Judith514, 520
Prowse family514-5
Pruz, Elena le510
Pruz, Helion le515
Pruz, Sir William le510, 515, 522-3, 527, 531-2, 534
Pruz, Sir William le jnr510, 515, 523, 531-2
Purs, John511
Purs, Richard511
Quanter, Roger518
Reddivers, Richard de531
Redecleff, Richard517
Redeclyff, John518-9
Redeclyff, John jnr519
Redeclyffe, William512
Risdon527, 531, 534
Risforde family514
Rixforde, Richard de515
Rothomago, William de515
Rowe, John526
Rowe, William518
Rugge, William517
Russell, Alice512
Russell, John512
Sakery, Robert518
Scapleghe, Geoffry de511
Schaplega, Matthew de515
Seward, William519
Smythe, John517-9
Smythe, Robert512, 518
Smythe, Thomas518-9
Smythe, Willemina519
Smythe, William513
Southcote, Sir George520
Southcote, Judith514, 520
Splot, John517-8, 520
Stafford, Bishop516
Stapleton, Bishop516
Stenenhalle, Richard de510, 514
Stenenhalle, Robert de510
Stenihall, Galfrid de514
Taverner, Richard518
Taverner, William518-9
Taylour, Stephen517
Thewell, Richard519
Tollero, Ralph510, 514
Torre, John513
Touker, le family523
Touker, Philip le511
Tracey, Henry de515
Tremayn, Nicholas513
Tremenet, John515
Trouwardistone, Richard512
Valletort, Sir John de515
Verdoer, Christina517
Verdoer, Henry517-9
Vysi, Andrew512
Wadacot, Anstice515
Wadacot, Reginald515-6
Wadecote family514
Wager, Richard513
Walle, Droco de la515, 527
Waye, John518
Waye, Robert atte516
Waye, William519
Wedeman, John512
Weger, Henry513
Weger, Johanna513
Weger, Laurence513
Weke, William513
Westcote, Robert517
Westecote, John518, 520
Whiddon, Edward Esq514, 518, 532
Whiddon, Sir John514
Whiddone, Richard520
Wibbiry, John512
Wibbebury, Richard516
Wilaforde, Robert513
Wilde, William512
Wille, John (also Wille atte Hille)520
Wille, William518
William I, Conqueror533
Withecombe, Robert512
Wolfhalle, Adam de522
Wollecote, John snr513, 519
Wollecote, William518
Wonstone, Agnes518
Wonstone family514
Wonstone, Geffry518
Wonstone, John de522
Wonstone, Thomas de522
Wonstone, William518
Worcester, William of534
Wordel, Johanna512
Worth, Mr527
Wray, William513
Wybbebiry, Simon de (Wibbebury)511-2, 516
Wybbebury, Gilbert de511, 516
Wybbebury, Isolda511, 516
Wybbury, John512
Wybbury, John Jnr512
Wybbebury, Oliver de511-2, 516
Wyberi family514
Wydecombe, William518
Wyke, William517
Wytbery, Henry516
Wytbery, John jnr516
Wythycombe, Thomas snr512
Yeo, John513
Yeo, Richard atte518-9
Yeule, Johanna513
Yeule, John (also Ewle)513
Yourle, Thomas513
Yunglynge, Geoffry512