Transcription by Terry Partridge from Pigot & Co.'s Devonshire (1830)


Is a sea-port, corporate town, and parliamentary borough; the borough, which is called CLIFTON-DARTMOUTH-HARDNESS, is formed of the parishes of St. Petrox, St. Saviour, and Townstall, which are in the hundred of Coleridge. The town is situated 204 miles from London, 31 from Exeter, and 10 from Totnes, at the mouth of the river Dart; which is navigable, amidst the most delightful scenery imaginable, to the last-named town, with which it has a regular communication every day, in time to meet the coaches going to the eastward and westward parts of the kingdom. The bay, which the river forms at its mouth, is one of the most beautiful scenes on the coast: both the entrance of the Dart into it, and its exit to the sea, appear from many stations closed up, by the folding of the banks; so that the bay has frequently the form of a lake, only furnished with shipping instead of boats. The banks are its great beauty, & which consists of lofty wooded hills, shelving down in all directions. The harbour is so capacious, that 500 sail of large ships may ride in it with safety; and is entered without any risk or difficulty, there being no bar, or any rocks, to intercept the passage; and it is so completely landlocked, that few winds can affect it. It is much frequented by the homeward-bound Dutch ships, and those of other nations, which remain during the rivers on the continent are frozen up. The entrance to the harbour is defended by a castle, and two platforms of cannon. Dartmouth had formerly a very large trade in the Newfoundland fishery, but this branch of its commerce has considerably declined. The coasting business is extensive, having almost weekly communication with London; and vessels are also regularly employed to and from Exeter, Plymouth, Bristol, Liverpool, &c.; also others which trade to Spain, Portugal and Italy. The commerce at home, comprises ship-building, rope-making, the manufacture of paper, and various other productions connected with a local trade. In the vicinity of the town are lime-stone and slate quarries, which are worked to considerable advantage. There are some good inns here; 'the Castle', especially, is a very superior establishment, and delightfully situated on the quay, commanding a fine view of the river and bay.

The charter, granted by Edward III, constituted the corporation as it at present exists; and which consists of a mayor, recorder, two bailiffs and twelve common councilmen, with inferior officers. The borough has sent members to parliament ever since the reign of King John; they are chosen by about 78 freemen, and the return is made by the mayor. The present members are, Arthur Howe Holdsworth, Esq. of Mount Galpin, Dartmouth, and Capt. John Bastard, R.N. of Sharpham, near Totnes, brother to one of the members for the county. A quarter sessions is held here, in the guild-hall; and a court for the recovery of small debts.

Of the three parish churches, that of St. Saviour only is entitled to the stranger's notice. It is a large and commodious building; the altar-piece is a very fine painting, presented to the corporation by a Mr. Brockinson; the living is in the gift of the corporation; the Rev. Robt. Holdsworth, vicar of Townstall, is minister. In this church is deposited the head of the late Major-General Sir Charles McCarthy, who was killed in a battle with the Ashantees in Africa. St. Petrox is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the vicar of Stoke-Fleming: the Rev. J. M. Glubb is the present curate. The baptists, independents and Weslyan methodists have each a chapel here; and there is a free grammar-school, of which the Rev. E. Williams is master. There are few towns in the west of England that have in their immediate vicinity so many handsome mansions and elegant seats; and besides the resident gentry, the summer season draws hither great numbers of visiters from the inland towns, attracted by the beauty of the river, and the romantic and ever-varying scenery which surrounds it upon either side. A neat, well constructed market-house has been completed this year (1829), which was much required. The weekly market is on Friday, for all kinds of farming produce; and the town is well supplied, every day in the week, with shambles-meat and fish. The population of the borough (i.e. the three parishes), by the parliamentary census of 1821, was - St. Saviour's parish, 2,289; St. Petrox, 976; and Townstall, 1,220 : total number of inhabitants in the borough, 4,485.

POST OFFICE, Hanover-square, Margaret F. Sparke, Post Mistress. - Letters from LONDON arrive every evening at half-past eight, during summer and nine in winter, and are despatched every morning at five - Letters from BRIXHAM and NEWTON ABBOTT arrive every morning at seven, and are despatched every afternoon at half-past four.


Adams Rev. Stephen, Blackauton
Baker Miss Elizabeth, South town
Banfill George, gent. Ridgway
Bastard Capt. John, M.P. Sharpham house
Beard Philip, gent, New market
Bitten Mrs. Susannah, Clarence st
Brooking Lieut. Arth. R.N. South twn
Brooking Mrs. Above town
Brooking Thos. gent. South town
Broughey Nicholas, gent. Higher st
Buller John Buller Yard, esq. Lupton house
Bulley Jno. South Fort cottage
Challen Steph. esq. Stoke Cliff house
Cocker Jonas, gent. Higher st
Creed Peter, gent. South town
Cutler George, esq. Upton house
Dix Rev. Edward, Vicarage house
Drew John, gent. Clarence st
Dwyer Patrick, gent. Above town
Elton Edward, esq. Greenway house
Flood Thos. gent. Slippery cause
Foote Capt. Stoke
Fox - , esq. Redlap
Geaves John, gent. King's quay
Glubb Rev. Jno. Mattw. South town
Glynn Dennis, gent. Clarence st
Godfrey John, R.N. Higher st
Graham - , esq. Stoke
Graham Miss, Sawyer's cottage
Harris Thomas, gent. Clarence st
Hayne Chas. Seale, esq. Fuge house
Holdsworth Arthur Howe, esq. M.P. (governor of Dartmouth)
Widdecombe house & Mount Galpin
Holdsworth Henry, esq. Hill field and Hardness
Holdsworth Mrs. Eliz. Clarence st
Holdsworth Rev. Robt. Brooke hill
Hunt Thos. H. esq. Maisonnette
Jauaney Capt. Hy. F., R.N. Ford la
Kerr Rev. Lord Henry, Dettisham
Lampen the Misses, South town
Lysaght Hon. Charles, Redlap
Manley Rev. - , Stoke
Mapleton Capt. Dav. R.N. Above twn
Netherton John, esq. Bowden
Newman Rev. Richard, Wadstray
Newman Rbt. Wm. esq. Stokelee hse
Newman Rbt. Wm. esq. Sandridge hs
Newman William, esq. South town
Oxenham Miss Mary, Lower st
Oldreive John, gent. Landcome
Oldreive Mrs. St. George's square
Parker Capt. Red. R.N. Senaptus cot
Patey Capt. Chas. R.N. South town
Porter George, gent. South town
Roope Miss Mary, Kingsware
Roope Mrs. Maria, South town
Seale Col. Henry, Mount Boon
Smith Mrs. Lower st
Southecote Miss, Stoke house
Spooner Capt. Charles, Wilderness cottage
Stanley Mrs. Clarence st
Stapleton Thos. gent. South town
Stenner Rev. Thos. Mount pleasant
Strong James, gent. South town
Studdy Henry, esq. Watton court
Teage John, gent. Ridgway
Trounce John, gent. Above town
Twisden Mrs. I. Mount pleasant
Venning the Misses, Mount pleasant
Williams Rev. Edward, Ford lane
Wills Langworthy Garland, gent. Above town
Witney Frau. gent. Mount pleasant
Witney Mrs. S. Somerlawn cottage


Butler John, Above town
Glubb Rev. John Matthew (classical) South town
Hay Mary (ladies') Higher st
Jarvis - , Lower st
Jarvis William (classical, &c.) near New quay
Ouger Mary (ladies' boarding) Clarence st
Thomas William, Crowther's hill

(See also Fire, &c. Office Agents.)

Hingston Richard Langworthy and Sons
(to the under-writers at Hamburgh and Paris) Custom House quay
Hingston Richard Langworthy, jun. (to Lloyds') Custom House quay
Philipps & Searle (general shipping & wharfingers for London, Bristol, Liverpool, &c.) Coombe wharf


Barter John, Silver st
Hutchings Robert, Silver st
Ryder William, North Ford lane


Hockin William Lamb (and notary public, commissioner in Court of C.P and K.B., master extra, in Chancery, and solicitor to the Admiralty) Hanover square
Prideaux Robert Were (and town clerk) Hanover square
Prout William, Higher st
Smith John Browne, Lower st


Efford Robert, Lower st
Way John, on the Foss


Atkins John, Lower st
Bastow Mary, Lower st
Blatchford William, Smith st
Came Robert, Higher st
Conroy James, Duke st
Dunning Richard, on the Foss
Ford John, Higher st
Goodyear James, Clarence st
Langdon Thomas, Lower st
Lanyon John Francis, New quay
Lidstone Thomas, Higher st
Lock John, Higher st
Morgan Thomas, Higher st
Pope Matthew, on the Foss
Rogers Henry, Smith st
Rogers William, Bake hill
Sullivan George, Higher st
Willcox John, Lower st
Willcox William, Smith st
Willcox William, Crowder's hill


Harris & Co. Duke st - (draw upon Stevenson & Salt, London)


Backwell Richard, Higher st
Farley Philip, Kingsware
Light Charles, Duke st
Woodmason John, Lower st


Kemp Thomas, Lower st
Sparke George, Hanover square


Cranford Robert, New quay
Glynn Amy & Eliza, New quay
Salter James, Lower st


Bastard Edward, Lower st
Congdon William, Lower st
Dodd Thomas, Clarence st
Graham Thomas, Smith st
Heath Samuel, Lower st
Jarvis William, Duke st
Millman William, Church square
Pentecost William, Lower st
Phillips John, Lower st
Widdecombe William, Church sq
Wills Lawrence, Lower st


Lakeman Thomas (beer & porter) OLD CASTLE BREWERY


Brewer Edward, Higher st
Dashper John, Lower st
Dashper Robert, Higher st
Davis John, Higher st
Faul Gilbert, Higher st
Faul Henry, Higher st
Hewett Charles Thomas, Higher st
Luke William, Higher st
Manning William, Higher st
Sillock William, Lower st
Thomas William, Higher st
Thomas William, jun. Higher st
Wills Joh, Higher st


Predam William, Lower st
Veale Jarvis, Church square
Way John, on the Foss


Adams William, Higher st
Came Robert, Higher st
Efford Robert, Lower st
Hanley Thomas, Crowther'shill
Harris Robert, Smith st
Lambwell William, Above Ford lane
Lidstone Thos. & Sons, Clarence st
Sawyer William, Lower st
Thomas Peter, Higher st


Burrough James (and stamp office) New quay
Cranford Loud, on the Foss
Evans William, Lower st
Newman Thomas, Lower st


Atkins George, Lower st
Fogwill Thomas, near Draw bridge
Philipps & Searles (and calm, and dealers in Parker and Wyatt's Roman cement) Coombe wharf


Lanyon John Francis, New quay
Terry Jane, Lower st


Richard L. Hingston, jun. Custom House quay
Richard L. Hingston, jun. Custom House quay


Ager George, Fish Market slip
Beer Edward, Lower st
Conroy James, Duke st
Peters Charles, Silver st
Porter John, Lower st


Larwill Joseph, Lower st
Symons John & Samuel, Higher st


Atkins William, Duke st
Matthew John, Lower st


ATLAS, John Porter, Lower st
BRITISH, Jas. Burrough, New quay
HOPE, Richard Anthony, Saint George's square
NORWICH UNION, Rt. Cranford, New quay
PELICAN & PHOENIX, Robert Harris, Duke st
PROTECTOR, Richard Anthony, St. George's square
ROYAL EXCHANGE, Richd. Langworthy Hingston, jun. Custom House quay
WEST OF ENGLAND, Richard Langworthy Hingston, jun. Custom House quay

( See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

Anthony Richard (and dealer in porter and British wines) St. George's square
Ash Henry, New quay
Couch William, on the Foss
Cranford Loud, on the Foss
Fox John, New quay
Love Joseph, Lower st
Pike Anthony, Lower st


Matthews John, Lower st
Smart John Fox, Lower st


Castle (and posting house) Daniel Donovan, New Quay
London, Saml. Follett, on the Foss


Baker George (and ship chandler) New Quay
Cockey Sarah, on the Foss
Luke John, Duke st


Cox Dorothea, Duke st
Harris Arthur Bailey, New quay
Newman Susan and Mary, Lower st
Park Ann, Lower st
Tucker and Co. New quay
Webber James, Duke st


Codner Daniel and Co. Axford slip
Harris Robert, Duke st
Hingston Richard Langworthy and Sons, Custom House quay
Hutchings Charles, Woodford
Philipps and Searle, Coombe wharf
Pinsent Andrew, Clarence st
Wills Joseph, Clarence st


Butler Elizabeth, above town
Manning Elizabeth, Duke st
Temple Isabella, New quay
Tucker Jemima, Coombe


Codd Richard, Smith st
Heath Caleb, Smith st
Lamzed George, Lower st
Moore Samuel, Higher st
Pearce John, on the Foss
Smale John, Church square
Way Robert, Spithead


Jacobs Nathan, Lower st
Reed William, Higher st


Hunt William Cholwich, Wilderness
Richardson Jn. R.N. St. Vincent cotge


Fox Thomas & Richard, Lower st
Hingston Geo. Custom House quay


Melhuish Alexander, Duke st
Symmons George, Duke st


Beenlen John, Lower st
Petherbridge Henry, Lower st
Short Robert, Passage slip


Follett William, Silver st
Gibbs George, Coombe
Gibbs John, Undercliffe
Matthews William, Clarence st
Newman Robert, Sand quay
Nichols Ambrose, Undercliffe


Codner Daniel and Co. Axford slip
Follett William, Silver st
Gibbs George, Coombe
Gibbs John, Undefcliffe
Harris and Co. Duke st
Holdsworth Henry, Hardness house
Matthews William, Clarence st
Philipps and Searle, Coombe wharf
Wills Joseph, Clarence st


Macey Mary, Duke st
Pentecost William, Lower st
Preston Richard, Duke street


Jacobs Alexander (to His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence) Duke st


Hodge Elizabeth, Higher st
Luscombe Jane, on the Foss
Preston Susan, Duke st
Rich Mary, Duke st


Burrough Richard Farrar, New quay
Hunt Henry, Hanover square
Paige John, on the Foss
Puddicombe John, Hardness
Rudland Wm. Horace, Higher st


Colton John, Clarence st
Faul Robert, Lower st
Fox John, Lower st
Pearce Ann, Lower st
Pound James, Clarence st
Pound Samuel, Clarence st
Tucker John, Higher st
Tucker William, Lower st
Veale Thos. Custom House quay


Adams Richard, Lower st
Oldreive Lewis, Duke st


Admiral Nelson, Deborah Hill, Higher st
Commercial, Edw. Peters Beer, Lower st
Dartmouth Arms, William Petherbridge, Lower st
Dartmouth Inn, John Tucker, Higher st
George & Dragon, John Cowley, Silver st
King's Arms, Samuel Satterley, Lower st
Plume of Feathers, Jas. Cox, Kingsware
Royal Oak, Margaret Pope, Lower st
Seven Stars, Wm. Bartlett, Smith st
Ship, Charles Peters, Kingsware
Ship in Dock, William Cruse, Coombe
Sun, Thomas Beer, Smith st


Fogwill Thomas, Draw bridge
Hingston Richard Langworthy and Son, Custom House quay


Atkins William, Duke st
Beer Richard, Lower st
Ford William, Lower st
Hearn William, Lower st
Luke Robert, Lower st


Mortimore Robert, New quay
Rogers John, Lower st
Wood Henry, Lower st


Porter John (wine), Lower st
Wills Robert (spirit) Lower st


Heath Samuel, patten maker, Duke st
Jarvis Wm. teacher of music, Clarence st
Perring Richard, dyer, on the Foss
Soper John, farrier, Crowther's hill
Sutcliffe Henry, tanner, Old mill


Collector, Edward Brooking, esq
Comptroller & Landing Surveyor, J. H. Sparke, esq.
Landing Waiters, Edward Dottin and James Strong
Tide Surveyor, William R. Creed
Coast Waiter, George Brown
1st Clerk to Collector, J. T. Short
2nd Clerk, Thomas L. Stapletdon


Nicholas Brooking, for Salcombe;
W. W. Clarke, for Brixham;
Nicholas Hellings, for Torquay;


To EXETER, a Coach, from the Castle Inn, New Quay; every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

To BRIXHAM, Thos. Phillips, from the Castle Inn, every Monday and Friday.
To EXETER, Samuel Small, from the Castle Inn, every Monday & Thursday.
To KINGSBRIDGE, Richard Ford, from the Castle and London Inns, every Wednesday and Friday - and Henry Branscombe, every Saturday.
To PLYMOUTH & MODBURY, Richd. Cummins, from the Castle and London Inns, every Thursday.



To LONDON, the Fame, Henry Langworthy, master;
George, Thomas Pullman, master;
Pyramus, Richard Carey, master;
Charles. Richard Lamble, master;
Commerce, - Thomas, master;
Lark, Wm. Collins, master;
Brothers, Joseph Gest, master;
Cato, Nathaniel Yabsley, master; and the
Union, - Bishop, master.
One of the above vessels sails from Dartmouth, from Philipps & Searle's, Coombe wharf, every Wednesday, to Carpenter Smith's wharf, London

To LONDON, the Dartmouth, James Pepperall, master;
Apollo, Richard King, master;
Little Henry, John Knowles, master;
London, William Thornton, master; and the
Jemima, George Follett, master.
One of the above vessels sails from Dartmouth, to Hay's wharf, Tooley st, every Wednes.
R. & A. B. HARRIS, Duke st, WM. FOLLETT, Silver street

To BRISTOL, the Bristol Packet, Richd. Rich, master;
Grace, Wm. Richards,master;
Active, John Litten, master; and the
Friends, Thomas Spendlow, master.
One of the above vessels sails once in three weeks, from Philipps and Searle's, Coombe wharf

To BRISTOL, the Star, George Glass, master;
Ann, Arthur Chard, master; and the
Bristol Packet, Richard Rich, master.
One of the above sails every four weeks.
R. & A. B. HARRIS, Duke street, WM. FOLLETT, Silver st

To LIVERPOOL, the Ann, - Burner, master;
from Philipps and Searle's, Coombe wharf

To TOTNES, Boats every day.