Name Listing from the Dartmouth Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Jarvis, Wm: Academy (Writing)
Stonelake, Jas: Academy (Writing)                               Lower Street
Thomas, Wm: Academy (Writing)                                   Church Yard
Hingston, R L: Agent (Lloyd's & U.W. At Hamburg & Paris)        Custom House Quay
Chimmo, B: Agent (Ship)                                         St Saviour's Street
Barter, John: Anchor Smith                                      Undercliff
Hutchings, Henry: Anchor Smith                                  Hardness
Ryder: Anchor Smith                                             Ford Lane
Brooking: Attorney                                              Lower Street
Hocking, Wm Lamb: Attorney                                      Hanover Square
Prideaux: Attorney                                              Lower Street
Smith, John Browne: Attorney                                    Lower Street
Collier, Wm: Auctioneer                                         Lower Street
Efford, Robert: Auctioneer                                      Lower Street
Atkins, John: Baker                                             Lower Street
Blatchford, John: Baker                                         On-The-Foss
Lanyon, John: Baker                                             New Quay
Pope, Matthew: Baker                                            On-The-Foss
Rogers: Baker                                                   Smith Street
Rogers, Henry: Baker                                            Smith Street
Sullivan, George: Baker                                         Higher Street
Willcox: Baker                                                  Smith Street
Willcox, John: Baker                                            Lower Street
Willcox, Wm: Baker                                              Crowder's Hill
Harris: Banker                                                  St Saviour's Street
Hine: Banker                                                    New Quay
Holdsworth: Banker                                              New Quay
Kemp, Thos: Block & Pump Maker                                  Lower Street
Spark, Geo: Block & Pump Maker                                  Hanover Square
Cranford, Robt: Bookseller                                      New Quay
Salter, James: Bookseller                                       Lower Street
Bastard, Edward: Boot & Shoe Maker                              Lower Street
Congdon, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  Lower Street
Heath, Samuel: Boot & Shoe Maker                                Lower Street
Pentecost, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                Lower Street
Phillips, James: Boot & Shoe Maker                              Lower Street
Wills, Lawrence: Boot & Shoe Maker                              Lower Street
Lakeman, Thos: Brewer                                           Old Castle
Lidstone, Thos: Builder                                         Hardness
Dashper, John: Butcher                                          Higher Street
Dashper, Robert: Butcher                                        Higher Street
Luke, Wm: Butcher                                               Higher Street
Manning, Wm: Butcher                                            Higher Street
Thomas, Wm: Butcher                                             Higher Street
Wills, John: Butcher                                            Higher Street
Predam, Wm: Cabinet Maker                                       Lower Street
Way, John: Cabinet Maker                                        On-The-Foss
Lavers, Robt: Carrier
Lawrie, John: Carrier
Smale, Wm: Carrier
Weeles, Rbt: Carrier
Fogwill, Thos: Coal Merchant                                    On-The-Foss
Hannaford, John: Coal Merchant                                  Quay
Terry, Jane: Confectioner                                       Lower Street
Chimmo, B: Consul                                               St Saviour's Street
Hingston, R L: Consul                                           Custom House Quay
Ager, Geo: Cooper                                               Fish Market Slip
Beer, Edward: Cooper                                            Lower Street
Peters, Charles: Cooper                                         Hardness
Porter, John: Cooper                                            Lower Street
Edgcombe, Jas: Customs (Acting Collector)
Brown, Geo S: Customs (Coast Waiter)
Short, Josh T: Customs (Collector's Clerk)
Spark, J H: Customs (Comptroller)
Roope, L: Customs (Landing Surveyor)
Dottin, Edwd: Customs (Landing Waiter)
Strong, James: Customs (Landing Waiter)
Brooking, Thos: Customs (Tide Surveyor)
Burrough, James: Druggist                                       New Quay
Newman, Thos: Druggist                                          Lower Street
Atkins, George: Earthenware Dealer                              Lower Street
Full, John: Earthenware Dealer                                  Butter Walk
Codd, R: Engraver                                               Higher Street
Smith, J B: Fire Office Agent (Atlas)                           Lower Street
Cranford, Robt: Fire Office Agent (Norwich Union)               New Quay
Harris, Robert: Fire Office Agent (Pelican & Phoenix)           St Saviour's Street
Hingston, R L: Fire Office Agent (Royal Exchange)               Custom House Quay
Holdsworth, H J: Fire Office Agent (West Of England)            New Quay
Anthony, Richard: Grocer                                        Lower Street
Ash, Henry: Grocer                                              New Quay
Cranford, Loud: Grocer                                          On-The-Foss
Fox, John: Grocer                                               Lower Street
Lock: Grocer                                                    Lower Street
Love: Grocer                                                    Lower Street
Maddick, Lydia: Grocer                                          St Saviour's Street
Preston, Richard: Grocer                                        Butter Walk
Matthews, John: Hatter                                          Lower Street
Smart, John Fox: Hatter                                         Lower Street
Baker, George: Iron Monger                                      New Quay
Burd, Ann: Iron Monger                                          Butter Walk
Luke, John: Iron Monger                                         St Saviour's Street
Efford, Robt: Joiner & Carpenter                                Lower Street
Sawyer, Wm: Joiner & Carpenter                                  Lower Street
Drew, Mary: Linen Draper                                        St Saviour's Street
Gains: Linen Draper                                             St Saviour's Street
Harris, Robert: Linen Draper                                    New Quay
Newman, Susannah: Linen Draper                                  Lower Street
Palk, Ann: Linen Draper                                         Lower Street
Parker, James: Linen Draper                                     Lower Street
Pearce, Wm: Linen Draper                                        Lower Street
Sheppard: Linen Draper                                          St Saviour's Street
Lakeman, Steph: Maltster                                        Lower Street
Beard, Philip: Merchant                                         On-The-Foss
Chimmo, Ben: Merchant                                           St Saviour's Street
Codner: Merchant                                                Axford Slip
Hine: Merchant                                                  Coombe
Hine: Merchant                                                  Coombe
Hingston, Richd Langley: Merchant                               Custom House Quay
Holdsworth, Henry: Merchant                                     Hardness
Pinson: Merchant                                                Coombe
Sweetland, Wm: Merchant                                         Lower Street
Tracey: Merchant                                                Axford Slip
Butler, Elizabeth: Milliner                                     Hanover Square
Temple, Isabella: Milliner                                      Quay
Tucker, Jemima C: Milliner                                      On-The-Foss
Heath, Caleb: Painter & Glazier                                 Lower Street
Lamzed, George: Painter & Glazier                               Lower Street
Way, Thomas: Painter & Glazier                                  Quay
Holdsworth: Paper Maker                                         Warfleet Mill
Phillips: Paper Maker                                           Warfleet Mill
Jacobs, Nathan: Pawnbroker                                      Lower Street
Reed, Wm: Pawnbroker                                            Higher Street
Cole, Hy: Porter Dealer                                         Lower Street
Spark, M F: Post Mistress                                       Honover Square
Fox, R: Rope Maker                                              Lower Street
Fox, T: Rope Maker                                              Lower Street
Mumford, John: Saddler                                          St Saviour's Street
Symonds, George: Saddler                                        St Saviour's Street
Beenlen, John: Sail Maker                                       Lower Street
Collier, Wm: Sail Maker                                         Lower Street
Petherbridge, Henry: Sail Maker                                 Lower Street
Short, Robert: Sail Maker                                       Lower Street
Follett, Wm: Ship Builder                                       Undercliff
Gibbs, George: Ship Builder                                     Coombe
Matthews, Wm: Ship Builder                                      Coombe
Codner, Daniel: Ship Owner
Follett, William: Ship Owner
Gibbs, John: Ship Owner
Harris: Ship Owner
Hine: Ship Owner
Hunt, Arthur: Ship Owner
Pinson: Ship Owner
Teage, John: Ship Owner
Wills, Robt: Spirit Merchant                                    Lower Street
Rich, Mary: Straw Hat Maker                                     St Saviour's Street
Burrough, Richd Farrer: Surgeon                                 New Quay
Hunt, Wm Cholwich: Surgeon                                      Hanover Square
Paige, John: Surgeon                                            On-The-Foss
Puddicombe, John: Surgeon                                       Coombe
Rudland, Wm Horace: Surgeon                                     Higher Street
Fox, John: Tailor                                               Lower Street
Tucker, Wm: Tailor                                              Lower Street
Adams, Richard: Tallow Chandler                                 Lower Street
Oldreive, Lewis: Tallow Chandler                                On-The-Foss
Sutcliff, Henry: Tanner                                         Coombe
Donovan, Daniel: Tavern/Inn (Castle)                            New Quay
Goodridge, H: Tavern/Inn (Commercial)                           Lower Street
Petherbridge, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Dartmouth Arms)                   Higher Street
Cowley, J: Tavern/Inn (George & Dragon)                         Silver Street
Satterley, S: Tavern/Inn (King's Arms)                          Lower Street
Follett, Samuel: Tavern/Inn (London Inn)                        On-The-Foss
Pope, Giles: Tavern/Inn (Royal Oak)                             Lower Street
Coaker, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Seven Stars)                            Smith Street
Smale, M: Tavern/Inn (Ship In Dock)                             Hardness
Beer, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Sun)                                    Smith Street
Atkins, George: Tin Plate Worker                                Lower Street
Atkins, Wm: Tin Plate Worker                                    St Saviour's Street
Ford, Wm: Tin Plate Worker                                      Lower Street
Luke, Robert: Tin Plate Worker                                  Lower Street
Lidstone, Robert: Watch & Clock Maker                           Lower Street
Mortimore, Robert: Watch & Clock Maker                          New Quay
Tucker, John: Watch & Clock Maker                               Lower Street
Page, Wm: Wharfinger                                            Quay
Porter, John: Wine Merchant                                     Lower Street
Extracted and reconstructed from a file made available by Cornwall Online

Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1999