Will of John Reeve, Mariner

Proved 6 December 1596

© Crown Copyright

PROB 11/88/398, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Transcribed by Ros Dunning

In the name of God Amen I John Reeve of Dartmouthe in the Countye of Devon Marryner doe make my Last will and Testamente the Twentith daie of Julye in the ffyve and Thirtith yeare of the Reigne of our most gracyous Soveraigne Ladye Elizabeth by the grace of God queene of England ffrance and Irelande defender of the faith etc. Imprimis I geeve unto Grace Reeve my wiefe all my dwellinge Howse duringe her naturall liefe And after the decease of my saide wiefe I geve and bequeathe unto my daughter Margarett Pakes and to her eldest Childe after her deathe a parte of my foresaid Howse That is to saie, the kytchen, a Chamber over the kytchen, A lofte over that Chamber, the Hall and the lofte over the Hall Item I geve unto the said Margarett my daughter, and to her eldest childe after the deathe of my saide wiefe as aforesaide, That halfe or moytie of my garden And more I geve and bequeathe unto the said Margarett Pakes my daughter after my death the some of Three powndes currant money of Englande Item I geve and bequeathe unto my daughter Grace Knight and to her eldest childe which God shall sende her after the decease of my saide Daughter a parte of my foresaide dwellinge house That is to saie, A Celler or Shopp, where I use to lay my Salte, the Chamber over the same Celler, and a lofte over that same Chamber, and the other halfe or moitye of the foresaide gardeyn And the same to enioye after the deathe of my said wiefe And farther I geve and bequeathe unto the saide Grace Knight my Daughter ffyve markes of good and lawfull money of Englande to be paide after my deathe Item I will That yf my daughter Margarett doe dye leavinge none Childe of her alyve Then my daughter Grace Children shall have the whole howse yf anie Chylde she shall have after the decease of the saide Grace my daughter And for lacke of yssue of either my saide Two daughter I will that the Longest lyver of them shall enioye the whole howse and gardeyn aforesaid with the appurtenances, and the one of them to succeede the other All the rest of my goodes and Chattells moveable and unmoveable whatsoever not before bequested I geve and bequeathe to Grace Reeve my wiefe whome I make my sole Executrix And she to enioye the same peaceablye wthout any trouble or molestation by my foresaide Children or any other whatsoever

(No witnesses given)

Proved at London 5 December 1596