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The fitting-out of two vessels against the Spanish Armada at Dartmouth

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 12, (1880), pp. 312-321.


Edward Windeatt

Prepared by Michael Steer

Dartmouth sent numerous ships to join the English fleet that attacked the Spanish Armada, including the Roebuck, Crescent and Hart. This paper, delivered at the Association's 1880 Totnes meeting presents information drawn from an account book of pp.20 and owned by the Corporation of Dartmouth. Its contents relate in some detail to the fitting out in 1588 of the Crescent and Hart. Crew lists for both vessels are presented. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Adams, Barnard 319
Aderyn, Ottes 318
Anthonye, Thomas 319
Antonye, John 320
Bab, Mr Jeffrye 320
Babye, William 318
Ball, Henrye 318
Ball, Thomas 317
Barnepool, Rychard 318
Beatell, William 318
Beatte, Andro 318
Bennett, John 318
Berrye, John 320
Bogens, Mr Richard 320
Bogens, Mr Walter 320
Bolter, Thomas 317
Bourton, John 318
Bow, John 318
Browne, Anthonye 319
Bychford, John 318
Capern 321
Carter, Henrye 317
Carye, Sir George 316-7
Champernowne, Mr Gawen 321
Coker, Richard 320
Collen, Wyllyam 319
Coole, Nycholas 318
Corbyn, Edward 319
Cossen, Morrysse 317
Cowle, John 319
Croderey, Christopher 320
Croker, Christopher 321
Croker, William 321
Crolee, Symon 321
Dale, Morrysse 317
Dashing, John 318
Davis, Edmonde 317
Davye, George 317
Davye, John 318
Davye, Petter 318
Dobson, Barnabe 318
Dottrell, John 319
Dottin, Walter 321
Dottyng, Hugh 316-7
Downe, Thomas 319
Drake, Sir Francis 312-3, 321
Duck, William 321
Dyere, Robert 318
Elizabeth I 312
Everye, Mystress 321
Everye, Mr Rychard 321
Everye, Thomas 321
Follett, John 317
Follett, Osmond 320
Forreter, John 320
Foxe, Thomas 318
Froude 312, 316
Furseman, John 317
Galloway, Myles 320
Gallownye, Richard 319
Gardiner, William 319
Geysey, Robert 318
Gilbert, Mr Adrian 321
Gilbert, Sir John 321
Godrege, Mr Nyc 320
Gilbert, Sir Humphrey 316
Godsland, Rychard 319
Gold, Edward 320
Gorde, John 317
Grant, Richard 318
Grave, Rychard 319
Gryble, Rychard 315
Gylbert, Sir John 315-7
Haches, Mr John 321
Hacker, Edward 320
Hackwell, Rychard 321
Hastelyn, Richard 317
Hawkins, Sir John 319
Hodge, Wyllyam 317
Hollett, Robert 317
Hovston, Captain James 319
Howard, Lord Admiral 312
Hylley, John 317
Jerom, Thomas 319
Kennycott, Mr Gabrell 321
Kyttingham, Lieutenant John 320
Lacye, John 320
Lashe, John 318
Lashe, Wyllyam 317
Leaman, Mr Nycholas 321
Lee, Rychard 321
Leman, Marlies 318
Lovett, John 319
Lyde, Edward 318
Lye, Sir Edmund, Knt 321
Lyttelljohn, George 317-8
Malerye, Nycholas 319
Manlye, Wyllym 318
Marten, Thomas 320
Marten, William 320
Martyn, Edward 318
Melberge, Thomas 318
Moreman, John 318
Morryshe, John 318
Mudge, John 317
Nell, John 321
Neyle, John 318
Neyle, Willyam 317
Nosworthye, Rychard 319
Nycolsen, Wyllyam 318
Oliver, John 319
Owdye, Edward 319
Parker, Antonye 318
Pattye, Wyllym 319
Pker, Robert 319
Puncherd, Robert 318
Raleigh, Sir Walter 321
Redman, Mr Nycholas 321
Robartt 320
Roberts, Wyllym 318
Roche, Henry 318
Roche, Walter 317
Sanders, Rychard 319
Savery, Mr Christopher the younger 321
Saverye, Mr Christopher 320
Saverye, James 319
Seay, Henry 318
Serett, Mr Lucke 320
Serrette, Nicholas 321
Shere, John 319
Shethe, Wyllm 320
Sprage, Richard 319
Squarye, Wyllym 318
Stannyng, Richard 318-9
Starner, John 318
Stonoughe, John 318
Tanner, Robert 318
Taylor, George 318
Tyller, William 321
Vitterye, Wyllym 318
Wackham, Phyllip 318
Walles, Mr Christopher 321
Watson, Lieutenant Thomas 318-9
Waymoth, Chrystopher 317, 319
Webber, Henrye 318
Webber, Richard 318
Weeks, Thomas 318
Whitton, Captain Jacob 321
Willson, John 317
Winchester, Nicholas 317
Wychame, Robert 317
Wyllyams, John 317
Wylson, John 319
Wyse, Mr Christopher 320
Wyse, Mr John 320
Yeo, William 321