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Herman Merivale CB

Trans. Devon Assoc. vol. 16 (1884), pp. 435-443.


Charles Merrivale

Prepared by Michael Steer

Herman Merivale CB (1806-1874) was a civil servant and historian. He was born at Dawlish, and educated at Harrow. In 1823 he entered Oriel College, Oxford. In 1825 he became a scholar of Trinity College then elected fellow of Balliol College. He became a member of the Inner Temple and practised on the western circuit, becoming in 1841 recorder of Falmouth, Helston and Penzance. From 1837 to 1842 he was professor of political economy at Oxford and was appointed permanent under-secretary. In 1859 he was transferred to the permanent under-secretaryship for India, receiving the CB. In 1870, Merivale was awarded a DCL by Oxford University. He died in 1874 and is buried in Brompton Cemetery. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of Michigan Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


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