Devon Description and Travel - Books and Articles

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Reprint of the original edition of 1916-7, with a new Introduction by Alan Gibson: ". . . the new generation will find that this, a forgotten book, is one of their best guides to the history of the South West. They will find that Pearse Chope's editing was meticulous, and that his choice of authors was well-balanced." The tours that are included are: The Itinerary of John Leland the Antiquary (1534-43); A Short Survey of the Western Counties (by a Lieutenant from Norwich, 1635); The Travels of Cosmos III, Grand Duke of Tuscany (Count L. Magdotti, 1669); Through England on a Side Saddle (Celia Fiennes, 1695); Itinerarium Curiosum (Dr. William Stukeley, 1724); A Tour Through England (Daniel Defoe, 1724); Travels through England (Dr Richard Pococke, 1750); A Tour to the West of England (Rev. S. Shaw, 1788); Observations on the Western Counties of England (W.G. Maton, 1794-6); The Rural Economy of the West of England (William Marshall, 1796); Letters from England (Robert Southey, 1802).

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