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Surname Index


Ferny Combs: A ramble after ferns in the glens and valleys of Devonshire


Charlotte Chanter

London: Lovell Reeve (1856). illus, pp. ii, 147.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Charlotte Chanter (1828-1882) was the sister of Charles Kingsley and wife of John Mills Chanter, a well-known Victorian pteridologist (fern specialist) and incumbent of Holy Trinity Church, Ilfracombe. Such was the vogue for ferns that this book, published in 1856, reached its third edition the following year. Also a novelist, she wrote a best seller with the splendid title Over the Cliffs in 1860. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the Bodleian Library collection and can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Adams, Arthur FLS 142
Archer, Thomas C Esq 122
Badham, Dr 126
Belcher, Captain Sir Edward, CB, FRGS 141-2
Bell, Thomas 141
Boutell, Rev C, MA 144
Bradshaw 7
Carrington 53
Cathcart, J F Esq 125
Catlow, Agnes 123, 144
Catlow, Miss Maria E 133, 137, 143
Coleridge 9
Cruikshank, George 141
Curtis, John, FLS 133
Cuvier 133
Daubeny, Dr, FRS 121
Downes, J Esq 94
Edwards, H, LLD 143
Elizabeth I 57
Fitch, Mr W 119, 123, 125, 127, 129-30
Forbes, Prof Edward, FRS 126, 134, 142
Gardner, George MD, FLS 138
Gosse, Mr P H 2, 136
Gray, John Edward, FRS 142
Halliday, Mr 9
Hanley, Mr 134
Harvey, William Henry, MD, MRIA 120, 127-8
Hawkins, B Waterhouse FLS 132
Herries, Sir William 11
Hooker, Joseph Dalton MD, FRS 129, 144
Hooker, Sir William J, FRS 119, 124-6, 130-1
Hoskyns, Chandos Wren 141
Hussey, Mrs 131
Jeffreys, Judge 44
Jones, Miss 10
Jukes, J Beete, FGS 140
Kellett, Captain, RN, CB 128, 139, 142
Knight, Mr 13
Landsborough, Rev Dr David, ALS 120, 127, 137
Latham, R G, MD, FRS 139
Lindsay, W Lauder, MD 119, 121
Longmuir, Rev J 144
Lovelace, Lord 17
Lyons, John Charles 131
M'Adam 52
Mann, Robert James 143
Mole, Farmer 12
Mole, Robert 94
Moore, Mr Thomas, FLS 70, 72, 76, 81, 85, 94, 97, 100-1, 119, 123
Newman, Mr 94
Newton, Sir Isaac 143
Owen, Professor 141
Reeve, Mr Lovell, FLS 119, 121, 134-5, 141-2
Richardson, Sir John, FRS 141-2
Roberts, Miss Mary 120, 130, 136
Ross, Captain Sir J C, FRS 129
Rowe, Mrs 51
Salter, J W 141
Sanders, J 128
Seemann, Dr Berthold, FLS 121, 128, 139
Smith, Charles H G 140
Sowerby, G B, FLS 120, 134, 144
Sowerby, Henry 132
Stainton, H T 132
Stark, R M 119, 130, 144
Tennyson 45
Thomson, Thomas, MD, FLS 138
Thomson, Professor Wyville 144
Walker, Francis, FLS 132
Wallace, Alfred R Esq 139
Ward, Mr 102
White, Adam, FLS 132, 136, 142, 144
Wing, W 120
Wollaston, Mr 76, 81
Woods, Joseph, FLS 130