Name Index


A Journey into Cornwall
through the Counties of

Southampton, Wilts, Dorset, Somerset & Devon

Interspersed with remarks, moral, historical,
literary, and political


George Lipscombe

1799, 364pp.

London: Printed & Sold by H. Sharp, and F.&C. Rivington

Original from the New York Public Library

Index prepared by Michael Steer

This index was produced from a digital copy of the book, which can be downloaded from: https://books.google.com/ Google, in partnership with a number of public libraries has sought to make more widely accessible, old, hard-to-get books on which copyright has expired. This index will treat only those chapters of the book that relate to the journeys through Devon. These chapters are as follows:

Chapter XIV, p. 142
Axminster, the Church, Carpet Manufactury, Remarkable Inscription, Kilverton, Shute House, Honiton, Escott, Crooks.

Chapter XV, p. 152
Exeter, Castle, Cathedral, Library

Chapter XVI, p. 162
Road to Okehampton, Cheriton Cross, South-Zeal, Stiecle Path.

Chapter XVII, p. 169
Okehampton, Beautiful Ruin, Reflections

Chapter XVIII, p. 179
Dart-Moor, Lydford castle, Cascade, Rocks, Marble.

Chapter XIX, p. 189
Tavistock Abbey, Road to Plymouth, Stoke-Damarel, Dock

Chapter XX, p. 193
The Dock-Yard, Blacksmith's Forge, Rope House, Ordnance Wharf, Magazine.

Chapter XXII, page 208
Return to Dock, Plymouth, Mill Prison, The Haugh, Mew Stone, The Citadel, Stonehouse, Naval Hospital, Marine Barracks, Government House.

Chapter XXIII, page 218
Crimble Ferry, Mount Edgcumbe, The Garden, Battery, Monument, Duke de Medina Sidonia, Grotto, Maker, Telegraph, the Church, Inscriptions.

Chapter XXXII, page 307
Hengestdown, Historical Anecdote, Maristow, Buckland Monachorum, Lord Heathfield's Monument, Curiosities at Buckland Abbey, British Security.

Chapter XXXIII, page 317
Road to Saltram, House, Gardens, Remarks, Dairy House, Ivy Bridge, the Church, Evening Walk and Sun Setting.

Chapter XXXIV, page 329
Plymton, The Castle, Totnes, the Church, View from the Inn.

Chapter XXXV, page 334
Walk to Berry Pomeroy, Descriptions, Reflections, the Church, Seymour Family, Newton Bushel, Hall Down, Exeter, Axminster.

Name Page
Addison, Mr. 222
Armstrong 211
Athelstan, King 153, 156
Baldwyne, Viscount of Devon 177
Bacon, John RA 309
Bedford, Duke of 183
Blackall, Mr. 331
Bohun 156
Boringdon, Lord 317-8
Bradbridge 156
Brett, Timothy 219
Buntell, Mr. 330
Canute, King (the Great) 185
Carew family 156, 208
Carew, Sir Peter 157
Carter 339
Champernowne family 335
Champernowne, Sir Arthur 339
Charles II, King 214
Chichester 156
Chichester, Bishop 159
Clifford, Lord 343
Cline, Mr. St Thomas' Hospital 157
Cotton, Dr, Canon of Exeter 157
Courtenay family 177
Courtenay, Viscount 148
Crimes family 313
Drake, Ann Polexfen 312
Drake, Sir Francis 215, 312-4
Drake, Sir Francis Henry, Bt. 312
Edgar, King 184-5, 319
Editha, Queen 159
Edward, King & Confessor 159
Edward I, King 215, 315, 331
Edward VI, King 212
Elfrida 184-5, 319
Egbert, King 307-8
Eliot, George Augustus, Baron Heathfield 310-11, 313
Eliot, Miss of Port Eliot 230-1
Eliot, Sir Gilbert 310
Elizabeth, Queen 152, 221, 314
Ethelred, King 185
Ethelwulf, Earl 184-5
Fairfax 161
Fuller, J. Trayton Esq. (Lord Heathfield) 312
Fylol, Sir William 341
George II, King 215, 313
George III, King 313
Gilpin, Mr. 333
Gray 324, 330
Hardy, Master Anthony, Esq. 156
Heathfield, Lord 309-10, 312
Henry VIII, King 342
Howe 229
Ingram, Johanna 224
Ingram, John of Higher Insworth, Gent. 224
John, King 331
Kennaway, Sir John 149
Lavington, Bishop of Exeter 157
Leofric, Bishop of Exeter 155, 159
Lisburne, Earl of 343
Livingus, Abbot of Tavistock 186
Lugger, Mr. Joseph 230-1, 233
Luxmore, Mr. MP for Okehampton 180
Malmesbury, William of 186
Marshal, Bishop of Exeter 156
Medina Sidonia, Duke de 221
Morton, William, Earl of 207
Mount Edgcumbe family 223
Mount Edgcumb & Valletort, George, Earl of       225
Mount Edgcumbe, Earl of 211, 219
Oldham, Bishop of Exeter 156, 186
Ordulph 184
Orgar, Duke of Devonshire 184-5
Osbert, Bishop of Exeter 156
Parker, John, Lord Boringdon 318
Peter, Bishop of Exeter 160
Pole, Sir John de la, Bt. 147
Polexfen, Mr. & Mrs. of Nutwell, Nr. Exeter 314
Pomeroy family 334
Ross, Bishop of Exeter 160
Seymour arms 342
Seymour Catherine 341
Seymour, Elizabeth 340
Seymour family 334
Seymour, Queen Jane 342
Seymour, Sir Edward 339, 340-1
Slater 156
Somerset, Duke of 342
Stapledon 157
St. Aubyn, Sir John, Bt. 190
Thomas, Ann 233
Walter, Mr. John Rolle, MP for Devon 144, 146
Walton 156
Warlewest, Bishop of Exeter 159
William I, King, Conqueror. 177, 334
William III, King 196, 335
Yonge, Sir George, KB 149