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No 13 Exeter and the South East Coast of Devonshire pp. 64-83, (+ 192-3) & No 14 Plymouth and its environs, pp. 76-97

Knight's Excursion Companion: Excursions from London


Charles Knight

London: Charles Knight, Fleet Street, Reed & Pardon, Printers (1851), maps, illus. xi, 241 pp.

NB: Each of these sections is separately paginated, so the page numbers used here are those given by Google Books.

Transcribed by Michael Steer

Charles Knight (1791-1873), prolific author and publisher is perhaps best remembered for his association with Charles Dickens, whom he praised publicly as 'a writer whose original and brilliant genius is always under the direction of kindly feeling towards his fellow-creatures'. The two became close friends in the early 1850s, and Knight participated enthusiastically in Dickens's amateur theatricals, as well as contributing 19 articles to Household Words. Much of the information in Dickens's A Child's History of England (1851-53) was derived from Charles Knight's Pictorial History Of England. Knight's several popular 'excursion books are packed with information and a rich source of pleasure for the inquisitive Victorian holiday-maker'. This rare book was produced from a digital copy held by the New York Public Library that can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. Those on which copyright has expired are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.
Albrina 65
Alfred, King 64
Athelstan, King 64
Barry, Mr 83
Bedford, Duke of 87
Bohun family 75
Bothe, Bishop 68
Brantyngham, Bishop 67
Bray, Mrs 93
Brionne, Baldwin de 65
Brownscombe, Bishop 68
Buckland, Dr 81
Camden 78
Camden, Lord 69
Carrington, Mr H E 92
Chantrey 68, 76
Charles I 65
Charles II 65
Clarence, Duke of 192
Clarke, Sir J (also Dr) 82
Courtenay family 74
Courtenay, Hugh 75
Courtenay, Archbishop William 75
Cuyp 75
Damerel family 89
Devon, Earl of 75, 91
Drake, Sir Francis 78
Duckworth, Colonel 76
Duckworth, Admiral Sir J T 76
Edward the Confessor 64
Edward I 78
Edward III 73, 78
Elizabeth I iv, 78
Exeter, Marquis of 75
Fairfax, Sir Thomas 65
Flaxman 68, 77
Fuller, Thomas 64
George II 69, 78
George III 82
Grant, Mr 85
Henrietta, Queen (and Princess) 65, 69
Henry II 78
Henry III 65
Henry VIII 65, 78, 83
Hooker 70
John, King 73
Johnson, Dr 64
Lackland, John 72
Leland 65, 73, 75, 78, 81
Lely, Sir Peter 69
Londonderry, Earl of 81
Lysons 79
Matilda, Empress 65
Maurice, Prince 65
Medina Sidonia, Duke of 92
Milton 92
Mogridge, Dr 71
Monk, General 69
Morice, Sir William 89
Morley, Earl of 91
Nasmyth 81
Norman, Mr Alfred 89
Northcote 68
Oliver, Dr 83
Orleans, Duchess of 65
Polwhele 77
Quivil, Bishop Peter 66
Raleigh, Sir Walter 73
Redding, Mr 96
Rendel, Mr 91
Reynolds, Sir Joshua 92
Richard I 83
Richard III 65
Rolle family 73
Rolle, Lord 73
Rowe, Rev Samuel 93
Rudyerd, Mr 88
Russell, Lord 65
Shakespeare 65
Shapter, Dr 77
Simcoe, General 68
Smeaton, Mr 88
Stafford, Bishop 68
Stamford, Earl of 65
Stapledon, Bishop 68
Stapledon, Sir Richard 68
St Aubyn family 89
Stephen, King 65-6
Stonehouse, Joel de 78
Valletort family 78
Warbeck, Perkin 65
Warlewast, William 66-7
Webber, Mr R 74
Wightwick, Mr 89
William I 65-6
William III 65, 192
William IV 84, 192
William & Mary 78
Winstanley, Mr 88
Wise family 89
Wise, Sir Thomas 89
Woodly, Mr 81