Land and Sea


Philip Henry Gosse

London: James Nisbet & Co. 21 Berners Street,
Edinburgh: Printed by Ballantyne & Company (1865), Paul's Work. Illus, 421 pp.

Provided by Michael Steer

This is a miscellany about parts of north and south Devon, particular the Lundy Island and Torquay areas. The author claims that it is "a book of pen-pictures of associated scenes, and kindred things that have occurred in them". The whole (says the author)" may be likened to a handful of sketches taken at random from an artist's portfolio". An original copy is held at the University of California Library and a complete electronic copy may be accessed at:
Microsoft (MSN) has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.



View of Lundy from Ilfracombe, Preparations for a Visit, Amenities of the
Voyage, Roadstead, Landing, Wayside Flowers, Inhabitants, The
Farm, Communications with Clovelly, Lundy Castle, Conspiracy of De
Marisco, Mixens, Benson's Cave and Villany, Lametry, Rat Island,
Eyebright, Bevelled Slopes, Burnet-moth, Foxglove, Charms of July
Flowers, Beach Boulders, Wreck ,Half-way Wall, Granite, Gravel,
pp. 1-23

LUNDY ISLAND (continued.)

The Templar, Fog-Veil Brake, Royal Oak, Bog Flowers, Constable,
Swarms of Birds, Circular Flight, Fearlessness, Puffin, Razor-billed
Auk, Gulls, Thrift-Hillocks, Gull's Nest, Chick, Guano, Puffin Burrows,
Reconnoitering, Battles between Puffin and Rabbit Gannets,
Ferocity of Gull, Kittiwake, Fowling Net, Hyacinth, North-west Point,
Elemental War, Perforate, Cavern, Fountain in the Sea, Guillemots-
Mode of Incubation, Scarcity of the Egg, Battle with a Gull, Mode of
Fishing, Fish-fry, Mer's Eggs, Great Auk, pp. 24-44

LUNDY ISLAND (continued.)

Morning Casualties among Cattle, T. H., Bog-Plants, Devil's Limekiln,
Insects, Shutter Rock, Cormorants, Goat Island, Fool-hardihood,
Descent to the Cove, Junction of Granite and Shale, Benjamin's Chair,
Taking Thyme, A Wreck, Ladder, Sea-Weeds, Mouth of Seal Cavern,
A Ducking, Tube Worms, The Cavern, Return, Sea-weeds, Sea anemones,
Habits of Seal, Anecdotes, Subterranean Chamber, Wayland
Smith's Cave, Captain Tom, His Story of the Pig and Dog, Trip
to the Lobster Pots, Cormorants and Gulls, Wild Goats, Kittiwake,
Brazen Ward, French Perfidy, Spoliation, Mouse-Trap and Mouse-Hole,
Gannet Rock, Harbour of Refuge, Pot Watching, Lobster, Sea Crayfish,
Crab, Spider Crab Baiting, Parasitic Zoophytes, Thunder showers,
pp. 45-84

LUNDY ISLAND (concluded.)

Oyster-Planting, Dredge and Dredging Results, Plumularia, Ivory, Coralline Lime
Light Bugle, Coralline Birds, Insects, West Side Grand
Cavern, Lights and Shadows, To the Sunbeam, Earthquake, Discovery
of Amethysts, Bristle-tail, Bog-Plants, Sun dew ,Punch-Bowl,
Light-House, Lantern, Combination of Lenses, Effect on Birds,
Danger of Ignition, Lamp, Lower Light, Shipwreck, Farewell to
Lundy, pp. 85-106


Charms of Ilfracombe, Copse Plants, Wood-rush, Ingenious Roguery, Rural
Scene, Voices of Birds, Climbing the Height, View Thence, A Land of
Peace, Thrush's Chopping-Block, Limpet-Shells emptied by Jackdaws,
Foxgloves, Machilis, View of Brandy Cove, Angry Gulls, Difficulties
of Descent, Chimney, Practice, Disappointment, Consolation,
pp. 107-126


Vastness of, Extension of Expansion, What is in the Depths ?, Tropical Seas,
Sicilian Seas, Predominance of Animal over Vegetable Life, Norwegian
Seas, Ocean Floor still unknown, Essays at, Deep Sea Sounding, Maury's
Apparatus, Brooke's Telegraphic, Plateau, Rogers' Cord, Gulf Stream,
Deep Sea Organisms, A Teeming Population, South Pacific, Macdonald's
Researches, Foraminifera, Their Shells, Sarcode, Pseudopodia,
Mode of Feeding, Dimensions, Polycystina, Prevailing Forms, Diatomacae,
Their Frustules, Mode of Increase, Articulation, Spontaneous
Movements, Wallich's Observations, Systematic Rank, World Builders,
Guano Food, of Salpse Food, of Whales Chalk, Strata, Xanthidia, A
Chain of many Links, The World hung upon a Diatom, The Upholder,
Life at great Depths, Starfishes, Globigerinae, Coccoliths, Light and
Colour, pp. 127-178


Devon in December, Roadside Verdure, Mosses, Agaric, The Shore, An
Angry Sea, Water-line Flotsam and Jetsam, Black Sea-weeds, Tangle,
Marine Buckhorn and Buckskin Parasitism, A Well-housed Shellfish,
Curious Passages in the Life of a Limpet, Beauty a Prerogative of
Youth, Ornate Anemone, Snowy Anemone, Acontia Thread Cells,
Venom Observation, Active and Passive, Story of Man and Bear, Concentrated
Attention, Powers of Savages, Tubuliporce, Their Structure
and Habits, Gills of Mussel, Ciliary Action, Optical Illusion, Explanation,
A living Mahlstrom, pp. 179-213

HIGHWATER MARK (continued.)

March Saints and March Winds, Fleet of Outward Bound, Petit Tor Vegetation,
Birds, Sea-weed Microcosms, Parasites, Creeping Canda Tufts,
First Stage Settlement Development, Cell Ciliate Tentacles, Increase
By, Buds Rooting, Defensive Spines, Fan Organ, Increase by Eggs,
Filaments, Rugged Scuparia, Whiplash Bird's-head, Its Use,
pp. 214-228


Devon Combes, Morning Walk, Coast View, Lower Babbicombe, Bishopstowe,
Anstey's Cove, Furze, Adders Down, Flowers, Whinchat,
Coast-guard, Episcopal Palace, Hanging Path, Blackbird's Song,
Cuckoo, Magpie, Grove, Wayside Plants, Hyacinth, Butterflies, Ivyclad
Blocks, Restorative Power in Nature, Stones of Emptiness,
Hope's Nose, Desolation, Fissures, Sea-mined Rocks, Productive Rock
Pool, Recognition of God as Father, pp. 229-246


Going a-hunting, Spoliation, The Trade,, Goodrington Sands Berry
Head, Roundham Head, Solen-fishing, Well-furnished Rocks, Anemones,
Arched Passages, Sponges, Crumb -of-Bread Sponge, Rosy
Crumb Sponge, Volcano-like Action, Protrusilc Tubes, Sanguine Sponge,
Bladders Sensitiveness, Internal Structure, Canals Skeleton, Spicula,
Lime Sponges, Three-rayed Stars, God's Glory in Creation, in
Redemption, Silence of the Creatures on this Point, pp. 247-270


Stone-turning, Necessary Conditions, Young Fisherman, Hint for safe Walking,
Commencement, Spotted Gunnel Has a Will of his Own, Capture,
Elegance, Description, Tompot, His Aliases, Ugliness, Horns,
Black Goby, Change of Colour, Habits of all Sucker of Goby, Montagu's
Observations, Modes of taking Food, pp. 271-287


Glorious First of June, Excursion to Daddy Hole Plain, The Hole, White
Rock-rose, Tenacity of the Hoots, A Cuckoo at hand, Torbay in Calm,
Berry Head, Charm of the Scene, Horn-poppy, Purple and Crimson
Sea-weeds, Five-finger Mechanism, of Progression, Suckers Mode of
Combined Action Warping, pp. 289-303


Restitution of all Things, Landing Fishes, Shells, Urchins, Sponges, Sea-
Slugs, Madrepores, Sea-Grape, Perfume of Flowers, Portlandia,
Awakening of Birds, Petchary, Merle, Savanna Blackbird, Tinkling
Voices of Doves, Habits of Whitebelly, Tropical Sunrise, Silk-Cotton
Tree, Parasitic Plants, Wild Pines, Old Man's Beard, Orchids, Ferns,
Pendent Lianes, Interior of Forest, Lycopodium, Ferns, Golden Phlebodiura,
Maidenhairs, Climbing Ferns, Tree-ferns, Moisture of Air,
Tree Toads, Lianes, Termites, Coromantee Ants, Coolness, Prospects,
Flower-sheeted, Cliff Bamboo Walk, Land Shells, Parrots Bowery,
Lane Indian, Shot Epidendrum lonopsis, Lycaste Broughtonia,
Long-tailed Humming-bird, Psalm of, Solitaire, Evening Voices, Night
Cactus, Moths, Mocking-birds, Fireflies, Farewell to Jamaica,
pp. 305-325


Increasing Popularity of Ferns, Good Taste, Old Ideas, Charm of Novelty,
Devonshire, A Ferny Lane, Wall, Wood, Lake of Killarney, Bristle
Fern, West Clare, Bladder Fern, Marine Spleenwort, Ceterach,
Maidenhair, Heat and Moisture, Insular and Sub-insular Climates,
Fern Statistics, Baoul Island (Note), Jamaica, An Imaginary Visit,
Great Morass Fern, Elaphoglossum, Gymnopteris, Aspidium, Blechnum,
Pteris, Paradise, Polypody, Brake Shaggy-foot, Gold and Silver
Ferns, Campyloneurum, Great Spleenwort, Two-flowered Fern, Hairy
Fern, Olfersia, Golden Veiny-fern, Goniophlebium, Various Maidenhairs,
Rigid Spleenwort, Giant Trees, Parasitic Ferns, Snake Fern,s Diplazium,
Macfadyen's Fern, Box-leaved Creeping Ferns, Comb Ferns,
Daval'ia, Club-moss, Carpet Marattia, Five-rayed Cheilanth, Ivy Fern,
Gorge Dumbcane, Filmy Ferns, Gleichenia, Tree Ferns, Stag-horn
Ferns, Ferneries, Rockville, Facilities for Study Reproduction,
Spores, Prothallium, Antheridia, Archegouia, Spermatozoids, Their
Action, Hofmeister on the Process, Proliferous Ferns, Bulbils, of Cystopteris,
Wires of Neplirolepis, Stag's Horn, Rationale of its Form, Surface
Hairs, Farina of Gold Ferns, Varieties, Increased at Pleasure, Variegated
Ferns, pp. 327-376


Attractions of the Region, The Outset, Hedge-flowers, Newton Marketing,
Dames Flowers, and Ferns, First Peep of the Moor, Ashburton, Fernclad
Walls To the Dart, Fine Panorama, Brent Beacon, Navelwort,
Fountain, Its Tenants, Water-blinks, Bastard-balm, The Dart,
Flowering-fern, Hard-fern, Holne Bridge, Mosses, Swelling of the
River, Its Fatality, Its Cry, Lover's Leap, Widdicombe in the Cold
Country, Fatal Storm, Yeo, Local Ferns, Druid's Mine, Buckland
Beacon, View from Summit, Asell Rock, Vegetation, Character of the
Tor, Lighting of the Beacon, Ancient Traffic, Iklis, Tyrian Galley,
Telegraph of the Moor, Ferns and Fungi, Moor Streams, Widdicombe
Tower, Bog-plants, Fearlessness of a Lark, Viper, A suggested Etymology,
Excursion to Wistman's Wood, Holne Chace, Fine Timber,
Leigh Tor Oak, and Birch, Antediluvianism, Sharp Tor, British Chiefs
Hut, Great Antiquity, Yar Tor, Dartmeet Brimps, School Enclosure
of Firs, Sherbiton, Prison, Great Mis Tor, Its Pan, Hockaby Circles,
Yellowhammer, Dinnabridge Pound, Moormen, Cattle and Sheep,
Belevor, Crockern Tor, Stannary Parliament, Earlier Druid Parliament,
Hoary Memories, Two Bridges, Monolith Bridges, Inn and Ostler,
View of the Wood, Desolation, Wistman's Wood, Antiquity, Etymology,
A Coming Storm, Fine Atmospheric Effects, Compstone Tor, Old Tin
Works, Golfs Streaming, Tin Ringershots, A Dream of a Tyrian Tia
Galley, Market of Tyre, pp. 377-416


Characteristics of Tarshish, Oriental Tarshish, Tartessus, Claims of Spain,
Claims of Britain, pp. 417-420


Agaric, 184.
Amethyst, 96.
Anemones, Sea, 63, 65, 195.
Anstey's Cove, 234.
Anawell Rock, 392.
Ants, 319.
Ashburton, 381, 390, 409.
Auk, Razor - billed. 30.
    Great, 44.
Babbicombe, 233.
Bamboo-walk, 320.
Beacons, 383, 391, 393, 395.
Belevor, 408.
Benjamin's Chair, 53.
Benson's Cave, 12.
Bird's-head organ, 227.
Birds, Notes of, 115, 235, 31 2, 324.
    Habits of, 118, 293, 310, 398, 407.
    Sea, Congregation of, 27- 44.
Bishopstowe, 233, 238.
Blenny, Gattorugine, 281.
Bog-plants, 19, 25, 47, 98, 216, 398.
Brandy Cove, 124.
Brent Beacon, 383, 395.
Brimps school, 404.
Bristletail, 97, 121.
Brooke's apparatus. 142.
Buckland Beacon, 391.
Burnet Moth, 16.
Cactus, Night-blowing, 325.
Canda, Creeping, 21 7.
Cilia, Action of, 207.
Clovelly, 10, 50.
Combes, 223.
Compstone Tor, 414.
Constable, 27.
Crabs, 82, 83.
Crayfish, Sea, 81.
Crisia, 88.
Crockern Tor, 409.
Cuckoo, 239.
Daddy Hole, 292.
Dartmoor, 379-416.
    Antiquities of, 380, 394, 401, 403, 406, 409, 413, 415.
    Aspects of, 381, 396, 411.
    Sheep of, 408.
Dart, River, 385, 391, 403.
    Fatality of, 388.
Delesseria, 298.
De Marisco, Conspiracy of, 11.
Devil's Limekiln, 47.
Diatomacece, 145, 157-172.
Dinnabridge Pound, 407.
Dog and Pig, Story of, 69.
Doves, 236, 312, 324.
Dredging, 86.
Ferneries, 356, 329.
Ferns, 329-376.
    Buds and bulbs of, 366.
    Comb, 349, 367.
    Creeping, 343, 348.
    Filmy, 352.
    Flowering, 386.
    Gold and silver, 340, 369.
    Maiden-hair, 344.
    Oak-leaved, 355.
    of Devon, 332, 382, 396.
    of Jamaica, 317, 336.
    of Killarney, 333.
    of Kaoul Island, 335.
    of West Clare, 333.
    Parasitic, 347.
    Reproduction of, 359.
    Stag-horn, 354, 368.
    Statistics of, 335.
    Tree, 317, 352.
    Variegated, 375,
    Varieties of, 371.
Fishes, Habits of, 285.
Five-finger, 299.
Flowers, Wild, 8, 15, 18, 37, 111. 115, 118, 120, 216, 234, 241, 297, 380, 381, 385.
Foraminifera, 145, 149, 175.
Foxglove, 18, 120.
French, Treachery of, 75.
Gannet, 35.
Gannet Rock, 26, 79.
Goat Island, 51.
Goby, Black, 283.
Goodrington Sands, 252.
Gravel of Granite, 23.
Guano, 32, 164.
Guillemot, 34, 40.
    Egg of, 43, 73.
Gulf-weed, 146.
    Stream, 146.
Gulls, 30, 31, 36, 74, 122.
Gunnel, 277.
Halfway Wall, 22, 73.
Hay Tor, 392.
Highwater Mark, 179, 214.
Hockaby Tor, 406.
Hofmeister, Researches of, 364.
Holne Bridge, 387.
    Chace, 399.
Hope's Nose, 244.
Horn-poppy, 296.
Humming-birds, 323.
Ilfracombe, 107.
Insects, 50, 91, 97, 293.
Jamaica, Visit to, 307-325.
Kittiwake, 36, 74, 123.
Land and Sea, War of, 38, 183.
Land-shells, 321.
Lark, Tameness of, 398.
Leigh Tor, 400.
Lianes, 346.
Limpet, Blue-lined, 191.
    Common, 197.
Lobster-catching, 80-84.
    Habits of, 81.
Lover's Leap, 389.
Lundy, Visit to, 3.
    Birds of, 27, 90.
    Brazen Ward, 75.
    Castle of, 10.
    Caves of, 39, 52, 92.
    Earthquake, 95.
    Farewell to, 106.
    French occupation of, 7
Lighthouse, 100.
    N.W. point, 38.
    Punch-bowl, 97.
    Scenery of, 91.
Magpie, 240.
Man and Bear, Story of, 199.
Manby's apparatus, 140.
Mis Tor, 405.
Mosses, 181.
Mouse-trap, 79.
Mussel, Gills of, 206.
Newton Abbot, 381.
Oddicombe, 224.
Orchids, 322, 346.
Oyster-catcher, 73.
Parasitism, 191, 216.
Parliament, Stannary, 409.
Parrots, 321.
Parrot-fishes, 170.
Petit Tor, 215, 224.
Pig, Story of, 69.
Plumularia, 87.
Polycistina, 147, 155.
Prison, Dartmoor, 405.
Puffin, 29, 32, 34.
Rabbit-fights with Puffin, 33.
Rat Island, 14.
Razor-fish, 253.
Rock-dove, 236.
Rockville, Fernery of, 356.
Roundham Head,' 252.
Salicornaria, 89.
Salpce, Food of, 168.
Savages, Faculties of, 201.
Scuparia, Rugged, 225.
Sea, Vastness of, 127.
    Caribbean, 133.
    Depth of, 131-178.
    Floor of, 145-178.
    Norwegian, 137.
    Sicilian, 134.
    South, 130.
    Tenants of, 132, 134, 137, 145.
Seal Cave, 52.
    Habits of, 60, 66.
Seaweeds, 56, 62, 187, 297.
Sharp Tor, 401.
Sherbiton, 405.
Shutter Rock, 49.
Snails in Jamaica, 321.
Solitaire, 324.
Sounding, Deep-sea, 138-144, 174.
Sponges, 255-269.
Spicula of, 147.
Star-fish, 174, 299.
Stone-turning, 273.
Subterranean Chamber, 67.
Tangle, 188.
Tarehish, 417.
Templar Rock, 24.
Telegraph, Ancient, 394.
Telegraphic Plateau, 143.
Thrift, 31.
Tin-works, Ancient, 415.
Toads, Tree, 318, 325.
Tjader-hunter, Anecdote of, 199.
Tompot, 281.
Tors of Dartmoor, 392, 400, 408.
Tree-ferns, 317.
Tubidipora, 203-213.
Two Bridges, 410.
Tyre, Trade with, 394, 416.
Vegetation, Tropical, 346.
Viper, 399.
Whale, Food of, 168.
Whinchat, 235.
Widdicombe, 389, 397.
Wild goats, 73.
Wild pines, 315.
Wistman's Wood, 411.
Woodrush, 112.
Xanthidia, 171.
Yar Tor, 403.
Yeo River, 383, 390.