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Name Index


A Devonshire Garland

The Devonian Year Book, London: The Devonian Association, (1910) illus. pp. 91-108.

compiled by

Members of the London Devonian Association and their Friends

Prepared by Michael Steer

National pride in the industrial might of Britain and its growing Empire during the Victorian and Edwardian eras generated an increased public awareness of regional identity. Devon literature of that period became no longer just of interest to antiquarians or tourists. There was a growing market for it among Devonians, including those expatriates who formed Devonian associations in London and elsewhere. The London Devonian Association published a yearbook for many years and this section of the 1910 issue provides a potpourri of poetry and prose eulogizing Glorious Devon, all culled from members and friends of the Association. This copy of the rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from one held in the University of Toronto Library collection that can be downloaded from: Google Books with a search by either author or title, and also from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Abell, Professor W S, RCNC, MINA 105
Alexander the Great 105
Anstey, Rev Martin 98
Arthur, King 97
Athelstan, King 100
Barnac, Saint 107
Barnes, Mr R Stewart 101, 104
Bastard family 104
Bastard, John Pollexfen, MP 104
Beer, Mr W A 97
Bird, Mr William 95
Bishenden, Mr Charles J 96
Bishenden, Mrs I M 100
Boniface, Saint 104
Boulton, H 91-2, 98
Bray, Mrs 96
Brodie, Mr C H, FRIBA 96
Browne, W 91, 98
Bryant, Mr F W 97
Bunnie, Frank 108
Burlace, Mr J B 106
Burnell, Miss Jennie 106
Burrow, Mr T C 99
Calvert 94
Cambrensis, Giraldus 107
Cann, Mrs Annie M 93
Capern, Edward 97, 100-1
Carrington, N T 93
Carter, Mr G E L, BA 99
Champion, Mr W 95
Chanter, Rev J F, MA 92, 95
Chapple 107
Charlemagne 104
Chaucer, Geoffery 101, 107
Chope, Mr J A 105
Chope, Mr H F 106
Chope, Mrs J A 92
Chope, Mr R H 99
Chope, Mr R Pearse, BA 107
Chope, Engineer. Cmdr W D, RN 91
Clifford, Colonel E T, VD 91
Cole, Mr N 107
Cole, Dr S J 91
Coleridge, Lord 103
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor 103
Coombe, Mr J Townsend 92
Coombes, Mr C S, BSc 101
Corinaeus 91, 104
Cosway, Richard 94
Cottle, Joseph 92, 95
Couch, Mrs Anna W 92
Couch, Mr Edwin 94
Cousins 94
Curzon, Frank 93
Davidson, M 95
Davies 98
Davis, Mr C 93
Dommett, Mr W E 103
Donne, Dr 94
Drake, Sir Francis 98, 104-5
Drew, Mr S T 93
Dunn, Mr F A W 98
Eastlake 94
Edye, Lieut Colonel L. 102
Elizabeth I 94, 98
Elliot, Mr E A S, MRCS, MBOU 106
Evans, Miss M E 98
Farmer, J 97
Fuller, Thomas 104
Galsworthy, John 96
Gandy, James 94
Gandy, William 94
Garrick, David 102
Gilbert, Sir Humphrey 98, 105
Gillham, Mr H 103
Gissing, C 96
Godrey, Mr Sidney H 103
Gogmagog 104
Goldsmith, Oliver 106
Gould, Sir Francis Carruthers 93-4
Gould, Rev Sabine Baring 103
Grenville, Sir Richard (also Greenvil) 98, 100
Gregory, C 94
Gregory, Rev Ivon L 102
Gregory, J 95
Grigg, Mr R, AIEE 105
Grills, Mr W E 98
Hawker, R S 102
Hawkins, Sir John 98, 105
Haydon 94
Haynes, Mr H 102
Heard, Miss W E 96
Heard, W E, JP 101
Henry VI 106
Herron, Mr H G W, ICS 97
Hilliard, Nicholas 94
Hodges, S 101
Hodgkin, T 104
Hone 102
Hubbard, Mother 104
Hudson, Thomas 94
Hughes, Mr T Cann, MA, FSA 92, 97
Humphrey, Ozias 94
Hussell, Mr Allen T, FRIBA 100
Inman, Mr W 96
Inman, Mrs 101
Irwin, A 100
James I 94
Jenkins, Mr Rhys 106
Keats 99
Kentherick, William 106
Kerr, Mr A 95
Kingdon, Dr Wilfred 98
Kingsley, Charles 95, 98-9, 105-6
Knight, T H 96
Lane, Mr John 94
Llewellyn, Rev G T, MA 104
Luff, Rev E A, MA 104
Lugar, Mr H E 100
Martin, Sarah Caterine 104
Maxwell, J G 95
Mercer, Mr F T 108
Milton, John 107
Mountstephen, Miss N A, LRAM 99
Müller, Max 106
Newbolt, H J 93, 105
Node, Radulphe 106
Northcote 94
Norway, A H 94
O'Neill, Mr H C 99
Page, J L W 106
Perry, Mr Francis A 94, 98
Philips, Mr A G 108
Phillpotts, Eden 108
Philp, Mr C R S 102
Pike, Mr W A 96
Plaice, Mr A J 99
Prince, Rev John 97, 105
Prout, Samual 94
Pyke-Nott, J 98
Radford, Mr G H 107
Raleigh, Sir Walter 100, 106, 108
Redding, Cyrus 94
Reynolds, Sir Joshua 94, 106
Richard III 102
Risdon, Tristram 97, 106-7
Ryecroft, Mr Henry 96
Sanguin, Mr H H 100
Saunders, Mr Charles 103
Shakespeare, William 102
Shawyer, Major A C 105
Shawyer, Mr John 93
Shawyer, Mrs J W 100
Sinjohn, John 94, 98
Smart, Mr W H 104
Spenser 91
Squire, Mr H B 105
Stapeldon, Bishop 98
Stevenson, Robert Louis 106
Strong, Professor A H, LLD 105
Tennyson, Alfred Lord 92
Toms, K M 100
Tottenham, Mr C J 92
Tottenham, Mrs 95
Turner 94
Venn, Mr W H, MA 91
Veysey, Mr F J S 107
Warner 104
Watkins, Rev M G 92
Watts-Dunton, T 108
Weeks 100
Westcote 104, 107
Willcocks, M P 94
Williamson, CN & AM 92
Wreford-Glanvill, Mr H 102