Index to


A Book of the Southwest

"Work of reference for those who may be called upon
to recommend a locality in Devonshire or Cornwall"

Printed for the Seventy-Fifth Annual Meeting

of the

British Medical Association, Exeter, 1907

(Pub: William Pollard, Exeter, 1907)

Index Compiled by Faye Browne 1999

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á Becket, Thomas, p 127
Acland, Thomas p 109, Sir 120
Albermarle, Christopher, Duke of, p 32
Alford, Mrs, p 152
Anning, Miss Mary, p 147
Argyle, Duke of p 31
Armory, Sir John, p 165
Arscott family, p 141
Ashburton, Lord, p 123
Athelstane, p 124
Bartholomew, Bishop, p 117
Bathe family, p 150
Bathe, de, General Sir Henry, p 150
Bathe, de, Lord Chief Justice, p 150
Bedford, Duke of, p 119
Bedford, Duke of, see Russell, p 158
Berkeley, Sir John p 25
Bidder, George, p 148
Bitton, Bishop, p116, 117
Blackmore, p 148, 168, Richard, p 115
Blundell, Peter, p 164
Boswell, p 137
Branscombe, Bishop, p 117, 131, 151
Brantyngham, Bishop, p 117, 135
Bray, Mrs, p 158
Briwere, William de, p 166
Brown, p 158
Bruere, Bishop, p116, 117
Buckmill, Sir Thomas, p 108
Bucknill, Sir John, p 120
Budd, Dr. Christian, p 150
Carew, Bamphyld Moore, p 164
Carew, Sir Gawain, p 117
Carew, Sir Peter, p115
Carey, Dean p 30
Cary family, p 166
Cavendish, p 162
Cecil, Marquis of Exeter, p 118
Charles I, p 143
Charles II p 162
Churchill, General John, p 38
Churchill, Sir Winston, p 124
Clifford's, of Ugbrocke, p 130
Clotar King of Clovis, p115
Coleridge, Lady, p 151
Coleridge, Lord, p 151
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, p 151
Cookworthy, William, p 145
Cosway, Richard, p 164
Cotton, Mr, p 25
Courtenay, Bishop, p114, 117
Courtenay, Henry, Marquis of Exeter, p 164, 165
Courtenay, Hugh, Earl of Devon, p115
Coutenay family p 118, 165
Coverdale, p 152
Crocker, Sir Hugh, p 24
Cromwell, p 151
Cromwell, Richard p 28
Cromwell, Lt Col Oliver, p 24, 26, 28
Cufford, William, p 123
Cynewulf, King, p 128
Danby, p 139
Davis, John, p 136
Davy, Mr Edward, p 28
De Montsensier, Mlle, p 30
Devonshire, William Earl of, p 35
Dinham, Geoffrey de, p 141
Dinham, Sir John, p 120
Dodderidge, Lady, p 117
Dodderidge, Sir John, p 117
Dorset, Cicely, Countess of, p 151
Drake of Ashe, p 124
Drake, p 162, 163
Drake, Sir Francis, p 118, 158
Drew family, p 144
Dryden, p 130
Duke of Cornwall, Richard, brother of Henry III, p115
Dunning, 1st Lord Asburton, p 136
Dunning, John, p 123
Eastlake, Sir Charles, p 152
Edgar, King, p 157
Editha, Queen, p116
Edmonds, Canon, p 109
Edmund, King, p 145
Edward I, p 146
Edward the Confessor, p16, 157
Elfrida, daughter of Ordgar, p 157
Elizabeth, Queen, p 157
Essex, Lord p 24
Ethelred, p 157
Exeter, Dukes of p 167
Fairfax, General Sir Thomas, p 24, 25, p119, 140, 151, 165
Fisher, Mr Edward, p 109
Ford, dramatist, p 123
Fowerakers, Mr John, p 33
Froude, p 154
Fuller p 25
Gaunt, John of, p 113, 142
Gibbins tribe, p 145
Gilbert family of Greenway, p 166
Gilbert, p 162
Gilbert, Sir Humphrey, p 118, 136
Gilbert, Sir John, p115
Glanville, Judge, p 158
Gloucester, Hugh Earl of, p 157
Godolphin, Sidney, p 130
Godwin, Earl, p116, 141
Goring, General, p 24
Gould, Mayor James, p 26
Grandisson, Bishop, p 112, 113, 151
Grandisson, Sir Otho, p 151
Graynfyld (Granville, Greville), Knight, p 125
Greenway, p 164
Grenville, Sir John p 29
Grenville, Sir Richard, p 125
Grimball, Betsey's Tower, p 158
Grenville family, p 125
Groves, Mr Hugh, p 28
Haccombe, Sir Stephen de, p 166
Harold, Earl, p116
Hawkins p 162
Hawlear, Rev Robert Stephen, p 35
Hawley, John p 135
Haydon, p 152
Hicks, Mrs, p 31
Holland, John de, p 142
Hope, Mrs. Beresford, p 151
Howard, p 162
Humphrey, p162
Hutchison, Dr., p 30
Iddelsleigh, Lord, p120
Ireland, Dean, p 123
Izacke, Chamberlain, p 26
James I, p 163
Jefford, Sir Thomas, Mayor of Exeter, p 36
Jeffries, Judge, p 146
Jeffries, Sir George, p 33
Jenkins, p 33
Johnson, Dr, p 123
Jones, Indigo, p 124
Judhael, p 167
Keats, p 161
Kelland family, p 150
Kelly, Admiral, p 158
Kent, Duke of, p 156
Kingsley, p 125, Charles, p 123, 131, 145, 167
Kinninmont, Miss, p 121
Kipling, Rudyard, p 168
Kirke, Col, p 33
Lacy, Bishop, p 117
Langley Mrs, nee de Bathe, p 150
Lely, Sir Peter, p 24, 119, 130
Leofric, Bishop, p116, 132, 135, 1st Bishop of Exeter, p 163
Lernthal, p 28
Loosemore, p116
Marlborough, p 124
Marshal, Bishop Henry, Dean of York, Brother of Earl of Pembroke, Marshal of England p 112, 117
Marwood, Thomas, p 143
Matryn, Lord William, p 157
Merton, Richard de, p 140
Monk, George p 28, Monmouth, Duke of, p 31, 118, Duke of Albermarle, p 119, Earl of Torridge, p 140
Mordant, Lord, p 36
Moreley, Earl of p 163
Mortimer, p113
Mussey, General, p 165
Newcomen, p 135
Newman, Sir Robert, p 137
Northcote, p 152
Nosworthy, Mrs, p 121
Oldham, Bishop, p117, 118
Oliver, Benjamin, p 30
Opie, p 109
Ordgar, Earl of Devon, p 157
Ordulf, son of Ordgar, p 157
Ouwthwaite, Miss, p 119
Paganel, Fulk de, p 142
"Parson Jack Russell", p 125
Patteson, Bishop, p115
Penruddick, Col. p 28
Pocknell, Mr Edward, p 109
Pomeraie, Ralph de la, p 167
Pope, Thomas, p 141
Prideaux, Mr, p 33
Prince Rupert, p 24
Princess Henrietta, p 29, 119
Quivil, Bishop Peter, p 109, 112, 117
Radegunde, St, wife of Clotar King of Clovis, p115
Raleigh, p 128, 136
Raleigh, Sir Walter, p 24, 115, 118, 151
Reynolds, Sir Joshua, p 109, 152, 163
Richard, Duke of Cornwall, "King of the Romans", brother of Henry III, p 119
Richmond, Countess of, Lady Margaret, p 140
Ridgeway, John p 166
Ripariis, Richard de, 1st Earl of Devon Redvers, p 164
Rolle family, p 118
Routledge, George, p 146
Rowe, p 159
Rufus, William, p 112
Russell's, Dukes of Bedford, p 157
Sancroft, Archbishop, p 34
Sanders, Mrs, p 121
Scott, Sir Gilbert, p116, 125
Seymour, Sir Edward, p 31, 37
Seymour's, p 167
Simon of Apulia, Bishop, p 117
Sladen, Mrs p 109
St Boniface, p 122
St Legers, p 166
Stapelton, Bishop, p112, 113, 116, 117,
Temple, Archbishop, p115
Temple, Dr, p 164
Temple, William, Rector of Mainhead, p 137
Tennyson, p 154
Thackeray, p 151
Thrupp, Frederick, p 151
Thynne, Sir Thomas p 32
Tostig, Earl p116
Tourville, Admiral, p 161
Tracey, Sir William de, p 127
Trelawney, Sir John, Bishop of Bristol, p 34, 35
Trevor, Sir John p 31
Tudor, Margaret, Countess of Richmond, p 142
Van Tromp, p 28
Victoria, Queen, p 156
Warbeck, Perkin, p 120
Warelwast, Bishop p 112, 153
Watkins, p 30
Wentworth, Lord, p 127
Wesley, Samuel p115
Widgery, F J, p 109
Widgery, W p 109
William of Orange, p
William, (of Orange) p 36, Prince of Orange, p 35, 124, 127
Wolcot, Dr (Peter Pindar), p 145
Worth, Mr, p 24
Worth, Mr, Art Gallery, p 118
Yeo, Salvation , p 131
York, Duke of, (James II) p 312


Arscott, Henry, Bideford
Ashberg, Emil, Torquay
Baker, F W , Axminster
Banfield, H, Honiton
Barker, Miss, Exmouth
Bevon, Cecil, Lynton
Brendon, G, Bude
Chapman, Mr J, Wadebridge
Coombes, Mrs, Torquay
Cotton, Miss, Torquay
Counebear, J B, Instow
Dalgeish, Mr, Budleigh Salterton
Dendle, Mrs J, Ilfracombe
Duplessy, C, Falmouth
Eastcott, Hy, Yelverton
Faulkiner White, Mrs, Exmouth
Foster, W R, Ilfracombe
Fry, James, Boscastle
Fry, Mrs, Tintagel
Gilbert, Mrs, Bude
Goddard, A F, Seaton
Gray, Miss, Paington'
Gresham, Miss, Torquay
Gresham, Mr and Mrs W, Torquay
Hardiman, Mrs, Plymouth
Harrison, Isaac, Newquay
Hart, Mr & Mrs Herbert, Woolacombe
Hayward, H W, Exmouth
Hex, Fredk S, Torquay
Heywood, John G, Okehampton
Howell, H W, Davidstow
Jeffrey, M, Dousland
Langor, Miss, Newquay
Leleu, Jne, Torquay
Loveless, Mr & Mrs, Ilfracombe,
Manger, I J, St Ives
Mann, Mrs, Torquay
Mathews, A E, Lydford Junction
Nelder, C W, Dulverton Junction
Parson, Brendon, Launceston
Parsons, L, Ilfracombe
Penderwood, J B, Northam
Piper, Mrs, Holsworthy
Pollard, E, Wadebridge
Pyke Heath Hugh, Belstone
Rowe, A, Princetown
Rowe, W, Lostwithiel
Sandrey, Holsworthy
Sara, Mrs Frederick, Yelverton
Saunders, Edmund A, Penzance
Sloman, Mrs, Falmouth
Smalldon, G H, Morteltoe
Smith, E A & C C, Seaton
Smith, Mrs D, Morteltoe
Smyth, N H, Ilfracombe
Sowdon, H, Bideford
Stanbury, E, Tavistock
Taylor, Qilliam, Tintagel
Wade, Misses, St Ives
Webb, W M, Lydford
West, Mrs, Bideford
Westaway, W, Torquay
Wheeler, Mrs, A M, Lotswithiel
William, Mrs, Falmouth
Wolland, W, Bridgestowe
Wood, Mrs J, Sidmouth
Worster, W, Torquay
Wright, Miss M, Sidmouth
Yeo, W, Lynton
Youings, A Y, Saunton
Youings, C A, Barnstaple


Bates, Mrs
Bode, Mrs
Cowling, Miss
Down, Mrs
Downmg, Mrs
Fairlawn, Misses
Gittsham, Miss
Harris, Mrs
Heard, Mrs
HIcks, Mrs
Hunt, J
Jerym, Mrs
Mathews, Miss
May, Mrs
Naramore, Mrs
Perriman, Mrs
Row, Mrs
Samuels, Mrs


Allan & Co, Guns and Fishing Tackle, Exeter
Benney, H L, The Central Pharmacy, Falmouth
Blackmore & Sons, F.A.I., Rolle Street, Exmouth, House and Estate Agents
Brock, W & Co, Complete House Furnishers, Exeter and Torquay
Cawdle, Walter E, M.R.C.V.S.L., Job Master, Belgrave Mews, Torquay
Coates & Co, Plymouth Gin, Black Friars Distillery, Plymouth
Collard & Collard, Pianofortes, John C Guest, Music Warehouse, High Street, Exeter
Coombe, see Wilson, John, Son & Coombe
Couche, Arthur John, Illuminated Addresses for Presentation, Queen Street, Exeter
Crews & Son, Rolle Street, Exmouth, House Agents and Auctioneers
Dighton, W D, Photographic Artist, Sidwell Street, Exeter
Dixon, Mrs , Honiton Lace Depot, The Arcade, Exeter
Elands' Art Gallery, High Street, Exeter
Evans, see Reid and Evans
Force, S R, & Sons, Exeter, Auctioneers and Probate Valuers
Fowey Grammar School, Holiday and Health Resort
Fowler, Mrs, Lace Manufacturer, Honiton
Gilley J B Torquay
Guest, John C, See Collard & Collard
Hayward, H W, Guildhall Restaurant, High Street, Exeter
Healy Michael, Sidmouth
Herbert, Mrs, Lace Manufacturer, Cathedral Yard, Exeter
Hinton Lake, J, Pharmaceutical Chemist, High Street, Exeter, also Tiverton and Sidmouth. Ye Olde Pharacie, up to date photographic apparatus
Howard, W E H, Rockvale Yelverton, Builder and House Renovator
Hubber & Son, Sanitary, Heating and Lighting Engineers, South Street, Exeter
Iszard, see Sellars, Iszard & Co Ltd
Jackson, W & Son, Pharmaceutical Chemist, High Street, Credition
Julian, John & Co, Victoria Parade, Newquay, and at Truro, House Agents and Auctioneers
Lisle, W R, Gold and Silversmith, Fore Street, Exeter
Marlborough College, Dawlish
McCowen, R, Oyster Grower, Tralee, Ireland
Newcombe & Co, Ironmongery, Fore Street, Exeter
Packham, W & Sons, Specialists in Hernia and Deformity, Queen Street, Exeter
Penberthy, H B, Chemist, Sidmouth
Pepperrell, J, Belle Vue Dairy, Market Place, Sidmouth
Pidsley & Son, Sidmouth, Houses to let
Pollard, William and Co, Letterpress and Lithographic Printing, North Street, Exeter
Reid and Evans, Rockfield Automobile Works, New North Road, Exeter
Rowe & Corlyon, Strand, Falmouth, Estate House and Emigrant Agents
Sellars, Iszard & Co. Ltd, Stables, Exmouth
Shapley, Manufacturing Confectioner, High Street, Exeter
Smithe, Mrs D, Pianos, Queen Street, Exeter
Stones Axe Vale Devonshire Cider, Axminster
The "Central", High Class Luncheon, Grill, Tea and Smoke Rooms, High Street, Exeter
The "North Devon Herald" and General Advertiser, High Street, Barnstaple
The Devonshire Rustic Oak Manufacturing Co., Barnstaple
The North Devon Jounal, High Street, Barnstaple
Trumps Stores, Fore Street, Sidmouth
Veale, T B, Wine and Spirit Merchants and Family Grocer, High Street, Sidmouth
Whiteway H , & Co Limited, cidermakers
Whiteways, Devonshire Cyders, The Orchards, Whimple, Devon
Widgery, Mr F J, Worth's Gallery, Exeter
Wilson, John, Son & Coombe, Antique and Modern Furniture, Cathedral Yard, Exeter
Winser's, Dry Cleaners and Color Dyers, High Street, Exeter
Wolfe's Advertising Agency, Exeter, Bournmouth and London


Wonford House Hospital for the Insane, P Maury Deas, M.B., M.S. Lond.
Tregaer, Falmouth, A Gregor, MD.
Okehampton, Home for Ladies, Rev Mother
Plympton House, for Mental and Nervous Disorders, Dr. Alfred Turner
Miss Pratt, Exeter
Udal Torre Sanatorium, Yelverton, J Penn Milton, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond.
Kent House Nursing Home, Torquay, Sister Hollis and Sister Marie Camus
Falkland Park Torquay, Sister Hollis and Sister Marie Camus
St Winefrides, Torquay, Nursing Institution and Nursing Home
Nightingale Nursing Institution, Miss Wilson, Torquay
South Devon Private Home for Patients, Sister, Stafford House, Teignmouth
Ockenden Convalescent Home, Miss Partridge, Torquay
Sidmouth Baths
Nurses' Association, Miss Pratt, Exeter
Miss A B Trew, Tregwella, Newquay, Cornwall
The Home Hospital, St Leonard's Lawn, Miss Johnstone, Exeter


Addiscombe School, Barnstaple, Miss Inkson
All Hallows School, Honiton, F J Middlemist, M.A.
Ashbury Court, Ashbury. Late C B Woollcombe
Barnstaple Ladies School, Ebberly Lawn, Miss Wright, B A Lond., and Miss M Wright
Blundell's School, Tiverton, A L Francis, Esq., M.A.
Broadway House, School of Domestic Training, Topsham, Miss Frood
Clarence House, Church of England High School for Girls, Penzance, Miss Eleanor Hare
Clarendon College, Exmouth, Misses Bamber and Pope, Miss Rose Pope, L.R.A.M.
Cliffden House School, Sidmouth, Miss F Le Ray
Collingwood House, Heavitree, John Parsons, M.A. (Oxford)
Devon County School, West Buckland
Egerton House Pennsylvania Hill, Exeter, Miss Gardiner
Garfield House School, Stoke, Devonport, Rev Prob S G Ponsonby, M.A., A H Machell Cox, M.A.
Girls High School, Launceston, Miss Seccombe
Gunnerside School, Plymouth, Miss Stranger, Miss Hilda M Stranger Int. B.A. Lond, Miss Bertha Stranger
High School for Girls, Tavistock, Miss Mathews
Kelly College, Tavistock, Rev. W H David M.A.
Kingsbridge Grammar School, Rev W Watson, M.A.
Mayville Boarding School, Okehampton, Miss Boase
Montpellier School for Girls, Budleigh Salterton, Miss White
Mount Radford School, Exeter, W E Vine, M.A. Lond, T E Vine, Int Arts, Lond.
North Devon School, Barnstaple, Mr, J B Challen. M.A.
Norwood, Preparatory School for Boys, Pennsylvania, Exeter, Miss K H Shorto.
Oak House School, Axmisnter, Thomas Ramsay, M.A.
Park House School, Budleigh Salterton, E D Martineau, M.A., (Camb).
Pinewood School, Ilfracombe, G T Bennett, M.A.
Plymouth College for Girls, The Hoe. Miss Scott
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Credition, J E Burton, M.A.(Camb), B.Sc. (Lond).
Richmond Lodge, Torquay, C.W.Priestly, B.Sc. A.R.C.S., A.S. Dodds, B.A. Oxon.
S. Andrew's, Newquay, William Russell, M.A.
Southernhay School, Exeter, Miss Gray
Southlands School, Fairfield, Exmouth, the Misses Vinter M A.
St Albans House, Tavistock, Miss Ashwin, M.A.
St Joseph's Convent Launceston
St Margaret's School, Exeter, Miss B Jago
St Peter's, Exmouth, Rev H J Hodgson, M.A.
St Petrox School for girls, Paignton, Miss Eva Woods, includes references.
St. Michael's Lodge, (Devonport High school for Girls) Stoke Damerel, Miss Raymond.
The Junior School, Buckleigh, Westward Ho!, R J Leakey M.A.
The Mannamead School, "Moorfield", Mannamead, Miss Dallas, L.L.A.
The Plymouth High School for Girls, Plymouth
Thelema College, Newquay, Miss Watkis L.R.A.M. and Miss Judge.
Twyford School, Kingsbridge, Miss Body
Upcott House, Okehampton, W A Walker Esq., B.A. (Cantab).
Wallingbrook School, Chumleigh, John Powlesland.
West London Post-Graduate College, London, L A Bidwell, Dean


Ashwin Miss
Bamber and Pope Misses
Bennetto G T
Bidwell L A
Miss Boase
Body Miss
Burton J E
Challen Mr. J B
Cox, M.A
Dallas Miss
David Rev W H
Dodds A S
Francis A L
Frood Miss
Gardiner Miss
Gray Miss
Hare Miss E
Hodgson Rev H J
Inkson Miss
Jago Miss B
Judge Miss
Le Ray Miss F
Leakey R.J.
Machell A.H.
Martineau E D
Mathews Miss
Mathews. Miss
Mathews. Miss
Middlemist F J
Parsons John
Ponsonby Rev Prob S.G.
Pope and Bamber Misses
Pope Miss Rose
Powlesland John
Priestly C W
Ramsay Thomas
Raymond Miss
Scott Miss
Seccombe Miss
Shorto Miss K H
Stranger Miss
Stranger Miss Bertha E
Stranger Miss Hilda M
Vine T E
Vine W E
Vinter Misses
Walker W A
Watkis Miss
Watson, Rev W.
White Miss
William Russell
Woods Miss Eva
C B Woollcombe
Wright Miss
Wright Miss

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