Stewart's North Devon Handbook

(pub. Ilfracombe, c. 1875)

prepared by

Dick Glover <dick.glover[at]virgin[dot]net>

14 Mar 1999

Abbotts of Clive (family): granted part of manor at Braunton, 135
Ackland, Hugh: Barnstaple 1644, 219
Ackland, Sir John, Knt: Barnstaple, 218
Acland (family): Exmoor circa 1750, 165
Acland, Sir John, Knt: Barnstaple 1603, 217
Alford, William: carried great weight across Bideford Long Bridge for wager, 62
Alice, Countess of Ormonde: held Lundy 1456, 149
Amyand, Sir George: Ilfracombe 1764, 17
Ash, Simon: 1200, 235; South Molton 1200, 218
Aston, W C: Draper, Ilfracombe about 1875, 282
Audleigh (family), 123
Audley, James, Lord Audley: Barnstaple 1350, 217, 219
Audley, The Lord: Barnstaple was his principal habitation circa 1350, 100
Aungerin, Walter: held one carucate of land in Aure and Hole, reign of Edward I, 162
Avery, J: Ironmonger Ilfracombe about 1875, 282
Badcock, Joan: wife of Richard Dodderidge, mother of Sir John Dodderidge, 222
Bailey, C, Esq: Lee Abbey, Lee Bay, 25
Bamfylde, Sir Amias: monument in church in North Molton, 77
Bampfylde, Dorothy: third wife of Sir John Dodderidge, 222
Bampfylde, Sir Ames: mother of Dorothy Bampfylde, 222
Barry Robert: Great Torrington 1168, 218
Barry, Robert: 1168, 232
Barton, Captain R, 225
Barun, Walter: held lands and tenements in Holicote, reign of Edward I, 162
Basset, Sir Arthur: monument at Atherington (died 1586), 171
Bassett, Arthur Davie: Barnstaple 1875, 221
Bassett, Colonel Arthur: Barnstaple 1646, 217; Barnstaple 1646, born Heanton Court, 220
Bassett, Sir John: monument at Atherington, 170
Bassett, The Rev AC: owner of Sampson's Caves, Hele, 49; Watermouth, 32
Bastard, J: fisherman, 82
Beauchamp, Sir R: foudned Frithestock Priory in reign of Henry III, 75
Beer, John: epitaph at Chittlehampton, 200
Benson, Thomas: merchant of Appledore and Bideford 1746-, 150
Berry, Sir John, Knt: 1672, 236; South Molton 1672, 218
Berry, Sir Thos, 225
Berry, Thomas: father of Dorothy Fracis, 1727, Lord of the manor at Berrynarbor, 184
Bevan, W: Post Office, Lynmouth, 27
Bissett, Mr, owner of Dulverton & Exmoor Staghounds, 80
Blake, Martin: Vicar of Barnstaple, 16
Bligh, Richard, Esq: benefited school, 39
Bonville (family), 124
Bouchier Wrey, (family): monument at Tawstock, 197
Bourchier (family), 19, 123; built stone pier at Ilfracombe before 1731, 125
Bourchier, William: letter circa 1618, 128
Bourchier, Wm, Earl of Bath: Lord of the manor at Combmartin 1593, 117
Bourchiers (family): Earls of Bath, Lords of Barnstaple, 109
Bowcer, Elizabeth: monument at Braunton 1644, 190
Bowen, Captain RN: memorial in Holy Trinity, Ilfracombe, 38
Bret, Alexander: monument at Pilton 1576, 172
Bret, Robert: monument at Pilton 1540, 172
Brewer, The Bishop: 1225 Bishops Tawton, 108
Brooks, Elizabeth: d 10 Jan 1858 Ilfracombe aged 100 years, 7
Buck (family): benefactors of St Mary's, Bideford, 205; monument at St Mary's, Bideford, 206
Buck, Lady Elizabeth: benefactor of Stoke Church, Hartland, 201
Bulmer, Sir Beavis: circa 1593, 117
Bulmer, Sir Beavis, Knt: managed mine at Combmartin in reign of Elizabeth I, 116
Bushel, Thomas: governor of Lundy 1646, 150
Bushell, Thomas, Esq: Mining at Combmartin, 1648, 119
Canham, Simon: monument at Marwood 1622, 171
Carnarvon, The Lord: landowner in South Molton, 78
Cary (family): later owners of Clovelly (reign of Richard II), 142
Cary, George, DD: born Clovelly 1644, 231; Clovelly 1644, 217
Cary, George, Esq: monument at Clovelly 1601, 171
Cary, John, 232
Cary, Philip, 232
Cary, Robert, 232
Cary, Robert, Esq: monument at Clovelly 1540, 171
Cary, Sir John, Baron of the Exchequer, 232
Cary, Sir Richard: mentioned in monument at Stoke Church, Hartland, 203
Cary, Sir Robert, 232
Cary, Sir William, Knt, 232
Cary, William, 232
Cawdor, The Lord: captured French invaders February 1797 in Ilfracombe, 125
Champernon (family): Ilfracombe, 217
Champernon, Sir Arthur, Knt: of Woodbury Court, 224
Champernoune, Henry: granted market at Ilfracombe in 1278, 123
Chanter, John R, 18
Chanter, John Roberts, Esq, of Fort Hill, Barnstaple, 85
Chanter, Mr: wrote monograph on Lundy Island circa 1870, 147
Chanter, The Rev JM, Vicar of Ilfracombe 1851, 38
Chanter, TR, author of A History of Lundy Island, 70
Charles, Duke of Suffolk, 124
Chechester, Edward, Esq: husband of Elizabeth Bowcer, 190
Chechester, The Lady Elizabeth: monument at Braunton (died 1548), 171
Chichester (family): at Pilton around 1350, 104
Chichester, Anne, 225
Chichester, R, Esq: benefactor of Pilton church (bells) 1853, 173
Chichester, Robert: at Pilton 1348, 104; bell donor at Braunton, 192
Chichester, Sir Arthur Knt: Barnstaple 1604, born Raleigh, Barnstaple, 221
Chichester, Sir Arthur, Bart, 20; Barnstaple 1604, 217
Chichester, Sir Bruce, Bart: monument at Mortehoe, 187
Chichester, Sir Bruce, Bart, Arlington Harriers, 81
Chichester, Sir John, Bart, 225
Chichester, Sir John, Knight: monument at Pilton, 195
Chichester, Sir Robert: eldest son of Sir John above, 195
Chudleight, The Major General: builder of Chudleigh Fort, Bideford in Civil War, 62
Clavel, Walter: at Instow in Domesday Book, 139
Cleveland (family): holder of manor at Bideford after 1711, 137
Cleveland, Anna, 225
Cleveland, John, Esq: bought Lundy after 1775, 150
Cleveland, Mrs, Tapeley Court, Instow, 59
Cleveland, The Hon Com, of Tapley, 225
Coblegh, John: monument at Chittlehampton 1480, 199
Cobleigh, Alice: mother of John, monument at Chittlehampton circa 1840, 171
Cobleigh, Henry: father of John, monument at Chittlehampton circa 1840, 171
Cobleigh, John: monument at Chittlehampton circa 1840, 171
Coffin, Mr: paid for foxhead at Hartland Church 1599-1600, 146
Coffin, Sir William, Knt: Bideford 1533, 217; of Portledge 1533, 228
Cooke, Mrs: benefactor of Ilfracombe church (window), 177
Copner, Mrs: Lastone, Hele, Ilfracombe, 42
Courtenay, Margaret, 232
Courtenay, Sir W: of Powderham, father of Gertrude, 195
Courtnay, Gertrude: who married Sir John Chichester, 195
Courtney, Sir Gervaise: married a daughter of Sir William de Tracey, 129
Cowell, Dr John: Barnstaple 1603, 217
Cowell, John, Dr: Barnstaple 1603, born Swimbridge, 221
Crook, John: Proprietor of Valley of Rocks Hotel, Lynton about 1875, 291
Crooke, Captain: at South Molton in Civil War, 155
Cutcliffe, Charles: monument at Ilfracombe died 25 October 1637, 178
Cutcliffe, Grace: monument at Ilfracombe, buried 8 November 1637, 178
Cutcliffe, John: aka Johannes de Rupecissa 1340, 224; Ilfracombe 1340, 217
Cutts, Robert, 225
Davis, John: d 4 Mar 1840 Ilfracombe aged 102 years, 7
Davy, Captain T, Rose Ash Harriers, 81
de Beauchamp, Robert: founder of Frithelstock Priory in 1220, 153
de Berry, William Nerbert: for whom Berrynarbor is named, 123
de Bodrigan, Otho: held Lundy 1327, 149
de Botereuse, William: held Lundy 1328, 149
de Braose, William: Lord of Barnstaple in the reign of Henry II, 109
de Bruer, Ralph: Lord of the Manor at Appledore in Domesday Book, 140
de Carew, Odo: Braunton circa 1200, 135
de Chievre, William: Lord of the Manor at Lynton, in Domesday Book, 114; manor at Lynton, 1066, 112
de Columbers, Philip, Lord: held Lundy 1328, 149
de Crokesleighe, John: referred to in perambulation of the forest of Exmoor, reign of Edward I, 163
de Dinant, Geoffrey: Lord of Hartland in reign og Henry II, 144
de Grenville, Theobold: rioter at Bishops Tawton in July 1347, 107
de Hamme, Peter: referred to in perambulation of the forest of Exmoor, reign of Edward I, 163
de Harleigh, Malcolm: referred to in perambulation of the forest of Exmoor, reign of Edward I, 163
de la Barr: Morinus; held eight acres of land about the Barr, reign of Edward I, 162
de la Putte, Gilbert: referred to in perambulation of the forest of Exmoor, reign of Edward I, 163
de la Zouche, Alan: 1313 North Molton, 157
de Luttrell, Sir John: held Lundy 1337, 149
de Lyn, Reginald: Lord of the manor at Lynton, 113
de Marisco: Herbert; lawsuit 1321, 149
de Marisco (family): Lords of the Manor at Lundy Island C13th, 148
de Marisco, Sir William: grandson of Irish Viceroy 1281, 148
de Marisco, William: pirate captured on Lundy Island 1242, executed at London, 148
de Merton, Richard: rebuilt Great Torrington castle 1340, 152
de Monteforte, Henry: incumbent admitted in 1272 at Ilfracombe, 127
de Nonyton, Baldric: referred to in perambulation of the forest of Exmoor, reign of Edward I, 163
de Plassetts, William: grant of Exmoor from Henry III, 161
de Popham, Hugo: referred to in perambulation of the forest of Exmoor, reign of Edward I, 163
de Seckville, Robert: Lord of the Manors at Braunton from 1201, 135
de Staunton, William: referred to in perambulation of the forest of Exmoor, reign of Edward I, 163
de Totness, Judhael: founder of St Mary Magdalen Priory at Barnstaple, 11th Century, 102; holder of manor and castle at Barnstaple from William I, 1066, 100
de Tours, Martin: Lord of Manor at Combmartin in the reign of Henry I, 115; major landowner in Combe Martin (hence name) in reign of Henry I, 28
de Tracey (family): subsequent holders of Barnstaple manor and castle, 100
de Tracey, Sir William: buried in C12th in Mortehoe, 131; founder of religious house named after St Thomas a Becket, whom he supposedly murdered, 102; monument in Mortehoe Church, 130
de Tracey, William: reputed assassin of Thomas a Becket, 44; son of Sir Gervaise Courtney and Sir William de Tracey's daughter, 129
de Tracy, Sir William: murderer of Archbishop Becket, 129; reputed murderer of Thomas a Becket, 1170, 54
de Tracy, Sir William, founder of Mortehoe Church, 55
de Tracy, William, Rector of Mortehoe, died 1322, 55
de Turingtun, Syr William: Lord of Manor at Torrington (Leland Itinerary), 152
de Vere, Robert, Earl of Oxford: Lord of Manor at Combmartin (Richard II), 115
de Vere, Sir Aubrey: inherited Lundy after 1775, 151
de Wrotham, William: royal forester of Exmoor, reign of King John, 161
de Wyllyington, Ralph, Lord: held Lundy 1333, 149
de Wyllyngton: Sir John; lawsuit 1321, 149
Denys, Elizabeth: monument at Atherington, 170
Denys, Thomas: daughter Elizabeth has monument at Atherington, 170
Deyman, Alice: paid for going to Exon to give evidence against Radegon Yeo 1599-1600, 146
Dicker: organ builder in Exeter circa 1867, 52
Digby, Colonel: headquartered at Torrington in Civil War, 153
Docton, unknown: monument at Stoke Church, Hartland, 203
Dodderidge, Richard: merchant of Barnstaple, father of Sir John Dodderidge, 222
Dodderidge, Sir John, Knt: Barnstaple 1612, 217, 222
Doddington, Sir Francis: September 1644, captured Ilfracombe, 124
Doddridge, Sir John, 102
Dogget, Walter: burgess from South Molton reign of Edward I, 155
Down, JD, Esq, 37
Downe, Anna Maria, 225
Downe, Henry, 225, 226
Downe, Henry (of Burrow), 225
Downe, Henry, MD, 225
Downe, John, 225, 226; Ilfracombe 1614, 217
Downe, John, BD: 1614, son of John Downe of Holsworthy and Joan Jewel (daughter of John Jewel) of Bowden near Berrynarbor rector of Instow, 225
du Bury (family), 31
Edwards, Susan: accused of witchcraft at Bideford in 1682, 138
Fairfax, Sir Thomas: attacked Torrington in 1646, 153
Fane, The Colonel, Clovelly Court, Clovelly, 65
Ferguson: seized vessel at Ilfracombe, 1685, 124
Fiennes, The Hon Richard: held Lundy 1647, 150
Fisher, Thomas: buried in defiance of opposition, 128
Fitz Baldwin, Richard, Baron of Okehampton: founded monastery at Brightley, Chittlehampton in 1133, 159
Fitz Berner, Tedbold: at Saunton Court in Domesday Book, 135
Fitz Robert (family): Lords of the Manor at Torrington from 1070 to reign of Edward I, 152
Fitz-Martin, Nicholas: granted market in Combmartin in 1264, 121
Fitz-Warine (family): Barons, 123
Fitzmartin, Nicholas: granted fair at South Molton from 1357, 155
FitzWarine, Fulk: resided Chittlehampton, 160
FitzWarren, (family): monument at Tawstock church, 197
Fortescue (family): Baronial seat was at Weare Gifford, 153; Manor House at Weare Gifford, 209; Wear Gifford, 63
Fortescue, Richard, Esq: monument at Filleigh 1570, 171
Fortescue, Sir Hugh: monument at Weare Gifford 1637, 209
Fortescue, The Earl, 18; Castle Hill, South Molton, 76
Foster, Mr, architect of Bristol (1860), 39
Fracis, Dorothy: monument at Berrynarbor (on bell), 183
Frier, John: paid for keeping his dogs out of the church 'this yeare' 1597-8, 145
Fultan, Robert: burgess from South Molton reign of Edward I, 155
Garland, Honour: monument at Marwood 1679, 171
Garland, Roger: monument at Marwood 1679, 171
Giffard (family): Manor House at Weare Gifford, 209
Giffard, Colonel John: Barnstaple 1644, 217; Barnstaple 1644, born Brightley, 8 miles S of Barnstaple, 222
Gifford (family): owners of Clovelly in Domesday Book, 142; resided Chittlehampton, 160; tombs at Chittlehampton, 199
Gifford, Arthur: rector of Bideford 1640s, brother of Col John Giffard, 222
Gilbert, Adrian, Esq: discoverer of new lode at Combmartin in reign of Elizabeth I, 116
Goodwyn, Mrs: monument at Ilfracombe, 177
Gorges, The Lord: 1686, 124
Gould, Julian: (wife of Simon) d1817 aged 101 in 75th year of marriage, 57
Gould, Mr R W: restorer of Mortehoe church, 187
Gould, Mr, architect of Barnstaple, 55
Gould, Simon: d1817 aged 101, 57
Gower, Lord: held Lundy 1746, 150
Grafton, Richard: deceased in her Majesty's service, Hartland 1599-1600, 146
Grandison, The Bishop: of Exeter, 61
Granville, Sir John: Great Grandson of Sir Richard Grenville, became Baron Granville of Bideford, earl of Bath after the Restoration, 137
Greenvil, Sir Richard: Lord of the Manor at Bideford from time of Conquest, 136
Gregory, Anthony: Vicar at Braunton 1713, 192
Gregory, Elizabeth, 225
Gregory, The Rev Lewis, 225
Grenvil, Sir Richard: Bideford 1590, 217
Grenvil, Sir Theobald, Knt: Bideford 1350, 217; born Bideford 1350, 229
Grenville, Honora: monument at Atherington, 171
Grenville, Sir Bevil, 240; held Lundy 1661, 149
Grenville, Sir John: monument at Atherington (died 1528), 171
Grenville, Sir Richard: Navigator in reign of Elizabeth I, Lord of the Manor at Bideford, 137; navigator of Bideford, discoverer of Virginia and Carolina, d 1591, 229
Grenville, Sir Theobald: apologised for riot, 1347, 108
Grenville, Sir Thos: father of Honora, 171
Grey (family), 124
Gurnard, Sir Richard: priest who had vision of the Long Bridge at Bideford, 138
Gurney, Sir Richard, parson of Bideford, 61
Guy, Lord Bryan: held Lundy 1390, 149
Halliday, W, Esq: Glenthorne, Watersmeet, 25
Hancock, Edward, Esq: Combmartin, 222
Hancock, Gulielmus: monument at Combmartin 1587, 171
Hancock, William: monument at Combmartin 1587, 181; servant of Sir John Pollard, inheritor of demesne at Combmartin, 116
Hancock. Edward: son of William Hancock inheritor of demesne at Combmartin, Recorder of Exeter, 116
Hankford, Sir Richard: monument at Monkleigh circa 1580, 172
Hankford, Sir William: monument at Monkleigh, imprisoned Prince Henry (later Henry V), 153
Hankford, Sir William KB: Great Torrington 1390, 218
Hankford, Sir William, KB: 1390, 233
Hankford, the Judge: monument at Monkleigh 1422, 172
Harding (family): of Upcott, Pilton, circa 1850, 194
Harding, Dr: Professor of Theology at Louvain, born at Buzzacott in Combmartin, 121
Harding, Dr Thomas: Ilfracombe 1554, 217
Harding, Professor, 102
Harding, Thomas, DD: 1554 born Combmartin, 226
Harris, Hester: mother of Hester Harris (junior), 127
Harris, Hester (junior): baptised 18 April 1729 according to the methods of the Prebyterians in Ilfracombe, 127
Harris, Thomas: father of Hester Harris (junior), 127
Harvey, James, author Meditations among the Tombs, curate of Bideford 1738-9, 61
Haswell, Mr: Preacher paid for preaching at Hartland Church 1599-1600, 146
Hawker, The Rev W: vicar at Morwenstowe C18th, 201
Hayward, Mr, architect of Exeter, 38
Hayward, Mr, Diocesan Architect of Exeter, circa 1830, 52
Heaven, W: owner of Lundy circa 1875, 151
Heaven, W, owner Lundy Island late 19th century, 67
Helps, Miss: 4 Hillsborough Terrace, Ilfracombe, 40
Henry, Dr: letter circa 1618, 128
Herle, Sir John, 123
Herle, Sir William Knt: Ilfracombe 1316, 217
Herle, Sir William, Knt: 1316, 226
Hewling, Captain: Dragoons, 124
Hews, J: Ironmonger Ilfracombe about 1875, 292
Hiern, JG, Esq: living in manor at Barnstaple circa 1875, 101
Hill, Aaron: dramatist, 102
Hooper, Sir Nicholas, Knt: donor of clock in tower at West Down church 1794, 189
Hopton, The Lord: fortified Torrington in 1646, 153
Hugh, Lord de Depenser: granted Lundy 1321, 149
Hughes, C E, Cabinet Maker Ilfracombe about 1875, 290
Hunt, Sir Vere: bought Lundy after 1775, 150
Husbande, George: paid xiid for three bullett bagges at Hartland in 1597-8, 145
Hussell, Edward: Grocer Ilfracombe about 1875, 286
Huxtable, Arthur: Wine Merchant Ilfracombe about 1875, 283
Huxtable, R: Estate Agent Ilfracombe about 1875, 290
Incledon (family): of Pilton 1850s, 194
Incleton, Lewis: of Braunton, 1848, 119
Ivatt, Mrs: monument at Combmartin 1632, 181
James, Earl of Wiltshire: held Lundy 1460, 149
Jewel, John, Bishop of Salisbury: 1560, 226; Ilfracombe 1560, 217
Jewell, John, Bishop of Salisbury b1522, 31
Jewell, The Bishop, 102, 121; born Bowden, Berrynarbor 1521, 123
John, Earl of Bath: father of Elizabeth Bowcer, 190
Jones, John C: Shoe Maker Ilfracombe about 1875, 292
Keall, M A: Proprietor of The Queen's Hotel, Ilfracombe about 1875, 281
Keene, Deborah: monument at Braunton bapt 24 February 1624, unmarried, buried 31 December 1694, owner of Manor at Braunton, 192
Knight, F, Esq: Simonsbath, 26
Knight, Mr: purchaser of land on Exmoor, 1822, 164
la Zouche, Roger: granted Manor at North Molton by King John, ancestor of Poltmore family, 156
Lacy, The Bishop: 1430, Ilfracombe, 126
Lee, NV, Esq: left £600 to Holy Trinity, Ilfracombe, died before 1875?, 38
Lee, Thomas: arhitect, monument at Mortehoe, 187
Ley, Joan: monument at Ilfracombe died July 1759, 179
Lloyd, Temperance: accused of witchcraft at Bideford in 1682, 138
Lovell, Sir Robert: held Lundy 1390, 149
Lovering, W: Lynton, 27
Lovet, Henry: Lord of the manor at Lynton, 113
Lovett (family): monument at Tawstock, 197
Maltravers, Sir John: bought Lundy after 1775, 151
Marshall (family): of Pilton 1850s, 194
Martin (family): Lords of Manor at Combmartin, 115
Martin (family, Lords): Lords of Barnstaple, 109
Martin, Sir Richard: Lord Mayor of London circa 1593, 117
Martin, The Lords: holders of Barnstaple manor after the de Traceys, 100
Martyn (family), 123
Matthews, Thomas: vicar at Ilfracombe 1654, 126
Miles, Thomas Graynfylde: monument at St Mary's, Bideford, 206
Milton, George, Vicar of Ilfracombe 1602, 126
Monk, George: acquired Torrington Manor from Charles II, 152; Duke of Albemarle, born near Bideford 1660, 230
Monk, George, Duke of Albemarle: Bideford 1660, 217
Montacute, William, Lord: held Lundy 1328, 149
Moreman, John, DD: Hartland 1529, 218
Morley (family): residence in North Molton, 77
Morton, John: Rector of Ilfracombe 24 May 1439, made will 9 September 1457, 127
Musgrove, Dr, 102
Myghels, Hugo: monument at Clovelly 1540, 171
Ness, The Rev J D: Vicar at Mortehoe, 187
Ness, The Rev John Derby: Rector of Mortehoe Church circa 1875, 54
Neville (family), 124
Northcote (family): monument at Tawstock, 197
O'Connor (family): children of Mrs Goodwyn at Ilfracombe, 177
Orchard, Thomasin, 232
Parminter, Catherine: monument at at Ilfracombe 1660., 177
Parmynter, Henry: married Mary Sommers 26 September 1654, 126
Paulet, Anne, 232
Peters, Hugh: famous' preacher in 1646;, 153
Phillips, Daniel, Esq, 225
Phillips, Elizabeth, 225
Pile, John: d 17 May 1784 Ilfracombe, aged 100 years, 7
Pillar, E G: Head Master at laburnum House School Ilfracombe about 1875, 294
Pine, Elinor: monument at Marwood 1667, 171
Polglass, Margaret, 226
Polglass, William, 226
Polke, Sir R: bought Lundy after 1775, 150
Pollard, Hugh, Esq: kept stag hounds on Exmoor 1598, 164
Pollard, Sir John: son of Sir Richard, 115
Pollard, Sir Lewis, Knt: 1505, 234; Great Torrington 1505, 218
Pollard, Sir Richard: Lord of Manor at Combmartin (Henry II), 115
Poltimore, The Lord: residence in North Molton, 77
Poltmore (family): North Molton, 156
Portsmouth, The Lord, owner of South Molton Foxhounds, 81
Prince, The Rev John: author, memorial in Holy Trinity, Ilfracombe, 38
Pruste, George: paid for carriage at Hartland in 1597-8, 145
Punchardon (family), 59
Pyne, Ralph: Lord of the manor at Woolhanger, 113
Raleigh (family): at Pilton before 1350, 104
Raleigh, William, Bishop of Winchester: 1240, born Raleigh, Pilton, 223; Barnstaple 1240, 217
Ravenshaw, The Rev TF: Rector of Pewsey, Wiltshire, formerly Curate at Ilfracombe, circa 1875, 168
Richard, Monk of Cirencester: circa 1350, 89
Richards, Jane: d 13 Jun 1875 Ilfracombe aged 101 years, 7
Richards, Mrs, Hunter's Inn, Martinhoe, 81
Riddell, WK, Esq: Glen Lyn, Lynton, 23
Risdon, Giles: Devonshire historian, born St Giles, 153
Risdon, Tristram: 1630, 234; Great Torrington1630, 218
Roberts, Mr Richard: landowner at Combmartin in reign of Elizabeth I, 116
Rolle, The Hon Mark, of Stevenstone, owner of Torrington Foxhounds, 81
Rolle, The Lord: constructed canal to Torrington in 1823-4, 75
Rosier, John: Attorney, monument at Swimbridge 1658, 204
Rudd, Captain: benefactor of St Mary's Church, Bideford, 205
Salmon, Thomas: monument at Pilton C19th, 172
Score: common name on Exmoor, 162
Scott, Sir George Gilbert, RA, 16
Scott, The Rev JJ: Ilfracombe 1847, 17
Scougall, H B: monument at Ilfracombe (former curate), 177
Seyntleger, James, Esq: monument at Monkleigh 1509, 172
Sidney, Sir Philip, 124
Smith, Mr J, Trentishoe Combe, 81
Smith, Mr, South Molton Harriers, 81
Soaper, William: d 6 Nov 1804 Ilfracombe aged 103 years, 7
Somers, Mary: married Henry Parmynter 26 September 1654, 126
Somers, Nicholas, 126
St Aubin, Sir Mauger: Lord of the Manor at Pickwell, Georgeham, reigns of Edward I and Henry III, 132
St John (family): monument at Tawstock, 197
Stabb, Lieut.: monument at Ilfracombe, 177
Stanberry, John, Bishop of Hereford: Barnstaple 1448, 217, 223
Stanbury, Richard: monument at Ilfracombe, buried 1741, 179
Stansfield, James, Home Office, Whitehall, May 1872, 35
Stapledon, Walter, Bishop of Exeter: 1307, 235
Stapledon, William, Bishop of Exeter: Great Torrington 1307, 218
Stapleton, the Bishop: visited Stoke Abbey, Hartland in 1319, 144
Stevenstone, Walter: kept stag hounds on Exmoor 1700, 165
Stewart, W, publisher, Ilfracombe 1850s onwards, 36
Stiff, W, Esq: bought Lundy after 1775, 151
Stone, W, Esq: 1855, endowed Holy Trinity, Ilfracombe, 38
Stowford, Sir John: 1341, 227
Stowford, The Judge, 19; builder of causeway connecting Pilton and Barnstaple in the reign of Edward III, 104
Strange, John: four times mayor of Bideford, d 1646, monument at St Mary's, Bideford, 206
Strange, John, merchant of Bideford, 61
Strange, John, merchant of Bideford, 1646, 60
Strange, John, merchant of Bideford, founded Alms Houses in Bideford in 1646, 62
Stucley (family): monument at St Mary's, Bideford, 206
Stucley, George: benefactor of Stoke Church, Hartland, 201
Stucley, Sir G, Bart, Hartland Abbey, 82
Syncocke, Roger: paid for mending parts of church at Hartland in 1597-8, 145
Thomas, Earl of Ormonde and Carrick: held Lundy 1488, 149
Tout, Mr, Burrington Harriers, 81
Tracey, William: Rector of Mortehoe in C14th, 130; Rector of Mortehoe, 1322, 131
Tracy (family); Lord of the manor at Countisbury, 113; Lords of Barnstaple, 109
Tracy, Joan: married Judge Stowford, 228
Trembles, Mary: accused of witchcraft at Bideford in 1682, 138
Turner, John Barnard, Esq: Hon Sec Cottage Garden Society in Ilfracombe 1837-1858, died 1858, 40
Vagges, Nanny: (widow) b 19 Jun 1758 d 6 Oct 1859 Ilfracombe, 7
Velly, John: monument at Stoke Church, Hartland d 7 December 1694, 203
Wade, Colonel: seized vessel at Ilfracombe, 1685, 124
Wade, Major: fought at Battle of Sedgemoor, escaped via Lynton, 1685, 114
Wainwright, Mr, Barnstaple Grammar School, 86
Waldon, Richard: paid for going to Exon to give evidence against Radegon Yeo 1599-1600, 146
Waller, William, 240
Warren: Sir John Borlase; bought Lundy in 1775, 150
Webber, C, Esq: of Buckland House, near Braunton, reign of Charles I, 118
Westcot, Abbot of Hartland, 232
Westcot, John: Barnstaple 1318, 217, 223; Hartland 1318, 218
Westcot, Thomas: 1414, born Westcot, married heiress of Sir Thomas Littleton of Frankley, Worcs, 224
Westcott, Frances: monument at Berrynarbor 1648, 184
Westcott, George: monument at Berrynarbor 1648, 184
Westcott, Mary: monument at Berrynarbor buried 31 January 1648, 184
White, W: Ilfracombe 1870, 17
White, W, Esq: architect, restorer of West Down church 1870s, 188
Whyte (family): of Pilton 1850s, 194
Wichehalse (family): owner of manors near Lynton circa 1539, 114
Wichehalse, Jennifried, 240
Willcock, Henry: father of Henry who died 1720, 203; monument at Stoke Church, Hartland buried 19 June 1720 aged 24, 203
Willcock, Honour: mother of Henry who died 1720, 203
William, Earl of Salisbury: held Lundy 1349, 149
Williams, Sarah (nee Lord): d 13 Jan 1788 Ilfracombe aged 107 years, 7
Willis, Brown: quoted in notes about Hartland pertaining to C13th, 147
Winter, Robert: paid for work at Hartland Church 1599-1600, 146
Wivell, Thomas D: Grocer Ilfracombe about 1875, 294
Woolacombe, Robert: 1590, 228; Ilfracombe 1590, 217
Wrey, Sir Bourchier: Lord of Barnstaple, 109
Wrey, Sir Bourchier Palk, Bart, 123; further enlargements to pier and landing stage, 46
Wrey, Sir Bourchier Park, Bart: completed enlargement of Ilfracombe Pier, 1829, 45
Wrey, Sir Bourchier, Bart: Ilfracombe Pier 1760, enlarged 1824, 45
Wrey, Sir BP, Bart, 19
Wymondham, William: mining at Combmartin in reign of Edward I, 116
Yeo, Radegon: arraigned for murder of her child 1599-1600, 146