Surname Index to

Beauties of the Shore

or A Guide to the Watering Places on the South East Coast of Devon


Rev. D.M. Stirling

Exeter, W. Roberts (printer) (1838) vi + 191pp + 6pp list of subscribers + 3 pages of adverts.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Rev D M Stirling was an eminent topographical writer on a number of locations in Devon during the early Victorian period. As well as this guide, he was author of The Torquay and Teignmouth Guide; a History of Newton Abbot (1830), and papers on Uplyme and Farway. The first local guidebooks began to appear in the Westcountry in the 1790's and Stirling's is a reasonably early example. They provided practical information for those who wished to explore the area, although historical information (including extensive genealogies) was not omitted. This particular book is more like a Directory than a Guide. Watering places on the southeast coast of Devon quickly became famous in the Georgian period not only for sea bathing, but in many cases as winter residences for those suffering pulmonary complaints, the climate being mild, and the towns and villages being sheltered from the easterly winds. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the Bodleian Library collection and can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Abercrombie, Hon Alexander154
Aberdein, R H Esq180, 193
Ackerman, Mr2
Ackland, Arthuro95
Adams, Rev P178
Adelaide, Queen179
Addis, F Esq113
Addis, Maria113
Agevill, Wido de14
Albemarle, Sir Ingeraldo134
Albemarle, Sir Reginaldo de134
Albo Rivo, Richard de129
Alford, Mrs Frances93
Alfred, G, LL, RN27
Alston, C T Esq113
Anderson, Sir Edmund169
Anderson, Mr G193
Anne, Queen37-8, 42,132
Anning, Mrs51
Anstis, Elizabeth42
Anstis, Rev George42, 50, 63
Anstis, M50
Antoninus Pius28
Arscot family137
Arthur, G63
Arthur, J125, 193
Arundell, Sir Humphry171
Ashe, Henry de (also de Esse)30 61, 88
Asherton, Nicholas de121
Ashford family81, 172
Atkinson, Hannah93-4
Audley, Lady121
Austen, H128
Avanel family165
Avant, Joanna108
Avant, Judith108
Avant, Rev Phillip108
Babington, Rev Richard163
Bach, Nicholas16
Bacon77, 148
Baker, F Esq121
Baker, Mr140
Baker, T115
Baker, W, gent32, 193
Baldwine, Baron30
Balister, Galfride de134
Balister, Joan de134
Bampfield, Agnes103
Bampfield, Edward104
Bampfield, John162
Bampfield, W Esq103-4
Banister, Akic Gilbert164
Banister, Robert Esq164
Barnard, Mrs121
Barnes, Rev Frederick DD52, 57, 59, 63, 193
Barret, T Esq148
Barry, H16
Bartlett, Anne103
Bartlett, Mrs Eadith104
Bartlett, Mr Ellis. gent102-4
Bartlett family25, 103-4
Bartlett, Mary104
Bartlett, Mr R C16, 20, 24-5
Bartlett, Robert24
Bartlett, Samuel Esq101, 104
Bartlitt, C Esq3
Bartlett, William103-4
Barton, H Esq38, 63
Barton, Margaretta38
Basleigh, Mr James179
Basleigh, Mr T179
Basset, Elizabeth162
Basset Family64, 152
Bassett, Sir Robert (Basset)162
Basset, Sir T64
Bastin, Mr144-5, 193, 201
Bath, John Earl of (Granville)92
Batut, Captain J58
Bawceyn family65
Baynes, Mrs General122
Beach, G Esq (should read G Black)150, 201
Beard, Ann Maria159
Beard C Esq159
Beed, ___193
Beed, Miss69
Beed, Thomas gent51, 71
Belfield, Elizabeth154
Belfield, Serjeant154
Bell, Dr151
Bell, Mr150, 193
Berry, J115
Bertie, Rev C174
Bethel, Mrs & Miss121
Bigberry, Sir W92
Bigby, W H Esq113
Bishop, Mr167, 193
Bittlesgate family65
Bittlesgate, G121
Bittlesgate, T65
Bittlesgate, Jane65
Blackford, Muriel de74
Blagdon, John Esq171
Blaincombe, Gilbert de172
Blaincombe, Stephen de172
Blake, Mr167
Blake, R AM93
Blaze, Bishop138
Boalsh, T G193
Boles, General146, 193
Bolton, Lord114
Boniface, Hannah108
Bonvill, Sir N100
Bonville family29, 35, 61, 65, 88, 100
Bonville, Nicholas de69
Bonville, Sir W29, 67, 95-6, 157
Booth, J81
Bourchier family165
Bours, Elizabeth58
Bradford, Humphry86
Bradford, Rev John193
Bradshaw, G Esq114
Bradshaw, Mrs Colonel121
Branscombe, R67, 101
Branscombe, T106
Brantyngham, Bishop65
Bray, Lord87
Brerewood, Rev Thomas51-2, 60, 63
Breton, W Esq24
Brett family75
Brewer, Bishop129, 159
Brewer family133
Bridges family102
Briant, Fulco de (also Fulk de Breant)170
Briant, Mable (or Margaret)170
Broadwood, Isaiah159
Brown, Captain145
Brown, J115
Brown, Mr W, gent2, 133, 193
Brownlow, Louisa154
Brownlow, Rt Hon William154
Buckerell family133
Buckland, George193
Budleigh, Johannes de134
Bulkworth, Sir R de76
Buller, Sir John Buller Yarde, MP182, 193
Buller, Miss199
Buller, Mrs145, 193
Buller, R63
Burn, Mr193
Burnaford, P63
Burnard, Frances75
Burnard, John Esq75
Burroughs, Rev125
Bury, J79
Butcher, E115
Callander, Mr James47
Callard, Major149
Callard, Mary59
Callard, Mrs20
Campbell, John Esq140
Cann, T Esq3, 193
Canute, King106
Capel, John Lord161
Carbonell, William157
Carew family20
Carew, Sir Gawen20, 171
Carew, H Esq122
Carew, Sir Peter19
Carpenter, Mr136
Carpenter, W Esq180, 193
Carrington, Mrv
Carslake, Elizabeth115
Carslake, John Esq115-6, 121
Cave, S MD149
Cawsey, Mr115-6, 193
Chapman family58
Chapman, Joseph, MA58
Chapman, W115
Chard family178
Chard, Mr John178
Chard, Thomas176, 178
Charles I32, 75, 125, 149, 169, 173
Charles II30, 37, 115, 131, 157, 160
Charter, C Esq11
Chatham, Earl of28
Cheek, Mrs Alic Gilbert164
Cheek, Mr16
Cheek, Rev N M,164
Chichester, Alis75
Chichester, Elizabeth161
Chichester family78
Chichester, Johannis (John)75, 78, 161
Chichester, Sir John161
Chicure, W65
Cirencester, Richard of181
Cholmley, H Esq149
Cholmondely family96
Churchill, Mrs Anne103
Churchill, Elizabeth32
Churchill, Sir John32
Churchill, Sir Winston32
Cirencester, Richard of7
Clapp, John43, 179
Clark, J Esq122
Clarke, Mrs179
Claville family152
Claville, Walterii de152
Cleveland19-20, 174
Clinton, Robert George William, Bt132
Clode, Mr P144, 193
Cockburn, Very Rev Dr116
Code family61
Coffin, Alice29
Coffin, Elias29
Cole, Agnes152
Cole, John152
Cole, Robert79
Coles, Captain50, 193
Colleton, Sir John Bt154
Collins family86
Collins, William, gent87
Collwyll, Hubert20
Colwell, Ralph87
Collyer, Catherine26
Collyer, Rev T26
Collyns, Anne85
Collyns, T63
Collyns, William85
Colwill family (Colwell)87-8
Colwill, Henry de87
Colwill, John87
Colwill, Philip87
Colwill, Thomas87
Colwill, William de87
Commin, Mr Peter193
Comyns, Rev George17
Comyns, Rev T194
Conant, John125
Coney, Rev Mr172
Constance, Bishop of90
Cook, John123
Coplestone, Arthur Edward85
Coplestone, Charles134
Copleston, Bishop Edward84, 87
Coplestone, Ellen85
Coplestone family65, 84, 134
Copplestone, Harriet85
Coplestone, Rev John Bradford85-6
Coplestone, Rev J G85, 88, 169, 194
Cornish, Mr C106, 122
Cornish, Hubert108
Cornish, J C Esq116
Cornish, Rev James49, 108
Cornwall, Earl of170
Cornwall, Robert Earl of170
Cornwall, William Earl of170
Courant, Mr gent194
Cousins, S, ARA194
Courtenay, Sir Edward64
Courtenay family19, 30, 57, 59, 90, 143
Courtenay, Sir Henry64, 67
Courtenay, Sir Hugh20, 64, 67-8, 95, 170
Courtenay, J128
Courtenay, James128
Courtenay, John Lord30
Courtenay, Margaret59, 76
Courtenay, Bishop Peter172, 174
Courtenay, Sir Thomas76, 87
Courtenay, William67
Courtrice, Rev J114
Courtrice, Rev O114
Cowley, Mr O125
Cowley, S Esq114
Cox, Elizabeth94
Cox, J J Esq180
Cragg family161
Crawley, A Esq113
Creswell, W Esq108
Crewe, Anthony151, 154
Crimes family151
Cromwell, Oliver86
Croome, Rev ___139
Crossing family128
Crossing, Mr R128
Crowther, Captain (Major)138, 194
Cunningham, James Esq161
Cunningham, Major121
Currie, James, MD, FRS114
Curtis, Rev J125
Cutler, Henry Esq155
Cuttler family152
Dagvill, Allan14
Dagvill, Amisia14
Dalditch, Roger de96, 137
Dallas, General146, 194
Damarell family35
Damarell, Margaret157
Damarell, Sir W157
D'Arcy, John Esq194
Dare, E Rose27
Dare, Mr T16
Davey, Mrs Albion179
Davey, Mrs E179
Davidson, James Esq8, 18, 26, 28, 69, 184, 194
Davie, Sir J66
Davis, Mr194
Dawbeney, Dorothy75
Dawbeney, Hugh75
Dawson, P Esq194
Dawson, Mrs R121
Day, Mr155
Dean, Rev A63
Dean, Rev J115
Deffles, Caroline114
Dene, Rev A194
Dennis family133, 150
Dennis, Miss194
Dennys, Anne135
Dennys, Elizabeth135, 154
Dennys, Margaret150
Dennys, N Esq154
Dennys, Sir Robert134, 150
Dennys, Sir Thomas135, 150
Devon, Earl of (Courtenay)19, 30, 65, 68, 90, 146, 172
Devon, Isabel Countess of171
Devonshire, John of32
Devonshire, S Esq181
Dewdney, J S Esq194
Dimock, Engaret75
Dimock, Walter75
Dinham, Emma74
Dinham family157, 159
Dinham, Sir John157
Dinham, Lord87
Dinham, Oliver de157
Dinham, Sir R74
Divett, Edward Esq, MP152, 155-6
Divett, John Esq199
Divett, Mrs199
Dorset, Marquis & Marquise of35, 100
Dort, Frances Maria138
Dowai, Walterii de152
Downe family24
Downe, Hugh de24
Downe, Isabella de24
Downe, Pascasius de24
Downe, Ralph de (also Radulphus de)24
Drake, Agnes152
Drake, Amy30
Drake, Sir Bernard, Bt30-1, 33, 91, 151
Drake, Dorothy33
Drake, Elizabeth32
Drake, Rev E H151
Drake family30, 33, 59-61, 65, 87, 100, 107, 149, 158, 172
Drake, F H A Esq51, 65
Drake, Sir Francis, Bt30-2, 158
Drake, Sir Francis Trayton Fuller Elliot, Bt158
Drake, Gilbert149
Drake, Henry100
Drake, Jane31
Drake, John Esq (also the younger)25, 30, 32-3, 65, 91, 151-2
Drake, Sir John31-3, 172
Drake, Dame Judith31, 33
Drake, Lady25
Drake, Richard30
Drake, Robert, amg.97, 100, 149
Drake, R R116
Drake, W59
Drake, Walrond33
Drake, Sir William31, 33
Drax, Thomas Erle Esq16
Drew, Mrs151
Drury, Dr146
Duff, J A Esq113
Duff, Admiral Robert113
Dupe, John152
Dupe, Katerin152
Dupe, Matilda152
Dupe, William152
Duke, Anne103
Duke, Elizabeth126
Duke family103, 121, 128-9, 137
Duke, Margaret103
Duke, Mrs172
Duke, Richard Esq103, 126, 137
Duke, Robert Esq128
Duke, Sarah128
Dules, B79
Dun, Sir A135
Dun, Elinor171
Dun, Elizabeth135
Dun, J171
Dunstanville, Sir A64
Ebford, Ralph de159
Edes, J63
Edward I74, 76, 96, 109, 134, 159, 162, 164, 168, 170
Edward II66, 74, 95, 159, 168
Edward III9, 20, 35, 54, 69, 74, 78, 87, 90, 101, 110, 121, 142, 157,
162, 172 
Edward IV59, 121, 142, 157, 161
Edward V63
Edward VI20, 171
Edwards, Mr29
Elizabeth I20, 30, 64, 67, 75-6, 91, 110, 158, 173
Ellicote, Rev Mr180
Elliott, Major General148
Elton, Sir A, Bt76
Elton, Bridget173
Elton, Edward Esq76
Elton, Edward Marwood Esq45, 67, 75-7, 79, 169-70, 173, 194
Elton family78, 80
Elton, Frances76
Elton, John Esq173
Elwill, Sir James Bt151
England, Lieutenant General149
England, M J149
Ercedecne, A171
Ercedecne, T171
Erle family16, 18
Erle, Thomas21-2
Erle, Walter Esq21
Erle, Sir Walter16, 22
Ethelston, Rev C194
Ethelstone, Rev R E27
Evans, Mr W194
Eveleigh family31
Eveleigh, Judith31
Eveleigh, Mr115, 194
Ewins, Miss (Ewens)145, 150, 194
Exeter, Henry Marquis of30, 90
Eyre, S Esq148
Fairfax, General170
Farrant, Mr2, 29
Farrant, Mr J116, 124
Farrant, Mr K124
Farrant, Mr R116
Farrant & Sons116
Fellows, Rev Henry166
Forster, W F Esq113
Farquhar, J Esq38
Fellowes, Rev H116
Fisacre, Martin4
Fish, T L Esq117-8, 120
Fishacre, Alice4
Fishacre family4, 57
Fisher, J63
Flamank, W Esq194
Flemming family90
Flemming, Sir W90
Fley, Rev John177
Flood, Mr C32, 178, 194
Flood, Mr J194
Flood, Lott & Lott, Messrs181
Flood & Mules, Messrs180
Folaquier, F115
Follett, Abraham Esq106, 115
Follett, Messrs106
Follett, Miss107
Follett, W Esq194
Follett, Sir W W, Bt, MP194
Ford, de la family61
Ford, Sir Henry157
Ford, James DD154
Ford, N Esq194
Forda, John de32
Forrest, Sir D146, 199
Forrester, Bridget27
Forrester, John Esq27
Forrester, J J Esq27
Fortibus, Isabella de170
Foster, Mr James144, 194
Fotheringhay, A Esq149
Fotheringhay, Elizabeth149
Fowler, Mr174, 176
Franklin family (Franklyn)76
Franklin, Peter87
Franklin, William87
Fraser, Charlotte38
Fraser, John Esq38
Freeman, Admiral W P Williams26
Freeman, Mr140, 195
Freeman, Rev S178
Frost, Mr179
Frye family90
Fuller, Dr132
Gale, Dr7-8
Gale, Mr W N116, 124
Gardiner family93
Gates, Sir T69
Gattey, Rev Joseph145, 195
Gent, Mr Baron169
George III19
Gerrard, J C Esq181
Gibson, Rev Robert115, 195
Gidley, G Esq116
Gidley, L Esq180
Giffard, Emma74
Giffard family133
Giffard, Sir Walter74
Gifford, Charles Esq149, 195
Gifford, Mrs144
Gilbert family87
Gill, Mr John50, 174
Gill, William Esq172, 174
Gillet, George Esq51
Gillot, C Esq195
Glasscot, Rev C A5
Glubb, Rev J133
Good, E14
Good, Mr2, 11
Gordon family100
Gordon, Charles Esq95-7, 100, 169, 194
Gosnell, R gent110
Gould, Captain86
Gould, D Esq180
Gould, J, AM93
Gould, Letitia93
Graham, J Esq148
Graham, Margaret148
Graham, T Esq148
Granville, Amy30
Granville, Lady Elizabeth92
Granville family97
Granville, Roger30
Gray family, Dukes of Suffolk96, 169
Gray, Henry157
Greg, J64
Griffith, Rev Mr150
Gullock, Mr115, 195
Gundrev, Mrs J115
Gundry, F Esq33
Guppy, Edward Esq192
Guppy, J Esq94
Guppy, W Esq91, 160, 192
Hack, John165
Hake, Janet122
Hake, John122
Hall, Adam de la90
Hall, Honour108
Hall, Learick de la90
Hall, Mr116
Hall, Rev J108
Hallett family18
Hallett, J H Esq6, 11, 15
Hallett, Jane19
Hallett, John Esq18-9, 22
Hallett, John Hothersall Esq19, 21, 195
Hallett, Richard Esq19, 21
Hallett, Rev Richard17
Hallett, Rev R H19
Halse, Mr17, 150
Hamilton, Elizabeth F133
Hancock, Mrs121
Harbin, Mrs2
Harding, Elizeus118, 176
Hardy, Rev C113
Harlewin, J121
Harlewin, Walter Esq114, 121
Harris, Mr W G124
Harrison, J Esq121
Harvey, Mr116, 195
Harvey, Mr T195
Hastings, Henry76
Hatche, Thomas95
Hatherly, W63
Hawker, John72
Hay, Catherine113
Hay, Sir John113
Haydon family66, 159
Haydon, George Esq65
Head, John Esq2-5
Head, William Esq3-5, 195
Hearder family107-8
Hearder, Sir Isaac107-8
Hearder, W Esq137
Heathfield, Lord158
Heathfield, Thomas Esq159
Hedraunt, John105
Heineken, N S115
Helion family (Hilion)66, 91
Henry I134, 157, 170
Henry II14, 24, 64, 76, 137, 147, 157, 161
Henry III14, 19, 35, 66, 87-8, 90, 96, 100, 121, 137, 161-2, 172
Henry V20
Henry IV16, 126
Henry V55, 109, 126
Henry VI55, 90, 121-2, 126
Henry VII20, 157, 161
Henry VIII4, 11, 20, 25, 30, 55, 62-3, 95, 110, 125-6, 137
Hill, J Esq144, 199
Hilman, R Esq194
Hind, T Esq194
Hine, ___ Esq147
Hoare, Mr J194
Hoare, Sir R9
Hobson, Rev J121, 124, 194
Hodge, Mr T, senr & junr71, 116, 124, 194
Hogg, J115
Holbeame, Elizabeth161
Holbeame family161
Holbeame, John161
Holcombe de la, family102
Holcombe, Gilbert24, 102
Holcombe, J Esq24
Holdsworth, A H Esq194
Holdsworth, Richard Esq194
Hole, de la102
Holland, E C Esq181
Holmes, Rev F3
Holmes, T64
Holwell, Edward Esq154
Holwell, W, MD159
Home, John Esq113
Hook, Mr J116, 124
Hoptoun, Sir Ralph86
Horcombe, W de162
Horndon, Rev David134, 194
Hoskins, C90
Hoskins, Joan90
Hossack, J Esq148
Hothersall, Meliora19
Hothersall, Richard19
How, Rev James AM64, 97, 101
How, John M Esq50, 88, 95-7
How, Miss67
How, Rev J177
How, Rev S67
How, Rev T, AM97
Howe, Elizabeth36
How(e) family62, 67
Howe, Jane36
Howe, Miss89
Howe, Roger, Esq36, 61
Hucks, Joseph154
Hughes, Rev J178
Hughes, W115
Huish family (Huyshe)161-2, 164-5
Huish, Mr161
Hull, T W Esq149
Hull, W63
Hull, W T Esq149, 153, 199
Humphraville, Willielmo35
Hungerford, Catherine76
Hungerford family87
Hungerford, Walter Lord76
Hunt, Robert Esq160
Hunter, John Esq114
Huntingdon, Henry Earl of87
Hussey, Mr J B167, 179
Hutchins, Mr92
Hutchinson, A Esq, MD116
Hutchinson, R63
Huyshe, Elizabeth164
Huyshe, Francis164
Huyshe, Jane164
Huyshe, Lydon164
Huyshe, Rowland161
Huyshe, Sarah164
Impey, Captain, RN6, 69, 194
Inglish, Fanny39
Isaack, A124
Isaack family77
Isles, Mr116
Jackson family152
Jackson, Mr155
Jackson, Catherine165
Jackson, Helena165
Jackson, Thomas Esq165
Jamee, W115
James I67, 91, 110, 151, 154
James II31
James, P N Esq121
Janitor, Joan134
Janitor, John134
Jardine, G Esq149
Jeffery, G Esq116
Jenkin(s) family165, 178
Jenkins, J G Esq116, 122, 194
Jenkins, J Hatch Esq148
Jenkins, Joseph Esq166
Jenkins, Mrs Joan165
Jenkins, Thomas Esq16, 110, 122, 165
Jenkins, Rev William, AM113-4, 122, 124, 165, 194
Jew, Roger68
Jewe, Julian74
Jewe, T74
John, King32, 64-5, 71, 109, 126, 170
Jones, ___, gent27
Jones, Edward Kendall Esq138
Jones, John, gent27
Jones, Martha27
Jones, Mr116
Jones, Mary27
Jones, Rev T85-6
Jorden, Agnes126
Kean, ___ Esq (should read Kane)150, 201
Kebby, Mr29
Kennaway, Sir John Bt169
Kent, Duke & Duchess of122
Keppel family61
Kerridge, Rev J, MA50
Kiddel, B115
Kingdon, H G Esq194
Kingdom, W F Esq51, 194
Kingdon, W J Esq2, 71
Kinglake, Mrs32
Kingstone, Isabell121
Kingstone, R de121
Kirkham, Sir John176
Kirkpatrick, Mrs199
Knight, Mr179, 196
Knight, W Esq29, 175
Knolle, Adam de90
Knolle, John90
Knolle, R de Abber90
Knovil, Ann171
Knovil, Elinor171
Knovil, Sir G de171
Knovil, Sir John de170
Knowle, John161
Lacy, Bishop9
Lacey, J115
Lackington, Mr140
Land, ___ Esq150
Langsford, Mr150
Langton, Archbishop129
Lapslode, Ralph162
Larcombe, Mr196
Lathy, Mr E178
Lee, Dorothy109
Lee, Edward Esq196
Lee, Eleanor108
Lee family159
Lee, G109
Lee, Mr179
Lee, Mr J178
Lee, James109
Lee, Jane105
Lee, Mary108
Lee, Mr167
Lee, Mrs121
Lee, Robert Esq105, 108
Lee, Mr William125, 174, 176, 196
Lega, Phillipus de (Leigh)95
Lega, Willielmus (Leigh)95
Lego, Johannes de (Leigh)95
Leicester, Lady Anne135
Leicester, Earl of135
Leigh, Anne26
Leigh, Christian95
Leigh family27, 88, 95
Leigh, John Esq103
Leigh, Mrs115
Leigh, Mrs Mary103
Leigh, Thomas Esq26, 95
Leigh, W Esq196
Leigh, Sir William de88, 95, 107
Leland9, 13, 29, 35, 100, 110, 125, 136, 142
Lely, P81
Lempriere, Philip Esq159
Lewis, John178
Lewis, John Charde Esq178
Lewis, Rev Richard, MA43, 94, 177, 196
Liddon, Captain RN48-9, 64, 196
Lindlay, D Esq148
Lisburn, Lady Anne92
Lisburn, John Viscount92, 143
Lisle, Mary113
Lisle, R Esq113
Long family60
Long, Elizabeth60
Loraine, Claude52
Loterel, Sir A65
Loterell, John172
Lott, H B Esq178, 196
Louseda, E Esq120, 124, 196
Loventhorp, T Esq149
Loveridge, Mr67
Lowman family91
Lucy, Morrice de76
Lyte, Rev H F182
Mackno, Mr179
Maclaurin, J C, MD148
Maction family61
Mainwaring family61
Mainwaring, Christopher Esq110
Mallent, Mable de170
Mallent, Robert Earl of170
Mallock family24
Mallock, Miss89
Mallock, R24
Mallock, T24
Mallock, W16, 24
Mann, Sir Horace96
Manning, G Esq124
Manwaring, Sir Arthur135, 150
Manwaring, Margaret135, 150
Marchant, N Esq113
March, Earl of142
Marker, Rev T94, 97
Marlow, W82
Marracs, E Esq131
Marracs, Margaret131
Marshall, Bishop112, 128
Martin, Richard129
Martyn, Lady Margaret162
Marwood, Benedictus77, 83
Marwood, Mrs Bridget75, 78
Marwood family60, 67, 75-6, 78, 80, 89
Marwood, Frances75-6, 89
Marwood, James Esq75-8, 83
Marwood, James MD77
Marwood, James Thomas Benedictus, Esq75-6, 78
Marwood, Joan75
Marwood, John Esq75, 89, 161, 170
Marwood, Robert Esq78, 83
Marwood, Sarah75, 77
Marwood, Temperance75
Marwood, Dr Thomas173
Marwood, Thomas Esq75, 77-8
Mary, Queen64
Mary, Queen of Scots118
Maundeville, Roger de157
Maundeville, Stephen de157
Maurice, Prince18
Maynard, J178
Mayne, Mr C D196
Mayne, Mr H196
Mayne, Mrs Rebecca196
Melluish, J Esq181
Middleton, P Esq148
Miller, Anna Maria138
Miller, Miss150
Milles, Dean150
Mills, Elizabeth37
Mills, John Esq37
Minshull, Rev J114, 124
Mitchell, B Esq108
Mitchell, Edmund108
Mitchell, Elizabeth108
Mitchell family107
Mitchell, J108
Mitchell, Thomas108
Mitchell, W Esq108
Mitchell, P58
Mockridge, Mr J167, 196
Mogridge, Rev M H Esq116, 121
Mohun family90
Molyn, Peter Jnr81
Montacute, Isabella91
Montacute, Sir W91
Moore, Mr Philip49
Moresby, F Esq149
Moreton, Robert Earl of170
Morgan, Christopher96
Morgan family96
Morice, Anne37
Morice, Sir W37
Mortimer, Mrs2
Motshorne family88
Mount Chardon, Robert de64, 137
Mules family87
Mules, P Esq178, 196
Munk, Mr W179, 196
Murch, Mr W179, 186
Mychell, Anne103
Mychell, John103
Need, Mr178
Neitheway family90
Neitheway, John90
Neligan, W Swinney Esq154
Nesbitt, P P Esq, MD181
Nesham, Admiral146
Nevet, Richard164
Nevet, Sarah164
Nevyll, Bishop102
Newbery, Mr J96
Newbery, T C Esq196
Newberry, Mr W66, 90
Newbury, Mr Henry177, 196
Newbury, Mr J178
Newbury, Mrs51
Newdick, S Esq122, 196
Nicks, Mr150
Night, Mr147
Nitheway family161
Node, Radulphi138
Nonant family61
Norbury family87
Norris, C Esq113
North, Sir E30
Northam, Charles Esq51, 196
Northcot, J74
Northcote, Richard Esq172
Nutcom, G63
Ocock, R Esq51, 196
Oke, Mrs20
Oke, Sarah4
Okebeer, Richard25
Oldhays family122
Oliver, Rev George18
Orway, John de87
Orway, Julian de87
Osborn family90
Otterton, Baldwin, vicecomitis125
Ottriton, Tholomeo de134
Pady, Rev J50
Palby, Mr (should read Palfry)150, 201
Palk, Sir Lawrence146
Palk, W115
Palmer, B79
Parco, Genovesa (Park)87
Parco, William de (Park)87
Paris, Mr178
Parker, David AM108, 115
Parker, M E N, Esq, MP196
Parr, Catherine11, 20
Parry, Captain49
Parsons family58
Parsons, Henry Robert164
Pasmere, D Esq67
Pass, Mr13
Patieson, Mrv
Paulson, W H5
Paumier family58
Paumier, John Esq58
Payne, Edward Esq153
Payne, Mr140, 196
Payne, W Esq33, 50, 196
Pearce family171
Peardon, H Esq151
Pearse, Mr P150, 196
Peel, ___ Esq146
Penn, T Esq197
Penny, Mr2
Peppin, Rev S H62, 101, 196
Perchay family91
Periam, S79
Periham family60
Periham, Mary36, 60
Periham, Sir William, Knt (also Peryham)36, 60, 162
Perry, Robert79
Peryam, Sir R110
Peryham, Elizabeth162
Peryham, Mary162
Petre family96
Petre, Lord20, 29-30, 36, 65, 88, 100
Petre, Sir William35, 95, 102
Peverell, Catherine76
Peverell family87
Peverell, Sir T76
Philip & Mary64
Phillipps, Captain199
Phillips, Mrs140
Phillipus, Julius28
Pidgeon, Mr John178-9
Pinnock, Nicholas25
Piper, Captain J (Major)50, 59, 197
Piper, Major58
Plantagenet, Edward164
Plantagenet family102, 164
Plantagenet, Joan164
Poer family137
Poer, Roger de134
Pole, Anne37, 42
Pole, Arthur36
Pole, Sir Charles Morice, Bt37
Pole, Charlotte38
Pole, Sir Courtenay, Bt37, 41, 62
Pole, Elizabeth36-7, 42, 61
(de la) Pole family6, 32, 39, 41, 43, 60-1, 68
Pole, Jane36
Pole, Jane Maria38
Pole, John Esq36, 60
Pole, John George, Esq38-42
Pole, Sir John W, Bt64-5, 67
Pole, Grace60
Pole, Sir John36-7, 61
Pole, John George Esq197
Pole, Sir John William de la, Bt36-7, 42, 44, 48, 50, 58, 65, 67, 96
Pole, Katherine61
Pole, Hon Lady38, 63, 197
Pole, Luchisa Jane Maria38, 42
Pole, Margaretta38
Pole, Mary36, 60, 162
Pole, Penelope41
Pole, Reginald Frederick38
Pole, W Esq60-2
Pole, Sir William, Bt33, 37-8, 42, 60, 65, 67, 75, 87, 111, 122, 126, 134,
136, 152, 157, 160-2, 168 
Pole, William Edmund38
Pole, Sir William Templer, Bt, DCLv, 21, 32, 36, 38, 41-3, 63, 69, 168, 197
Pole, Ureth37
Polexfen family158
Polgi, W95
Polstone, N95
Polwhele, Mr20, 140, 143, 149, 174, 178
Pomeroy, de la, family67
Popham, A Esq61
Popham family61, 102
Popham, Sir J61
Pophan, Katherine61
Porter, Mr J167, 179-80
Porto, W134
Poulett family133
Pounce, Mr John139
Powell, Lieutenant G E, RN49, 51, 70, 197
Powell, Mr G E49
Powlet, Sir A171
Powlett, Anne135
Powlett, M J114
Powlett, Lord W135
Power, Mr J100
Pratt, Rev Mr J140, 144
Pratt, Mr T179
Priddle, Miss92
Prideaux, Anna Phebe93
Prideaux, Anne92
Prideaux, Sir Edmond Bt91-4, 110, 169
Prideaux, Edmond Gardiner93
Prideaux, Sir Edmond Saunderson, Bt92
Prideaux, Edward Baynton Edmond92
Prideaux, Elizabeth92
Prideaux family88, 90, 93, 97, 159, 161
Prideaux, Humphrey Esq92
Prideaux, Isabella91
Prideaux, Joan92
Prideaux, John, Serjeant at Law157
Prideaux, Lieutenant General John92
Prideaux, Sir John91-2
Prideaux, Sir John Wilmot Bt92-3
Prideaux, Peganus de91
Prideaux, Sir Peter91-3
Prideaux, Sir Piercey91
Prideaux, Roger Esq91-2
Prideaux, Saunderson92
Prideaux, Sir T157
Prideaux, Sir Wilmot92, 110
Prince36, 135, 142
Pring, Elinor108
Pring, R Esq (should read Perrin)146, 201
Proby, Captain, RN3, 6, 67, 89, 197
Prous, Elizabeth91
Prous family66, 91
Pullin, Mr116
Purse, Abigail43
Putt, Rev Thomas90, 94, 159, 192
Pym, Alexander162
Pym, Erasmus162
Pym, Roger162
Pyne, Alice29
Pyne, Hercules, gent18
Pyne, Sir Thomas29, 35
Raddon family87
Radford, Mr150
Radway, Adam de122
Radway, Janet122
Radway family122
Radway, N Esq122
Raleigh family151-2
Raleigh, John de68-9
Raleigh, Sir Walter137
Raleigh, Wimond Esq137
Raphael52, 77
Raymont, Thomas (also Raymond)152
Read, (Mr N J)32, 178
Redvers, Baldwin de171
Redvers, Richard de170
Reed, Mr J, gent.197
Rendell, Rev E197
Repton, Mr79
Reynell family (Reynel)128, 165
Reynell, Richard128
Reynell, Sarah128
Rhodes, Rev G59, 63
Rhodes, Caroline149
Rhodes, T Esq149
Rickards, T Maria113
Richard II66, 91, 152, 161
Richardson, Dorothy148
Richardson, W Esq, MP148
Ridout, Miss121
Ripariis, Isabella de170
Riparis, Earl Richard20
Risdon, Tristram21, 35, 68, 100, 111, 137, 142, 157, 161, 170
Rising, Mr150
Rivers family20, 65
Roberts, Hon Francis, Bt42
Roberts, Sir Walter Bt153
Robertson, C Esq181, 197
Rogers, Mr W178, 181, 197
Rolle, Andrew Esq131
Rolle, Anne135
Rolle, Christopher131
Rolle, Denys Esq (Dennis)127, 131-2, 135, 137
Rolle, Edward131
Rolle family131-2, 135
Rolle, Florence131
Rolle, George Esq131
Rolle, Henry, Esq, MP131-2
Rolle, Sir Henry135
Rolle, Isabella132
Rolle, John, Esq, MP131
Rolle, Sir John135
Rolle, Judith Maria132
Rolle, Lady13-4
Rolle, Lord4-5, 14, 66, 116, 127, 129, 132, 134, 138, 140, 144,
147, 151, 157, 186 
Rolle, Hon Louisa132
Rolle, Margaret131
Rolle, Robert Esq, MP131
Rolle, Robert Maurice131
Rolle, William132
Rolt, Elizabeth92
Rolt, T Esq92
Rose, Elizabeth96-7
Rose family96
Rose, John97
Rose, Mrs121
Rose, Richard96-7
Rose, Mr Robert178
Rose, S. gent.197
Rosewell, J50
Rosewell, Dame Mary33
Rosewell, Sir Roger, Knt33
Ross, P81
Rowe, F Esq144
Rumley, Lieutenant General121
Russell, Mr116
Rygge, Master Johannes174
Sachville family134
Salisbury, Earl of142
Salter, Alice33
Salter, Rev ___89
Salter, S50
Salter, Mr116
Salter, Mr T66, 179
Salter, Rev W33, 63
Sampson, Anne58
Sampson, John Esq48, 58-9
Sampson, Mary58-9
Sampson, Samuel, Esq48, 58, 197
Sam(p)son family58-9
Samson, J Esq58
Sand, William161
Sanders, Charles Esq199
Sanders, Mrs199
Saunders, Mr167
Schenley, E W H Esq38, 42
Schenley, Jane Maria38, 42
Scott, Sir Walter118
Scrivener, Elizabeth154
Scrivener, John Freston, Esq154
Sealey, Samuel, Esq75
Sealey, Sarah75
Selkirk, Alexander100
Serle, James43
Severa, Marcia Otacilia28
Shapcot, ___ Esq37
Shapcot, Ureth37
Sheete, Lucas de35
Sheete, Robert de35
Sheete, William de35
Shepherd family96
Shepherd, Sir James173
Sheppard, Mr150
Sheppard, Mr H150
Sheriff, ___ Esq65
Shiles, Miss51
Short, J, MD148-9
Short, S50
Silley, Mr106
Simmons, Mary128
Simmons, Rev W128
Simson, R63
Skey, J50
Skinner, Mr W5, 197
Slackpoole, Catherine113
Slackpoole, G Esq113
Slade, Elizabeth & W125
Slade, Roger79
Slessor, General H E (also Colonel)113, 121
Slessor, Mrs H E113
Smark, B B Esq179, 197
Smart, Mr J197
Smith, Mr Charles197
Smith, Captain51, 197
Smith, G, Esq116, 169
Smith, Gustavus Esq162
Smith, J50, 115
Smith, J B82
Smith, Rev J11, 116
Snook, John, gent2, 51, 197
Snook, Mr William71
Sokespich, John152
Somaster, J77,79
Somaster, Rev Jacob79, 83
Somers, Sir George69
Somerset, Rev V H P177
Southcot, Dorothy87
Southcot, Henry, gent88
Southcote, Michael Esq87
Southcott family85
Southcott, Hallett19
Southcott, Thomae85
Southcott, Jane19
Southcott, Thomas Esq19
Spence, Henry Esq144-5, 199
Spenser, Lord de117
Spetticue, ___ Esq (should read Spettigue)150
Spicer, Mr201
Spiller, John gent69
Spiller, Miss51
Sprague, Rev178
Spurway, Mrs179
Stafford, Bishop18, 159
Stain, Warin de la162
Stain, William de la162
Staple, Mr150
Stapleton, Rev A138
Stark, Mr A, senr178
Stark, Mr, Jnr178
Starky, William151, 154
Starr, Dorothy13
Starr, John13
Starr, W gent13
Stavely family162
St Cleere family137
St Cleere, Gabriel137
Stephen, King171
Stevens, Ven Archdeacon John Moore116, 129, 197
Stevens, Lester & Dark Esqs116
Stevenson, Dr B114
Stewart, James Esq, MP197
Still, Major3, 169, 197
Stirling, Mr203
St John, F Esq199
Stocker, G S Esq116
Stocker, T G Esq197
Stone, John163
Stone, Mrs198
Stowford family66
Stowford, J66
Stowford, Joan66
Stowford, R66
Strangeways family102
Strangeways, Sir J102
Strangeways, Sir Giles23
Street, Mr George199, 201
Strode family57, 67
Stuart, Mrs121
Stuckey family105
Stuckey, John105
Stuckey, Mary105
Stuckey, Mr106
Stuckey, Robert Esq105
Stuckey, W Esq105
Stuckley, P78
Stuart, Mrs Anne27
Stuart, Rev J27
Stuckeley, Dr7
Suffolk, Duke of35
Swain, King106
Swann, John Esq155
Sweeting, Rev H Esq181, 198
Takel, Joan173-4
Takel, John, gent173
Talbot, Sir John, KCB25, 27, 169, 199
Tanner, J Esq3
Tanner, T63
Taplin, Rev James50, 178, 198
Tapp, Mrs198
Taunton, W G Esq198
Templer, Anne38, 42
Templer, C B Esq42
Templer, George, Esq38, 42, 198
Templer, James Esq38, 42
Templer, Rev John42
Templer, Sophia Anne38, 42
Tett, Mr E J198
Thomson, John164
Thomson, Sarah164
Thorn, Mr J2
Thornton, Mr S150, 198
Tidwell, family137
Tidwell, Jurdan de134
Tilbury, G V81
Toulmain, J LLD50
Tounsend, Harriet85
Tounsend, J Esq85
Townsend, J H Esq180, 198
Tozer, Mrs J S199
Tracey family178
Tracey, Henry de65
Treat, Mr150
Trebis, R63
Trefusis, Hon Louisa132
Tregarthine family102
Tremail, Judge161
Trenchard, Agnes87
Trenchard family60
Trenchard, Messrs150
Trenchard, Walter87
Trethelke, John57
Trevanyon, Charles Esq161
Trevelyan family90
Trevelyan, Sir G, Bt11
Trevelyan, Sir John, Bt2, 11, 37, 65, 199
Trevelyan, Mary11
Trevelyan, Ureth37
Trevelyn family151
Trill family20
Trivet family162
Tucker family33
Tucker, Rev G33
Tucker, Rev W J79, 83
Tucker, Rev W M79
Turner, Mr G179
Turvey, Sir Simon162
Tym, Edward, AM104
Tytherleigh family61
Uffwell, Genovesa87
Uffwell, Gervais de87
Uffwell, Julian87
Uffwell, Robert de87
Uffwell, Stephen de87
Ulcott, William161
Umfraville family29, 35
Umfraville, Gilbert de69
Uplegh, William25
Usherwood, Captain146
Vere, Charlotte26
Vere, Frances26
Vere, Frances E A26
Vere, John87
Vere, Nicholas26
Vere, Roger de19, 87
Vernon, Mable de170
Vernon, Earl William de170
Verus, Lucilla28
Verus, Lucius28
Vicars family (Vickers)96-7
Victoria, Queen122, 179
Vincent, Mrs179
Voysey, Bishop52
Wadham, Dorothy102
Wadham family104-5
Wadham, Sir John101
Wadham, N Esq91, 102
Wakey, Mr N179
Walker, ___ Esq145
Walker, Lieutenant General121
Walkey, S Esq138
Waller family161
Walrond, Amisia14
Wallrond, Counsellor137
Walrond, E5
Walrond family4-5, 13-4, 58, 67, 96, 133
Walrond, H, Esq14, 132
Walrond, J Esq66
Walrond, Judith Maria132
Walrond, W Esq4, 14, 58
Walsh, Captain, RA69
Walter, Isabella132
Walter, Henry John132
Walter, Sir John135
Walter, Sir W132
Walters, Mr150
Wandragius (also Mandragius)161-2
Warren Emily133, 165
Warren family133
Warren, John165
Warren, Mary Abell165
Warren, Nicholas, gent161, 165
Warry, Miss37
Warwick, Earl of142
Waters, Mr140, 150
Watson, C Esq113
Weare, Thomas159
Webb, Rev F178
Webber, Mr150
West, W115
Westcote152, 167, 170
Whalisborrow, T151
Wheatley, F82
Wheaton, Mr167
Wheeler, Rev178
Whiddon family161
White, Mr G179
White, Mr James198
White, James Lyle Esq47, 71, 198
White, Mr W178-9
Whitford, Sir J, Bt & Lady148
Whorwood, H M esq113
Wichals, Elinor161
Wichals, Robert161
Widworthy, Emma74
Widworthie, de family (Widworthy)74
Widworthie, Sir Hugh74
Widworthy, Sir Julian74
Widworthie, Sir W74
Wiger, Gundred74
Wiger, T74
Wilkins, Rev John49-50, 57, 63
Willcox, M A Esq198
William I30, 64, 109, 134
William III (Prince of Orange)100, 181
William IV169
Williams, Anne26
Williams family26
Williams, Lieutenant Colonel27
Williams, Mr138-9
Williams, Mr J L178
Williams, Robert26
Willoughby family11, 90
Willoughby, J Esq11, 65
Willoughby, Mary11
Wills, Mr W198
Wilmot, Sir John92
Wilson, Henry Esq58
Winard, William161
Wise, J R Esq149, 198
Wise, Sir T66
Woodgates, Mr W177, 198, 205
Woodhouse, John de161
Woodward family103
Woodward, G Esq103
Woodward, W Esq181
Woolcott family (also Ulcott)161
Woolstone, Rev T97
Wootten, Alis75
Wootten, Dorothy75
Wootten, Engaret75
Wootten, Gundred74
Wootten, Hugh75
Wootten, John75
Wootten, Nicholas75
Wootten, Richard75
Wootton, W74
Worcester, William of142
Wotton family78
Wotton, Iditha25
Wotton, Johannes25
Wotton, William78
Wrighton, J Esq147, 198
Wrothesley family102
Wyatt, Mr J179
Wyke, R16
Wykeham, William of54
Wyndham, Sir J102
Wynn, Mrs M148
Wynn, Sir R, Bt148
Ximnes, Mrs121
Yeates, Frances Elizabeth138
Yeates, M L115
Yonatt, W50
Yonge family19, 48, 57, 59
Yonge, Sir George48
Yonge, Jane31
Yonge, John Esq20
Yonge, Sir John30
Yonge, Thomas161
Yonge, William Esq20, 171
Yonge, Sir Walter19, 21, 161, 171
Younge, Rt Hon Sir G, Bt171
Younge, John171