Proprietors of the Major Hotels and Commercial Inns in Devonshire

Extracted from

The Traveller's Handbook: Guide to the Principal Hotels and Commercial Inns in England and Wales.

London: Houlston & Wright (1859) 129 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The introduction to the Handbook indicates that it was mainly compiled from Kelly's Post Office London Directory to be useful to "upward of 3000 travellers in the textile industry". Its author claims that the Handbook will be "published on the first of every month" to include advertisements from the proprietors of major hotels and commercial inns, as well as interested others. This issue of the Handbook concludes with 15 pages of such advertisements, most relating to drapers, milliners, haberdashers and hosiers. This rare book was produced from a digital copy held by the Bodleian Library that can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. Those on which copyright has expired are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Aishton, Mrs Elizabeth (Bideford) 12
Allen, Mary (Hatherleigh) 42
Angel, John (Ashburton) 7
Ash, James (Plympton) 70
Avery, Joshua (Barnstaple) 10
Baker, Thomas (Lynton) 57
Ball, Jehu (Okehampton) 66
Bastin, H & BB (Exmouth) 34
Bastin, Robert (Exmouth) 35
Bate, George (Plymouth) 69
Beazley, J (Newton Abbot) 65
Birkett, William (Exeter) 34
Bishop, Susan (Ashburton) 7
Blake, John (Honiton) 44
Boles, James (Hatherleigh) 41
Bowerman, Miss Eliza Jane (Cullompton) 30
Braund, John (Devonport) 31
Bray, William (Bampton) 9
Brooks, George (Plympton) 70
Brown, Alfred (Plymouth) 69
Bull, James (Colyton) 28
Burden, Arthur (Colyton) 28
Butcher, Frederick (Devonport) 31
Callendar, Mrs Anne (Colyton) 28
Camp, James (Ilfracombe) 46
Caniford, Henry (Ottery St Mary) 67
Cann, Samuel (Moretonhampstead) 63
Cannon, B J (Tiverton) 88
Cartwright, Miss H (Chudleigh) 27
Cawsey, William (Sidmouth) 80
Chapman, Charles (Teignmouth) 87
Chowen, Richard (Holsworthy) 44
Chubb, Francis H (Plymouth) 69
Chubb, Havilah (Hatherleigh) 42
Clarke, Mrs Mary (Ilfracombe) 46
Closson, Edward (Teignmouth) 87
Collinge, Paul (Exeter) 34
Corry, William (Barnstaple) 10
Crook, John (Lynton) 57
Crook, William (Lynton) 57
Cross, B C (Plymouth) 69
Davey, Robert (Tiverton) 88
Dunn, Mrs Elizabeth (South Molton) 82
Eddy, George (Topsham) 88
Foale, Robert (Kingsbridge) 48
Franklyn, Thomas (Devonport) 31
Freeman, Abraham (Budleigh Salterton) 21
Furse, William (Totness) 89
Gifford, John (Exmouth) 35
Glanville, Mrs Rebecca (Yealmpton) 99
Gray, James, (Moretonhampstead) 63
Greenslade, J (Teignmouth) 87
Gribble, John (Tavistock) 87
Hambly, Samuel (Plympton) 69
Harrison, John Patch (Topsham) 88
Harvey, Anthony (Plymouth) 69
Harvey, William T (Plymouth) 69
Hawkes, Mrs Grace (Tiverton) 88
Hearder, Mrs Sarah (Torquay) 88
Heath, John (Totness) 89
Hockaday, J (Okehampton) 66
Hooke, Henry (Sidmouth) 80
Husson, Edward (Ashburton) 7
Hex, William (Exeter) 34
Jarvis, Roger (Plympton) 69
Jarvis, William (Kingsbridge) 48
Jeffries, Frederick (Barnstaple) 10
Jones, Miss A L (Lynmouth) 57
King, James (Crediton) 29
Langdon, J (Chulmleigh) 27
Lawless, William (Torquay) 88
Lee, Mrs Elizabeth (Honiton) 45
Luxton, John (Cullompton) 30
Marchetti, J (Torquay) 88
Marsh, John (Barnstaple) 10
Martin, John (Ilfracombe) 46
Melluish, James (Dawlish) 30
Mogford, Henry (Ashburton) 7
Moorshead, William (Devonport) 31
Morris, Richard (Budleigh Salterton) 21
Moxon, John (Exeter) 34
Mugridge, John (Torquay) 89
Northway, William (Tavistock) 87
Oaten, Henry (Bampton) 9
Parker, John (Dartmouth) 30
Parramore, T (Bideford) 12
Parsons, J (Holsworthy) 44
Phillips, Mr (Devonport) 31
Pitchford, W T (Plymouth) 69
Pratt, Joseph (Exeter) 34
Radmore, William (Plymouth) 69
Rivers, Mrs E (Ivybridge) 47
Routley, William (Exeter) 34
Ryall, John (Axminster) 8
Ryall, Robert (Plymouth) 69
Ryder, Abraham (Yealmpton) 99
Salter, William (Seaton) 79
Saunders, Emanuel (Star Cross) 83
Saunders, W (South Molton) 82
Selden, John (Ivybridge) 47
Sheald, John (Devonport) 31
Skinner, Mrs Sarah (Devonport) 31
Snow, Thomas (Crediton) 29
Southwood, Mrs Mary (Star Cross) 83
Spear, Christopher (Sidmouth) 80
Stone, Dominic (Dartmouth) 30
Stree, Mrs Sarah (Exeter) 34
Taylor, John (Exeter) 34
Thorn, John (Seaton) 79
Towndrow, Thomas (Axminster) 8
Townsend, T (Devonport) 31
Trickey, John (Bampton) 9
Trickey, William (Bampton) 9
Veal, Mary (Teignmouth) 87
Veale, John (Devonport) 31
Wager, Charles (Teignmouth) 87
Wakfield, William (Axminster) 8
Ward, Benjamin (Honiton) 44
Webb, Thomas, (Torquay) 89
Williams, James (Crediton) 29
Wills, Edward (Torrington) 89
Wolfinden, T (Totness) 89
Wood, Joseph (Tiverton) 88