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Banfield's Shilling Guide Book to North Devon


Rev. George Tugwell (Ed.)

Ilfracombe, John Banfield (c186-) illus., 74 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Rev George Tugwell, MA. Oriel College, Oxford (1829-1910) was a noted marine biologist and curate of Ilfracombe 1853-67, then of Lee 1869-71. He was author of A Manual of Sea Anemones and also wrote The North-Devon Scenery Book and The North Devon Hand Book. One of the leading printing and bookselling businesses in North Devon was that of John Banfield in the High Street, Ilfracombe. Established by 1820, at which date he registered his press, he soon opened a circulating library and in 1830 published a guide to Ilfracombe, a second edition appearing in 1834. Benefiting from the nearness of such famous beauty spots as Lynton and Lynmouth, he became the leading publisher of illustrated guidebooks in North Devon between 1830 and 1860. He was still catering for tourists in the late 1850s, when he started to publish Banfield's arrival list during the season. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally and can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.
Alford, William 54
Anne, Queen 16
Arnold, Matthew 63
Bailey, C Esq 24
Bamfylde, Sir Amias 67
Bamfylde family 67
Banfield 31-2, 36, 70
Barnard & Co 70
Basset, A D Esq 30
Bastard, J 18, 72
Beauchamp, Sir R 66
Becket, Thomas à 39, 46
Beer, Mr 47
Bonville family 29
Bouchier family 17, 40
Bowen, Captain RN 33
Bragington, Harding & Co 70
Brooks, Elizabeth 7
Burys de, family 29
Camden 62
Carter 32
Chanter, Rev J M 34
Chichester, Sir Arthur, Bt 18
Chudleigh, Major General 55
Cleveland, Mrs 52
Copner, Mrs 37
Dallbridge, William 25-6
Davis, John 7
De la Beche 2
Dicker, Mr 44
Drake, C Cutcliffe Esq 44
Edward I 28
Edward III 28
Elizabeth I 28
Fortescue family 55
Fortescue, Lord 66-7
Fuller 28, 53
Githa 62
Glyn & Co 70
Godwin 62
Gosse, Mr 38, 43
Gould, Julian 49
Gould, Mr 47
Gould, Simon 49
Grandisson, Bishop 54
Gribble, Marshall & Co 70
Gurney, Sir Richard 54
Halliday, Rev W 24
Harding & Co 70
Harvey, James 53
Havergal, Rev H 20
Hatward, Mr 34
Heaven, William Esq 59
Henry I 27
Henry II 46
Henry III 66
Herries, Sir William 22
Jewell, Bishop John 29
Kingsley, Mr Charles 52, 63
Knight, F Esq 25
Lee, N V Esq 34
Morley family 68
Murray 62
Ness, Rev J D 46
Norman, George 36
Pile, John 7
Plantagenet family 29
Prince, Rev John 33, 53
Ptolemy 62
Punchardon family 51
Risdon 46-7
Rolle, Lord 66
Scott, Rev J J 16
Skinner 51
Soaper, William 7
Southey, Robert 20, 22
St Maur family 67
Stone, W Esq 34
Stowford, Judge 18
Strange, John 53, 55
Stukeley, Colonel, MP 62, 72
Suffolk, Duke of 34
Tors, Martin de 27
Tracey, William de 47
Tracy, Sir William de 38, 46, 47
Turner, John Barnard Esq 35
Vancouver 28
Williams, Sir J Hamlyn 56-7
Williams, Sarah 7
Wrey, Sir Bourchier, Bt 40
Wrey, Sir Bourchier Palk Bt.        17, 40