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Picturesque Excursions in Devonshire and Cornwall.
Part 1: Devonshire


T.H. Williams

London: J. Murray, 1804, illus. 108 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The text is presented in two distinct parts, each discretely numbered. The first part: Views in Devonshire, pp. 1-36, and the second part in two sections: A tour to the north, then the south of Devon, pp. 1-108. The author indicates that this small book was undertaken as a relaxation from painting and was intended to provide "in slight sketches, the most striking scenery in the counties of Devon and Cornwall". It is written in a quaint antiquarian style. The book's focus is on his third excursion in Devonshire and includes visits to Tamerton Foliot, Maristow and Buckland Monachorum, just north of Plymouth; and Lidford, Okehampton and Drewsteignton on Dartmoor. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the Harvard University Library collection as the gift in 1920 of William Endicott Jnr and dedicated by its author to the Rev J Bidlake, BA, whose poetry decorates the first section It can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


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Surnames in the text; Views in Devonshire, pp.1-36
Alcock, Dr Nathan 35-6
Alcock, Rev Thomas 33, 35-6
Amidas, Elizabeth 30
Amidas, John 30
Baker, Dr 35
Bayard, Captain Sir Thomas 19
Bidlake 20, 22-3
Budokshed, Agnes 30
Budokshed, Ann 28
Budokshed, Elizabeth 30
Budokshed family 31
Budokshed, Philip 30
Budokshed, Robert Esq (variants) 27-9, 31
Budokshed, Thomas 28
Budokshed, Winifred 30
Budokshide, Alan de 28
Champernon family 28
Chouans family 31
Clark, G H Esq 31
Cowper 18
Duncan, Lord 19
Gorges, Sir Arthur 31
Gorges family 31
Gorges, William 30
Gorges, Winifred 30-1
Graves, Admiral Lord 21
Halwel family 28
Henry III 28
Henry VI 28
Hill, Agnes 30-1
Hill, Oliver 31
Pomeroy, Ann 28
Pomeroy family 28
Pomeroy, Sir Thomas 28
Prince 27
Prouz family 28
Strode family 28
Trelawney, Sir Harry 31
Trencreek family 28-9
Trevallsade family 29
Trevill family 31
Trevill, Lethbridge Esq 31
           Surnames in the text: A tour to the North and South of Devon, pp. 1-108           
Aldhelm, Bishop 22
Alfred, King 23
Asser, Bishop 23
Athelhelm, Bishop 23
Athelstan, Bishop 23
Bacon 72
Bamfylde, Sir Copplestone Warwick, Bt 65
Bamfylde family 65
Bampfield, Sir John 61
Bath, William Earl of 51
Beattie 33
Blunt, Charles 8
Bonville family 64
Brioniis, Baldwin de 7
Brioniis, Richard de 7
Brithewaldus, Archbishop 22
Browne, William 78
Bulmer, Sir Beavis 51
Burinus, Saint 21-2
Caesar, Julius 86
Camden 8
Chapple, Mr 103
Chichester, Sir John 26
Cleveland, Mr 12
Clare, Gilbert de 70
Clinton, Lord 12
Copplestone family 64
Copplestone, John 59-60
Courtenay, Edward 8
Courtenay family 8
Courtenay, Henry 8
Courtney, Hugh (Courtenay) 8
Courtenay, John 8
Courtenay, Thomas de 8
Cowper 48
Cwichelm 22
Daniel, Bishop 22
Darwin, Dr 38
Drake, Sir Francis 70-2
Dugdale 70
Edward III 8
Edward IV 8
Egilbert, Bishop 22
Elford, ___, Esq 61
Elizabeth I 59, 71
Ethelward, Bishop 23
Foliot family 64
Foliot, Bishop Gilbert 64
Foliot, Sampson 64
Fortescue, Earl 55
Fortibus, Avilleria de 8
Fortibus, Isabella de 8
Fortibus, William de 8
Fuller, Dr 64
Gennys, Mr 62
Georges, Sir Ralph de 64
Gilpin, Mr 98
Gray 58
Greynfield, Richard 70
Hamlyn, Sir J 49-50
Heathfield, Lord 70-2
Hedda, Bishop 22
Henry I 7-8
Henry VII 8
Henry VIII 8
Heywood, Mr 65
Honorius, Pope 21
Ina, King 22
Kenulphus, Bishop (Ceolulf) 23
Kenwallus (also Conwallus) 22
Kirwan 38
Kynegilsus, King 22
Lancaster, Edmund Earl of 8
Lopez, Manasseh Esq 65
Lorrain, Claude 13, 63
Martyn, Hon Sir R 51
Maton, Dr 38
Maud, Empress 7
Mitchell, Mr R 13
Nicoletts, Mr J 21
Nicoletts, Mrs 20, 26
Oswald, King 22
Phlegmundus, Bishop 23
Polwhele 101
Prince 58, 61, 63
Putta, Bishop 23
Radcliffe family 63
Redveriis, Richard de 7
Rivers, Amicia de 70
Rivers, Baldwin de 70
Setmour family 9
Stafford, Sir H 8
Stephen, King 7, 64
Stephens, Mr 12
Swete, Rev Mr 99
Uffa 23
Werstanus, Bishop (Westan) 23
William I (Conqueror) 7
Wina, Bishop 22
Wrey, Sir Bourchier 20
Wrey family 23