This listing of Devon's ancient and modern ecclesiastical parishes, chapelries and extra-parochial places, has been kindly provided by Graham Jaunay, and is extracted from the database that he constructed for use in the preparation of his book:

Jaunay, G. A parish finder for England (2nd. ed.), South Plympton, S.A., Adelaide Proformat (2000) 468 p.

In the case of modern parishes, the year in which they were created is given, along with a note explaining their antecedents. (Note: the information about modern parishes relates to the situation as of 1974.)

Graham retains copyright in this listing, which must not be copied or used for any commercial purposes.

Abbots BickingtonSt JamesExeter  
AbbotshamSt HelenExeter  
Abbotskerswell or Abbots Kerswell or Abbots CarswellBlessed Virgin MaryExeter  
AlfingtonSt James & St AnneExetercreated from Ottery St Mary1882
Allington, EastSt AndrewExeter  
AlphingtonSt Michael & All AngelsExeter  
AlscottAll SaintsExetersee Alverdiscott 
Alverdiscott or AlscottAll SaintsExeter  
Alvington, WestAll SaintsExeter  
AlwingtonSt AndrewExeter  
Anstey, EastSt PetrockExeter  
Anstey, WestSt PetrockExeter  
AppledoreSt MaryExetercreated from Northam1841
ArlingtonSt JamesExetermerged with East Down 1944 
AshburtonSt AndrewExeter  
AshburySt Mary the VirginExeter  
AshcombeSt NectanExeter  
Ashford (by Barnstable)St PeterExetermerged with Pilton 1945 
AshpringtonSt DavidExeter  
Ashreigney or Ring AshSt JamesExeter  
AshtonSt John the BaptistExeter  
AshwaterSt Peter ad VinculaExeter  
AtheringtonSt MaryExeter  
Aveton GiffordSt AndrewExeter  
Avonwick Exeterchapel in Ugborough 
AwliscombeSt Michael & All AngelsExeter  
AxminsterSt MaryExeterpt DOR; all DEV 1844 
AxmouthSt MichaelExeter  
AylesbeareSt ChristopherExeter  
BabbacombeAll SaintsExetercreated from St Marychurch1868
BamptonSt Michael & All AngelsExeter  
BarnstapleSt PeterExeter  
Barnstaple Holy TrinityHoly TrinityExetercreated from Barnstaple St Peter1846
Barnstaple St Mary MagdaleneSt Mary MagdaleneExetercreated from Barnstaple St Peter1844
BartonSt MartinExetersee Torquay St Martin Barton1960
BeafordAll SaintsExeterrestored 1879 
BeaworthySt AlbanExeter  
BeerSt MichaelExetercreated from Seaton and Beer1905
Beer FerrisSt AndrewExetersee Bere Ferrers 
BelstoneSt MaryExeter  
Bere Ferrers (or Beer Ferris frmrly Birland) with Bere AlstonSt AndrewExeter  
Berry PomeroySt MaryExeter  
BerrynarborSt PeterExeter  
BickingtonSt Mary the VirginExetercreated from Ashburton1861
Bickington, HighSt MaryExeter  
Bickleigh (East) or Bickleigh near TivertonSt MaryExeter  
Bickleigh (West) or Bickleigh near PlymouthSt Mary the VirginExeter  
BictonBlessed Virgin MaryExetermerged with East Budleigh 1926 
BidefordSt MaryExeter  
BidefordSt PeterExeterchapel in Bideford 
BigburySt LawrenceExeter  
BirlandSt AndrewExetersee Bere Ferrers 
Bishops TawtonSt John the BaptistExeter  
Bishopsnympton or Bishops Nympton or NymetSt Mary the VirginExeter  
Bishopsteignton or Bishops TeigntonSt John the BaptistExeter  
BittadonSt PeterExeter  
Black TorringtonSt MaryExeter  
BlackawtonSt MichaelExeter  
BlackboroughAll SaintsExeter  
BokerellSt Mary & St GilesExetersee Buckerell 
BondleighSt James ApostleExeter  
Bovey, NorthSt John BaptistExeter  
Bovey TraceySt Peter & St Paul & St Thomas of CanterburyExeter  
Bovey Tracey St John the EvangelistSt John the EvangelistExetercreated from Bovey Tracey St Peter and St Paul & St Thomas of Canterbury1895
Bow or Nymet TraceySt BartholomewExeterbuilt by Sir William de Tracey to attone for murder of St Thomas à Beckett 
BoytonHoly NameTruropt CON; all DEV 1844 
BradfordAll SaintsExeterrestored 1860 
BradninchSt DisenExeter  
BradstoneSt NonneExetermerged with Kelly 1923 
BradworthySt John the BaptistExeter  
Brampford SpekeSt PeterExeterabsorbd by Cowley ca1940 
BranscombeSt WinifredExeter  
Bratton ClovellySt Mary the VirginExeter  
Bratton FlemingSt PeterExeter  
Braunton (with Saunton and Knowle)St BrannockExeter  
Bray, HighAll SaintsExeter  
BrendonSt BrendonExeter  
Brent, SouthSt PetrocExeter  
Brent Tor or BrentorSt Michael de RupeExeter  
BridestoweSt BridgetExeter  
BridfordSt Thomas à BecketExeter  
BridgeruleSt BridgetExeterpt CON; all DEV 1844 
BridgetownSt JohnExeterchapel in Totnes 
BrixhamBlessed Virgin MaryExeter  
Brixham, LowerAll SaintsExetercreated from Brixham1852
BrixtonSt MaryExetercreated from Plympton St Maurice1814
Broad ClystSt John the BaptistExeter  
Broad NymetSt MartinExetersee Nymet, Broad 
BroadhemburySt Andrew Apostle & MartyrExeter  
Broadhempston and Woodlanddedication unknownExeterunion of Broadhempston, and Woodland1938
Broadhempston or Broad Hempstondedication unknownExetermerged with Woodland 1938 
Broadwoodkelly or Broadwood KellyAll HallowsExeter  
Broadwoodwidger or Broadwood WidgerSt NicholasExeter  
Brownston or BrownstoneSt JohnExeterchapel in Modbury 
BrushfordSt Mary the VirginExeter  
Buckerell or BokerellSt Mary & St GilesExeter  
BuckfastleighHoly TrinityExeter  
Buckland BrewerSt Mary & St BenedictExeter  
Buckland, EastSt MichaelExeter  
Buckland FilleighSt Mary & Holy TrinityExeter  
Buckland in the MoorSt AndrewExeterchapel in Ashburton; par 1878-19101878
Buckland MonachorumSt AndrewExeter  
Buckland Tout SaintsSt PeterExeterchapel in Charleton 
Buckland, WestSt PeterExeter  
Bucks MillsSt AnneExetercreated from Woolfardisworthy West, and Parkham1862
Budleigh, EastAll SaintsExetermerged with Bicton 1926 
Budleigh, East with BictonAll SaintsExeterunion of East Budleigh, and Bicton1926
Budleigh SalertonSt PeterExetercreated from East Budleigh1900
BulkworthySt MichaelExeterchapel in Abbots Bickington 
BurlescombeSt MaryExeter  
BurringtonHolt TrinityExeter  
ButterleighSt MatthewExeterrestored 1861 
CadburySt Michael & All AngelsExeter  
CadeleighSt BartholomewExeter  
CalverleighSt Mary the VirginExeter  
CattledownSt John the EvangelistExetercreated from Sutton on Plym; absorbed Sutton on Plym 19541911
ChagfordSt MichaelExeter  
ChallacombeHoly TrinityExeter  
ChardstockSt AndrewSalisburyfrom DOR 1896 
Chardstock All SaintsAll SaintsSalisburypt DOR; created from Chardstock St Andrew and Axminster1841
CharlesSt John the BaptistExetersee Plymouth Charles 
Charles nr BarnstapleSt John the BaptistExeter  
Charlton (with Buckland Tout Saints)St MaryExeter  
ChawleighSt JamesExeter  
CheldonSt MaryExeter  
Chelson Meadow Extra parochialto Plympton St Mary 1894 
ChelstonSt MatthewExeterchapel in Cockington 
Cheriton BishopSt MaryExeter  
Cheriton FitzpaineSt MaryExeterrestored 1885 
ChevithorneSt ThomasExetercreated from Tiverton1889
ChittlehamholtSt JohnExetercreated from Chittlehampton1839
ChittlehamptonSt HieritheExeter  
ChivelstoneSt SylvesterExeterchapel in Stokenham; merged with South Pool 1932 
ChristowSt JamesExeter  
ChudleighSt Mary & St MartinExeter  
Chudleigh KnightonSt PaulExetercreated from Hennock, and Bovey Tracey1852
ChulmleighSt Mary MagdaleneExeter  
ChurchstantonSt Peter & St PaulBath & Wellsto SOM 1896 
ChurchstowSt Mary the VirginExeter  
Churston FerrersSt Mary the VirginExetercreated from Brixham merged with Goodrington 19541850
Churston Ferrers with GoodringtonSt Mary the VirginExeterunion of Churston Ferrers, and Goodrington1954
ClannaboroughSt PetrockExeter  
ClawtonSt LeonardExeterholds par status but a curacy to Cornworth Priory 
ClayhangerSt PeterExeter  
ClayhidonSt AndrewExeter  
ClovellyAll SaintsExeter  
Clyst HonitonSt Michael & All AngelsExeter  
Clyst HydonSt AndrewExeter  
Clyst St GeorgeSt GeorgeExeter  
Clyst St LawrenceSt LawrenceExeter  
Clyst St MarySt Mary the VirginExeter  
CockingtonSt George & St MaryExeterholds par status but a curacy in Tormoham 
CoffinswellSt BartholomewExetercreated from Marychurch1913
CoftonSt MaryExetercreated from Starcross1864
Colaton RaleighSt John the BaptistExeter  
ColebrookeSt AndrewExeter  
Coleridge or ColoridgeSt MatthewExetersome sources: Coldridge 
CollatonSt John the BaptistExeterchapel in Collaton St Mary 
Collaton St MarySt Mary the VirginExetercreated from Paignton1864
ColytonSt AndrewExeter  
Combe in Teignheaddedication unknownExeter  
Combe MartinSt PeterExeter  
Combe Pyne or CombpyneSt Mary the VirginExetermerged with Rousdon 1972 
Combe Pyne with RousdonSt Mary the VirginExeterunion of Combe Pyne, and Rousdon1972
Combe RaleighSt NicholasExeter  
Compton GiffordEmmanuelExetercreated from Plymouth Charles1866
CookburySt John the BaptistExeterchapel in Milton Dameral; merged with Holsworthy 1954 
CornwoodSt Michael & All AngelsExeter  
CornworthySt PeterExeter  
CorytonSt AndrewExeter  
CotleighSt MichaelExeter  
Countess WearSt LukeExetersee Wear1840
Countess WearSt PaulExetersee Exeter St Paul1964
CountisburySt John the EvangelistExeter  
CoveSt John the BaptistExetercreated from Tiverton1886
CowleySt AnthonyExetercreated from Brampford Speke1867
CreacombeSt Michael & All AngelsExeter  
CreditonHoly CrossExeter  
Crown HillAcsensionExeterchapel in Devonport 
CrownhillAscensionExetersee Plymouth Crownhill1958
Cruwys MorchardHoly CrossExeter  
CullomptonSt AndrewExeter  
Culm Davey Exeterchapel in Hemyock 
CulmstockAll SaintsExeter  
DalwoodSt PeterExeterchapel in Stockland; from DOR 1844 
DartingtonSt BarnabasExeterchapel in Dartington 
DartingtonSt MaryExeter  
DartmouthSt BarnabasExeterchapel in Dartmouth St Petrox 
DartmouthSt SaviourExeter  
Dartmouth St PetroxSt PetroxExetercreated from Townstall1748
DawlishSt GregoryExeter  
DawlishSt MarkExeterchapel in Dawlish 
Dean PriorSt George MartyrExeter  
DenburySt Mary the VirginExeter  
Devon Prison and Constabulary Barracks Extra parochialwithin Exeter St David 
DevonportSt BudocusExetersee St Budeaux1563
Devonport St AubynSt AubynExetercreated from Stoke Damerel, and Devonport St Paul1882
Devonport St BarnabasSt BarnabasExetercreated from Stoke Damerel1904
Devonport St BartholomewSt BartholomewExetercreated from Stoke Damerel , Pennycross, and Devonport St Barnabas1965
Devonport St BonifaceSt BonifaceExetercreated from Stoke Damerel1846
Devonport St ChadSt ChadExetersee Whitleigh1956
Devonport St JamesSt James the GreatExetercreated from Stoke Damerel; abol 1958 to create Devonport St Michael Stoke and pt to North Keynham1846
Devonport St John the BaptistSt John the BaptistExetercreated from Stoke Damerel, and St Aubyn; absorbed by St Aubyn 19581887
Devonport St Mark FordSt MarkExetercreated from Stoke Damerel, Devonport St Michael, St James and Plymouth St Andrew1885
Devonport St MarySt Mary the VirginExetercreated from Stoke Damerel; absorbed by Devonport St Aubyn 19581846
Devonport St MichaelSt MichaelExetercreated from Stoke Damerel; absorbed by Devonport St Michael Stoke 19581873
Devonport St Michael StokeSt MichaelExeterfrmrly Devonport St Michael1958
Devonport St PaulSt PaulExetercreated from Stoke Damerel; absorbed by Devonport St Aubyn 19581846
Devonport St StephenSt StephenExetercreated from Stoke Damerel; absorbed by Devonport St Aubyn 19581846
Devonport St Thomas frmrly North KeynhamSt ThomasExetercreated from Devonport St Mark Ford1929
DiptfordSt MaryExeter  
DittishamSt GeorgeExeter  
DodbrookeSt Thomas of CanterburyExetermerged with Kingsbridge 1893 
DoddiscombsleighSt MichaelExeter  
DoltonSt EdmundExeter  
Dotton Extra parochialto Colaton Raleigh 1894 
Dowlanddedication unknownExeter  
Down, EastSt John the BaptistExetermerged with Arlington 1944 
Down, East with ArlingtonSt John the BaptistExeterunion of East Down, and Arlington1944
Down St MarySt Mary the VirginExeter  
Down, WestSt MaryExeter  
DrewsteigntonHoly TrinityExeter  
DunchideockSt MichaelExeter  
DunkeswellSt NicholasExetermerged with Dunkeswell Abbey 1929 
Dunkeswell AbbeyHoly TrinityExetercreated from Dunkeswell; merged with Dunkeswell 19291844
Dunkeswell with Dunkeswell AbbeySt NicholasExeterunion of Dunkeswell, and Dunkeswell Abbey1929
DunsfordSt MaryExeter  
DuntertonSt ConstantineExeter  
Egg BucklandSt EdwardExeter  
EggesfordAll SaintsExeter  
Elburton Exetercreated from Plymstock1973
EllacombeChrist ChurchExetercreated from Upton1868
ErmingtonSt Peter & St PaulExeter  
ErnesettleSt AidanExetercreated from St Budeaux1958
EscottSt Philip & St JamesExetercreated from Ottery St Mary, and Talaton1844
ExbourneSt Mary the Blessed VirginExeter  
Exe, NetherSt John the BaptistExetercreated from Thorverton; merged with Rewe 19371730
Exe, WestSt PaulExetercreated from Tiverton1856
ExeterSt AnneExeterchapel in Exeter St James 
ExeterSt CatherineExeterchapel in Exeter St Sidwell 
ExeterSt WynardExeterchapel in Exeter Holy Trinity 
Exeter All Hallows Goldsmith StreetAll HallowsExetermerged with Exeter St Lawrence, St Martin, St Paul and St Stephen 1934 
Exeter All Hallows on The WallsAll Hallows on The WallsExetermerged with St Olave 1939 
Exeter Bedford Circus Extra parochialabsorbed into Exeter St Martin, St Stephen, St Lawrence with Allhallows Goldsmith Street 1956 
Exeter Bradnich Precinct Extra parochialabsorbed into Exeter St Martin, St Stephen, St Lawrence with Allhallows Goldsmith Street 1956 
Exeter Castle now County Sessions HallSt Mary in the castleExetercollegiate chapel demolished 1774 
Exeter Castle Yard Extra parochialabsorbed into Exeter St Martin, St Stephen, St Lawrence with Allhallows Goldsmith Street 1956 
Exeter Close of the Collegiate Church of St Peter Extra parochial10 acres; cathedral since 1050 
Exeter EmmanuelEmmanuelExetercreated from Exeter St Thomas, and Exwick1910
Exeter Holy TrinityHoly TrinityExeterchapel in Heavitree; merged with Exeter St Leonard 1969 
Exeter - Rougement Castle Extra parochial  
Exeter St DavidSt DavidExetercreated from Heavitree; absorbed by Exeter St Michael 18681826
Exeter St EdmundSt Edmund King & MartyrExeterabolished 1935 pt to Exeter St Thomas and pt to St Mary Steps 
Exeter St GeorgeSt George the MartyrExetermerged with Exeter St Mary Major, Exeter St John, and Exeter St Petrock 1935 
Exeter St JamesSt JamesExetercreated from Exeter St Sidwell1838
Exeter St JohnSt JohnExetermerged with Exeter St Mary Major, Exeter St George, and Exeter St Petrock 1935 
Exeter St KerrianSt KerrianExetermerged with Exeter St Mary Arches, and Exeter St Pancras 1934 
Exeter St LawrenceSt LawrenceExetermerged with Exeter St Stephen, and Exeter St Martin 1930 
Exeter St Lawrence with Allhallows Goldsmith Street, St Martin, St Paul and St StephenSt LawrenceExeterunion of Exeter St Lawrence with St Stephen and St Martin, and Exeter Allhallows Goldsmith Street; merged with Exeter St Paul 19561934
Exeter St Lawrence with St Stephen and St MartinSt LawrenceExeterunion of Exeter St Lawrence with St Stephen, and Exeter St Martin; merged with Exeter All Hallows Goldsmith Street 19341930
Exeter St LeonardSt LeonardExetermerged with Exeter Holy Trinity 1969 
Exeter St Leonard with Holy TrinitySt LeonardExeterunion of Exeter St Leonard, and Exeter Holy Trinity1969
Exeter St MarkSt MarkExetercreated from Heavitree1930
Exeter St MartinSt MartinExetermerged with Exeter St Lawrence, and Exeter St Stephen 1930 
Exeter St Martin, St Stephen, St Lawrence with Allhallows Goldsmith Street and St PaulSt MartinExeterunion of Exeter St Martin, St Stephen, St Lawrence with Allhallows Goldsmith Street, and Exeter St Paul1956
Exeter St Mary ArchesSt Mary ArchesExetermerged with Exeter St Kerrian, and Exeter St Pancras 1934 
Exeter St Mary Arches with St Kerrian and St PancrasSt Mary ArchesExetermerged with Exeter St Kerrian and St Pancras1934
Exeter St Mary MajorSt Mary MajorExetermerged with Exeter St George, Exeter St John, and Exeter St Petrock 1935 
Exeter St Mary StepsSt Mary StepsExeter  
Exeter St Matthew NewtownSt MatthewExetercreated from Exeter St Sidwell, and Exeter St James1883
Exeter St MichaelSt Michael & All AngelsExetercreated from Exeter St David1868
Exeter St OlaveSt OlaveExetermerged with Exeter All Hallows on The Walls 1939 
Exeter St Olave with All Hallows on The WallsSt OlaveExeterunion of Exeter St Olave, and Exeter All Hallows on The Walls1939
Exeter St PancrasSt PancrasExetermerged with Exeter St Mary Arches, and Exeter St Kerrian 1934 
Exeter St PaulSt PaulExetermerged with Exeter St Martin, Exeter St Stephen, Exeter St Lawrence, and Exeter Allhallows Goldsmith Street 1956 
Exeter St Paul known as Countess WearSt PaulExetercreated from Wear1964
Exeter St PetrockSt PetrockExetermerged with Exeter St Mary Major with St George, and Exeter St John 
Exeter St Petrock and St Mary Major frmrly Exeter St Mary Major with St George, St John and St PetrockSt Mary MajorExeterunion of Exeter St Mary Major, Exeter St George, Exeter St John, and Exeter St Petrock1935
Exeter St SidwellSt SidwellExetercreated from Heavitree1825
Exeter St StephenSt StephenExetermerged with Exeter St Lawrence, and Exeter St Martin 
Exeter St ThomasSt Thomas ApostleExeter  
ExminsterSt MartinExeter  
Exmoor Extra parochialpt SOM; subs a par 
ExmoorSt LukeBath & Wellspt SOM; DEV pt to North Moulton 18841857
ExmouthAll SaintsExeterchapel in Littleham (cum Exmouth); merged with Withycombe Raleigh 1850 
ExmouthHoly TrinityExeterchapel in Littleham (cum Exmouth) 
ExmouthSt SaviourExeterchapel in Littleham (cum Exmouth) 
ExwickSt AndrewExetercreated from Exeter St Thomas1872
FarringdonSt Petrock & St BarnabasExeter  
FarwaySt Michael & All AngelsExeter  
Fen OtterySt GregoryExetersee Ven Ottery 
FenitonSt AndrewExeter  
FilleighSt PaulExeter  
FordSt MarkExetersee Devonport 
FremingtonSt PeterExeter  
FrithelstockSt Mary & St GregoryExeter  
George NymptonSt GeorgeExeteras listed in Phillimore but see Nymet St George 
GeorgehamSt GeorgeExeter  
GermansweekSt GermanExeter  
GidleighHoly TrinityExeter  
GittishamSt MichaelExeter  
GoodleighSt GregoryExeter  
GoodringtonSt GeorgeExeterchapel in pt Brixham, and pt Paingnton; merged with Churston Ferrers 1954 
Gulworthy frmrly Tavistock St PaulSt PaulExeter  
Gunn Exeterchapel in Swimbridge 
HaccombeSt BlaseExetermerged with pt Combe in Teignhead 1885 
Haccombe and CombeSt BlaseExeterunion of Haccombe, and pt Combe in Teignhead1885
Halberton (with Ash Thomas)St AndrewExeter  
HalwellSt LeonardExeter  
HalwillSt Peter & St JamesExeter  
Ham (Little)St James the LessExetersee Plymouth St James the Less Ham 
HarbertonSt AndrewExeter  
HarbertonfordSt PeterExetercreated from Harberton1860
HarfordSt PetrocExeter  
HarpfordSt GregoryExeter  
HarracottHoly TinityExeterchapel in Tawstock 
HartlandSt NectanExeter  
HatherleighSt John the BaptistExeterrestored 1888 
HawkchurchSt John the BaptistSalisburyfrom DOR 1896 
Heanton PunchardonSt AugustineExeter  
HeathfieldSt CatherineExeterchapel in Chudleigh Knighton 
HeavitreeSt Michael & All AngelsExeter  
Hempston, Little or Hempston ArundelSt John the BaptistExetersee Littlehempston 
HemyockSt MaryExeterrebuilt 1846 
HennockSt MaryExeter  
HighamptonHoly CrossExeter  
Highley St Mary Extra parochial  
Highweek (with Abbotsbury)All SaintsExetercreated from Kingsteignton1864
Hill, WestSt Michael & All AngelsExetercreated from Ottery St Mary1863
HittisleighSt AndrewExeter  
HockworthySt Simon & St JudeExeter  
Hoe, WestSt MichaelExetersee Devonport St Michael 
HolbetonAll SaintsExeter  
Holcombe BurnellSt John the BaptistExeter  
Holcombe RogusAll SaintsExeter  
HollacombeSt PetrocExeter  
HolneSt Mary the VirginExeter  
HolsworthySt Peter & St PaulExetermerged with Cookbury 1954 
Holsworthy with CookburySt Peter & St PaulExeterunion of Holsworthy, and Cookbury1954
HoneychurchSt MaryExeter  
HonicknowleSt FrancisExetercreated from St Budeaux, and Pennycross1956
Honiton (on Otter)St Michael ArchangelExeterchapel in Honiton 
Honiton (on Otter)St PaulExeter  
HooeSt John the EvangelistExetercreated from Plymstock1855
HorrabridgeSt John the BaptistExetercreated from Buckland Monachorum, Sampford Spiney, Walkhampton, Whitchurch, and Peter Tavy1867
HorwoodSt MichaelExeter  
Huccaby Chapel or Huckaby Exeterchapel in Lydford 
HuishSt James the LessExeter  
Huish, NorthSt Mary the VirginExeter  
Huish, SouthSt AndrewExetercreated from West Alvington; ruin1877
HuntshamAll SaintsExeter  
HuntshawSt Mary MagdaleneExeter  
HuxhamSt Mary the VirginExeter  
IddesleighSt JamesExeter  
IdeSt IdaExeter  
IdefordSt Mary the VirginExeter  
IlfracombeHoly TrinityExeter  
Ilfracombe St Philip and St JamesSt Philip & St JamesExetercreated from Ilfracombe1857
IlshamSt MatthiasExetercreated from Torwood1880
IlsingtonSt MichaelExeter  
InstowSt John the BaptistExeter  
Inwardleighdedication unknownExeter  
IpplepenSt AndrewExeter  
IvybridgeSt John the EvangelistExetercreated from Cornwood, Ermington, and Ugborough1835
JacobstoweSt JamesExeter  
KellySt Mary the VirginExetermerged with Bradstone 1923 
Kelly with BradstoneSt Mary the VirginExeterunion of Kelly, and Bradstone1923
KennSt AndrewExeter  
KennerleighHoly TrinityExetercreated from Crediton1752
KentisbeareSt MaryExeter  
KentisburySt ThomasExeter  
KentonAll SaintsExeter  
KeyhamSt James the GreatExetersee Devonport St James1846
Keynham, NorthSt ThomasExetersee Devonport St Thomas1929
KilmingtonSt GilesExeter  
KingsbridgeSt Edmund King & MartyrExetermerged with Dodbrooke 1893 
Kingsbridge and DodbrookeSt Edmund King & MartyrExeterunion of Kingsbridge, and Dodbrooke1893
Kingskerswell or Kings KerswellSt MaryExetercreated from St Mary church1829
Kingsnympton or Kings NymptonSt James ApostleExeter  
Kingsteignton or Kings TeigntonSt MichaelExeter  
KingstonSt James the LessExeterchapel in Ermington; merged with Ringmore 1934 
KingswayChrist ChurchExeterchapel in Teignmouth, West 
KingswearSt Thomas of CanterburyExetercreated from Ipplepen1720
KnowstoneSt PeterExeter  
LairaSt Mary the VirginExetercreated from Egg Buckland, Plymouth St Augustine, and Laira Green1931
Laira Green Extra parochialabsorbed by Laira 1931 
LamertonSt PeterExetermerged with Sydenham Damerel 1938 
Lamerton with Sydenham DamerelSt PeterExeterunion of Lamerton, and Sydenham Damerel1938
LandcrossHoly TrinityExeter  
LandkeySt PaulExetercreated from Bishops Tawton1775
LandscoveSt MatthewExetercreated from Staverton1852
Langtreededication unknownExeter  
LapfordSt Thomas of CanterburyExeter  
LeeSt MatthewExetercreated from Ilfracombe, and Mortehoe1869
LeusdenSt John the BaptistExetercreated from Widecombe in the Moor1864
Lew, NorthSt Thomas of CanterburyExetersee Northlew 
Lew Trenchard or LewtrenchardSt PeterExetermerged with Thrushelton, and pt Marystowe 1922 
Lew Trenchard with ThrusheltonSt PeterExeterunion of Lew Trenchard, Thrushelton, and pt Marystowe1922
LidfordSt PetrockExetersee Lydford 
LiftonSt MaryExeter  
Littleham (by Bideford)St SwithinExeter  
Littleham (cum Exmouth)St AndrewExeterchapel in Littleham (cum Exmouth) 
Littleham (cum Exmouth)St MargaretExeter  
Littlehempston or Hempston, Little or Hempston ArundelSt John the BaptistExeter  
LoddiswellSt Michael & All AngelsExeter  
Loxbearededication unknownExetermerged with Templeton 1924 
LoxhoreSt Michael & All AngelsExeter  
LuffincottSt JamesExeter  
Lundy (Island)St HelenExeter  
LuppittSt MaryExeter  
LustleighSt John the BaptistExeter  
LutonSt John the EvangelistExetercreated from Bishopsteignton1866
Lydford or LidfordSt PetrockExeter  
LympstoneNativity of the Blessed Virgin MaryExeter  
LynmouthSt John the BaptistExeterchapel in Countisbury 
LyntonSt Mary the VirginExeter  
MakerSt Mary & St JulianTruropt DEV; all CON 1844; merged with Rame 1943 
MalboroughAll SaintsExetercreated from West Alvington1877
MamheadSt Thomas ApostleExeter  
ManatonSt WilfridExeter  
MariansleighSt Marina or St MaryExeter  
MaristowSt Mary the VirginExetersee Marystowe 
MarldonSt John the BaptistExeter  
MartinhoeSt MartinExeter  
MarwoodSt Michael & All AngelsExeter  
Mary ChurchSt MaryExetersee St Marychurch 
Mary Tavy or MarytavySt MaryExeter  
Marystowe or MarystowSt Mary the VirginExeter  
MeavySt PeterExeter  
MeethSt Michael & All AngelsExeter  
MemburySt John the BaptistExetercreated from Axminster1911
MertonAll SaintsExeter  
MeshawSt John the BaptistExeter  
MilberSt LukeExetercreated from Haccombe1963
Milton AbbotSt AegidiusExetermerged with Dunterton 1921 
Milton Abbot with DuntertonSt AegidiusExeterunion of Milton Abbot, and Dunterton1921
Milton CombeHoly SpiritExeterchapel in Buckland Monachorum 
Milton DamerelHoly TrinityExeter  
Milton, SouthAll SaintsExetercreated from West Alvington1886
ModburySt GeorgeExeter  
MollandSt MaryExeter  
Molton, NorthAll SaintsExeter  
Molton, SouthSt Mary MagdaleneExetermerged with Nymet St George 1945 
Molton, South with Nymet St GeorgeSt Mary MagdaleneExeterunion of South Molton, and Nymet St George1945
MonkleighSt GeorgeExeter  
Monkokehampton or Monk OkehamptonAll SaintsExeter  
MonktonSt Mary MagdaleneExetercreated from Colyton1867
Monkton WyldSt AndrewSalisburypt DOR; created from Whitchurch Canonicorum and Uplyme1850
Morchard BishopSt MaryExeter  
MorebathSt GeorgeExeter  
MoreleighAll SaintsExeter  
Moretonhampstead or Moreton HampsteadSt AndrewExeter  
Mortehoe or MorthoeSt Mary MagdaleneExeter  
MusburySt MichaelExeter  
NewportSt John the BaptistExetercreated from Bishops Tawton1847
Newton AbbotSt LeonardExeterchapel in Wolborough 
Newton AbbotSt PaulExeterchapel in Wolborough 
Newton FerrersHoly CrossExeter  
Newton PopplefordSt LukeExeter  
Newton St CyresSt Cyr & St JulettaExeter  
Newton St PetrockSt PetrockExeter  
Newton TraceySt ThomasExeter  
NorthamSt MargaretExeter  
NorthleighSt GilesExeter  
NorthlewSt Thomas of CanterburyExeter  
NymetSt Mary the VirginExetersee Bishopsnympton 
Nymet, BroadSt MartinExeterabsorbed by Bow ca1675 
Nymet RowlandSt BartholomewExeter  
Nymet St GeorgeSt GeorgeExeter  
Nymet TraceySt BartholomewExetersee Bow 
Nympton, BishopsSt Mary the VirginExetersee Bishopsnympton 
Nympton, KingsSt James ApostleExetersee Kingsnympton 
OakfordSt PeterExeter  
OffwellSt MaryExeter  
Ogwell, EastSt BartholomewExeter  
Ogwell, Westdedication unknownExeter  
OkehamptonAll SaintsExeter  
OkehamptonSt JamesExeterchapel in Okehampton 
Okehampton, MonkAll SaintsExetersee Monkokehampton 
Oldridgededication unknownExetercreated from Exeter St Thomas1793
OttertonSt Michael & All AngelsExeter  
Ottery St MarySt Mary the Virgin, King Edward the Confessor & All SaintsExeter  
PaigntonSt AndrewExeterchapel in Paignton St John the Baptist 
PaigntonSt BonifaceExeterchapel in Paignton St John the Baptist 
PaigntonSt John the BaptistExeter  
PaigntonSt MichaelExeterchapel in Paignton St John the Baptist 
Paignton Christ ChurchChrist ChurchExetercreated from Paignton St Andrew1889
Paignton St Paul PrestonSt PaulExetercreated from Paignton St John the Baptist1948
Pancraswyke or PancrasweekSt PancrasExeterchapel in Bradworthy; merged with Pyworthy 1959 
ParkhamSt JamesExeter  
ParracombeChrist ChurchExeter  
PayhemburySt MaryExeter  
Pennycross or Penny CrossSt MartinExetersee Weston Peverell 
Pennycross or Penny CrossSt PancrasExetercreated from Plymouth St Andrew1898
Peter Tavy or PetertavySt PeterExeter  
Petersmarland or Peters MarlandSt PeterExeter  
Petherwyn, NorthSt Peder or PaternusTrurofrom CON 1844 
Petrockstowe or PetrockstowSt PetrockExeter  
Petton or Pittondedication unknownExeterpar 1879-1882; otherwise chapel in Bampton; rebuilt 18481879
Peverell ParkSt GabrielExetersee Plymouth St Gabriel 
PiltonSt Mary the VirginExetermerged with Ashford 1945 
Pilton with AshfordSt Mary the VirginExeterunion of Pilton, and Ashford1945
PinhoeSt Michael & All AngelsExeter  
Pittondedication unknownExetersee Petton 
Plymouth All SaintsAll SaintsExetercreated from Plymouth St Peter1875
Plymouth CharlesSt John the BaptistExetercreated from Plymouth St Andrew; merged with Plymouth St Luke 19541641
Plymouth Charles with St LukeSt John the BaptistExeterunion of Plymouth Charles, and Plymouth St Luke; abol 1964 with pts to Plymouth Charles with St Matthew, and St Andrew1954
Plymouth Charles with St MatthewSt John the BaptistExeterunion of pt Plymouth Charles with St Luke, and Plymouth St Matthias1964
Plymouth Christ ChurchChrist ChurchExetercreated from Plymouth St Andrew; church closed 19651846
Plymouth CrownhillAscensionExetercreated from Egg Buckland, Pennycross, St Budeaux and Tamerton Foliot1958
Plymouth (Great Western) Docks Extra parochialto Plymouth St Peter 1954 
Plymouth Holy TrinityHoly TrinityExetercreated from Plymouth St Andrew; merged with Plymouth St Saviour 19301842
Plymouth Holy Trinity and St SaviourHoly TrinityExeterunion of Plymouth Holy Trinity, and Plymouth St Saviour1930
Plymouth Lighthouse Extra parochial  
Plymouth St AndrewSt AndrewExetermerged with Plymouth St Catherine 1930 
Plymouth St AndrewSt AndrewExetercreated from Plymouth St Andrew with St Catherine, Plymouth Holy Trinity and St Saviour, Plymouth St James, Sutton on Plym and Plymouth Docks1954
Plymouth St Andrew with St CatherineSt AndrewExeterunion of Plymouth St Andrew, and Plymouth St Catherine1930
Plymouth St AugustineSt AugustineExetercreated from Plymouth St Matthias, Plymouth Charles, Plymouth St Jude, and Compton Gifford1905
Plymouth St CatherineSt CatherineExetercreated from Plymouth St Andrew; merged with Plymouth St Andrew 19301923
Plymouth St Gabriel Peverell ParkSt GabrielExetercreated from Compton Gifford1910
Plymouth St JamesSt JamesExetercreated from Plymouth St Andrew; to Plymouth St Andrew and Plymouth St Peter 19541847
Plymouth St James the Less HamSt James the LessExetercreated from Devonport St Mark, Ford, Pennycross and Weston Mill1957
Plymouth St JudeSt JudeExetercreated from Plymouth Charles1874
Plymouth St LukeSt LukeExetercreated from Plymouth Charles; merged with Plymouth Charles 19541874
Plymouth St MatthiasSt MatthiasExetercreated from Plymouth Charles, Plymouth St Luke, Plymouth Christ Church, and Compton Gifford1889
Plymouth St PeterSt PeterExetercreated from Plymouth St Andrew, and East Stonehouse1847
Plymouth St SaviourSt SaviourExetercreated from Plymouth Holy Trinity1883
Plymouth St SimonSt SimonExetercreated from Plymouth St Luke1908
Plympton St MarySt Mary the Blessed VirginExeter  
Plympton St Maurice or Plympton Erle or Plympton MorrisSt MauriceExeter  
PlymstockSt Mary & All SaintsExeter  
PlymtreeSt John the BaptistExeter  
PoltimoreSt Mary the VirginExeter  
Pool, SouthSt CyriacExetermerged with Chivelstone 1932 
Pool, South with ChivelstoneSt CyriacExeterunion of South Pool, and Chivelstone1932
Portlemouth, EastSt WinwalloeExeter  
Posbury ChapelSt LukeExeterchapel in Crediton1835
Postbridge ChapelSt GabrielExeterchapel in Lydford 
PoughillSt MaryExeter  
PowderhamSt Clement Bishop & MartyrExeter  
PrestonSt PaulExetersee Paignton 
PrincetownSt Michael & All AngelsExetercreated from Lydford1912
PuddingtonSt Thomas à BecketExeter  
Putford, Eastdedication unknownExeterchapel in Buckland Brewer; merged with West Putford 1971 
Putford, WestSt StephenExetermerged with East Putford 1971 
Putford (West with East Putford)St StephenExeterunion of East Putford, and West Putford1971
PyworthySt SwithinExetermerged with Pancraswyke 1959 
Pyworthy with PancraswykeSt SwithinExeterunion of Pyworthy, and Pancraswyke1959
RackenfordAll SaintsExeter  
RatteryBlessed Virgin MaryExeter  
RevelstokeSt PeterExetercreated from Yealmpton1856
ReweSt Mary the VirginExetermerged with Nether Exe 1937 
Rewe with Nether ExeSt Mary the VirginExeterunion of Rewe, and Nether Exe1937
Ring AshSt JamesExetersee Ashreigney 
RingmoreAll HallowsExetermerged with Kingston 1934 
Ringmore with KingstonAll HallowsExeterunion of Ringmore, and Kingston1934
RoboroughSt PeterExeter  
RockbeareSt AndrewExeterchapel in Rockbeare 
RockbeareSt MaryExeter  
RomansleighSt RumonExeter  
Rose AshSt PeterExeter  
RousdonSt PancrasExetermerged with Combe Pyne 19721872
St BudeauxSt BudocusExeterpt CON; all DEV 1894; chapel in Plymouth St Andrew1822
St Giles in the WoodSt Giles in the WoodExeter  
St Giles in the HeathSt GilesTruromerged with Werrington, and Virginstow 19731851
St John (by Antony)St John the BaptistTruropt CON; all CON 1844 
St LeonardSt LeonardExetersee Exeter St Leonard 
St Marychurch or St Mary ChurchSt MaryExeter  
St Nicholas or ShaldonSt Nicholas & St PeterExeter  
St PetroxSt PetroxExetersee Dartmouth St Petrox 
St SaviourSt SaviourExeterchapel in Townstall 
St Stephens by SaltashSt StephenTruropt CON; all CON 1894 
St Thomas the ApostleSt Thomas ApostleExetersee Exeter St Thomas 
SalcombeHoly TrinityExetercreated from Malborough1844
Salcombe RegisSt PeterExeter  
Sampford CourtenaySt AndrewExeter  
Sampford PeverellSt John the BaptistExeter  
Sampford SpineySt MaryExetercreated from Plympton St Maurice1772
SandfordSt SwithinExeterchapel in Crediton; merged with Upton Hellions 1928 
Sandford with Upton HellionsSt SwithinExeterunion of Sandford, and Upton Hellions1928
SatterleighSt PeterExeter  
SauntonSt AnneExeterchapel in Braunton 
SeatonSt GregoryExetercreated from Seaton and Beer1905
Seaton and BeerSt GregoryExeterdivided into Beer St Michael, and Seaton St Gregory 1905 
ShaldonSt Nicholas & St PeterExetersee St Nicholas 
Shaugh PriorSt EdwardExetercreated from Plympton St Maurice1810
ShebbearSt MichaelExeter  
Sheepstordedication unknownExetercreated from Bickleigh1832
SheepwashSt LawrenceExetercreated from Shebbear1884
SheldonSt James the GreaterExeter  
SherfordSt MartinExeterchapel in Stokenham 
SherwillSt PeterExetersee Shirwell 
Sherwood Villa Extra parochialto Newton St Cyres 1894 
Shillingford St GeorgeSt GeorgeExeter  
Shiphay CollatonSt John the BaptistExetercreated from St Marychurch, Kingskerswell, and Tormoham1956
Shirwell or SherwillSt PeterExeter  
ShobrookeSt SwithinExeter  
ShuteSt MichaelExetercreated from Colyton1860
SidburySt Peter & St GilesExeter  
Sidford Exeterchapel in Sidbury1865
SidmouthAll SaintsExeterchapel in Sidmouth1837
SidmouthSt GilesExeterchapel in Sidmouth 
SidmouthSt NicholasExeterrenamed Sidmouth with Woolbrook 1973 
Sidmouth with WoolbrookSt NicholasExeterfrmrly Sidmouth1973
SilvertonSt MaryExeter  
SlaptonSt James the GreaterExeterpar from the Dissolution 
SourtonSt Thomas of CanterburyExetercreated from Bridestowe1889
SouthleighSt LawrenceExeter  
Southway Exetercreated from Tamerton Foliott1971
SowtonSt Michael & All AngelsExeter  
SparkwellAll SaintsExetercreated from Plympton St Mary1884
SpreytonSt MichaelExeter  
StarcrossSt PaulExetercreated from Dawlish, and Kenton1829
StavertonSt PaulExeter  
Sticklepath Exetercreated from Barnstaple, Fremington, and Tawstock1956
Stockland (with Dalwood)St Michael & All AngelsExeterfrom DOR 1844 
Stockleigh English or Stockley EnglishSt Mary the VirginExeter  
Stockleigh PomeroySt Mary the VirginExeter  
Stoke CannonSt Mary MagdaleneExeter  
Stoke DamerelSt AndrewExeter  
Stoke DamerelSt BartholomewExetersee Devonport St Bartholomew 
Stoke DamerelSt LukeExeterchapel in Stoke Damerel 
Stoke FlemingSt PeterExeter  
Stoke GabrielSt GabrielExeter  
Stoke RiversSt BartholomewExeter  
Stokeinteignhead or Stoke in TeignheadSt AndrewExeter  
Stokenham (with Sherford and Beeslands)St Michael & All AngelsExeter  
Stonehouse, EastSt GeorgeExetercreated from Plymouth St Andrew; absorbed by Plymouth St Peter, and East Stonehouse St George with St Paul 19541746
Stonehouse, East St George with St PaulSt GeorgeExetercreated from pt East Stonehouse St George1954
Stonehouse, East St MatthewSt MatthewExetercreated from East Stonehouse St George; to East Stonehouse St George with St Paul 19541876
Stonehouse, East St PaulSt PaulExetercreated from pt East Stonehouse St George; merged with Stonehouse, East St Paul 19541883
StoodleighSt MargaretExeter  
StowfordSt JohnExeter  
Strete frmrly StreetSt MichaelExetercreated from Blackawton1881
SutcombeSt AndrewExeter  
Sutton on PlymSt John the EvangelistExetercreated from Plymouth Charles1844
SwimbridgeSt James ApostleExeter  
Sydenham DamerelSt MaryExetermerged with Lamerton 1938 
TalatonSt James Apostle & MartyrExeter  
Tamerton FoliottSt MaryExeter  
TavistockSt EustatiusExeter  
Tavistock St PaulSt PaulExetersee Gulworthy 
Tavy St Mary or Mary Tavy or MarytavySt MaryExetersee Mary Tavy 
Tavy St PeterSt PeterExetersee Peter Tavy 
TawstockSt PeterExeter  
Tawton, NorthSt PeterExeter  
Tawton, South (with South Zeal)St AndrewExeter  
Tedburn St MarySt Mary the VirginExeter  
TeigngraceSt Peter & St PaulExeter  
Teignmouth, EastSt MichaelExetercreated from Dawlish1777
Teignmouth, WestSt James the LessExetercreated from Bishopsteignton1842
TempletonSt MargaretExetermerged with Loxbeare 1924 
Templeton with LoxbeareSt MargaretExeterunion of Templeton, and Loxbeare1924
TetcottHoly CrossExeter  
ThelbridgeSt DavidExeter  
ThornburySt PeterExeter  
ThorncombeSt MarySalisburyfrom DOR 1844; from DOR 1896 
ThorvertonSt Thomas of CanterburyExeter  
ThrowleighSt Mary the VirginExeter  
ThrusheltonSt GeorgeExetermerged with Lew Trenchard 1922 
ThurlestoneAll SaintsExeter  
Tipton St JohnSt John the EvangelistExetercreated from Ottery St Mary; merged with Venn Ottery 19331841
Tipton St John with Venn OtterySt John the EvangelistExeterunion of Tipton St John, and Venn Ottery1933
TivertonSt PeterExeter  
Tiverton St AndrewSt AndrewExetercreated from Tiverton St Peter1960
Tiverton St GeorgeSt GeorgeExetercreated from Tiverton St Peter1896
TopshamSt MargaretExeter  
Tor Monham or Tormonham Exetersee Tormohun 
TorbryanHoly TrinityExeter  
Tormohun or Tor Monham or TormonhamAll SaintsExeterchapel in Tormohun 
Tormohun or Tor Monham or TormonhamSt SaviourExeter  
TorquaySt Michael & All AngelsExeterchapel in Torquay 
Torquay Holy TrinityHoly TrinityExetercreated from Torwood1896
Torquay St James UptonSt JamesExetercreated from Upton1910
Torquay St JohnSt John the EvangelistExetercreated from Tormohun1825
Torquay St LukeSt LukeExetercreated from Tormohun1869
Torquay St Martin BartonSt MartinExetercreated from St Marychurch1960
Torrington, GreatSt MichaelExeter  
Torrington, LittleSt GilesExeter  
TorwoodSt MarkExetercreated form St Marychurch, and Tormohun1855
TotnesSt MaryExeter  
TownstallSt ClementExeter  
TownstallSt SaviourExetersee St Saviour 
Travellers RestSt ThomasExeterchapel in Swimbridge 
TrentishoeSt PeterExeter  
TrushamSt Michael & All AngelsExeter  
TwitchenSt PeterExeter  
UffculmeSt Mary VirginExeter  
Ugboroughdedication unknownExeter  
UplowmanSt PeterExeter  
UplymeSt Peter & St PaulExeter  
UpotterySt Mary the VirginExeter  
Upton HellionsSt MaryExetermerged with Sandford 1928 
Upton nr TorquaySt JamesExetersee Torquay St James Upton1910
Upton nr TorquaySt Mary MagdaleneExetercreated from Tormohun1848
Upton PyneOur LadyExeter  
Venn OtterySt GregoryExeterchapel in Harpford 
VirginstowSt Bridget VirginTruromerged with St Giles in the Heath, and Werrington 1973 
Walkhamptondedication unknownExeter  
WarkleighSt JohnExeter  
WashfieldSt Mary the VirginExeter  
Washford PyneSt PeterExeter  
WearSt LukeExetercreated from Topsham1840
Weare Giffard or Weare GiffordHolt TrinityExeter  
Week St GermansSt GermanExetersee Germansweek 
WelcombeSt NectanExeter  
WemburySt WerburghExeter  
Wembworthy (with Brushford)St MichaelExeter  
WerringtonSt Martin of ToursTruropt CON; all DEV 1844; all CON 1966; merged with St Giles on the Heath, and Virginstow 1973 
WestleighSt PeterExeter  
Weston MillSt PhilipExetercreated from St Budeaux, Devonport St Boniface, and Nth Keynham1933
Weston PeverellSt MartinExetercreated from St Budeaux1899
Westward Ho!Holy TrinityExeterchapel in Northam1938
WestwoodSt PaulExeterchapel in Broad Clyst 
WhimpleSt MaryExeter  
WhiptonAll SaintsExetercreated from Heavitree, and Pinhoe1938
WhitchurchSt AndrewExeter  
WhitestoneSt KatherineExeter  
WhitleighSt ChadExetercreated from St Budeaux1956
Widecombe in the MoorSt PancrasExeter  
WidworthySt CuthbertExeter  
WillandSt MaryExeter  
WinkleighAll SaintsExeter  
WitheridgeSt John the BaptistExeter  
WithleighSt CatherineExetercreated from Tiverton1890
Withycombe Raleigh or Withecombe RaleighSt John the EvangelistExeterchapel in East Budleigh; merged with Exmouth All Saints 
Withycombe Raleigh with Exmouth All SaintsSt John the EvangelistExeterunion of Withycombe Raleigh, and Exmouth All Saints1850
WolboroughSt MaryExeter  
Woodbury Salterton or SaltertonHoly TrinityExetercreated from Colaton Raleigh, and Woodbury1845
Woodbury (with Exton)St SwithinExeter  
WoodlandSt John the BaptistExetercreated from Ipplepen; merged with Broadhempston 19381754
WoodleighSt MaryExeter  
WoolacombeSt SabinusExetercreated from Mortehoe1922
Woolfardisworthy, EastSt MaryExeter  
Woolfardisworthy (West) or WoolseryHoly TrinityExeter  
Worlington, EastSt MaryExeter  
Worlington, WestSt MaryExeterabsorbed by East Worlington 1885 
Wydecombe in the MoorSt PancrasExetersee Widecombe in the Moor 
WykeSt GermansExetersee Germansweek 
YarcombeSt John the BaptistExeter  
YarnscombeSt AndrewExeter  
YealmptonSt BartholomewExeter  
YelvertonVirgin MaryExetercreated from Buckland Monachorum1935
Zeal MonachorumSt PeterExeter  
Zeal, SouthSt MaryExetersee Tawton, South