Transcribed by Lydia Burge, Malcolm Diggines, Richard Grylls, Liz Holliday and Kim Tomlinson

The Source (DHC-U)

This source provides information concerning wills, administrations and inventories held at the Devon Heritage Centre (DHC), in collections whose detailed contents have not yet been entered into any available DHC catalogue. Most of the collections recently acquired by DHC that contain testamentary material consist either of papers gathered by one family or of documents formerly held in solicitors' offices. The 'Reference' column provides the DHC's reference number for the particular collection an item was found in, and where possible some indication of its location within this collection.


DWP's editing process

As DHC collections are catalogued, then each item therein (including will copies found by our volunteers) will receive its own individual reference number. The Devon Wills Project (DWP) endeavours to keep up-to-date with DHC's cataloguing project, adjusting or adding references as we learn of them. Additionally, the staff at DHC occasionally re-sort the items in a box prior to cataloguing, though it may be a few years before the box is finally catalogued. Thus, as has happened already, the items in a box which has already been searched for wills by one of our volunteers may get re-sorted and the titles of folders within that box may get changed. So, please be aware that titles on folders may not always appear exactly as they do in our index.


Locating the source and acquiring copies

To obtain information about the possibility of viewing the documents listed, photographing them or acquiring photocopies of them by post, you should contact the Devon Heritage Centre directly.