Additions since 29 Nov 2013

The consolidated index brings together information obtained from all the sources searched so far, the particular source being indicated in each entry. The present listing is of items that have been obtained since the consolidated index was last remade.

If you find an entry listing a will that is of interest to you, note the code given in the 'Source' column. Also note whether the code in the 'Form' column is 'le' or something else. Then go back to the main Devon Wills Project page. Firstly, by reading the second paragraph, please make sure you understand what we mean by 'le'. Then find in the list of 'Sources' the source code you had noted, and open the corresponding 'Source' page. In the introductory notes for that 'Source' you will find information about where you should go, or who you should contact, to see (or perhaps be able to obtain your own copy of) the particular will, transcript or abstract, if we have in fact located such a copy, transcript or abstract.

If the 'Source' column shows MISC, then the first part of the 'Reference' column (before the hyphen) shows a code which identifies the particular miscellaneous source. Note this additional code, and then go to the Miscellaneous Minor Sources page, which will give you more precise details of the relevant minor source, and also suggest where you might find a copy of it.

We have tried to make the explanations and instructions here and on the main Devon Wills Project page as clear and straightforward as possible. Please do read them carefully. Also, please note that the Devon Wills Project itself cannot help with requests about sources.


Type of Document: 'W' - Will, 'A' - Administration, 'I' - Inventory, 'O' - Other

Form of Document: 'or' - Original, 'co' - Copy, 'ab' - Abstract or Extract, 'tr' - Transcript, 'le' - List Entry

(The code 'le' is used when the source from which the index item was transcribed neither contains nor leads to any further
information about the item. The code 'ab' is used both for detailed abstracts including all essential information in a
will, and for brief extracts. The county/country name column uses the appropriate (three-letter) Chapman Code

List of Probate Courts and their assigned codes


SurnameFirst Name(s)PlaceCounty/
YearTypeFormProb. CourtSourceReferenceNote
 JohnExeterDEV 1660AleEXEDWAACp. 134FRYA showed 'Reeue'
Abbott  DEV 1647Wab DHC-U1039M/F54no first name or place shown
AbbottJamesLympstoneDEVservant1827WabPCCBANK probate granted 10 Nov 1827; servant to F H Drake, and formerly Turn Breech to late King George III
AbbottThomasLangtreeDEVyeoman1641WabBARNMUR2Box 'A-B'also inventory
AbellIsraelHatherleighDEVyeoman1761WcoTOTDHC-U4991 add 
AbellIsraelHatherleighDEVyeoman1733Wco DHC-U4991 add 
AbellMaryAlphingtonDEVwidow1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 8 April 1835
AbellMaryAlphingtonDEVwidow1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 8 April 1835
AbrahamRichardStoodleighDEVreverend1801WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 12 Jul 1802
AbramsElizaTorquay [Tormoham]DEVspinster1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 28 Oct 1831
AclandThomas Dyke (Sir)Killerton [Broadclyst]DEVbart1756WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 6 Apr 1785
AcremanJohnHonyton [Honiton]DEV 1704AleEXEDWAACp. 95FRYA showed 'Aireman'
AdamWilliamAsh, Stocke Gabriel [Stoke Gabriel]DEVthe elder; yeoman1677Wab MUR2Box 'A-B'also inventory
AdamsAgnesMerry Knowle, MalboroughDEVspinster1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 29 Mar 1820
AdamsBenjaminEgg BucklandDEVtailor1824WabPCC BANK probate granted 4 Feb 1825
AdamsBenjaminMorwenstowCON 1804Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
AdamsCharlesMorwenstowCONyeoman1821Aab MUR2Box 'A-B'admon to Edward Hockin of Hartland, creditor
AdamsCharlesMorwenstowCONfarmer1807Aab MUR2Box 'A-B'admon to widow, Judith
AdamsHenryKilkhamptonCONyeoman1819Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
AdamsHenryStanbury, MorwenstowCONgentleman1811Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
AdamsHughMorwenstowCONglazier1827Aab MUR2Box 'A-B'admon to Betsy Adams, widow
AdamsJamesStonehouse [East Stonehouse]DEVgentleman1840WabPCCBANK probate granted 14 Mar 1840
AdamsJaneHarscott, MorwenstowCONspinster1838Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
AdamsJoanLamertonDEVwidow1643Wco CROAP/A/241will, administration and inventory
AdamsJohnCreditonDEVgentleman; supervisor1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 21 Sep 1842; Plympton mentioned
AdamsJohnDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVwarder1810WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 16 Nov 1810
AdamsJohnSouth TawtonDEV 1665AleEXEDWAACp. 95entry omitted in FRYA
AdamsMaryTavistockDEVspinster1823WabPCCBANK probate granted 13 Jun 1823
AdamsNicholasLympstoneDEV 1654WleEXEDWAACp. 81entry omitted in FRYA
AdamsNicholasMarldonDEVmarriner [mariner]1741Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
AdamsNicholasMarldonDEV 1748Aab MUR2Box 'A-B'died intestate; application by Christian Bartlett, daughter and next of kin, for administration
AdamsRobertAshburtonDEV 1749WabPCDEDHC-U5651M Willscopy of will dated 1745
AdamsThomasineTalliton [Talaton]DEV 1663WleEXEDWAACp. 95entry omitted in FRYA
AdamsWilliamThurlestoneDEVgentleman1777WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1033/326will
Adams alias AndertonArthurKilkhamptonCONcordwainer1672Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
AddemsJasperBridfordDEVyeoman1790Wco DHC-U5651M Willsnote on will 'died 1791'
AddisSamuelWhiteford [Stoke Climsland]CONesquire1741Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WA 1 
AffleckFrancis RiedCourlougan Mains & Drummuir TorthorwaldenDFSsurgeon1834WcoPCCDHC-U6623MDevon connection uncertain; asst surgeon 24th Regt. of Native Infantry Madras
AiresJamesPinhoeDEV 1704AleEXEDWAACp. 95FRYA showed 'Jacob'
[Aish][Judith]   [1689]   [CA] [See Drower alias Aish, Judith]
AishfordMichallAwliscombeDEV 1694AleEXEDWAACp. 95FRYA showed 'Richard'
AlgarSamuelPlymouthDEVgentleman1837WabPCCBANK probate granted 2 Feb 1837
AllenJoane DEV 1631AleEXEDWAACp. 81FRYA showed 'W'
AllenNicholasSampford CourtenayDEVhusbandman1703WabEPRECULLFilm no. 87933 
AllenRichardBrauntonDEVthe elder1562WtrPCCGDPROB 11/22/38will
AllenWilliamHuntshamDEV 1752WleEXEDWAACp. 96FRYA showed 1751
AllenWilliamPiltonDEV 1653WcoPCCDHC-U6255/O 
AllerJohnBelston [Belstone]DEVhusbandman1603WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
AllerJohnLangbeare, Sampford CourtenayDEV 1621WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
AllerJohnPares, Sampford CourtenayDEVyeoman1708WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
AllerMargerySampford CourtenayDEVwidow1706WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
AllfordThomazineExon [Exeter]DEV 1667WleEXEDWAACp. 95FRYA showed 'Afford'
AllinJamesPlymouthDEVsalesman1717WabPCCBANK proved in the Prerogative Court 22 Jan 1722
AllineWilliamChagfordDEV 1761WleEXEDWAACp. 96entry omitted in FRYA
Alling alias TrefinneyEmanuelKentonDEV 1695WleEXEDWAACp. 95FRYA showed 'Anning alias Trefning'
AllottRichardCongresburySOMgentleman1645WabPCCMUR2Box 'A-B'1645 Rivers
AmeridithGriffenExeterDEVmayor1561Wab MISCAntient, pp. 147-148listing of bequests, tenements in Sidbury
AmeryJasperLustleighDEVyeoman1835WcoEPREDHC-U5651M Willsprobate copy of will dated 1834
AmeryThomasLustleighDEVyeoman1711WcoTOTDHC-U5651M Wills 
AmoryThomasSouth MoltonDEVgentleman1804Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/105 
AndellElizabethColompton [Cullompton]DEV 1779WleEXEDWAACp. 96FRYA showed 'Arundell'
AndersonHenryStonehouse [East Stonehouse]DEVcolonel, royal marines1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 13 Mar 1823; Codicil mentioned £1,000 bequeathed by Major General Fage of Royal Artillary
[Anderton][Arthur]   [1672]   [MUR2] [See Adams alias Anderton, Arthur]
AndrewElizabethOkehamptonDEVwidow1696WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
AndrewJohnBidefordDEVpriest1547Wab DRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229 Bideford papers in Phillips folder 
AndrewJohnExeterDEVMD [Dr]1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 17 May 1772
AndrewMargaretPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVwidow1823WabPCC BANK probate granted 16 Oct 1823
AndreweWilliamNetherexeDEV 1665AleEXEDWAACp. 95entry omitted in FRYA
Andrewe alias KingdonJohnAlphingtonDEV 1704AleEXEDWAACp. 95FRYA showed 'Andrewe alias Kingdom'; or Andrews
AndrewsCatherinePlymouth DEVspinster1841WabPCCBANK probate granted 17 May 1841
AngizeauPeterPlymouthDEVmerchant1720WabPCCMISCWagner - p.17224 Shaller
AnleyPeterThorncombeDOR 1666AleEXEDWAACp. 95FRYA showed 'Auley'
AnsteyAgnesWashfieldDEV 1721WleEXEDWAACp. 96FRYA showed 'Ansley'
AnsteyThomasWashfieldDEV 1687WleEXEDWAACp. 95FRYA showed 'Ansley'
AnsteyWilliamWashfieldDEV 1646WleEXEDWAACp. 81entry omitted in FRYA
AnstineRichardOttertonDEV 1675WleEXEDWAACp. 95FRYA showed 'Anstice'
Anthonie alias JoceBridgetExeterDEV 1626WleEXEDWAACp. 81entry omitted in FRYA
Apelin or AplinAndrewUffculmeDEVshearmaker1706WtrPCCGDPROB 11/488/301 
AplinRobertBroadclist [Broadclyst]DEVsenior1672AleEXEDWAACp. 95FRYA showed 'Aphia'
[Aplin][Andrew]   [1706]   [GD] [See Apelin or Aplin, Andrew]
AplingMaryEast Budley [East Budleigh]DEV 1774WleEXEDWAACp. 96FRYA showed 'Alphing'
AppletonDavidStoke DamerelDEVgentleman1832WabPCCBANK probate granted 31 Jul 1832
AptorJohnWedicombe [Widecombe in the Moor]DEV 1634WabEPREDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Venton Papersincludes inventory and names beneficiaries
ArcherAddisPlymouthDEVesquire1776WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 19 Jan 1781
ArcherMaryChristowe [Christow]DEV 1742WleEXEDWAACp. 96FRYA showed 'Arthur'
ArcherMaryDoddiscombesleigh [Doddiscombsleigh]DEV 1745AleEXEDWAACp. 96FRYA showed 'Arthur'
ArdenJoanExeterDEVwidow1832WabPCCBANK probate granted 28 Sep 1832
ArnaudCatherinePlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVspinster1793AabPCCMISCWagner - p.394to the great niece, Frances Sarah, wife of the Rev. George Andrew Thomas
ArnoldFleetDartmouthDEVfifth mate1750WtrPCCGDPROB 11/780/472will, masters fifth mate of the Chesterfield East India Ship
ArnoldJohnPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel] DEVbuilder1823WabPCCBANK probate granted 22 Apr 1824
Arnold alias Yeo Cheriton Epi [Cheriton Bishop]DEV 1626AleEXEDWAACp. 81entry omitted in FRYA
ArnottMarianne2, Cumberland Place, Regents ParkMDXwidow Wor DHC-U4871-0 Box 3undated draft will [?]
ArscotRichardBelston [Belstone]DEVhusbandman1672WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933nuncupative will
ArscotWilliamOkehamptonDEVtanner1681WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933nuncupative will
ArscottEdmundOkehamptonDEVtanner1672WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933(shown in error as made in 1674)
ArscottFrancesTetcottDEVwidow1785Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WA 2 
ArscottJohnDrewsteigntonDEV 1752WleEXEDWAACp. 96FRYA showed 1751
ArscottJohnEggbucklandDEVgentleman1564Oco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WA 3inquisition post mortem
ArscottJohnOkehamptonDEVtanner1661WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
ArscottJohnOkehamptonDEVhosier1690WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
ArscottLauranceOkehamptonDEVyeoman1660WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
ArscottMaryOkehamptonDEVwidow1685WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
ArscottRichardBelston [Belstone]DEVtaler [taylor]1683WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
ArscottWilliamBelston [Belstone]DEVhusbandman1664WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933nuncupative will
ArscottWilliamOkehamptonDEVtanner1718WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
ArscottWilmotSampford CourtenayDEVwidow1796Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/1date of will
Arscott alias EscottWilliamShobrookeDEV 1686AleEXEDWAACp. 95entry omitted from FRYA
[Arscott][William] DEV [1686]   [DWAAC] [See Escott alias Arscott, William]
ArterGeorgeBroadclist [Broadclyst]DEV 1734WleEXEDWAACp. 96FRYA showed 1733
[Arter][Elizabeth]   [1731]   [DWAAC] [See Burgess alias Arter, Elizabeth]
ArthurNicholasExeterDEVgentleman1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 1 Dec 1818
ArundellRichardNewton Abbott [Wolborough]DEVgentleman1832WabPCCBANK probate granted 25 Jan 1833
AscottRichardBelston [Belstone]DEVelder; yeoman1634WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
AscottRobertThrowleighDEV 1661AleEXEDWAACp. 95FRYA showed 'Arscott'
AscottThomasTivertonDEV 1772AleEXEDWAACp. 96FRYA showed 'Arscott'
AscottWilliamOttery [Ottery St Mary]DEV 1744WleEXEDWAACp. 96FRYA showed 'Arscott'
AshMargaretDowns near CreditonDEVservant; spinster 1826WabPCCBANK probate granted 17 Mar 1827; originally from Pentonville, St James Clerkenwell, MDX; servant to J Buller of Downs
AshNicholasSowtonDEVgentleman1552Wab MISCOliver5, vol.2, pp. 40-41 
Ash alias BarberSamuelHonyton [Honiton]DEV 1719WleEXEDWAACp. 96FRYA omitted 'alias Barber'
AshfordMarkBroadclystDEVthe elder; gent1832Wor DHC-U74B/ME/43date will was made
AshfordThomasPinhoeDEV 1734WleEXEDWAACp. 96FRYA showed 1733
AskinsWilliamSydmouth [Sidmouth]DEV 1681WleEXEDWAACp. 95FRYA showed 'Atkins'
[Ataller][Peter]   [1547]   [MUR2] [See Hole alias Attaller, Peter]
AtkinAnnExeterDEVspinster1777WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 12 Mar 1777
AtkinsGeorgeDartmouthDEVtinman1839WabPCCBANK probate granted 13 Nov 1839
AtkinsRobertOttertonDEV 1752WleEXEDWAACp. 96FRYA showed 1751
AtkinsThomasCullomptonDEV 1701Aco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WA 4admon to Peter Atlins, nephew
AtkinsonCharityPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVwidow1829WabPCCBANK probate granted 26 Aug 1829
AtkinsonMaryDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVspinster1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 28 Apr 1819
Attaller alias HolePeterSampford, CreditonDEV 1547WabECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
AtwillHughExeterDEVclerk1602Wab MISCAntient, p. 154bequest to an artificer
AtwillJohnCreditonDEV 1578WabECCEGDO.M.Coll.8/36 
AtwillJohnKentonDEV 1600WtrPCCGDPROB/11/96/302 
AtwillLawrenceLondonLNDcitizen, skinner1615Wab MISCAntient, p. 156listing of bequests in Exeter St Thomas the Apostle, Whitestone and Uffculme
AtwillNicholasCreditonDEV 1591WabECCEGDO.M.Coll.3/76 
AudridgeJosiasBarnstapleDEVgentleman1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 23 Apr 1831
AustenJosephStoke DamerelDEVShipwright1808WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 21 Apr 1808
AustinMathewWestminsterMDXwidow1673Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
AustinRobertPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVquarterman of shipwrights1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 28 Jul 1831; formerly quartermaster in HM dockyard
AustwickJosephSt Thomas the Apostle, near Exeter [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEVgentleman1837WabPCC BANK probate granted 26 May 1837; Budleigh Salterton mentioned
AutonWilliamBroadhemburyDEV 1770WleEXEDWAACp. 96FRYA showed 'Anton'
AveryEzekielExeterDEV 1734WleEXEDWAACp. 96FRYA showed this will in both 1733 and 1734
Avery alias SymondsElizabethKentonDEV 1662WleEXEDWAACp. 95FRYA omitted 'alias Symonds'
AxeThomasOrchardSOMgentleman1691Wab DHC-U3327A/PZ1 
AxeThomasOttery St MaryDEVsteward1691Wtr MISCCornish - pp. 35-36 
AxworthyHumphreyLamertonDEV 1647Wco CROAP/A/271bwill, administration and inventory
AylmerHenryFalmouthCONcolonel or major general1904Wco DHC-U5006M/F1 
AylmerMathew (Lord)Covent GardenMDX 1720Wor DHC-U1262M/FS/45b 
AynnellIsottaChagfordDEV 1675WleEXEDWAACp. 95FRYA showed 'Amiell'
BabbAlexanderOkehamptonDEV 1663WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
BabbGeorgeKentonDEV 1674AleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA showed '1673'
BabbJohnSampford CourtenayDEV 1701WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
Babb alias HextWilliam   1627WleEXEDWAACp. 81entry omitted in FRYA
BabbageAnnTotnesDEVwidow1750WcoTOTDHC-U5651M Willsprobate copy of will dated 1749
BabbageBenajaminTotnesDEVgoldsmith1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 15 Jan 1762
BabbageBenjaminEast TeignmouthDEVesquire1826WabPCCBANK probate granted 26 Feb 1827
BabbageJohnTotnesDEVshopkeeper1729Wco DHC-U5651M Willsnote on will says not proved and seal removed
BabbageJohnTotnesDEVshopkeeper1738WcoTOTDHC-U5651M Willsprobate copy of will dated 1736
BabbageSarahTotnesDEVwidow1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 10 Jul 1828
Babbage alias HooperElizabethChagfordDEV 1683AleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA omitted 'alias Hooper'
BabbeWilliamHennyck [Hennock]DEV 1552AabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B'died intestate; admon to Thomasina, the relict, and Leonard Soper, her father
BackJohnCadeleighDEV 1755AleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Buck'
BadcockMaryStrattonCONwidow1617Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
BadcockRichardOkehamptonDEVtayler1688WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
BaglerKatharineHonitonDEV 1640WleEXEDWAACp. 82entry omitted in FRYA
BagsterAgnesWillandDEV 1664WleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA showed 'Backster'
BagwellThomasSeaton [Seaton and Beer]DEV 1799WleEXEDWAACp. 101entry omitted in FRYA
BakerAaronExminsterDEVesquire1681WabEXEMICHloose notes at end 
BakerAaronWest AlvingtonDEV 1722Wab MICHp. 47 
BakerAaronWest AlvingtonDEVclerk1728Wab MICHp. 49 
BakerAaron (Rev.)Bowhaye, ExminsterDEV 1691WabEXEWWWLink - 31 Dec 2013 
BakerAnnBowhay, DunchideockDEVwidow1685Wab MICHp. 51 
BakerEdwardAwliscombeDEV 1771WleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 1770
BakerElizabethHeavitree [Exeter Heavitree]DEVwidow1889Wco DHC-U6440B add 
BakerGeorgeTotnesDEVArchdeacon1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 6 Mar 1772
BakerJohnClyst St LawrenceDEV 1666IleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA showed 'A'
BakerJohnExeterDEVbaker1603Wab MISCAntient, p. 147listing of bequests to various Exeter parishes
BakerMarthaWest AlvingtonDEVwidow1734Wab MICHp. 45 
BakerMaryExeterDEVwidow1777WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 13 Aug 1777
BakerNicholasAlphingtonDEV 1585Wab MICHp. 53 
BakerPhilipFenitonDEV 1693WleEXEDWAACp. 99entry omitted in FRYA
BakerRichard DEVclerk1557Wab MICHp. 57 
BakerRobertHeavitree [Exeter Heavitree]DEVgentleman1879Wco DHC-U6440B add 
BakerSarahOkehamptonDEVwidow1824WabPCCBANK probate granted 20 Jul 1824
BakerThomasShillingford [Shillingford St George]DEVhusbandman1678Wab MICHp. 55 
Baker alias CockeJohnAlphingtonDEV 1626Aab MICHp. 53Aadmon granted to Thomasine Baker, widow and John Hayne, yeoman
Baker alias CockeMargaretAlphingtonDEVwidow1663Wab MICHp. 43 
Baker alias CockeThomazineAlphingtonDEVspinster1673Wab MICHp. 53A 
Baker alias CockeThomazineAlphingtonDEV 1673WleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA showed 'Baker alias Lock'
Baker alias CokeAgnesAlphingtonDEVwidow1666Wab MICHp. 43 
Baker alias WoodJohnOffwellDEV 1635W?leEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA omitted 'alias Wood'
[Baker]    [1668]   [MICH] [See Mitchell alias Baker]
[Baker][Agnes]   [1666]   [MICH] [See Michell alias Baker, Agneta]
[Baker][Anthony]   [1638]   [MICH] [See Cocke alias Baker, Anthony]
[Baker][John]   [1615]   [MICH] [See Michell alias Baker, John]
[Baker][John]   [1626]   [DWAAC] [See Wood alias Baker, John]
BaldryBettyPlymouthDEVwidow1811WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 4 Jan 1812
BaldyWilliamPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVforeman1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 8 Aug 1835
BaldyWilliamPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVforeman1835WabPCC BANK probate granted 8 Aug 1835 
BaldyWilliamPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVforeman rope maker1841WabPCCBANK letters of administration granted 21 Aug 1841; stock held jointly with John Burbridge (deceased) of Portsea, shipwright
BaleAnthonyWithecombe Rawleigh [Withycombe Raleigh]DEVsenior1665WleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA showed 'Ball'
BaleJulian   1640W?leEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA showed 'Ball'
BalePhilipHonitonDEVrector1559Wab MISCOliver5, vol.2, p. 78 
BaleRichardExeterDEVgentleman1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 13 Apr 1820
Bale alias ShilesThomazineKentisbeareDEV 1756AleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Bale alias Shales'
BalkwillJohnEastogwell [East Ogwell]DEV 1665WleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA showed 'Blackwell'
BallAndrewBamptonDEV 1664WleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA showed 'Baal'
BallGraceBampon [Bampton]DEV 1647WleEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA unclear about exact names
BallJohnHonitonDEV 1747WabEXEMISCKeep 
BallRichardSourtonDEVyeoman1829Wco DHC-U4871-0 Box 3 
BallThomasMalboroughDEVShipwright1777WabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 4 Apr 1778
BallamanThomasWhimpleDEV 1669AleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA showed 'Bellamen'
BalleElizabethExeterDEVwidow1812WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 5 Jun 1812
BalleThomasExeter DEVgentleman1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 16 Jun 1828
BallerRobertExeterDEV 1686WleEXEDWAACp. 99FRYA showed 'Bawler'
BallymanEtheldredExeterDEVwidow1824WabPCCBANK probate granted 9 Mar 1825
BallymanMaryExeterDEVspinster1821WabPCCBANK probate granted 11 Mar 1822
BallymanThomasClist Hydon [Clyst Hydon]DEV 1748AleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Bellamy'
BamfeildHughTamerton Foliott [Tamerton Foliot]DEV 1691Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 2admon to Mary, relict; inventory extract shown
Bampfeild alias BramfieldHenryWoodburyDEV 1687Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 1admon to Elizabeth, widow; inventory extract shown
BampfieldEdwardLimpstone [Lympstone]DEV 1705WleEXEDWAACp. 99FRYA showed 'Bamphield'
BampfieldJohanWest TeignmouthDEVwidow1683Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 4inventory extract shown
BampfyldeCoplestone (Sir)PoltimoreDEVbaronet1692WtrEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 1 
BampfyldeJenny CodringtonExeterDEVspinster1808Oab BANK registered 23 Feb 1809; a lunatic
BampfyldeRichardPoltimore (Sir)DEVbart1773WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 31 Aug 1776
BampfyldeRichard Warwick (Rev)Stoke CanonDEV 1834WabPCCBANK probate granted 7 Oct 1834
BampheildMaryHevetree [Exeter Heavitree]DEVwidow1674Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 1inventory extract shown
BanfieldJohnAwliscombeDEV 1781WleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 'Bampfield'
BanfieldMaryan   1644W?leEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA showed 'Morgan'
BanfieldSimonColompton [Cullompton]DEV 1746WleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Bampfield'; and administration
[Banfield][Nathaniel]   [1674]   [CA] [See Barfield or Banfield or Benfield, Nathaniel]
BanfildeClementTivertonDEV 1641W?leEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA showed 'Bampfilde'
BankRebecca PalmerDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVwidow1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 14 May 1819
BanksBenjaminBarnstapleDEVesquire1832WabPCC BANK probate granted 19 May 1832; bequests for servants of 30+ years, Jenny Cross and Jane Parsley
BannickJohnDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVgentleman1773WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 5 Feb 1776
BannisterSarahExeterDEVwidow1893Wco DHC-U3493B 
BarberJohnExeterDEVesquire1773WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 7 Jun 1775
BarberWilliamExeterDEVgentleman1777WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 Jan 1777
BarberWilliamsExeterDEVgentleman1776WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 Jan 1777
Barber alias AshSamuelHonitonDEV 1719WleEXEDWAACp. 99entry omitted in FRYA
BarborWilliamLary [Plymouth?]DEVdoctor of physick1765Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/104 
BardonGeorgeSouth BrentDEVyeoman1717Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WB 1 
Barfield or Banfield or BenfieldNathanielWest Worthiet, ParkhamDEV 1674WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 3wife's surname given as Banfield; testator signed as Banfill; referred admon to in inventory as Benfield; inventory extract shown
Baring-GouldWilliamLew TrenchardDEVesquire1846WabEPREDHC-U7130 (prev TD166)probate abstract
BarnardRebeccaGreat TorringtonDEVspinster1769WcoPCCPROB 11948/330 
BarneGeorgeThorvertonDEVgentleman1789Wco DHC-U5247 Box 30/2probate in Exeter
BaronElizabethPlymouthDEVwidow1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 May 1766
BaronsWilliamSowtonDEV 1629WleEXEDWAACp. 81FRYA showed 'Barows'
BarrattBenjaminEast BudleighDEV 1771AleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 1770
Barrett    1640W?leEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA showed 'Borrett'
BarrettJohnLoupitte [Luppitt]DEVhusbandman1583WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 3inventory extract shown
BarrettWilliamAppledore [Northam]DEVmariner1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 7 Nov 1765
BarssWilliamDown St MaryDEV 1738W?leEXEDWAACp. 99FRYA showed 'Bass'
BarterWilliamPlymouthDEVvintner1779WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 22 Dec 1762
BarthleinConradDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVbaker1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 9 Dec 1818
BartletJohanMarldonDEV 1661WabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B'also inventory
BartletThomasCompton [Marldon]DEVyeoman1650WabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B'also inventory
BartlettAnnSidmouthDEVwidow1826WabPCC BANK probate granted 7 Nov 1826
BartlettAnneWest TeignmouthDEVwidow1799Wab MUR2Box 'A-B'proved at Exeter'
BartlettCatherineBidefordDEVspinster1843WabPCCBANK probate granted 31 Aug 1844; Newington Place, SRY, mentioned
BartlettElizabethMarldonDEV 1742Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
BartlettGracePaigntonDEVwidow1830Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
BartlettHenryCompton, MarldonDEVyeoman1693WabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B'admon to Thomas Bartlett; also inventory
BartlettJacobMarldonDEVyeoman1742WabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B' 
BartlettJacobSt Mary Church [St Marychurch]DEVgentleman1808Wab MUR2Box 'A-B'proved at Exeter'
BartlettJacob BickfordPaigntonDEVgentleman1810Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
BartlettJoanMarldonDEV 1736AabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B'admon to husband Jacob Bartlett of Paignton
BartlettJohnDartmouthDEVsailmaker1849WtrPCCGDPROB 11/2092/204superannuated sailmaker from Her Majesty's Dockyard at Devonport
BartlettJohnSt Thomas [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1767AleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Barter'
BartlettJohnTeignmouth DEVmariner1835WabPCCBANK probate granted  26 May 1835
BartlettMargaretAshburtonDEV 1799Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
BartlettMarySt Mary Church [St Marychurch]DEV 1809Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
BartlettOdesCompton, MarldonDEV 1667Wab MUR2Box 'A-B'also inventory
BartlettRebeccaWhimpleDEV 1771WleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 1770
BartlettRichardOttery St MaryDEV 1696WleEXEDWAACp. 99FRYA showed 'Bennett'
BartlettSusannahMarldonDEV 1698AabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B'admon to William Bartlett, husband
BartlettThomasCompton Marledon [Marldon]DEVthe elder; yeoman1714WabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B'also inventory
BartlettThomasMarldonDEVyeoman1736WabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B' 
BartlettThomasMarldonDEVclothier1748Wab MUR2Box 'A-B'proved at Exeter'
BartlettThomasMarledon [Marldon]DEVgentleman1786Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
BartlettWalterCompton, MarldonDEVyeoman1666Wab MUR2Box 'A-B'also inventory
BartlettWilliamCompton, MarldonDEVyeoman1705WabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B'also inventory
BartlettWilliamEast Teignmouth DEVmerchant1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 9 Sep 1831
BartlettWilliamMarldonDEV 1644Wab MUR2Box 'A-B'administration to Anne Bartlett, widow; also inventory
BartlettWilliamMarldonDEVsenior; yeoman1674Wab MUR2Box 'A-B'also inventory
BartlettWilliamSt Mary Church [St Marychurch]DEVgentleman1768WabPCDCMUR2Box 'A-B' 
BartlettWilliam BickfordTormohun, Torquay [Tormoham]DEVgentleman1813Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
BartonJamesPlymouthDEVgentleman1824WabPCCBANK probate granted 9 Feb 1825
BarwickAnneExeterDEV 1892Wco DHC-U3493B 
BarwickeEdmundOttery St Marie [Ottery St Mary]DEV 1685AleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA showed 'Benvicke'
BassMargaretExeterDEV 1771WleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 1770
BassSarahLympstoneDEVspinster1841WabPCCBANK probate granted 7 Apr 1841
BassWilliamLympstoneDEV 1771AleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 1770
BasseNicholasTivertonDEVthe elder and the younger1661AleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA omitted 'the elder and the younger'
BassettAnneHolden House [Kenn?]DEV 1756WabPCCBANK proved at Doctors Commons 18 Mar 1763
BastardBaldwen PollexfenKitely [Kitley, Yealmpton]DEVesquire1773WabPCCBANK [no image - Sep 2014]
BastardBridget (Rt Hon)Gerston [West Alvington]DEVwidow1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 3 Nov 1773
BastardThomasExeterDEVgentleman1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 14 Aug 1765
BastenMaryBroad Clyst [Broadclyst]DEV 1771WleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 1770
BastonJohnCullomptonDEV 1799AleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 'Bastin'
BastoneHenryOtterie St Mary [Ottery St Mary]DEV 1663WleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA showed 'Barston'
BastoneRichardHarpfordDEV 1641AleEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA omitted 'account' also
BastowJohnDunsfordDEV 1797AleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 'Baston'
BastowSarahDunsfordDEV 1794AleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 'Baston'
BateCarolineKenilworthWARspinster1884Aor DHC-U6440B add 
BaterMichaelHalbertonDEV 1740WleEXEDWAACp. 99FRYA showed 'Barter'
BatesAaron   1691Wab  p. 152very brief note on will
BattAnthonyAwtrey St Mary [Ottery St Mary]DEV 1631WleEXEDWAACp. 81entry omitted in FRYA
BattJoaneWhimpleDEVwidow1630W?leEXEDWAACp. 81entry omitted in FRYA
BattWilmote   1639W?leEXEDWAACp. 82FRY showed 'Ball'
BattinWilliamBroad Clyst [Broadclyst]DEV 1771AleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 1770
BattingAgnesSt Thomas [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1768AleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Batten'
BattingWilliamNewton St CyresDEVyeoman1813WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 12 Mar 1814
BattishillElizabethExeterDEVwife1688Wor DHC-U5247 Box 30/2wife of Peter Battishill, mercer
BattishillJonathanShebbearDEVvicar1713WabEPREMUR2Box 'A-B'vicar of Shebbear; also inventory
BattishillThomasDrewsteigntonDEVyeoman1677Wco DHC-U6683M 1/1.1 
BattishillWilliamKentonDEV 1735AorEXEDHC-U70A/PZ3 
BatynHumfreyDunsland [Bradford?]DEV 1534Oab TAPS26 Hen. VIII File 56 (106)Inquisition Post Mortem
BavermanWalterThorvertonDEV 1647AleEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA unclear about exact names
BawdenReginalPenrynCONgentleman1756WabECCECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 5 
BaxterAlexanderDevonport [Stoke Damerel]DEVgentleman1837WabPCCBANK letters of administration, with will annexed, 14 Jan 1837
[Bayley][William]   [1662]   [DWAAC] [See Brounsey alias Bayley, William]
BaylyJohn BrabantPlymouthDEVship chandler1812WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 15 Nov 1812
BeadleHenryTivertonDEV 1642WleEXEDWAACp. 82entry omitted in FRYA
BeadonAllanPayhemburyDEV 1642AabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 7admon to Frances, relict; inventory extract shown
BeadonJoanTopshamDEV 1666AabPCDCCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 7admon to Richard, son
BeadonJohnDunsterSOM 1778Aco DHC-C1186M/2admin
BeadonJohnEast BudleighDEVseaman1685WabEXECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 8includes admon and inventory extract
BeadonNicholasBradninchDEV 1669WabEXECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 7admon to Alice, relict; inventory extract shown
BeadonRichardOakeford [Oakford]DEVyeoman1760WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 6includes admon; testator also shown as 'Robert'
BeadonRichardWoodburyDEV 1684WabPCVCCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 8inventory extract shown; nuncupative will
BeadonRichard[Woodbury]DEVjunior1683WabPCVCCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 7plus admon to Richard Beadon of Woodbury, father
BealElizabethMorice Town, Plymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVwidow1826WabPCCBANK probate granted 22 Dec 1826
BealeMatthewTrehannick [St Teath?]CONesquire1743Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WB 2plus admon
BeardBenjaminExeterDEVmercer1670WcoPCCDHC-U5247 Box 30/2 
BeauchampWilliam (Rev)Sampford CourtenayDEV 1827WabPCCBANK probate granted 19 Sep 1827
BeaumontHenryHoniton[?]DEV 1590Wab MISCFarquarson, p.34gift of Rapshays in Buckerell and Steevely Lands in parishes of Abbots Isle and Ashill, for the poor
BeavisPeterClist House [Farringdon?]DEVesquire1779Wab BANK registered 4 Apr 1781; beneficiary of Bemjamin Giliberd
BeavisRichardExeterDEVesq, merchant1602Wab MISCAntient, p. 157listing of bequests to poor maidens of several parishes
BeavisSarahDartmouthDEVspinster1773WabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons22 Jan 1776; now wife of John Browne
Bebringer or BelringerHughCotleighDEVmiller1621Ole DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderJohn Sumerhaies "a praiser"
BeckardRalphOkehamptonDEVmettalman1718WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
[Beckenton]    [1549]   [MICH] [See Nosworthie alias Bekenton]
BeckettAnnPlymouthDEVwidow1808WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 21 May 1807
BeckfordRichardPlymouthDEVcarpenter1803WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 Sep 1803
BeckfordSarahPlymouthDEVwidow1844WabPCCBANK probate granted 22 Feb 1845
BedleAn and Sara   1627WleEXEDWAACp. 81FRYA omitted 'and Sara'
BeerGabrielDodbrook [Dodbrooke]DEVcoal merchant1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 31 Dec 1835
BeerGabrielDodbrook [Dodbrooke]DEVcoal merchant1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 31 Dec 1835
BeerGeorgeFrithelstockDEVjunior; yeoman1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 11 Jan 1834
BeerMaryHeavitree [Exeter Heavitree]DEVwidow1849Wco DHC-U3493B 
BeithRobertEast StonehouseDEVdoctor of medicine1868Aor DHC-U6440B addDeputy Inspector of Her Majesty's Fleet
BelfeildMargrettPaigntonDEVwidow1639WabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B'also inventory
BelfieldAllanRottery [Rattery]DEVesquire1685WabTOTMUR2Box 'A-B'admon to Mary, relict, during the minority of John Belfield
BelfieldJohn DEVserjeant at law1751WabPCCMUR2Box 'A-B'299 Rushy; a number of widely spread out Devon parishes mentioned
BelfieldsFinney [DEV] 1789Oco DHC-U1292M/Wills/4Littleham and Withycombe Rawleigh mentioned
BellMargaretPlymouthDEVspinster1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 10 Aug 1835
BellamyElizabethSampford PeverellDEV 1771WleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 1770
BellamyWilliamPlymouthDEVgentleman1769WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 6 May 1771
BellewElizabethBarnstapleDEVwidow1826WabPCCBANK probate granted 8 Mar 1827
BellewHenryExeterDEVcaptain1791Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/5captain in His Majesty's Navy
BellfeyldThomasPaigntonDEV 1591WabPCCMUR2Box 'A-B'162 Woodhall
BellmanVincentLostwithielCON 1794Aab MUR2Box 'A-B'admon to Margery Bellman, widow
[Belringer or Bebringer][Hugh]   [1621]   [DRO-U] [see Bebringer or Belringer, Hugh]
BenceAgnesHuxhamDEV 1672WleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA showed 'Benn'
BendfeildJoan   1622AleEXEDWAACp. 81FRYA shows 'John'
BenetEdwardExeterDEVsmith1472Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
[Benfield][Nathaniel]   [1674]   [CA] [See Barfield or Banfield or Benfield, Nathaniel]
BengerMarySeaton [Seaton and Beer]DEV 1771WleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 1770
BennettJohnCalcuttaINDesquire; bachelor1835AcoPCCDHC-U5651M Willslate of the Bengal Civil Service; died 1834
BennettJohnExeterDEVdairyman1832Wco DHC-U67/6/13/1jdate will was made
BennettJohn StokesExeterDEVcomedian (gentleman)1828WabPCC BANK probate granted 24 Apr 1829
BennettSolomanPlymouthDEVmercer1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 5 Mar 1823
BennettThomasExon [Exeter]DEV 1633W?leEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA showed 'Barrett'
BennettGregorie   1641W?leEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA showed 'George'
Bennett alias RendellThomasAlphingtonDEV 1662WleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA showed 'Bennest alias Bendle'
Bennett alias StephensBernardAshtonDEV 1663AleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA omitted 'alias Stephens'
BentleyElizabethBrixtonSUR 1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 5 Jan 1829; no Devon connection apparent
BereJohnHunsham [Huntsham]DEV 1641W?leEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA showed 'Beare' and 'Hunshawe'
BerryDanielMilend, StepneyLNDmariner1674WabPCCMUR2Box 'A-B'2 Dycer
BerryElizabethAshburtonDEVwidow1775WcoPCDCDHC-U5651M Willsprobate copy of will dated 1775
BerryJohnExeterDEVgentleman1821WabPCCBANK probate granted 24 Jul 1821
BerryThomas (Sir)NorthamDEV 1697Wco GDDRO W 2422 M/F14 
BerrymanChristianTotnesDEVspinster1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 24 Dec 1773
BerrymanJohnBishops TawtonDEVgentleman1614Wab MISCAntient, p. 155listing of bequests to ten poor men
BerrymanRichardDevonport [Stoke Damerel]DEVgentleman1841WabPCCBANK letters of administration granted 18 June 1841
BerrymanRogerTotnesDEVtallow chandler1740WcoTOTDHC-U5651M Willsprobate copy of will dated 1719
BesleyOliverBarnstapleDEVgentleman1777WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 12 Mar 1779; on the death of Rec John Chorley
BewesCordeliaPlymouthDEVspinster1840WabPCCBANK probate granted 23 Jun 1840
BewesJohnWerringtonDEV 1675Wtr DHC-C8380Ztyped copy of a transcript of a will originally made in 1860
BewesSarahPlymouthDEVwidow1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 14 Nov 1835
BickellJohnCharlton [Charleton]DEVvictualler1819WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons5 May 1819
BickellMaryCharlton, Kingsbridge [Charleton]DEVspinster1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 11 Nov 1831
Bickle otherwise MilmanJohnSpreytonDEV 1799WleEXEDWAACp. 101entry omitted in FRYA
BickleyJohnExeterDEVbuilder1810WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 20 Jun 1810
BickleyWilliamExeterDEVupholder1773WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 7 Oct 1776
Bickley (senior)JohnExeterDEVjoyner1773WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 3 Dec 1776
BidgoodHumphreyHalbertonDEV 1755WleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed '1754'
BidgoodJohnExeterDEV 1771AleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 1770
BidgoodJohnExeterDEVM.D.1668Wab MISCAntient, p. 173bequest to St John's hospital
BidlakeJohnPlymouthDEVreverend1814WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 18 Apr 1814
Bidlake alias FishRobertNewton St CyresDEV 1758WleEXEDWAACp. 100entry omitted in FRYA
BidwellAndrewExeterDEV 1675Wle MISCMorris10 
BidwellDenise DEVwidow1541Oab MISCMorris9 
BidwellEdwardCreditonDEV 1714Wle MISCMorris10 
BidwellFrancisExeterDEV 1733Wle MISCMorris10 
BidwellFrancisSt Sidwell [Exeter St Sidwell]DEV 1664Wle MISCMorris10 
BidwellHughNewton Saint Sires [Newton St Cyres]DEVyeoman1658WabPCCMISCMorris10250 Wotton
BidwellHughSt Thomas, Exeter [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1664WleEXEMISCMorris10 
BidwellHughSt Thomas, Exeter [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEVthe elder1664WabEXEMISCMorris9250 Wotton
BidwellJohnCreditonDEV 1679Ale MISCMorris10 
BigilstoneRobertExeterDEV 1635WleEXEDWAACp. 82entry omitted in FRYA
BillettJohnDunkeswellDEV 1670AleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA showed 'Bilbet'
BillingRichardMicheldeverHAM 1936WabPPRDHC-U4099D/F/5Sandford mentioned
BindonHenryExeterDEV 1763AleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Bending'
BinlawsEdwardExeterDEV 1738AleEXEDWAACp. 99FRYA showed 'Builaws'
BinleyMaryNewport, Bishops TawtonDEVwidow1839WabPCCBANK probate granted 4 Dec 1839
BintRobertMount Stone, East StonehouseDEVesquire1834WabPCCBANK probate granted 16 June 1834
BirdwoodRogerKingsbridgeDEVsurgeon1762OcoTOTDHC-U316M/TD/A14indenture (1769) re his will; Birdwood, Adams, Manning mentioned
BishopJohnLeigh, UffculmeDEV 1828?Wle MUR2Box 'A-B'codicils dated 1816, 1823, 1828 of will dated 1813 are filed; cuttings re family history mentioned
BishopThomasDunsfordDEV 1754AleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Mary'
BishopWilliamCollatonrawley [Colaton Raleigh]DEV 1707WleEXEDWAACp. 99entry omitted in FRYA; and administration
BissetRichard LamarHeavitree near Exeter [Exeter Heavitree]DEVesquire1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 9 Oct 1833 to wife Jane, otherwise known as Harriet
[Bissett][Joseph]   [1827]   [CA] [See Lindon alias Bissett, Joseph]
BlachfordRobertExeterDEV 1662AleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA showed 'Blackford'
BlackallArthurCitidal, PlymouthDEVcaptain1834WabPCCBANK probate granted 26 Mar 1834; Captain of the Royal Veterans Battalion
BlackallElizabethTottnes [Totnes]DEV 1578Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
BlackallerAaronAxminsterDEV 1773WleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 'Azon'
BlackburnJohnArlington DEVyeoman1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 14 Feb 1832
BlackburnRobertExeterDEVpaper manufacturer1890Wco DHC-U6096-0 
BlackburneMargaret   1823Wco DHC-U4993Z/F1Bathwick Church, Bath mentioned
BlackburneThomas (Rev Dr)   1823Wab DHC-U4993Z/F1Hale Church and Thelwall Chapel mentioned
BlackmoreRobertStoke [Stoke Damerel]DEVShipwright1769WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 1 Jun 1770
BlackmoreWilliamWashfieldDEV 1772AleEXEDWAACp. 101entry omitted in FRYA
BlagdonHenryTivertonDEV 1691Wco DHC-C1186M/2will
BlagdonMaryTivertonDEVwidow Wco DHC-C1186M/2will
BlairLambertCourtland [Withycombe Raleigh?]DEVesquire1814WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 14 Feb 1815
BlakeCharles DaveyNewton Abbot [Wolborough]DEV 1925WcoPPRDHC-U2687D/111 
BlakeHannahExeterDEVwidow1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 July 1764
BlakeJamesHonitonDEVyeoman1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 8 June 1833
BlakeMartinBarnstapleDEVvicar1651WabPCCMISCChanter4, pp.160-162died 1673
BlakeRobertBarnstapleDEVmariner1814WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 10 Mar 1815
BlakeThomasCombintinhead [Combeinteignhead]DEVyeoman1801WabEXEDHC-U74B/ME/63 
BlakeThomasExeterDEVgoldsmith1769WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 19 Apr 1770
BlanchardJosephHead, Silferton [Silverton]DEV 1787WleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 'Blanchford'
BlatchfordGraceOkehamptonDEVwidow1664WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
BlatchfordTheophilusAshtonDEV 1664AleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA omitted 'Ashton' and Comp. (account)
BlechyndenJohnLympstoneDEVgentleman1840WabPCCBANK probate granted 21 Aug 1840 to Ann Hearn and Elizabeth Crabb, daughters
BlewettColanTrevethanCON 1673WabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B'several widely spaced parishes mentioned, including Colan; possibly St Eval
BlewettJohnFarwayDEV 1686IleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA omitted 'account'
BlightIsaacTopshamDEVgentleman1777WabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 28 Feb 1778; burial certificate no date
BlinchWilliamBidefordDEV 1756WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 19 May 1770
BluetRichardFalmouthCONshipwright1710WabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B' 
BluetRichardFalmouthCONmariner1747WabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B'captain in command of H.M. West Indian Packet Boat "The Swallow"
BluettElizabethFalmouthCONwidow1769WabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B' 
BluettElizabethHockworthyDEVspinster1769AabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons31 Jan 1770
BlundellJohnTivertonDEV 1631W?leEXEDWAACp. 81FRYA showed 'Blander' and 1630
BlundellPeterTivertonDEV 1599Wab DHC-U2723M - Carew, WB 3 
BlundellPeterTivertonDEVclothier1599Wab MISCAntient, p. 153listing of bequests to various trades
BlundellPhilipTiverton LodgeDEVesquire1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 1 Apr 1822
BoardWilliamUpotteryDEV 1697WleEXEDWAACp. 99FRYA showed 'Beard'
BoaseArthurTivertonDEVgentleman1829WabPCCBANK probate granted 20 Oct 1829
BoddieJohnBelston [Belstone]DEVhusbandman1663WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933also spelt Bodie
BodelerchRichardTivertonDEV 1493WabPCCMISCTroup4 - pp. 733-74410 Vox.
BodgerRobertPinhoeDEVcoachman1812WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 7 Oct 1812
BodleghJohnCreditonDEV 1532Oab MISCTroup4 - p.734Inq. p.m.
BodleghJohnCreditonDEV 1531WabEXEMISCTroup4 - p.734 
BodleighJohnLondonLNDmerchant1591WabPCCMISCTroup4 - pp. 739-74190 Sainherbe; [mention of lands in Moretonhampstead]
BodleyGeorgeCreditonDEV 1561Aco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WB 4admon to Agnes, relict
BodleyJohnExeterDEV 1527WabPCCMISCTroup4 - pp. 734-73524 Porch.
BodleyLaurence DEVpreacher1615WabPCCMUR2Box 'A-B'"Preacher of the Word of God"; 59 Rudd; mentions people in Exeter, Broadclyst and Totnes
BodleyLaurenceExeterDEVprecher1615WabPCCMISCTroup4 - p. 74259 Rudd
BodleyLawrenceExeterDEVcanon residentiary1615Wab MISCAntient, p. 158bequest to support a preacher
BodleyThomas (Sir)ExeterDEVknight1613Wtr MISCTrecentalevirtually complete transcript
BodyEdmund (sen)PlymouthDEVgentleman1816WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 6 July 1816
BoganAnnUphempston [Littlehempston]DEVwidow1727WcoTOTGD4652M/F2/5Orig. will dated 1693
BoganAnn...hempston [Littlehempston?]DEVwidow1727Wco DHC-U4652M/F2/5 
BoganAnn...hempston [Littlehempston?]DEVwidow1727Wco DHC-U4652M/F2/5 
[Bogan][Walter]   [1591]   [MISC] [See Buggan [Bogan], Walter]
BogerChristianaPlymstockDEV 1685WleTOTMUR2Box 'A-B' 
BogerChristopherElburton, PlymstockDEVyeoman1686WabTOTMUR2Box 'A-B'inventory mentioned
BogerChristopherPlymstockDEV 1614WabTOTMUR2Box 'A-B' 
BogerCorneliusPlymouthDEV 1692WabEPREMUR2Box 'A-B'admon to Wilmott Boger, widow
BogerEdmundPlymstockDEV 1679WabTOTMUR2Box 'A-B'inventory mentioned
BogerIsabelPlimstoke [Plymstock]DEV 1563AleTOTMUR2Box 'A-B'will is missing
BogerJoanPlimstock [Plymstock]DEV 1648WabEPREMUR2Box 'A-B'administration to Richard Boger, son
BogerJohnLandrakeCON 1739WabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B'two copies
BogerJohnPlimstock [Plymstock]DEV 1600WabTOTMUR2Box 'A-B' 
BogerMariaPlymstockDEV 1679WleTOTMUR2Box 'A-B'admon and test[ament]
BogerRichardPlymouthDEV 1684AleTOTMUR2Box 'A-B' 
BogerRichardPlymstockDEV 1619WabTOTMUR2Box 'A-B' 
BogerSilvesterStedscombe, PlymstockDEVyeoman1716Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
BogerWilliam [Gulielmus]Plimstoke [Plymstock]DEV 1678WleTOTMUR2Box 'A-B'test[ament]
BoisrondMarianneEast StonehouseDEVspinster1804WabPCCMISCWagner - p.39459 Heseltine
BolesRichardOkehamptonDEVmason1710Wab CULLFilm no. 87933year the will was made
BondAndrewOkehamptonDEVblacksmith1725WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
BondElizabethCreditonDEVwife1810WabPCCBANK Probate granted at Doctors Commons 3 Apr 1811; of Revd John Bond
BondElizabethDevonport [Stoke Damerel]DEVwidow1837WabPCCBANK probate granted 27 Mar 1837
BondJoanPlymouthDEVwidow1773WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 Jan 1776; wife of William Nickolls of Exeter Victualler
BondJohnClehidon [Clayhidon]DEV 1670AleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA omitted 'Clehidon'
BondJohnSampford PeverellDEV 1647WleEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA unclear about exact names
BondJohnSt Stephen by SaltashCON 1699Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/113 
BondMatthewDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVShipwright1769WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 23 Jul 1767; [transcribed as Bind]
BondSamuelHonitonDEVgentleman1832WabPCCBANK probate granted 20 Mar 1833
BoneGeorgePlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVgentleman1821WabPCCBANK probate granted 18 Feb 1822
BonefantEdwardExeterDEV 1761AleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Bonefand'
BonithonJamesFalmouthCONmarryner [mariner]1716WabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B' 
BonithonRichardCarclew, MylorCONesquire1698WabEPREMUR2Box 'A-B' 
BonneyWilliamSt BudeauxDEVyeoman1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 18 Nov 1817
BonythonJamesTivertonDEV 1798Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 6admon to Elizabeth Young Bonython, niece
BoogerJoanPlymstockDEV 1610WabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B' 
BoogerRichaudPlymstockDEVwidow1622WabECCEMUR2Box 'A-B' 
BoonRobertChurch Taunton [Churchstanton]DEV 1782WleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 'Broom'
BoonThomasPowderhamDEV 1668AleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA showed 'Benne'
BooneJohnChurchtannton [Churchstanton]DEV 1671WleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA showed 'Boome'
BooneJosiasWest TeignmouthDEVshipwright1789Wor DHC-U1039M/F40 
BoradmeadGilbertSilvertonDEVsergemaker1746Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 30 
BorageJohnCreditonDEVwidow1557Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 37 
BorageRobertKirton [Crediton]DEV 1546Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 35inventory extract shown
BordeFrancisSidmouthDEV 1721WleEXEDWAACp. 99FRYA showed 'Bond'
BoridgeGylesCreditonDEV 1571Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 39inventory extract shown
BorneThomasBroadclystDEV 1631WleEXEDWAACp. 81FRYA omitted 'Broadclyst' and 'W'
BoroughWalterExeterDEVmayor1625Wab MISCAntient, pp. 218-219bequest
BoroughWalterExeterDEVmayor1625Wab MISCAntient, pp. 218-219bequest to the poor, and endowment of a free Latin grammar school
BoroweElizabethBroadclystDEVwidow1622WabPCCMUR2Box 'A-B'relict of Henry Borowe esq; 67 Saville
Bos....[?]Hugh   1641Wab DHC-U1262M/FS/20Dowland[?] mentioned
BoscawenGeorge CONesquire1636Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/109no place shown
BoscawenHughTregothnan [St Michael Penkivel]CON 1703Oor DHC-U1262M/FS/40 
BoscawenHughTregothnan [St Michael Penkivel]CON 1700Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/114 
BotefieldDorothyDowne St Marie [Down St Mary]DEV 1672WleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA showed 'Bolefield'
BotefieldJoanDowne St Mary [Down St Mary]DEV 1671AleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA showed 'Bolefield'
BottomAlexanderSaint James in ClerkenwellMDXtaylor1733Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/48 
BoucherAmosSt Sidwells [Exeter St Sidwell]DEV 1686AleEXEDWAACp. 99FRYA showed 'Bowther'
BoucherJaneDrewsteigntonDEVwidow1808Wco DHC-U5072M/F2/16date of will
[Boucher][John]   [1634]   [DWAAC] [See Skinner alias Butcher/Boucher, John]
BoughtonGeorge (Rev)TivertonDEVclerk1826Wco DHC-U4871-0 Box 3 
BoultJohnSampford CourtenayDEVsenior; weaver1724WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
Bound LittlehempstonDEV 1714Aor DHC-U4652M/F2/11no first name shown
BourchierJohn (Sir)BamptonDEVknight1541Wab MISCOliver5, vol.1, p. 168 
BouryanPeterPlymouthDEV 1735AabPCCMISCWagner - p.398to Jane, his widow
BoutetAnnePlymouthDEVwidow1746WabPCCBANK probate dated at Doctors Commons 10 May 1749
BoutflowerAnnExeterDEVwidow1832WabPCC BANK probate granted 15 Feb 1833
BoutflowerJohn EatonExeterDEVgentleman1840WabPCCBANK probate granted 22 Aug 1840
BowaterJohnPlymouthDEVmajor general1813WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 8 Dec 1813
BowbeareNicholasBurlescombeDEV 1686WleEXEDWAACp. 98entry omitted in FRYA
BowdenEdwardHatherleighDEVyeoman1836Wco DHC-U4871-0 Box 3copy of will proved 1844
BowdenJeremyahDunsfordDEV 1697WleEXEDWAACp. 99FRYA showed 'Joane'
BowdenJoanBelston [Belstone]DEVwidow1666WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
BowdenKatherineOkehamptonDEVwidow1666WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933nuncupative will
BowdenMarySparkwill, StavertonDEVwidow1834WabPCCBANK probate granted 26 Dec 1834
BowdenRichardBamptonDEVshopkeeper1769WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 11 Feb 1768
BowdenSarahOffwellDEV 1746AleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Bowder'
BowdenSarahTivertonDEVspinster1808WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 17 Jun 1808
BowdenThomasIlfracombeDEVgentleman1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 2 May 1820
BowdidgeTemperanceNorthleighDEV 1664WleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA showed 'Bowditch'
BowditchStephenMemburyDEV 1769AleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 'Bodidge'
BowditchThomasAxminsterDEV 1741AleEXEDWAACp. 99FRYA showed 'Bowdith'
BoweringThomasHockworthyDEVclerk1674WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 8nuncupative will; inventory extract shown
[Bowerman][James]   [1746]   [DWAAC] [See Clarke alias Bowerman, James]
BowhayJohnStoke DamerellDEVshipwright1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 30 June 1801; registered 29 Nov 1833, 32 years after probate
BowlesAnnPlymouthDEVspinster1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 Mar 1822
BowringBenjaminExeterDEV 1776Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 9 & 10plus admon
BowringBenjaminExeterDEVgentleman1836WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1867/322will - catalogued as Bouring by TNA
BowringEdwardExeterDEV 1721Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 9admon to Margaret, sister, of Wellington, SOM
BowringJohnExeterDEV 1774WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 92 
BowringJohnExeter St LeonardDEVfuller1824WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1687/396will
BowringMosesExeterDEV[mariner]1741Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 9aboard H.M.S. "St. Albans"
BowringRobertAlvington[?]DEVgentleman1514Wab DRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229 Peke notes in Mare folderIn D&C N&Q 1906-7.150 or 1966-7.150 (unclear)
BowringeRobertRackenfordDEVclerk; rector1637WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 7 & 8plus admon 1665; inventory extract shown
BowryngeWilliamTyvertone [Tiverton]DEVweaver1560Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 7 
BoyerPriscillaPlymouthDEVspinster1815WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 4 Aug 1811
BoynesGeorgeAshburtonDEVhusbandman1790Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WB 5 
BoynesJeremiahAshburtonDEVwoolcomber1781Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WB 6 
BradbeerHannahWoodburyDEVwidow1850WtrPCCGDPROB 11/2114/128 
Bradford Stockley English [Stockleigh English]DEV 1631W?leEXEDWAACp. 81FRYA misspelled 'Stockley'
BradfordRobert (Rev)Newton Abbot [Wolborough]DEV 1830WabPCCBANK probate granted 30 Apr 1830
BradmeadGilbertRew [Rewe]DEVmiller1693Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 26inventory extract shown
BradmeadePhilipThorvertonDEV 1625Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 13admon to Katherine Luxon, sister; inventory extract shown
BradshawGeorgeSidmouthDEVesquire1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 19 April 1831 
BradshawMargaretGittishamDEV 1670WleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA omitted 'Margaret'
BraggIsaatDrewsteigntonDEVwidow1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 4 Mar 1819; also of Chagford
BraggJoanThorncombeDORspinster1777WleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 'John'
BraggJoaneThorncombeDEV 1546WleEXEDWAACp. 81FRYA shows 'Bagg'
BraggOsmondHonitonDEV 1630W?leEXEDWAACp. 81FRYA showed '1629'; the eighteen following entries in FRYA show 1629 instead of 1630
BraggThomas DEV 1846Wco DHC-C8672 (acc no)probate of the will
BraggThomas DEV 1881Wco DHC-C8672 (acc no)probate of the will
BraggThomas DEV 1859Wab DHC-C8672 (acc no)abstract of the will
BragintonAgnesMorwinstow [Morwenstow]CONwidow1702Wab MUR2Box 'A-B'née Judd; widow of Lawrence; also inventory
BragintonLaurenceMoorwinstow [Morwenstow]CON 1785Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
BragintonLawrenceMoorewinstow [Morwenstow]CONyeoman1742Wab MUR2Box 'A-B'admon to Thomas Stanbury, it having been renounced by Lawrence Cholwill
BragintonRichardMoorwinstow [Morwenstow]CONyeoman1725Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
BragintonRichardMoorwinstow [Morwenstow]CONyeoman1740Aab MUR2Box 'A-B'admon to Lawrence Braginton, brother; also inventory
BragintonSarahMorwinstow [Morwenstow]CONsingle1726Wab MUR2Box 'A-B'admon to Julian Braginton, mother; also inventory
BraineRobertTivertonDEV 1635W?leEXEDWAACp. 82FRY showed 'Branie'
BrambleNicholasKentisbeere [Kentisbeare]DEV 1646AleEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA showed 'Bramlbe' (possibly a typo) and omitted 'A'; plus account
BramblecombeJoanExeterDEV 1785AleEXEDWAACp. 101entry omitted in FRYA
[Bramfield][Henry]   [1687]   [CA] [See Bampfield alias Bramfield, Henry]
BrandComerTopshamDEVLieutenant1816WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 14 Mar 1816
BrandNicholasTopshamDEVgentleman1854Wtr MISCNGB - http://ngb.chebucto.org/Wills/brand-nicholas-2-119.shtml 
BranfeildEdwardDartmouthDEV 1666Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 2admon to William, father
BranfordMaryPuddavin near Totness (Totnes)DEVwidow1857WtrPCCGDPROB 11/2261/292 
BranscombeJohnBamptonDEV 1760AleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Brownscombe'
BrayJaneStrattonCONspinster1840WcoPCCDHC-U6440B add 
BrayMargaretStrattonCONwidow1608Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
BrayMaryExeter St SidwellDEVspinster1872Wco DHC-U6440B add 
BrayRobertStrattonCON 1609Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
Brayley alias WidlakeJohnChittlehamptonDEVyeoman1654Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/17 
BrayneFrancisExeterDEVesquire1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 20 Feb 1768
BrembecombeWilliamDoddiscombesleigh [Doddiscombsleigh]DEV 1756WleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Bremblecombe'
Bremley    1644W?leEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA showed 'Brenley'
BremlyStephenTivertonDEV 1662AleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA showed 'Bromly'
BremridgeJames Philip (Rev)WinkleighDEVclerk1887Wco DHC-U6440B add 
BrentDorothyShebbearDEVwidow1776WabBARNMUR2Box 'A-B' 
BrentHughShebbearDEVesquire1845WabBARNMUR2Box 'A-B' 
BrentThomasPlymouthDEVgentleman1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 15 October 1765; formerly of Kensington, Mddx
BrentWilliamLamertonDEVreverend1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 14 Feb 1771
BrentWilliam (Rev)LamertonDEV 1769Wab BANK [no image - Sep 2014]
BretlandJosephExeterDEVdissenting minister1819WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons27 Jul 1819
BrewerFrancisSt ErvanCONyeoman1757Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
BrewerJohnTivertonDEV 1671AleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA showed '1670'
BricknellJacobExeter St PaulDEVwhite bread baker1833WabEXEDHC-U4285B/F2 
BridgeMaryTauntonSOMwidow1833Aor DHC-U3257/0/wills 
BridgmanThomasExon [Exeter]DEVgentleman1641Wab MISCAntient, pp. 158-159listing of bequests to poor and to prisoners, son of Jasper Bridgman
BrienDavidDartmouthDEV 1808WtrPCCMISCNGB - http://ngb.chebucto.org/Wills/pcc-brien-david.shtml 
BrimleyNicholasExeterDEV 1748WleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Benjamin'; [It's under 1749 in FRYA]
BrineRichardTeignmouthDEVcaptain1843WabPCCBANK probate granted 20 Aug 1844
BrisbaneJohnPlymouthDEVAdmiral1807WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 30 Dec 1807
BrisbenGeorgeKingsands [Maker]DEVgentleman1807WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 3 Feb 1808
BriscoeElizabethPlympton [Plympton St Mary?]DEVwidow1818Oab BANK registered 11 Sep 1819
BrishfordRichardWashfieldDEV 1735WleEXEDWAACp. 99FRYA showed 'Briskford
BrittonJohnWeare GiffardDEVyeoman1639Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/11 
BrittonSimon GageBarnstapleDEVM.D., R.N.1856Wco TNAADM 45/36/834died 6 Mar 1856 in Newport, Barnstaple. He claimed to have caught Nelson in his arms when shot at Trafalgar.
BroadWalterKentonDEVmariner1838WabPCCBANK probate granted 18 Jan 1839
Broad formerly OramElizabethKentonDEV 1770AleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA omitted 'formerly Oram'
BroadleyGeorgeLoopit [Luppitt]DEV 1670AleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA showed 'Broadhey'
BroadmeadArthurSilferton [Silverton]DEV 1634Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 16admon to Philip, father
BroadmeadArthurSilferton [Silverton]DEVgentleman1755Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 31 
BroadmeadArthurSilferton [Silverton]DEV 1768Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 33admon to Thomas Stone, creditor, the relict Joan having renounced; inventory extract shown
BroadmeadGilbertCreditonDEV 1615Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 12admon to Bennett Broadmeade
BroadmeadNicholasCreditonDEV 1587Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 11inventory extract shown
BroadmeadPhilipSilferton [Silverton]DEV 1670Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 22inventory extract shown
BroadmeadPhilipSilferton [Silverton]DEVgentleman1731Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 27 - 29 
BroadmeadPhillipCollumpton [Cullompton]DEVbaker1686Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 24 & 25 
BroadmeadRichardOttery St MaryDEV 1646Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 20admon to Katherine, relict; inventory extract shown
BroadmeadRobertCullomptonDEVwhite bread baker1761Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 32 
BroadmeadSusannaSilferton [Silverton]DEVwiddow1643Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 19plus admon during the minority of Susanna, granddaughter
BroadmeadWilliamThorvertonDEV 1681Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 23admon to Mary, daughter; inventory extract shown
[Broadmead]        [CA] [See also Boradmeade, Bradmead(e) and Brodmead(e)]
BroadmeadeLawrenceCheriton Fitzpayn [Cheriton Fitzpaine]DEVhusbandman1629Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 14inventory extract shown
BroadmeadeWilliamSouthmolton [South Molton]DEVlabourer1647Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 21plus admon during the minority of John, grandson; inventory extract shown
BrockJohnNorth TawtonDEVgentleman1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons25 Aug 1817
BrockJohnPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVesquire1823WabPCCBANK probate granted 5 Feb 1824
BrockNicholasSpreytonDEV 1667AleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA showed 'Brieck'
BrockSamuelNorth TawtonDEVyeoman1809WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 Apr 1809
BrockeRobert   1709W?leEXEDWAACp. 99FRYA showed 'Brooke' [No Robert Brooke shown in FRYA, but there is a Richard Brooke, Chagford, A]
BrockwillThomasYarcombeDEV 1637W?leEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA showed 'Brooking'
BrodbeltAnn GardnerChudleighDEVwidow1827WabPCCBANK probate granted 19 Oct 1827
BrodmeadGilbertTivertonDEV 1631Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 15admon to Philipp, father; also spelt Bradmead
BrodmeadePhillipeSilferton [Silverton]DEVinholder1640Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 17inventory extract shown
BrokingNicholasExeterDEVesq, mayor1666Wab MISCAntient, pp. 160-161bequests to the poor
BrookGra..[?]OkehamptonDEV 1636Wab DHC-U3248A/9/1 
BrookGraceLiftonDEVwidow1824WabPCC BANK probate granted 8 Apr 1825
BrookJoanBrampford SpekeDEV 1785WleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 'Jane'
BrookR..[?]OkehamptonDEV 1587Wab DHC-U3248A/9/1 
BrookeRichardBelstoneDEVhusbandman1636WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
BrookeWilliamBelston [Belstone]DEVhusbandman1627WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
BrookesThomasStoketinhead [Stokeinteignhead]DEV 1771AleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 1770
BrookingBenjaminNewton FerrersDEVmaltster1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 16 April 1831
BrookingJosephPlymouthDEVmalster1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 4 Dec 1762
BrookingMaryDartmouthDEVwidow1840WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 Dec 1840
BrooksWilliamExeterDEV 1744WleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Brooke'
BroomeJaneWidworthyDEV 1640AleEXEDWAACp. 82FRY showed 'Browne'
Brounsey alias BayleyWilliamHonyton [Honiton]DEV 1662WleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA omitted 'alias Bayley'
[Browing][Charles]   [1675]   [DWAAC] [See Browning or Browing, Charles]
BrownBenjaminBigberry [Bigbury]DEVhusbandman1810WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 22 Jan 1811
BrownBridgetExminsterDEVspinster1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 May 1833
BrownDorothy AyreCambersatchfield [Sowton?]DEVwidow1831WabPCC BANK probate granted 28 February 1831
BrownEdmundLamertonDEVtailor1834WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 May 1834
BrownElizabethExminsterDEVspinster1840WabPCCBANK probate granted 7 Feb 1840
BrownFrancesSilferton [Silverton]DEV 1771WleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 1770 and omitted C (account)
BrownFrances BurgeUffculmeDEVspinster1907Wab DHC-U4099D/F/6 
BrownJacobAxminsterDEV 1762WleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'John'
BrownJohnLamertonDEVyeoman1810WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 9 Oct 1810
BrownRichardTedbourne [Tedburn St Mary]DEV 1763AleEXEDWAACp. 100entry omitted in FRYA
BrownRobertPlymouthDEVShipwright1814Oab BANK registered 14 Apr 1815
BrowneElizabeth Dorothea PophamGreat Englebourne, HarbertonDEVspinster 1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 16 Dec 1839
BrowneJamesExeterDEV 1641AleEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA omitted 'account' also
BrowneJaneHarberton near TotnesDEVspinster1826WabPCC BANK probate granted 11 Aug 1826
BrowneJohnHolbetonDEV 1635WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 34 
BrowneJohnMusburyDEV 1737AleEXEDWAACp. 99entry omitted in FRYA
BrowneLeonardCrantocke [Crantock]CONyeoman1634Wab MUR2Box 'A-B'also inventory; 'proved at Truro'
BrowneRobertStoke DamerelDEVesquire1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 4 Jul 1820
BrowneWilliamBroadclystDEVyeoman1816WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons22 Aug 1816
Browne alias CoxworthieRichardPowderhamDEV 1662AleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA omitted 'alias Coxworthie'
BrowningJohnTedbourne [Tedburn St Mary]DEV 1746WleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Charles'
Browning or BrowingCharlesDunsfordDEV 1675WleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA showed 'Browne'
BruenWilliamExeterDEVmerchant1675Wab MISCAntient, p. 207bequests to workhouse in St Sidwells
BrufordJohnExeterDEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA showed 'Brinford'
BrustisPaulStoke DamerelDEVLieut R.N.1798WabPCCMISCWagner - p.47379 Walpole
BruttonMargarettaExeterDEVspinster1868Wco DHC-U6440B add 
BryantHenryPlymtreeDEV 1771WleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 1770
BryantRichardChudleighDEVsailor1752WtrPCCGDPROB 11/793/417will
BryantSarahTauntonSOMwidow1769Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WB 7lands in Devon mentioned
BubbeareMaryBurlescombeDEV 1664WleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA showed 'Bugbeere'
BuckAnneBidefordDEVwidow1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 16 Aug 1820
BuckenhamElizabethExeterDEVwidow1567Wab MISCAntient, pp. 148-149listing of bequests to various Exeter parishes
BuckenhamWillamExeterDEVesq, mayor1563Wab MISCAntient, p. 146listing of bequests
BuckinghamBenjaminExeterDEV 1771AleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 1770
BuckinghamJohnStoke DamerelDEVpurser [RN]1810WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 6 Sep 1810
BuckinghamJosiahPancrasweeke [Pancrasweek]DEV 1630WleEXEDWAACp. 81entry omitted in FRYA
BucklandAnn RedmanHonitonDEVspinster1811WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 11 Nov 1811
BucknellArabellaStoke CanonDEV 1913Oor DHC-U6440B addabstract of title mentioned in her will
BuddWilliamExeterDEV 1663AleEXEDWAACp. 97FRYA showed 'Butt'
Buggan [Bogan]WalterTotnesDEV 1591WabPCCMISCTroup4 - p. 74236 Sainherbe
BulginHannahHolcombe RogusDEVwidow1825WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1705/61 
BulheadRobertBictonDEVrector1547Wab MISCOliver5, vol.2, p. 100 
BulkeleyJaneFalmouthCONspinster; "matumaker"1761WabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 10surname also shown as Bulkley
BulkeleyRobertFalmouthCONsurgeon1711AabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 9admon to Sarah, relict; inventory extract shown
BullBridgettThorncombeDOR 1684AleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA showed 'Bult'
BullThomazineAxminsterDEV 1722WleEXEDWAACp. 99FRYA showed 'Ball'
BulleidElizabethOakhampton [Okehampton]DEVwidow1837WabPCCBANK probate granted 23 Jun 1837
BullerAnna SophiaExeterDEVwidow1844WabPCCBANK probate granted 18 Jan 1845
BullerJamesDownesDEVesquire1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 3 Mar 1772
BullerWilliamExeterDEVreverend1797WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 28 Jan 1787; Dean of Exeter
BulleyAnnAbbots Kerwell [Abbotskerswell]DEV 1799WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2010,Box 835] Move 229; Job papers in Edmond/Elliot folder 
BulleyJamesAbbots Kerwell [Abbotskerswell]DEV 1801WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2010,Box 835] Move 229; Job papers in Edmond/Elliot folder 
BulleyJaneAbbots Kerwell [Abbotskerswell]DEV 1794WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2010,Box 835] Move 229; Job papers in Edmond/Elliot folder 
BulleyJohnAbbots Kerwell [Abbotskerswell]DEV 1795WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2010,Box 835] Move 229; Job papers in Edmond/Elliot folder 
BulleySamuelPlymouthDEV 1808AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2010,Box 835] Move 229; Job papers in Edmond/Elliot folderAdmon with Will
BulteelThomas HillersdonBelle Vue [Plymouth]DEVesquire1815WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 28 Nov 1815
BuncombeSamuelOttery St MaryDEVgentleman1779Wab BANK registered 14 Oct 1780; beneficiary of William Evans
BundockWilliamPaigntonDEVgentleman1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 9 Feb 1842; Berry Pomeroy mentioned
BurchAgnesExeterDEVwidow1684WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 42inventory extract shown
BurchIsaacExeterDEV 1683AabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 41 & 43admon to Agnes, relict, and then guardians in 1684
BurchIsaacExeterDEV 1704WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 46plus admon to George Dennis during minority of grandchildren, Agnes and Elizabeth
BurchIsaakBictonDEV 1694WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 45inventory extract shown
BurchJoanExeter St EdmundDEVgentleman1736WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 50 
BurchJohnExeter St EdmundDEVwidow1725WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 47 
BurchNathanielEatenton, Bickton [Bicton]DEVyeoman1740WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 51 & 52 
BurchSamuelExeter St EdmundDEVmaltster1730WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 49 
BurchSaraExeter St EdmundDEV 1728AabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 48admon to Samuel, brother
BurchWilliamBictonDEV 1693WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 44inventory extract shown
BurcherGraceThorvertonDEV 1771AleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 1770
BurdGeorgeOkehamptonDEVinnholder; husbandman1710Wab CULLFilm no. 87933year the will was made
BurdwoodJohnDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVesquire1803AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 1 Jul 1803
BurdwoodWilliamDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVgentleman1816WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 12 Sep 1816
BurfordMaryTeignmouthDEVspinster1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 21 Jan 1834; formerly of Enfield, MDX
Burgess alias ArterElizabethAxminsterDEV 1731AleEXEDWAACp. 99FRYA showed 'Burge alias Arthur'
BurghJohnTavistockDEVgentleman1813WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 9 Mar 1814
BurginJoanAilesbeare [Aylesbeare]DEV 1753AleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Job'
BurgoyneJoanPoundstockCON 1747Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
BurgoynePhillipSouth TawtonDEV 1683WabEPRECULLFilm no. 87933year the will was made; nuncupative
BurgoyneWilliamPoundstockCON 1707Aab MUR2Box 'A-B'admon to Joan, his widow
BurnChristianaExeter DEVwidow1824WabPCCBANK probate granted 14 Jun 1824
BurnellDorothyNewton St CyresDEV 1771AleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 1770
BurnellJamesCheriton BishopDEV 1676WleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA showed 'Burnhill'
BurnellThomasKingsbridgeDEVshoemaker1809WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 23 Jan 1809
BurnettCharlesExeterDEV 1758AleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Burett'
BurrasGeorgeExeterDEVgentleman1773WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 1 Jun 1774
BurregePhilpotUford, CreditonDEV 1564Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 38inventory extract shown
BurridgePhillippaHartland, near Biddeford [Bideford]DEVwidow1836WabPCCBANK letters of administration, with will annexed, granted 19 Nov 1836; Cheltenham, Gloucester, mentioned
BurridgeRichardTivertonDEV 1647WleEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA unclear about exact names
BurringtonGilbertCreditonDEV 1705Wtr GDDRO 64/12/1/1 
BurringtonMargaretSandfordDEVwidow1655WtrPCCGDPROB 11/244/241 
BurringtonRobertSandfordDEV 1646WtrPCCGDPROB 11/197/119 
BurringtonThomasChudleighDEV 1551WabECCEGDO.M.Coll 8/36 
BurringtonThomasSandfordDEV 1657WtrPCCGDPROB 11/265/527 
BurringtonThomasSandfordDEV 1620WabECCEGDO.M.Coll.8/ 
BurroughJohnLuppittDEVsenior1618Wab MUR2Box 'A-B'also inventory
BurrowMaryExeterDEVwidow1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 17 Jul 1817
BurrowThomasOttertonDEVsenior; yeoman1834WabPCCBANK probate granted 23 Jul 1833
Burston alias HudfordCharlesHuntshamDEV 1636AleEXEDWAACp. 82entry omitted in FRYA
BurtAmosAlphingtonDEV 1789WleEXEDWAACp. 101FRYA showed 'Burb'
BurtElizabethThorvertonDEV 1669AleEXEDWAACp. 98FRYA showed 'Bart'
BurtJohnCheriton FitzpaineDEV 1635AleEXEDWAACp. 82FRYA unclear about exact names
BurtJohnTivertonDEV 1747WleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Abraham'
BurtonJamesDawlishDEV 1835WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1845/159 
BuruggeRogerCreditonDEV 1555Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 36also spelt Borudge; inventory extract shown
BurwellHenryOttery St MaryDEV 1753WleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Henry'
BuryJohnExeterDEVclerk, canon residentiary1667Wab MISCAntient, pp. 180-181bequest for a workhouse in St Sidwells
BusbyMary AnnBarnstapleDEVspinster1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 21 Apr 1836
BushrodSarahTivertonDEVwife1671WtrPCCGDPROB 11/335/15will; of Dorchester, formerly widow of Peter Atkins of Tiverton
BussellGeorgeExeter St SidwellDEVserge weaver1692WtrPCCGDPROB 11/936/12 
BussellJohnHonyton [Honiton]DEV 1674WleEXEDWAACp. 98entry omitted in FRYA
BussellJohnSt Sidwell, Exeter [Exeter St Sidwell]DEV 1638WleEXEDWAACp. 82entry omitted in FRYA
BussellJosephKenton near ExeterDEVgentleman1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 19 Jul 1833
BustardHenrySilferton [Silverton]DEV 1697WleEXEDWAACp. 99FRYA showed 'Bastard'
Butcher alias SkinnerJohn   1634W?leEXEDWAACp.82FRY omitted 'alias Skinner'
ButfieldJohnTorquay [Tormoham]DEVgentleman 1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 21 Mar 1836
ButlerWilliamExeterDEV 1708WleEXEDWAACp. 99FRYA showed 'Buller'
[Butler][Christian]   [1646]   [CA] [See Capron alias Butler, Christian]
ButtallSamuelTopshamDEV 1718Wab MUR2Box 'A-B' 
ButtallSamuelTopshamDEVsugar baker1718WtrPCCMISCWithington6 
ButterJosephBradninchDEV 1762AleEXEDWAACp. 100FRYA showed 'Butler'
BydwellRichardSt Thomas, Exeter [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEVesquire1550Wab MISCMorris9 
ByrchSarahEastbudleigh [East Budleigh]DEVwidow1662WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 40inventory extract shown
ByrneCharlesPlymouthDEVbanker1815WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 11 Dec 1815; also of Topsham
ByrneMargaretTopsham DEVspinster1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 18 Aug 1829
CaddJohnBediforde [Bideford]DEVhusbandman1623Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 40inventory extract shown
CaddWilliamNorthamDEVsailer1619Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 39admon to John, brother, during minority of children; inventory extract shown
CaddeJohn DEV 1583Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 23no parish shown; to be buried at Beddiford; inventory extract shown
CaddeJohnWoollseworthie [Woolfardisworthy (East) or Woolfardisworthy (West)]DEV 1579Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 33inventory extract shown
CaddeMargarettPiltonDEVwidow1588Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 35inventory extract shown
CaddeThomasinePylton [Pilton]DEV 1619Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 21admon to John, son
CaddieElizabethDoltonDEV 1618Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 20admon to Elizabeth Bowden, daughter
CaddieWilliamParkhamDEV 1623Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 16admon to Gabriel, son; inventory extract shown
CaddingMaryOkehamptonDEVwidow1716WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
CaddyAndrewBuckland Bruer [Buckland Brewer]DEVyeoman1673Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 41inventory extract shown
CaddyAnnyeAbbotisham [Abbotsham]DEVwidow1661Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 18inventory extract shown
CaddyJohnBuckland BrewerDEVgentleman1784Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 11inventory extract shown
CaddyJohnBuckland BrewerDEVyeoman1729Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 13 
CaddyJohnFrethelstocke [Frithelstock]  1631Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 17admon to John Caddy of Alwington, son; inventory extract shown and account
CaddyRichardAbbotisham [Abbotsham]DEVmerener1700Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 19 
CaddyePeterParkhamDEV 1622Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 15admon to Jane, relict; inventory extract shown
CadeChristopherMoorte [Mortehoe]DEVlabourer1585Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 34inventory extract shown
CadeDavidWincklegh [Winkleigh]DEV 1598Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 38admon to Johan, relict; inventory extract shown
CadeDavieBarnstapleDEV 1596Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 37admon to Alice Cade, widow
CadeJamesPaington [Paignton]DEV 1590Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 27 
CadeJefferyeBediford [Bideford]DEV 1582Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 22inventory extract shown
CadeJohane  widow1579Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 32no parish shown; with admon (1579) of William Cade, her husband; admon to guardians during minority of children, David and Johan; inventory extract shown
CadeJohnWetheridge [Witheridge]DEV 1564Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 29 
CadeJohnWitheridgeDEVthe elder1565Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 30 
CadeRichardWetheridge [Witheridge]DEV 1588Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 36admon to Elizabeth, relict; inventory extract shown
CadeThomas DEV 1561Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 25no parish shown; almshouse of Winsaye mentioned; wife Amy
CadeThomasChudleighDEVthe elder1589 ab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 26inventory extract shown
CadeThomasChudleighDEVthe younger1589 ab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 26inventory extract shown
CadeWalterWollsworthie [Woolfardisworthy (East) or Woolfardisworthy (West)]DEV 1573Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 31 
CadeWilliam DEV 1579Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 32no parish shown; with admon (1579) of Johane Cade, his wife; admon to guardians during minority of children, David and Johan; inventory extract included
CadieJohnWithecomberawlighe [Withycombe Raleigh]DEV 1583Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 28admon to George Cadie; inventory extract shown
CadlakeMarySpreytonDEV 1671WleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA omitted 'Mary'
CadoganWardNorthbrook [Topsham?]DEVesquire1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 13 Dec 1833
CadyeMargaretParkhamDEV 1602Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 14admon to Peter, son; inventory extract shown
CaillerSophiaExeterDEVwidow1841WabPCCBANK probate granted 27 Jan 1842
CallChristianaKentonDEVwidow1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 Apr 1817
CallJamesStrattonCON 1657WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D'353 Ruthen
CallJohn (Sir)WhitefordCONbaronet1801WabPCCDHC-U4754-0 
CallRichardStrattonCON 1635WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D'18 Goare
CallThomasStrattonCONyeoman1606WabCORNMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CallThomasStrattonCON 1637WabCORNMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CallWilliamThorne, StrattonCONyeoman1627Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CallardWilliamDartingtonDEVmariner1704WtrPCCMISCPROB 11/1050/296admon with will attached
CalleyJohannaBrixhamDEVwidow1835WabPCCBANK letters of administration granted, with will annexed, 24 Mar 1835
CallwayEdwardSowtonDEV 1757AleEXEDWAACp. 105FRYA showed 'Cathway'
CalmadyJohn DEV 1682Wab MUR2Box 'C-D'no place shown
CalmadyWaldoLangdon [Clawton?]DEVesquire1755Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/7,8date of will
CampionRichard CrudgeExeterDEVesquire1863Wco DHC-U3620M 
CanJeffreySampford CourtenayDEVhusbandman1674WabEPRECULLFilm no. 87933 
CandyWilliamHartfordDEVyeoman1727Wtr MISCRansom 
CannGeorgeFalkedon, SpreytonDEVgentleman1804WcoEPREDHC-U6683M 1/1.3will dated 1802; note says proved 1804
CannThomasSouth TawtonDEV 1797Wor DHC-U1292M/Wills/11date of will
CannWilliamHittisleighDEV 1801WcoEXEDHC-U6683M 1/1.2probate copy of will dated 1801
CanneElizabethSpreytonDEV 1666WleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA showed 'Come'; possibly 1667, not 1667
CannifordLawrence (Rev)Meath, near HatherleighDEV 1821WabPCCBANK letters of administration granted to Anne Canniford, 26 Sep 1821
CapeThomasDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVgrocer1810AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 17 Feb 1810
CaperneJohnTivertonDEVyeoman1679Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 45 & 46inventory extract shown
Caperne or CapronGeorgeBamptonDEVblacksmith1690Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 50signs will as George Capron but he and his children are Caperne in the text of the will
CapronAbelBamptonDEV 1706Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 54admon to Elizabeth relict; inventory extract shown
CapronAliceTivertonDEVwidow1682Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 49inventory extract shown
CapronAnsticeTivertonDEVwidow1691Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 51inventory extract shown
CapronJoaneBamptonDEVwidow1710Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 52 & 53inventory extract shown
CapronJohnBamptonDEVcarpenter1706Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 59 
CapronJohnExeterDEV 1714Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 56admon to Thomas, father
CapronJohnGittishamDEVhusbandman1685Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 44inventory extract shown
CapronJohnHolcombe RogusDEV 1706Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 57admon to Mary, relict; inventory extract shown
CapronJohnTivertonDEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
CapronMaryOttery St MaryDEV 1710Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 58admon to William, son; inventory extract shown
CapronNicholasTivertonDEVhusbandman1678Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 48inventory extract shown
CapronRobertSampford PeverellDEV 1764Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 43admon to Jane, relict; inventory extract shown
CapronRobertTivertonDEVhusbandman1674Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 47inventory extract shown
CapronSarahSampford PeverellDEV 1738AleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Campion'
Capron alias ButlerChristianTivertonDEVwife1646Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 55the wife of Samuel Butler; inventory extract shown
[Capron][George]   [1690]   [CA] [See Caperne or Capron, George]
CarderSimonBidefordDEVpotter1781WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1083/341 
CarderSimonBidefordDEVpotter1781Wco DHC-U4560Z/Z5 
CarewDorothy (Dame)HaccombeDEV 1767Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WC 1 - 5 
CarewEdwardHaccombeDEV 1679AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
CarewElizabeth (Dame)Yellowford, ThorvertonDEVwidow1817Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WC 6 
CarewHenry (Sir)HaccombeDEVbaronet1695Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WC 7 
CarewIsabelCowick [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1522WtrEXEMISCOrme3 - pp. 166-167 
CarewJane (Dame)Tiverton CastleDEVwidow1838WabPCCBANK probate granted 16 Jun 1838
CarewThomasHaccombeDEVesquire1586Oco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WC 8 & 9inquisition post mortem
CarewThomas (Sir)HaccombeDEVbaronet1746Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WC 10 
CarewThomas (Sir)HaccombeDEVbaronet1805Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WC 11 
CarewWilliamHaccombeDEVesquire1602Ico DHC-U2723M - Carew, WC 12-15inquisition post mortem
CarkettMaryPlymouthDEVwidow1769WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 31 Jan 1770
CarmanRobertWidworthyDEV 1691AleEXEDWAACp. 103entry omitted in FRYA
CarnacJohnPlymouthDEVesquire1803WabPCCMISCWagner - p.56614 Marriott
CarnacScipioPlymouthDEVLieutenant1812WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 Nov 1812
CarnallArthurWithecombe Ranyleigh [Withycombe Raleigh]DEV 1708AleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Carnell'
CarnellJohnHaccombeDEV 1445Wab MISCOliver5, vol.1, pp. 160-161 
CarnellMaryOtrey [Ottery St Mary]DEV 1625W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Carnett'
CarpenterJohnExminsterDEV 1705Aab MUR2Box 'C-D'plus inventory
CarpenterWilliamBroadhemburyDEV 1668AleEXEDWAACp. 102entry omitted in FRYA'; [it is there!]
CarrMargarettEatallNBLwidow1702Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/38 
CarrewElizabeth[Luppitt]DEVwidow1450Wtr MISCDunstan2 - pp.387-388widow of Thomas, Baron Carrew[e]; bequest for a chapel at Luppitt
CarrollCharlesOttery St MaryDEV 1679AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
CarseJohnPoughillDEV 1770AleEXEDWAACp. 105FRYA showed 'Coase'
Carsewill or CarswellNicholasLoddiswellDEV 1587Oco TNAC142/296/125 and C142/351/116inquisition post mortem (1607) of his grandson Nicholas recites details from his will
CarslakeHumphreyHarpfordDEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
CarslakeJoanBictonDEV 1770AleEXEDWAACp. 105FRYA showed 'John'
CarsonWilliamExeterDEVesquire1810WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 10 April 1811
CarswellEllenHatch Arundell, LoddiswellDEVwidow1604Oco TNAC2/JASI/L4/39petition (1606) re her will; widow of Nicholas
CarswellLeonardRochell [La Rochelle?]FRA? 1630Aab MUR2Box 'C-D'admon to Nicholas Harris of Plymouth
[Carswell][Nicholas]   [1587]   [TNA] [See Carsewill or Carswell, Nicholas]
CarterJohnTavistockDEVthe elder1836WtrPCCMISCPROB 11/1868/433will
CarterJosephOakhampton [Okehampton]DEV 1763Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CarterNicholasPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVgentleman1827WabPCCBANK probate granted 8 May 1827
CarterRichardPlymouthDEVseedsman1803WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 16 Nov 1804
CarterRobertHalbertonDEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
CarterWilliam BrandExeterDEVsurveyor of taxes1897Wco DHC-U6096-0 
Carter alias SavageAnneExeterDEV 1676AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA omitted 'alias Savage'
CarthraightAlicePlimouth [Plymouth]DEV 1597AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Champlin papers in Ceely folder 
Carver alias MeadeSaraThorncombeDOR 1662WleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA showed 'Carter alias Meade'
Carver or CraverJohnKentonDEV 1685WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 'Carver'
CarwithenGeorgeExeterDEVtobacconist1779WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 29 Mar 1789
CarwithenJohnManatonDEVclerk1753Aab MUR2Box 'C-D'2 copies
CaryElizabethExeterDEV 1679AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
CaryThomasClovellyDEVcoal merchant1583WabPCCMISCHarrison pp. 169-170 - Butts 8died in Exeter Heavitree
CaryWilliamClovellyDEVesquire1711WtrPCCGDPROB 11/519/155will
Cary alias PointingdonJudithSilferton [Silverton]DEV 1707AleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Cary alias Poyntington'
CaslakeAbrahamSidmouthDEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
[Castain][Sarah]   [1717]   [BANK] [See Denis alias Castain, Sarah]
CastleTheophilaTivertonDEV 1717AleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Cassell'
CaterAndrewCoombintinhead [Combeinteignhead]DEV 1760WleEXEDWAACp. 105FRYA showed 'Carter'
CatkeeteRobertExeterDEV 1692AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 'Catheete'
CaunterJohnBelstoneDEVhusbandman1708WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
CavendishWilliam DEVDuke (his grace)1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 22 Oct 1764
CawleyJamesEast BudleighDEVgentleman1832WabPCCBANK probate granted 19 June 1832
CawlyJohn   1620W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Cawby'
CawseyGylesGreat TorringtonDEVgentleman1712Wtr CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 61 & 62 
CaydJohnPayngton [Paignton]DEV 1552Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 24 
CerjatElizabeth JaneLausanneCHspinster1847WcoPCCDHC-U5548M/E4probate copy of will dated 1847
CerjatJohn Francis MaximilianLousanne [Lausanne]CHesquire1801Wco DHC-U5548M/E7draft will
CerjatMarguerite MadeleineLausanneCHwidow1814Wco DHC-U5548M/E1probate copy of will dated 1813, proved Canterbury
CerjatSabrine MaryLausanneCHspinster1823WcoPCCDHC-U5548M/E3probate copy of will dated 1823
CerjatWilliam PaulLausanneCHesquire; bachelor1814Aco DHC-U5548M/E2formally of Louth Lincoln, proved Canterbury
ChabanPeterCreditonDEVesquire1758Wab BANK probate granted in 1759
ChadderJosephPortlemouth [East Portlemouth] DEVgentleman1821WabPCCBANK probate granted 2 May 1821
ChafeJohn   1630W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Chase'
ChaillèJacobPlymouthDEVmerchant1763WabPCCMISCWagner - p.60422 Caesar
ChalliceJohnBroadhemburyDEV 1691WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 'Chollice'
[Chamberlin][William]   [1635]   [DWAAC] [See Hill alias Chamberlin, William]
ChampernowneAliceDartingtonDEVwidow1682WtrPCCMISCPROB 11/370/199will
ChampernowneGawineDartingtonDEV 1592WtrPCCGDPROB 11/79/235will
ChampernowneSarahPlymouthDEVwidow1717WtrPCCMISCPROB 11/559/28will
ChampionHarriettBrixham [Brixham St Mary]DEVwidow1867Aor DHC-U6440B add 
ChamplinChristopherTamerton F [Tamerton Foliot]DEV 1590WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 853] Move 229 Champlin papers in Ceely folder 
ChamplinRichardTamerton F [Tamerton Foliot]DEV 1596WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 853] Move 229 Champlin papers in Ceely folder 
ChamplinRichardTamerton F [Tamerton Foliot]DEV 1575OleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Champlin papers in Ceely folder 
ChamplinRichardTamerton FoliotDEV 1575WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Champlin papers in Ceely folder 
ChamplinThomasLittle Hempston [Littlehempston]DEV 1613AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Champlin papers in Ceely folderAdmon with will
ChamplinWilliamLittle Hempston [Littlehempston]DEV 1626WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Champlin papers in Ceely folder 
ChamplineRobertPlymouthDEV 1603WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Champlin papers in Ceely folder 
ChamplyNicholasPlimouth [Plymouth]DEV 1594AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Champlin papers in Ceely folder 
ChamplynKathLittlehempstonDEV 1581WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Champlin papers in Ceely folder 
ChamplynRalphLittlehempstonDEV 1570OleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Champlin papers in Ceely folder 
ChamplynThomasLittlehempston [Little Hempston]DEV 1613AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Champlin papers in Ceely folderAdmon with Will
ChamplynWilliamLittlehempstonDEV 1626WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Champlin papers in Ceely folder 
ChanceyThomasCullompton [Collumpton]DEVmariner1807Wtr MISCNGB - http://ngb.chebucto.org/Wills/cbc-chancey-thomas-1-66.shtml 
ChandlerAnnPlymouthDEVwidow1814WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 12 Jul 1814
ChannonWilliamColaton Rawleigh [Colaton Raleigh]DEV 1772WleEXEDWAACp. 105entry omitted in FRYA
Chapel alias FarmerMaryEast BudleighDEV 1775WleEXEDWAACp. 105entry omitted in FRYA
ChapleRowlandChagfordDEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
ChapmanRichard (Rev)BakewellDBY 1838WabPCCBANK probate granted 8 May 1816; no Devon connection apparent
ChapmanSophiaBiddeford [Bideford]DEVspinster1824WabPCC BANK probate granted 28 Mar 1825
ChappelThomasExeterDEVesq, mayor1589Wab MISCAntient, p. 152listing of bequests, to merchants and taylors
ChappellChristopherNorthamDEV 1714WcoPCCGDPROB 11/542 
ChappellChristopherNorthamDEV 1763WcoPCCGDPROB 11/885 
ChappellJamesNorthamDEV 1755Wco GDDRO W2422 M/F16 
ChappellJamesNorthamDEV 1782Wco GDDRO W2422 M/F18 
ChappellJamesNorthamDEV 1799Wco GDDRO W 2422 B/FW28A 
ChappellJohnPlymouthDEVgentleman1829WabPCCBANK probate granted 22 Sep 1829
ChappellMargeryNorthamDEV 1787Wco GDDRO W 2422 M/F22 
ChappellRobertNorthamDEV 1614WcoPCCGDPROB 11/123 
ChappleJaneExeterDEV 1768WleEXEDWAACp. 105FRYA showed 'Chapell, James'
ChappleJohnExeterDEV 1784WleEXEDWAACp. 105entry omitted in FRYA
ChardJohnAwliscombeDEV 1791WleEXEDWAACp. 105entry omitted in FRYA
CharlesMatthewStonehouse near Plymouth [East Stonehouse]DEVesquire1826WabPCC BANK probate granted 3 Feb 1827; a purser in His Majesty's Navy
Charles alias ThongerJohnTivertonDEV 1681AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 'Charles alias Thomas'
CharterJamesExeterDEVesquire1813WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 5 Mar 1813
CharterMaryPaul Street, Exeter DEVwidow1832WabPCCBANK probate granted 29 Aug 1832
ChaseRobertExeterDEVesq, mayor1575Wab MISCAntient, p. 165bequest to poor in St Mary Magdalene Hospital
ChaveThomasColompton [Cullompton]DEV 1663WleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA showed 'Chaue'
ChaveWilliamUplowmanDEV 1719Aco DHC-C1186M/2will
CheekeElizabethExeterDEVwidow1773WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 9 May 1776
CheneyThomasBroadhemburyDEV 1666WleEXEDWAACp. 102entry omitted in FRYA
ChepmanJohnHonitonDEV 1406Wab MISCOliver5, vol.2, p. 73 
CheritonHenryZeal MonachorumDEVyeoman1794Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/12date of will
CheyneyAgnesPayhemburyDEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
ChichesterHughWidworthie [Widworthy]DEVesquire1642WtrPCCMISCVirginia6 
ChideockThomas   1613W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed this as 'missing'; it wasn't
ChiltonJohnThorvertonDEV 1710WleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Chillon'
ChisolmJohnExeterDEV 1747WleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Chisolin'
Chissman alias NealWilliamExeterDEV 1778WleEXEDWAACp. 105entry omitted in FRYA
ChollishHenry   1643W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Cholwich'
CholwichAnneOldstone [Blackawton]DEVwife1797AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 3 May 1800; admon of William Cholwich
CholwichGraceBathSOMwidow1795WcoPCCDHC-U4539-0copy of will plus copy of 4th codicil
CholwichSamuelOldstone [Blackawton]DEVdoctor in divinity1773WcoPCCDHC-U4539-0mentions poor of Ermington, Kingston, Holberton and Blackawton
CholwillDegoryMorwenstowCON 1676Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CholwillDigoryMorwenstowCON 1695Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CholwillJohnMorwenstowCONyeoman1743WabCORNMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CholwillJulianExeterDEV 1712AleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Cholwich, Jane'
CholwillLawrenceDassell, MorwenstowCONyeoman1758Aab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CholwillNicholasParkhamDEV 1726Ile MUR2Box 'C-D'See DD 48044'
CholwillWilliamDarsell, MorwenstowCON 1729Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
ChopeElizabethDartmouthDEVspinster1765WtrPCCGDPROB 11/914/147letter of administration with will attached
ChorleyGeorgeTivertonDEVcordwainer1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 7 Sep 1815
ChorleyJohnUffculmeDEVreverend1777AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 26 Jun 1777; burial certificate no date
ChownWilliamBramford SpekeDEVgardener1830Wab BANK [original image not shown on FindMyPast website]
ChowneChristopherSilferton [Silverton]  1701W?leEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Choane'
[Chrislake][John]   [1635]   [DWAAC] [See Marsh alias Chrislake, John]
ChristmasJohnBarnstapleDEVmerchant1717AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 5 Jan 1714
ChubbArridneSt GermansCONwidow1670Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 52anuncupative will; widow of Peeter; inventory extract shown
ChubbBenjaminLoopit [Luppitt]DEVmason1750Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 55admon to Elizabeth, relict; inventory extract shown
ChubbGeorgePeter TavyDEVyeoman1836Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 81admon to Mary Ann, relict
ChubbGeorgePlymouth CharlesDEVstone mason1840Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 84proved under £100
ChubbJohnBuckerellDEVyeoman1822Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 70proved under £100
ChubbJohnHalbertonDEVyeoman1796Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 67 & 68 
ChubbJohnPetertavey [Peter Tavy]DEVyeoman1790Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 65 
ChubbJohnPlymouthDEVpainter1813Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 69proved under £200
ChubbJohnPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEV 1823Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 74died at Cape of Good Hope; admon to Elizabeth, mother; inventory extract shown
ChubbJohnSouthillCONyeoman1764Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 57 
ChubbJohnSt GermansCONyeoman1684Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 63 
ChubbJonasPlymouthDEVvictualler1770Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 59 
ChubbJonasPlymouthDEVvictualler1790Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 66 
ChubbMaryButterley [Butterleigh]DEVwidow1823Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 75proved under £100
ChubbMaryPlymouthDEVwidow1693Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 53 
ChubbMatthewSt GermansCON 1722Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 54admon to John, brother
ChubbNicholasKingsbridgeDEV 1831Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 77proved under £60
ChubbRobertBridestoweDEVcarpenter1837Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 82proved under £200
ChubbRobertSt GermansCON 1757Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 56admon to Ann, relict
ChubbRogerPeter TavyDEVyeoman1806Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 71 
ChubbRogerSouth Godsworthy, Peter TavyDEVyeoman1836Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 79 & 80proved under £600
ChubbSamuelExwick [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEVthe younger; paper maker1840Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 83admon to Catherine, relict
ChubbSamuelTavistockDEVgentleman1822Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 72 & 73proved under £2,000
ChubbSarahExeterDEV 1842Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 85admon to Richard, husband; under £50
ChubbSimonExeterDEVhollis[?]1771Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 58 
ChubbSolomonHalbertonDEVhusbandman1771Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 61 
ChubbThomasPlymouthDEVmaltman1786Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 64 
ChubbWilliamHagershayes, KilkhamptonDEV 1831Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 76proved under £100
ChubbWilliamHalbertonDEV 1770Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 60admon to Solomon Chubb, brother, and Elizabeth Bowden and Duance Mogridge, sisters
ChubbWilliamTivertonDEVyeoman1835Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 78proved under £200
ChudleighMaryAlphingtonDEVwidow1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 26 Feb 1763
ChudleighStanwellDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVCaptain1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 9 Oct 1775
ChurchJohn RowePlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVmariner1827WabPCCBANK probate granted 30 Oct 1827
ChurchillJohnReweDEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678; also administration
ChurchillNicholasDartmouthDEVmariner1786WtrPCCMISCNGB - http://ngb.chebucto.org/Wills/pcc-churchill-nicholas.shtml 
ChurchillSamuelExeterDEVmerchant1818Wab BANK probate 5 May 1818; [incomplete image - Sep 2014]
ChurchwardWilliamBarnstapleDEVreverend1779WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 21 Jun 1780
Churley or ChurlyJohnUffculmeDEV 1766Wco DHC-C1186M/2copy of the will
ClackCharlotte BridgetMoreton Hampstead [Moretonhamstead]DEVspinster1835WabPCCBANK letters of administration granted, with will annexed, 4 Mar 1835
ClampittRichardAshcombeDEV 1671WleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA showed 1670
ClampittThomasChagfordDEVhusbandman1722WcoEXECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 86 - 89 
ClanvillGeorgeHevitree [Exeter Heavitree]DEVyeoman1621Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 173 & 174inventory extract shown
[Clap][Joane]   [1716]   [DWAAC] [See Searle alias Clap, Joane]
ClappIsaacOkehamptonDEV 1722WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
ClappJohnHonitonDEV 1769AleEXEDWAACp. 105FRYA showed 'Crapp'
ClappWilliamLower Summerland Place, ExeterDEVironmonger1827WabPCCBANK probate granted 5 May 1827
ClarkJanePlymouthDEVwidow1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 20 May 1836; widow of William Clark
ClarkMaryBidefordDEVwidow1816WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 25 Jun 1816
ClarkPeterExeterDEVmerchant1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 29 Jul 1772
ClarkThomasExeter ChangeDEVjunior; gentleman1834WabPCCBANK probate granted 26 April 1834; Caterham, Surrey, mentioned
ClarkeElizabethExeterDEVwidow1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 Jul 1768
ClarkeGilesBroadclist [Broadclyst]DEV 1666AleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA omitted 'Giles'
ClarkeHenryAilesbeare [Aylesbeare]DEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
ClarkeJohnPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVpork butcher1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 13 April 1831
ClarkeMarySidmouthDEV 1671WleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA showed 'Mercy'
ClarkeRebeccaSt Swithuns, LondonLDN 1733WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'33 Price; see Giles Hooper (1699) and Edmund Giles Hooper
ClarkeSarahBarnstapleDEVwidow1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons16 Feb 1819
ClarkeThomas WereBridwell [Halberton]DEVesquire1821WabPCCBANK letters of administration granted 5 Mar 1821, with unattested will and two codicils annexed;
ClarkeWilliamKingston Vacey, Brixham DEVgentleman1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 21 Aug 1820
Clarke alias BowermanJamesCoombrawleigh [Combe Raleigh]DEV 1746WleEXEDWAACp. 104entry omitted in FRYA
Cleake    1635W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Cleehe'
CleaveRichardDawlishDEVmariner1832WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1798/107will
CleaveWilliamBamptonDEV 1772WleEXEDWAACp. 105FRYA showed 'Cleeve'
CleavelandDanielHonitonDEV 1689AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 'Clewland'
CleavelandHannaHonyton [Honiton]DEV 1694AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 'Clewland'
CleaverJohnBoddingtonNTHgentleman1774Wco DHC-U3713M/F3 
CleereEdward   1626W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Clew'
ClementThomasExeterDEVesquire: collector of excise1833WabPCC BANK probate granted 19 Sep 1833
ClementsJohnWyke ChampflowerSOMgentleman1817Wab MICHp.38 
ClementsMariaBramford SpekeDEVspinster1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 20 Feb 1836; Plymouth mentioned
ClendonMaryBlackawtonDEVspinster1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 12 Jun 1843
ClevelandJoanExeterDEVwidow1599Wab MISCAntient, p. 154listing of bequests, to taylors and artificers
ClintonHugh (Right Honorable)Castle Hill [Filleigh]DEVearl1751WcoPCCDHC-U1262M/FS/56Baron of Clinton and Baron Fortescue of Castle Hill, Devon
ClintonThomasBarnstable [Barnstaple]DEVgentleman1700Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/37 
CloadWilliam DEV 1670AcoEXEDHC-U3711/M/W/7no place shown
CloadWilliamUpotteryDEV 1686IcoEPREDHC-U3711M/W/2 
ClodeChistopherHemiock [Hemyock]DEV 1686IcoEXEDHC-U3711/M/W/9 
ClodeDeborahUpotteryDEVwidow1745Wco DHC-U3711/M/W/14 
ClodeJamesMemburyDEV 1717Wco DHC-U3711/M/W/12 
ClodeJohnUpotteryDEV 1793WcoEPREDHC-U3711/M/W/3 
ClodeRichard DEV 1611Wle DHC-U3711/M/Wno place shown
ClouterPhilipTavistockDEVyeoman WabPCCBANK probate granted 11 Apr 1840
ClydeJohn (the elder)BidefordDEVpurser1819WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons22 May 1819
CoadeGeorgeAxmouthDEVsenior1677WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 'Cloade'
CoadeJohnPinney [Axmouth?]DEVWoolstapler1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 24 Nov 1763; [Walter Oke is mentioned as deceased, also of Pinney]
CoadleyJohnTivertonDEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
Coadley alias HartnollRachelTivertonDEV 1728WleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Coadby alias Hartnoll'
CoalSusannahChagfordDEV 1753AleEXEDWAACp. 105FRYA showed 'Cole'
CoateWilliamSeaton and BeerDEV 1767WleEXEDWAACp. 105FRYA showed 'Coale'
CobleyAndrewEast Worlingham [East Worlington]DEVfarmer1814WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons31 Jan 1815
CobleyBenjaminIdeDEVgentleman1769WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 14 Apr 1770
CobleyThomasSpreytonDEVyeoman1784Wor DHC-U1292M/Wills/13date of codicil
CockCharlesLawnceston [Launceston]CONgentleman1676WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 67inventory extract shown
CockFrancisMillbrook, MakerCONhouse carpenter1778WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 64 
CockHenrySt AgnesCONyeoman1838WabPCDCCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 63 
CockNathanielBidefordDEVclerk1760WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 90 
CockNicholasStonehouse [East Stonehouse]DEV 1692Wle CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 72document missing pre WWII
CockRichardSt Brewer [St Breward]CONgentleman1709WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 68 & 69inventory extract shown
CockRichardStokentinhead [Stokeinteignhead]DEVseaman1720WabEXECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 70 
CockRichardTivertonDEVclothier1720AabEXECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 69admon to son, Richard
CockRichardTopshamDEVmariner1693AabPCDCCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 71admon to Judith, relict, who renounced in favour of a creditor; inventory extract shown
CockeJohnPlymouthDEV 1778WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 65 
CockeWillmotSt Nicholas [Shaldon]DEV 1668AleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA showed 'Crocke'
CockeWilmotSt Nicholas [Shaldon]DEV 1670AleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA showed 'Cooke'
Cocke alias BakerAnthonyAlphingtonDEV 1638Aab MICHp. 53Aadmon to Margaret Cocke, alias Baker, widow and George Harris, yeoman
[Cocke][John]   [1626]   [MICH] [See Baker, alias Cocke, John]
[Cocke][Margaret]   [1663]   [MICH] [See Baker alias Cocke, Margaret]
[Cocke][Thomazine]   [1673]   [MICH] [See Baker alias Cocke, Thomazine]
[Cocke][Thomazine]   [1673]   [DWAAC] [See Baker alias Cocke, Thomasine]
CockerJohnUnderwood [Plympton St Mary]DEVshepherd1827WabPCCBANK probate granted 2 Aug 1827
CockerWilliamSt Paul [Paul]CON 1522WabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D'See also Cocker, William, 1522
CockesWilliamSt Paul [Paul]CON 1522WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D'5 Bodfelde; see also Cockes, William, 1522
CoffinNicholasExeterDEV 1686AleEXEDWAACp. 103entry omitted in FRYA
CogganEleanorExeterDEVwife of Thomas (Baker)1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 12 Sep 1772
CogganSamuelSt Thomas the Apostle [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1803WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 17 Aug 1803
CohamWilliam Holland (Rev)Black TorringtonDEVclerk1825Wco DHC-U4871-0 Box 3of Coham
[Coke][Agnes]   [1666]   [MICH] [See Baker alias Coke, Agnes]
ColchardThomasReweDEV 1629WleEXEDWAACp. 83entry omitted in FRYA
ColeElizabethExeterDEVwidow1819WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons17 Mar 1820
ColeJohnNewton FerrersDEVgentleman1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 16 Mar 1808 to daughter Sarah; his wife, Rebecca, died 1820
ColeJohnPeter TavyDEV 1789AorTOTDHC-U1292M/Wills/14 
ColeJohnThornburyDEVyeoman1831WcoTOTDHC-U4871-0 Box 3will proved in 1833
ColeJohn SowdenCockwood [Dawlish]DEVmariner1809WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 9 Sep 1808
ColeMaria DEV 1662Wco NDRO-CA640 (acc no)probate of the will
ColeMaryEastogwell [East Ogwell]DEV 1679AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
ColeRachelPlymouthDEVwidow1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 5 Apr 1823
ColeRichardTotnesDEVgentleman1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons24 Mar 1819
ColeSusannaTotnesDEVspinster1830WabPCCBANK probate granted 23 Jun 1830
ColeTamerPlymouthDEVwidow1717WabTOTBANK proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Totness 12 Oct 1721
ColeThomasine   1645W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Thomas' as forename
ColemanChristopherBishops...[?]DEV 1729Wor DHC-U1039M/F41Kingsteignton mentioned
ColemanJoaneHockworthyDEV 1686AleEXEDWAACp. 103entry omitted in FRYA
ColemanWilliamHockworthyDEV 1671WleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA showed 1670
ColeridgeAnnOttery St MaryDEVwidow1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 7 Jul 1806
ColeridgeEdward (Rev)Ottery Saint MaryDEV 1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 Apr 1843
ColeridgeGeorge (Rev)Ottery St MaryDEVclerk1827WabPCCBANK probate granted 5 Feb 1828
Coleridge alias SmaleridgeElizabethOttery St MaryDEV 1672WleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA omitted 'alias Smaleridge'
ColesworthyJohnSidmouthDEVgentleman1843WabPCC BANK probate granted 8 July 1844
CollamoreThomasLuscott, BrauntonDEVgentleman1635Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CollardRyalCalverleighDEVyeoman1838WabPCCBANK probate granted 27 Jun 1838
ColletonJohnWhitcomb Rawleigh [Withycombe Raleigh]DEVBaronet1754WtrPCCMISCWithington7 
CollettHenry GerardTorquay [Tormoham]DEVesquire1844WabPCCBANK probate granted 22 Apr 1845
CollettThomas (Rev)DawlishDEV 1869Wco DHC-C8481Mcopy will
ColleyMattinaPlymouthDEVwidow1844WabPCCBANK probate granted 18 Mar 1845
CollibeareRichardFremingtonDEV 1659AabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D'admon to Eglin, relict
CollierAnnCullomptonDEV 1643Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierCharlesCullomptonDEV 1632Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierEdwardOttery St MaryDEV 1664Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierElizabethUplime [Uplyme]DEV 1612Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierHenryOttery St MaryDEV 1681Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierHenryPayhemburyDEV 1639Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierHenryUplime [Uplyme]DEV 1605Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierJamesLuppittDEV 1616Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierJoanUplime [Uplyme]DEV 1605Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierJohnHonyton [Honiton]DEV 1663Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierJohnStoke [Stoke Damerel]DEVgentleman1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 28 Jul 1766
CollierJohnUplime [Uplyme]DEV 1612Ale DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierJohnUplymeDEV 1647Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierJohnWidworthyDEV 1613Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierJohnYarcombeDEV 1618Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierJonathanColyton Rawligh [Colaton Raleigh]DEV 1671Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierJonathanColyton Rawligh [Colaton Raleigh]DEV 1700Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierJosephPlymouthDEVgentleman1758Wab BANK probate granted 18 May 1763
CollierJosephPlymouthDEVmerchant1772Wab BANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 17 Jun 1773
CollierMargeryOttery St MaryDEV 1666Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierThomasAxmouthDEV 1630[?]Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierThomasine   1635W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Colliver'
CollierWilliamPlymtreeDEV 1628Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollierJohnWidworthyDEV 1676Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
ColliersAliceAxmouthDEV 1624Wle DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
CollihallJohnCheriton BishopDEV 1742WleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Colehall'
CollingRobertStoke Climsland [Stokeclimsland]CON 1623Aab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CollingRobertStoke Climsland [Stokeclimsland]CON 1641Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CollingMaryStoke Climsland [Stokeclimsland]CONwidow1783Wab MUR2Box 'C-D'widow of Richard Colling
CollingsChristopherEast Looe [Looe]CONtailor1704Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CollingsDorothyStoke DamerelDEVwidow1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 21 June 1822
CollingsElizabethStoke Climsland [Stokeclimsland]CON 1647Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CollingsGeorgeExminsterDEV 1679AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
CollingsGeorgeHampt, Stoke Climsland [Stokeclimsland]CON 1644WabCORNMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CollingsNathanielAxmouthDEV 1701AleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Mathan'
CollingsNicholasPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVmariner1741Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CollingsStephenWhitchurchDEVyeoman1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 Mar 1808; registered 13 Sep 1831
CollingsThomasSt Martin by Looe [Looe]CON 1709Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CollingsThomasSt Martin by Looe [Looe]CON 1730Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CollingsWilliamPelyntCONmariner1735Wab MUR2Box 'C-D'of H.M.S. "Portland"
CollinsElizabethExeterDEVspinster1683Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CollinsGilbertExeterDEVapothecary1641WabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CollinsJohnTivertonDEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
CollinsPaschoeStrattonCONwidow1720Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CollinsRichardExminsterDEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
CollinsSamuelPlymouthDEVshopkeeper1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 21 Aug 1766
CollinsSamuelSt Martin by Looe [Looe]CONyeoman1716Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CollinsThomasPowderhamDEVclerk1629WabEPREMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CollyarRichard   1627W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Collyns'
Collyns Northley [Northleigh]DEVyeoman1654WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D'326 Aylett
CollynsEdwardCity of ExeterDEVapothecary1729Wab MUR2Box 'C-D'plus codicil
CollynsGilbertNorthley [Northleigh]DEVyeoman1632Wab MUR2Duplicates Box 1 
CollynsWilliamNorthley [Northleigh]DEVyeoman1654WabPCCMUR2Duplicates Box 1326 Aylett
CollyusElizabethKentonDEVwidow1863Wco DHC-U5072M/F2/16date of will
ColmanWalterPlymouthDEVgentleman1810WabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 1 Jun 1810
[Colman]    [1631]   [DWAAC] [See Stalling alias Colman]
Colridge alias SmalridgeGeorgeDunsfordDEV 1752AleEXEDWAACp. 104entry omitted in FRYA
CombeJohnBelstoneDEVyeoman1710Wab CULLFilm no. 87933year the will was made
CombeSimonBelstoneDEV 1701WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
[Combe][Jane]   [1626]  EXE[DWAAC] [See Knight alias Combe, Jane]
CombesPenelopePorlockSOMwidow1734WabPCCDHC-U5242 Box 30/3 
CombesRalph (Rev)Wooton CourtenaySOMclerk1720WabPCCDHC-U5242 Box 30/3 
ComerWilliamPoltimoreDEV 1680WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 'Conier'
ComingJohnSt Thomas [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1705WleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Joane'
CominsGeorgeSt Sidwells [Exeter St Sidwell]DEV 1633WleEXEDWAACp. 83entry omitted in FRYA
CommingJulianBishopsteigntonDEV 1603Wab MISCOliver5, vol.1, p. 117 
ComminsJohn   1632W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Conings'
Comyn alias ChilcottRobertLondonLNDmerchant Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WC 16no date; early 1600s; huge will; plus inquisition post mortem
ComynsAletheaBishopsteigntonDEV 1924AorPPRDHC-U1039M/F42 
ComynsJohannaBishopsteigntonDEV 1767Wco DHC-U1039M/F43 
ComynsMaximilianBishopsteigntonDEVgentleman1693Wco DHC-U1039M/F44 
ComynsSarahBishopsteigntonDEVwidow1770WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 6 Apr 1770; Thomas & Jane Penson mentioned
ComynsThomasBishopsteigntonDEVthe elder1693Wor DHC-U1039M/F45 
ComynsThomasBishopsteigntonDEV 1693Wab DHC-U1039M/F45 
ComynsThomasBishopsteigntonDEV 1759Wor DHC-U1039M/F46,47 
ConantJohnBridfordDEV 1663WleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA showed 'Connall'
[Condy][William Jones]   [1832]   [BANK] [See Cundy alias Condy, William Jones]
ConibyAlice   1644W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Combie'
[Connant][John]   [1676]   [DWAAC] [See 'Connett or Connant', John]
ConnentGraceOttery St MaryDEV 1679AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
ConnettJohnDoddiscombesleigh [Doddiscombsleigh]DEV 1670WleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA showed 'Commett'
Connett or ConnantJohnDunsfordDEV 1676AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 'Cunnett'
ConyamThomas   1625W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Conyan'
CoodeBenjaminPenryn [St Gluvias]CONchyrurgion1701WabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 74 
CoodeCharlotte DorothyPenryn [St Gluvias]CONspinster1814WabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 73nuncupative will
CoodeEdwardPenryn [St Gluvias]CONesquire1777Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 75 
CoodeRobertTivertonDEV 1679AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
CookanayThomazineSouthleighDEV 1662WleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA showed 1661
CookeAlexanderThorncombeDOR 1711AleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Coake'
CookeEdwardH.M.S. "Argyle" mariner1734WabPCDCCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 92aproved under £20
CookeElizabethAlphingtonDEVspinster1668WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D'5 Coke
CookeJamesExeterDEVmariner1700WcoBARNGDNDRO 1843A/PF 93 
CookeJohnExeterDEVmerchant1667Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CookeJohnExeterDEVmerchant1667Wab MISCAntient, p. 173bequest to St John's hospital
CookeMichaelOttertonDEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
CookeSarahChelseaMDXwidow; gentlewoman1719Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
Cooke alias RexerJoanTivertonDEV 1754WleEXEDWAACp. 105entry omitted in FRYA
CooksonMarySt Thomas the Apostle [Exeter, St Thomas the Apostle]DEVwidow1832WabPCCBANK probate granted 13 Feb 1833; widow of Lt Gen Charles Norris Cookson of the Royal Artillery
CoombeJohnHalbertonDEV 1749Wco DHC-C1186M/2office copy of will
CoombeJosephDrewsteigntonDEVyeoman1829Wco DHC-U4871-0 Box 3 
CoombeRobertWillandDEV 1646AleEXEDWAACp. 83entry omitted in FRYA
Coombe alias RatcliffeJosephBroadclystDEV 1755AleEXEDWAACp. 105entry omitted in FRYA; [FRYA says 'Whimple' under Ratcliffe alias Coombe]
CoottJohnTopshamDEVcarpenter1726WabPCDCCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 92bproved under £200
CoppGeorgeBockerell [Buckerell]DEV 1696AleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Coop'
CoppinJeremiahPlymouthDEVshipwright1841WabPCCBANK probate granted 22 Jun 1841; stock held jointly with wife Margery; Jeremiah predeceased his wife in 1840; She died in 1841
CopplestoneJacobPlymouthDEVgentleman1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 17 Jun 1822
CoramJepthaPlymouthDEVShipwright1814WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 25 Feb 1807
CordwentJohnChurchtaunton [Churchstanton]DEV 1674WleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA showed 'Cordweatt'
CorhamWilliam  senior1606W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed this as 'missing'; it wasn't
CorneliusWilliamPowderham DEVshopkeeper1840WabBANK [original image not shown on FindMyPast website]
CornerJohnBurlescombeDEV 1681AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 'Comer'
CornishCharlesGatcombe [Littlehempston]DEVesquire1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons15 Oct 1818; Little Kempston?
CornishHubertBlack Hall, North HuishDEVesquire1833Ior DHC-U7061M 
CornishJamesTotnesDEVM.D1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 6 Mar 1829
CornishJamesTotnesDEVattorney1837WabPCCBANK probate granted 22 Mar 1838
CornishMargaretExeterDEVwife1739WleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Robert'; wife of William Cornish
CornishSusannaOkehamptonDEVwidow1718WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
CornishThomasTivertonDEV 1679AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
CoryRichardEgloshaye [Egloshayle]CONrector1834WabECCEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CorytonAnnStonehouse [East Stonehouse]DEVwidow1826WabPCC BANK probate granted 16 Mar 1826; formerly of Penzance, CON
CorytonJohnStoke DamerelDEVsawyer1799Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 93 & 94 
Coslen    1596W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Costel'
CosserMaryExeterDEVwidow1779WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 18 Jul 1780
CosseratBernardExeter St EdmundDEVdyer1750WabPCCMISCWagner - p.74193 Greenly
CosseratJaneExeterDEVspinster1777WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 5 Feb 1779
CosseratMaryExeterDEVwidow1780WabPCCMISCWagner - p.74351 Collins
CosseratNathaniel EliasExeterDEVmerchant1796WabPCCMISCWagner - p.747 Harris
CosterRobertTeignmouthDEVgentleman1818Wab BANK [incomplete image - Sep 2014]
CosterRobert JohnWitheridgeDEVsurgeon1832WabPCCBANK letters of administration granted 30 Aug 1832
CotsfordEdwardClyst St MaryDEVesquire1810WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 16 Jul 1810
CottellMarkNorth TawtonDEVesquier1622WtrPCCMISCCottellSaint 95
CottleGeorgeSt Andrew, Holbourne, London gentleman1621Wab DHC-U3248A/9/1Okehampton mentioned
CouchJohnSampford CourtenayDEVyeoman1707WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
CouchPeterBrixham [Brixham St Mary]DEVyeoman1809WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 11 Feb 1803
CourtSarahExmouth [Littleham near Exmouth]DEVwidow1746Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 93a - 93c 
CourtenayEdwardTivertonDEVearl1510Wab MISCOliver5, vol.2, p. 106Earl of Devonshire
CourtenayHughTivertonDEVearl1378Wab MISCOliver5, vol.2, p. 1062nd Earl of Devon
CourtenayLewesBarnstapleDEVgentleman1583Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CourtenayLewesBarnstapleDEVgentleman1583WabBARNMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CourtenayPeterSouth MoltonDEV 1655Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CourtenayPeterSouth MoltonDEV 1655WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D'150 Berkeley
CourtenayPeterWestham [West Ham]ESS 1719WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D'204 Browning; has lands in Devon
CourtenayPeterWestham [West Ham]ESS 1719WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D'204 Browning
CourtenayWilliam (Sir)Forde [Wolborough]DEV 1702Wtr GDD1508M/F/W26will and codicil
Courtenay [or CourtnyAnneWolboroughDEVspinster1711WtrPCCGDPROB 11/523/95will
CourtisRichardBudeaux [St Budeaux]DEVyeoman1813WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 2 Mar 1814
CourtisWilliamPlymouthDEVgrocer1821WabPCCBANK probate granted 20 Jun 1821
[Courtny][Ann]   [1711]     [see Courtenay [Courtny], Anne]
CourtonJohnBurlescombeDEV 1675AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 'Comton'
CourtonRichardBurlescombeDEV 1671AleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA showed 'Comton'
CourtonWilliamBurlescombeDEV 1671WleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA showed 'Comton'
CoveAnnDawlishDEVspinster1843WabPCCBANK probate granted 16 May 1844
CoveJohnExeterDEVesquire1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 16 Aug 1836; Bishopsteignton mentioned
CoveThomazinePowderhamDEV 1729WleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Thomas'; also administration
CowardMaryExeterDEVwidow1808WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 8 Aug 1808
CowellMarcellaDartmouthDEVspinster1783WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1099/279 
CowleyMaryBroadclystDEV 1781AleEXEDWAACp. 105FRYA showed 'Cawley'
CowlingThomasHockworthyDEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
Cowse    1634W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Cowfe'
CoxAgnesFarwayDEVwidow1761WabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D'died in 1701?
CoxAnnHeathfield [Honiton?]DEV 1829WabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxAnthonySt Sidwells, Exeter [Exeter St Sidwell]DEV 1681AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 'Arthur'
CoxBenjaminGittishamDEVyeoman1798Aab MUR2Box 'C-D'late of Farway
CoxBridgettFarwayDEVwidow1678Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxEdwardFarwayDEVyeoman1788Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxElizabethWidworthyDEVwidow1784Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxGeorgeFarwayDEVhusbandman1636Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxGeorgeFarwayDEVhusbandman1636Wab MUR2Duplicates Box 1 
CoxGraceFarwayDEVwidow1695Aab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxHarrietStonehouse [East Stonehouse]DEVwidow1840WabPCCBANK probate granted 24 Apr 1841; late of 4 Portland Square, Plymouth
CoxJames DEVthe elder1642Aab MUR2Box 'C-D'no place shown
CoxJamesDartmouthDEVmariner1769WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 2 Jul 1771
CoxJoaneFarwayDEVwidow1625Aab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxJohnFarwayDEV 1774WabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxJohnFarwayDEV 1667AabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxJohnFarwayDEVthe elder1642Aab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxJohnFarwayDEV 1620AabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxJohnWidworthyDEV 1702Aab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxJohnWidworthyDEV 1533Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxJohn (Rev)CheddingtonDORclerk1846WcoPCCDHC-U6529-0 
CoxKatherineFarwayDEVwidow1788Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxRalphFarwayDEVyeoman1657WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D'431 Ruthen
CoxRobertBroadhemburyDEVyeoman1801Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxRobertFarwayDEVyeoman1705WabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxRobertFarwayDEVthe elder; husbandman1684WabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxRobertFarwayDEV 1666Aab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxRobertFarwayDEV 1671WleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA showed 'Cope'
CoxRobertNetherton [Farway]DEVyeoman1625Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxSusannaHeathfield [Honiton?]DEVspinster1859Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxThomasSellacombe, FarwayDEVyeoman1619WabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxWilliamFarwayDEVyeoman1661Aab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxWilliamFarwayDEV 1701Aab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxWilliamFarwayDEV 1703Aab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxWilliamFarwayDEVtailor1748Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxWilliamFarwayDEVyeoman1761WabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxWilliam (Rev)CrewkerneSOMclerk1782Wco DHC-U6529-0 
CoxeGeorgeFarwayDEVhusbandman1636Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeGeorgeFarwayDEVhusbandman1636WabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeHenryWooten FitzpaineDORyeoman1726WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D'43 Plymouth; has lands in Shute
CoxeJamesFarwayDEVthe elder1642AabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeJamesFarwayDEVthe elder1642Aab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeJohnColytonDEV 1658WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeJohnColytonDEVhusbandman1618WabPCDCMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeJohnFarwayDEV 1642AabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeJohnFarwayDEV 1620AabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeJohnFarwayDEV 1620AabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeJohnFarwayDEV 1642Aab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeJohnLuppittDEVyeoman1631WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxePhilippSidburyDEV 1623Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeRalpheCulliton [Colyton]DEVbutcher1597WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D'78 Cobham
CoxeRichardCulliton [Colyton]DEV 1628AabPCDCMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeRobertNetherton [Farway]DEVyeoman1625WabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeRobertNetherton [Farway]DEVyeoman1625Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeThomasFarwayDEVyeoman1662WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeThomasFarwayDEVhusbandman1632WabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeThomasFarwayDEVhusbandman1632Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeWilliamFarwayDEV 1640Aab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeWilliamFarwayDEV 1640AabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeWilliamFarwayDEVhusbandman1670Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CoxeWilliamUplymeDEV 1558WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D'53 Mellershe; plus photocopy of actual will
CoxeWilliamWoodbridge, FarwayDEVthe elder; yeoman1623WabEXEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
[Coxworthie][Richard]   [1662]   [DWAAC] [See Browne alias Coxworthie, Richard]
CrabbeZacheusUpotteryDEV 1640WleEXEDWAACp. 83entry omitted in FRYA
Crambury    1630W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Cranbury'
CranThomasEast BudleighDEV 1740AleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Craim'
CranchJohnPlympton [Plympton St Mary?]DEVesquire1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 13 Feb 1772
CrappThomasPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVcabinet maker1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 28 Apr 1829 to Elizabeth Samwell, daughter
[Craver][John]   [1685] leEXE[DWAAC] [See Carver alias Craver, John]
CreberHenryWalkhampton DEVgentleman1841WabPCCBANK probate granted 8 Jun 1841; Launceston, CON, mentioned
CreedGeorgeStoke DamerelDEVgentleman1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons24 Nov 1819; of Wentworth Place, Mile End Road
CreesAnnaPlymouthDEVspinster1844WabPCCBANK probate granted 25 Jun 1845
CreesGraceOttery St MaryDEV 1640WleEXEDWAACp. 83entry omitted in FRYA
CreesGraceOttery St MaryDEV 1640W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Mary' as forename
CreesMaryIpplepenDEVspinster1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 1 May 1843; Plymouth mentioned
CreesMaryPlymouthDEVwidow1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 16 April 1773
CremerWinifredPlymouthDEVspinster1835WabPCC BANK probate granted 12 Feb 1835
CrespinAbrahamModburyDEVesquire1786WabPCCMISCWagner - p.77359 Norfolk; Capt R.N.
CridgeJamesBamptonDEV 1780AleEXEDWAACp. 105entry omitted in FRYA; [not true - it is in FRYA]
CrispinMaryPlymouthDEVspinster1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 20 Feb 1768
CrispinThomasExon [Exeter]DEVfuller1688Wab MISCFox, p.43details of his bequest to Kingsbridge Free Grammar School
CrispinThomasExon [Exeter]DEVfuller1688Wab MISCHawkins, pp.157-159lengthy extract
CrockerChristopherSt AgnesCON 1717Aab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CrockerElizabethTruroCON 1719Wab MUR2Box 'C-D'late of Perranzabulo
CrockerJamesTrevellas, St AgnesCON 1738Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CrockerJohanPerran in the Sands [Perranzabulo]CONwidow1681Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CrockerJohnColebrookeDEVyeoman1810Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 99 
CrockerJohnGerransCONseaman1684Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CrockerJohnLynham, YealmptonDEV 1521WtrPCCGDPROB 11/20/78will
CrockerMichaelTrevellas, St AgnesCON 1730Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
CrockerRobertAbbotsmarsh, BurringtonDEVyeoman1782Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 96 
CrockerRobertColeridge [Coldridge]DEVyeoman1786Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 97admon to Elizabeth, relict
CrockerRobertColeridge [Coldridge]DEVyeoman1805Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 98admon to Nancy, relict
CrockerThomasCollridge [Coldridge]DEVhusbandman1717Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 95 
CrockwellJaneExminsterDEV 1679AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
CroftJohn StephensPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVwatchmaker1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 25 Sep 1833
CroftsHenryWimple [Whimple]DEV 1863Oor DHC-U3493B 
CrookeWilliamTivertonDEV 1675AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 'Crocker'
CrooteBartholemewKentonDEV 1662WleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA showed 'Crooke'
CrooteJohnChumleigh [Chulmleigh]DEVsurveyor1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 3 June 1806
CrooteWilliamEastogwell [East Ogwell]DEV 1662WleEXEDWAACp. 102FRYA showed 'Crooke'
CrosmanSusannaOkehamptonDEVgentlewoman1729WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
CrossHumphreyButterleighDEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
CrossJennyBarnstapleDEVspinster1834WabPCCBANK probate granted 20 Dec 1834
CrossMaryExeterDEVwidow1711Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/16date of will
CrossMaryExeterDEVwidow1711Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/20date of will
CrossRichardExeter St DavidDEVesquire1783Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/18,12bdate of will
CrossRobertExeterDEVbanker1815WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 13 Jul 1815
CrossRogerSt Sidwell Exeter [Exeter St Sidwell]DEV 1679AleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
CrossThomasBishopsteigntonDEVgentleman 1826WabPCCBANK probate granted 27 Jan 1827
CrossThomas UttermereTivertonDEVclerk1887Wco DHC-U5006M/F5date will was made
CrosseChristopherTivertonDEVyeoman1638Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WC 17 
CrossmanAnnaKentonDEV 1763AleEXEDWAACp. 105FRYA showed 'Cressing'
CrossmanFrancisStoke [Stoke Damerel]DEVgentleman1773AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 31 Jan 1775
Crotchard Autray St Mary [Ottery St Mary]DEV 1635W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA ahowed 'Crutchcard'
CrouftThomasSt Sidwell, Exeter [Exeter St Sidwell]DEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678; also administration
CrouteMargery   1640W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Croude'
CroweRichardCombepine [Combpyne]DEV 1635WleEXEDWAACp. 83entry omitted in FRYA
CrowsonMary AnnHeavitree [Exeter Heavitree]DEVwidow1899Wco DHC-U6440B add 
CrudgeMaryEast StonehouseDEVwidow1837WabPCCBANK probate granted 7 Oct 1837
CruseJamesMorebathDEV 1740AleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Cruss'
Crutchett    1652W?leEXEDWAACp. 83FRYA showed 'Cratchet't
CrutchettElinorTyverton [Tiverton]DEV 1661WleEXEDWAACp. 102entry omitted in FRYA, also administration
CruwysHenryHillersdon [Cullompton]DEVesquire Wco DHC-U5242 Box 30/3not dated
CruwysJaneHillersden [Cullompton]DEVwidow1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 4 Dec 1765; [indexed as Crany]
CuddifordGilbertWestogwell [West Ogwell]DEV 1737WleEXEDWAACp. 104FRYA showed 'Cuthford'; [not true - it showed 'Cutteford']
CulchittThomasClist St George [Clyst St George]DEV 1640AleEXEDWAACp. 83entry omitted in FRYA
CullingWilliamWoodlandDEVgentleman1725Ior DHC-U5246 Box 30/4 
CulmeElizabethTothill [Plymouth]DEVwidow1808WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 17 Jan 1809
CulmeGraceTothill [Plymouth]DEVwidow1808WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 22 Feb 1809
CumbyDavid PryceBrixham St MaryDEVLieutenant of His Majesty's Navy1659WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1563/16 
CumbySusannaBrixham St MaryDEVwidow1836WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1867/395 
CumingJoannaKingstington [Kingsteignton]DEVspinster1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 6 Mar 1823 to executrix, Ann Cuming; she died intestate 1851; letters of administration with will & codicil annexed
Cundy alias CondyWilliam JonesPlymouthDEVgentleman1832WabPCCBANK probate granted 12 Dec 1832; a sawyers measurer in his Majesty's Dockyard
CunneatJohnCombe Rawleigh [Combe Raleigh]DEV 1692WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 'Cunnent'
CunninghamMaryOkehamptonDEVwidow1731WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
CurrieWilliamChagfordDEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 103FRYA showed 1678
CurteisSusannahSt MaryleboneMDXwidow1823WabPCCBANK probate granted 12 Jan 1824; no Devon connection apparent
CurteysCharles PascoePlymouthDEVexcise officer1816WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 12 Sep 1816
CutcliffeCharles GeorgeSouth MoltonDEVsurgeon1802WcoPCCNCDRO-CB1214 (acc 764)will and probate
CutcliffeJamesWeek, Great TorringtonDEVretired Commander, R,N.1839WabPCC BANK probate granted 14 Jun 1839
CutcliffeJohnBarnstapleDEVesquire1821WabPCCBANK probate granted 4 Feb 1822
CutcliffeRebeccaBarnstapleDEVspinster1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 4 Oct 1842
CutcliffeThomasSouthcott [Morchard Bishop?]DEVgentleman1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 31 May 1843; Exeter mentioned
CutcliffeWilliam DEV 1816Aco DHC-C8731 (acc no)letter of administration to Mrs Anne Elizabeth Cutcliffe
DabbanettChristoferColompton [Cullompton]DEV 1704AleEXEDWAACp. 107FRYA showed 'Dabinot'
Dabcombe alias HallGeorgeMorebathDEV 1628WleEXEDWAACp. 84entry omitted in FRYA
DabeneyJohnCollyton [Colyton]DEV 1559Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 101 
DabernonJohn DEV 1368Wtr MISCWebster[Described by Orme3 as John Dabernon of Calstock]
DabernonJohnBideford[DEV] 1368Wtr MISCOrme3 - pp. 33-35 
DabynyJohnCollyton [Colyton]DEV 1551Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 100plus admon to John, son, the widow having renounced
DaffellJohn   1593W?leEXEDWAACp. 84FRYA showed 'Dassell'
DagworthyHenryExeterDEV 1673WleEXEDWAACp. 106entry omitted in FRYA
DagworthySamuelWoodburyDEVgentleman1808WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 12 Sep 1797
[Dalkings][William]   [1637]   [DWAAC] [See Dawkins alias Dalkings, William]
DallyThomasUpton pine [Upton Pyne]DEV 1635AleEXEDWAACp. 84entry omitted in FRYA
DalrympleJohnWatcombe [Tormoham?]DEVgentleman1774Oab BANK [no probate date - further page possibly missing, Sep 2014]
DamerellElizabethSouth TawtonDEVwidow1766AorEXEDHC-U1292M/Wills/21 
DamerellMaryUgboroughDEV 1618Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
DamerellRichardUgboroughDEV 1595Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
Damet    1635W?leEXEDWAACp. 84FRYA showed 'Dumet'
DaneasterRichardExeterDEV 1696AleEXEDWAACp. 107FRYA showed 'Damaster'
DanielCharlotteHolsworthyDEVwidow1870Wco DHC-U6192M 
DanielEdithBokerell [Buckerell]DEV 1753WleEXEDWAACp. 107FRYA showed 'Dannill'
DanielJohnBradfordDEV 1812Ior DHC-U6192M 
DanielWilliamBokerell [Buckerell]DEV 1756AleEXEDWAACp. 107FRYA showed 'Dannill'
DaniellLucyBokerell [Buckerell]DEV 1667WleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA showed 'Laiva'
DarbyRichardGrays InnMDX 1737WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D'also of Durance Manor, Ponders End, Enfield
DarchJohnWinkley [Winkleigh]DEVmiller1795Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/22date of will
DareChristianSeaton [Seaton and Beer]DEV 1663AleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA showed 'Davie'
Dare alias ThomasEdwardUplooman [Uplowman]DEV 1672WleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA omitted 'alias Thomas'
DarkeHenrySidburyDEVinnkeeper1806Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 102 
DarkeJohnBarnstapleDEVwatchmaker1814WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 14 Sep 1814
DarracottGracePlymouthDEVspinster1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 29 Dec 1836
DasonGeorgeThorvertonDEV 1670WleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA omitted 'George'
DateMaryPlymouthDEVwidow1821WabPCCBANK probate granted 6 Apr 1821
DauxJohnExeterDEV 1626W?leEXEDWAACp. 84FRYA showed 'Daup'
DaveyAnthonyTivertonDEV 1756WleEXEDWAACp. 107FRYA showed 'John'
DaveyJaneExeterDEVwidow1812WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 21 Jan 1813
DaveyJohnOkehamptonDEVmariner1709WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933on board H.M.S. "Assurance"
Davey alias WoodMaryExeterDEV 1767AleEXEDWAACp. 108Frya omitted 'alias Wood'
DavidsonElizabethCirencesterGLSwidow1885Wco DHC-U3493B 
DavieElizabethThorvertonDEV 1755AleEXEDWAACp. 107FRYA showed 'Davis'
DavieJohnCreditonDEVthe elder1575WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D'28 Carew
DavieLaurenceTivertonDEV 1756WleEXEDWAACp. 107FRYA showed 'Davis'
DaviesAnnPlymouthDEVspinster1773WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 20 Jun 1775
DaviesJaneBathSOMwidow1780WabPCCDHC-U7130 (prev TD166)probate copy of will dated 1777 and codicil of 1780; widow of Dr Richard Davies physician
DaviesJohnBarnstapleDEVcattle dealer1871Wco DHC-U6440B add 
DavisElizabethCoombentinhead [Combeinteignhead]DEV 1742WleEXEDWAACp. 107FRYA showed 'Davie'
DavisFrancisTopshamDEV 1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 29 Oct 1770
DavisJohnPiddlehintonDORgentleman1795Wab DHC-U74B/ME/63 
DavisMaryTopshamDEVspinster1824WabPCCBANK probate granted 16 Mar 1825
DavisThomasTivertonDEV 1681WleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA showed 'Davie'
DavisonCharlesHM Yard [Stoke Damerel]DEVboatswain1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 7 Apr 1766
DavyAbrahamExeter St SidwellDEVserge maker1823WcoEXEDHC-U4285B/F1 
DavyAndrewModland, Cheriton BishopDEVesquire1720Wor DHC-U7130 (prev TD166) 
DavyAnnDrewsteigntonDEV 1672WleEXEDWAACp. 106entry omitted in FRYA
DavyElizabethOkehamptonDEVwife1852Wco DHC-U4871-0 Box 3wife of John Davy
DavyFrancisTopshamDEVesquire1896Wco DHC-U6440B add 
DavyHughLapfordDEVyeoman1827WabPCCBANK probate granted 10 Jan 1828
DavyJohnChumleigh [Chulmleigh]DEVgentleman1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 16 May 1818
DavyJohnWoodburyDEVreverend1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 1 Dec 1807
DavyMary WhiteRingwoodHAM 1865Aor DHC-U6440B add 
DavyMorgan   1627W?leEXEDWAACp. 84FRYA showed 'Day'
DavyRobertKnowstoneDEV 1750Wco NDRO-CB1100will
DavyRobertRingwoodHAMgentleman1866Wco DHC-U6440B add 
DavyRobertTopshamDEVmerchant1862Wco DHC-U6440B add 
DavySamuel BishopTopshamDEVesquire1890Wco DHC-U6440B add 
DavySarahEvershottDORspinster1892Wco DHC-U6440B add 
DavyWilliamPiltonDEVgentleman1823WabPCC BANK probate granted 5 Mar 1824
Davy alias FisherSusannaExeterDEV 1748AleEXEDWAACp. 107entry omitted in FRYA; [Spelt Davey under Fisher]
Davy alias FisherSusannaExeterDEV 1749AleEXEDWAACp. 107entry omitted in FRYA
[Davy][Mary]   [1761]   [DWAAC] [See Taylor alias Davy, Mary]
DavyeSimonExeter St PetrockDEV 1494Wab MISCOliver5, vol.1, p. 80bequest mentions Exeter St Paul
DavyesDavidPaigntonDEVclerk1653WabPCCMUR2Box 'C-D'351 Brent
DavyesMarySt Davids [Exeter St David]DEV 1670WleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA showed 'Daries'
DaweRobertTivertonDEV 1714WleEXEDWAACp. 107FRYA showed 'Richard'
DawkesGeorgeExeterDEV 1625W?leEXEDWAACp. 84FRYA showed 'Dawker'
Dawkins alias DalkingsWilliamExeterDEV 1637W?leEXEDWAACp. 84FRYA omitted 'alias Dalkings'
DawsJamesPlymouthDEVmercer1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 9 Jan 1773
DayAnthonyPlymouthDEVshopkeeper1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 11 Feb 1774
DayCharlotteBrauntonDEVwidow1856Wab DHC-U4871-0 Box 3 
DayGeorgeSouth MoltonDEVesquire1821WabPCCBANK probate granted 21 Mar 1821
DayeMaryCollompton [Cullompton]DEV 1663WleEXEDWAACp. 106entry omitted in FRYA; also administration
Daymound    1629W?leEXEDWAACp. 84FRYA showed 'Daymount'
de GrandissonJohnExeterDEVbishop1368WtrEXE?MISCColeridge - pp.86-89in Latin
de GrandissonOtho (Sir)Ottery St MaryDEVknt1358Wab MISCColeridge - p.36brief details
De LalandePeterPlymouthDEVmariner1745WabPCCMISCWagner - p.10591 Edmunds
De VialMaryExeterDEV 1774WleEXEDWAACp. 108entry omitted in FRYA
DeaconJonathanMillbrook, Maker CONlabourer1837WabPCCBANK probate granted 4 Apr 1837
Deamond    1637W?leEXEDWAACp. 84FRYA showed 'Daymond'
DeaneRobertHeavitree near Exeter [Exeter Heavitree]DEVesquire1827WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 Sep 1827
DearyNicholasStokenhamDEVyeoman1691WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 78 & 79nuncupative will; inventory extract shown
DearyWilliamStoakenham [Stokenham]DEV 1678AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 93admon to William, son; inventory extract shown
DearyWilliamStokenhamDEV 1751AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 102admon to Miriam Pitts, sister
DearyWilliamStokenhamDEVwidower1752AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 103admon to Miriam Pitts, sister
DearyeJohaneBlack Awton [Blackawton]DEV 1613AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 94admon to Mary Dearye alias Phillipp, sister; inventory extract shown
DearyeWilliamMiddlecume, StokenhamDEVthe elder, husbandman1610WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 90inventory extract shown
DebellJohnDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVgentleman1797Wab BANK [wrong image, Sep 2014]
DeebleJohnHill [Plymouth]DEVesquire1805AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 30 May 1802
DeemeHenryLuppittDEV 1756WleEXEDWAACp. 107entry omitted in FRYA
DeenePeterTedbourne St Mary [Tedburn St Mary]DEV 1626W?leEXEDWAACp. 84FRYA showed 'Dyer'
DeereWilliamBurlescombeDEV 1670WleEXEDWAACp. 106entry omitted in FRYA
DeeryRichardDartmo [Dartmouth]DEV 1690AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 78admon to Mary, relict; inventory extract shown in which deceased is described as of Stokenham
DelacombeJacobPlymouthDEVesquire1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 21 Nov 1836
DelacombeJaneStonehouse, near Plymouth [East Stonehouse]DEVwidow1823WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 Feb 1824
Delamazier [De La Maziere?] alias RogueMaryPlymouthDEVwidow1727WabPCCMISCWagner - p.127182 Farrant
DenbyEdwardClist St George [Clyst St George]DEVjoyner1806WcoEXEDHC-U1292M/Wills/23 
DenchChristopherStoketinhead [Stokeinteignhead]DEV 1663AleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA showed 'Dennis'
DeningRobertWithecombe Ranyleigh [Withycombe Raleigh]DEV 1689WleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA showed 'Driming'
Denis alias CastainSarahPlymouthDEVwidow1717WabPCCBANK letters of administration dated 21 Mar 1722 in the Prerogative Court with the will annexed have been granted to Gaspar Houblon
DennafordAmySampford CourtenayDEVwidow1711Wab CULLFilm no. 87933year the will was made
DennafordAnneSampford CourtenayDEVsinglewoman1720WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
DennafordRichardSampford CourtenayDEVyeoman1711Wab CULLFilm no. 87933year the will was made
DenneGabrielLoopit [Luppitt]DEV 1669WleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA showed 'Drewe'
DennerMaryKingsbridgeDEVspinster1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 21 Jun 1843
DennieAliceWest Downe [West Down]DEV 1567Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
DennisJohanWest Downe [West Down]DEVwidow1618Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
DennisJohn (Rev)Budleigh Salterton DEV 1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 19 Feb 1829
DennisMaryWestdowne [West Down]DEVwidow1636WabBARNMUR2Box 'C-D' 
DennisNehemiahIlfracombeDEV 1675AabBARNMUR2Box 'C-D' 
DennisNicholasBarnstapleDEV 1678AabBARNMUR2Box 'C-D' 
DennisThomasWest DownDEVthe elder; husbandman1594WabBARNMUR2Box 'C-D' 
DennisseThomasWest Downe [West Down]DEVhusbandman1615Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
DennysElizabethIlfracombeDEV 1686WtrEPREMUR2Box 'C-D' 
DennysGeorgeSwymbridge [Swimbridge]DEVyeoman1643WtrECCEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
DennysMawdeWest Downe [West Down]DEVwidow1574Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
DennysPhillipIlfracombeDEVgentleman1671WabBARNMUR2Box 'C-D' 
DennysThomasBarnstapleDEVmerchant1664WabBARNMUR2Box 'C-D' 
DennysWalterHeanton PunchardonDEVparson1573WabECCEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
DensenThomazineTivertonDEV 1680AleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA showed 'Dousen'
DenshamEdithOttertonDEV 1663AleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA showed 'Densam'
DenshamJane   1646W?leEXEDWAACp. 84FRYA showed 'Dnsham'
DenshamMaryExeterDEVspinster1810WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 9 May 1811
DenshamRichardExeterDEV 1788AleEXEDWAACp. 108entry omitted in FRYA
DenslowEdwardOttery St MaryDEV 1777AleEXEDWAACp. 108FRYA showed 'Downslow'
DenysRichardPowderhamDEV 1533Wab MUR2Duplicates Box 1 
DenysRichard (Sir)PowderhamDEV 1533WtrEXEMISCOliver5, vol.1, p. 29 
DenysThomas (Sir) DEVknight1558Wab MUR2Box 'C-D'no place shown
DenysThomas (Sir)BictonDEVknt1558Wtr MISCOliver5, vol.2, pp. 95-97 
DeroyElizabethPlymouthDEVwidow1689WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 86nuncupative will; inventory extract shown
DerreJohnCallowstock [Calstock]CON 1633WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 84inventory extract shown
DerreyGeorgeTotton [Totnes]DEV 1668AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 95admon admon to Mary Derrey, widow; inventory extract shown
DerryAnthonySt GermansCON 1735Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 104died on board H.M.S. "Kent"; admon to Jane, relict
DerryChristianStoke DamerelDEV 1748WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 88 & 89"of Exeter but then inhabiting in Parish of Stoke Damerel"
DerryHughTotnesDEV 1710AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 100admon to Mary Page alias Derry, daughter; inventory extract shown
DerryJamesAveton GiffordDEV 1705AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 81admon to Joane, relict; inventory extract shown
DerryJamesPlymouthDEV 1708AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 82admon to Jane, relict
DerryJamesPlymouthDEV 1679AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 86admon to Wilmot, relict; inventory extract shown
DerryJohnKing's Teignton [Kingsteignton]DEV 1721WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 87 
DerryJohnMonk Okehampton [Monkokehampton]DEVfuller1631WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 83inventory extract shown
DerryJohnSt GermansCON 1709Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 104inventory extract shown; admon to Anne, relict
DerryJohnStavertonDEVweaver1650Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 105admon to Amy Preston, daughter; inventory extract shown
DerryJohnStoke ClimslandCON 1764AabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 85admon to Rebecca, sister
DerryJulyanStavertonDEV 1671Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 105admon to John Derrey of Staverton, clothier, husband
DerryMary DEV 1696AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 80no place shown, but Stokenham, Ipplepen and Totnes mentioned; admon to John Pote and Grace Thorne
DerryMichaelBuckfastleighDEVclothier1648WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 84also proved at Totnes
DerryMichaelDean PriorDEV 1739Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 87 & 88 
DerryRebeccaKingsbridgeDEVwidow1684WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 97inventory extract shown
DerryRichardLauncestonCONsailor1740WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 88of the ship "Mary Gally"
DerryRichardPlymouthDEVthe elder, yeoman1667WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 76 & 77inventory extract shown
DerryRichardPlymouthDEVshipwright; senior1710IabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 82inventory only
DerryRichardPlymouthDEVshipwright1710WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 86 & 87inventory extract shown
DerryRichardRingmoreDEVmariner1743WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 88of H.M.S. "Monmouth"
DerryRogerBovey TracyDEVmiller1695AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 79 & 80admon admon to Elizabeth Derry of Exeter; inventory extract shown
DerryThomasPlymouthDEV 1663WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 98inventory extract shown
DerryWilliamStokenhamDEV 1696AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 91admon to Mary, relict; inventory extract shown
DerryWilliamStokenhamDEV 1678AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 92admon to Richard, uncle; inventory extract shown
DerryWilliamYalmpton [Yealmpton]DEV 1703AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 80 & 81admon to William and Grace, children; inventory extract shown
DerryWilliamYalmpton [Yealmpton]DEV 1714AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 101admon to Grace, sister
[Derry][John]   [1710]   [CA] [see Derrys or Derry, John]
[Derry][Michael]   [1738]   [CA] [See Dery alias Derry, Michael]
DerryeIsaacTotnesDEVwidow [sic]1665WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 96nuncupative will; inventory extract shown
Derrys or DerryJohnStoke Damerell [Stoke Damerel]DEV 1710IabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 82inventory only
DeryFlowerSt CleerCONwidow1603WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 83named Lora on endorsement; inventory extract shown in which named Florence
Dery alias DerryMichaelDean PriorDEVweaver1738WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 87 
DesvoriesJohn TheodoreBidefordDEVesquire1777WabPCCMISCWagner - p.142306 Collier
DeverWillmatAshpringtonDEV 1714WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 99inventory extract shown
DewdneyElizabethStoke CanonDEV 1893Wco DHC-U6440B add 
DewdneyIsaacPlympton [Plympton St Mary?]DEVyeoman1819WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons4 Jan 1820
DewdneyRobertWillandDEV 1670AleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA omitted 'Robert'
DewdneyWilliamStoke CanonDEVgentleman1874Aor DHC-U6440B add 
DeymanThomasTivertonDEV 1640AleEXEDWAACp. 84entry omitted in FRYA
DickersonMaryDevonport [Stoke Damerel]DEVwidow1843WabPCCBANK probate granted 12 Feb 1844
DickesJohnCreditonDEVVicar of Crediton1689Wab DRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229; Ivy papers in Edmond/Elliot folder"proved at Exeter"; brief extract
DiddamsNicholasPlymouthDEVmaster shipwright1823WabPCCBANK probate granted 24 March 1823; and of Portsmouth, HAM
DimentJohnFarringdonDEV 1696WleEXEDWAACp. 107FRYA showed 'Dinnent'
DingleSusannaTopsham DEVspinster1825WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 Feb 1826
DinnisAnnDevonport [Stoke Damerel]DEVwidow1826WabPCCBANK probate granted 20 Mar 1827
DinnisRobertWestdowne [West Down]DEVhusbandman1635Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
DinshamRichardTivertonDEV 1761WleEXEDWAACp. 108entry omitted in FRYA; also administration
DishcombeThomasOkehamptonDEVyeoman1692WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
DistaineElinorBlackdon, Pentton [Paignton]DEV 1715Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 106 
DistinChristianPaigntonDEVwidow1779Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 124 - 126 
DistinEleanorBlagdon, PaigntonDEVwidow1754Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 118 & 119 
DistinElizabethePaigntonDEVwidow1700Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 103inventory extract shown
DistinGilbertBlagdon, PaigntonDEVyeoman1703Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 104 & 105inventory extract shown
DistinGilbertPaigntonDEVyeoman1749Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 115 - 117plus admon to Nicholas Prout, principal creditor
DistinJoanPaigntonDEVwidow1738Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 112 
DistinJohnPaigntonDEVyeoman1747Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 113 & 114 
DistinThomasPaigntonDEV 1718Oab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 107 & 108obligation to Elizabeth, relict, to prove will; inventory extract shown
DistinThomasPaigntonDEVyeoman1733Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 111 
DistinThomasPaigntonDEVyeoman1763Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 121 - 123plus admon to Elizabeth Northey, daughter
DistinThomasShorton, PaigntonDEV 1786Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 127 & 128 
DistingJohnTotnesDEVyeoman1757Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 120 
DistingRichardTotnesDEV 1729Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 109 & 110 
DixonManleyEast StonehouseDEVAdmiral, R.N.1837Wab PCCBANK probate granted 9 May 1837; Exmouth mentioned; Knight Commander of the Bath
DobsonGeorgeUplime [Uplyme]DEV 1752AleEXEDWAACp. 107FRYA showed 'Dopsham'
DobsonMaryTavistockDEVwidow1834WabPCCBANK probate granted 22 Feb 1834
DoccombRogerTrushamDEVrector1541Wab MISCOliver5, vol.1, p. 193 
DoctonElizabethPlymouthDEVspinster1801WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 28 Sep 1801
DoddMaryExeterDEVwidow1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 4 Mar 1820
DodgeBartholemewKentisbeareDEV 1691WleEXEDWAACp. 107FRYA showed 'Doidge'
[Dodscombe][John]   [1641]   [DWAAC] [See Hill alias Dodscombe, John]
DoidgeHenrySydenham DamerellDEV 1733Wco CROR/5629will
DolbeareJoanAshburtonDEVwidow1816WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 18 July 1816
DomettJoanKilmingtonDEVwidow1827Wor DHC-U4494M/W7 
DommettJohnShuteDEVyeoman1863Wco DHC-U4494M/W6 
DommettWilliamColyford [Colyton]DEVretired farmer1894Wco DHC-U4494M/W5 
DoneyElizabethSt David [Exeter St David]DEV 1707WleEXEDWAACp. 107FRYA showed 'Deney'
DonneRichardHolcombe RogusDEV 1685AleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA showed 'Domie'
[Dorchester][Maudline]   [1629]   [CA] [See sime alias Dorchester, Maudline]
DouglasFrancisStonehouse [East Stonehouse]DEVpurser1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 23 Jun 1817; also of Bath
DounyngRichardSt Keveren [St Keverne]CONclerk1626Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
DowellHenryPlymtreeDEVyeoman1880Wco DHC-U74B/ME/46proved in Exeter
DowellJamesPlymtreeDEVyeoman1835WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 129 
DowellJames DrakePlymtreeDEVyeoman1850WcoEXEDHC-U74B/ME/46 
DowellMaryPlymtreeDEV 1835AorEXEDHC-U74B/ME/46 
DowellWilliamSidburyDEVyeoman1839Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 130proved under £20
DownePhilipSampford CourtenayDEVwidow1702Wab CULLFilm no. 87933year of inventory
DowneRogerInstowe [Instow]DEVmariner1643Wco DHC-C8749Zwritten 1639, endorsed 1643.
DownesJohnExeterDEVgentleman1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 10 Nov 1766
DowningElianorStoke GabrielDEVwidow1658WtrPCCGDPROB 11/277/152 
DownmanJohnInstowDEVyeoman1691Wco DHC-U4560Z/Z1 
Downman alias HolmanAnthonyKnowston [Knowstone]DEVlabourer1566Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
DownyngeWilliam   1632W?leEXEDWAACp. 84FRYA showed 'Dawing'
DrakeAllexanderCruwys MorchardDEVyeoman1763WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 151 
DrakeAmyeMusburyDEVwidow1579WtrPCCGDPROB 11/61/92will
DrakeBampfyldeFarwayDEVrector1729Wab MUR2Box 'C-D'plus licence of administration
DrakeEleanorLittleham [Littleham (near Exmouth)?]DEV 1766AabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 151aadmon to Edward Holwell Drake, son
DrakeElianorCruwys MorchardDEVwidow1710WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 137 
DrakeElizabethBuckland MonachorumDEVwidow1632WtrPCCGDPROB 11/162/102will
DrakeElizabethEast StonehouseDEVwidow1812WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 8 Jun 1804
DrakeFrancisAwliscombeDEV 1785WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 157 
DrakeGeorgeMarchard Cruyes [Cruwys Morchard]DEVyeoman1680WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 135inventory extract shown
DrakeGeorgeSampford PeverellDEVclerke1741WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 146 - 148 
DrakeHenryAwliscombeDEV 1744AabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 149admon to Priscilla, relict
DrakeJohnAwliscombeDEV 1734AabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 145admon to Henry, father
DrakeJohnBarnstapleDEVgentleman1770WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 15 Feb 1771; Thomas Russell of Northam mentioned
DrakeJohnCheriton FitzpaineDEV 1762AabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 150admon to Margaret, widow
DrakeJohnCheriton FitzpaineDEVthatcher1818WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 159 - 161proved under £300
DrakeJohnCreditonDEVmiller1784WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 156 
DrakeJohnCrusemorchard [Cruwys Morchard]DEV 1552WabECCECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 131 & 132inventory extract shown
DrakeJohnCruwys MorchardDEVyeoman1719Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 142no heading on document; inventory extract shown
DrakeJohnCruwys MorchardDEVyeoman1716WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 138 
DrakeJohnExeterDEVmerchant1554Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
DrakeJohnExmouth [Littleham (near Exmouth) and Withycombe Raleigh]DEVsurgeon1797Wab BANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 3 Apr 1798
DrakeJohnLittleham [Littleham (near Exmouth)]DEVgentleman1694WabPCDCCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 136 
DrakeJosephOttery St MaryDEVwoolcomber1775WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 153 
DrakeMargaretCheriton FitzpaineDEV 1772AabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 152admon to John, son
DrakeMargaretExeterDEVwidow1570Wab MUR2Box 'C-D' 
DrakeMarkChurch Taunton [Churchstanton]DEV 1757WleEXEDWAACp. 108FRYA showed 'Mary'
DrakeMaryHeavitree [Exeter Heavitree]DEVwidow1808WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 23 May 1808
DrakeMarySidburyDEVwidow1780WabPCDCCAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 154 & 155 
DrakePhilipSalcombe [Salcombe Regis]DEVgentleman1712WabPCDCCAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 139 & 140 
DrakePhilipWiscombe [Southleigh]DEVwidow1655WtrPCCGDPROB 11/250/258will
DrakeRichardCruwys MorchardDEV 1717AabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 141admon to Jane, relict
DrakeRobertMorchard Craze [Cruwys Morchard]DEVyeoman1680WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 133 & 134inventory extract shown
DrakeSarahProspectDEVwife1774AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 4 May 1787
DrakeThomasCruwys MorchardDEVyeoman1727WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 143inventory extract shown
DrakeWilliamCruwys MorchardDEVyeoman1729WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 144 
DrakeWilliamKingsmill, CullomptonDEVmiller1792WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 158 
DrakeWilliamWiscombe, SouthleighDEVgentleman1625WtrPCCGDPROB 11/145/666will
DrawerMary AnnExmouth [Littleham (near Exmouth)]DEVwidow1898Wco DHC-U6440B add 
DrawerThomas LarySt Giles in the WoodDEVfarmer1876Wco DHC-U6440B add 
Drawer alias AishJudithExeterDEV 1689AleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA showed 'Draver alias Aish'
DrewAlexanderSampford CourtenayDEVthatcher1704WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
DrewGideonGun Wharf, PlymouthDEVlabourer1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 24 Mar 1829
DrewJohnKilmingtonDEV 1769Wle DHC-U74B/ME/63date will was made
DrewJohnSampford CourtenayDEVhusbandman1710WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
DrewJohnTivertonDEV 1794Wle DHC-U74B/ME/63date will was made
DrewLeahTotnesDEVspinster1824WabPCCBANK probate granted 13 May 1824
DrewMarySampford CourtenayDEVspinster1690Wab CULLFilm no. 87933 
DrewRobertBelstoneDEVhusbandman1716WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
DrewRobertMorchard BishopDEVmachinist1902Aor DHC-U6440B add 
DrewWilliamApleden, Sampford CourtenayDEV 1706WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
DreweDorothyThe Grange, ExeterDEVwidow1834WabPCCBANK probate granted 21 Jan 1835
DreweFrancisGrange [Broadhembury]DEVesquire1779WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 30 Apr 1773
DreweJohnClisthydon [Clyst Hydon]DEV 1747WabEXEDHC-U74B/ME/63 
DreweJohn RoseThe Grange, Broadhembury, near HonitonDEVesquire1830WabPCCBANK probate granted 9 Oct 1830
DreweMargaretExeterDEVspinster1773WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 3 Nov 1775
DreweMaryGrange [Broadhembury]DEVwidow1815Oab BANK registered 3 Aug 1815
DreweRobertClisthydon [Clyst Hydon]DEV 1798Wle DHC-U74B/ME/63date will was made
DreweSarahTivertonDEV 1804Wle DHC-U74B/ME/63date will was made
DreweSarah MaryCombrawleigh [Combe Raleigh]DEVwidow 1838WabPCCBANK probate granted 23 Mar 1839; Awliscombe mentioned
DreweWilliamBroadhemburyDEV 1796Wle DHC-U74B/ME/63date will was made
DreweWilliamBroadhemburyDEV 1811Wle DHC-U74B/ME/63date will was made
DreweWilliamGrange [Broadhembury?]DEVesquire1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 27 Feb 1823
Drewe alias TaylorJohnAwliscombeDEV 1671AleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA omitted 'alias Taylor'
DriverRobertAxminsterDEVhusbandman1712Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 107inventory extract shown
Drower alias AishJudithExeterDEV 1689Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 106admon to John Aish, husband
DruceMaryExeterDEVspinster1825WabPCCBANK probate granted 23 Dec 1825; tells of will being read at funeral, but then mislaid
Du PlessisElizabeth AnnTotnesDEVspinster1795AabPCCMISCWagner - p.417to Mary Ann Du Plessis, widow, the mother
DuckeJohnDunchideockDEVclerk1741Wab MICHp. 147proved 1741 or after
DuckenfieldRalphExeterDEVgentleman1576Wab MISCAntient, p. 181bequest to Parish of St Sidwell
DuderHumphryKingskerswellDEVyeoman1804WabPCDCMUR2Box 'C-D' 
DuderSamuelKingskerswellDEVyeoman1839WabPCDCMUR2Box 'C-D' 
DukeFrancesSidworthyDEVwidow1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 18 July 1786
DuncombeWilliamKingsbridgeDEVhead schoolmaster1688Wtr MISCHawkins, pp.159-169will
DunhamRobertCollompton [Cullompton]DEV 1669WleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA showed 'Dynham'
DunhamThomasLittle TorringtonDEVrector1435Wtr MISCDavey 
Dunham or DynhamThomasHolcombe RogusDEV 1686WleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA showed 'Dincham'
DuningWilliamSouthtawton [South Tawton]DEV 1697WleEXEDWAACp. 107FRYA showed 'Dining'
DunnJohn   1647W?leEXEDWAACp. 84FRYA showed 'Thomas Dunn'
DunnRobertSouthmolton [South Molton]DEVwoolcomber1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 19 Oct 1836
DunnWilliamKentisbeareDEV 1754AleEXEDWAACp. 107FRYA showed 'Kenton'
DunneThomasBurlescombeDEV 1695WleEXEDWAACp. 107FRYA showed 'Dinnie'
DunningJoaneSouthtawton [South Tawton]DEV 1696WleEXEDWAACp. 107FRYA showed 'Dinning'
DunningJohnDodbrookeDEV 1608WabECCEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
DunningJohnDodbrookeDEV 1608WabEPREMUR2Box 'C-D' 
DunningMaryAshburtonDEVspinster1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons25 Jan 1818
DunningRichardMarchington, Throwley [Throwleigh]DEVyeoman1762WabEXECULLFilm no. 87933detailed; almost a transcript
DunningeWilliamLittlehempstonDEV 1608WabECCEMUR2Box 'C-D' 
DunsettGowinSt Thomas [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1671AleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA showed 'Dunford'
DunsettJoaneSt Thomas [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1688WleEXEDWAACp. 106FRYA showed 'Dausett'
DunsfordAnnPlymouthDEVwidow1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 Oct 1833
DunsfordHenryTivertonDEVgentleman1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 10 Feb 1823
[Dunsford][Thomazine]   [1613]   [FRYA] [See also Dumsford, Thomazine, Hennock, 1614, PROB 11 & JHW; almost certainly Hemyock not Hennock]
DusgateJohnClay, Swaffham MarketNFK 1559Wtr DHC-U4649Z/Z5 
DusgateMargaretClay, Swaffham MarketNFKwidow1546Wtr DHC-U4649Z/Z4 
DusgateMargaretCley next SwaffhamNFK 1466Wtr DHC-U4649Z/Z10 
DustegateJamesMerton chaplain1466Wtr DHC-U4649Z/Z2 
DustgateThomasClayNFK 1545Wtr DHC-U4649Z/Z3 
DyarJohnThrowley [Throwleigh]DEVsenior1698WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
DyerAgnes AnnStoke near Plymouth [Stoke Damerel]DEVwidow1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 27 Sep 1820
DymentThomasStockley Pomeroy [Stockleigh Pomeroy]DEV 1765WleEXEDWAACp. 108FRYA showed 'Daymant'
DynhamJamesExeterDEV 1644AleEXEDWAACp. 84entry omitted in FRYA
[Dynham][Thomas] DEV [1686]   [DWAAC] [See Dunham or Dynham, Thomas]
EakinsWilliamExeterDEVgoldsmith1712Wab MISCAntient, p. 221bequest to Exeter Charity Schools
EalesThomasGalmpton [Brixham]DEVgentleman1815WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons31 Oct 1815
EarleJudithStoke [Stoke Damerel]DEVspinster1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 22 May 1772
EarleRalphCheriton FitzpaineDEV 1619Aab MUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon to Honor Earle, wife
EastWilliamUpton PyneDEVyeoman1700Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/25date of will
Eastabrooke alias ShilstonOliverDrewsteigntonDEV 1648WleEXEDWAACp. 84entry omitted in FRYA
EastchurchJohnBishopsteigntonDEVthe elder; gentleman1781Wor DHC-U1039M/F48 
EastcottRichardExeterDEVgentleman1766Oab BANK [incorrect FMP image - Sep 2014]
EastlakeSamuelBuckland MonachorumDEVFarmer1769WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 19 Mar 1770
EastlakeWilliamPlymouthDEVgentleman1844WabPCCBANK probate granted 5 May 1845
EastleyCharlesPaington [Paignton]DEVgentleman1776Wco DHC-U5827Mdocument in very fragile condition
EastonJoanClayhidonDEV 1612Ole DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderGeorge Somerhays witnessed
EastonJohnMorchard Epi [Morchard Bishop]DEV 1574AabEPRE?MISCEaston - p.29 
EastonWilliamIlsingtonDEV 1679Wor DHC-U1039M/F49 
EbsworthyePeterBridestoweDEVgentleman1645Ior DHC-U5242 Box 30/8 
EdgcombeArthurLamertonDEVthe elder, yeoman1670WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 108inventory extract shown
EdgcombeElizabethAlphingtonDEVwidow1803WcoPCCPROB 111386/146 
EdgcombeGabrielMelton Abbott [Milton Abbot]DEVgentleman1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 Oct 1820
EdgcombeJohnHeadwell, LamertonDEVyeoman1686WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 109inventory extract shown
EdgcombeJohnThornburyDEVrector1838WcoPCCPROB 111899/185 
EdgcombeMaryeLamertonDEVsinglewoman1693WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 110inventory extract shown
EdgcombeRogerLamertonDEVgentleman Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 111admon to Katherine, relict; inventory extract shown
EdgcombeRogerLamertonDEVhusbandman1661WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 112inventory extract shown
EdgcombeWalterLamertonDEVgentleman1626WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 111inventory extract shown
EdgcombeWalterLamertonDEVgentleman1626WtrEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 161a-f 
EdgcombeWilliamNorthamDEVreverend1813WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 17 Apr 1813
EdgecumbePearceMilton AbbotDEVgentleman1779Wab BANK registered 29 Aug 1780; beneficiary of Mathias Deacon
EdmondJohnChagfordDEV 1687WleEXEDWAACp. 109FRYA showed 1687
EdmondsEdward (Rev)WoodleighDEV 1824WabPCC BANK probate granted 13 Dec 1824
EdmontsArgentumHolcombe BurnellDEV 1742WleEXEDWAACp. 109FRYA showed 'Edmonds'
Edwards    1629W?leEXEDWAACp. 84FRYA showed 'Edward' as surname
EdwardsElizabethBidefordDEVwidow1833WcoPCCGDPROB 11/1897/421administration with will annexed
EdwardsGeorgeDalwoodDEV 1654Wab DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays foldernames family
EdwardsJaneSandford Courtney [Sampford Courtenay]DEVwidow1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 16 Jan 1818
EdwardsJohnUplymeDEVwidow1838Wco DHC-C8171 (acc no)copy will
EdwardsJohn (Rev)Berry Pomeroy DEV 1834WabPCCBANK probate granted 31 May 1834
EdwardsMaryDallwood [Dalwood]DEVwidow1668Wab DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will; names Summerhays beneficiaries
EdwardsMaryDallwood [Dalwood]DEVwidow1668Wab DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderwill dated 1664; names family
EdwardsMaryPlympton [Plympton St Mary?]DEVwidow1777WabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 12 Oct 1772
EgertonCharles (Rev)ThorncombeDEV 1844WabPCCBANK probate granted 26 May 1845; Epping, Essex, mentioned
ElfordJohnSheepstorDEVgentleman1583WtrPCCGDPROB 11/66/87will
ElfordWalterSheepstorDEVgentleman1648WtrPCCGDPROB 11/204/588will - catalogued as Ilford by TNA
EllacotGregoryWhitestoneDEV 1687AleEXEDWAACp. 109FRYA showed 1687
EllacottJohanBelston [Belstone]DEVwidow1684WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
EllacottKatherineOkehamptonDEVwidow1688WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
EllardJohnOtterie St Mary [Ottery St Mary]DEV 1687WleEXEDWAACp. 109FRYA showed 1687; also administration
ElliesJamesSampford Courtney [Sampford Courtenay]DEVbachelor1649Wab MUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
ElliotCatherineVenottery [Venn Ottery]DEV 1693WleEXEDWAACp. 109FRYA showed 1692
ElliotEdwardExeterDEV 1748AleEXEDWAACp. 109FRYA showed 'Henry'
ElliotJamesPlymouth DEVesquire1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 4 Jun 1831
ElliotSamuelTopshamDEVgentleman1769WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 26 Apr 1769
ElliotSarahPlymouthDEVwidow1827WabPCCBANK probate granted 7 Jul 1827
EllisElizabethSampford CourtenayDEVwidow1707WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
EllisHannahTamerton FoliotDEVwidow1841WabPCCBANK probate granted 23 Nov 1841; holdings in Hannah's name as wife and widow of James Ellis, mason, who died 1808
EllisHannahTivertonDEV 1752AleEXEDWAACp. 109FRYA showed 'Henry'
EllisJohnOkehamptonDEV 1692WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
EllisRichardClovellyDEVsailor1700WtrPCCGDPROB 11/457/109will
EllisRichardOkehamptonDEVsenior; yeoman1710Wab CULLFilm no. 87933 
EllisRobertCombeinteignheadDEVsailor1784Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WE 1 
EllisSimonSampford CourtenayDEVbucher1725Wab CULLFilm no. 87933 
EllisSimonSampford CourtenayDEVyeoman1702Aab CULLFilm no. 87933 
EllisThomasineSampford CourtenayDEVwidow1636WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
Ellis alias SalterJohnFenitonDEV 1754AleEXEDWAACp. 109entry omitted in FRYA; [spelt 'Ellise alias Salter' under Salter]
[Ellis][Thomas]   [1626]   [DWAAC] [See Salter alias Ellis, Thomas]
ElliseMary   1640W?leEXEDWAACp. 84' not Elliot'
EllotJohnExeterDEV 1744WleEXEDWAACp. 109FRYA showed 'Elliot'
EllsworthRichardBickham [Timberscombe]SOMesquire1694Wor DHC-U5242 Box 30/8 
EllsworthRichardBickham [Timberscombe]SOMesquire1714Wor DHC-U5242 Box 30/8 
[Ellys][Elizabeth]   [1667]   [DWAAC] [See Schumart or Schumacke alias Ellys, Elizabeth]
ElmsdonHenryHonitonDEV 1677AleEXEDWAACp. 109entry omitted in FRYA
ElringtonThomasCitadel [Plymouth]DEVcommandant1809WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 19 Sep 1809
Elson alias IlsonElizabethKennDEV 1682AleEXEDWAACp. 109FRYA omitted 'alias Ilson'
ElstonEdwardAshrayney [Ashreigney]DEVthe elder1630Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/9 
ElstonEdwardSt Sidwell [Exeter St Sidwell]DEV 1722AleEXEDWAACp. 109FRYA showed 'William'
ElstonEliasCheriton FitzpaineDEVyeoman1812WabEXEDHC-U5242 Box 30/8 
Elstone alias Hooper    1630WleEXEDWAACp. 84FRYA showed 'A'
ElvanceElizabethNewlyn [Newlyn East]CON 1700WleCORNMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
ElvaneAndrewSt Breocke [St Breock]CON 1799WleECCEMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
ElvaneAndrewSt Breocke [St Breock]CON 1779WleECCEMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
ElvaneJohnNewlyn [Newlyn East]CON 1700WleCORNMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
ElvaneRichardSt Miniver [St Minver]CON 1779WleEPREMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
ElvansAndrewSt Stephens, Brannel [St Stephen in Brannel]CON 1740AleCORNMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
ElvansAndrewSt Briock [St Breock]CONthe younger1789WabECCEMUR2Box 'E-Hi'son of Andrew the elder; admon to Margaret Rowe, formerly wife of Andrew the younger
ElvansAndrewSt Briock [St Breock]CONthe elder1789WabECCEMUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon to Margaret Rowe; probably died 1779
ElvansElizabethNewlynCON 1700WleCORNMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
ElvansJohnSt Stephens, Brannel [St Stephen in Brannel]CON 1790AleCORNMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
ElvansMichaelCrantockCON 1717WleCORNMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
ElvansMichaelLantegles [Lanteglos by Camelford]CON 1688/wleCORNMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
ElvansRichardSt Miniver [St Minver]CONyeoman1744WabEPREMUR2Box 'E-Hi'wife Helen executor
ElvansRichardSt Stephens, Brannel [St Stephen in Brannel]CON 1750AleCORNMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
ElvensJamesSt EnoderCON 1714WleCORNMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
ElworthyAnnPlymouthDEVwidow1815Oab BANK registered 26 Feb 1816
ElworthyElizabethPlymouthDEVwidow1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 31 Aug 1770
ElworthyGeorgeChelbridge [Thelbridge]DEVyeoman1597WtrPCCGDPROB 11/90/409will
ElworthyRichardWitheridgeDEVmalster1813WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 21 Mar 1814
EmblingRachelDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVwidow1812WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 13 Aug 1812
EmmettAnnExeter St PaulDEVwidow1704WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 162 
EmmettElizabethExeter St PaulDEVwidow1750WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 162a 
EmmitRichardKennDEVmariner1704AabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 162on H.M.S. "Gloyster"; admon to Mary, relict
EmmotElizabethBarnstapleDEVwidow1664AabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 162admon to Richard, son
EnanJohnKentonDEV 1696AleEXEDWAACp. 109FRYA showed 'Euan'
EnchmarchRichardTivertonDEV 1781AleEXEDWAACp. 109FRYA showed 'Ensmarch'
EndicottSarahExeterDEVspinster1823WabPCCBANK probate granted 11 Jul 1817; registered 17 April 1824
EntyAnnExeterDEV 1776WleEXEDWAACp. 109FRYA showed 'Entry'
EntyJohnExeterDEV 1743WleEXEDWAACp. 109FRYA showed 'Entry'
[Erule][William]   [1663]   [PROB 11] [See Ernle, William - JHW]
[Eruley][Isota]   [1625]   [BARN] [See Ernley or Erley, Isott - DHC-U]
Escott alias ArscottWilliamShobrookeDEV 1686AleEXEDWAACp. 109entry omitted in FRYA
[Escott][William]   [1686]   [DWAAC] [See Arscott alias Escott, William]
EstmondThomasChardstocke [Chardstock]DEVgentleman1648Wab MUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
EstmondWilliamWambrookDORgentleman1658WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
EstonJohnMorchard Epi [Morchard Bishop]DEV 1505AabPCCMISCEaston - 33 Holgrave 
EsworthyNicholasDunsfordDEV 1669WleEXEDWAACp. 109FRYA showed 'Edsworthy'
EvansDavidPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVdissenting minister1828WabPCC BANK probate granted 25 Aug 1829
EvansJennettBramford SpekeDEVwidow1824WabPCCBANK probate granted 14 Jan 1825
EvansJohnBidefordDEVship builder1834WabPCCBANK probate granted 31 May 1833; registered 30 May 1834
EvansJohnOttertonDEV 1764WleEXEDWAACp. 109entry omitted in FRYA; also administration
EvansJohnPlymouthDEVclerk1807WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 15 Feb 1808
EvansJohnPlymouth (Stoke Damerel)DEVshipwright1830WabPCC BANK probate granted 16 Jan 1820
EvansMaria SophiaHonitonDEVwidow1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 23 Jan 1843
EvansRichard[Exeter]DEVmayor1660Wab MISCAntient, pp. 156-157listing of bequests, to artificers and the poor
EvansWilliamBroadhempstonDEVmerchant1853Wtr MISCNGB - http://ngb.chebucto.org/Wills/evans-william-2-139.shtml 
EvansWilliamOttery St MaryDEVmercer1779AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 14 Oct 1780
EveleighGeorgeOtterie St Mary [Ottery St Mary]DEV 1687WleEXEDWAACp. 109FRYA showed 1687
EveryRichardExeterDEVthe younger, attorney at law1838WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1905/164will
EveryRichardExeter St Thomas the ApostleDEVthe senior, attorney at law1851WtrPCCGDPROB 11/2140/282will
[Evuley][Isota]   [1625]   [BARN] [See Ernley or Erley, Isott - DHC-U]
Ewans    1626WleEXEDWAACp. 84FRYA showed 'Evans' and 'A'
EwenThomasExmouth [Littleham (near Exmouth) and Withycombe Raleigh]DEVgentleman1852Wco DHC-U6440B addproved in Exeter
EwingHenryTopshamDEVmariner1735WabPCCBANK probate granted 18 Dec 1828
EwingsJohnTopshamDEVmariner1735WcoPCCPROB 11672/219 
EwingsMargaretHonitonDEVspinster1803WcoPCCPROB 111390/237 
Exiert [?]Nirbarde [?]TotnesDEVthe elder[?]Ior DHC-U7130 (prev TD166)part of an inventory; the document badly damaged and name undeciferable
EzekielE A   1806WabEXEMUR2Box 'E-Hi'entry gives initials only; no place shown but bequests to people in Exeter
EzekielHenryExeterDEVgentleman1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 2 Dec 1835
FabreJacobHeavitree [Exeter Heavitree]DEVgentleman1773AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 31 Aug 1773
FabreMargaretSt Martin in the FieldsMDX 1746Aco DHC-U5242 Box 30/9probate copy; probate court not identifiable
FabyanFancesAshburtonDEVwidow1813Wor DHC-U5651M Wills 
FabyanJohnAshburtonDEVtanner1690Wco DHC-U5651M Wills 
FabyanPeterAshburtonDEVclothier1776Wco DHC-U5651M Wills 
FabyanPeterAshburtonDEV 1791WcoPCCDHC-U5651M Willsprobate copy of will dated 1783; late of Bridport, DOR
FabyanPeterAshburtonDEVgentleman1815WcoPCCDHC-U5651M Willsprobate copy of will dated 1815, plus two other copies
FabyanPeterAshburtonDEVclothier1776Wor DHC-U5651M Willstwo copies of same will
FabyanWilliamAshburtonDEVgentleman1807Wco DHC-U5651M Willsprobate copy of will dated 1806 and proved Canterbury; plus another copy
FaceyPhilipPlymouthDEVgentleman1773WabPCCBANK p, 6 Jun 1776
[Facye alias Palmer][Agnes]   [1670]   [DWAAC] [See Palmer alias Facye, Agnes]
FaneuilJaneStonehouse [East Stonehouse]DEVwidow1798AabPCCMISCWagner - p.420to the sister, Elizabeth Hatch, widow
FanshaweRobertPlymouthDEVCommissioner, R.N.1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 20 Mar 1823
[Farlegh][Ralph]       [MUR2] [See Soper alias Farlegh, Ralph]
FarleighHenryWonton, South BrentDEVyeoman1764Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WF 1 
[Farleigh][Christen]       [MUR2] [See Soper alias Farleigh, Christen]
[Farleigh][Henry]       [MUR2] [See Soper alias Farleigh, Henry]
[Farleigh][William]       [MUR2] [See Sooper alias Farleigh, William]
[Farley][John]   1609   [MUR2] [See Soper alias Farley, John]
FarmarElizabethPlymouthDEVwife of Robert Farmar1837WabPCCBANK letters of administration, with will annexed, granted 20 Jan 1837 to son Thomas Symonds and daughter Mary Anna Whitby
FarrJohnHonyton [Honiton]DEV 1701WleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed 'Fair'
FarrRichardOttertonDEV 1762WleEXEDWAACp. 111FRYA showed 'Fair'
FarrantAnastaciaAlfington [Alphington]DEV 1650AleEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA omitted '2 administrations, 2 sets of papers'
FarrerJosephLoopit [Luppitt]DEV 1756WleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed 'Farren (?Farrer)'
FarthingGeorgeSidmouthDEVgentleman1810WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1510/53will
FarwellAliceDartingtonDEV 1654WtrPCCGDPROB 11/242/13 
FarwellArthurTotnesDEVgentleman1809WabPCCDHC-U6025/C3copy of 1807 will plus 1808 codicil
FarwellWilliamExeterDEVironmonger1719WtrPCCGDPROB 11/568/129 
FaucknerWilliamSt Thomas [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1696AleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed 'Faulker'
FawcknerThomazine   1640W?leEXEDWAACp. 85RFYA showed a man, 'Thomas'
FaytorJohnAylesbeareDEV 1765WleEXEDWAACp. 111FRYA showed '1764'
FaytorRichardEastbudleigh [East Budleigh]DEV 1660WleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed 'Faylor'
FearonElizabethPlymouthDEVwidow1809WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 10 Apr 1809
FenoulhetPeterExeterDEVSir1773WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 13 Aug 1774
FergusonLydiaTivertonDEVwidow1779AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 3 Apr 1782
FermalowJohnSt Mary Major [Exeter St Mary Major]DEV 1641AleEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA omitted 'account' also
FerrallCatherineSowtonDEVwife1810WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 11 Jul 1810; of Ambrose Ferrall
FeyFrancisChagfordDEV 1680AleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed 'Fley'
FeyJohnExeterDEV 1746AleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed 'Fley'
FieldDanielHonitonDEV 1743AleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed '1742'
FillimoreJohnHalbertonDEV 1737AleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed 'George'
FillisElizabethPlymouthDEVwidow1816WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 22 Mar 1816
FillisRichardPlymouthDEVironmonger1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 19 Feb 1766
FilmoreElizabethLympstoneDEV 1743AleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed '1742'
Filp alias PhilpJohnDrewsteigntonDEV 1746WleEXEDWAACp. 110entry omitted in FRYA
FinchRichardAshburtonDEVserge maker1765Wor DHC-U5651M Wills 
FinemoreJohnDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVcordwainer1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 24 Jul 1817; also Finemoore
FinneyEleanorBlagdon, Painton [Paignton]DEV 1779WabEPREMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
FinneyElizabethTivertonDEV 1781AleEXEDWAACp. 111FRYA showed '1780'
FinneyJaneBlagdon, Painton [Paignton]DEVwidow1748WabECCEMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
FinneyMatthewPaigntonDEV 1734WabECCEMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
FinneyProtodorusPaigntonDEV 1734Aab MUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon to Jane, widow and relict
Finson    1636W?leEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA showed 'Finsdon'
[Fishe][John]   [1631]   [DWAAC] [See Robbins alias Fishe, John]
FisherJamesSt Thomas [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1781WleEXEDWAACp. 111FRYA showed '1780'
FisherThomasLympstoneDEVesquire1840WabPCCBANK probate granted 5 Apr 1841; Ulverstone, LAN, mentioned
FitzeMariaExeterDEVspinster; bookseller and stationer1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 1 Mar 1843
FlayThomasExeterDEVmayor1634Wab MISCAntient, pp. 181-182bequest to Parish of St Paul
FletcherThomasPaigntonDEV 1551Wab MISCOliver5, vol.1, p. 172 
Fletcher alias AllertonJamesPowderhamDEV 1692WleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed 'Fletcher alias Atherton'
FlinnJohnPlymouthDEVgentleman1810Oab BANK Registered 12 Nov 1810; also Lt in RN
FloydElizabeth PowysSidmouthDEVspinster1830WabPCCBANK probate granted 18 Jun 1830
FluddeWilliamFarwayDEV 1640WleEXEDWAACp. 85entry omitted in FRYA
FluittArthurSouth BrentDEVyeoman1760Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WF 2 
FluittPascowSouth BrentDEVyeoman1746Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WF 3 
FollandThomasNewton St CyresDEV 1762AleEXEDWAACp. 111FRYA showed 'Felland'
FollettRobertDartmouthDEVmerchant1591WtrPCCGDPROB 11/77/174 
FollettUriahAxminsterDEV 1847WtrPCCGDPROB 11/2050/156 
FootJohnTor [Plymouth]DEVCaptain1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 16 June 1768
FoottJohnExeterDEVfuller1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 4 Mar 1818
ForbesJohnKentonDEV 1761AleEXEDWAACp. 111FRYA showed 'Forber'
ForbesMaryCliffords Fort, near Teignmouth [Tynemouth]NBLspinster1832WabPCC BANK probate granted 31 May 1832; Devon shown in error in FindMyPast
ForceThomasColompton [Cullompton]DEV 1781WleEXEDWAACp. 111FRYA showed '1780'
ForceWilliamAilesbeare [Aylesbeare]DEV 1668WleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed 'Fort'
ForceWilliamFarringdonDEVgentleman1720Wco DHC-U5242 Box 30/9probate copy; probate court not identifiable
FordBrutton JohnExeterDEVsolicitor1895Wco DHC-U6440B add 
FordEdwardStoke DamerelDEVironmonger1821WabPCCBANK probate granted 22 Dec 1821
FordElizabethSt Thomas [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1781AleEXEDWAACp. 111FRYA showed '1780'
FordElizabethTivertonDEVwidow1666Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WF 4 
FordElizabethTivertonDEVwidow1665Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WF 5probate copy
FordHenryExeterDEVsolicitor1899Wco DHC-U6440B add 
FordJamesSt Nicholas [Shaldon]DEV 1743AleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed '1742'
FordJane[Ilsington]DEV 1663Wab MISCRansom 
FordJohnCockingtonDEV 1789Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WF 7 
FordJohnDartmouthDEVgentleman; baker1837WabPCCBANK probate granted 21 Feb 1838
FordJohnSampford CourtenayDEVyeoman1666WabEPRECULLFilm no. 87933 
FordJohnTivertonDEVyeoman1684Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WF 6 
FordLawrenceTivertonDEVyeoman1678Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WF 8date will was made
FordThomasExeterDEVgentleman1716Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WF 9date will was made
FordThomasExon [Exeter]DEVmayor1659Wab MISCAntient, p. 160bequest for erecting a hospital
ForesterMaryExeterDEV 1754WleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed 'Fonester'
ForrestAustinPlymouthDEVmercer1773AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 28 Jan 1775
ForskutThomasPlymouthDEVostler1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 12 Sep 1831
ForsterElizabethTopshamDEVspinster; servant1826WabPCCBANK letters of administration granted 8 Aug 1826; Mitcham, Surrey, mentioned
ForsythGeorgeDevonport [Stoke Damerel]DEVgentleman1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 1 Aug 1836
FortHannahExeterDEV 1765AleEXEDWAACp. 111FRYA showed '1764'
FortescueAmy (Dame)Prutteston [Preston, Ermington]DEVwidow1662Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/22 
FortescueAnne LucyBrightonSSXspinster1842Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/73 
FortescueArthurPons....[Penwarne, Mevagissey?]CON 1692Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/31 
FortescueBridgetFilleighDEVwife1727Wor DHC-U1262M/FS/40 
FortescueCharlesSt BudeauxDEVgentleman1717WabPCCBANK proved in the Prerogative Court in Doctors Commons 8 Feb 1715
FortescueDormer (Lord)Credan, IrelandIRLbaron1780Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/86Lord Fortescue and Baron of Credan
FortescueEleanor (Lady)Weare GiffardDEVspinster1847WcoPCCDHC-U1262M/FS/76a 
FortescueHerbertPlymouthDEVsurgeon1844WabPCCBANK probate granted 10 Dec 1844
FortescueHughCastle Hill [Filleigh]DEVearl1846Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/75Earl Fortescue; will proved in the Court of Armagh, Ireland
FortescueHughFilleighDEVesquire1694Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/36a 
FortescueHughFilleighDEVesquire1714Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/43 
FortescueHughIlfracombeDEVesquire bachelor1825AcoPCCDHC-U3778B 
FortescueHugh (Rev)FilleighDEVclerk1799WcoPCCDHC-U3778B 
FortescueHugh (Sir)Wear Gifford [Weare Giffard]DEV 1600WtrPCCGDPROB 11/96/309will
FortescueJaneSaint James in ClerkenwellMDX 1741AorPCCDHC-U1262M/FS/49 
FortescueJohnFilleighDEV 1604Wor DHC-U1262M/FS/5 
FortescueJohnPonwarne [Penwarne, Mevagissey]CONesquire1711Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/46b 
FortescueJohn (Right Honorable)Knoller HillESS 1746WcoPCCDHC-U1262M/FS/53Lord Fortescue
FortescueJosephWeston LodgeSOMesquire1808WcoPCCDHC-U3778B 
FortescueMargaret (Lady Baroness)EbringtonGLSspinster1760WcoPCCDHC-U1262M/FS/58Baroness Clinton
FortescueMarySt PancrasMDXwidow1854WcoPCCDHC-U3778B 
FortescueMathew (Lord)Castle Hill [Filleigh]DEVbaron1782OorPCCDHC-U1262M/FS/73Baron Fortescue
FortescueMatthewHamper, CornwoodDEVgentleman1770Wab MUR2Box 'E-Hi'wife Joan
FortescuePeter   1675Oor DHC-U1262M/FS/39Ponwarn [Penwarne], Cornwall, and Prutteston, Devon, mentioned
FortescueRichard  gentleman1580WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'15 Arundell; no place shown but Holborn and several Devon places mentioned
FortescueRogerMiddle TempleLNDbachelor1689Aab MUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
FortescueTheophilusSaint George Hanover SquareMDXesquire1746WcoPCCDHC-U1262M/FS/51 
FosterRobertExeterDEV 1785WleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Faster'
FoulkesElizabethCheriton BishopDEVwidow1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 8 Apr 1831
FouracreThomasPlymouthDEVmariner1832WabPCCBANK probate granted 23 Oct 1832
FouracresElizabethHonyton [Honiton]DEV 1729WleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed 'Fotheranes'
FowacresAmySampford CourtenayDEVwidow1701WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933also spelt Foweracres; probably Fouracres
FowlerMaryExeterDEVwidow1815WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 May 1815
FownesThomasKittery Court [Dartmouth]DEVreverend1808WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 12 Apr 1808
FoxJohnPlymouthDEVmerchant1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 22 Jan 1772
FoxJohnPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVgrocer1833WabPCCBANK letters of administration, with will annexed, granted 20 June 1833
FoxThomasDartmouth DEVmaster in the Navy1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 2 Apr 1829
FoxThomas (Mr)   1735Ico DHC-U2723M - Carew, WF 10 
FoxWilliamShaldon DEVgentleman1826WAbPCCBANK probate ganted 21 Apr 1826
FoxwellEliasExeterDEV 1673WleEXEDWAACp. 110entry omitted in FRYA
FraineJohnBarnstapleDEVapothecary1767WtrPCCGDPROB 11/929/278 
FraineJosephBarnstapleDEVlinen draper1692ItrPCCGDPROB 4/7585 
FranceElizabethPlymouthDEVwidow1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 Jul 1829
FranceNathanielPlymouthDEVsurgeon1812WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 4 May 1812
FranckOlliveSt Breocke [St Breock]CONwidow1683Wab MUR2Box 'E-Hi'with inventory
FranckhomeStephenThorncombeDEV 1606W?leEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA omitted 'Thorncombe'
FrankChristopherSt Breocke [St Breock]CONyeoman1668Wab MUR2Box 'E-Hi'wife and executrix, Olive; nuncupative will
FrankeAmbroseOttery St MaryDEV 1676AleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed 'Franch'
FrankishFrederick ElvinExeterDEV 1948Wab MUR2Box 'E-Hi'date as shown
FranklinNicholasClaphamSRYbaker1790WabPCCDHC-U6623Mprobate copy of will dated 1789; Devon connection uncertain
FrankpitSusannaUplowmanDEV 1743WleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed '1742'
Frauncis alias HumfryAnnCornworthyDEV 1634Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 286 
FrayneBenjaminFrithelstockDEVhusbandman1701WtrPCCGDPROB 11/462/362 
FrayneHugh[Swimbridge][DEV] 1614WtrPCCGDPROB 11/124/202intending a Voyage into the East Indies; family of Swimbridge
FrayneHugh[Swimbridge][DEV]mariner1684WtrPCCGDPROB 11/124/202of Saint Paul Shadwell, Middlesex; family of Swimbridge
FrayneJamesSwymbridge [Swimbridge]DEVyeoman1619WtrPCCGDPROB 11/133/189 
FrayneJohn[Barnstaple][DEV]yeoman1785WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1133/312born in Barnstaple, later lived in Chelsea MDX
FrayneJohnStowford in the parish of LangtreeDEVyeoman1655WtrPCCGDPROB 11/249/322 
FrayneJoseph[Barnstaple][DEV] 1801Wtr GDDRO 1142B/FW50born in Barnstaple, later of Bath, SOM
FrayneRichardBishops TawtonDEVhusbandman1595WtrPCCGDPROB 11/86/70 
FreemanJosephPlymouthDEVgoldsmith1774WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 22 Oct 1781
FrekeFreeman (Rev)ClannaboroughDEVclerk1809WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1506/222will
FrekeThomas (Rev)Loddeswell [Loddiswell]DEVclerk1834WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1878/103will and codicil
FrenchThomasSt GennysCON 1704WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
FrenchWilliamDartmouthDEVmariner1747WtrPCCGDPROB 11/756/235will
FresneauZacharyPlymouthDEVtailor1741WabPCCMISCWagner - p.173123 Spurway
FrickeNicholas ThomasLoddiswellDEVvicar1702[?]Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/27 
FrickerWilliamSandridge [Stoke Gabriel]DEVgentleman1837WabPCCBANK probate granted 5 June 1837
FriendJohnNorth LewDEVyeoman1874Wco DHC-U4871-0 Box 3 
FriendPhilipDoltonDEVyeoman1891Wco DHC-U4871-0 Box 3 
FrostCharityOkehamptonDEVwidow1834WcoTOTDHC-U4871-0 Box 3probate copy of will dated 1831
FrostJohnHittisleighDEV 1781WleEXEDWAACp. 111FRYA showed '1780'
FrostPatienceKentonDEV 1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 8 Jun 1831 to Mary Shilstone, daughter
FrostSilas ForsterTurnchapel [Plymstock]DEVShipwright1797Wab BANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 18 Apr 1800
[Frost][Mary]   [1676]   [DWAAC] [See Stile alias Frost, Mary]
FroudSusannaKentonDEV 1743WleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed '1742'; also administration
FryJohnPlymouthDEVgentleman1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 28 June 1765
Fry alias MaynardDorothyOttery St MaryDEV 1731AleEXEDWAACp. 110entry omitted in FRYA
FryeFerdinandoYarcombeDEV 1664AleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed 'Frey'
FryeGeorgeConnesbury [Countisbury]DEV 1584WcoPCCDHC-U6255/O 
FryerAnnTopshamDEVwife1773AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 2 Nov 1775; described as wife of John Fryer, gent
FryerJohnTopshamDEVgentleman1773WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 5 Dec 1775
FuberThomasSidmouthDEVmariner1816WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 18 Jul 1816
FugarsHumphreyMineheadSOM 1587WtrPCCMISCPROB 11/70/247will; property and family in Bampton
FugeJohnPlymouthDEVtallow chandler1760AabPCCBANK letters of administration granted at Doctors Commons 26 Jul 1764
FugeJohnPlymouthDEVtallowchandler1766AabPCCBANK letter of administration granted at Doctors Commons 26 Jul 1764
FulfordJohnDunsfordDEV 1655AabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon to his relict, Katherine Fulford
FullGraceClist Saint Laurence, near Collumpton [Clyst St Lawrence]DEVwidow1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 24 Jan 1843
FullLewisBroadhempstonDEV 1672AleEXEDWAACp. 110entry omitted in FRYA
FullwoodFrancisLittonSOM 1693WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'the letters STP follow his name; Exeter also mentioned
FurbeareAnnColompton [Cullompton]DEV 1661WleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed 'Agnes'
FurlongTristramTivertonDEVgentleman1783WabPCCDHC-U5242 Box 30/9 
FursdonGeorgeCadburyDEV 1646AabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon to his daughter, Grace Hartnoll
FursdonGeorgeCadburyDEV 1748Wor DHC-U5242 Box 28/14noted in pencil 'not last will'
FursdonGeorgeCadburyDEVesquire1755Wor DHC-U5242 Box 28/14draft will
FursdonGeorgeCadburyDEVesquire1771Wab DHC-U5242 Box 28/14probate copy; probate court unidentifiable
FursdonGeorgeCadburyDEVesquire1769Wor DHC-U5242 Box 28/14noted on outside revoked; in very poor condition
FursdonGeorgeCadburyDEVesquire1773WcoPCCDHC-U5242 Box 28/14probate copy
FursdonGeorgeCadburyDEV 1646Aco DHC-U5242 Box 28/11probate copy; probate court unidentifiable; document in Latin
FursdonGeorgeCadburyDEVesquire1740WcoPCCDHC-U5242 Box 28/12there are 3 copies of the same will
FursdonGeorge SydenhamCadburyDEVesquire; captain1797Wor DHC-U5242 Box 29/7draft will; Captain in 11th Regt Light Dragoons
FursdonGeorge SydenhamCadburyDEV 1815Wor DHC-U5242 Box 29/7codicil to will
FursdonGeorge SydenhamCadburyDEVesquire1837Wab DHC-U5242 Box 29/7probate copy; probate court unidentifiable
FursdonGraceCadburyDEVwidow1802Aco DHC-U5242 Box 29/14 
FursdonGraceCadburyDEV 1692Ior DHC-U5242 Box 29/12 
FursdonGraceCadburyDEV 1697Ior DHC-U5242 Box 29/16 
FursdonHarrietCadburyDEVwidow1848Wco DHC-U5242 Box 29/15 
FursdonJoaneCanterburyKENwidow1477Wco DHC-U5242 Box 29/14Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury A.3-146 noted on copy
FursdonJohnCadburyDEVgentleman1709Ior DHC-U5242 Box 29/16 
FursdonJohnCadburyDEV 1710Ior DHC-U5242 Box 29/16 
FursdonNicholasCadburyDEVesquire1709Wor DHC-U5242 Box 29/17 
FursdonNicholasCadburyDEVesquire1715Wco DHC-U5242 Box 29/17probate copy; probate court unidentifiable
FurserRichardSilferton [Silverton]DEV 1663AleEXEDWAACp. 110FRYA showed 'Farser'
FurserSarahPiltonDEVwidow1836WabPCCBANK letters of administration granted, with will annexed, 27 April 1836; Barnstaple mentioned
FursonGeorgeFursdon near ExeterDEVesquire1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 10 Mar 1773
GabrielElizabethExeterDEVwidow1842Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 129 & 130 
GaffeJohnExeterDEV 1705AleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Goffe'
GaineThomasKentonDEV 1693WleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Game'
GalardJohn (Rev)SelworthySOMrector1724WcoTAUNDHC-U5247 Box 30/10 
GalardSusannaSelworthySOMwidow1724WcoTAUNDHC-U5247 Box 30/10widow of John Galard
GaleEllen Eliza   1956Wab DHC-U4099D/F3no place shown
GaleJoanExeterDEVwidow1815WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 19 May 1815
GaleJohnOdihamHAMesquire1829WcoPCCDHC-U6623Mprobate abstract of will, plus another copy; Devon connection uncertain
GaleMargerySampford CourtenayDEVwidow1797WcoTOTDHC-U4817-0 Box 4 
GaleMatthewWhitchurchHAM 1758WcoPCCDHC-U6623Mprobate copy of will dated 1755; Devon connection uncertain
GaleWilliamSilferton [Silverton]DEV 1713WleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 1712
GalleyThomasPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVshipwright1834WabPCCBANK probate granted 31 Dec 1831; registered 23 Jul 1834
[Galsworthie]    [1623]   [MICH] [See Michell alias Galsworthie]
GaltElizabethPlymouthDEVwidow1808AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 25 Aug 1808
GammonAnthonyBamptonDEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Grammar'
GammonThomasBerry Narbor [Berrynarbor]DEVthe elder1846Aab MUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon to Prudence Gammon, widow and relict
GammonThomasIlfracombeDEVyeoman1799Wab MUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
GammonsElizabethPitt, HalbertonDEVwidow1792Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WG 1date will was made
GandyElizabethSt David, Exeter [Exeter St David]DEVspinster1791WabEXEMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
GandyHenrySalston, Ottery St Mary DEVesquire1838WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 Apr 1838; Bath and Bristol mentioned
GardinerHenryBarnstapleDEVsurgeon1766WabEPREMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
GardnerMark HillDartmouthDEVmaster mariner1834WabPCCBANK probate granted 17 Mar 1834
GardynerJohnExminsterDEVrector1396Wab MISCOliver5, vol.2, p. 24 
GarrardMaryPlymouthDEVwidow1758WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 Jan 1762
GarrellMaryChudleighDEVwidow1822Wab BANK [original image not shown on FindMyPast website]
GarretJohnEastogwell [East Ogwell]DEV 1703WleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Ganet'
[Garris alias Padey][John]   [1670]   [DWAAC] [See Padey alias Garris, John]
GaskingElizabethPlymouth DEVwidow1837WabPCC BANK probate granted 10 Oct 1837
GaskingRogerStoketinhead [Stokeinteignhead]DEV 1735WleEXEDWAACp. 113FRYA showed 'Gaskling'
Gate or Gatte alias ShepheardNicholasThorncombeDEV 1701AleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Gale alias Shepheard'
GaterHenryCadburyDEV 1780AleEXEDWAACp. 113FRYA showed 'Gribble'
GaterWilliamExeterDEVesquire1831WabPCC BANK probate granted 7 Feb 1832
Gates or GattesThomasUplymeDEV 1669WleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Gales'
[Gattes][Thomas]   [1669]   [DWAAC] [See Gates or Gattes, Thomas]
GayArthurPlymouthDEVmerchant1670WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 116 
GayElizabethAveton GiffordDEVspinster1665WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 116inventory extract shown
GayElizabethJacobstone [Jacobstowe]DEVspinster1807WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 9 Feb 1808
GayGregoryWhitechurch [Whitchurch]DEVgentleman1625WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 113inventory extract shown
GayJoanFrithelstockDEV 1680AabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 117admon to John, son; inventory extract shown
GayMaryExeterDEV 1675AabEXECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 117admon to John Gay of Exeter, blacksmith, husband
GayRichardExeter St LeonardDEVrector1688Wtr MISCHughes6 - pp. 552-553[will dated 1752, died 1755, codicils dated 15 May 1752, 18 May 1754, 4 Dec 1754.]
GayThomasUpton Pine [Upton Pyne]DEVhusbandman1650WabEXECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 114inventory extract shown and account
GayeSusanna MariaNewton Abbot [Wolborough]DEVspinster1832WabPCC BANK probate granted 6 Jul 1832
GayeThomasQuethiockCONhusbandman1634Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 113inventory extract shown
GeachFrancisPlymouthDEVmd1809WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 6 Mar 1798
[Gee][John]   [1657]   [CA] [See Gey or Gee, John]
[Gee][John]   [1650]   [CA] [See Gey, John]
GefferinaGeorgeDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVesquire1812WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 10 Oct 1812
GeneThomas   1546W?leEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA omitted 'c.t.142'
GenestPeterHonitonDEVgentleman1761WabPCCMISCWagner - p.18354 Cheslyn
GenestPeterHonitonDEVgentleman1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 7 July 1761
GennysJohnLauncestonCONgentleman1678Wab MUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
GervisJohnBradninchDEV 1770WleEXEDWAACp. 113FRYA showed 'Jervois'
GervisJohnBradninchDEV 1770WleEXEDWAACp. 118FRYA showed 'Jervoise'
GetsiusJudithAbbotskerswellDEVwidow1739Wco DHC-U5651M Wills 
Gey or GeeJohnExeterDEVpavior1657WabEXECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 114inventory extract shown where surname is given as Gee
Geye    1631W?leEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA showed 'Geyd'
GibbingsRichardMorchard BishopDEVsadler and innkeeper1846WcoPCCGDPROB 11/2034/133will
GibbinsThomasOttery St MaryDEVfarmer1819WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons28 Aug 1819
GibbsElizabethPlymouth DEVwidow1830WabPCCBANK probate granted 25 Jun 1830
GibbsThomasTivertonDEV 1756WleEXEDWAACp. 113FRYA showed 'John'
GibsonWilliamH.M.S. "Culloden"DEVmariner1798WcoPCCPROB 11PROB 11/421/328bequest to wife Mary Gibson, North Corner Street No 3 Plymouth Dock in the parish of Stoke Damerall
GidleyJoanSouth BrentDEVspinster1840WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 Feb 1841
GidleyRichard CoddSouth BrentDEVesquire; serge maker1829WabPCC BANK probate granted 21 Oct 1829
GidleyRobertDean PriorDEVcordwainer1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 10 Feb 1820
GidoinJames Lewis (Rev)LympstoneDEV 1844WabPCCBANK probate granted 5 Apr 1845
GidoinJohn LewisModburyDEVadmiral1796WabPCCMISCWagner - p.184123 Harris; Admiral of the White
GiffardJohnBrightley [Tavistock]DEV 1664Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/25 
GiffordGeorgeExeterDEVesquire1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 5 Dec 1820
GiffordHonourExeterDEVwidow1759WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 8 Feb 1760
GiffordKatherineExeterDEVwidow1659Wab MISCAntient, p. 160bequests to poor women, relict of Thomas Gifford of Halesbury
GilberdBenjaminExeterDEVgrocer1779Oab BANK registered 4 Apr 1781; beneficiary of Peter Beavis of Clishouse
GilberdMargaretTivertonDEV 1760AleEXEDWAACp. 113FRYA showed 'Gilbert'
GilberdSamuelExeterDEVfuller1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 14 Jan 1811
GilberdThomasFarringdonDEV 1743AleEXEDWAACp. 113FRYA showed 'Gilbert'
GilberdWilliamTivertonDEV 1751AleEXEDWAACp. 113FRYA showed 'Gilbert'
Gilberd alias WebberWilliamBowringsleigh [West Alvington]DEV 1587WcoTOTSHCDD/S/WH/287will
GilbertHumphreyExeterDEV 1648Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 164date the will was made; no probate
GilbertHumphreyExeter St Mary StepsDEVsopemaker1638Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 163 
GilbertJohnPiltonDEVfellmonger1842WabPCC BANK probate granted 31 Aug 1842
GilbertPomeroyPlymouthDEV 1770Wab MUR2Duplicates Box 1formerly of Sandridge; plus codicil
GilesJamesRevelstokeDEVfisherman1813WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 26 Mar 1813
GilesRobertCompton Gifford [Plymouth Charles the Martyr]DEVyeoman1815WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 4 Sep 1815
GillGrace[Exeter]DEVservant1645Wab MISCAntient, p. 172bequests, servant to Frances Dabynot
GillHughSouth MoltonDEVyeoman1813WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 25 Aug 1813
GillJohnBattiswood, HalbertonDEVyeoman1754Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WG 2 
GillJohnExeterDEVconfectioner1805AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 7 Mar 1806
GillPhillipBickleigh [Bickleigh near Tiverton]DEV 1633WleEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA unclear about exact names
GillRichardBickleigh [Bickleigh near Tiverton]DEVyeoman1881Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WG 3 - 5 
GillRobert WillsTotnesDEVgentleman1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 24 Jun 1842
GillRogerHarbertonDEVyeoman1574Aab TRST  
GillardJohnDodbrookeDEVgentleman1803Oab BANK registered 11 Jan 1804; George Prideaux survivor
GillettMaryExeterDEVspinster1826WabPCCBANK probate granted 19 Apr 1827
GilsonDanielPlymouth Yard [Stoke Damerel]DEVquarter master shipwright1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 14 Mar 1823
GiraudeauMosesPlymouthDEV 1728AabPCCMISCWagner - p.423to Susannah, the widow
Gird alias KnightHenryColompton [Cullompton]DEV 1678AleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA omitted 'alias Knight'; [spelt Gyrd under Knight]
GirodMaryExeterDEVwidow1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 29 Aug 1833 to Charles de St Leu
GladwinCharlesDawlishDEVLieutenant Colonel1837WabPCC BANK probate granted 22 Nov 1826; in Honourable East India Company
GlandefildeNicholasExeter Holy TrinityDEVbaker1583Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 166inventory extract shown
GlandfeildRichardPenrynCON 1610Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 171inventory extract shown
GlandfeildThomasPenrynCON 1620Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 172admon to Jane, relict; inventory extract shown
GlandfieldJohnNorthcote, BoytonCONhusbandman1606Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 170inventory extract shown
GlandfildeGeorgeChagfordDEV 1586Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 167admon to Sibille, relict
GlandfyldGrigorieSowtonDEV 1592Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 168inventory extract shown
GlanfeildKatherineCreditonDEVwidow1685Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 189inventory extract shown
GlanfeildNicholasCreditonDEV 1673Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 187admon to Susanna, relict; inventory extract shown
GlanfeildRobertExeter St MartinDEVsilk weaver1643Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 182inventory extract shown
GlanfeildWilliamCreditonDEVweaver1634Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 177nuncupative will; inventory extract shown
[Glanfeild][Henry]   [1697]   [MUR2] [See Soper alias Glanfeild, Henry]
GlanfeldeWilliamExeter St Mary MajorDEV 1547Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 165 
GlanfieldBartholomewMorchard BishopDEVblacksmith1792Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 198 
GlanfieldChristianMorchard BishopDEV[widow]1756Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 196admon to George, son
GlanfieldChristopherKingscarswell [Kingskerswell]DEV 1635AlePCDCDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Glanville papers in Ceely folder] 
GlanfieldGeorgeCreditonDEV 1669Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 184admon to Joanne or Jane, relict
GlanfieldGilesSidburyDEV 1635AlePCDCDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Glanville papers in Ceely folder] 
GlanfieldJoanTopshamDEV 1613WlePCDCDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Glanville papers in Ceely folder] 
GlanfieldJohanneKingskerswellDEV 1619AlePCDCDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Glanville papers in Ceely folder] 
GlanfieldJohnCreditonDEVweaver1671Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 185 & 186inventory extract shown
GlanfieldJohnCreditonDEV 1709Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 192inventory extract shown
GlanfieldThomasinBradock [?]DEV 1617WlePCDCDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Glanville papers in Ceely folder] 
GlanfieldWilliamMorchard BishopDEV 1734Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 196admon to Christian, widow
GlanfildMaryCreditonDEVwidow1712Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 193inventory extract shown
GlanfildOlliverChristowDEVclerke1620Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 175inventory extract shown
GlanfildeRichardMarchinton, ThrowleighDEV 1593Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 169 
GlanfillJosephExeter Holy TrinityDEVweaver1679Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 188 
GlanfillRichardKentonDEVyeoman1639Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 178 & 179inventory extract shown
GlanfuldJohnHevitree [Exeter Heavitree]DEV 1648WlePCDCDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Glanville papers in Ceely folder] 
GlanfuldNicholasSt Wynnow [St Winnow][CON] 1643WlePCDCDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Glanville papers in Ceely folder] 
GlanfuldWilliamDawlishDEV 1647WlePCDCDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Glanville papers in Ceely folder] 
GlanfullGeorgeChudleighDEVthe elder; yeoman1688Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 190 
[Glanfyll][William]       [MUR2] [See Soper alias Glanfyll, William]
GlanvilRogerSandfordDEVsergemaker1762Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 195 
GlanvileJohn DEV 1650Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 183no place shown; date of inventory; inventory extract shown; brothers Able and Tristram
GlanvileNicholasTavistockDEVesquire1598Wco DHC-U4652M/F2/1date of will
GlanvillAlceTorbrian [Torbryan]DEVwidow1631Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 176inventory extract shown
GlanvillBartholomewMorchard [Morchard Bishop]DEVblacksmith1706Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 191admon to Jane, relict
GlanvillCharlesTopshamDEV 1727AlePCDCDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Glanville papers in Ceely folder] 
GlanvillFrancisKilworthy [Tavistock]DEV 1659Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/19 
GlanvillGeorgeChudleighDEVyeoman1714Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 194 
GlanvillJane or JoanTopshamDEV 1746AlePCDCDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Glanville papers in Ceely folder]with will
GlanvillNicholasExeterDEV 1713AleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 1712
GlanvillRichardAshburtonDEV 1805WlePCDCDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Glanville papers in Ceely folder] 
GlanvillRogerNewton Abbot [Wolborough]DEVclothier1640Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 180 & 181inventory extract shown
GlanvillSamuelGittishamDEVgentleman1815AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 17 Jun 1815
GlanvillThomasExeterDEV 1713WleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 1712
GlanvillThomasSt Thomas [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1713AleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 1712
GlanvillThomazineExeterDEV 1704AleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Thomas'
GlanvillWilliamCoombinstinehead [Combeinteignhead]DEVseaman 1826WabPCC BANK probate granted 31 Jul 1826
GlanvillWilliamPerranzabulo [Perranzabuloe]CON 1801WlePCDCDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Glanville papers in Ceely folder] 
GlanvillWilliamSt IsseyCON 1765Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 196admon to Thomas, father
[Glanvill][Joan or Jane]   [1746]   [DRO-U] [see Glanvill Jane or Joan]
GlanvilleRobertStoke Damerell [Stoke Damerel]DEV 1811WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Glanville papers in Ceely folder] 
GlanvilleWilliamCreditonDEV 1793Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 197admon to Alice, relict; proved under £20
GlassElizabethTivertonDEV 1673WleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 1674'
GlasseJohnBamptonDEV 1674WleEXEDWAACp. 112entry omitted in FRYA
GleenCarola ElizabethaLimstolee [Lympstone?]DEVwidow1836WabPCC BANK probate granted 8 Nov 1836; West Cowes, Isle of Wight, mentioned
GlencrossJamesPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVdruggist1825WabPCCBANK probate granted 1 Feb 1826
GliddonDeborahCornwoodDEVwidow1776WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 29 Jan 1781
GliddonJohnPancrasweekDEVyeoman1695Wco DHC-U5242 Box 30/13probate copy; probate court not identifiable
Gliddon alias WebberMaryPlymouthDEVwidow1835Wab BANK probate granted 1 Feb 1834 to brother Michael Webber; maiden name Webber; widow of Samuel Gliddon
GlowenWalterPetersmarland [Peters Marland]DEVhusbandman1599Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 199inventory extract shown
GlydeElizabethExeterDEVspinster1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 14 Jan 1766
GoddardAnthonyPlymouthDEVmerchant1600WabPCCMISCGoddard60 Wallopp
GoddardAnthonyPlymouthDEVmerchant1600WabPCCMISCCrisp2 - vol. 7, pp.96-9767 Wallopp
GoddardAnthonyPlymouthDEVmerchant1600WabPCCGD index, and link to text
GoddardEdwardPlymouthDEVgentleman1809WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 17 Jun 1808
GoddardJohnHyden [Clyst Hydon?]DEV 1504WabPCCMISCCrisp2 - vol. 7, p. 7424 Holgrave
GoddardJohnHyden [Clyst Hydon?]DEV 1503WabPCCMISCGoddard224 Holgrave
GodfreyJosiaBroadhemburyDEV 1673WleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed '1674'
[Godfry][Elizabeth]   [1715]   [CA] [See Syms alias Godfry, Elizabeth]
GodslandRobertDowne St Mary [Down St Mary]DEV 1697AleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Godgland'
GoellAliceStokenhamDEV 1557OleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GoerJohn   1612W?leEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA showed 'Goen'
GoldJohnChevelston [Chivelstone]DEV 1571OleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GoldJohnGt Hemston [Broadhempston?]DEV 1535OleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GoldMichaelDartmouthDEV 1689AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GoldNicholasKingsbridgeDEV 1682AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GoldWilliamStokenhamDEV 1563OleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GoldWilliamStokenhamDEV 1579OleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GoleJohnStokenhamDEV 1556OleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GooddenElizabethTivertonDEV 1673WleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Gordden'
GoodeMary AnnAlphingtonDEVwidow1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 12 May 1835; Greenwich and Northampton mentioned
[Goode][John]       [MUR2] [See Soper alias Goode, John]
[Goode][William]       [MUR2] [See Soper alias Goode, William]
GoodereMary LloydLlandoveryCMNwidow1852WcoPCCDHC-U6440B add 
GoodingThomasHolcomb Rogus [Holcombe Rogus]DEV 1713WleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 1712
GoodmanJohnOttery St MaryDEV 1780AleEXEDWAACp. 113FRYA showed 'George'
GoodmanRichardSalcombe [Malborough]DEV 1701Wtr GDLMA - LMW/367_0473 
GoodridgeSarahStoke FlemingDEVwidow1805AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 9 Dec 1805
GooldRobertAlvington[?]DEV 1599WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GorvenWilliam   1636W?leEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA showed 'Gowen'
GorvynRebeccaCheriton BishopDEV 1688AleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Goryn'
GorwynGeorgeCheriton BishopDEVyeoman1826Wab DHC-U7525Mmodern abstract of will dated 1817 and proved in Exeter 1826
GorwynGeorge LambertCheriton BishopDEVgentleman1841Wor DHC-U6683M 1/1.6draft will
GorwynGeorge LambertCheriton BishopDEVyeoman1824Wab DHC-U7525Mmodern abstract of will dated 1816 and proved in Exeter
GorwynGeorge LambertFalkedon, SpreytonDEVgentleman1837WcoPCCDHC-U6683M 1/1.4 
GorwynGeorge LambertMill, Cheriton BishopDEVyeoman1827Wab DHC-U7525Mmodern abstract of will proved in Exeter
GorwynGeorge LambertSpreytonDEVgentleman1837WcoPCCDHC-U6967M 
GorwynJohn LambertHole, Cheriton BishopDEVyeoman1854Wab DHC-U7525Mmodern abstract of will proved in Exeter
GorwynJosephExeterDEVyeoman1831Wab DHC-U7525Mmodern abstract of will proved '1818'[error?]; there is a note that he died in 1832
GorwynMary Ann LambertWallon, DrewsteigntonDEVwidow1823Wab DHC-U7525Mmodern abstract of will dated 1816 and proved in Exeter
GorwynRichardCheriton BishopDEV 1663AleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Gorwell'
GorwynWilliamBradley, CreditonDEVgentleman1846Wab DHC-U7525Mmodern abstract of will dated 1845 and proved in Exeter
GorwynWilliamCheriton BishopDEVyeoman1817Wab DHC-U7525Mmodern copy of copy will proved in Exeter
[Gorwyn otherwise Lambert][Mary]   [1798]   [DWAAC] [See Lambert otherwise Gorwyn, Mary]
GoslingJohnBamptonDEV 1678AleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Gossing'
GossMaryExeter St SidwellDEVspinster1881Wco DHC-U6440B add 
GostwickElizabethDrewsteigntonDEVwidow1709Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 125 
GostwyckRogerSampford CourteneyDEVrector1646Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 127nuncupative will
GostwykeJohnNorthtawton [North Tawton]DEVgentleman1702Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 124 & 124ainventory extract shown
GostwykeJohnNorthtawton [North Tawton]DEVgentleman1704Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 128 
GotbedStephenCombeinteignheadDEV c1821Oab DHC-U2723M - Carew, WTP 2release of legacies
GoudeFrancisPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVvintner1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 Oct 1822 to wife; An order in Court of Exchequer in 1826 to transfer £11,000 to nephews
GoughJosephPlymouthDEVsurgeon1772AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 30 July 1772
GoughMaryStoke [Stoke Damerel]DEVwidow1772AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 28 Aug 1773
GouldAbigailKingsbridgeDEV 1671WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldAlecStokenhamDEV 1620WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldBaldwinWoodlandDEV 1642AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldEbboltStokenhamDEV 1634WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldEdwardTotnesDEV 1611AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldElizabethExeterDEVspinster1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 Feb 1768
GouldGeorgeSouth MoltonDEVwatchmaker1809WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 17 Aug 1809
GouldJames[Exeter]DEVservant1645Wab MISCAntient, p. 172bequest to St John's hospital
GouldJamesKnapp, NorthamDEVesquire1834Wor DHC-U3713M/F1 
GouldJamesNorthamDEVesquire1839Wor DHC-U3713M/F2cancelled
GouldJoanHarbertonDEV 1642AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldJoanStokenhamDEV 1583OleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldJohnChevelston [Chivelstone]DEV 1613WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldJohnChevelston [Chivelstone]DEV 1630AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldJohnDartmouthDEV 1590WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldJohnDartmouthDEV 1613WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely foldercalled of Totnes by Vivian
GouldJohnIlfracombeDEVmariner1832WabPCCBANK probate granted 18 August 1832
GouldJohnStokenhamDEV 1627AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldMargaretLew TrenchardDEVwidow1795WabPCCDHC-U7130 (prev TD166)probate copy of will dated 1792, plus copy of will dated 1790, plus copy of will dated 1784, which is marked cancelled on the back
GouldMariaStokenhamDEV 1670WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldMarieTotnesDEV 1627WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldNicholasStokenhamDEV 1627WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldNicholasTotnesDEV 1644AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldPeterStockenham [Stokenham]DEV 1628AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldPeterStokenhamDEV 1599AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldPeterStokenhamDEV 1625WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldRichardDartmouthDEV 1612AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldRichardExeterDEVbaker1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 10 Aug 1835
GouldRichardExeterDEVbaker1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 10 Aug 1835
GouldRobertStokenhamDEV 1594WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldRobertStokenhamDEV 1645WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldRobertStokenhamDEV 1671WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldRobertStokenhamDEV 1673AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldStephenStokenhamDEV 1641WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldThomasLisbonESP  Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WG 6mid C17; born in Rattery
GouldThomasRatirie [Rattery]DEV 1617WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldThomasStokenhamDEV 1627AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldWilliamExeter St. ThomasDEVmerchant1615Wor DHC-U7130 (prev TD166) 
GouldWilliamHighweekDEV 1617WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldWilliamStockenham [Stokenham]DEV 1678WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldWilliamStokenhamDEV 1593WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldWilliamStokenhamDEV 1627WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldWilliamStokenhamDEV 1628WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldWilliamStokenhamDEV 1637WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldWilliamWoodlandDEV 1618WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldZacharyDartmouthDEV 1626WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldElizabethStokenhamDEV 1613AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
GouldeThomasChivelston [Chivelstone]DEV 1589OleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
Gouldsworthy or GoulsaryJoanePayhemburyDEV 1690WleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA omitted 'or Goulsary'
GouleWilliamChiveston [Chivelstone]DEV 1663WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Gould papers in Ceely folder 
[Goulsary][Joane]   [1690]   [DWAAC] [See Gouldsworthy or Goulsary, Jane]
Gove  DEV 1641W?leEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA showed 'Gone'
GoverMarthaExeterDEVwidow1830WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1766/327 
GoverMaryExeterDEVwidow1813WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 26 July 1813; of St Stephen
GovierNicholasHockworthyDEV 1664AleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Gorger'
GowansGeorgeSandford DEVyeoman1834WabPCCBANK letters of administration, with will annexed, granted 21 April 1834 to sister, Jane Haig, widow
GrahamJamesBamptonDEV 1725WleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Grahan'
GrangerEdmundExeterDEVapothecary1797Oab BANK registered 18 Nov 1799; beneficiary of William Pitfield & Richard Radford
Granger alias WoosleyRafeBroadclist [Broadclyst]DEV 1627WleEXEDWAACp. 85entry omitted in FRYA
GrantJohnDawlish DEVMajor1837WabPCCBANK probate granted 1 Mar 1837; of the Royal Invalids
GrantlandCatherineButterleighDEV 1664AleEXEDWAACp. 112entry omitted in FRYA
GratwickElizabeth KeziaBrighton, Sussex SSXwidow1826WabPCCBANK letters of administration with codicil and will annexed granted 24 Jul 1826; no Devon connection apparent
GrayAdamPlymouthDEVsadler and harness maker1832WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 Oct 1832
GrayRobertPlymouthDEVgentleman1827WabPCC BANK probate granted 9 Aug 1827
GreeningSarahBidefordDEV 1769WcoBARNDHC-U4560Z/Z4 
[Greenway][Katherine]   [1631]   [DWAAC] [See Miller alias Greenway, Katherine]
GreenwoodJohnDalwoodDEVyeoman1832WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1795/302 
GreggWilliamPlymouthDEVesquire1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 Jun 1831
GregorCharlotte AnnChelseaMDXspinster1844Oco DHC-U5006M/F85abstract of title mentioned in her will
GregoryMaryBarnstapleDEVspinster1826WabPCCBANK probate granted 22 Aug 1826
GregoryWilliamExeterDEV 1713AleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 1712
[Gregory][Maurice]   [1678]   [DWAAC] [See Taylor alias Gregory, Maurice]
GrendonJohnMarldonDEVsenior; yeoman1639Wab MUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
GrendonWilliam DEV 1710Oab DHC-U2723M - Carew, WTP 2release of legacies; Sampford Courtenay, Cheriton Bishop and Ashburton mentioned
GrendonWilliamWesterland, MarldonDEVyeoman1674Wab MUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
GrenvilleThomasBideford[DEV] 1514Wtr MISCOrme3 
GreySusanna (Hon)Torquay [Tormoham]DEVwidow1832WabPCCBANK probate granted 16 Jul 1832
GriffingWilliamAlphingtonDEV 1686WleEXEDWAACp. 112entry omitted in FRYA
GriffithJohnCollins Farm, Beer Alston near TavistockDEVesquire1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 2 Jul 1828; formerly lived in MDX, and Penzance, CON
GrilesRichardLauncestonCONgentleman1662Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 118inventory extract shown
GrillsAliceLamertonDEVwidow1789Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 123with admon to Mary Burnaford, sister
GrillsAnnLanreth [Lanreath]CON 1692Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 119admon to Charles Grylls, esq, son
GrillsAnn otherwise AgnesStoke ClimslandCONwife1714Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 121admon to Joseph, husband
GrillsSampsonTrefinnicke [Southill]CONyeoman1717Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 121 
GrillsThomasAntonyCONhusbandman1709Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 120inventory extract shown
GrimmaultIsaacKentonDEV 1746WleEXEDWAACp. 113FRYA showed 'Grinault'
Grindall or GryndallRobertDartmouthDEVmerchant1613WtrPCCGDPROB 11/121/302 
GrindellRichardOttertonDEV 1713AleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 1712
Grinway/GrinawayJohn[?]treeDEV 1733WtrPCCMISCNGB - http://ngb.chebucto.org/Wills/pcc-grinway-john.shtml 
GristockWilliamHonitonDEV 1686AleEXEDWAACp. 112entry omitted in FRYA
GroveThomas SaundersPlymouthDEVgentleman1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 Feb 1821
GrovesGeorgeKingsbridgeDEVexcise officer1812AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 21 Nov 1812
GrowdenRobertOkehamptonDEV 1523Wco DHC-U314M/F203 
GruitJohnExeterDEV 1712WleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Grint'
GrylesWilliamLanreth [Lanreath]CONgentleman1692Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 118inventory extract shown
GryllsArthurWestlooe [West Looe]CON 1765Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 123admon to Dorothy, relict
GryllsRichardLanreathCONclerk1736Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 121 & 122inventory extract shown
[Gryndall][Robert]   [1613]   [GD] [See Grindall or Gryndall, Robert]
GuardJohnHonitonDEV 1800WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'457 Adderley
GuardJohn (Rev)  prebendary1829WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'638 Liverpool; no place shown
GuardSusanOttery [Ottery St Mary]DEVwidow1823WabPCCBANK probate granted 29 April 1823
GubbyneAnthonySt David [Exeter St David]DEV 1663AleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Gubbins'
GuilliardJohnEast StonehouseDEVbachelor, a lunatic1795AabPCCMISCWagner - p.425to Jenny, wife of Jos Lancaster; formerly Lieut.
GuiseWilliamFursley [Axminster]DEVgentleman1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 16 Oct 1772
GuittardMary MagdaleneStonehouse [East Stonehouse]DEV 1747AabPCCMISCWagner - p.425to the husband, John Guittard
GuittonSusannaStonehouse [East Stonehouse]DEVwidow1743AabPCCMISCWagner - p.425to the niece, Mary Magdalene, wife of John Guittard
GuittonSusannaStonehouse [East Stonehouse]DEVwidow1743AabPCCMISCWagner - p.425further, of goods left unadministered by the niece, Mary Magdalene Guittard, deceased, now to her husband John Guiitard
GunnJaneBroadclist [Broadclyst]DEV 1640AleEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA omitted '2 grants in March & Febry'
GunninghamWilliamOttery [Ottery St Mary]DEVlabourer1814WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 21 Apr 1814
GuscollWilliamSampford CourtenayDEVyeoman1809WcoTOTDHC-U4817-0 Box 4probate copy of will dated 1805
GuscottThomasExeterDEV 1682WleEXEDWAACp. 112FRYA showed 'Griscott'
GuyJohnCookburyDEVhusbandman1662AabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 115inventory extract shown
GwatkinAnnPlymouthDEVspinster1864Wco DHC-U5006M/F6 
GwatkinCharlotte FincherVeryanCONwidow1869Wco DHC-U5006M/F7 
GwatkinJohnVeryanCONesquire1855WcoPCCDHC-U5006M/F12,13, 14, 15, 277 
GwatkinTheophilaPlymouthDEVwidow1846Wco DHC-U5006M/F16, 17date will was made
GwatkinThomas  esquire1845Wab DHC-U5006M/F107date will was made
GwynnFrancesFord Abbey [Chivelstone]DEVwidow1779WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 29 Jul 1780
GybbeWilliamClystwick [Clyst St George]DEVrector1571Wab MISCOliver5, vol.1, p. 154 
GylberteJohnSandridge [Stoke Gabriel]DEVesquire1734Wab MUR2Duplicates Box 1 
HaccheJohnSouth MoltonDEVesquire1731Wco DHC-U1262M/FS/103 
HackerJosephAxmouthDEV 1686WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Hackes'
HackridgeJohnSt Sidwell [Exeter St Sidwell]DEV 1665WleEXEDWAACp. 114FRYA showed 'Harkeridge'
HackwillAgnessSt Giles, near Great TorringtonDEVwidow1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 14 Jun 1828; Alfred Leigh mentioned
HackwortheyJohnCadeleighDEV 1763WleEXEDWAACp. 117FRYA showed 'Hackworth'
HaddockDorotheaDartmouthDEVspinster1843WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1979/226 
HaddyJohnExeterDEVesquire1769WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 22 May 1771
Hadow    1863Wab DHC-U5006M/F184date will was made; Clifton Down mentioned
HadowAnna MariaStreatleyBDFgentlewoman1876Wco DHC-U5006M/F19date will was made
HadowEdward AshSt Mark's CrescentMDXgentleman1866Wco DHC-U5006M/F20 
HadowElizabeth ScottStreatleyBDFgentlewoman1876Wco DHC-U5006M/F22date will was made
HadowEmma Laura MargaretHyde ParkMDXspinster1909Wco DHC-U5006M/F117, 119, 24, 25 
HadowFannyHampsteadLNDwidow1928Wco DHC-U5006M/F222, 169, 172 
HadowFanny TheophilaTunbridge WellsKENwidow1909Wco DHC-U5006M/F222, 28, 26 
HadowGeorge (Rev)TivertonDEVclerk1892Aco DHC-U5006M/F181, 31, 29, 30 
HadowGeorge John   1909Oco DHC-U5006M/F122abstract of title mentioned in his will
HadowGeorge JohnHyde ParkMDXesquire1869Wco DHC-U5006M/F34, 32 
HadowJohn Lovell Gwatkin (Rev)HampsteadLNDclerk1927Wco DHC-U5006M/F222, 204, 209, 38 
HadowMargaret JuliaHyde ParkMDXwidow1870Wco DHC-U5006M/F39date will was made
HagleyNicholasTivertonDEV 1680AleEXEDWAACp. 115FRYA showed 'Hayley'
Hagley otherwise SurrageFrancisSampford PeverellDEVgentleman1763WtrPCCGDPROB 11/887/239 
HainesJohnWinterbourneDORmarine soldier1711Wab MUR2Box 'E-Hi'H.M.S. "Montague"
HainworthJamesAshburtonDEVesquire1843WabPCCBANK probate granted 1 May 1844
HakeJoanColompton [Cullompton]DEV 1752AleEXEDWAACp. 117FRYA showed 'John'
HaleAnne[Ilsington]DEVwidow1804Wab MISCRansom 
HaleCharlesIlsingtonDEVesquire1795WcoPCCDHC-U5244 Box 30/13 
HaleJaneChudleighDEV 1785Wco DHC-U1039M/F50 
HalesThomasCleobury MortimerSALgentleman1662WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'108 Land; see abstract of will of Rev George Hooper (1767)
HaleyGeorgeDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVsalesman1805Oab BANK registered 15 jul 1806; beneficiary of Joan Haley
HaleyJoanDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVwidow1805Oab BANK registered 15 Jul 1806
HallAnnStonehouse, near Plymouth [East Stonehouse]DEVwidow1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 19 April 1836
HallAnthonyAshwaterDEV 1644WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HallDorothyTotnesDEVwidow1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons14 Jan 1768
HallEdward   1640W?leEXEDWAACp. 86FRYA showed 'Hale'
HallElianoraDrewsteigntonDEVwidow1703Aco DHC-U5243 Box 30/13probate in Exeter
HallElizabethPlumtreNTTwidow1796Wco DHC-U3257/0/wills 
HallHumphreyAshcombeDEV 1633WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HallHumphreyManadonDEVesquire1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 10 Oct 1801
HallHumphreyManadonDEVesquire1811WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 29 Nov 1805
HallJoanBroadclist [Broadclyst]DEVwidow1663WleEXEDWAACp. 114FRYA showed 'John'
HallJohnAilesbeare [Aylesbeare]DEV 1752WleEXEDWAACp. 117FRYA showed 'Hale'
HallJohnJacobstoweDEV 1682WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HallNicholasExeter St LeonardDEVrector1709Wab MISCHughes6 - pp. 548-549proved at Exeter by his son Nicholas on 3 June 1709
HallRichardPlymouthDEVgentleman1825WabPCCBANK probate granted 26 Jan 1826
HallRobertExeterDEVcanon residentiary1667Wab MISCAntient, pp. 183-184bequests to Cathedral
HallRobertSandfordDEV 1711WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HallStephenBovey Tracy [Bovey Tracey]DEV 1683WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HallTimothyLyme RegisDOR 1728WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'73 Abbott
[Hall][George]   [1628]   [DWAAC] [See Dabcombe alias Hall, George]
HalleGeorgeWeare Gifford [Weare Giffard]DEV 1595WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'dated 29 March
HalleGeorgeWeare Gifford [Weare Giffard]DEV 1595WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'dated 13 Sept
HalleJaneTawstoke [Tawstock]DEVwidow1616WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HalleRichardWeare Gifford [Weare Giffard]DEV 1599WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HalleRichardWeare Gifford [Weare Giffard]DEV 1617WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HalleRogerWeare Gifford [Weare Giffard]DEV 1601WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HallettJaneColliton [Colyton]DEVwidow1796Wab MUR2Box 'E-Hi'late of Stedicombe'
HallettJohnLyme RegisDOR 1729WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'225 Abbott
HallettJohnSt Michaells, Barbadoes [Barbados]BRB 1698WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'25 Pett; interesting will
HallettJohnSt Michaells, Barbadoes [Barbados]BRB 1716WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'7 Marleborough; interesting will
HallettJohnStedcombe [Axmouth]DEV 1747WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'152 Potter
HallettJosephExon [Exeter]DEVminister1691WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'29 Fane
HallettJosephExon [Exeter]DEV 1691WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'29 Fane
HallettRichardStedcombe [Axmouth]DEV 1746WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'182 Potter
HallettRichardStedcombe [Axmouth]DEV 1746WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'182 Potter
HallettRichardStedcombe [Axmouth]DEV 1746WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'182 Potter; repeated but with admon to Southcott Hallett and Richard Hathersall Hallett, now of age.
HallsAnthonieTicknameSOM 1596WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'15 Cobham
HamJohnShobbrooke [Shobrooke]DEV 1684AleEXEDWAACp. 115FRYA showed ' Hann'
HamblyEleanorPlymouthDEVwidow1779WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 15 Jun 1780
HamerRalphLondonLNDcitizen, merchant taylor1615Wab MISCAntient, pp. 155-156listing of bequests to young merchants
[Hamer][Christopher]   [1661]   [DWAAC] [See Tucker alias Hamer, Christopher]
HamiltonMaryExeterDEVwidow1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 6 Apr 1822
HamlineRobertColebrookeDEVesquire1724Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/32date of will
HamlynCalmady PollexfenBridestoweDEVesquire1821Wor DHC-U1292M/Wills/29date of will
HamlynDaniellColebrookeDEVgentleman1660Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/30 
HamlynFrancesAlverdiscott DEVwidow1837WabPCCBANK probate granted 2 Jan 1835; Barnstaple mentioned
HamlynJohnSt Thomas the Apostle [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEVjunior1663AleEXEDWAACp. 114entry omitted in FRYA
HamlynJohnWidecombe in the moorDEVyeoman1706Wco DHC-U5651M Willsprobate copy of will dated 1705; probate in Latin; probate court not known
HamlynRichardColefoord [Colebrooke]DEVgentleman1717Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/31 
Hamme  DEV 1611W?leEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA showed 'Haine'
HammettElizabethClovellyDEVwidow1797WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1155/230will
Hammett alias MabellWilliamLimpston [Lympstone]DEV 1660AleEXEDWAACp. 114FRYA omitted 'alias Mabell'
HammickStephenPlymouthDEVdispenser1830WabPCC BANK probate granted 21 Jul 1830; dispenser to the Royal Hospital Plymouth
HammondJosephExeterDEVgentleman1812WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 30 Apr 1812
HamptonThomas DEV 1587W?leEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA showed 'Hampston'
HanceJohnExeterDEV 1674WleEXEDWAACp. 115entry omitted in FRYA
HancockEliezerSouth MoltonDEV 1745WabPCCBANK probate 16 July 1757 (at Doctors Commons}
HandfordGeorgeUplowmanDEV 1742WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Hannaford'
HangarJohnStrattonCONhusbandman1655WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'178 Aylett
HanmerJohnPlymouthDEVclergyman1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 April 1772
HannibusMarySilferton [Silverton]DEV 1741WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Hannabalis'
HanworthyRichardChagfordDEV 1696WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Hamworthy'; also administration
HardieCharitieSidmouthDEVwidow1637AleEXEDWAACp. 86entry omitted in FRYA
HardinJoanSt Nicholas [Exeter St Nicholas]DEVwidow1661AleEXEDWAACp. 114entry omitted in FRYA
HardingJoanCombrawleigh [Combe Raleigh]DEVwidow1725WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'John'
HardingJohnAwliscombeDEV 1668AleEXEDWAACp. 114entry omitted in FRYA
HardingJohnExeter DEVgentleman1837WabPCCBANK probate granted 20 Jan 1837; Walworth, Surrey, mentioned
HardingJohnLandley [Landkey]DEVreverend1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 7 Jul 1817
HardingRichardCoom MartinDEVgentleman1832WabPCC BANK probate granted 23 Aug 1832
HardingRichardIlfracombeDEVgentleman1805AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 24 Dec 1805
HardmanAbigailTotnesDEV 1794WcoTOTDHC-U5651M Willsprobate copy of will dated 1782
HardmanJoaneColyton Rawleigh [Colaton Raleigh]DEV 1708WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'John'
HardyElizabethExeterDEV 1719AleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Harey'
HareWilliamThe Retreat, Plymouth DEVgentleman1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 7 Oct 1820
HarkerJohnAxmouthDEV 1669WleEXEDWAACp. 115FRYA showed 'Hatcher'
Harner otherwise TurnerElizabethAxminsterDEV 1752AleEXEDWAACp. 117entry omitted in FRYA
HarperMaryKing Street, Plymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVspinster1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 29 Apr 1820
HarperThomasPlymouthDEVsadler1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 1 Sep 1820
Harr......[?]RichardOkehamptonDEV 1623Wab DHC-U3248A/9/1 
HarriesAmyeBovitracie [Bovey Tracey]DEV 1611Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 153admon to Johan Mawrye; inventory extract shown
HarrisAnnaBovey TraceyDEV 1729AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 143admon to Sarah, wife of Robert Wills, daughter
HarrisAnthonyTawton Episcopi [Bishops Tawton]DEV 1590Wab DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Harris papers in Hill foldernames beneficiaries
HarrisChristopherHainesDEVesquire1773WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 2 May 1776
HarrisChristopherPlymouthDEVesquire1787Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WH 1 & 2 
HarrisEdwardIpplepenDEV 1786Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 150 
HarrisElizabethHonitonDEV 1782Wab MISCFarquarson, p.35bequest to the poor
HarrisGeorgeBovey TraceyDEVgentleman1846WcoEPREDHC-U6096-0 
HarrisJanePlymouthDEVspinster1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 17 Apr 1806; widow of Lewis Oades
HarrisJoanKentonDEV 1720WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'John'
HarrisJohnBovey TraceyDEVyeoman1706WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 138 - 140 
HarrisJohnBovey TraceyDEV 1783Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 149 
HarrisJohnBovyetracye [Bovey Tracey]DEVweaver1604Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 152inventory extract shown
HarrisJohnCullomptonDEV 1769WcoEXEDHC-U74B/ME/53 
HarrisJohnHaine, StowfordDEVesquire1765Wco DHC-U5651M Willsmentions house in Pall Mall
HarrisJohnHawkmore, Bovey TraceyDEVgentleman1820WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 144 - 146 
HarrisJohnHennockDEVclerk1772WabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 131 - 134 
HarrisJohnHennockDEVyeoman1730Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 136full inventory shown
HarrisJohnHennockDEVthe elder; yeoman1684WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 158inventory extract shown
HarrisJohnHennocke [Hennock]DEV 1671Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 156inventory extract shown
HarrisJohnRadford [Plymstock?]DEVesquire1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 17 May 1817
HarrisJosephBovey TraceyDEVyeoman1746WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 143 & 144 
HarrisMaryTotnesDEVwidow1797WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 14 Jun 1800
HarrisRichardBovey TraceyDEV 1727AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 143admon to Anna, mother
HarrisThomasAshburtonDEV 1619Wtr GD draft will
HarrisThomasAwliscombeDEV 1631W?leEXEDWAACp. 86FRYA showed 'Exeter' as place
HarrisThomas[Berrynarbor][DEV]registrar1538WtrPCCMISCOrme3 - pp.191-193PROB 11/28, 32 Alenger; Registrar of the Archdeaconry of Cornwall; [much mention of Berrynarbor]
HarrisThomasBovey TraceyDEV 1737Iab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 136inventory extract only; Deborah Harris, executrix
HarrisThomasBovey TraceyDEVyeoman1723Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 141 
HarrisThomasSouth Bovey [Bovey Tracey]DEVhusbandman1742WabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 135 & 136inventory extract shown; plus court proceedings, p. 140
HarrisWilliamBovey TraceyDEVgentleman1766Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 147 
HarrisWilliamBovey TraceyDEV 1774Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 148admon to Joanna, relict
HarrisWilliamHennicke [Hennock]DEV 1640WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 157inventory extract shown
HarrisWilliamKeneggy [Gulval or Breage]CONesquire1792Wco DHC-U5651M Willscopy of probate copy made in 1794
HarrisWilliamNymet Tracey [Bow]DEV 1704AabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 154admon to Willmot, relict
HarrisWilliamPlymouthDEVropemaker1797WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 28 Feb 1800
HarrisWilliamPlymouthDEVattorney at law1816WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 5 Sep 1816
HarrisWilliam HoleBarnstapleDEV 1791AabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 164admon to Mary, mother; proved under £600
HarrisHughShaldonDEVclerk1613WabECCEMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
Harris alias PeterFrances (Dame)Radford [Exeter St Leonard?]  1617Aab MUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon to son John Peter Harris; deceased was wife of Sir Christopher Peter of Radford; detail taken from letter from Sir Oswyn Murray dated February 24th 1918
[Harris]    [1686]   [MICH] [See Michell alias Harris]
[Harris]    [1705]   [MICH] [See Mitchell alias Harris]
[Harris][Agnes]   [1622]   [CA] [See Necke alias Harris, Agnes]
[Harris][John]   [1590]   [MICH] [See Mitchell alias Harris, John]
[Harris][Joseph]   [1709]   [MICH] [See Mitchell alias Harris, Joseph]
[Harris][William]   [1584]   [MICH] [See Michell alias Harris, William]
HarrisonJohnPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVgentleman1832WabPCC BANK probate granted 15 Dec 1831
Harrison alias ShepheardJohnOttery St MaryDEV 1682WleEXEDWAACp. 115FRYA omitted 'alias Shepheard'
Harrison alias ShepherdMartinOttery St MaryDEV 1675WleEXEDWAACp. 115entry omitted in FRYA; also administration
HarryMaryMorice Square, Devonport [Stoke Damerel]DEVwidow1826WabPCCBANK probate granted 4 Sep 1826
HartJohnExeter DEVmerchant1839WabPCCBANK probate granted 17 Oct 1839
HartLewisBarnstapleDEVreverend1803AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 15 Aug 1804
HartMaryPlympton [Plympton St Mary?]DEVspinster1810WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 29 Nov 1810
HartRichard   1799WabPCCDHC-U67/6/12/15Cadleigh and Exeter mentioned
HartRichardExeterDEVdruggist1819WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons23 Apr 1819
HartSarah  widow1810Wab DHC-U67/6/12/15Exeter St David mentioned
HartSarahExeterDEVwidow1814WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 2 Mar 1814
HarteJoyceDowne St Marie [Down St Mary]DEV 1698WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Hea(th?)'
HartiputWilliamExeterDEVgentleman1750WtrPCCGDPROB 11/777/291 
HartnollStephen   1631W?leEXEDWAACp. 86FRYA showed 'Hartwell'
[Hartnoll][Rachel]   [1728]   [DWAAC] [See Coadley alias Hartnoll, Rachel]
HarveyAmyPlympton St MaryDEVwidow1841WabPCCBANK probate granted 6 Oct 1841
HarveyBenjaminChagfordDEVhusbandman1783WtrEXECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 199a - d 
HarveyCatherineAilesbear [Aylesbeare]DEV 1718AtrEXECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 203 - 206admon to Joan Lake, sister
HarveyCatherineChagfordDEVwidow1776Wtr CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 230 - 237 
HarveyDanielChagfordDEV 1761Atr CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 222 - 225admon to Elizabeth Cole, daughter; under £20
HarveyElizabethChagfordDEVwidow1757Wtr CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 217 - 221 
HarveyGeorgePlymouthDEVgentleman1835WabPCC BANK probate granted 15 April 1835
HarveyGeorgePlymouthDEVgentleman1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 April 1835
HarveyHumfryZealemonachorum [Zeal Monachorum]DEVyeoman1646Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 201 & 202 
HarveyHumphreySampford CourtenayDEV 1708WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
HarveyHumphryChagfordDEVhusbandman1753Wtr CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 213 - 215 
HarveyHumphryDawlishDEVclerke1729Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 211 & 212 
HarveyMargaretBarnstapleDEV 1742WtrPCCGDPROB 11/718/92 
HarveyRichardAilesbear [Aylesbeare]DEV 1719AtrEXECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 207 - 210admon to Joan Lake, daughter
HarveyRichardChagfordDEV 1786Atr CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 238 - 241admon to Richard, son
HarveyRichardLyme [Lyme Regis]DORmarchant1641WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'113 Evelyn
HarveyRichardStockleigh PomeroyDEV 1835Wco DHC-C8665Mcopy will
HarveyRichardStockleigh PomeroyDEV 1837Wco DHC-C8665Mwill with probate
HarveyRichardStockleigh PomeroyDEVjunior1877Wco DHC-C8665Mwill with probate
HarveyWilliamChagfordDEV 1762Atr CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 226admon to Catherine, relict
HarveyWilliamMoor Farm, MoretonhampsteadDEVyeoman1832Wtr CAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 242 - 245 
HarvyeGeorgeAlisebeare [Aylesbeare]DEVgentleman1644OtrEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 200memorandum re nuncupative will
HassardRobertLyme RegisDORgentleman1627WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'97 Skynner
HatchElizabethBidefordDEVwidow1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 11 Nov 1805
HatherlyElizabeth JudithBidefordDEVspinster1804WcoPCCDHC-U6623Mprobate copy of will dated 1803 plus two other copies
HatherlyThomasBidefordDEVgentleman1762WcoPCCDHC-U6623Mcopy of will dated 1757 plus probate copy
HatswellHenryBroadclist [Broadclyst]DEV 1626AleEXEDWAACp. 85entry omitted in FRYA
Hatswell alias TaylorSydwellBroadclist [Broadclyst]DEV 1626AleEXEDWAACp. 85entry omitted in FRYA
Hatswill  DEV 1611W?leEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA showed 'Halswill'
Hatter alias ShepheardMargeryAxminsterDEV 1680WleEXEDWAACp. 115FRYA omitted 'alias Shepheard'
HavellRichardHalbertonDEV 1565WabEPREMUR2Box 'E-Hi'page 2 shows short family tree
HaweisReginaldRedruthCON 1616Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 159 - 161plus admon to Joan, relict; inventory extract shown
HawkesJamesWhitstone [Whitestone]DEV 1766AleEXEDWAACp. 117FRYA showed 'Hawkins, Jane'
HawkeyJohnLandrakeCON 1718AabECCEMUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon to Samuel Kempster
HawkeyJohnSt Stephen by Saltash, and LandrakeCON 1708WabECCEMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
HawkingJohnStoke DamerelDEVyeoman1824WabPCCBANK probate granted 14 Jan 1825
HawkingsAgnes   1637W?leEXEDWAACp. 86FRYA showed 'Hawkes'
HawkingsAgnesPlymouthDEVspinster1794WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 9 Apr 1792
HawkinsElizabethKingsbridgeDEVspinster1827WabPCCBANK probate granted 4 Feb 1828 to sister Dorothy Admas
HawkinsGraceKingsbridgeDEVspinster1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 13 Feb 1823
HawkinsHannibalPlymouthDEVMaltman1803WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 Oct 1803
HawkinsJamesBuckland MonachorumDEVgentleman1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 21 Jan 1819
HawkinsJohnPlymouthDEVCapt Miltia1819WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons8 June 1819; South Devon miltia
HawkinsJohn (Sir)LondonLND 1596WtrPCCMISCHawkins2, pp.72-75b.Plymouth 1532
HawkinsKatherine (Lady)St Dunstan in the EastLND 1591Wab MISCHawkins2, pp.71-72First wife of Sir John Hawkins (b. Plymouth 1532), requests burial in St Dunstan in the East
HawkinsKnowlingKingsbridgeDEVgentleman1776WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons27 Apr 1776
HawkinsMargaret (Lady)St Dunstan in the EastLND 1620WtrPCCMISCHawkins2, pp.76-78, Dale 3second wife of Sir John Hawkins (b. Plymouth 1532), requests burial in St Dunstan in the East
HawkinsMaryKingsbridgeDEVspinster1821WabPCCBANK probate granted 2 Jan 1822
HawkinsWilliamPlimouth [Plymouth]DEVesquire1589WabPCCMISCHawkins2, p.16, Leicester 78 
HawkynsThomasBroadclist [Broadclyst]DEV 1669OleEXEDWAACp. 115entry omitted from FRYA; bond
HaycroftBartholomew   1639W?leEXEDWAACp. 86FRYA showed 'Haycrosse'
HaydonGeorgeFarwayDEV 1558Wab MUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
HaydonGeorginaPlymouthDEVspinster1880Wco DHC-U6529-0 
HaydonJoaneOttery St MaryDEV 1630AleEXEDWAACp. 86entry omitted in FRYA
HaydonJohnWoodburyDEVesq, alderman and sheriff of London1579Wab MISCAntient, pp. 151-152bequest - loans to poor young merchants, and to prisoners
HaydonRichard (Rev)OakfordDEV 1784Wco DHC-C1186M/2copy propate and wills
HaydonWilliamPlymouth Charles the MartyrDEVrear admiral1864Wco DHC-U6529-0 
HaydonJohanFarwayDEVwidow1656Wab MUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
Haydon alias MattheweJacobie   1626W?leEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA omitted 'alias Matthewe'
HaymanHenrySidmouthDEV 1638AleEXEDWAACp. 86entry omitted in FRYA
HaymanJohnAilesbeare [Aylesbeare]DEV 1740WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Awliscombe'; also administration
HaymanJohnWest TeignmouthDEVmariner1810WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 15 Jan 1810
HaymanRobertPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVshipwright1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 11 Oct 1820
Haymes alias CornishThomasKentisbeareDEV 1775AleEXEDWAACp. 117entry omitted in FRYA
HaynJohnIdeDEV 1554Wab MISCOliver5, vol.1, p. 61 
HayneCharlesLupton, Brixham [Brixham St Mary]DEV 1769WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'168 Bogg
HayneCharlesLupton, Brixham [Brixham St Mary]DEV 1813Wab MUR2Box 'E-Hi'now of Fuge, Devon'
HayneElizabethAlphingtonDEVwidow1712WabEXEMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
HayneJohnKingsbridgeDEVgentleman1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 10 Jun 1771
HayneJohnKingsbridgeDEVgentleman1769WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 10 Jun 1769
HaysAnnCornwoodDEVwidow1804WabPCCMISCWagner - p.20831 Heseltine
HaysomeThomasExeterDEV 1684AleEXEDWAACp. 115FRYA showed 'Hayson'
HaywoodChristopherSilvertonDEV 1714WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Cullompton'
HaywoodJohnBroadwoodkellyDEVyeoman1793Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/34date of will
[Head alias Moore][Bridget]   [1663]   [DWAAC] [See Moore alias Head, Bridget]
HealeCalebInwardleighDEVyeoman1790Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/33 
HealeJohnExon [Exeter]DEV 1585AabEXEMUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon to relict, Alice Heale
HealeMaryThorvertonDEV 1664AleEXEDWAACp. 114FRYA showed 'Hople'
HealeWalter  clerk1558WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'21 Nodes; no place shown but refers to his curates at Harford and Ipplepen
HeamanJohnColompton [Cullompton]DEV 1726WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Heawan'
HeamensJohnKingsands [Maker]DEVfishmonger1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 10 Apr 1806; also of Cawsands Cornwall
HeardJohnTivertonDEV 1762WleEXEDWAACp. 117FRYA showed 'Head'
HeardRobertTivertonDEV 1740WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Head'
HeardSarahExeterDEVspinster1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 11 Aug 1817
HeardWilliam   1642W?leEXEDWAACp. 86FRYA showed 'Heare'
HeathBenjaminExeterDEVesquire1763WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 23 Oct 1766
HeathBenjaminExeterDEVesquire1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 23 Oct 1766
HeathElizabethBovey TraceyDEVwidow1834WcoEPRE?DHC-U3778B 
HeathHenryTotnes DEVshoe maker1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 10 Jul 1828
HeathSamuelNewton Abbot [Wolborough]DEVgentleman1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 25 Aug 1820
HeathfieldAnthonyLympstoneDEVesquire1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 20 Feb 1836
HeathfieldThomasNutfieldDEVesquire1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 19 Sep 1806
HeathmanJohnSourtonDEVinnkeeper1842AabTOTDHC-U4817-0 Box 4 
HeberdenThomas (Rev)ExeterDEV 1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 20 Nov 1843
HeeleHugheNewton Ferris [Newton Ferrers]DEV 1575Wab MUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
HeleAliceExeterDEVwidow1636WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'109 Pike
HeleCiccileyIdefordDEVwidow1672WabTOTMUR2Box 'E-Hi'with inventory
HeleElizabethExon [Exeter]DEVwidow1712WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'7 Marlboro
HeleElizabethKingsteigntonDEV 1679Wab DHC-U6025/C3 
HeleFrancisWest Prawle [Portlemouth]DEVgentleman1688WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'107 Exton
HeleJohanSouth PoolDEVwidow1664WabTOTMUR2Box 'E-Hi'with inventory
HeleJohnBradridge [Boyton?]CON 1681AabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon to his mother Sara, wife of William Symons
HeleJohnClawtonDEVgentleman1658WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'294 Pell
HeleJohnIdefordDEVyeoman1698Wab MUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
HeleJohnPlymouthDEV 1647WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'23 Rivers
HeleJohnShaughe [Shaugh Prior]DEVgentleman1610WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'6 Wood
HeleJohnWisdome [Cornwood]DEVgentleman1645WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'36 Rivers
HeleJudithFlete [Holbeton]DEVwidow1705AabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon to her son, Richard
HeleLewisBatcombeSOM 1658AabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon to his son and daughter, Lewis Hele and Susanna Newton
HeleMaryHalwill, South PoolDEV 1692WabTOTMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
HeleMusgrave DORclerk1750WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'388 Greenly; no place shown
HeleNarcissusIdefordDEV 1642AabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon to her daughter, Elizabeth Strode
HeleNicholas   1654WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'136 Alchin; no place shown
HeleNicholasExon [Exeter]DEV 1696WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'283 Pyne
HeleNicholasSt George'sSOM 1640AabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'6 Evelyn
HeleRichardFleet Damerell [Holbeton]DEV 1711WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'30 Barnes
HeleRogerHalwillDEV 1710WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'186 Smith
HeleSampsonHalwellDEVesquire1655WtrPCCGDPROB 11/246/360will
HeleSampsonLydfordDEVgentleman1657WtrPCCGDPROB 11/264/448will
HeleSimonPlympton St MaryDEV 1702AabEPREMUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon not administered by his son Walter, now also deceased, but granted to his son William
HeleThomasUgboroughDEVyeoman1728Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WH 3 
HeleWalterBovey TraceyDEVbachelor1636AabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon to his cousin, Thomas Hele
HeleWalterColeridge, StokenhamDEVgentleman1728Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WH 4date will was made
HeleWalterFardell [Cornwood]DEV 1615WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'107 Budd
HeleWalterHalwill, South PoolDEVgentleman1670WabTOTMUR2Box 'E-Hi'with inventory
HeleWalterNewton FerrersDEVgentleman1703WabTOTMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
HeleWalterWimpston [Modbury?]DEV 1657WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'432 Ruthen
HeleWarwickSt Margaret, WestminsterMDXbachelor1661AabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon to his brother, George
HeleWilliamHolbetonDEVgentleman1613WabECCEMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
HeleWilliamKingsbridgeDEVyeoman1803WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons23 Nov 1803
HeleWilliamPlymouthDEVmerchant1642WabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'54 Cambell
HeleWilliamRatteryDEV 1628AabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon to his relict, Christian Hele
[Hele]    [1644]   [DWAAC] [See Yinequell alias Hole, James]
Hellett    1646W?leEXEDWAACp. 86FRYA showed 'Helleck'
HellierThomasPlymouthDEVgentleman1819WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons20 Jan 1820
HellmoreEdwardSt Thomas [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1770WleEXEDWAACp. 117FRYA showed 'Hillmore'
HellyerJosiahPlymouthDEVgentleman1821WabPCCBANK probate granted 8 Aug 1821
HelmerAgnesCharlton [Charleton]DEVwidow1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 16 Aug 1831
HelmerAnnDartmouthDEVspinster1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 Apr 1829
HelyarWilliamEast CokerSOMesquire1783Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/36date of will
HendleyJoane   1643W?leEXEDWAACp. 86FRYA showed 'Healy'
HendyChristopherExminsterDEV 1665WleEXEDWAACp. 114FRYA showed 'Trophina'
HenleyBridgetBidefordDEVspinster1814WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 17 Oct 1814; now of Jesmond Northumberland and late of Durham
Hensburie  DEV 1714W?leEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Henburn'; or 1715
HerbertGeorgePlymouthDEVmerchant1826WabPCC BANK probate granted 3 Mar 1826
HerdingeJoan DEV 1584W?leEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA showed 'John'
HerleJohnSidburyDEV 1581WlePCDCDRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Sidbury Papersnames widow Joan
HermanRalphExeterDEVesq, mayor1661Wab MISCAntient, pp. 172-173, 180bequest to St John's hospital
HernamanJohnDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVropemaker1814WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 15 Jun 1814
HerringJohnHartshill [Axminster?]DEVgentleman1777WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 24 Dec 1778
HewerHenryPlymouthDEVgentleman1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 13 Sep 1773
HewesThomasHonitonDEV 1755WleEXEDWAACp. 117FRYA showed 'Hows'
HewetJaneHuxhamDEVwidow1603Wab MISCAntient, p. 157bequests supportive of Mrs Tuckfield's Gift
HewettElizabethNorton FitzwarrenSOMwidow1894Wco DHC-U6440B add 
HewishJohnBarnstapleDEVyeoman1851WtrEXEGDDRO 1078/IRW/H/832will
HewishJohnCheriton FitzpaineDEVyeoman1843WtrEXEGDDRO 1078/IRW/H/829will
HewishMaryCheriton FitzpaineDEV 1828WtrEXEGDDRO 1078/IRW/H/831will
HewishRichardCheriton FitzpaineDEVtailor1851WtrEPREGDDRO 1078/IRW/H/832 
Hext alias BabbWilliamDoddiscombsleighDEV 1627WleEXEDWAACp. 86entry omitted in FRYA
[Hext][William]   [1627]   [DWAAC] [See Babb alias Hext, William]
HexterRichardTedburn St MaryDEV 1756WleEXEDWAACp. 117FRYA showed 'Thomas'
HeywoodAndrewBelstoneDEV 1630Aab CULLFilm no. 87933admon to Julian, relict
HeywoodThomasPlymouthDEViron merchant1808WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 26 Sep 1808
HeywoodWalterAtheringtonDEV 1654AabPCCMUR2Box 'E-Hi'admon to his relict, Margaret Heywood
HicksMaryExmouth [Littleham (near Exmouth) and Withycombe Raleigh]DEVspinster1820WabPCCBANK letters of administration with unattested will annexed, granted 15 Sep 1820
HiernElizabethEbberley Place, BarnstapleDEVspinster1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 4 May 1829
HiernElizabethTorrington [Great Torrington?]DEVspinster1827WabPCCBANK probate granted 16 Aug 1827
HigmanMaryPlymouthDEVwidow1838WabPCCBANK probate granted 4 Jul 1838; Guernsey mentioned; widow of William Higman, sadler
HildesleyMarthaNorthleighDEVwidow1717WabPCCBANK proved in the Prerogative Court in Doctors Commons 17 May 1718
HillElizabethPlymouthDEVwidow1815WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 30 Aug 1815
HillHenryMarlboroughWIL 1778AabPCCDHC-U5242 Box 30/14 
HillJoanHalbertonDEVwidow1727WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'John'
HillJohnDrewsteigntonDEV 1720AleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Joan'
HillMarkDartmouthDEVmariner1813WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 3 May 1813
HillMaryBroadhemburyDEVspinster1764AabPCCDHC-U5242 Box 30/14 
HillMaryBroadhemburyDEVwidow1744Wco DHC-U5242 Box 30/14probate in Exeter
HillMaryJacobstow [Jacobstowe]DEVwidow1806WcoTOTDHC-U1292M/Wills/37 
HillPhillipColumbe Minor [St Columb Minor]CONminister1734WabEPREMUR2Box 'E-Hi' 
HillRichard   1631WleEXEDWAACp. 86FRYA showed only an admon
HillRichardBroadhemburyDEVesquire1732Wor DHC-U5242 Box 30/14 
HillThomasSidmouthDEV 1803WcoPCCDHC-U3493B 
HillThomasSt Laurence, Exeter [Exeter St Lawrence]DEVwine merchant1837WabPCCBANK probate granted 5 Aug 1837
HillWilliamBuckland Tout SaintsDEV c1518Wab TNAC 1/414/10will in chancery document; c.1515-18
HillWilliamOtterie St Marie [Ottery St Mary]DEV 1663W?leEXEDWAACp. 114FRYA showed 'Richard'
Hill alias ChamberlinWilliamWashfieldDEV 1635WleEXEDWAACp. 86entry omitted in FRYA
Hill alias Dascombe    1627W?leEXEDWAACp. 86FRYA showed 'Dunscombe'
Hill alias DodscombeJohnBamptonDEV 1641AleEXEDWAACp. 86entry omitted in FRYA
[Hill]  DEV [1663]   [DWAAC] [See Waye alias Hill]
HilleyElizabeth DEV 1801Wab TRST née Trist; parish not given; will made in 1792
HilleyJohnKentonDEV 1746AleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Hillier'
HindeRichardPlymouthDEVLieutenant1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 9 Aug 1762
HingstonAndrewPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVbrazier1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 6 Oct 1820
HingstonWilliam[Dittisham?]DEVmariner1762WtrPCCMISCPROB 11/878/394will; belonging to his Majesty's Ship Chatham
HitchcockHenryPayhemburyDEV 1755WleEXEDWAACp. 117FRYA showed 'Hancock'
HitchinsThomas Martyn (Rev)Stoke, near Devonport [Stoke Damerel]DEVclerk1830WabPCCBANK probate granted 18 Jan 1831
HittBettySidmouthDEVwidow1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 11 Feb 1764
HittChristianBroadclist [Broadclyst]DEV 1660WleEXEDWAACp. 114FRYA showed 'Hill'
HoaleJoaneCreditonDEV 1597WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoaleJoaneSouth TawtonDEVwidow1711WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoaleRichardMollandDEV 1642WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoaleThomasDowlandDEV 1683AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'labelled A.P.
HoaleThomasSouth MoltonDEV 1749AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoalesAliciaBidefordDEV 1713WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoarJohnH.M.S. "Portland" mariner1746Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 180"Parts" = partibus transmarinis, so died overseas; mother of Landulph, CON
HoareHenryCompine [Combpyne]DEV 1624Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 222 & 223inventory extract shown
HoareJamesBridgetown [Berry Pomeroy]DEVyeoman1628Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 189inventory extract shown
HoareJohnDean PriorDEV 1731Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 178 & 179 
HoareMarySilvertonDEVwidow1697Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 211admon to Giles Lee, nephew; inventory extract shown
HoareNicholasSt Nicholas [Shaldon]DEV 1681Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 202admon to Mary, relict; inventory extract shown
HoarePriamus   1631W?leEXEDWAACp. 86FRYA showed 'Jeremy', not Priamus
HoareRobertPlymouthDEV 1720Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 178admon to Hannah Butterfield, creditor
HoareWilliamCharletonDEVthe elder1713Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 178admon to Joane Steele, grandchild
HoareWilliamCharlton [Charleton]DEV 1738Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 179 
Hoare or HoreAbrahamEastbudly [East Budleigh]DEVgentleman1624Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 185admon to Jane Hore, sister; inventory extract shown
HockenRobart CON? 1587Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'no place shown
HockenThomasSt IsseyCON 1607Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'proved at Exeter
HockenWilliamSt IsseyCONyeoman1648Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'admon at Egloshaile
HockinBlanchSt IsseyCONwidow1699Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HockinJohnPerrose, St IsseyCONgentleman1696Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HockinJohnSt IsseyCONbachelor1660Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'proved at Exeter
HockinJohnSt IsseyCON 1717Aab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'admon to William Hockin, son
HockinMarieSt Issie [St Issey]CON 1619Aab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HockinMarySt IsseyCONwidow1713WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'261 Farrant
HockinWilliamShebbearDEVgentleman1799WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1058/146 
HockinWilliamSt IsseyCON 1708Aab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'admon to John Hockin, son; intestate
HockinWilliamSt IsseyCONgentleman1727WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'261 Farrant; calendared at Exeter 1712
HockingeMargerySt IsseyCONwidow1671Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'proved at Exeter; relict of John, the elder
Hockway    1630W?leEXEDWAACp. 86FRYA showed 'Hockadaye'
HodderElizabethTopshamDEV 1717WabEXEMUR2Duplicates Box 1 
HodderGeorgeTopshamDEVmariner1700Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'owned 2 boats and properties which he left with a term of 3000 years
HodgeNicholasExeterDEV 1690AleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Nathaniel'
HodgesJohnBurlescombeDEV 1688WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Joane'
HodsonMargaretDawlishDEVwidow1852WabPCCDHC-U5257-0probate copy of will dated 1842
HoellJohnTawstoke [Tawstock]DEV 1592WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoggFrancesAppledore [Northam]DEVspinster1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 5 Feb 1819
HoggThomasBarnstapleDEVesquire1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 23 Dec 1836; Bishops Tawton mentioned
HokemJohnWithecombe Rawleigh [Withycombe Raleigh]DEV 1747AleEXEDWAACp. 117FRYA showed 'Hockham'
HolbertonNicholasTotnesDEVbutcher1808WabPCCBANK probate 3 Feb 1808; PCC will PROB 11/1474 ff23
HolbertonRobertTorr, Newton FerrersDEVesquire1823WabPCCBANK probate granted 21 Jan 1813; registered 9 Jan 1824
HolcombeGeorgeBasepooleSOMgentleman1594WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'70 Spencer
HolcombeThomasHalbertonDEV 1705WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Helcombe'; also administration
HolcombeThomasTivertonDEV 1746WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Hullacombe'
HoldenHarrietSeaton [Seaton and Beer]DEVspinster1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 21 Feb 1835; otherwise known as Harriet Wilson
HoldenHarrietSeaton [Seaton and Beer]DEVspinster1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 21 Feb 1835; otherwise known as Harriet Wilson
HolditchSamuelPlymouthDEVesquire1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 16 Aug 1763; formerly of Essex
HoldsworthElizabethDartmouthDEVwife1779AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 22 Nov 1780; is described as wife of Arthur of Dartmouth, merchant.
Hole Zeal MonachorumDEV 1607WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'no first name shown
HoleAgnesSouth MoltonDEV 1776WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleAndreasNorth TawtonDEV 1724WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleAndrewBowDEV 1774WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleAndrewZeal Mannacorum [Zeal Monachorum]DEVyeoman1746WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 165 
HoleAndrewZeal MonachorumDEV 1746WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleAnnBowDEV 1806WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'and account
HoleAnnSidmouthDEV 1808AleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleAnnSouth MoltonDEV 1766WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleCatherineKennDEV 1750WleEXEDWAACp. 117FRYA showed 'Hele'; also administration
HoleCharlesBarnstapleDEVcaptain, R.N.1843WabPCCBANK probate granted 19 Oct 1844
HoleChristopherNymet Tracey [Bow]DEV 1731WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleChristopherSt Giles [St Giles in the Heath or St Giles in the wood]DEV 1665AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleEdithKirton [Crediton]DEV 1548WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleEleanorTivertonDEVwidow1820WabPCCBANK probate granted 8 Apr 1820
HoleElizabethBowDEV 1787WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleElizabethBowDEVwidow1787WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 163 
HoleElizabethExeterDEVwidow1769WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'plus account
HoleElizabethLandkeyDEV 1770AleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleElizabethNorth TawtonDEV 1772WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleEnglishCharlesDEV 1712AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleGeorgeLittle ham [Littleham (near Bideford) or Littleham (near Exmouth)]DEV 1823WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleGilbertChristowe [Christow]DEV 1732WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'Gilbertus'
HoleGraceNorth MoltonDEV 1810WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleHarrisSt Giles [St Giles in the Heath or St Giles in the wood]DEV 1613WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleHenryScti Egidij [St Giles in the Wood or St Giles in the Heath]DEV 1695WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'Henricus'
HoleHenrySt Giles [St Giles in the Heath or St Giles in the Wood]DEV 1613WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleHenrySt Giles [St Giles in the Heath or St Giles in the wood]DEV 1740WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleHenryTorrington Magna [Great Torrington]DEV 1700WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'Henricus'
HoleHughChulmleighDEV 1722WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJamesSouth MoltonDEV 1677WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'Jacobus'
HoleJaneWest TeignmouthDEV 1792WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJoanCheldonDEV 1732AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJoanChulmleighDEV 1747WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJoanClannaboroughDEV 1593WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJoanTholbridge [Thelbridge]DEV 1625WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJoanTivertonDEV 1737WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Hall'
HoleJoaneClannaboroughDEV 1618WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJoaneMorchard BishopDEV 1641WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohanaClannaboroughDEVwidow1564WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohaneClannaboroughDEVwidow1564WtrBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'two transcripts
HoleJohnBidefordDEV 1793WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnBidefordDEV 1810WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnBishops NymptonDEV 1852WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnBow alias Nymet TraceyDEVyeoman1733Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WH 5 
HoleJohnBow alias Nymet Tracey [Bow]DEV 1704WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnBow alias Nymet Tracey [Bow]DEV 1808AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnChawleighDEV 1754AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnCheldonDEV 1724AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnColebrookeDEV 1758WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnColebrookeDEV 1750WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnCreditonDEV 1572WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnCreditonDEV 1582WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnDrewsteigntonDEV 1665AleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnDrewsteigntonDEV 1832WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnDunchidock [Dunchideock]DEV 1836AleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnMertonDEV 1670WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnMollandDEV 1594WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnNorth MoltonDEV 1820AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnNorth TawtonDEV 1627WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'Johes'
HoleJohnNorth TawtonDEV 1688WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'will & admon; 'Johes'
HoleJohnNorthtawton [North Tawton]DEV 1617WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnNorthtawton [North Tawton]DEV 1620WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'Johes'
HoleJohnNymet Tracey [Bow]DEV 1663WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnNymet Tracey [Bow]DEV 1732WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnPaigntonDEV 1634WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnSandfordDEV 1557WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnSandfordDEV 1559WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnSandfordDEV 1700AleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnSouth TawtonDEV 1643AleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnSt Thomas [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1621WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnSt Thomas [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1622WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJohnZeal MonachorumDEV 1680WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'Johes'
HoleJohnZeal MonachorumDEVyeoman1680WabBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'with inventory
HoleJoshuaLangtreeDEV 1826AleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'A.S. Shown
HoleJoshuaSouth MoltonDEVclerk1747WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJoshuaWoolfardisworthy [Woolfardisworthy East or Woolfardisworthy West]DEV 1785WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleJoyceZeal MonachorumDEVwidow1637WabBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleLewisWarkleighDEV 1822WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleLuceIlfracombeDEV 1735WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleMargaretKirton [Crediton]DEV 1551WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleMargeryNymet Tracey [Bow]DEV 1663WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleMariaEast WorlingtonDEV 1715AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleMariaSouth MoltonDEV 1668AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleMarthaZeal MonachorumDEV 1772WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleMarthaZeal MonachorumDEVwidow1772WabEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleMarthaZeal MonachorumDEVwidow1772Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 172 
HoleMaryBarnstapleDEV 1819WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleMaryBarnstapleDEV 1842WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleMarySampford, North TawtonDEV 1805WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleMarySouth TawtonDEV 1747WleEXEDWAACp. 117FRYA showed 'Halse'
HoleMaryZeal MonachorumDEV 1760WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleMaryZeal MonachorumDEV 1760WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleMaryZeal MonachorumDEVspinster1760Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 169 
HoleMathiasDrewsteigntonDEV 1770WleEXEDWAACp. 117FRYA showed 'Matthew'
HoleMichaelPaigntonDEV 1702AleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleNicholasBurringtonDEVclerk1798WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleNicholasIlfracombeDEV 1680WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolePenelopeGeorgehamDEV 1849WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolePeterHorwoodDEV 1786WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolePeterIlfracombeDEV 1698AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolePeterIlfracombeDEV 1720AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolePeterNorth TawtonDEV 1646WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolePeterWitheridgeDEV 1649AleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolePeterWitheridgeDEV 1681WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'Petrus'
HolePeterWitheridgeDEV 1701WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRalphBundly [Bondleigh]DEV 1695WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'Rodolphus'
HoleRichardAsherington [Atherington]DEV 1697AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRichardBerry Narber [Berrynarbor]DEV 1770AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRichardBow alias Nymet Tracey [Bow]DEV 1790WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'will and admon
HoleRichardBrushfordDEV 1737WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRichardCreditonDEV 1660WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRichardNorth MoltonDEV 1805AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRichardNorth TawtonDEV 1644WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRichardNorth TawtonDEVclerk1747WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRichardNorth TawtonDEV 1824WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'W.S. shown
HoleRichardNymet Tracey [Bow]DEV 1663AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRichardSandfordDEV 1573WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRichardStokegabriel [Stoke Gabriel]DEV 1700WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRichardTawton Episcopi [Bishops Tawton]DEV 1725WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRichardThorvertonDEV 1746WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRobertBarnstapleDEV 1775WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRobertBarnstapleDEVgentleman1775WabEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'one shilling to one son - £150 and property to two other sons
HoleRobertBishops TawtonDEV 1800AleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRobertChulmleighDEV 1568WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRobertCreditonDEV 1591WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRobertCreditonDEV 1679WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRobertCreditonDEV 1591WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRobertCreditonDEV 1679OleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'account
HoleRobertLandkeyDEV 1755WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRobertLandkeyDEV 1767WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRobertWitheridgeDEV 1724AleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRobertWitheridgeDEV 1729AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRobertZeal MonachorumDEV 1746WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRobertZeal MonachorumDEV 1753AleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleRobertZeal MonachorumDEV[junior]1753Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 169admon to Martha, mother
HoleRobertZelemonachorm [Zeal Monachorum]DEVgentleman1746Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 166will dated 1735
HoleSamuelMarldonDEV 1731AleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleSamuelStocklandDEVesquire1845AleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleSarahSouth MoltonDEV 1811WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleSouthcombeSouth MoltonDEV 1793AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleTheophilusGreat TorringtonDEV 1771WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleThomasChawleighDEV 1711AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleThomasClannaboroughDEV 1592WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleThomasColebrookeDEV 1728WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleThomasColebrookeDEVgentleman1727Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/38date of will
HoleThomasDoddiscombsleighDEVclerk1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 17 Apr 1823
HoleThomasLustleighDEVmiller1788WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
HoleThomasNorth MoltonDEV 1829WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleThomasNorth TawtonDEV 1737WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleThomasNorth TawtonDEV 1751AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleThomasNorth TawtonDEVclerk1772WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'plus account
HoleThomasNymet Tracey [Bow]DEV 1621WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleThomasSouth TawtonDEV 1643WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleThomasWollocombe of Marham Church [Marhamchurch]CON 1822AleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleThomasZeal MonachorumDEV 1716WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleThomasZeal MonachorumDEVyeoman1716WabEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleThomasynCreditonDEV 1556WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleUrsulaChulmleighDEV 1738WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleWeekesZeal MonachorumDEV 1768WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleWeekesZeal MonachorumDEVesquire1768WabEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleWeeksZeal MonachorumDEVesquire1768Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 171 
HoleWilliamBovey TraceyDEVgentleman1782WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 162 
HoleWilliamBovey Tracy [Bovey Tracey]DEV 1782WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleWilliamEast WorlingtonDEV 1648WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleWilliamKingskerswellDEV 1784WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleWilliamMollandDEV 1622WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleWilliamNorth TawtonDEV 1706WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleWilliamNorth TawtonDEV 1706WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleWilliamPaigntonDEV 1675WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleWilliamPaigntonDEV 1639AleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleWilliamSampford CourtenayDEVtanner1704WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
HoleWilliamTorrington Parva [Little Torrington]DEV 1648AleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleWilliamZeal MonachorumDEV 1622WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleWilliamZeal MonachorumDEV 1726WleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoleWilliamZeal Monachorum, MonkensealeDEV 1572WtrEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
Hole alias AttallerPeterKirton [Crediton]DEV 1547WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
Hole alias ShaptonSuzanneCreditonDEV 1640AleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
[Hole][Peter]   [1547]   [MUR2] [See Attaller alias Hole, Peter]
HolegroveRobertUpton hellings [Upton Hellions]DEV 1674AleEXEDWAACp. 115FRYA showed 'Holegrave'
HolemanHughBuckland FilleighDEV 1647Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'proved at Torrington
HollJohnZeal MonachorumDEV 1637WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HollandSarahPlymouthDEVwidow1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 31 Oct 1767
[Holland]    [1632]  EXE[DWAAC] [See Silkes alias Holland]
Holle Torrington Magna [Great Torrington]DEV 1605WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'no first name shown
HolleArthurHorwoodDEV 1736WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolleJoaneCreditonDEV 1597WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolleJohnChudleighDEV 1705AleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolleJohnClannaboroughDEV 1599WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolleJohnClannaboroughDEVhusbandman1588WtrPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HollePeterZeal MonachorumDEV 1599WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HollePeterZeal MonachorumDEVyeoman1599WabBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolleRobertWest TeignmouthDEV 1746WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolleRobertZeal MonachorumDEVgentleman1746WabEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'Vicar General mentioned
HolleThomazineCreditonDEV 1597WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolleThomazineCreditonDEV 1597WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HollettElizabethExminsterDEVspinster1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 20 Sep 1833
HollmanJohnFoowye [Fowey]CON 1582WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'10 Butts
HollmonJohnMakerCONmariner; blind1756WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'274 Glazier
HolmanDigoryCamborneCONyeoman1687Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolmanElizabethHartlandDEV 1598Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolmanElizabethPlymouthDEVspinster1815WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 10 Jun 1800
HolmanFrancesHatherleighDEVspinster1758WabTOTMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolmanJaneFowy [Fowey]CON 1654WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'PCC Alchin
HolmanJohnBidefordDEV 1838Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolmanJohnBradock [Braddock?], near FalmouthCON 1599Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'should it be Budock?
HolmanJohnGwinner [Gwinear]CONbachelor1657AabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'commission to Priscilla Wheare alias Holman to administer
HolmanJohnHartlandDEV 1610Aab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'admon to Agnete Holeman and Robert Winter
HolmanJohnHatherleighDEV 1741Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolmanJohnHatherleighDEV 1753Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolmanJohnPerranzabulow, CrowanCON 1760Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolmanJohnSaltaishe [Saltash]CONmerchant1607WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'35 Huddleston
HolmanJohnTopshamDEV 1712Aab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'admon to Hannah, his widow
HolmanJohnYearnescombe [Yarnscombe]DEVclothier1662WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'66 Land
HolmanMargaretNewlyn [Newlyn East?]CON 1621Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'Jenepher Robart, executrix
HolmanMartinBarnstapleDEV 1675Aab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'admon to Mellory and Henry Hobbs
HolmanMartinGwinearCONhusbandman1671Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolmanMaryBridfordDEVwidow1698WabEXEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HolmanSarahTopshamDEV 1785WabPCDCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
[Holman][Anthony]   [1566]   [MUR2] [See Downman alias Holman, Anthony]
HolmeadThomasThorvertonDEV 1642WleEXEDWAACp. 86entry omitted in FRYA
HolmesWilliamExeterDEV 1667OleEXEDWAACp. 114entry omitted in FRYA; bond re legacy for John Holmes mentioned
HolworthyMarySt Thomas [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1774WleEXEDWAACp. 117FRYA showed 'Holsworthy'
HomfryWillianChagfordDEVmariner1757WtrPCCGDPROB 11/829/164 
HoneRichardOtrey St Mary [Ottery St Mary]DEV 1543WabPCCMISCTroup4 - pp. 736-73726 Spert
HoneRichardOttery St MaryDEV 1543Otr MISCTroup4 - pp. 737-739Inq. p.m.
HonywillElizabethIlsingtonDEVwidow Wco DHC-U5651M Willsonly top of will surviving; no date
HookensWilliamExminsterDEV 1746AleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Hooking'
HookerElizabethLympstoneDEVwidow1834WabPCCBANK letters of administration, with will annexed, granted 28 Jan 1835 to sister, Lucretia Clerke, widow
HoopJohnNorthwood, TivertonDEVhusbandman1587WabEXEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'will no 348; family tree given; Johannes
HoopTristramColytonDEVyeoman1606Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'will at Exeter; also inventory
HooperAbrahamBrauntonDEV 1694WlePCDEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HooperAlexanderWitham Frary [Witham Friary]SOMchandler1685WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'121 Cann; family tree given
HooperAliceWitham Frary [Witham Friary]SOMwidow1663WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'131 Juxon; see Alexander Hooper; shown on tree
HooperAnnaWappingMDXwidow1674WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'46 Bunce
HooperBartholomewSt Olaves, SouthwarkSRYcitizen and wheelwright1691WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'165 Vere; family tree given
HooperBenjamin SRYcitizen and salter1735WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'207 Ducie; no place given but property in London
HooperEdmundWestminster, LondonMDX 1621WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'67 Dale; see George Hooper (1681) page
HooperEdmund GilesClements Inn, LondonMDXgentleman1727WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'141 Farrant; wills and admon of family mentioned on page; tree and data of others shown on next page
HooperEdwardHurn Court, ChristchurchHAM 1682WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'5 Cottle; see Honour Hooper
HooperEdwardSt Martins in the Fields, LondonMDXcoachmaker1689WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'6 Ent
HooperElizabethPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVspinster1834WabPCCBANK probate granted 12 June 1834
HooperElizabethSt Olaves, SouthwarkSRYwidow1693WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'81 Coker; see Bartholomew Hooper, 1691
HooperElizabethSt Olaves, SouthwarkSRYwidow1693WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'81 Coker; wife of Bartholomew; family tree given
HooperFrancis WOR 1682WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'71 Cottle; see Edmund Giles Hooper page; no place shown
HooperFrancis  gentleman1699WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'139 Pell; son of Francis of Wapping
HooperFrancisSt Martins in the Fields, LondonMDXbachelor1678WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'84 Reeve; family tree included; some devon connections shown
HooperFrancisWappingMDXmerchant1691WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'191 [PCC name missing]
HooperGeorgeEnfield, LondonMDXgrocer1681Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'Commissary Court of London Georgius Hooper 451; family tree included; two copies
HooperGeorgeFrome SelwoodSOMthe elder; cardmaker1699WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'24 Pett; family tree given
HooperGeorgeTonbridgeKENsenior1694WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'231 Box; family tree given
HooperGeorge (Rev)StreatleyBRK 1767WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'308 Legard; son cut off with 1s
HooperGilesClements Inn, London and Grays, EssexMDX 1699WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'134 Pett; brother of George Hooper, Bishop of Bath and Wells; see Edmund Giles Hooper; wife's admon Folio Drax 1683; and ESS
HooperGilesSixpenny HandleyDORgentleman1679WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'PCC King
HooperHannahBrauntonDEV 1689WlePCDEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HooperHenrySt Andrews HolbornMDXgentleman1676WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'141 Bence; family tree given; two copies; also spelt Hoper
HooperHonourHeanton PunchardonDEVwidow1674WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'47 Bunce
HooperJamesMiddle TempleMDXesquire1706WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'87 Eedes
HooperJamesOld Gravel Lane,StepneyMDXmariner1668WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'125 Hene
HooperJaneSouth TawtonDEVwidow1637Wco DHC-U5242 Box 29/15probate copy; probate court unidentifiable
HooperJoaneGrimleyWORwidow1682WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'71 Cottle; family tree given
HooperJohn   1721WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'89 Buckingham; see George Hooper (1681) page; no place shown
HooperJohn  purser on ship Hartford1724WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'226 Bolton; died abroad; family tree given; no place shown
HooperJohnBarnstapleDEVmerchant1704WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'183 Ash
HooperJohnBarnstapleDEVmerchant1704WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'183 Ash
HooperJohnBosley, ChristchurchHAM 1706WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'87 Eedes; see James Hooper; 'Johes'
HooperJohnBruckland and Musbery [Musbury]DEVyeoman1623Iab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'will at Exeter
HooperJohnCheshuntHRTapothecary1799WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'592 Howe; family tree given
HooperJohnLimehouse, StepneyMDXmariner1664WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'82 Bruce
HooperJohnLondonLDNcitizen and draper1685WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'58 Cann; see Francis Hooper and Thomas Hooper of Gittisham; family tree given
HooperJohnLondonLDNcoitizen and joyner1720WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'32 Shaller; family tree given
HooperJohnNew Brompton, KensingtonMDXesquire1797WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'90 Exeter; sister in Devon
HooperJohnSampford ArundelSOMsenior1628WleTAUNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'Archdeanery of Taunton no 14
HooperJohnSevenoaksKENschoolmaster1662WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'6 Land; see George Hooper senior (1694) page
HooperJohnStockley Pomerye [Stockleigh Pomeroy]DEV 1565WabEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'will no 97?, 'Johes'
HooperJohnTonbridgeKENparish clerk1641WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'124 and 128 Evelyn; information included on tree in abstract of will of George Hooper, senior (1694)
HooperMargaret  spinster1659WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'4 Pell; see George Hooper (1681) page
HooperMary   1696WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'49 Bond; see Honour Hooper
HooperMaryBristolGLSwidow1678WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'98 Reeve; two slightly different abstracts
HooperMaryIslingtonMDXwidow1770WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'61 Jenner
HooperMarySt Pauls, Covent GardenMDXwidow Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'no proper date only '49
HooperNicholas (Sir)Fullbrook,Pilton, BarnstapleDEVserjeant at law1731WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'157 Isham; family tree given
HooperOdiarne (Rev)Beckley, SussexSSX 1770WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'Jenner 62; family tree given; left £12000 each to two daughters
HooperReubinAlphingtonDEV 1742AleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Richard'
HooperRichardBarnstapleDEV 1680WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'60 Bath; family tree given
HooperRichardBraunton and BarnstapleDEV 1680WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'60 Bath; see Johannes (John) Hooper, 1704
HooperRichardChagfordDEVmariner1706WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'63 Eedes; died abroad; 'Richus'
HooperRichardSt Margaret, WestminsterMDXyeoman1717WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'113 Whitfield
HooperRobertBarbadosBRBcolonel; Commissioner of Barbados WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'no date shown; 156 Hene; see Edward Hooper 1682; funeral expenses not to exceed 20,000 lb of muscavado sugar
HooperRobertBrauntonDEV 1694AlePCDEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HooperRogerTivertonDEV 1550WleEXE?MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'will no 342; see Johannes (John) Hoop, 1587
HooperSamuelSt Giles in the Fields, LondonMDX 1708WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'9 Barrett
HooperSamuelSt Giles, OxfordOXFmalster1702WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'PCC Hern
HooperSarahLondonLDNwidow1720WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'62 Shaller; wife of John Hooper
HooperSarahSt Giles, CripplegateMDXwidow1720WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'PCC Shelley
HooperSilas   1753WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'16 Searle; see Benjamin Hooper; no place shown
HooperSimonThorncombeDEVbachelor1671WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'78 Duke
HooperThomas DEV 1614W?leEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA showed 'John'
HooperThomasBrauntonDEV 1681AlePCDEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HooperThomasGittishamDEV 1690WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'8 Vere; see Francis Hooper
HooperThomasGittisham and Whitechapel, LondonDEV /LDNyeoman1690WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'106 Dyke
HooperThomasLondonLDNgentleman1691WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'8 Vere
HooperThomasMarsh, WincantonSOMyeoman1729WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'272 Abbott
HooperThomasSampford ArundelSOMesquire1714WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'97 Aston; family in Devon
HooperThomasSampford ArundelSOM 1712WleTAUNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'Archdeanery of Taunton no 47
HooperWilliamLondonLDNcitizen and weaver1697WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'10 Pyne
HooperWilliamOttery St MaryDEVgentleman1696WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'94 Bond; see Francis Hooper; family tree given
HooperWilliamSt Saviour, SouthwarkSRYhosier1695WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'24 Irby
HooperWilliamWest Alington [West Alvington]DEVgentleman1675WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'76 Dycer
HooperZacheusBridgewaterSOMmerchant1694WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'32 Box; family tree given
Hooper alias ShepheardDanielBrauntonDEV 1696AlePCDEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
Hooper alias ShepherdEleanorBrauntonDEV 1674WlePCDEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
Hooper alias ShepherdGeorgeBrauntonDEV 1665AlePCDEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
Hooper alias ShepherdNicholasBrauntonDEV 1675WlePCDEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
[Hooper]    [1630]   [DWAAC] [See Elstone alias Hooper]
[Hooper][Elizabeth]   [1683]   [DWAAC] [See Babbage alias Hooper, Elizabeth]
HoorMaryCombpyneDEVwidow1728Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 221nuncupative will; inventory extract shown
HoorMaryMusburyDEVspinster1681Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 203inventory extract shown
HooreJasperCombpyneDEV 1663WleEXEDWAACp. 114entry omitted in FRYA
HooreJohnMusburyDEVyeoman1687Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 209inventory extract shown
HooreJohnStudyes, KilmingtonDEVyeoman1699Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 216inventory extract shown
HooreRobertJacklea, AxminsterDEVyeoman1734Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 181 
HoperAnnSt Andrews HolbornMDXwidow1680WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'80 Bath; part tree included; comments include ref to 1675 65 Dycer, 1676 141 Bence, 1679 85 King; also will of Dudley Hoper 1685 and John Hoper 1686
HoperAnn[e]Cornhill?LDN 1765WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'144 Rushworth
HoperDudleyChristchurch College, OxfordOXFgentleman1685WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'21 Cann; family tree attached
HoperFrancisHighgateMDXgentleman1659WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'442 Pell
HoperGoldwellSt Andrews HolbornMDXmember of Grays Inn1675WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'65 Dycer; family tree given
HoperHenrySaffron HillMDX 1676WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'141 Bence; see Dudley Hoper page
HoperJamesEnfield, LondonMDXlawyer1755WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'133 Paul
HoperJohn   1687WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'94 Foot; see Dudley Hoper page; no place shown
HoperJohnLondonLDNcitizen and joyner1744WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'92 Anstis; family tree given
HoperJohnMusbery [Musbury]DEV 1546Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'will at Exeter; family tree given; also spelt Howper
HoperJohnSt Andrew HolbornMDX 1679WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'85 King; see Dudley Hoper and Goldwell Hoper pages
HoperJohnSt Andrews HolbornMDX 1679WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'85 King; see Dudley Hoper page
HoperMarySt Pauls Covent Garden and Bowe [Bow]MDXwidow1716WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'206 Fox
HoperRichardLondonLDNmerchant1666WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'129 Milo [Mico]
HoperRichardLuckton, HerefordHEFesquire1739WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'81 Henchman; family tree given
HoperRichardSt Andrews HolbornMDX 1635WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'55 Sadler; see Goldwell Hoper and Henry Hooper/Hoper
HoperThomeMusbery [Musbury]DEV 1547Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'see Tristram Howper 1545; also spelt Hooper
[Hoper]        [MUR2] [See also Howper, Hooper]
HopinJosephNymet Tracy [Bow]DEV 1679WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 274nuncupative will; inventory extract shown
HopkinsElizabethBidefordDEVwidow1743WabPCCBANK probate dated at Doctors Commons 10 Apr 1750
HoppenEdmundEast BudleighDEV 1629WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 258inventory extract shown
HoppenJohnSalcombe [Salcombe Regis]DEV 1611WabPCDCCAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 253 & 254inventory extract shown
Hoppen or HoppynKatherineEast BudleighDEVspinster1624AabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 256admon to Edmond, brother; inventory extract shown
HopperAnneCreech Grange, Isle of PurbeckDOR 1680WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'59 Bath; Hopper family tree attached
HopperGeorgeThe MintMDX 1713WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'228 Leeds
HopperThomasLondonLNDcitizen and grocer1679WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'130 King; see Anne Hopper; shown on tree
HopperThomasSt Botolph, Bishopsgate, LondonLNDcitizen and grocer1679WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'130 King
HoppinCharlesExeter St SidwellDEVlocksmith1606AabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 252admon to Mary, relict; inventory extract shown
HoppinThomasWoodburyDEVthe elder; yeoman1686WabPCVCCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 276inventory extract shown
HoppingAgnesExeter St SidwellDEV 1676WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 272inventory extract shown
HoppingCharityBudleigh [East Budleigh]DEV[spinster]1670AabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 269admon to John, brother
HoppingEbbottStokenhamDEVwidow1675WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 271inventory extract shown
HoppingHenryCollompton [Cullompton]DEVthe elder1679AabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 273admon to Henry the younger and Mary Wood, son and daughter
HoppingHenryCullomptonDEVinnholder1709WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 281 
HoppingHenryTopshamDEVmariner1697AabPCDCCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 280admon to Elizabeth, relict; inventory extract shown
HoppingJohnExminsterDEV 1670AabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 270admon to Catherine, relict; inventory extract shown
HoppingJohnSt Leonards [Exeter St Leonard]DEVyeoman1661WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 265 & 266inventory extract shown
HoppingMaryPinhoeDEVwidow1693WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 278inventory extract shown
HoppingRichardEast BudleighDEVmariner1696WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 279inventory extract shown
HoppingRichardOttery St MaryDEVhusbandman1646WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 262 & 263nuncupative will
HoppingWilliamPinhoeDEVgentleman1688WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 277inventory extract shown
HoppingeAlsFarringdonDEVspinster1647WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 264inventory extract shown
HoppingeMatheweExeterDEV 1625AabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 257admon to Joan, relict
HoppingeRobertEast BudleighDEVyeoman1683WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 275inventory extract shown
HoppingeThomasSalterton, WoodburyDEVyeoman1634WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 259inventory extract shown
HoppingeWilliamAylesbeare and Newton PopplefordDEV 1620WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 255inventory extract shown
HoppingeWilliamExeterDEVclockmaker1643WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 260 & 261 
HoppinsAnthonyTormohamDEVblacksmith1662WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 267 & 268inventory extract shown
HoppynJohnCollaton Rawlighe [Colaton Raleigh]DEVsenior1583WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 249 
HoppynPeterWinckleigh [Winkleigh]DEVclerke; vicar1567WabECCECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 248inventory extract shown
HoppynRichardBictonDEVrector1539WabECCECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 247 
HoppynThomasYetenton, Bicketon [Bicton]DEV 1585WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 250 & 251 
HoppyngRichardBictonDEVrector1539Wab MISCOliver5, vol.2, p. 100 
HoppynsJohnPaigntonDEV 1539WabECCECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 246inventory extract shown
HordenAnnBraunton DEVspinster1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 Dec 1842
HorderJohnThorncombeDEVgentleman1779WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 4 Nov 1780
HoreBenedickTedburne [Tedburn St Mary]DEV 1671Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 198nuncupative will; inventory extract shown
HoreBernardCompine [Combpyne]DEV 1634Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 220admon to Mary, relict; inventory extract shown
HoreChristopherWoddiscombsleigh [Doddicombsleigh]DEVyeoman1678Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 206 & 207inventory extract shown
HoreDavidExeterDEV 1624Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 185admon to Dorothy, relict; inventory extract shown
HoreElizabethOttery St MaryDEV 1684Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 195admon to Susanna and Jaon, sisters
HoreEmmoteKilmingtonDEVwife1648Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 215admon to Roger, husband
HoreGeorgeHennocke [Hennock]DEV 1625Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 214aadmon to Susanna, relict; inventory extract shown
HoreGraceHennockDEVspinster1707Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 215ainventory extract shown
HoreHenryBuckrell [Buckerell]DEV 1670Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 197admon to creditors; inventory extract shown
HoreJamesDoltonDEV 1742Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 181admon to John and Ann Hore; inventory extract shown
HoreJamesDoltonDEV 1709AabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 193admon to Joane, relict
HoreJamesHonitonDEV 1766AabEXECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 217aadmon to Grace, relict
HoreJaneSpreaton [Spreyton]DEVwidow1673Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 200 & 201inventory extract shown
HoreJoaneWidworthyDEVwidow1637WabEXECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 175inventory extract shown
HoreJohnChagfordDEV 1644Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 186admon to Susanna, relict
HoreJohnDrewsteigntonDEV 1681Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 187inventory extract shown
HoreJohnExeterDEV 1691Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 187 
HoreJohnHennocke [Hennock]DEVyeoman1670Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 216ainventory extract shown
HoreJohnPlymouthDEVmarriner1705Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 177admon to Timothy Lidstone, shipwright
HoreJohnZealmonachorum [Zeal Monachorum]DEVyeoman1715Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 183inventory extract shown
HoreMargarettChagfordDEVspinster1672Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 199nuncupative will
HoreMatthewColytonDEVblacksmith1788Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 174 
HoreMatthewWidworthyDEV 1627WabEXECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 176inventory extract shown
HorePascaAwliscombeDEV 1679Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 205admon to Peter Gayland, nephew
HoreRalphSpreton [Spreyton]DEVyeoman1691Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 210inventory extract shown
HoreRichardAlfington [Alphington]DEV 1669Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 196admon to Thomas Birdall, creditor
HoreRichardAxminsterDEV 1605Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 213inventory extract shown
HoreRichardAxminsterDEV 1629Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 214admon to Joan, relict, and then Elizabeth Hooper, daughter
HoreRichardExeterDEV 1680Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 204admon to Elizabeth, relict; inventory extract shown
HoreRobertAxminsterDEVyeoman1711Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 182 
HoreRobertBuckfastleighDEV 1676Iab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 190inventory extract only; children were Robert and Susan
HoreRobertBudleigh [East Budleigh]DEV 1613Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 184admon to Barbara, relict; inventory extract shown
HoreRobertIlsingtonDEVhusbandman1672Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 190inventory extract shown
HoreRobertSpreytonDEVyeoman1729Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 182 
HoreRobertTivertonDEVapothecary1699Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 188 
HoreSarahMusburyDEV 1665 ab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 212documents indecipherable pre WWII
HoreThomasHennocke [Hennock]DEVyeoman1606Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 218inventory extract shown
HoreThomasWillandDEV 1635W?leEXEDWAACp. 86FRYA showed 'Harris'
HoreThomazineShillingford [Shillingford St George]DEVwidow1686Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 208admon to John Evans, son; inventory extract shown
HoreWilliamAshreigneyDEVyeoman1747Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 194 
HoreWilliamBroadhampton [Broadhempston]DEVclothier1654Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 192inventory extract shown
HoreWilliamBuckfastleighDEVwoolcoomer1687Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 177inventory extract shown
HoreWilliamColebrook [Colebrooke]DEVyeoman1691Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 189 
HoreWilliamPlymouthDEVvictualler1682Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 191inventory extract shown
HoreWilliamSpreytonDEV 1638Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 186inventory extract shown
HoreWilliamTavistockDEVmercer1679Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 191 
HoreZenobiaZeal MonachorumDEV 1717Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 183inventory extract shown
[Hore][Abraham]   [1624]   [CA] [See Hoare or Hore, Abraham]
HorndonDavid (Rev)Bicton, OttertonDEV 1844WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 May 1845
HornseyWilliamExeterDEVgentleman1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 22 June 1835
HornseyWilliamExeterDEVgentleman1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 22 June 1835
HorsewellRogerTopshamDEVmason1876Aor DHC-U6440B add 
HorsfordJoanTivertonDEV 1672WleEXEDWAACp. 115FRYA showed 'Hoisford'; says 'Jane' in FRYA
HorwoodJoelBoston, New EnglandUSAmariner1697WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'161 Pyne
HosegoodLukeChulmleighDEVmiller1786Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/39date of will
HoskinGeorgeMusburyDEVhusbandman1654WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'2 Alchin
HoskingsMargaretAxmouthDEVwidow1631Aab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'admon to Thomas and Alice Hoskins
HoskinsCharityPayhemburyDEV 1679Aab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'admon to Anne Hull, sister; also inventory
HoskinsCharityPayhemburyDEV 1679AleEXEDWAACp. 115FRYA showed 'Haskins'
HoskinsElinorTopshamDEV 1705Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoskinsEllenAxminsterDEV 1601Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoskinsGeorgeAxmouthDEVyeoman1626Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'proved at Honiton as George Hoskenes
HoskinsGeorgeCombpyneDEVmiller1700Aab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoskinsGeorgeTopshamDEV 1674Aab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'admon to Hester Hodgkin, widow; also inventory
HoskinsJohnAxminsterDEV 1620Aab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'admon to Joan and Robert Hoskins
HoskinsJohnBeer [Seaton and Beer]DEVseaman?1742Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'aboard H.M.S. "Severn"
HoskinsJohnBeer [Seaton and Beer]DEVinnholder1792Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoskinsLeghExmouth [Littleham (near Exmouth) and Withycombe Raleigh]DEVreverend1814WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 29 Mar 1814
HoskinsMaryAxminsterDEV 1606Ale MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoskinsRobertAxminsterDEVweaver1673Aab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoskinsRobertLuppittDEVyeoman1661Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoskinsThomasColytonDEV 1743Ale MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'no details given
HoskinsThomasLuppittDEVyeoman1717Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoskinsWilliamAxminsterDEVweaver1675Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'nuncupative will
HoskinsWilliamFarwayDEVgentleman1623Aab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'admon to Henry Hoskins, gent
HotchkisJames Savage DEV 1819Wab BANK Breconshire
HoulGeorgeSwimbridgeDEV 1819WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HoulditchRichard   1721Oco DHC-U71/18/2/9a-babstract of title mentioned in his will; Polsloe, Heavitree, mentioned
HouleGeorgeBishops TawtonDEV 1827AleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HouleHenryHighbray [High Bray]DEV 1781WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HouleJohnAshfordDEV 1791AleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HouleJohnHighbray [High Bray]DEV 1809WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HouleWilliamBishops TawtonDEV 1857WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HouleWilliamHighbray [High Bray]DEV 1789WleBARNMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'will and admon
HounswellMargeryTivertonDEV 1669WleEXEDWAACp. 114FRYA showed 'Hanswell'
HowGeorgePlymouthDEVesquire1773AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 24 April 1775
HowHannahPlymouthDEVspinster1810WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 31 Mar 1810
HowJames (Rev.)Honiton[?]DEV 1816Wab MISCFarquarson, p.35bequest to the Sunday and National Schools
Howe    1648W?leEXEDWAACp. 86FRYA showed 'Hone'
Howell  DEV 1597W?leEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA showed 'Howe'
HowellJohnExeterDEVgentleman1805Oab BANK registered 7 Feb 1806
HowellThomazineMorchard BishopDEV 1636AleEPREMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HowperJamesMeryet [Merriott?]SOM 1598WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'13 Lewyn; family tree attached
HowperTristramMusbery [Musbury]DEV 1545WlePCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'43 Pynning; family tree given
[Howper]        [MUR2] [See also Hoper, Hooper]
HoxlandEdwardPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVbookseller1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 17 Apr 1832
HoylesNewman WrightDartmouthDEVmerchant1843Wtr MISCNGB - http://ngb.chebucto.org/Wills/hoyles-newman-1-408.shtml 
HubbertWilliamDunsfordDEV 1661WleEXEDWAACp. 114FRYA showed 'Hubbard'
HubycombeHonorExeterDEV 1759WleEXEDWAACp. 117FRYA showed 'Hubscombe'
Hucley alias SellarJulianaTivertonDEV 1684AleEXEDWAACp. 115FRYA showed 'Hurley alias Sellar'
HuddyJunipherCrantocke [Crantock]CONspinster1647Wab MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
[Hudford][Charles]   [1636]   [DWAAC] [See Burston alias Hudford, Charles]
HughesFrancis AnnesleyPlymouthDEVesquire1844WabPCCBANK probate granted 26 Feb 1845; Tavistock mentioned; Bachelor of Laws in the University of Oxford
HullJohnOtterie St Marie [Ottery St Mary]DEV 1719WleEXEDWAACp. 116FRYA showed 'Hule'
HullSusannaTamerton FoliotDEVwidow1843WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 Jul 1844
HullWilliamPaynton [Paignton]DEV 1591WleECCEMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HulmeAnne DEV 1868Wco DHC-C8666 (acc no)will and copies
HulmeAnne DEV 1866Wco DHC-C8666 (acc no)wills - 1860, 1858, 1854
HulmeAnne DEV 1875Wco DHC-C8666 (acc no)probate of the wil and codicils
HulmeAnne (Mrs)ExeterDEV 1868Wco DHC-C8666 (acc no)copy probate of last will
HulmeRichard DEV 1850Wco DHC-C8666 (acc no)will
HulmeRichard Pavott DEV 1850Wab DHC-C8666 (acc no)epitome of the will and codicil
HumacottGeorgeDowne St Marie [Down St Mary]DEV 1663WleEXEDWAACp. 114FRYA showed 'Hunnacott'
HumfrePeterHighhamton Pounchard [Heanton Punchardon]DEV 1566Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 282 
HumfriePeterBrushforde [Brushford]DEVcurate1566Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 283 
HumfrieThomasHeanton Poncherdon [Heanton Punchardon]DEV 1571Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 284inventory extract shown
[Humfry][Ann]   [1634]   [CA] [See Frauncis alias Humfry, Ann]
HumfryeRobertPlimouth [Plymouth]DEV 1636Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 285admon to Agnes, relict; inventory extract shown
HumphreyChristopherPlymouthDEV 1636Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 287admon to Mary, daughter; inventory extract shown
HumphreysCharlesSt Sidwell, Exeter [Exeter St Sidwell]DEVgentleman 1834WabPCCBANK probate granted 27 Feb 1834
HumphrisRobertAlphington DEVesquire1832WabPCCBANK probate granted 10 May 1832
HuntCatherineWeekhampton [Walkhampton]DEVwidow1808WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 19 Nov 1808
HuntGeorgePlymouthDEVgentleman1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 8 Aug 1836
HuntJohnChagfordDEVyeoman1657Wab DHC-U5072M/F2/16date of will
HuntJosephExeterDEVgentleman1819WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons25 Aug 1819
HuntThomasNewton St Cires [Newton St Cyres]DEV 1669AleEXEDWAACp. 114FRYA showed 'Hant'
Hunt alias JamesNathanielMusburyDEV 1626AleEXEDWAACp. 85FRYA omitted 'Nathaniel'
HurdleJohnTopshamDEV 1815Wtr MUR2Box 'Ho-Hu' 
HurdleJohnTopshamDEVmaster mariner1821WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 Jan 1816
HurrellThomasDrewsteigntonDEVrector1781WcoPCCDHC-U7525Mtyped copy and photocopy of will dated 1768 held in p.r.o. - prob 11/1075
HurstJohnExeterDEVmerchant1552WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'3 Tashe; left £6/13/4 to 40 poor maidens towards their marriage
HurstJohnExeterDEVmerchant1552Wab MISCAntient, p. 144listing of bequests
HurstNicholasExton [Woodbury?]DEV 1604Wab MISCAntient, p. 158bequeststo poor of Exon
HurstWilliamExon [Exeter]DEV 1596AabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'58 Drake; admon previously granted in 1594 at EXE; OM Coll 8/36
HursteNicholasOxton [Kenton?][DEV]esquire1604WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'76 Harte; OM Coll 8/36; had land in Devon; no place identified but he leaves to the poor of Exon and Kenton
HuseyAliceLimpston [Lympstone]DEV 1660WleEXEDWAACp. 114entry omitted in FRYA
HusseyFlorenceStocklandDEVwidow1637WabPCCMUR2Box 'Ho-Hu'167 Goare; OM Coll 8/36
HusseyThomasOkehamptonDEVfuller1691WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
HutchingsJohnDevonport [Stoke Damerel]DEVgentleman1838WabPCC BANK probate granted 25 Apr 1839; superannuated labourer from Her Majesty's Dockyard
HutchingsNicholasUpotterie [Upottery]DEV 1637WleEXEDWAACp. 86entry omitted in FRYA
HutchingsRobertCoombe Rawleigh [Combe Raleigh]DEV 1755WleEXEDWAACp. 117FRYA showed 'Colaton Rawleigh'
HutchingsRobert SparkeDittishamDEVclerk1848Wtr MISCNGB - http://ngb.chebucto.org/Wills/hutchings-robert-sparke-1-554.shtml 
HutchinsPriscillaPlymouthDEVspinster1808WabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 31 Jan 1809; widow of William Waye
HutchinsThomasPlymouthDEVgentleman1769WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 4 Apr 1769
HutchinsonMaryPlymouthDEVspinster1717Wab BANK registered 18 Jun 1735
HuxtableEdmundPrusbury, Chittlehampton DEVyeoman1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 7 Oct 1828
HuxtableJohnCharlesDEVyeoman1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 7 Febr 1829 to daughter Elizabeth Smyth
HydeMargaretKingskerswellDEVwidow1897Wco DHC-U4573M/F6 
HydonWilliamBishops NymptonDEV 1753Wco NDRO-CB1096/1will, 1751; probate, 1752; additional notes, 1753
HyneElizabethPlymouthDEVspinster1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 19 Jun 1822
IlcombJohnPlymouthDEVthe elder; merchant1579Wab MUR2Box 'I-M'date of will, not probate
IliffEdwardLittleham & Exmouth [Littleham (near Exmouth)]DEVesquire1819WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons9 Aug 1819; of Sacheverall Hall
IliffWilliamExeterDEVgentleman1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 6 Jun 1818
IlottWilliamBryanston Cottage, BlandfordDORgentleman1843WabPCCBANK probate granted 27 Feb 1844; no Devon connection apparent
[Ilson][Elizabeth] DEV [1682]   [DWAAC] [See Elson alias Ilson, Elizabeth]
InchJohnStoke DamerelDEVshipwright1844WtrPCCGDPROB 11/2002/51will; formerly a Shipwright in H M Dock Yard at Devonport
IncledonFrancisBarnstapleDEVcolonel1797WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 Apr 1799
InnesJohnPlymouthDEVgunmaker1813WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 8 Jul 1813; also of Trowbridge Wilts
InnesJudithPlymouthDEVwidow1844Wab BANK [original image not shown on FindMyPast website]
IsaacAnnZeal MonachorumDEV 1791Wor DHC-U1292M/Wills/40date of will
IsaacChristianaHonitonDEVwidow 1837WabPCCBANK probate granted 6 June 1837
IsaackJulianaCombintinhead [Combeinteignhead]DEV 1673WleEXEDWAACp. 118FRYA showed '1672'
IsackeGeorgeOttery St MaryDEVgentleman1632WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M'126 Audley
IvieGeorgeCreditonDEV 1678Wab DRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229; Ivy papers in Edmond/Elliot folderbrief extract
IzackeSamuelWestminster St MargaretMDXgentleman1744WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M'late of Exeter; 194 Anstis
J'ansFrancis (Rev)Crewys Morchard [Cruwys Morchard]DEVclerk1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 17 Mar 1835
J'ansFrancis (Rev)Crewys Morchard [Cruwys Morchard]DEVclerk1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 17 Mar 1835; probably Cruwys Morchard
JacksonCyril Frederick WishopTeignmouthDEV 1914Oor DHC-U3257/0/wills 
JacksonJoanTivertonDEV 1748AleEXEDWAACp. 118FRYA showed 'St Sidwells, 1747'
JacksonMargaretSowtonDEVspinster1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 1 Feb 1819
JacksonMarySowtonDEVspinster1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 1 Feb 1819
JacksonRichardCity of ExeterDEVgentleman1763Wco DHC-U6863B 
JacksonTimothy TerryPayhemburyDEVreverend1819WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons19 Oct 1819
JacksonWilliamStar Cross, near Exeter [Kenn]DEVgentleman1828WabPCCBANK letters of administration with will annexed granted 16 Aug 1829 to widow, Mary Jackson; Cork, Ireland, mentioned
JacksonWilliam BickfordSouthmolton [South Molton]DEV 1849Wtr MISCNGB - http://ngb.chebucto.org/Wills/jackson-william-1-579.shtml 
JacobNathanDartmouthDEVjeweller1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 Mar 1832, therein described as Jacobs
JacotAbrahamPoltimoreDEVgentleman1748WabPCCBANK probate dated at Doctors Commons 15 Mar 1750
JagoLucretia BedfordPlymouth St AndrewDEVwidow1841WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1941/141will
JamesSarahTopshamDEVspinster1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 2 Jun 1828
JamesWilliamExeter St SidwellDEVprison warder1879Wco DHC-U3493B 
James alias HuntNathanielMusburyDEV 1626AleEXEDWAACp. 87entry omitted in FRYA
James alias RobertsWilliamSeaton [Seaton and Beer]DEV 1666AleEXEDWAACp. 118entry omitted in FRYA; [actually shown in 1665]
[James][Christofer]   [1626]   [DWAAC] [See Slade alias James, Christofer]
JanesRichardSilferton [Silverton]DEV 1712AleEXEDWAACp. 118FRYA showed 'James'
JardaineGeorgeExeterDEV 1633WleEXEDWAACp. 87entry omitted in FRYA
JarmanHenryTivertonDEVpawn broker1885Wco DHC-U3740M/W3 
JayJosephPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVcarpenter1832WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 May 1832
Jeanes or JennysThomasAilesbeare [Aylesbeare]DEV 1677WleEXEDWAACp. 118FRYA showed 'Jeane'
Jeere    1646W?leEXEDWAACp. 87FRYA showed 'Jeene'
JefferyJohnNorthamDEVmerchant1724Wco GDNDRO 1843A-PF94 
JefferyJohnExeterDEV 1762WleEXEDWAACp. 118FRYA showed '1761'
JeffreyRichardDittishamDEVwidower1824WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1687/218 
JenkinsMary AnnBirminghamWARwidow1892Wco DHC-U6440B add 
JenkinsPatienceTivertonDEV 1766AleEXEDWAACp. 118FRYA showed 'Silferton'
JennerThomasDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVShipwright1808WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 23 Jul 1808
JenningsFrancesPlymouthDEVwidow1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 13 Jan 1767
JenningsHenryStoke [Stoke Damerel]DEVgentleman1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 10 Jun 1767
[Jennys or Jeanes][Thomas]   [1677]   [DWAAC] [See Jeanes or Jennys, Thomas]
JermanHenryBroadclist [Broadclyst]DEV 1646WleEXEDWAACp. 87entry omitted in FRYA
JermanMaryKentonDEV 1746WleEXEDWAACp. 118FRYA showed 'Jarman'
JervisJohnBradninchDEVjunior1770WleEXEDWAACp. 118FRYA showed 'Jervoise'
JesseMaryExeterDEVwidow1837WabPCC BANK probate granted 4 Nov 1837; Dawlish mentioned
JessepElizeusPlymouthDEVgentleman1807WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 4 Apr 1808
JewellJamesReweDEVpolice constable1895Wco DHC-U6096-0 
JewellJohnPlymouthDEVgentleman1821WabPCCBANK letters of administration granted 14 Mar 1821; will annexed; first granted in 1808; daughter did not complete probate and died intestate
JewellJohnStrattonCONcordwainer1621Wab MUR2Box 'I-M'nuncupative will
JewellWilliamOkehamptonDEVstage wagon proprietor1855WcoEPREDHC-U4817-0 Box 4made in 1849
JillardAnn GrantLittleham (near Exmouth)DEVspinster1850WtrPCCGDPROB 11/2110/101will
JillardPeardPlymouthDEVboatswain1814WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1560/399will; formerly Boatswain of His Majesty's Ship Sophia Brilliant
Joans alias PoollJohnWhimpleDEV 1758WleEXEDWAACp. 118entry omitted in FRYA; [also spelt Pool alias Jones]
JobJohnCombinteignhead [Combeinteignhead]DEV 1764Wab DRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229; Job papers in Edmond/Elliott folderbrief extract names parents
JobJohnMary TavyDEV 1832AleTOTDRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229; Job papers in Edmond/Elliott folderAdmon with Will
JobJohnTavistockDEV 1847WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229; Job papers in Edmond/Elliott folder 
JobStephenPlymouthDEVsailor1741WleTOTDRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229; Job papers in Edmond/Elliott folder 
JoceWilliamChittlehamptonDEVgentleman1824WcoPCCNCDRO-CB1214 (acc 764)copy probate of will
Joce alias AnthonieBridgetExeterDEV 1626WleEXEDWAACp. 87entry omitted in FRYA
JohnselineElianorPayhemburyDEV 1716WleEXEDWAACp. 118FRYA omitted 'Johnseline'
JohnsonHoblynDockDEVshipwright1832WabPCCBANK probate granted 20 Feb 1833
JohnsonJohnTorrington [Great Torrington?]DEVesquire1810WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 11 May 1808
JollRichardDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVyeoman1815WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 19 Mar 1816
JonesJoanePowderhamDEV 1715WleEXEDWAACp. 118FRYA showed 'John'
JonesJohnTivertonDEVesquire1827WabPCCBANK probate granted 8 Dec 1827
JonesJohnUplime [Uplyme]DEV 1666AleEXEDWAACp. 118entry omitted in FRYA
JonesMaria JuliaPlympton MauriceDEVwidow1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 Jun 1831
JonesWilliamShobrookeDEV 1761AleEXEDWAACp. 118entry omitted in FRYA
JopeGeorge (Rev)Plymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEV 1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 31 May 1831
JopePeterPlymouthDEVgentleman1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 16 Oct 1773
JoshlenPetternellTapley [Westleigh]DEVwidow1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 28 Nov 1817
JourdayneGeorgeExeterDEVgrocer1632Wab MISCAntient, p. 177bequest to St John's hospital
JourdayneIgnatiusExeterDEVmayor1620Wab MISCAntient, p. 181bequest to Parish of St Mary the More
JoyceThomasClayhidonDEV 1730Wab DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays foldernames William Summerhays of Clayhidon
KarslakeThomasHemiock [Hemyock]DEV 1743AleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA showed 'Kerslake'
KavanaghJames Daniel (Rev)ExeterDEV 1894Aor DHC-U6440B add 
KeateSamuelPoltimoreDEV 1740AleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA showed '1739'
KeeneChristopherHalbertonDEV 1672AleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA showed '1671'
KeenorJohnEast StonehouseDEVwine merchant1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 29 Aug 1806
KeeseJohnExeterDEVsenior1706WleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA showed 'Keefe'
KeeseJohnExeterDEV 1706AleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA showed 'Keefe'
KekewichRobertExeterDEVesquire1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 16 Feb 1833; formerly of Sidmouth
KellandJohnHemyockDEV 1762WleEXEDWAACp. 120FRYA showed 'Hennock'
KellandRichardExeterDEVgentleman1685WtrPCCGDPROB 11/380/457 
KelleyJohnExeterDEVgentleman1756WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 19 Jun 1767
KelleyJohnExeterDEVgentleman1763WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 19 June 1767
KelleyJohnExeterDEVgentleman1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 19 June 1767
KellonChristopherCadeleighDEV 1765WleEXEDWAACp. 120FRYA showed 'Eddesleigh'
KellyBenedictus MarwoodSaltfordSOMadmiral1867Wco DHC-U6243M/Z1 
KellyElizabethTavistockDEVwidow1809WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 19 Sep 1809
KellyJohnExeterDEV 1487Wab MUR2Box 'I-M'possibly Exeter St Petrock
KellyJohnExeter St PetrockDEV 1586Wab MISCOliver5, vol.1, p. 80 
KellyJulianaSaltfordSOMwidow1897Wco DHC-U6243M/Z1 
KellyRobertExeterDEV 1720AleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA showed 'Kerby'
KellySamuelPlymouthDEVcarpenter, R.N.1833WabPCCBANK letters of administration, with will annexed, granted 30 Oct 1833 to grandsons
KempBenjaminPlymstockDEVtidesman1809WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 29 Dec 1809
KendallCharlesBroadhampton [Broadhempston?]DEVesquire1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 7 Jan 1806
KendallElizabethLanliveryCONwidow1816WabEPREDRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229 Phillips papers in Phillips folder 
KendallEmblynAshburtonDEVspinster1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 16 Feb 1818
KennadySusannaExeterDEVwidow1760AabPCCBANK letters of administration granted at Doctors Commons 22 Aug 1764
KennawayWilliam [snr]ExeterDEVmerchant1769WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 14 Jul 1769
KennellJohnExeterDEV 1752AleEXEDWAACp. 120FRYA showed 'Kemmell'
KenneyThomasBidefordDEVmerchant1772WtrPCCGDPROB 11/978/223 
KenneyWilliamBidefordDEVmerchant1768WtrPCCGDPROB 11/936/12 
KenrickTimothyExeterDEVreverend1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 19 Nov 1804
KensholeAlfredHigh WycombeBKMbachelor1917Oor DHC-U3493B 
KensholeJohnHeavitree [Exeter Heavitree]DEVgentleman1882Wco DHC-U3493B 
KensholeRobertExeterDEVgentleman1894Wco DHC-U3493B 
KensholeRobertExeter St SidwellDEV 1888Wor DHC-U3493B 
KensholeWilliamGoathwistSOMgentleman1891Wco DHC-U3493BExeter mentioned
KensholeWilliamRomfordESSbachelor1918Oor DHC-U3493B 
KenwoodPhilipKentonDEV 1672AleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA showed '1671'
KerrMaryExmouth [Littleham (near Exmouth)]DEVwidow1901Wco DHC-U6440B add 
KerslakeHenryBeaworthyDEVclerk[1710]Wab DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Karslake papers in Hill foldermentions inventory
KerslakeJohnOttery St MaryDEV 1646WleEXEDWAACp. 87entry omitted in FRYA
KerslakeJohnTivertonDEV 1712WleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA showed 'Keslake'
KerslakeThomasPlymouth Yard [Stoke Damerel]DEVjunior; shipwright1839WabPCCBANK probate granted 14 Aug 1839
Kerslake alias ShorneyWilliamClayhangerDEV 1788AleEXEDWAACp. 120FRYA omitted 'alias Shorney'
KerswillJohnKenton DEVyeoman1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 14 May 1833
KeslakeThomasFarringdonDEV 1777WleEXEDWAACp. 120FRYA showed 'Kerslake'
KeswellHenryExeterDEV 1743WleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA showed 'Kerswell'; also administration
KeswillWilliamKentonDEV 1749WleEXEDWAACp. 120FRYA showed 'Kerswill'
KevernCharlesPlympton [Plympton St Mary?]DEVgentleman1815WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 28 Jun 1815
KevernCharlesStoke DamerelDEVgentleman1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 Sep 1835
KevernCharlesStoke DamerelDEVgentleman1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 Sep 1835
KevernMaryPlymouthDEVwidow1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 15 Jun 1763
KeyThomasCharing CrossMDXmusical instrument maker1852Wco DHC-U6440B add 
KeyteWilliamEbringtonGLS 1632WcoPCCDHC-U1262M/FS/10 
KiddleJoanSt Thomas [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEVwidow1705WleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA showed 'John'
KilletSamuelExeterDEVesquire1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 3 Aug 1766
KilligrewEllinorBudockCONwidow1606WabECCEDRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229 Phillips papers in Phillips folder 
KimminsJohnTivertonDEVyeoman1781Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 218a 
KingAbrahamHartlandDEV 1647AabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 242admon to John, son of John [grandson?]; with that of his wife, Alice (1647)
KingAbsolomHighweekDEV 1662Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 238admon to Nicholl, relict; inventory extract shown
KingAgnesKentisbeareDEV 1624Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 281admon to John, brother
KingAliceHartlandDEV 1647AabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 242admon to John, son of John [grandson?]; with that of her husband, Abraham (1647)
KingAliceNorthamDEVwidow1638Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 251nuncupative will; inventory extract shown
KingAliceTotnesDEVwidow1625Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 274inventory extract shown
KingAmbroseListon [Lifton?]DEV 1625WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 339 
KingAndrewChurston [Churston Ferrers]DEV 1631Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 253admon to Henry, son
KingAndrewDartingtonDEV 1641Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 255admon to Katherine, relict
KingAndrewSlaptonDEV 1624AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 353admon to Joan, relict; inventory extract shown
KingAnnPlymouthDEVwidow1838WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 Mar 1839
KingAnthonyChettlehampton [Chittlehampton]DEV 1580OabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 361account of Agnes Hunt alias King
KingAnthonyMartinhoeDEV 1597AabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 370admon to Mary, relict; inventory extract shown
KingAnthonyYearnscombe [Yarnscombe]DEV 1610AabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 289admon to Elnor King; inventory extract shown
KingBartholomewGeorgham [Georgeham]DEVwidow [sic]1647WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 329inventory extract shown
KingCharlesRatteryDEV 1661WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 258inventory extract shown
KingChristianBiddeford [Bideford]DEV 1615AabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 294admon to Katherine, daughter
KingChristopherBlacktorington [Black Torrington]DEVweaver1680WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 331plus admon to Catherine, relict
KingClementLodderwell [Loddiswell]DEV 1634Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 254admon to Hellen, relict
KingDavidMakerDEV 1594IabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 317inventory extract only; probate to Margaret, relict
KingDegoryAshwaterDEVtailor1669Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 230inventory extract shown
KingDorothyOttertonDEVwidow1662Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 233inventory extract shown
KingEdwardBarnstapleDEVweaver1607WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 288inventory extract shown
KingEdwardOttertonDEVhusbandman1617Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 270 
KingElizabethLoddeswell [Loddiswell]DEVspinster1676WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 309 
KingElizabethRewton, Lodswell [Loddiswell]DEVthe elder; widow1607Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 344a & 345ainventory extract shown
KingElizabethTawton Bishop [Bishops Tawton]DEVwidow1576WabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 319 
KingFrancisNewton St CyresDEVlaborer1639Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 228inventory extract shown
KingFrancisNewton St CyresDEVlaborer1639Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 235nuncupative will; inventory extract shown
KingGabrielChittlehamptonDEVyeoman1637Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 221aadmon to Johanna, relict; inventory extract shown
KingGabrielClovellyDEV 1615WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 295inventory extract shown
KingGeorgeBiddeford [Bideford]DEVmiller1612WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 290inventory extract shown
KingGeorgeBidefordDEV 1617AabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 296admon to Susanna King, spinster
KingGeorgeKentonDEVhusbandman1619Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 271inventory extract shown
KingGregoryBovy Tracy [Bovey Tracey]DEVfuller1665Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 229inventory extract shown
KingHelenLoddeswell [Loddiswell]DEVwidow1668Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 229inventory extract shown
KingHenryAwton Gifferd [Aveton Gifford]DEVhusbandman1608Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 348a & 349ainventory extract shown
KingHenryLoddeswell [Loddiswell]DEVthe elder1678AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 311admon to Henry, son
KingHenrySouth MiltonDEV 1680WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 346admon to George, brother; inventory extract shown
KingHerculesDipford [Diptford]DEV 1617IabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 265inventory extract only; probate to Joane, relict
KingIsaacTotnesDEVclothier1619AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 266admon to Alice, relict; inventory extract shown
KingJamesExeter St JohnDEVcordwinder1636Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 227inventory extract shown
KingJamesShillingford St GeorgeDEVclerke1681WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 325 
KingJamesWalkhamptonDEV 1643Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 256 
KingJoanAshwaterDEV 1631Iab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 253inventory extract only
KingJoanBridgetown [Berry Pomeroy]DEVwidow1661WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 257 
KingJoanBury Pomeroy [Berry Pomeroy]DEVwidow1672WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 302inventory extract shown
KingJoanChittlehamptonDEV 1669Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 225admon to Elizabeth, wife of John King
KingJoanCombemartin [Combe Martin]DEVspinster1640Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 223aadmon to Anthony King
KingJoanExeterDEV 1649Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 236admon to John Parsons, brother
KingJoanStoke GabrielDEVwidow1669Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 234 
KingJoaneBuckland Bruer [Buckland Brewer]DEVwidow1576WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 358 & 359inventory extract shown
KingJoaneBury Pomeroy [Berry Pomeroy]DEVwidow1673WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 304 
KingJoaneCollaton Rawley [Colaton Raleigh]DEV 1623Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 282inventory extract shown
KingJoaneCollompton [Cullompton]DEVspinster1679Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 278inventory extract shown
KingJoaneDipford [Diptford]DEVsinglewoman1628Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 275inventory extract shown; plus admon to Prudence Pearse [daughter?]
KingJoaneHarbertonDEV 1607WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 261inventory extract shown
KingJohnAishwater [Ashwater]DEVyeoman1607WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 343ainventory extract shown
KingJohnAtheringtonDEV 1582WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 360 
KingJohnBigburyDEV 1679AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 345admon to Catherine, relict; inventory extract shown
KingJohnBlack TorringtonDEVyeoman1601Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 346a & 347ainventory extract shown
KingJohnChalleigh [Chawleigh]DEV 1605WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 287 
KingJohnChedulhampton [Chittlehampton]DEV 1647AabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 330admon to Arthur, father, Mary the relict having renounced
KingJohnDampford Spiney [Sampford Spiney]DEV 1670Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 231inventory extract shown
KingJohnDartmouthDEV 1675AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 307admon to Joan, relict; inventory extract shown
KingJohnDipford [Diptford]DEVyeoman1625Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 276probate year may have been 1615
KingJohnEast AllingtonDEVmason1676WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 310inventory extract shown
KingJohnExeterDEVmerchant1672Wab MISCAntient, p. 177bequest to St John's hospital
KingJohnExeterDEV 1680Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 277admon to Joane, relict
KingJohnFalmouthCONmariner1681WabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 313inventory extract shown
KingJohnHartlandDEV 1603AabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 243admon to Cicely, relict
KingJohnHolsworthyDEVthe elder1671AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 305admon to Thomasine, relict; inventory extract shown
KingJohnKentesbeare [Kentisbeare]DEVhusbandman1625Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 279inventory extract shown
KingJohnLoddeswell [Loddiswell]DEV 1636Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 254admon to Richard Thorne, principal creditor
KingJohnLoddeswell [Loddiswell]DEVyeoman1672WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 300 & 301admon to relatives during the minority of Jeffrey, son
KingJohnLoddeswell [Loddiswell]DEVbutcher1676WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 308inventory extract shown
KingJohnMartinhoeDEV 1597WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 371 & 372inventory extract shown
KingJohnNorthamDEV 1618Oab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 245 & 246admon to Miles, son; and account
KingJohnNorthamDEV 1630AabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 341admon to Awdry, relict; inventory extract shown
KingJohnNymet Regis [Kings Nympton]DEVyeoman1669Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 225 
KingJohnStoke GabrielDEV 1620WabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 318 
KingJohnSutcombeDEVthatcher1663Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 259 & 260inventory extract shown
KingJohnTivertonDEVclothier1631Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 226inventory extract shown
KingJohnTivertonDEV 1646Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 228admon to Christina, relict
KingJohnTivertonDEV 1646Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 236admon to Christiana, relict
KingJohnWhitechurch [Whitchurch]DEV 1614AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 352admon to Mary, relict; inventory extract shown
KingJosiahMudbury [Modbury?]DEV 1661AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 256admon to Alice, relict
KingLewesWinckley [Winkleigh]DEV 1638Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 221ainventory extract shown
KingMargaretDevonport [Stoke Damerel]DEVwidow1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 1 Oct 1836
KingMargaretWhitechurch [Whitchurch]DEV 1660Iab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 256inventory extract only; probate to Katherine Mudge, daughter
KingMaryPaigntonDEVwidow1632WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 327inventory extract shown
KingMaryPlymouthDEVwidow1662Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 238inventory extract shown
KingMatthewIlfracombeDEV 1613WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 291 
KingNicholasBerry PomeroyDEV 1633IabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 284inventory extract only; probate to Joane, relict
KingNicholasBuckland MonachorumDEV 1628WleTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 356probate to Joane, relict
KingNicholasPaigntonDEV 1613WabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 317probate to Dorothy, relict
KingNicholasPaigntonDEV 1613WabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 320admon to John, brother, during minority of Dionysius, son
KingNicholasPlymouthDEV 1662Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 258admon to John Elliot, principal creditor; inventory extract shown
KingPeterAbbot Kerswell [Abbotskerswell]DEVhusbandman1673WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 303inventory extract shown
KingPhilipSouth Petherton [South Petherwin]CON 1637Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 252admon to Digorie King of Launceston; inventory total
KingPolinoreChittlehamptonDEVwidow1614AabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 293admon to Gabriel, son
KingRaddishBlack TorringtonDEVwidow1602WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 342ainventory extract shown
KingRichardBradworthyDEV 1617WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 357 
KingRichardBuckland [Buckland Filleigh?]DEVhusbandman1577WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 337 
KingRichardChillington, StokenhamDEVtailor1666Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 231inventory extract shown
KingRichardChirnleigh [Chulmleigh]DEV 1638Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 220ainventory extract shown
KingRichardPlymouthDEV 1610AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 299admon to Anne, relict; inventory extract shown
KingRichardRatteryDEVthe elder; husbandman1674WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 306inventory extract shown
KingRobertBarnstapleDEVfuller1628AabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 340admon to Anna, relict; inventory extract shown
KingRobertChanley or Challeigh [Chawleigh]DEV 1595AabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 368admon to John Darte, husbandman; inventory extract shown
KingRobertDittishamDEVyeoman1664Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 260 
KingRobertHarbertonDEV 1615AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 264admon to Margery, relict
KingRobertPaigntonDEVhusbandman1628IabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 316inventory extract only; probate to Hugh Smith, brother in law
KingRobertRatteryDEV 1615WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 263inventory extract shown
KingRobertStoke GabrielDEVyeoman1666Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 232inventory extract shown
KingRogerLoddiswellDEV 1680AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 349admon to guardians during the minority of John, brother; inventory extract shown; see also p. 340a
KingRogerTivertonDEV 1627Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 280admon to margaret and Emmanuel, relict and son; inventory extract shown
KingSamuelEast StonehouseDEVstonemason1832WabPCCBANK probate granted 5 Nov 1832
KingSamuel (Rev)DartmouthDEVclerk1842Wor DHC-U3778B 
KingSarahPlymouthDEVwidow1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 21 Mar 1831
KingSusanExeterDEV 1622Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 273admon to Richard Hore, son, and Elizabeth, his wife
KingTheophilusAishton [Ashton]DEV 1639Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 227admon to Thomasine, relict; inventory extract shown
KingTheophilusAishton [Ashton]DEV 1639Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 235inventory extract shown
KingThomasBuckland Bruer [Buckland Brewer]DEV 1586WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 364 & 365inventory extract shown
KingThomasChedulhampton [Chittlehampton]DEVhusbandman1602WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 285 
KingThomasHartlandDEV 1666Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 224admon to Grace, relict
KingThomasHartlandDEV 1594WabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 317probate to Jane, relict
KingThomasHigh BickingtonDEV 1636Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 220ainventory extract shown
KingThomasLoddiswellDEVyeoman1642Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 255inventory extract shown
KingThomasRynmore [Ringmore]DEVyeoman1630Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 253inventory extract shown
KingThomasSouth MoltonDEV 1646Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 233admon to Joan King
KingThomasSouth MoltonDEV 1646Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 253 
KingThomasineHartlandDEVwidow1583WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 362 & 363inventory extract shown
KingThomasineMartenhoe [Martinhoe]DEV 1614WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 292 
KingWalterPeter TavyDEVhusbandman1602WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 341a 
KingWilliamBarnstapleDEV 1664Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 224admon to Mary, relict; inventory extract shown
KingWilliamChedulhampton [Chittlehampton]DEVyeoman1602WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 286 
KingWilliamChittlehamptonDEVgroom1643Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 223a 
KingWilliamExeterDEVhaberdasher1635Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 226inventory extract shown
KingWilliamExminsterDEV 1623Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 283inventory extract shown
KingWilliamLodiswell [Loddiswell]DEVhusbandman1608WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 350 & 351inventory extract shown
KingWilliamNewton St PetrockDEV 1633Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 219aadmon to Johanna, relict; inventory extract shown
KingWilliamPlympton St MaryDEVthe elder1632Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 254admon to William, son
KingWilliamSherfordDEVthe elder1660WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 257inventory extract shown
KingWilliamSherfordDEV 1628AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 355admon to William, son; inventory extract shown
KingWilliamShurford [Sherford]DEVmason1662Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 237inventory extract shown
KingWilliamTavistockDEVfelmonger1680Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 347 & 348inventory extract shown
KingWilliamTavistockDEV 1627IabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 354inventory extract only; probate to Agnes, relict
KingWilliamTormohamDEV 1618AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 268admon to Margarett, relict; inventory extract shown
KingWilliamWithycombe Rawley [Withycombe Raleigh]DEV 1620Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 272 
KingAndrewGampton [Yealmpton]DEV 1669Iab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 230inventory extract only; probate to Agnes Gidley, daughter
King alias SaunderJohnHartlandDEV 1593WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 366 & 367inventory extract shown
King alias SaundersPeterBidefordDEVtanner1638Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 222ainventory extract shown
King alias SaundersWilliamHartlandDEVyeoman1631Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 219a 
[King][Anthony]   [1620]   [CA] [See Sanders alias King, Anthony]
[King][Sampson]   [1571]   [CA] [See Saunders alias King, Sampson]
[King][Thomasine]   [1595]   [CA] [See Salamon alias King, Thomasine]
KingdonAnneSilferton [Silverton]DEV 1678WleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA showed 'Kingdom'
KingdonGeorgePlymouthDEVhatter1821WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 Feb 1821
KingdonRogerExeterDEV 1704WleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA showed 'Kingdom'
KingdonWilliamPlymouthDEVhat maker1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 19 Mar 1829
Kingdon alias AndreweRogerAlphingtonDEV 1704AleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA showed 'Kingdom alias Andrews, John'
KingeDorothyPaigntonDEV 1613WabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 321 
KingeElizabethLittle HempstonDEV 1602WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 267inventory extract shown
KingeEmeGeorgham [Georgeham]DEVwidow1566WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 334 
KingeEmlineChittlehamptonDEVwidow1577WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 338 
KingeJaneTrelicke, HartlandDEV 1606Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 244 
KingeJohnAbbots Kerswell [Abbotskerswell]DEVtailor1629Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 269inventory extract shown
KingeJohnNorthamDEV 1629OabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 343account of Julyan King, relict
KingeJohnNorthamDEV 1628AabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 344admon to Juliana, relict
KingeJohnStoke GabrielDEV 1625WabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 312inventory extract shown
KingeJohnWelford, HartlandDEV 1563WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 332 
KingeKatherineStoke GabrielDEV 1625IabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 314inventory extract only; Robert King, administrator
KingeMargaretStoke GabrielDEVwidow1568WabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 322 
KingeMargerittStoke GabrielDEVwidow1625WabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 315 
KingeMaudeWelcombeDEVwidow1564WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 333 
KingeMilesNorthamDEV 1574WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 240 
KingePhilipPlimstock [Plymstock]DEV 1615AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 249admon to Peternell, relict; inventory extract shown
KingePhilippBeaworthyDEVwidow1622WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 250inventory extract shown
KingePhillipHartlandDEVwidow1641Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 247inventory extract shown
KingeRichardHandsworthy, HartlandDEV 1601WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 248 
KingeRichardWelcombeDEV 1573WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 335 
KingeRichardWestwarlington [West Worlington]DEV 1646WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 328 
KingeRobertNorthamDEV 1605WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 342admon to Johane, relict
KingeRobertStokegabriell [Stoke Gabriel]DEV 1587Iab MUR2Box 'I-M' 
KingeTheophilusAishton [Ashton]DEV 1641AleEXEDWAACp. 87FRY omitted 'account' also, and showed 1639
KingeThomasCreditonDEV 1630WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 324inventory extract shown
KingeWalterNorthamDEV 1609AabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 241admon to Ebota, relict; inventory extract shown
KingeWilliamBigburyDEVyeoman1625WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 326inventory extract shown
KingeWilliamDipford [Diptford]DEV 1574WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 262plus admon to Alice, relict
KingeWilliamGeorgham [Georgeham]DEV 1574WabBARNCAButler - Vol. 14, p. 336 
KingeWilliamNorthamDEVmariner1649WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 239inventory extract shown
KingeWilliamStoke GabrielDEV 1547WabECCECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 323 
KingstonMaryCadeleighDEVwidow1572Wab MISCOliver5, vol.2, p. 78Mary (Gainsford) was the second wife of Sir William Courtenay . . . sometime wife of Sir Anthony Kingstone
KitsonElizabethExeterDEVwidow1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 12 Sep 1805
KleinjungAugustWilmslowCHSmerchant1907Wco DHC-U6440B add 
KnapmanAndrewDrewsteigntonDEVyeoman1855WabEXEDHC-U4871-0 Box 3fragile probate copy of undated will
KnapmanArthurThrowleighDEV 1738WleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA showed 'Henry'; also administration
KnapmanEdmundSouth TawtonDEV 1750WleEXEDWAACp. 120FRYA showed 'Edward'
KnightJohnAxminsterDEVesquire1801AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 15 Jul 1801
KnightMargaretTopshamDEVwidow1791WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1514/401 
KnightMarySidmouthDEVwidow1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 13 Aug 1806
KnightRichardLoopitt [Luppitt]DEV 1630WleEXEDWAACp. 87FRYA showed 'A'
KnightThomasIddesleighDEVgent; the elder1654Wab MUR2Box 'I-M'date proved and probate court not given; will 1636, admon 1654
KnightJohnYarcombeDEV 1644WleEXEDWAACp. 87entry omitted in FRYA
Knight alias CombeJaneExeterDEV 1626AleEXEDWAACp. 87entry omitted in FRYA
Knight alias FollettJoanAwliscombeDEV 1707AleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA showed 'Knight alias Tollet'
Knight alias GyrdHenryColompton [Cullompton]DEV 1678AleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA omitted 'alias Gyrd'
KnighteAliceYartecombe [Yarcombe?]DEV 1586W?leEXEDWAACp. 87FRYA showed 'Martecombe'
KnightleyJamesExeterDEVgentleman1830WabPCCBANK James and Mary Knightly held stocks jointly; Mary buried Apr 1813, survived by James who was buried 10 Nov 1829; letters of administration, with will annexed, granted 11 Dec 1829 to nephew John Kingston
KnightleyMaryExeterDEVwife1830WabPCC BANK wife of James Knightley; See James Knightley of Exeter, 1830
KnillGilbertGreat TorringtonDEV&bnsp;1808WcoPCCPROB 111474/213 
KnillHenryBishopsteigntonDEVfarmer1779WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 30 Oct 1778
KnistonAnnePoughillDEV 1675AleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA showed 'Kingston'
KnistonWilliamPoughillDEV 1675WleEXEDWAACp. 119FRYA showed 'Kingston'
KnowltonJamesExeter St DavidDEVshopkeeper1702Wco DHC-U67/6/13/1g 
KnoxJamesCraddock Lodge, Collumpton [Cullompton]DEVesquire1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 17 Dec 1836; Royal Marines retired captain
Knoyle or NoyleEdwardTivertonDEV 1671AleEXEDWAACp. 119entry omitted in FRYA
KymmyngRosemundaLa Pole, Toppesham [Topsham]DEV 1295WabPCDCMUR2Box 'I-M''seal of the office of the Lord Bishop of Exxon is appended'
Kyne    1609W?leEXEDWAACp. 87FRYA showed 'Kyve'
KyrkhamJane (Lady)PaigntonDEVwidow1554Wab MISCOliver5, vol.1, p. 172 
LackSamuelSidmouthDEV 1705AleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Lock'
LackingtonRichardTaleton [Talaton]DEV 1641AleEXEDWAACp. 87FRYA omitted 'account' also
LacyAbrahamExeterDEV 1749WleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Lucy'
LaddyWilliamCadeleighDEV 1746WleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Luddy'; also administration
LakeElizabethRingmoreDEVwidow1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 22 Jul 1833 to Ann Northcote, daughter
LakeJohnBelstoneDEVelder; yeoman1678WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LakeJulianBelstoneDEVwidow1692WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LakeRobertTivertonDEV 1743AleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Lane'
LamacrateGraceWhitstone [Whitestone]DEVwidow1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 13 Nov 1843
LambAlexanderTobagoTTbarrister1844WabPCCDHC-U5257-0probate copy of will dated 1842; formerly of the Island of Grenada; mentions property in Totnes
LambertAnneDrewsteigntonDEV 1844Wab DHC-U7525Mmodern abstract of will dated 1842 and proved in Exeter
LambertHenryDrewsteigntonDEVsurgeon1853Wab DHC-U7525Mmodern abstract of will proved in Exeter
LambertJohnWallon, DrewsteigntonDEVgentleman1844Wab DHC-U7525Mmodern abstract of will proved in Exeter
Lambert otherwise GorwynMaryCheriton BishopDEV 1798WleEXEDWAACp. 123entry omitted in FRYA
Lamcrafte    1631W?leEXEDWAACp. 87FRYA showed 'Langrafte'
LamertonGraceStrattonCONwidow1623Wab MUR2Box 'I-M' 
LampenLucyDartmouthDEVspinster1837WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1878/292 
LamperyHumphreyKentisbeer [Kentisbeare]DEV 1778WleEXEDWAACp. 123FRYA showed 'Lampeny'
LamphreyJosephKentonDEV 1740AleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Lampenny'
LamweedSaraCombe in Teign Head [Combeinteignhead]DEV 1738WleEXECULLFilm no. 87933possibly 'Langmead'
LancraftJohnBridfordDEV 1679WleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Langcraft'
LandClaraTopshamDEVwidow1830WabPCCBANK probate granted 10 Apr 1830; name Edsall mentioned
LandGrace Mary AnnSilvertonDEVspinster1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 2 Dec 1817
LandJamesHalbertonDEV 1761WleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Lang'
Land alias DyerJohnBamptonDEV 1661AleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Lane' and omitted 'alias Dyer'
LandeRichard   1586W?leEXEDWAACp. 87FRYA showed 'Lende'
LanderJamesPlymouthDEVcordwainer1805AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 4 Oct 1806
LaneJamesMemburyDEV 1775AleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Jane'
LaneMaryTotnes DEVspinster1827WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 Apr 1827
LaneSamuelTivertonDEVsergemaker1779WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 13 Sep 1779
LaneThomasColytonDEVyeoman1826Wco DHC-U4494M/W1probate copy; no indication of where probate held; very fragile
LaneThomasColytonDEVgentleman1878Wco DHC-U4494M/W4 
LangBarbaraSouthtawton [South Tawton]DEV 1781WleEXEDWAACp. 123FRYA showed 'Long'
LangBartholomewTivertonDEV 1669WleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Long'
LangEliasPlymouthDEVapothecary1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 4 Dec 1762
LangGregoryCombentinhead [Combeinteignhead]DEV 1728AleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'George'
LangJamesDrewsteigntonDEVyeoman1830WcoEXEDHC-U4871-0 Box 3fragile probate copy of will dated 1828
LangJamesDrewsteigntonDEVyeoman1830WcoEXEDHC-U4817-0 Box 4made in 1828
LangJeffreyIpplepenDEVsurgeon1781Wab WWWLink - 10 Dec 2012 
LangJohnUgboroughDEVyeoman1778Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WL 1 
LangMargaretPlymouthDEVwidow1773WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 16 May 1774; also of Bodmin Cornwall
LangOliverSouthtawton [South Tawton]DEV 1697WleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Long'
LangSarahTavistockDEVspinster1837WabPCCBANK probate granted 25 Apr 1837
LangWilliamSampford CourtenayDEVyeoman1873Wco DHC-U4817-0 Box 4 
Langaller Aishton [Ashton]DEV 1777WleEXEDWAACp. 122a muddle!; the compiler suggests FRYA omitted 'Aishton'; but did FRYA actually give the wrong year?; see Langaller, Christopher, 1727
LangamanJamesUpton PyneDEV 1775AleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Longman'
LanganmantelMatthewExeterDEV 1746AleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Langmantel'
LangdonAnnaWoodburyDEV 1725AabPCVCCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 294admon to Gilbert, clerke, husband
LangdonGilbertExeterDEV 1702AabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 290admon to Richard, brother; under £20
LangdonGilbertWoodburyDEVclerk1735AabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 296admon to Mary, relict
LangdonJohnExeter St SidwellDEVsergemaker1712WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 292 & 293inventory extract shown
LangdonJohnPark, Bovey TraceyDEVesquire1743WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 298 - 300 
LangdonJohnSt Sidwells [Exeter St Sidwell]DEV 1627AabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 288admon to Thomasine, relict, now Norway; inventory extract shown
LangdonJosiahExeter St DavidDEVinnholder1730WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 295 
LangdonJudithSt Sidwells [Exeter St Sidwell]DEV 1637AabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 289admon to Anna Worthe alias Heywood, daughter; inventory extract shown
LangdonMaryNorth Bovey [Bovey Tracey]DEV 1743AabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 301admon to Mary (widow), mother
LangdonMaryWoodburyDEVwidow1796WabPCVCCAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 302 & 303 
LangdonRichardCheriton BishopDEV 1704AabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 291admon to Juliana, relict; under £20
LangdonRichardExeter St Thomas the ApostleDEVmariner1741WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 297aboard H.M.S. "Deptford"
LangdonRichardPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVgentleman1832WabPCC BANK probate granted 10 April 1832
LangdonSusannaExeterDEVwidow1812WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 18 May 1813
LangeGeoffreyStokeinteignheadDEVyeoman1632WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 306inventory extract shown
LangeJohaneCombeinteignheadDEVwidow1630WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 307 
LangeJohnStokeintinhead [Stokeinteignhead]DEV 1672AleEXEDWAACp. 121entry omitted in FRYA
LangeMaryStokeinteignheadDEVwidow1623WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 305inventory extract shown
LangeRobertStokeinteignheadDEV 1610WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 304 
LanghamJoanSampford PeverellDEV 1726WleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'John'; also administration
LangleghWilliamToppysham [Topsham]DEV 1474WabPCDCMUR2Box 'I-M'date of will, not probate
LangmeadAgnesEast Alvington [East Allington]DEVwidow1658WcoPCCWWWLink - 31 Dec 2013PROB 11/282 quire 525: will written 1642
LangmeadChristopherStoke GabrielDEV 1615WleECCECULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadDanielSt MarychurchDEV 1704AlePCDCCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadElizabethBelstoneDEV 1781WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadElizabethIpplepenDEV 1685AleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadElizabethOkehamptonDEV 1742WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadElizabethUgboroughDEV 1662WleEPRECULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadGraceRingmoreDEV 1648AleEPRECULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadGregoryBelston [Belstone]DEV 1703AleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadGregoryBelstoneDEV 1647WleEPRECULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadGregoryOkehamptonDEV 1740WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadHelenBelston [Belstone]DEV 1662WleEPRECULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadJamesSouth TawtonDEV 1687AleEXECULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadJoanTorbrian [Torbryan]DEV 1689AleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadJoannaIpplepenDEV 1664AleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadJohmUgboroughDEV 1710AleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadJohnDean PriorDEV 1740WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadJohnSampford CourtenayDEV 1795WleEPRECULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadJohnSt GermansCON 1611OleECCECULLFilm no. 87933possible an inquisition post mortem
LangmeadJohnSt MarychurchDEV 1709AlePCDCCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadJohnSt MarychurchDEV 1744AlePCDCCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadJohnSt MarychurchDEV 1809WlePCDCCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadJohnUgborow [Ugborough]DEV 1662WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadJohnUgborow [Ugborough]DEV 1663AleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadMaryEast AllingtonDEV 1688WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadMarySouth BrentDEV 1789A[?]leTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadOliverOkehamptonDEV 1689WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadOliverProwleigh [Throwleigh]DEV 1772WleEXECULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadPascoBoconuock [Boconnoc]CON 1673WlePCDCCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadRichardSt MarychurchDEV 1698AlePCDCCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadRichardTorbrian [Torbryan]DEV 1720WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadRobertSouth BrentDEV 1777AleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadRogerUgborow [Ugborough]DEV 1661AleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadSarahSt MarychurchDEV 1789AlePCDCCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadThomasSouth BrentDEV 1748WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadThomasSouth BrentDEV 1748WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadThomasWyncklegh [Winkleigh]DEV 1575WleBARNCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadWilliam DEV 1548WleECCECULLFilm no. 87933no parish shown
LangmeadWilliamBelston [Belstone]DEV 1696WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadWilliamBelstoneDEV 1707WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadWilliamBelstoneDEV 1728WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadWilliamChudleighDEV 1710WleECCECULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadWilliamDean PriorDEV 1674WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadWilliamSampford CourtenayDEV 1765WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadWilliamSt MarychurchDEV 1738AlePCDCCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadWilliamTormohamDEV 1744AleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadWilliamUgboroughDEV 1716WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
[Langmead]        [CULL] [See also Lamweed and Langmeade]
LangmeadeIsibel or SibelKentonDEV 1619AleEXECULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadeLidstoneUgborow [Ugborough]DEV 1672WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangmeadEWilliamBelstoneDEV 1781WleTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LangsfordJohnSpreytonDEV 1736WleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Langford'
LangworthyGarlandPlymouth Earle [Plympton St Maurice]DEVsurgeon1779WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1053/304will
LangworthyGarlandPlympton [Plympton St Mary?]DEVsurgeon1829WabPCCBANK probate granted 6 Oct 1829
LangworthyGeorgeModburyDEVsurgeon1819WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons22 Jun 1819
LangworthyJohnDartingtonDEVgentleman1734Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WL 2 
LangworthyRichardEast India Ship "Diana" seaman1809WabPCCDHC-U7061Mprobate copy of will dated 1808; died in Calcutta 1808; father lived in 'Black Otton' [Blackawton]
LantJohnExeterDEVmayor1614Wab MISCAntient, p. 148listing of bequests, for East Gate Almshouse
LarocheLouiseHalberton near TivertonDEVwidow1805WabPCCMISCWagner - p.230367 Nelson
LarocheLouiseWalburtonDEVwife1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 11 May 1806
LascellesRichardExeter Holy TrinityDEVfuller1795WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1259/74 
LaskeyJohnSt Thomas the Apostle [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEVvictualler1811WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 2 Mar 1812; also of Ratcliffe Highway
LaskeyThomasChagfordDEV 1664Wtr CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 308[See also Loskey]; inventory extract shown
LaurieJamesStoke Cannon [Stoke Canon]DEVgardener1838WabPCCBANK probate granted 17 Apr 1839
LavaladeJamesSampford PeverellDEVgentleman1835WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1855/181 
[Laverence][Elizabeth]   [1634]   [MUR2] [See Lavers alias Laverence, Elizabeth]
LaversJohnDartingtonDEV 1598WleEPREMUR2Box 'I-M' 
LaversJohnDipford [Diptford]DEVgentleman1648Aab MUR2Box 'I-M' 
LaversJphnDipford [Diptford]DEV 1595WleEPREMUR2Box 'I-M' 
LaversJphnDipford [Diptford]DEV 1648AleEPREMUR2Box 'I-M' 
LaversPhilipEast AllingtonDEVclerk1620WleEPREMUR2Box 'I-M' 
Lavers alias LaverenceElizabethHarbertonDEV 1634WleEPREMUR2Box 'I-M'listed twice on different pages
LavingdonJohnOttery St MaryDEVgentleman1766Oab BANK registered 19 Aug 1767; intestate. William Evans mentioned
LavingtonJohnOttery St MaryDEVgentleman1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 6 Sep 1765
LavirsElizabethExeterDEV 1774WleEXEDWAACp. 122entry omitted in FRYA
LavisArthurKingstonDEVhusbandman1675WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 320inventory extract shown
LavisPeterAshburtonDEVhellier1713WcoTOT?DHC-U5651M Willsprobate copy of will dated 1713/4
LawEdmund ChristianBanwellSOMesquire1895Wco DHC-U6440B add 
LawHesterBarnstapleDEVwidow1831WabPCC BANK probate granted 16 Nov 1831
LawJohnBarnstapleDEVgentleman1810WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 14 Sep 1810
LawPhillisBarnstapleDEVwidow1808WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 8 Oct 1808
LawrenceAlicePlymouthDEVspinster1838WabPCCBANK probate granted 28 Mar 1839
LaycockCharles HeyMoretonhampsteadDEVesquire1940Wab MUR2Box 'I-M'will and codicils; specifically asks that no particulars of his will be published
LaytonEdwardExeterDEV 1749AleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Leadon'
Le BaillyNicholasPlymouthDEVInnholder1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 5 Aug 1773
[Le Marchant][Joshua]   [1822]   [BANK] [See Marchant, Joshua Le]
Lea alias HalfyardJohnBroadclystDEV 1704AleEXEDWAACp. 121entry omitted in FRYA
LeachAnnPlymouthDEVspinster1832WabPCC BANK probate granted 9 June 1832
LeachGeorgePlymouthDEVgentleman1776WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 30 Sep 1776
LeachJohnExeter CathedralDEV 1613WtrPCCGDPROB 11/122/682 
LeachSusannaTopshamDEVspinster1801WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 19 Jan 1803
LeamonWilliamLamertonDEVgentleman1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 13 Aug 1817
LeaneJohnSt GermansCONcarpenter1713WabECCEDRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229 Phillips papers in Phillips folderwill dated 1709; further grant dated 1732
LeaneJohnSt GermansCON 1732WabECCEDRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229 Phillips papers in Phillips folderwill dated 1709; earlier grant dated 1713
LeaneThomasSt GermansCON 1623WabECCEDRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229 Phillips papers in Phillips folderNuncupative
LeaneThomasSt GermansCONvelmonger[?]1688WabECCEDRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229 Phillips papers in Phillips foldermentions inventory
LeaperSamuelEast StonehouseDEVvictualler1824WabPCCBANK probate granted 4 Jan 1825
LearThomasMarldonDEVgentleman1682Wor DHC-U1039M/F52 
LearThomas (Sir)Lyndridge [Bishopsteignton]DEV 1705Wab DHC-U1039M/F51 
LearWalter DEV 1645Wco DHC-U1039M/F53Ipplepen, Ilsington, Marldon mentioned
LeareJohn   1645W?leEXEDWAACp. 87FRYA showed 'Leard'
Leatte    1651W?leEXEDWAACp. 87FRYA showed 'Leake'
Leave    1627W?leEXEDWAACp. 87FRYA showed 'Leavers'
LeavettLawrenceNewton St CyresDEVyeoman1624Wab MISCOliver5, vol.2, p. 67 
LeddraGeorgeStonehouse [East Stonehouse]DEVgentleman1840WabPCCBANK probate granted 29 Sep 1840
LeeEdmundExeterDEV 1675AleEXEDWAACp. 121entry omitted in FRYA
LeeElizabethExon [Exeter]DEVwidow1754WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 309 
LeeJaneExeterDEVwidow1797WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 18 Apr 1800
LeeJoanShobrook [Shobrooke]DEV 1750AleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'John'
LeeRichardWithecombe rawley [Withycombe Raleigh]DEV 1689WleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Leed'
[Lee][Edward]   [1549]   [MISC] [See Legh or Lee, Edward]
LegassickeHenryModburyDEVesquire1826Wab BANK probate granted 3 Jun 1826
LegassickeJamesModburyDEVesquire1773WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 4 Dec 1773
LegassickePrestwoodModburyDEVwidow1765WabPCCMISCWagner - p.25022 Rushworth
LegassickeRichardTotnesDEVgentleman1754WcoTOTDHC-U2723M - Carew, WL 3will dated 1751
LeggGeorgeAxminsterDEV 1771AleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Logg'
LeggGregoryExeterDEV 1686AleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'George'
Legh or LeeEdwardBrampford SpekeDEVvicar1549Wab MISCOliver5, vol.2, p. 113[year will made]
LeightJohnBroad Clyst [Broadclyst]DEV 1764WleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Leigh'
LeightRogerSt David [Exeter St David]DEV 1707WleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Leigh'
LemynJosephPlymouthDEVquarterman1813WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 21 Feb 1814
LendonSamuelExeterDEVcheesefactor1825WabPCCBANK probate granted 24 Oct 1825
LentenWilliamChudleighDEVgentleman1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 5 Mar 1817
Leonard alias YearnerMargaretLympstoneDEV 1746WleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA omitted 'alias Yearner'
LercedekneMichaelHaccombeDEV 1441Wab MISCOliver5, vol.1, p. 160 
LercheddekneThomas   1417Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WL 4 
LeslieArchibaldStoke [Stoke Damerel]DEVcarpenter with Royal Navy1837WabPCCBANK probate granted 10 Aug 1837
LessenCharlesTopshamDEVcooper1825Wab BANK [wrong image shown on FindMyPast, January 2014]
LestenAgnesDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVwidow1810WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 13 Dec 1810
LethbridgeChristopherExeterDEVesq, mayor1669Wab MISCAntient, pp. 206-207bequests to St Mary Arches
LethbridgeGraceOkehamptonDEVwidow Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/42last page(s) missing; probably 18th century
LethbridgeJohnExeterDEVmerchant Wab MISCAntient, pp. 216-217listing of bequests
LethbridgeJohnNewton Abbot [Wolborough]DEVmariner; gentleman1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 31 Jan 1833
LethbridgeJohnOkehamptonDEVmercer1753Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/43proved in Exeter
LethbridgeJohnSampford CourtenayDEVyeoman1822WcoTOTDHC-U4817-0 Box 4 
LethbridgeThomasJacobstow [Jacobstowe]DEVgentleman1735Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/41proved in Exeter
LethbridgeThomasJacobstoweDEVgentleman1735Wco DHC-U5247 Box 30/16probate in Exeter
LettonMaryWithecombe Rawleigh [Withycombe Raleigh]DEV 1787WleEXEDWAACp. 123FRYA omitted and 'Hannah Shower', seemingly a joint entry
[Letton][Mary]   [1787]   [DWAAC] [See Shower, Hannah]
LevermoreMichaelComberawleigh [Combe Raleigh]DEV 1671AleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Lerrymore'
LevyBarnet [or Barrett]FalmouthCONshopkeeper1792AabECCEDRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229 Phillips papers in Phillips folderformer grant dated 1791
LevyBarrett [or Barnet]FalmouthCON[shopkeeper]1791AabECCEDRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229 Phillips papers in Phillips foldersecond grant dated 1792
[Levy][Barnet or Barrett]   [1791]   [DRO-U] [see Levy Barrett or Barnet]
[Levy][Barrett or Barnet]   [1792]   [DRO-U] [see Levy Barnet or Barrett]
LewisJohnMathonWORlabourer1843WcoECCE?DHC-U3620Mproved in the Consistory Court of Exeter
LewisOtherPlymouthDEV4th Earl of Plymouth1770WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 26 Jan 1772; entered as Other-Lewis Earl
LewisSarahEast StonehouseDEVspinster1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 2 Sep 1833
LeyHenryExeter DEVesquire1824WabPCCBANK probate granted 7 Feb 1825
LeyJohnPlymouthDEVcooper1831WabPCC BANK probate granted 5 May 1831
LeyJonathonUpton PyneDEVsenior1674WleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Lee'
LeyThomasShobrock [Shobrooke]DEVreverend1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons27 Feb 1817
LeymanGeorge AlbertExmouth [Littleham (near Exmouth) and Withycombe Raleigh]DEV 1972Wco DHC-U3715M 
LeymanThomasSidfordDEVretired coachman1899Aor DHC-U3715M 
[Leyman][Henry]   [1638]   [DWAAC] [See Hayman, Henry]
LiddallJoanAxminsterDEV 1765WleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Little'
LievreElizabethDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVwidow1772WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 26 May 1775; aka Foot, brother John Stappers
LievreJohnStoke Damerell [Stoke Damerel]DEVgentleman1770WabPCCMISCWagner - p.25864 Jenner
LightJohnBarnstapleDEVgunsmith1769WtrPCCGDPROB 11/950/89armourer of His Majesty's Sloop Dispatch
LillicrapJohnShaugh [Shaugh Prior]DEVfarmer (yeoman)1835WabPCCBANK probate granted 24 Oct 1835
LillicrapJohnShaugh [Shaugh Prior]DEVfarmer; yeoman1835WabPCC BANK probate granted 24 Oct 1835
LillicrappRobertOkehamptonDEVyeoman1697Wab CULLFilm no. 87933 
LimberyRichardPlymouthDEVgentleman1813WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 2 Nov 1813
LimbreyBarbaraExeterDEVwidow1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 24 Jan 1806; now of Chester
LindonElizabethKingsbridgeDEVwidow1715Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 373 
LindonElizabethKingsbridgeDEVwidow1715WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 311probate sworn under £45 (or £215)
LindonGeorgeLower Burley, South HuishDEVwoolcomer1783Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 381 & 382proved under £600
LindonGeorgeLower Burley, South HuishDEVwoolcomber1783WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 312 & 313probate sworn under £600
Lindon alias BissettJosephBurleigh, South HuishDEVyeoman1827WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 314 & 315 
LindsayFrancisPlymouthDEVMajor [marines]1818WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 1 Dec 1818
LinzeeEmilyPlymouthDEVwidow1825WabPCCBANK probate granted 28 Jul 1825
LippincottGeorgeCulmstockDEVcloathworker1671WabPCDCCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 344inventory extract shown
ListerThomas HenryKnightsbridgeMDXesquire1842WcoPCCDHC-U4539-0 
LitchfieldRichardGreat TorringtonDEVesquire1827WabPCCBANK probate granted 30 Aug 1827
LittleDanielPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVsurgeon1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 10 Sep 1836
LittleRobertStoke [Stoke Damerel]DEVmerchant1779AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 5 Apr 1780
LittlejohnsGeorgeSt MarychurchDEVgrocer1825WabPCCBANK probate granted 7 Nov 1825
LittletonJamesDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVsmith1808WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 5 Jan 1809
LittletonJohnBrighter, LandrakeCON 1782WabEPREMUR2Box 'I-M' 
LittleyMaryOttery St MaryDEV 1746WleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Otterton'; also administration
LloydHenryNew PlymouthNZgentleman1858Wco DHC-U6440B add 
LloydJohnPound [Buckland Monachorum]DEVesquire; clerk1800Wco DHC-U5257-0father of Maria Louisa Sawyer; clerk of the cheque Plymouth Dockyard
LloydWilliamDanyrallt, CarmarthenCMNesquire; Admiral of the White1795Wab DHC-U5257-0probate copy; probate court not known
LloydWilliamExeterDEV 1737WleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Lonyd'; also administration
LockJohnOkehamptonDEVhusbandman1709WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933nuncupative will
LockMaryTorrington [Great Torrington?]DEVspinster1817AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons29 Aug 1817
LockRobertAlphingtonDEV 1717AleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Richard'
[Loeden or Lowden][Ann]   [1779]   [DWAAC] [See Lowden or Loeden, Ann]
LondonCatherineTivertonDEV 1767WleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Loudon'
LondonMaryTivertonDEV 1686AleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Loudon'
LondonRogerExeterDEV 1690WleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Loudon'
LondonThomasTivertonDEV 1756WleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Loudon'
LongBartholomewAxminsterDEV 1682WleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Lang'
LongeRoger   1641W?leEXEDWAACp. 87FRYA showed 'Lange, Robert'
LonguetJohn SamuelHonitonDEVesquire1754AabPCCMISCWagner - p.433to the widow Elizabeth
LongworthyMaryExeterDEVwidow1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 Oct 1768; Richard Eastcott mentioned
LoosemoreHenryMollandDEVyeoman1839WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1913/364administration with will annexed
LopusRobertBelstoneDEVweaver1682WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
LordJoannaKingsand [Maker]DEVwidow1840WabPCCBANK probate granted 31 Aug 1840; Plymouth mentioned
LorenElizabethBickton [Bicton]DEV 1745WleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Lozen'
LoskeyJoahnChagfordDEVspinster1666WtrTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 316 & 317[See also Laskey]
Louder alias WhitlockJoanLuppittDEV 1779WleEXEDWAACp. 123entry omitted in FRYA
LouisJacqueteCadwell near Newton Abbott [Wolborough]DEVLady of Cadwell1824WabPCCBANK probate granted 8 Dec 1824
LovaigeBenedictSt Sidwells [Exeter St Sidwell]DEV 1584AabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 318admon to Thomas Wilkins, a relative on his father's side
[Love alias Lufft][Thomas]   [1743]   [DWAAC] [See Lufft alias Love, Thomas]
LoveisHonorLewtrenchard [Lew Trenchard]DEVwidow1680WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 336inventory extract shown
LoveisJohnTavistockDEVvellmonger1739WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 326 
LoveisSamuellLewtrenchard [Lew Trenchard]DEVgentleman1685WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 321 
LovellJohnCheriton ffitzpyne [Cheriton Fitzpaine]DEVyeoman1634WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M'28 Seager
LovellJohnCheriton FitzpaineDEVyeoman1634Wco DHC-U5247 Box 30/16probate copy; probate court not identifiable
LoveringAndrewOttery St MaryDEV 1790WleEXEDWAACp. 123FRYA showed 'Anorem
LoveringJemimaLympstoneDEV 1755WleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Loring'
LoveyRichardSt GermansCON 1754WabECCECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 328 
LoveysAaronChristowDEVyeoman1733WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 325 
LoveysAaronChristowDEVyeoman1779WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 331 & 332 
LoveysAaronChristowDEVyeoman1791WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 333 
LoveysAnthonyHenock [Hennock]DEVmariner1774WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 329 & 330 
LoveysTimothyThrusheltonDEVgentleman1706WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 322 - 324inventory extract shown
LoveysWilliamHennockDEVyeoman1798WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 334 & 335 
LovisAbigailTavistockDEVshopkeeper1782WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 327probate sworn under £100
LovisFrancisTavistockDEVglover1663WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 319inventory extract shown
Lowden or LoedenAnnExeterDEV 1779AleEXEDWAACp. 123FRYA showed 'Louder'
LowderJohnExeterDEV 1777WleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Londer'; also administration
LowtonJohnExminsterDEV 1764WleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Lowdon', also administration
LucasCharlotteTorquay [Tormoham]DEVwidow1837WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 Jan 1838
LucasStucleyTivertonDEVesquire1811WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 18 Nov 1811
LuceFrancisSt BudeauxDEVreverend1811WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 26 July 1811
LucombeJohnSt Thomas [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1767AleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Luscombe'
LucombeMarthaSt Thomas the Apostle, Exeter [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEVspinster1823WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 Jan 1824
LucombeNicholas   1641W?leEXEDWAACp. 87FRYA showed 'Luscombe'
Lufft alias LoveThomasExeterDEV 1743AleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Luffe alias Love'
LuggerSarahPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVspinster1840WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 Jul 1840; Maker in Cornwall mentioned
LukeAnnExeterDEVspinster1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 26 Oct 1843; Drewsteignton mentioned
LukeAnnSt IvesCONspinster1914[?]Wco DHC-U5006M/F41 
LukeMarkRoach [Roche]CONyeoman1692WabEPREDRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229 Phillips papers in Phillips foldermentions inventory
LukeMaryExeterDEVjunior; spinster1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 21 Feb 1837
LukesWilliamTivertonDEV 1667AleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA showed 'Lakes'
LulyJohnNewton Abbot [Wolborough]DEVtinman1814WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 28 Nov 1814
LumsdenMary (Lady)ColytonDEVwidow1885WcoPPRDHC-U5049 Z27probate copy of will dated 1875 plus codicil dated 1884; widow of James Grant Lumsden, Bombay Civil Service
LuscombeAnnBroadhempstonDEVwife1854Wor DHC-U5651M Willswife of Thomas Luscombe
LuscombeAnnaStonehouse [East Stonehouse]DEVspinster1841WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 Mar 1841
LutleyDennisHolcomb Rogus [Holcombe Rogus]DEV 1708WleEXEDWAACp. 121FRYA omitted 'Dennis'
LutleyEdwardWhitehall, HemyockDEVgentleman1832WabPCCBANK probate granted 19 April 1832
LuttenMarkWithecombe Rawleigh [Withycombe Raleigh]DEV 1747AleEXEDWAACp. 122FRYA showed 'Litten'
LutterellSouthcott HungerfordExeterDEVesquire1766WabPCCBANK registered 6 April 1767; [indexed as Sluttrell, Southcott]
LuttrellEdwardBrauntonDEV 1722Aor DHC-U1292M/Wills/44proved in Exeter
LuttrellSouthcot HungerfordExeterDEVesquire1758Wab BANK registered 9 Jul 1763
LuttrellSouthcottSaunton Court, BrauntonDEVesquire1721WabEPRECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 345 & 346 
LuxChristopherStokeinteignheadDEVmariner1665WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 337inventory extract shown
LuxSusanStokeinteignheadDEVwidow1666WabEXECAButler - Vol. 37, p. 338inventory extract shown
LuxmooreCharlesRed Lion SquareMDXgentleman1834Wco DHC-U4539-0 
LuxmoreCoryndon (Rev)BridestoweDEVclerk1845AcoPCCDHC-U1292M/Wills/45 
LuxtonJohnHatherleighDEVmachinist1880Wco DHC-U4991 addproved in Exeter
LyndonEdwardDenburie [Denbury]DEV 1628AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 342admon to Eleanor, relict; inventory extract shown
LyndonJohnAveton GiffordDEVthe elder; yeoman1758Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 378 
LyndonJohnAveton GiffordDEVthe elder; yeoman1758WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 340 
LyndonJohnErmingtonDEVyeoman1784Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 377proved under £100
LyndonJohnErmingtonDEVyeoman1784WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 341 
LyndonJohnWest AlvingtonDEVhouse carpenter1701WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 339 
LyndonJohnWestalvington [West Alvington]DEVhouse carpenter1701Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 374inventory extract shown
LyndonThomasWestalvington [West Alvington]DEVhouse carpenter1679Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 379 & 380inventory extract shown
LyneSamuelLauncestonCONgentleman1737WcoPCCDHC-U5247 Box 30/16admon to Edmund Cheyne
LyneSamuelLauncestonCONgentleman1742WcoPCCDHC-U5247 Box 30/16admon to Elizabeth Cheyne
LypincottMarySidburyDEVwidow1617WabPCDCCAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 343 & 344inventory extract shown
LyppincottThomasSallcomb [Salcombe Regis]DEV 1617WabPCDCCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 343 
MabankeRichardBidefordDEV 1693AabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M' 
Mabel alias HammettWilliamEast BudleighDEV 1770WleEXEDWAACp. 126entry omitted in FRYA
[Mabell alias Hammett][William]   [1660]   [DWAAC] [See Hammett alias Mabell, William]
MablieEdwardCalstockCON 1608WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M'55 Windebanke
MaceyAliceExeterDEVwidow1578Wab MISCAntient, p. 151bequest - loans to poor tradesmen
MaceyEleanorUpton PyneDEV 1769WleEXEDWAACp. 126FRYA showed 'Moxey'; also administration
MaceyWilliamOkehamptonDEVblacksmith1689WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
MaceyWilliamOkehamptonDEVbaker1690WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
MackintoshJohnExeterDEVesquire1844WabPCCBANK probate granted 26 Jul 1844
MackrillJohn JamesPlymouthDEVesquire1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 27 Dec 1833; Euston Square, Middx, mentioned
MaddickEdwardPlympton Mary [Plympton St Mary]DEV[mariner]1728Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 352aboard H.M.S. "Rippon"; admon to Agnes Plyer, mother; under £20
MaddickGeorgeDartmouthDEVofficer in H.M. Customs1820WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 365proved under £200
MaddickGeorgeTotnesDEVvictualler1772Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 355 
MaddickJamesChurchill, MalboroughDEVyeoman1786WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 356 
MaddickJamesMalboroughDEVcooper1806AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 363admon to Sally Thorning, daughter
MaddickMaryPaington [Paignton]DEVwife1731Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 353admon to George, husband
MaddickNicholasBrixhamDEV 1807AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 363admon to Elizabeth, relict
MaddickNicholasDartmouthDEVmariner1820AabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 366admon to Peggy, relict
MaddickRichardPlympton St MaryDEVhusbandman1727Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 351 
MaddickThomasDean PriorDEVwoolcomber1803WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 361 
MaddickWilliamRatteryDEV 1786WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 357 & 358proved under £1,000
MaddickWilliamTownstall, DartmouthDEV 1810WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 364 
MaddickeRobertPlimpton St Mary [Plympton St Mary]DEV 1646Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 348admon to Johane Maddicke, widow; inventory extract shown
MaddickeThomasPlimpton Mary [Plympton St Mary]DEV 1640Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 347admon to Henry Avent
MaddockGeorgePlimpton Sayny Mary [Plympton St Mary]DEVcarpenter1723Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 350inventory extract shown
MaddockJamesPlympton St MaryDEVyeoman1734Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 354 
MaddockRobertPlympton St MaryDEVcarpenter1708Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 349inventory extract shown
MaddockWilliamPlympton St MaryDEVyeoman1788WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 359 & 360late of Shaugh; proved under £300
MaddocksJohnTopshamDEVmariner1809WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 7 Feb 1810
MadlandJohnSampford CourtenayDEVhusbandman1676WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
MadlandKatherineSampford CourtenayDEVwidow1679WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
MaggsJohnAxminsterDEVhusbandman1632WabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M'two copies
MainguyHenrySt BudeauxDEVcommander, R.N.1847WtrPCCGDPROB 11/2049/18 
MajendieAnnKentonDEV 1789WabPCCMISCWagner - p.265526 Cornwallis
MajendieLewisAlphingtonDEVwidower1781AabPCCMISCWagner - p.434to son Andrew
MakepowderNarcissusTintagelCONgentleman1682Wab MUR2Box 'I-M'"Truro will"
MakerElizabethOttery St MaryDEV 1799WleEXEDWAACp. 126FRYA showed 'Marker'
MalletMaryExeterDEVgrocer1752WtrPCCGDPROB 11/796/447 
MallettMichaelPlymouthDEV 1605AabECCEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MallettSusanCuscombeSOMwidow1652AabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M' 
ManatonSampsonPoughillCONmariner1696Wab MUR2Box 'I-M'2 copies
ManatonSampsonStrattonCONgentleman1687Wab MUR2Box 'I-M' 
ManderGeorgeLympstoneDEV 1741WleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Maunder'
MandittJoaneExeterDEV 1686WleEXEDWAACp. 124entry omitted in FRYA
ManfeildLaurenceHemiock [Hemyock]DEVthe elder; yeoman1701WabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
ManfeildWiilyamStocklandDEVhusbandman1598WtrPCCGDPROB 11/91/383will
ManglesThomasPlymouthDEVesquire1805AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 24 May 1806; also of Exeter
ManicombeRichardEastbudleigh [East Budleigh]DEV 1705AleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA showed 'Maniscombe'
ManingSarahDittishamDEVspinster1825WabPCC BANK probate granted 24 Dec 1825
ManleyDennisHalbertonDEVwidow1588Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManleyHenryHalbertonDEV 1762AleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Mary'
ManleyJohnDunkeswellDEV 1708Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManleyJohnHalbertonDEV 1588Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManleyJosephUpotteryDEV 1704Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManleyJosephUpotteryDEV 1715Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManleyNicholasWidworthyDEVyeoman1685Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManleyRobertHemyockDEVyeoman1685Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManleyRobertHonitonDEV 1750Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManleyRobertStockley Pomeroy [Stockleigh Pomeroy]DEV 1753WleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Richard'
ManleyRobertTalatonDEVyeoman1682Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManleyRobertUplowmanDEV 1718Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManleySarahHemyockDEVwidow1753Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManleySarahSampford PeverellDEV 1644Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManleySimonSampford PeverellDEVhusbandman1722Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManleyThomasSampford PeverellDEV 1628Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManleyThomasSampford PeverellDEVmercer1719Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManleyWilliamClyst St MaryDEV 1671Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManleyWilliamGittishamDEV 1666Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManleyWilliamSampford PeverellDEVmerser1692Wle DHC-U4675M/F1 
ManlyElizabethExeterDEVwidow1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 2 Dec 1767
[Manly][Agnes]   [1701]   [CA] [See Symons alias Manly, Agnes]
MannellJoannaPlymouthDEVspinster1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 Jan 1806; described as wife of Thomas Stone carpenter
ManningAnnDevonport [Stoke Damerel]DEVwidow1824WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 368proved under £20
ManningElizabethPlymouthDEVwidow1834WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 369proved under £300
ManningGeorgeSt Thomas the Apostle [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEVgentleman1797WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 8 May 1799
ManningJamesExeterDEVreverend1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 17 Apr 1832
ManningJeaneCollumpton [Cullompton]DEV 1635AleEXEDWAACp. 88FRYA unclear about exact names
ManningJosephTamerton FoliotDEVmiller1846WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 370proved under £100
ManningRichardDevonport [Stoke Damerel]DEVumbrella manufacturer1852WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 371 
ManningRichardUnderwood, Plympton St MaryDEVyeoman1857WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 372proved under £300
ManningSarahDittsham (Dittisham)DEV 1825WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1706/478 
ManningWilliamPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEV 1823WabTOTCAButler - Vol. 37, p. 367proved under £100
MansfieldSamuelPlymouthDEVcaulker1779WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 28 Nov 1780; of Plymouth Yard
ManstonJoanOffwellDEV 1737WleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'John'
ManstonThomasLympstoneDEV 1704WleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA showed 'Manstowe'
ManstoneElizabethSeaton [Seaton and Beer]DEVwidow1661AleEXEDWAACp. 124entry omitted in FRYA
ManstoneJohnBictonDEV 1716WleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA showed 'Bishopsteignton'
MarchantJoshua Le (Rev)Saint Sedwells, Exeter [Exeter St Sidwell]DEV 1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 31 Aug 1822
MarchantThomazinLittleham [Littleham (near Bideford) or Littleham (near Exmouth)]DEVwidow1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 24 Jan 1844
MarkeRichardStrattonCON 1602Wab MUR2Box 'I-M' 
MarkeThomasPayhemburyDEV 1673WleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA showed 'Marker'
MarkerWilliamExeterDEV 1733WleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA showed 'Martin'; also administration
MarksJohnRockbeareDEV 1763WleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Murks'
MarkwellWilliamTopsham near ExeterDEVmariner; ship owner1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 12 Apr 1836
MarriottChristopherSidmouthDEVesquire1830WabPCCBANK probate granted 5 May 1830
Marsh alias ChrislakeJohn   1635W?leEXEDWAACp. 88FRYA omitted 'alias Chrislake'
MarshallAlexanderLoxbeareDEVclerk1653Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/46 
MarshallHenryStrattonCON 1639Wab MUR2Box 'I-M' 
MarshallJohnPlymouthDEVgentleman1776WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 12 Nov 1777
MarshallLouisa AugustaTopsham DEVwidow1841WabPCCBANK probate granted 7 Apr 1842; Penzance mentioned
MarshallMaryTivertonDEVspinster1810WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 10 Aug 1810
MarshallSampson MannatonBarnstapleDEVclerk1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 16 Feb 1833; late of Fremington
MartinAliceSt Peter [Exeter Cathedral]DEV 1598Wab MISCOliver5, vol.1, p. 81requests burial in that part of St Peter's churchyard used by inhabitants of Exeter St Petrock
MartinCharlotte HoleClisthydon [Clyst Hydon]DEV 1894Wco DHC-U74B/ME/66date will was made
MartinJamesCullomptonDEV 1884Ior DHC-U74B/ME/66 
MartinJohnBradninchDEV 1796Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 391 & 392 
MartinJohnColompton [Cullompton]DEV 1733WleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA showed 'Matin'
MartinJohnCullomptonDEVgentleman1813Wco DHC-U74B/ME/66proved in Exeter
MartinJohn PhillipsBradninchDEVbutcher1887Wco DHC-U74B/ME/66 
MartinNicholasExeterDEVesq, mayor1642Wab MISCAntient, p. 168bequests to the poor
MartinNicholasExeterDEVesq, mayor1634Wab MISCAntient, p. 171bequest to St John's Hospital
Martyn    1645W?leEXEDWAACp. 88FRYA showed 'Marty'
MartynAnthonyBradninchDEVyeoman1672WabEXECAButler - Vol. 14, p. 385inventory extract shown
MartynAnthonyBradninchDEVthe elder; yeoman1695Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 386inventory extract shown
MartynAnthonyBradninchDEVgentleman1732Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 386 - 388 
MartynAnthonyBradninchDEV 1782Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 391 
MartynEdwardBradninchDEV 1739Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 389 
MartynElizabethLiftonDEVspinster1817AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 24 Jan 1817
MartynJohnBradninchDEVgentleman1748Wab CAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 389 & 390 
MartynJohnBradninchDEV 1800Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 392admon to Mary Drew Martyn, relict
MartynJohn[Exeter]DEVesq1669Wab MISCAntient, p. 165bequests for apprentices
MartynJohnHolbeton DEVyeoman1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 Mar 1836
MartynThomasUplowmanDEVthe elder1613IabEPREMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MartynWilliamBradninchDEV 1763Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 390admon to John, brother, of Silverton
MartynWilliamExeterDEVesq1609Wab MISCAntient, p. 154bequest to artificers
MartynWilliamMajor [Exeter St Mary Major]DEV 1749AleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Exeter'
MartynWilliamOxton, KentonDEVarmiger1710WleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA showed 'Richard'; also administration
MartynWilliamPlymouthDEVMD1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 15 Jun 1763
MarwoodJohnColytonDEV 1776WleEXEDWAACp. 126entry omitted in FRYA
MarwoodThomasHonitonDEVgentleman, physician1617Wab MISCOliver5, vol.2, p. 75 
MarwoodThomasHonitonDEV 1619Wab MISCOliver5, vol.2, p. 75father of Thomas Marwood, physician
MarwoodThomasHoniton[?]DEV 1617Wab MISCFarquarson, p.34gift of Grubblehays in Honiton, for the poor
MasonMargaretTopshamDEVwidow1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 18 Feb 1823
MasonThomasPlymouthDEVgentleman1817WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 29 Nov 1817
MassyEdward (Hon)ChesterCHS 1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 23 Feb 1836; no Devon connection apparent
MasterHannahMarpool Cottage [Withycombe Raleigh?]DEVwidow1823WabPCCBANK probate granted 23 Feb 1824
MastersElizabethPlymouthDEVwidow1823Wab BANK probate granted 22 Mar 1823; Consistorial and Episcopal Court, Bishop of London
MathewJohnMersh, YarcombeDEVhusbandman1621Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 375inventory extract shown
MathewJohnYarcombeDEVbatchellor1623Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 376inventory extract shown
MathewWilliamMemburyDEV 1620Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 374inventory extract shown
Mathewe alias HaydonJames   1626W?leEXEDWAACp. 88entry omitted in FRYA
MatthewWilliamColompton [Cullompton]DEV 1745AleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Tiverton'
MatthewsCharlesBradninchDEVpaper maker1873Wco DHC-U3620M 
MaturinAnne AugustaLeamingtonWARspinster1901Wco DHC-U6440B add 
MaunderGeorgeMorchard Cruse [Cruwys Morchard]DEVyeoman1648Wab MUR2Box 'I-M'substantial additional notes
MaunderGeorgeWashfieldDEV 1757WleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'James'; also administration
MaunderJaneCollompton [Cullompton]DEV 1757WleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Cheriton Fitzpain'
MaunderJoanWashfieldDEV 1757AleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Jane'
MaunderThomasCoombintinhead [Combeinteignhead]DEV 1750AleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Maudon'
MaunderThomasCreditonDEV 1831Aab DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Maunder papers in Hill folderAdmon to Elizabeth Maunder, widow
MaunderWilliamCruwys MorchardDEV 1719Aab DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Maunder papers in Hill foldernames son William Maunder and relict Elizabeth Maunder
MaverickRadfordExeterDEVminister and preacher1623Wab MUR2Box 'I-M'possibly Exeter, St.Mary the More; 4 pages including a detailed inventory
Mawrey alias MoraJepthaExeterDEV 1695AleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA omitted 'alias Mora'
MaxwellJohnPlymouth CitadelDEVesquire; fort major1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 25 Sep 1813
MayElizabeth LightFremingtonDEVwidow1831WabPCCBANK letters of administration with will annexed granted 9 Nov 1831
MayGeorgeDoddiscombleigh [Doddiscombsleigh]DEVyeoman1783WcoEXEDHC-U6146M/Wprobate copy of will dated 1777
MayHughExeterDEVbaker1592Wab MISCAntient, pp. 152-153listing of bequests to tuckers and weavers
MayJohnPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVbaker1824WabPCCBANK probate granted 30 Sep 1824
MayNicholasDoddiscombsleighDEV 1717WleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA showed 'Richard'
MayRalphMorice Town, Plymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVshipwright1826WabPCCBANK probate granted 26 Jul 1826
MayWilliamDoddiscombleigh [Doddiscombsleigh]DEVyeoman1787Wco DHC-U6146M/W 
MayWilliamDoddiscombleigh [Doddiscombsleigh]DEV 1789AcoPCCDHC-U6146M/W 
MaynardWilliamKingsteigntonDEVofficer of excise1791Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/48,49date of will
Maynard alias FryDorothyOttery St MaryDEV 1731WleEXEDWAACp. 124entry omitted in FRYA
MayneHarrietExeterDEVspinster1844WabPCCBANK probate granted 4 Mar 1844
MayneRichardExeterDEV 1661WleEXEDWAACp. 124entry omitted in FRYA; also administration
MayneRogerOttery [Ottery St Mary]DEV 1670WleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA showed 'Robert'
MayowElizabethPlympton [Plympton St Mary?]DEVwidow1811WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 19 Dec 1811
McBeathWilliamDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVcorporal1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 Jan 1806; Royal Artificers
McCullughJohnExeterDEV 1748AleEXEDWAACp. 125entry omitted in FRYA
McDougallDougallPlymouthDEVgentleman1828WabPCC BANK probate granted 16 Aug 1829 to William Peche
McKenzieJaneBarnstapleDEVwidow1842WabPCC BANK probate granted 30 Jun 1842; Tamerton Foliott mentioned
[Meade][Sara]   [1662]   [DWAAC] [See Carver alias Meade, Sara]
MeareAnnBidefordDEVspinster1816WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 7 Jun 1816
MeareJohnMorchard BishopDEVyeoman1685WabEPREDRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229 Mare papers in Mare folder 
MeasantJaneLiftonDEVwidow1634Wab MUR2Box 'I-M' 
MeasantJohnBroadwoodwidgerDEVhusbandman1616Aab MUR2Box 'I-M' 
MedlandGeorgeExbourneDEVyeoman1839WcoEPREDHC-U4817-0 Box 4made in 1834
MedowsMaryBishopsteigntonDEVwidow1821WabPCCBANK probate granted 23 Jan 1822; seventeen codicils, five of which were unattested
MeersJohnPlymouth DEVgentleman1824WabPCCBANK probate granted 16 Apr 1824
MelhuishBatholomewPenryn [St Gluvias]CONgentleman1663WabECCEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MelhuishGertrudePenryn [St Gluvias]CONspinster1731WabECCEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MelhuishJacobTivertonDEVsurgeon1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 16 Apr 1806
MelhuishJoanNorthamDEV 1706Wco GDFrom Olive Moger abstract in Devon Record Office 
MelhuishJohnCreditonDEV 1715Wab MUR2Box 'I-M'date of will, not probate
MelhuishRogerNorthamDEV 1745Wtr GDDRO 56/8/14/6 
MelhuishRebeckah DEVwidow1719WabECCEMUR2Box 'I-M'parish not named
MelhuishThomasPenryn [St Gluvias]CONthe elder; merchant1676WabECCEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MelhuishThomasPenryn [St Gluvias]CONgentleman1709AabECCEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MelhuishThomasPoughillDEVesquire1871Wco DHC-U6440B add 
MelhuishThomas Brembridge (Rev)PoughillDEVrector1885Wco DHC-U6440B add 
MelhuishWilliamPenryn [St Gluvias]CON 1685AabECCEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MenefeeJohnBristol, St NicholasDEV 1604WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M'34 Harte
MenefieEdmundExeterDEV 1622AabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MenefieHumphreyLangford Budvile [Langford Budville]SOM 1611WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M'90 Wood
MenefyHumpheryTivertonDEVwood rapper1675WabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MenefyeChristopher   1546W?leEXEDWAACp. 88FRYA showed 'Menesnye'
MenifyeElizabethHalbertonDEVgentlewoman1632WabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MerchantThomas LeExeterDEVmerchant1816WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 22 Nov 1816
MerivaleJohnExeterDEVesquire1805Wab BANK registered 23 Nov ?33; PCC will at TNA dtd 25 Feb 1831
MerivaleSamuelTavistockDEVclerk1770WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 Feb 1772; Exeter mentioned
MerrickWilliamBovey Tracy [Bovey Tracey]DEVvicar1577Wab MISCOliver5, vol.1, p. 86 
MerrickWilliamBovey Tracy [Bovey Tracey]DEVvicar1577Wab MISCOliver5, vol.1, p. 86 
MerrifieldSarahExeterDEVwidow1808WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 21 Feb 1809
MerrifordJohnSampford CourtenayDEVyeoman1805Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/50date of will
MerryPatienceBroad Clyst [Broadclyst]DEV 1716WleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA showed 'Mercy'
MerryWilliamBroadclystDEVyeoman1878Wco DHC-U6440B add 
MervinBernardLi [Lisbon?] merchant1681Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/52Portugal
MervinUrsulaHeanton PunchardonDEVwidow1687WcoPCCDHC-U1292M/Wills/53 
MervynHenryDock [Stoke Damerel]DEVgentleman1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 31 Jan 1769
MerzeauJamesExeterDEV 1740Wab MISCWagner - p.277native of Jouzat in Xaintonge, a refugee of Exeter
MessingElizabethTopshamDEVwidow1841WabPCCBANK probate granted 4 Apr 1842; stock held jointly with her husband George Messing of Savile Row; Lambeth and Exeter mentioned
MessinkFrancesBickham [Exeter]DEVspinster1808AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 12 Jul 1808
MeyrickOwen LewisHolsworthyDEVreverend1819WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons14 Jul 1819
MichaelAndrewPlymouthDEV 1730AleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MichaellJohnMilton [South Milton?]DEV 1555WleTOTMICHp. 13Deanery of Woodleye
MichallAgnesAyshburton [Ashburton]DEV [1554]WlePCDCMICHp. 19 
[Michall?)[Agnes]   [1605]   [MICH] [See Withall (Michall?), Agnes]
MichelCaritas deClawtonDEV 1579IleTOTMICHp. 15 
MichelJohnDartmouthDEV 1691AleTOTMICHp. 17Johannes'
MichellAlexanderBuckfastleighDEV 1591WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MichellAlicePlymouthDEV 1614WleTOTMICHp. 9Alicea'
MichellAliceSouth MiltonDEV 1643WleTOTMICHp. 9Alicia'
MichellAliciaPlympton St MaryDEV 1544WleTOTMICHp. 7 
MichellAndrewBlackawtonDEV 1627WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MichellAnn (Mrs)   1843Wab[PCC?]MICHp.38will made 1833; proved at Doctors Commons
MichellAnsticeHarbertonDEV 1578WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MichellAnthony DEV 1589WleTOTMICHp. 7Anthonius'
MichellAntonyDodbrookeDEV 1630WleTOTMICHp. 13 
MichellAustisStocklandDEVwidow1599WtrPCCGDPROB 11/94/478will
MichellBartholomewClawtonDEV 1625WleTOTMICHp. 7 
MichellBenjaminSalcombe [Salcombe Regis]DEV 1751WlePCDCMICHloose notes at end 
MichellCharles ClementBrutonSOMgentleman1862WcoPPRMICHloose notes at end 
MichellChristianBridgnoll? [Bridgerule?]DEV 1612WleTOTMICHp. 7Xtian'
MichellChristianColytonDEV 1606WlePCDCMICHp. 19 
MichellChristopherPerranzabulo [Perranzabuloe]CON 1720AlePCDCMICHloose notes at end 
MichellDanielExminsterDEV 1738WabEXEWWWLink - 31 Dec 2013 
MichellDanielExminsterDEVgentleman1738WabEXEMICHloose notes at end 
MichellDanielExminsterDEV 1756AabEXEMICHloose notes at endadmon to Mary Michell of Alphington, daughter
MichellDavidClawtonDEV 1584WleTOTMICHp. 7 
MichellDavidPerranzabulo [Perranzabuloe]CON 1726AlePCDCMICHloose notes at end 
MichellDavieClawtonDEV 1585WleTOTMICHp. 7 
MichellEdmondModburie [Modbury]DEV 1604WleTOTMICHp. 9 
MichellEdwardAlphingtonDEV 1739AabEXEWWWLink - 31 Dec 2013granted to Mary Michell, widow
MichellEdwardExon [Exeter]DEV 1662WabPCCMICHloose notes at end 
MichellEdwardPerran [Penzance]CON 1747WlePCDCMICHloose notes at end 
MichellEdwardSt AgnesCON 1684AlePCDCMICHp. 21Edward'
MichellEdwardSt Thomas [Exeter St Thomas the Apostle]DEV 1634Wab WWWLink - 31 Dec 2013 
MichellElizabethHarbertonDEV 1688IleTOTMICHp. 17Elizabeth'
MichellElizabethHarfordDEV 1625WleTOTMICHp. 9 
MichellElizabethSouth MiltonDEV 1612WleTOTMICHp. 13 
MichellElizabethTotnesDEVspinster1853WtrTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MichellElizabethTotnesDEVspinster1853WcoTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MichellEmlynColytonDEV 1628IlePCDCMICHp. 19 
MichellGeorge   1666Aab  p. 152very brief note on will; date unclear
MichellGeorgeAlphingtonDEV 1702AabEXEWWWLink - 31 Dec 2013granted to Mellony Michell, daughter
MichellGeorgeAlphingtonDEV 1666AabEXEMICHloose notes at endadmon to John Michell, brother
MichellGeorgePerranzabuloeCON 1684AlePCDCMICHp. 21 
MichellGracePerranzabulo [Perranzabuloe]CON 1723AlePCDCMICHloose notes at end 
MichellHenrieBrent [South Brent]DEV 1599WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MichellHenrieHarbertonDEV 1588WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MichellHenry ChichleyExeterDEVesquire1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 25 Sep 1806
MichellHugheDipford [Diptford]DEV 1593WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MichellHugheSouth MiltonDEV 1624WleTOTMICHp. 13 
MichellIsaacBranscombeDEV 1718IlePCDCMICHp. 23 
MichellIsaacBranscombeDEV 1718WlePCDCMICHloose notes at end 
MichellJamesErmingtonDEV 1612WleTOTMICHp. 9 
MichellJamesHarfordDEV 1625WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MichellJanePerranzabuloeCON 1678IlePCDCMICHp. 21 
MichellJoaneAlphingtonDEV 1678WabEXEWWWLink - 31 Dec 2013 
MichellJoaneAlphingtonDEVwidow1678WabEXEMICHloose notes at end 
MichellJoannaDodbrookeDEV 1646WleTOTMICHp. 13 
MichellJoanneClawtonDEV 1607WleTOTMICHp. 7 
MichellJohn   1588Wab  p. 152very brief note on will; or 1688
MichellJohn   1605Wab  p. 152very brief note on will
MichellJohnAlphingtonDEV 1605WabECCEWWWLink - 31 Dec 2013 
MichellJohnAlphingtonDEV 1634WabEPREWWWLink - 31 Dec 2013 
MichellJohnAlphingtonDEV 1669AabEXEWWWLink - 31 Dec 2013granted to George Michell, son
MichellJohnAlphingtonDEV 1669AabEXEMICHloose notes at endadmon to George, son
MichellJohnAlphingtonDEV 1605WabECCEMICHloose notes at end 
MichellJohnAlphingtonDEVyeoman1634WabEPREMICHloose notes at end 
MichellJohnBridge Knoll [Bridgerule?]DEV 1630WleTOTMICHp. 9 
MichellJohnClawtonDEV 1597WleTOTMICHp. 7 
MichellJohnClawtonDEV 1602WleTOTMICHp. 7 
MichellJohnClawtonDEV 1661IleTOTMICHp. 15Johannes'
MichellJohnColytonDEV 1621AlePCDCMICHp. 19 
MichellJohnDittesham [Dittisham]DEV 1579WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MichellJohnDodbrookeDEV 1636WleTOTMICHp. 13 
MichellJohnErmingtonDEV 1597WleTOTMICHp. 9 
MichellJohnExminsterDEV 1755AabEXEWWWLink - 31 Dec 2013granted to Susan Gaverick, widow
MichellJohnExminsterDEV 1755AabEXEMICHloose notes at endadmon to Susannah now Gaverick, relict of John Michell
MichellJohnPerran [Penzance]CON 1747AlePCDCMICHloose notes at end 
MichellJohnPerran Sands [Perranzabuloe]CON 1736AlePCDCMICHloose notes at end 
MichellJohnPlymouthDEV 1690IleTOTMICHp. 17John'
MichellJohnRevelstokeDEV 1578WleTOTMICHp. 9 
MichellJohnSouth MiltonDEV 1583WleTOTMICHp. 13 
MichellJohnStocklandDEVtaylor1679Wab DRO-U1018 [2011, Box 835] Move 229 Summerhays folderlost Exeter will
MichellJohnTotnesDEV 1810Wtr WWWLink - 31 Dec 2013 
MichellJohnTotnesDEVgentleman1805Wab MICHp.34 
MichellJohnTotnesDEVesquire1811Wab MICHloose notes at endproved at Exeter
MichellJohnWest PutfordDEV 1646WleTOTMICHp. 9Johes'
MichellJonesChurstowe [Churchstow]DEV 1535WleTOTMICHp. 7 
MichellLaurencePerran [Penzance]CON 1747AlePCDCMICHloose notes at end 
MichellMargaretAshburtonDEV 1613AlePCDCMICHp. 19 
MichellMargerieBridgnoll? [Bridgerule?]DEV 1595WleTOTMICHp. 7 
MichellMark DEV 1616IlePCDCMICHp. 19 
MichellMartenWemburyDEV 1627WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MichellMaryAlphingtonDEVspinster1758WcoEXEMICHloose notes at end 
MichellMaryAlphingtonDEVspinster1758WtrEXEMICHloose notes at end 
MichellMaryBury Pomeroy [Berry Pomeroy]DEV 1736WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MichellMaryColytonDEV 1760WlePCDCMICHloose notes at end 
MichellMaryTotnesDEVspinster1838Wco MICHloose notes at endproved at Exeter
MichellMaryTotnesDEVspinster1838Wtr MICHloose notes at endproved at Exeter
MichellMelusinaCorleigh [Cotleigh?]DEVspinster1805AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 8 Jul 1806
MichellMichaellPancrasweekDEV 1626WleTOTMICHp. 7 
MichellMiloniusClawtonDEV 1660IleTOTMICHp. 15 
MichellNathanielDawlishDEV 1743WlePCDCMICHloose notes at end 
MichellNicholasDartmouthDEV 1632WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MichellNicholasWemburie [Wembury]DEV 1592WleTOTMICHp. 9 
MichellPerrinPlymouthDEV 1691AleTOTMICHp. 17 
MichellPeterHarbertonDEV 1555WleTOTMICHp. 7Petrus'
MichellPeterHarbertonDEV 1555WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MichellPhilipSt AgnesCON 1756WlePCDCMICHloose notes at end 
MichellPhilippaUgborowe [Ugborough]DEV 1630WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MichellRichardErmingtonDEV 1630WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MichellRichardMakerCON 1597WleTOTMICHp. 9 
MichellRichardPlimstoke [Plymstock]DEV 1618WleTOTMICHp. 9 
MichellRichardPlimton Morris [Plympton St Maurice]DEV 1597WleTOTMICHp. 9 
MichellRichardPlymouthDEV 1682IleTOTMICHp. 15Richus'
MichellRichardPlymouthDEV 1686AleTOTMICHp. 17Richus'
MichellRichardPlymouthDEV 1704IleTOTMICHp. 17 
MichellRichardTetcottDEV 1618WleTOTMICHp. 7 
MichellRobertBrent [South Brent]DEV 1617WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MichellRobertBuckfastleighDEV 1704IleTOTMICHp. 17 
MichellRobertExeterDEVthe elder; public notarie1622Wab MICHloose notes at endvery brief notes on will
MichellRobertHarbertonDEV 1660IleTOTMICHp. 15Robtus'
MichellRobertLodderswell [Loddiswell]DEV 1607WleTOTMICHp. 13 
MichellRobertPlymouthDEV 1638WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MichellRobertStocklandDEVyeoman1628WtrPCCGDPROB 11/154/473will; gives Stockland as being in Dorset
MichellRobertStonehouse [East Stonehouse]DEV 1626WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MichellRomaltWemburie [Wembury]DEV 1615WleTOTMICHp. 9 
MichellSampsonSt AgnesCON 1751AlePCDCMICHloose notes at end 
MichellThomasAshburtonDEV 1606AlePCDCMICHp. 19 
MichellThomasChudleighDEVesquire1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 15 Dec 1843
MichellThomasClawtonDEV 1608WleTOTMICHp. 7 
MichellThomasClawtonDEV 1644WleTOTMICHp. 9Thomas'
MichellThomasDipford [Diptford]DEV 1630WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MichellThomasPlymouthDEV 1660AleTOTMICHp. 15Thomas'
MichellThomasSt Ann  1746WlePCDCMICHloose notes at end 
MichellThorneAshburtonDEV 1626IlePCDCMICHp. 19 
MichellTristramExeterDEV 1678Aab MICHloose notes at endadmon to Frances Mallach, daughter; with transcription
MichellWilliamAlphingtonDEV 1647WabEXEWWWLink - 31 Dec 2013 
MichellWilliamAlphingtonDEV 1545WabEXEMICHloose notes at end 
MichellWilliamAlphingtonDEV 1647WabEXEMICHloose notes at end 
MichellWilliamAshburtonDEV 1621AlePCDCMICHp. 19 
MichellWilliamAwton Giffard [Aveton Gifford]DEV 1606WleTOTMICHp. 13 
MichellWilliamBradocke [Bradock]CON 1618IlePCDCMICHp. 19 
MichellWilliamBratton [Bratton Clovelly or Bratton Fleming]DEV 1534WleTOTMICHp. 7Willmus'
MichellWilliamColytonDEV 1607IlePCDCMICHp. 19 
MichellWilliamColytonDEV 1740AlePCDCMICHloose notes at end 
MichellWilliamDevonport [Stoke Damerel]DEVgentleman1830WabPCC BANK probate granted 3 Jun 1830; superannuated supervisor of excise
MichellWilliamDittishamDEV 1737WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MichellWilliamPancrasweekDEV 1626WleTOTMICHp. 9 
MichellWilliamPlimton Maurice [Plympton St Maurice]DEV 1577WleTOTMICHp. 9 
MichellWilliamPlimton Maurice [Plympton St Maurice]DEV 1622WleTOTMICHp. 9 
MichellWilliamPlymouthDEV 1669IleTOTMICHp. 15Willmus'
Michell alias BakerAgnesAveton GiffardDEV 1666IleTOTMICHp. 15Agneta'
Michell alias BakerJohnErmingtonDEV 1615WleTOTMICHp. 9 
Michell alias Galsworthie Plimstoke [Plymstock]DEV 1623WleTOTMICHp. 9 
Michell alias Harris RatteryDEV 1686IleTOTMICHp. 17 
Michell alias HarrisWilliamRatterie [Rattery]DEV 1584WleTOTMICHp. 11 
Michell alias NorthamJohnNorthamDEV 1632WleTOTMICHp. 7 
MichelmoreBelseyBrixham [Brixham St Mary]DEVwidow1871Aor DHC-U6440B add 
MichelmoreSophiaBrixham [Brixham St Mary]DEVspinster1890Wco DHC-U6440B add 
MiddialAnnExeterDEV 1709WleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA showed 'Middien'
MiddletonNicholasStrattonCONhosier?1619Wab MUR2Box 'I-M'"Truro will"
MighellElizabethSidburyDEV 1697AlePCDCMICHp. 23also inventory
MignanJohnPlymouthDEVmerchant1754WabPCCMISCWagner - p.281111 Pinfold
MildonWilliamSouth MoltonDEVgentleman1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 14 Aug 1833
MilfordSamuelExeterDEVbanker1797Wab BANK registered 15 Feb 1800
MillDeborahTopshamDEVspinster1781WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MillbankSamuelPlymouthDEVsurgeon1810WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 8 Nov 1810; of Stonehouse
MillerGregoryPlymouthDEVsailmaker1776WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 29 Oct 1777
MillerThomasShobbrooke [Shobrooke]DEV 1681WleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA showed 'Mary'
Miller alias GreenwayKatherine   1631W?leEXEDWAACp. 88 
MilletJohn CurnowPhillackCONgentleman1830Wco DHC-U4871-0 Box 3 
MilligenMarthaPlymouthDEVwidow1811WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 3 May 1811
MillsAnnTivertonDEV 1796AleEXEDWAACp. 126entry omitted in FRYA
MillsBenjaminTivertonDEV 1743AleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Milles'
MillsJohnKentisbeer [Kentisbeare]DEV 1747AleEXEDWAACp. 125entry omitted in FRYA
MillwardAllenTrushamDEV 1764WleEXEDWAACp. 126FRYA showed 'Millford'
[Milman][John]   [1799]   [DWAAC] [See Bickle otherwise Milman, John]
MiltonJohnStoke DamerelDEVgentleman1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 25 Jan 1841
MiltonWilmountWhimpleDEV 1721WleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA showed 'Arlmount'
MinefeyJaneBuckerellDEVspinster1677WabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinefieJohnLondonLNDwollen draper1674WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M'nuncupative will; 129 Bunce
MinifeeAliceaBowDEVwidow1731WabEPREMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinifeeElizabethBristol St NicholasGLSwidow1615WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M'106 Rudd
MinifeeJoanNewton St CyresDEVwidow1699WabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinifeeRichardHonitonDEV 1736AabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinifeyJohnTivertonDEVblacksmith1647AabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MiniffeAliceaHonitonDEV 1640WabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M'nuncupative will
MinifieAnneExeterDEV 1646WabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M'possibly nuncupative
MinifieAnthonyHonitonDEV 1672AabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinifieGeorgeHonitonDEVtayler1622WabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M'nuncupative will
MinifieHenryUffculmeDEV 1672AabUFFMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinifieHenryUffculmeDEVtailor1690IabUFFMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinifieJamesFairwater, StaplegroveSOMgentleman1725WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M'199 Romney
MinifieJohnHalbertonDEVthe elder; gentleman1626WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M'154 Hele
MinifieJohnHonitonDEV 1623AabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinifieJohnHonitonDEV 1673AabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinifieJohnLiftonDEV 1785AabEPREMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinifieMargaretUffculmeDEVspinster1630AabUFFMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinifieMaryHonitonDEVwidow1736AabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinifieRogerHevitree [Exeter Heavitree]DEVyeoman1612WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinifieSamuel DEVmariner1747WabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M'H.M.S. "Chatham"
MinifieWilliamLiftonDEVgentleman1783AabEPREMUR2Box 'I-M' 
Minifie ?AnneHalbertonDEVwidow1671Wab MUR2Box 'I-M'plus inventory
MinifyAnnExeterDEV 1644AabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinifyJoanSampford PeverellDEV 1646AabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
Miniphee alias SearleElizabethExeterDEV 1688AabEPREMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MiniveeHumphreyCrewkerneSOMmercer1688WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M'84 Exton
MinnifeeEdwardBowDEV 1730AabEPREMUR2Box 'I-M'bond of Alice Minifee to administer
MinnifeeMargarettEast BudleighDEVwidow1732WabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinnifeePhilipNewton St CyresDEVmiller1693WabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinnifeeWinifredExeter St SidwellDEV 1707AabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinniferJamesKingston [Kingstone]SOMthe elder; husbandman1661WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M'67 Juxon
MinnifyJohnLympstoneDEV 1744AabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MinternHenryBroadhemburyDEV 1751WleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Mintem'
Mitchell St AgnesCON 1667IlePCDCMICHp. 21 
MitchellAliceDodbrookeDEV 1716AleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellAllenPoole [South Pool]DEV 1607WleTOTMICHp. 13 
MitchellAndreaHarbertonDEV 1643WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MitchellAndrewErmingtonDEV 1661AleTOTMICHp. 15Andreo'
MitchellAndrewPlymouthDEV 1741WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellAnnSt WinnowCON 1703IlePCDCMICHp. 23 
MitchellAnnaPlymouthDEV 1703IleTOTMICHp. 17 
MitchellAnnePlymouthDEV 1718WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellAnstaceColytonDEV 1628WlePCDCMICHp. 21 
MitchellAnsticeColytonDEV 1626IlePCDCMICHp. 19 
MitchellAnthonyPlymouthDEV 1661AleTOTMICHp. 15Anthonius'
MitchellAnthonySouth MiltonDEV 1665AleTOTMICHp. 15Anthonius'
MitchellArthurKingsbridgeDEV 1692IleTOTMICHp. 17Arthur'
MitchellDorcasSt AgnesCON 1702AlePCDCMICHp. 23 
MitchellDorothyDipford [Diptford]DEV 1712WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellEdwardPerranzabuloeCON 1689IlePCDCMICHp. 21Edward'
MitchellEdwardSt WinnowCON 1699AlePCDCMICHp. 23 
MitchellEliasPlymouthDEV 1703AleTOTMICHp. 17 
MitchellElinoraRatterie [Rattery]DEV 1643WleTOTMICHp. 13 
MitchellElizabethAshburtonDEV 1638IlePCDCMICHp. 21 
MitchellEvelinaColytonDEV 1628WlePCDCMICHp. 21 
MitchellFrancisPlympton St MaryDEV 1741WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellGeorgeAlphingtonDEV 1702AabEXEMICHloose notes at endadmon to Mellony Mitchell, daughter
MitchellGilesBroadhempstonDEV 1756WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellHenrieSouth Poole [South Pool]DEV 1591WleTOTMICHp. 13 
MitchellHenryPlymouthDEV 1745WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellHonorPlymouthDEV 1705AleTOTMICHp. 19Honoria'
MitchellHughSouth MiltonDEV 1699IleTOTMICHp. 17Hugo'
MitchellIsraelDittishamDEV 1742AleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellJ. SampsonPlymouthDEV 1748AleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellJamesDittishamDEV 1749AleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellJanePerranzabuloeCON 1692IlePCDCMICHp. 23 
MitchellJanePlymouthDEV 1662IleTOTMICHp. 15Jana'
MitchellJoannaKingsland [South Molton?]DEV 1673IleTOTMICHp. 15 
MitchellJohnBradocke [Bradock]CON 1643IlePCDCMICHp. 21 
MitchellJohnClawtonDEV 1662IleTOTMICHp. 15Johannes'
MitchellJohnDartmouthDEV 1697IleTOTMICHp. 17Johannes'
MitchellJohnHolbetonDEV 1690AleTOTMICHp. 17Johannes'
MitchellJohnKingsweare [Kingswear]DEV 1691AleTOTMICHp. 17Johannes'
MitchellJohnPerranzabuloeCON 1701IlePCDCMICHp. 23 
MitchellJohnPlymouthDEV 1704IleTOTMICHp. 17Johannes'
MitchellJohnPlymouthDEV 1708AleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellJohnPlymouthDEV 1715WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellJohnPlymouthDEV 1728WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellJohnSt WinnowCON 1623IlePCDCMICHp. 19 
MitchellJosephExeterDEVgentleman1779WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 14 Sep 1780
MitchellJosephKingsbridgeDEV 1722AleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellJosephOttery [Ottery St Mary]DEV 1764WleEXEDWAACp. 126FRYA showed 'John'; also administration
MitchellLaurencePerranzabuloeCON 1714IlePCDCMICHp. 23 
MitchellLewisAshburtonDEV 1631IlePCDCMICHp. 21 
MitchellLucretiaAshburtonDEV 1631WlePCDCMICHp. 21 
MitchellMargerySt WinnowCONwidow1673AlePCDCMICHp. 21 
MitchellMariaKingsbridgeDEV 1696IleTOTMICHp. 17 
MitchellMaryAbbots Carswill [Abbotskerswell]DEV 1742AleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellMilisentDodbrookeDEV 1685IleTOTMICHp. 15 
MitchellMiriamPlympton St MaryDEV 1741WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellNicholasTavistockDEV 1755AleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellOliverPlymouthDEV 1697AleTOTMICHp. 17 
MitchellPeterBuckfastleighDEV 1661AleTOTMICHp. 15Petrus'
MitchellPeterDartmouthDEV 1703AleTOTMICHp. 17Petrus'
MitchellPeterPerranzabuloeCON 1716IlePCDCMICHp. 23 
MitchellPhilipColytonDEV 1706IlePCDCMICHp. 23 
MitchellPhillippBarnettshayne, ColytonDEV 1656WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M'290 Berkeley
MitchellRichardColytonDEVjunior1672IlePCDCMICHp. 21 
MitchellRichardColytonDEVjunior1672IlePCDCMICHp. 21 
MitchellRichardDodbrookeDEV 1672IleTOTMICHp. 15Richus'
MitchellRichardHarbertonDEV 1725WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellRichardPlymouthDEV 1714WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellRichardPlympton [Plympton St Mary]DEV 1692IleTOTMICHp. 17Richus'
MitchellRobertAwton Gifford [Aveton Gifford]DEV 1741AleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellRobertHarbertonDEV 1720AleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellRobertPlymouthDEV 1695AleTOTMICHp. 17Robtus'
MitchellRobertPlymouthDEV 1728AleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellSamuelHarbertonDEV 1680IleTOTMICHp. 15 
MitchellSamuelPlymouthDEV 1715WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellSusannaPlymouthDEV 1748WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellThomasDipford [Diptford]DEV 1707WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellThomasDiptfordDEV 1707IleTOTMICHp. 19 
MitchellThomasHarbertonDEV 1720AleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellThomasHolsworthyDEV 1736WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellThomasPerranzabuloeCON 1689AlePCDCMICHp. 21also inventory
MitchellThomasPlymouthDEV 1739WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellThomasPlymouthDEV 1742AleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellThomassinePlymouthDEV 1693AleTOTMICHp. 17 
MitchellTobyPlymouthDEV 1669AleTOTMICHp. 15Tobias'
MitchellTristramExeterDEVwoollen-draper1553Wab MISCAntient, p. 169bequests of rugs and cloth to hospital
MitchellWalterBury Pomeroy [Berry Pomeroy]DEV 1732WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellWilliamClawtonDEV 1705AleTOTMICHp. 19Gugliemus'
MitchellWilliamColytonDEV 1622IlePCDCMICHp. 19 
MitchellWilliamColytonDEV 1668IlePCDCMICHp. 21 
MitchellWilliamDittishamDEV 1741WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellWilliamDodbrookeDEV 1669IleTOTMICHp. 15Willmus'
MitchellWilliamMonktonDEV 1690IlePCDCMICHp. 21 
MitchellWilliamPlymouthDEV 1673AleTOTMICHp. 15Willimus'
MitchellWilliamPlymouthDEV 1709AleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellWilliamPlymouthDEV 1711AleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellWilliamPlymouthDEV 1746WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellWilliamSouthbrent [South Brent]DEV 1680AleTOTMICHp. 15Guliemus'
MitchellWilliamSt WinnowCON 1685IlePCDCMICHp. 21 
MitchellWilliamStoke Damrel [Stoke Damerel]DEV 1725WleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchellElizabethHarbertonDEV 1590WleTOTMICHp. 11 
Mitchell alias Baker ErmingtonDEV 1668AleTOTMICHp. 15 
Mitchell alias Harris RatteryDEV 1705IleTOTMICHp. 17 
Mitchell alias HarrisJohnBrent [South Brent]DEV 1590WleTOTMICHp. 11 
Mitchell alias HarrisJosephRatteryDEV 1709AleTOTMICHloose notes at end 
MitchillHonoraDipford [Diptford]DEV 1639WleTOTMICHp. 11 
MitchillSimonAuton Giffard [Aveton Gifford]DEV 1589WleTOTMICHp. 13 
MoalleRobertAshcombeDEVgentleman1814WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 25 Jun 1804
MoalleRobertAshcombeDEV 1752AleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Moalls'
MoggridgeThomasExeterDEVmerchant1617Wab MISCAntient, p. 168bequests towards a preacher and a hospital
MogridgeSusannahYealmptonDEVwidow1770WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 11 May 1771
MolenierStephenStonehouse [East Stonehouse]DEV 1721WabPCCMISCWagner - p.284184 Buckingham
MollerJoane   1632W?leEXEDWAACp. 88FRYA showed 'Miller'
MonktonJamesCullumpton [Cullompton]DEV 1789WtrEXECAButler - Vol. 14, pp. 383 & 384 
MontaguSamuelHighweekDEVesquire1841WabPCCBANK probate granted 11 June 1841
MoonJohnBowDEVyeoman1801Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/54 
MooreChristianGreat TorringtonDEVwidow1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 30 Aug 1828
MooreFrancisExeter St LeonardDEVrector1681Wab MISCHughes6 - pp. 547-548proved by Elizabeth Conyam 25 Apr 1681
MooreJohnPlymouth Yard [Stoke Damerel]DEVsmith1825WabPCCBANK probate granted 22 Jul 1825
MooreJosephPlymouthDEVship builder1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 13 Feb 1829
MoorePrudenceChristowDEV 1703WleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA showed 'Presentia'
MooreThomasPlymouthDEVmaster, R.N.1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 26 Dec 1831
Moore alias BoonRobertChurchtaunton [Churchstanton]DEV 1798WleEXEDWAACp. 126entry omitted in FRYA
Moore alias HeadBridgetHemyockDEV 1663AleEXEDWAACp. 124entry omitted in FRYA
[Mora alias Mawrey][Jeptha] DEV [1695]   [DWAAC] [See Mawrey alias Mora, Jeptha]
MorceThomasTivertonDEVsupervisor of excise1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 28 Sep 1805
[Moren][John]   [1626]   [DWAAC] [See Pearse alias Moren, John]
MorganHenryExeterDEV 1779AleEXEDWAACp. 126FRYA omitted 'Special A'
MorganJonasPlymouthDEVgentleman1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 1 Aug 1766, and registered 29 Aug 1766
MorganMaryPlymouthDEV 1650Wab TRST née Pengelly
MorganSamuelFore St [Exeter]DEVhaberdasher1817AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 16 Apr 1817
MoriceWilliam (Sir)WerringtonDEVbart1747WabPCCBANK probate dated at Doctors Commons 12 Mar 1749
MorishJamesTivertonDEV 1692AleEXEDWAACp. 124entry omitted in FRYA
MorisonHenry DundasPlymouthDEVsurgeon, R.N.1838WabPCCBANK probate granted 14 Jun 1838
MoroinWilliamHeanton PunchardonDEVclerk1719Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/51proved in Exeter
MorriceJohnSidcliff Cottage, SidmouthDEV 1848WcoPCCDHC-C8171 (acc no)copy of PCC will
MorrisSimonTopshamDEVgrocer1773WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 4 Nov 1774
MorrisWilliamBarbadosBRBesquire1796WcoPCCDHC-U4871-0 Box 3mentions Inwardleigh & Hatherleigh; died in Exeter; probate copy of will dated 1793
MorrisWilliamPoona in the Bombay ResidencyINDmajor1858Wco DHC-U4817-0 Box 4late of Hatherleigh; major and brevet lieutenant colonel 17th Lancers
MorrisWilliam CholmeleyHatherley [Hatherleigh]DEVesquire1824Wco DHC-U4817-0 Box 4 
MorrishAbrahamPoughillDEV 1744AleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Morris'
MorrishAgnesBroadclist [Broadclyst]DEV 1635WleEXEDWAACp. 88entry omitted in FRYA
MorrishGeorgeFarwayDEV 1747WleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'James'
MorrishJoaneStockley Pomeroy [Stockleigh Pomeroy]DEV 1660WleEXEDWAACp. 124entry omitted in FRYA
MorrishJohnHolcombe BurnellDEV 1770WleEXEDWAACp. 126forename omitted in FRYA
MorrishJohnNewton St CyresDEVyeoman1683Wab MISCMorris10 
MorrishWilliamAlphingtonDEV 1728AleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA showed 'Morris'
MorrishWilliamButterley [Butterleigh]DEV 1751AleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Morris'
MorrisonSusannahPlymouth Dock [Stoke Damerel]DEVwidow1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 14 Jun 1831
MorryJohnDartmouthDEVmariner1807Wtr MISCNGB - http://ngb.chebucto.org/Wills/pcc-morry-john.shtmladmon with will
MorrysNicholasStockley English [Stockleigh English]DEV 1663AleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA showed 'Morrish'
MorseNicholasHockworthyDEV 1754AleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Moses'
MorseWilliamTivertonDEV 1743AleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Moses'
MortimerJohnExeterDEVdairyman1828WabPCCBANK probate granted 27 Feb 1829
MortimerRichardDunsfordDEVyeoman1833WabPCCBANK probate granted 14 Mar 1833
MortimerRichardDunsfordDEVyeoman1833WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1813/181will
[Mortimer][Agnes]   [1626]   [DWAAC] [See Payne alias Mortimer, Agnes]
MortimoreJohn StappersPlymouth Yard [Stoke Damerel]DEVshipwright1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 13 Jul 1836
MortonJohnIlfracombeDEVrector1457Wab MISCOliver5, vol.2, p. 136[year will made]
MossSarahExeterDEV 1737AleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Moses'
MouldElizabeth SnowdenStoke DamerelDEVwidow1836WabPCCBANK probate granted 22 Feb 1837
MouleGraceBarnstapleDEVwidow1830WabPCCBANK probate granted 6 Feb 1830 to niece Sarah Williams
MouncePhilipExeterDEV 1767WleEXEDWAACp. 126FRYA showed 'Monce'
MoungwellJohn[Exeter]DEVstationer1658Wab MISCAntient, p. 172bequest to St John's hospital for bibles
MounierJamesPlymouthDEVgentleman1757WabPCCMISCWagner - p.28994 Herring
MounierJamesPlymouthDEVsenior, mariner1745WabPCCBANK probate dated at Doctors Commons dated 31 Jul 1752
MounierMaryStoke DamerelStoke Danerell [Stoke Damerel]widow1775WabPCCMISCWagner - p.28977 Ducie
MounierPeterPlymouthDEVmariner1721WabPCCMISCWagner - p.28958 Marlborough
MountstevenJohnLoupit [Luppitt]DEV 1674WcoPCCMUR2Box 'I-M'photocopy of original will
MourgeMaryExeterDEV 1802WabPCCMISCWagner - p.290913 Kenyon
MoxeyWilliamExeterDEV 1801WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1766/327will
[Moxsadge]    [1642]   [DWAAC] [See Taylor alias Moxsadge]
MoyleJosephRameCONgentleman1701OabECCEMUR2Box 'I-M'renunciation
MoyleRobertBacke, St GermansCON 1604WabECCEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MoyleWalterSt GermansCONmilitis [knight]1702OabECCEMUR2Box 'I-M'will transferred to PCC
MoyleWalter (Sir)Bake [St Germans]CONknight1701WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M'34 Degg; date of will, not probate
MoyseyPhilipPlymouthDEVgentleman1807WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 3 Feb 1808
MudgeZacheryPlymouthDEVreverend1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 27 April 1769
MugfordPhilipDoddiscombsleighDEV 1769WleEXEDWAACp. 126FRYA showed 'William'
MuleThomasffremeton [Fremington]DEV 1577WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesAgnesBarnstapleDEVwidow1628AabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesAnneChittlehamptonDEV 1626WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesAnneTawstocke [Tawstock]DEV 1709WabEPREMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesBriauntDoltonDEV 1593WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesElizabethBarnstapleDEV 1603WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesGeoffreyBarnstapleDEV 1566WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesGeorgeNorthamDEV 1616AabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M'plus inventory
MulesHenryMorthoo [Mortehoe]DEV 1622WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesJoanNorthamDEV 1623WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesJohaneBarnstapleDEVwidow1570WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesJohannesWarckleigh [Warkleigh]DEV 1600WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesJohnBarnstapleDEVthe elder; merchant1613WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesJohnBotonett [Lezant]CON 1573WabECCEMUR2Box 'I-M'date of will, not probate
MulesJohnRoboroughDEV 1602AabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesJohnRoboroughDEV 1638AabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesJohnTawstockDEV 1626WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M'118 Hale
MulesJohnTawstocke [Tawstock]DEV 1580WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesJohnThornberie [Thornbury]DEV 1620WabTOTMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesJohnThornberie [Thornbury]DEV 1622WabTOTMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesJohnWarkeleigh [Warkleigh]DEV 1624WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesPeterMorthoe [Mortehoe]DEV 1709AabEPREMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesPhilipBarnstapleDEV 1581WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesPhillippeMooretehoe [Mortehoe]DEV 1587WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesRobertBerinerber [Berrynarbor]DEV 1638WabEPREMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesRobertMorthoe [Mortehoe]DEV 1633AabEPREMUR2Box 'I-M'plus declaration by citizens of Morthoe
MulesThomasNewton Tracie [Newton Tracey]DEV 1596WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesThomasWarckleigh [Warkleigh]DEV 1620WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesWilliamHigh BickingtonDEV 1622AabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M'admon to Mablea, relict
MulesWilliamMorthoo [Mortehoe]DEV 1566WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesWilliamRoboroughDEV 1586AabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesWilliamSwymbridge [Swimbridge]DEV 1620WabPCCMUR2Box 'I-M'"of Dales"
MulesWilliamSwymbridge [Swimbridge]DEV 1721AabECCEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulesWilliamWarckleigh [Warkleigh]DEV 1596WabBARNMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MullinsJamesBarnstapleDEVmerchant1821WabPCCBANK probate granted 3 Mar 1821
MulyesElizabethExeterDEV 1645WabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulysJohnHalmeston [Bishops Tawton]DEV 1634WabEPREMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MulysRichardSt GermansCON 1532WabECCEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MumfordWilliamDartmouthDEVmariner1694WtrPCCGDPROB 11/421/328 
MundayeJohnRialton [St Columb Minor]CONgentleman1603Wab MUR2Box 'I-M'"proved at Trewrowe on Visitation"
MundyDorotheaOttery St MaryDEVspinster1808WabEXEDHC-U3327A/add3/PF5 
MundyDorothyOttery St MaryDEVspinster1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 6 Mar 1764
MurchElizabethBradninchDEV 1671WleEXEDWAACp. 124FRYA showed '1770'
MurchGeorgeChagfordDEVyeoman1718WtrEXECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 380 & 381inventory extract shown
MurchGeorgeExeterDEVgentleman1805Oab BANK registered 7 Feb 1806; beneficiary of John Parker
MurchJaneKentisbeareDEVwidow1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 4 Jan 1832
MurchJoanTivertonDEV 1762AleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'John'
MurchJohnThorvertonDEV 1776AleEXEDWAACp. 126entry omitted in FRYA
MurchJohnThrowleighDEV 1748AleEXEDWAACp. 125FRYA showed 'Poughill'
MurchWilliamChagfordDEVhusbandman1711WtrEXECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 377 - 379 
MurchWilliamChagfordDEVmaltmaker1733AtrEXECAButler - Vol. 37, pp. 382 - 385admon to Elizabeth, relict; inventory extract shown
MurrayCharlesPlympton St MaryDEVcaptain1823WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1666/242will; Captain of Royal Invalids on the Retired List
MurrayCharlesTopshamDEVcaptain of the invalids1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 18 Feb 1823
MurrayRobertPlymouthDEVhair merchant1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 5 Mar 1770
MychellAnnEast TeignmouthDEV 1668AlePCDCMICHp. 21 
MychellGeorgeAlphingtonDEV 1666AabEXEWWWLink - 31 Dec 2013granted to John Michell, brother
MychellJohnColytonDEV 1590WlePCDCMICHp. 19 
MychellJohnColytonDEVsenior1670AlePCDCMICHp. 21 
MychellLaurencePerranzabuloeCON 1615AlePCDCMICHp. 19 
MychellNicholasUgboroughDEV 1563WleTOTMICHp. 9 
MychellOliverTavistockDEV 1586WleTOTMICHp. 9Oliverus'
MychellThomasAshburtonDEV 1579WlePCDCMICHp. 19 
MychellWillianAlphingtonDEV 1545WabEXEWWWLink - 31 Dec 2013 
MynefeeWilliamHonitonDEV 1610WabEPREMUR2Box 'I-M' 
MynifieJohnFarwayDEV 1624AabEXEMUR2Box 'I-M' 
NanceRichardPadstowCONinnkeeper1763WabECCEDRO-U1018 [2010, Box 835] Move 229 Phillips papers in Phillips foldermentions inventory
[Nance alias Trengowe][John]   [1772]   [DRO-U] [see Trengowe alias Nance, George]
NansJohnExeterDEVcanon1508WtrPCCMISCOrme3 - pp. 129-130Canon residentiary of the cathedral church of Exeter
NanscawneHannaExeterDEV 1691WleEXEDWAACp. 127FRYA showed 'Nauscauwen'
NanseraveyRichardCombeintinhead [Combeinteignhead]DEV 1705WleEXEDWAACp. 127FRYA showed 'Nanscrawery'
NarracottJohnDittishamDEV 1694WtrPCCMISCPROB 11/418/304will
NeameWilliamPlymouthDEVmariner1824WabPCCBANK probate granted 23 Nov 1824
Necke alias HarrisAgnesBovitracy [Bovey Tracey]DEV 1622Aab CAButler - Vol. 14, p. 155admon to Thomas Necke, husband
NeedesJohnTivertonDEV 1774WleEXEDWAACp. 127FRYA showed 'November'
NeedsPhilippHolcombe RogusDEV 1686AleEXEDWAACp. 127FRYA showed '1685'
NeedsRichardExeterDEVgentleman1821WabPCCBANK probate granted 28 Sep 1821
NesbittAlexanderTivertonDEVesquire1805AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 16 Apr 1806; Major of 31st Rgt of foot
NesbittRichardTivertonDEVmajor1805WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 23 Oct 1806
NettletonPeterPlymouthDEVbookseller1822WabPCCBANK probate granted 10 Jul 1822
NewberieThomasColytonDEVhusbandman1607Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 389inventory extract shown
NewberryAgnesColytonDEV 1579Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 386inventory extract shown
NewberryChristeynAxminsterDEVwidow1632Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 394admon to Henrye, son; inventory extract shown
NewberryHenryAxminsterDEV 1640Aab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 395admon to Agnes, relict; inventory extract shown
NewberryJohnMemburyDEVthe younger1608Iab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 390only inventory shown
NewberryJohnMemburyDEVyeoman1674Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 399inventory extract shown
NewberryJohnUpotterie [Upottery]DEVhusbandman1645Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 397inventory extract shown
NewberryRichardBrodclist [Broadclyst]DEVyeoman1643Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 396inventory extract shown
NewberrySusannaAxminsterDEVwidow1672Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 398inventory extract shown
[Newberry]        [CA] [See also Nubery]
NewberyGeorgeMemburyDEVhusbandman1603Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 388inventory extract shown
NewberyRichardShutt, MemburyDEVyeoman1618Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 391inventory extract shown
NewberyWilliamYarcombeDEV 1596WtrPCCGDPROB 11/88/399will
NewburyMaryExeterDEVspinster1809WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 18 Apr 1810
NewburyRuthOkehamptonDEVwidow1688Wab CULLFilm no. 87933 
NewcombeAliceShobrookeDEV 1673WleEXEDWAACp. 127entry omitted in FRYA; and administration
NewcombeElizabethSampford CourtenayDEVwidow1710WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933year of inventory
NewcombeHelenBelstoneDEVwidow1623WabTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
NewcombeJohnExeterDEVesquire1772AabPCCBANK letter of administration dated in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in Doctors Commons 6 Feb 1773
NewcombeJohnInwardleighDEVyeoman1731Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/57date of will
NewcomenEliasDartmouthDEVironmonger1749Wor DHC-U4427M/F6later will dated 1760
NewcomenEliasDartmouthDEV 1765WabPCCDHC-U4427M/F8 
NewcomenEliasDartmouthDEVshopkeeper1760WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 22 May 1765
NewcomenThomasTaunton St Mary MagdelenSOMserge maker1757Wco DHC-U4427M/F7date of will
NeweberieJoaneMemburie [Membury]DEVwidow1588Wab CAButler - Vol. 37, p. 387inventory extract shown
NewmanWilliamDartmouthDEVmerchant1822WtrPCCMISCNGB - http://ngb.chebucto.org/Wills/pcc-newman-william-1822.shtml 
NewtonJohnBridestoweDEVgentleman1805Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/56 
NewtonJohnInwardleighDEV 1718Aor DHC-U1292M/Wills/55 
NewtonJohnKilmingtonDEV 1598Wab MISCOliver5, vol.1, p. 151 
NewtonJohnPlymouthDEVcomptroller of the Custom House, Plymouth1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 7 Apr 1832
NewtonRobertAxminsterDEV 1638W?leEXEDWAACp. 88FRYA showed 'Honyton'
[Newton][John]   [1702]   [CA] [See Tremlett alias Newton, John]
NeyteCatherineAmbrook, StavertonDEVspinster1842WabPCCBANK probate granted 16 Sep 1842; Exeter mentioned
NichollWilliam   1665Wab MUR2Box 'N-P' 
NicholsWilliam EvansPlymouthDEVgentleman1816WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 16 Oct 1816
NicholsonJosephPlymouthDEVdraper1805Oab BANK registered 15 Jul 1806; benficiary of Joan Haley
NicollsJohnCheriton BishopDEV 1665WleEXEDWAACp. 127FRYA showed '1664 and Nicholls'
NixonFrances ElizabethTivertonDEVwidow1823WabPCCBANK probate granted 13 Sep 1823
NoguierAnthonyExeterDEVmerchant1781WabPCCMISCWagner - p.291156 Webster
NoonThomasBarnstapleDEVgentleman1805Oab BANK registered 27 Jan 1806
NoquierAnthonyExeterDEVmerchant1779WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 10 Mar 1781
NorcombeRobertCleyhanger [Clayhanger]DEV 1774AleEXEDWAACp. 127FRYA showed 'Northcombe'
NormanGeorgeOkehamptonDEVchaise driver1847WcoBARNDHC-U4871-0 Box 3probate copy of will dated 1845
NormanRichardSt Sidwell [Exeter St Sidwell]DEV 1708AleEXEDWAACp. 127FRYA omitted 'Richard'
NormanRobertBicton (late of St Giles in the Woods, Devon)DEVhuntsman1831WabPCCBANK probate granted 23 Jul 1831; late of St Giles in the Woods, DEV; huntsman to Rt Hon John Lord Rolle
NorrisThomasExeterDEV 1716AleEXEDWAACp. 127FRYA showed 'Norman'
NorrishHenryTivertonDEV 1640WleEXEDWAACp. 88entry omitted in FRYA
NorrishSamuelBroad NymetDEVyeoman1794Wco DHC-U1292M/Wills/58date of will
NorsworthieJohnMoreton Hampstead [Moretonhampstead]DEV 1639WleTOTMICHp. 13 
NorsworthieJohnWithecomb [Widecombe in the Moor]DEV 1633WleTOTMICHp. 13 
NorsworthieMariaMannaton [Manaton]DEV 1641WleTOTMICHp. 13 
NorsworthieRobertNorth BoveyDEV 1633WleTOTMICHp. 13 
NorsworthieRobertWithecomb [Widecombe in the Moor]DEV 1629WleTOTMICHp. 13 
NorsworthieStephenMannaton [Manaton]DEV 1641WleTOTMICHp. 13 
NorsworthieThomasMooreton [Moretonhampstead]DEV 1633WleTOTMICHp. 13 
NorsworthyMaryFowleyDEVspinster1766WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 31 Oct 1766
NorthThomasMorebathDEVcordwainer1803WabPCCBANK probate granted at Doctors Commons 9 Aug 1804
[Northam][John]   [1632]   [MICH] [See Michell alias Northam, John]
NorthcoteAnn LewisHennaford, Swimbridge, near BarnstapleDEVwidow1839WAbPCCBANK probate granted 6 Nov 1839; stock in joint names with husband, Hugh
NorthcoteHugh (Rev)Hennaford, Swimbridge, near BarnstapleDEV 1839WabPCCBANK probate granted 6 Nov 1839; stock in joint names with wife, Ann Lewis
NorthcoteKatherine MariaTivertonDEVspinster or widow?1837WabPCCBANK probate granted 20 Nov 1837; stock held in name of Northcote (spinster), but according to abstract she was married to Rev John Pitman, who pre-deceased her
NorthcottAndrewRockbeareDEV 1664AleEXEDWAACp. 127FRYA showed '1663'
NorthmoreAnnExeterDEVwidow1743WtrTOTCULLFilm no. 87933 
NortonBridgetMitchamSRYwife1771WcoPCCDHC-U6623Mcopy of will dated 1746; wife of Fernando Norton
NortonJamesAlwingtonDEVservant1807WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1463/239will
NortonMaryMilton DamerellDEVwidow1779WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1049/315will
NoseworthieWylliamAysheberton [Ashburton]DEV 1552WlePCDCMICHp. 19 
NoseworthyJaneSouth BrentDEVwidow1693Wco DHC-U2723M - Carew, WN 1 
Nossiter alias WellmanMarySidmouthDEV 1752AleEXEDWAACp. 127entry omitted in FRYA
NosworthiePhillippeChagfordDEVhusbandman1588Wab MUR2Box 'N-P' 
Nosworthie alias Bekenton    1549WlePCDCMICHp. 19 
NosworthyElizabethAndoverHAMspinster1827WcoPCCDHC-U5651M Willsprobate copy of will dated 1829
NosworthyJohnChagfordDEV 1664WleEXEDWAACp. 127entry omitted in FRYA
NosworthyJohnDartmouthDEV 1784WtrPCCGDPROB 11/1122/310 
NosworthyJohnKentonDEVtidewaiter1783Wco DHC-U5827Mdocument in very fragile condition
NosworthyJohnLisleigh [Lustleigh]DEVyeoman1696Wor DHC-U5827Mdocument in very fragile condition
NosworthyJohnMannaton [Manaton]DEVgentleman1721Wor DHC-U5827Mdocument in very fragile condition
NosworthyMargaretStavertonDEV 1631IlePCDCMICHp. 21