This consolidated index brings together information obtained from all the different sources that have been searched, the particular source being indicated in each entry.

If you find an entry listing a will that is of interest to you, note the code given in the 'Source' column. Also note whether the code in the 'Form' column is 'le' or something else. Then go back to the main Devon Wills Project page. Firstly, by reading the second paragraph, please make sure you understand what we mean by 'le'. Then find in the list of 'Sources' the source code you had noted, and open the corresponding 'Source' page. In the introductory notes for that 'Source' you will find information about where you should go, or who you should contact, to see (or perhaps be able to obtain your own copy of) the particular will, transcript or abstract, if we have in fact located such a copy, transcript or abstract.

If the 'Source' column shows MISC, then the first part of the 'Reference' column (before the hyphen) shows a code which identifies the particular miscellaneous source. Note this additional code, and then go to the Miscellaneous Minor Sources page, which will give you more precise details of the relevant minor source, and also suggest where you might find a copy of it.

We have tried to make the explanations and instructions here and on the main Devon Wills Project page as clear and straightforward as possible. Please do read them carefully. Also, please note that the Devon Wills Project itself cannot help with requests about sources.

Type of Document: 'W' - Will, 'A' - Administration, 'I' - Inventory, 'O' - Other
Form of Document: 'or' - Original, 'co' - Copy, 'ab' - Abstract or Extract, 'tr' - Transcript, 'le' - List Entry
(The code 'le' is used when the source from which the index item was transcribed neither contains nor leads to any further
information about the item. The code 'ab' is used both for detailed abstracts including all essential information in a
will, and for brief extracts. The county/country name column uses the appropriate (three-letter) Chapman Code


List of Probate Courts and their assigned codes

SurnameFirst Name(s)PlaceCounty/
YearTypeFormProb. CourtSourceReferenceNote
XimenesDanielSidmouthDEV 1824Wle WWWLink - 7 Nov 2010 
XimenesDanielSidmouthDEV 1829Wco IRWX 1 
XimenesDanielSidmouthDEVgentleman1829WabEPRE?SOGDocument Collection, Harcourt fiche - Donor: AnonCatherine Ximenes, wife; Emily Catherine [later Harcourt], Fanny Maria, Adelaide Jane and Moris Frederick, children
XimenesDanielSidmouthDEV 1829Wle WWWLink - 7 Nov 2010