Transcribed by Christine Abram, Peter Cowell, Liz & Peter Davidson, Jo Dyer, Bev Edmonds, Richard Grylls, Jean Harris, Stephen Hobbs,
Graham King, Richard Lawton, Pauline Lyons, Justin H. Martin, Daniel Morgan, Brian Randell, Sarah Reed, John Ritchings, Ann Roberts, Jen Walton and Gerald Wyatt

The Source (MISC) and DWP's editing process

Our collection of MISC items consists of a large number of entries obtained from various published books and journal articles, and from several online sources. The particular source used for each item is identified using a code word in the 'Reference' column - use this code word and the listing of Miscellaneous Minor Sources for further detail about the source. Where appropriate, details as to where and how that source might be found are also included.

In some cases additional cataloguing information, from the particular source, is included in the 'Reference' column here. For example, the reference "Crisp - vol. 5, p. 51" indicates where a particular will abstract is to be found in Crisp's books Abstracts of Somersetshire Wills, etc., copied from the manuscript collections of the late Rev. Frederick Brown (6 vols.), and the reference "LMA - DL/C/412" identifies a particular will within the holdings of the London Metropolitan Archives. (Note that such cataloguing information may have been superseded if the archive concerned has since been reorganized.)

These miscellaneous sources vary considerably - so that, for example, in some cases a document whose Type is indicated as 'ab' (for abstract) will consist of a brief extract with very little information, in other cases it might contain essentially all the information that a full transcript would provide. Similarly, in some cases the Year column will relate to when a will was written, rather than when it was proved.


Locating the source and acquiring copies

In the case of miscellaneous sources that are published papers or books we have attempted to provide detailed bibliographical information sufficient to enable these sources to be sought from appropriate major reference and genealogy libraries. We have in some cases, in particular for rather rare sources, indicated one or two libraries holding the source in question. For miscellaneous sources that are archives, and the like, we have not listed their contact details, since such details can easily be found via the Internet. Please address any requests for further information about a particular will, transcript or abstract, etc., listed here to an appropriate library, or to the archive concerned. The Devon Wills Project itself cannot help with such requests.