List of Probate Courts and their assigned codes

ACSArchdeaconry Court of Sarum (Salisbury, Wilts.)
BARN(Consistory) Archdeaconry Court of Barnstaple
BRISConsistory Court of the Bishop of Bristol'
COCManor Court of Cockington
CCCConsistory Court of Canterbury
CDALCourt of the Deanery of the Arches of London
CMCLCommissary Court of London
CNCLConsistory Court of London
CORN(Consistory) Archdeaconry Court of Cornwall
DORCConsistory Court of Dorset
DORSArchdeaconry Court of Dorset
ECCEdinburgh Commissary Court
ECCE(Episcopal) Consistory Court of (the Bishop of) Exeter
EPRE(Episcopal) Principal Registry of (the Bishop of) Exeter
ESCEdinburgh Sheriff Court
EXE(Consistory) Archdeaconry Court of Exeter
GSCGlasgow Sheriff Court
MCEMayors' Court, Exeter
NEWNewfoundland Probate Courts
PCAPrerogative Court of Armagh
PCCPrerogative Court of Canterbury
PCDCPeculiar Court of the Dean & Chapter of Exeter
PCDEPeculiar Court of the Dean of Exeter
PCDSPeculiar Court of the Dean of Salisbury
PCVCPeculiar Court of the Vicars Choral of Exeter
PPRPrincipal Probate Registry
TAUNArchdeaconry Court of Taunton
TEMPManor Court of Templeton
TOT(Consistory) Archdeaconry Court of Totnes
UFFCourt of the Prebend of Uffculme

The name by which a particular court was referred to varied. Many names were abbreviated. In the list above the words shown in parentheses may well be omitted. 'Archdeaconry' courts were sometimes called 'Archidiaconal' courts.