Transcribed from William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Devonshire 1850, by Terry Partridge.

DIPTFORD, a small village, on rising ground, in the vale of the river Avon, 5½ miles W.S.W. of Totnes, has in its parish 755 souls, and 4144A. 3R. 15P. of land, including many scattered farm-houses, and lying in several manors. The Rev. W.C. Johnson is lord of the manor of Diptford, formerly held by the Boteler, Courtenay, Fitzcourt, Mules, Sture, and Taylor families. The heiress of the latter married the present owner. The manor of Bendley and the barton of Stert belong to Mr. Henry Weeks, and were long the property and seat of the Heles. Diptford Court is the seat and property of Thos. Butland, Esq.; and J.S. Cornish, Esq., owns Craberton. The Rev. H. Hare has an estate and neat mansion here, called Courtis Knowle, purchased by the late W. Hare, Esq., who erected the present mansion on the site of the old farm-house. It stands on an eminence, and has extensive pleasure grounds. The Ilbert, Bartlett, Webber, and other families have estates in the parish. One acre belongs to the Queen. The Church (St. Mary,) is an ancient structure, on an eminence near the river, and has a tower containing six bells, and crowned by a handsome broach spire. It is in the perpendicular style, but nearly all the windows are modern insertions. The rectory, valued in K.B. at £29. 2s. 1d., and in 1831 at £582, is in the patronage and incumbency of the Rev. W.C. Johnson, who has 2A. 3R. of glebe, and a large and handsome residence. The Parish Lands, &c., given for the use of the church by Walter Toker and John Hayes, in the reign of Henry VII., comprise 74A. and two houses, let for about £50 a year. The poor have a small house in the churchyard, given in the reign of Elizabeth, and a yearly rent-charge of 30s., left by R. Nosworthy, in 1727. The Parish School is supported by the rector.


Butland Thos. gent. Diptford Court
Daykin Mrs. Bradridge House
Hare Rev H. Courtis Knowle
Johnson Rev Wm. Cowper, Rectory
Rake John & Prowse My. A, school
Soper John, clerk, Prowse Jno. sexton
Weeks Henry, gent. Stert House

FARMERS. (* are owners.)

Andrews Robert, Bradley
Bond Wm.
Crocker Elizabeth
Cutmore Robert
Easterbrook Jas.
Evens Richard, Blogswill
* Foss Andrew and Peter, Lr Combe
Foss John, Trimswell
Foss Maria
Foss Richard
Furneaux George
Goss John
Harris Richard, The Mill
Hewitt John
Hill Wm. miller, Gara
Horswill Charles
* Jackman James
Jackson Richard
* Jonas John
Keys Joseph
Lethbridge Christopher
Lewis John & Pp. Binnick knoll
Lindon Jno.
* Mudge Henry, Bendley
Newman Thomas
Penny Mrs
* Pethbridge Robert, Simpsons
Pinwell Edward
Pyles James, Murtwell
Shillabeer John
Smarridge Henry
Smarridge Jno.
Southwood John
* Steer John
Stranger Richd.
White, Mr
Woodley John, Craberton
Yabsley John, New Well


Star, Richard Jonas
Sun, Wm. Horswill
Tailors' Arms, Wm. Tucker
Tradesman's Arms, Samuel Clapp
Victoria, John Jonas


Dennis Wm.
Ferris Wm.
Lindon John


Hodge Thomas
Prowse James
Shute Charles


Brown Thos.
Clapp Samuel
Crocker Richard


Blake Wm.
Horswill Osmnd.


Horswill Roger
Jonas Thomas
Rape John


Jonas Thomas
Heath Wm.
Parsons Wm.