From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

DREWSTEIGNTON, a large village on the northern acclivity of Teign valley, 13 miles W. of Exeter, and 9 miles E. by S. of Okehampton, has in its parish 1315 souls, including 181 in the hamlet of TEIGNHOLT, which has several scattered farms, houses, &c. The parish also includes part of the village of Crockernwell, (see p. 187,) and contains 6938A. 1R. 22 ½P. of land, extending westward to the borders of Dartmoor. About 6506 acres are rateable, and the rest are roads, wastes, and river. The rateable annual value is £5406, and the gross rental £7285. The parish abounds in fine scenery of rocks and woods. Drewsteignton Lime Rock Quarries are worked extensively by Messrs. Ponsford and Co. and Jas. Pitts, Esq. This lime rock is of a dark blue colour, and contains manganese and white veins lying in alternate strata with schist, or black shell, much closer in texture and harder than the limestone beds, which vary from two to six feet in thickness, and dip regularly towards the north at an angle of 30 degrees. Petrifactions of marine shells, &c., are found at a depth of 100 to 200 feet. When the rock is well burnt, it produces a reddish brown lime, which is in great request for agricultural purposes, as well as for cement in masonry under water, &c. Drewsteignton has two annual fairs for cattle, &c., on the Thursday after Candlemas-day, and the Thursday after Trinity Sunday. In the reigns of Henry II. and Richard I., the manor was held by Drogo, or Drewe de Teignton. For many generations, it was held by the Carews, who sold it in lots in 1791. G. Ponsford, Esq., J. Pitts, Esq., and the Rev. W. Ponsford, are now lords of the manor, but a great part of the soil belongs to W. Lambert, Esq., John Ponsford, Esq., Wm. Bragg, Esq., and several smaller freeholders. These gentlemen have neat and pleasant seats in different parts of the parish. The late Rev. S. Pidsley owned Drascombe farm, on which a valuable tin lode was discovered and worked some years ago. This mine has recently been taken by a company of gentlemen at Bristol, and sunk to the depth of 34 fathoms, where excellent copper ore is found, as well as tin, with a mixture of silver. Mr. J. Luke, of Exeter, owns the barton or farm of Shilston. In the middle of an enclosure on this farm is a Cromlech, or druidical monument, consisting of three large upright stones, supporting a fourth, which is 12 feet long and 9 wide in the broadest part. The supporting stones are about 6 feet high, and all are rudely shaped moor stones. On the brink of the river Teign, at a short distance south of Shilston, is a remarkable Logan or Rocking Stone, but its motion is now scarcely perceptible. In a neighbouring part of Dartmoor, on the descent of a hill, are two curious Circles, supposed to be of Druidic origin, and each about 93 feet in diameter, but most of the stones are gone, or are deeply sunk in the mounds and vallums. Near them are also some traces of what has been called the via sacra or Druid-way, and it is supposed that this was the principal place of Druidical ceremony in the county. Some antiquaries say that Drews-Teignton had the first part of its name from this circumstance, but others, with more probability, derived it from Drogo or Drewe, its early Norman proprietor, before whose time the parish was merely called Teignton, from its situation on the river Teign. The Church (St. Peter,) is a large Gothic structure, with an embattled tower and six bells. The east window has a beautiful representation of the Ascension in painted glass, given by the late rector, in 1825. The Messrs. Ponsford are patrons of the rectory, valued in K.B. at £40. 13. 4d., and in 1831 at £876. The Rev. Wm. Ponsford is the incumbent, and has 440A. of glebe, and a handsome brick residence, with a fine lawn commanding picturesque views. The tithes were commuted in 1841 for £659. 17s. per annum. Here is a small National School. The Parish land, &c., comprise about 30 acres, two houses, seven cottages, &c., let for about £26, and seven cottages occupied rent free by paupers. They have been vested, from an early period, for the use of church and poor. For a weekly distribution of bread, the poor have £2. 12s. per annum, left by Thos. Hall in 1705, out of Venton estate. They have also £10 a year out of Hare Path estate, left by Mary Ponsford in 1817.

Those Marked 1, are at Crockern well; 2, Sandy Park; 3, Teignholt; and the rest in Drewsteignton village, or where specified.

POST-OFFICE at Thomas Hooper's, Whyddon-down./ Letters desp. at 10 mg. via Exeter, and 8 night. to Okehampton, &c.
Aggett John, manager of lime quarries, &c.
Bevens Jno. & Sons, masons & bldrs
Gorwyn Richd. L. Esq. Higher Bridbrook
1 Gregory Saml. & Sons, coopers
Hill John, farrier
Lambert Mrs E., Broadmoor House
Lambert Wm. Esq. Wallon House
Penrose John, copper mine agent
Pitts Jas. Esq. lime quarry owner, Newton House
Ponsford and Co. proprietors of the Lime Rock quarry and kilns
Ponsford John, Esq. East Ford Hs
Ponsford Geo. Esq.
Skinner Mr W.
Ponsford Rev. Wm., Rectory
Smith John, parish clerk
Snell Saml. schoolr. and overseer
Stoneman John, road contractor
Walker Rev Fredk. J. curate

New Inn, Wm. Smith
Post Office Inn, Thomas Hooper, Whyddon-down
2 Sandy Park Inn, Wm. Perrott
Beerhouses, Rd. Austin & Jno. Marks

FARMERS. (* are Owners.)
Blanchford Hy.
Blanchford Jas.
Bragg Wm. Esq. Furlong
Bremridge John, Martin's
Brimblecombe John, Davyland
Brock John, Great Tree
Browning John Symons, Hobhouse
3 Clark Henry, Westwood
3 Clark Wm., Tray-hill
Dodd Mary, East Fingle
Drew James, Red Lake
3 Dunning John, Wood Park
Ellis Wm, Great Shilston
Ford John, Wisdom
3 Grendon John, West Fursham
Hellier Joseph, West Ford
Hole Wm., Winscomb, & Matw. Stone
Hole Wm., Notton hole
Jackson Alexander, Furze down
Kenshole Samuel, Glebe land
* Knapman Edward, Tor hill
Knapman Andrew, Drascombe
Lampey Geo. Northill
Lang Wm.
Lee Richard, Swallow Tree
3 Middlewick John, Crayford
3* Mortimer Charles, Wood green
Nickells Jas. miller, Veet Mills
Perrott Rd. and Wm., Sandy Park
Phillips Wm. miller, Weir Mills
Pitts Joseph, Underdown
Pike Samuel, Venton
Robins George, Higher Pasford
Seward Wm., Greystone
* Skinner John, Burrow
Smith Wm. (and cattle dealer)
* Strong Richard, Narracott
* Strong Jno. high constbL Combhall
3 Violl John N., East hills
Wolland Rd., llarepath & Preston
Wolland Samuel, Buracre

Blanchford Hy.
Marks John
Langmead Wm.

1 Booth John
1 Groves John
2 Nickels Wm.
Smith Jno. & Rbn.

Bevens Richard
Holman Wm.
Holman J.
Smith George

Milford John
Stanbury Eliz.
Smith Wm.
Williams, Geo.

Langmead Wm.
Milton John
Williams Geo.
Williams Jas.
Williams John

Cann Wm.
Ponsford John

Holman John
Holman Wm.

1 Fewvins Simon
Hooper Ts. Whyd
2 Perrott Wm.

CARRIER to Exeter, Cann Sml. Tu. and Fri.

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