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The Cistercian Houses of Devon, V. Dunkeswell

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 9 (1877), pp. 380-391.


J. Brooking Rowe

Prepared by Michael Steer

The manor of Dunkeswell was known to the Saxons as Doduchewell. It was held by Henry Fitzwilliam and was mortgaged by him to a Jew called Amadio. It was redeemed by William Lord Brewer, a favourite of Richard I.; and was made the site of a Cistercian monastery founded by Lord Brewer in 1201, and vested with the profits of Dunkeswell parish church by the Bishop of Exeter, nephew of Lord Brewer, in 1242. The monastery was valued at the dissolution at £294, and was given in 1539 to Lord Russell. The paper also provides an Appendix listing the Abbots from 1228 to 1539. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of California Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Ammary, Thomam387
Aunger, Thoma388
Ba, Walter de383
Baioc, Johe de382
Bakere, Richard le383, 385-8
Banco de386-9
Baunton, Adam de386
Bedford, Lord390
Benett, John389
Bobbeknolle, Gilbert387
Bokeland, John389, 391
Boneweye, Johes de383, 385-6
Boreman, William389
Brantyngham, Bishop387
Brioniis, Adelicia de381
Briwere arms389-90
Briwere, William Lord (also Bruere)380-3, 385, 389
Bronescombe, Bishop382
Burlescombe, Abbot Alexander387, 391
Campo Arnulphi, Henry de386
Clauenesburgh, Robert387
Cliffewilmo, Robert de383
Cogan, Johes de383-6
Cogan, Phus de383
Cogan, Thomas de383-6
Cole, Abbot Johem388
Comyn, Johes383
Craweford, William387
Crues, Richard de381-2, 391
Davy, Thomam388
Dollebeare, Walter388
Don, Robert de386
Dryewode, Richard387
Dullton, Abbot John391
Dun, Avicia de381
Duna, Thomas de380
Dunkeswell, Abbot of383, 385, 388
Dunkeswell, John Abbot of383, 385-9, 391
Dunkeswell, Ralph Abbot of382, 391
Dunkeswell, Richard Abbot of381-2, 387, 391
Dunkeswell, Abbot Simon of387, 389, 391
Dunkeswell, Thomas Abbot of382-3, 391
Dunkeswell, William Abbot of386-7, 391
Edward I386
Edward II386
Engleys, Robert le383
Engleys, William le383
Everedd, Johes (also Evard)383, 385-6
Exeter, Bishop of389
FitzAllen, Ivo380
FitzAnne, Robert381
FitzWilliam, Ursellus381
FitzWilliam, William380
Foforde, Drogo de383
Fonte, Petrus de383
Ford, Richard de la383
Ford, Roger de la383, 385
Gatesden, Philip de381
Gaye, John389
Genyng, John389
Giffard, Abbot Walter382
Godeford, William de383
Goiz, Robert le381
Grandisson, Bishop387
Gydie, Walter386
Harrigg, Jur de383
Haueker, William le (also Hawker)383-6
Henry III381-2, 385
Henry IV387-9
Henry VIII389
Hereward, Gilbert383-4
Heyles, Messer Johem de384, 386
Heyward, Eustace le383-6
Hugh, Walter383-6
Hull, Richard de la383, 385-6
Hunt, Johem387
Hunte, Robert le383-4
Hydon, Richard de380
John, King380, 385
Kyngesford, Henri383
Lamport, Abbot Richard387, 391
Lexinton, Robert de382
Ley, Abbot John389, 391
Lysons, Messrs380
Mannesley, Richard de380
Mess, Phm de386
Moore, Roger de la383
More, Richard de la383, 385
Muleton, Thomas de382
Musard, Rad382
Nooke, William387
Norman, Johes383
Ofcomb, Johes de384
Oliv, Jordan382
Oliver, Dr383, 387, 389, 391
Orchard, Abbot Robert387, 391
Ottery, Abbot John389, 391
Pomeroy, Henry de la380
Pyioun, William de386
Pynn, William de380
Pytmynster, Abbot Richard389, 391
Russell, John Lord389
Scotte, Robert (also Scote)383-5
Scribi, William (also Scby)383, 385-6
Segar, John389
Selcr, Robert de383
Siccavilla, Phs de383
Stapledon, Bishop386, 391
Stolkeye, Robert de (also Stokhey)383, 386
Stowe, Thomam387
Sturgion, Nicholas387
Thoriton, John de380
Toritone, William de383
Treminett, Richard de380
Turner, William de383, 385
Tybbes, Abbot John of Ford389
Typson, Thomas389
Ussher, Isolde388
Ussher, Johem388
Vyncent, William386
Wanlake, Abbot William de387, 391
Waverley, Ralph Abbot of382, 391
Wayviet, Isabella388
Webbe, John389
Wedmore, Abbot William387, 391
Whitmore, Abbot John389, 391