From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

DUNSFORD, which gives name to a deanery, is a scattered village and parish, on the northern acclivities of the picturesque valley of the river Teign, from 7 to 8 miles W. by S. of Exeter. It contains 925 souls, and about 6000 acres of land, including 72A. of waste and water, and 350A. of woodland. There are two corn-mills on the river, and a cattle fair is held in the village, on the Monday after Sept. 8th. The soil is generally fertile, the surface rises in bold swells, in some places richly diversified with flourishing woods, and bare granite rocks. Baldwin Fulford, Esq., is lord of the manor of Dunsford, and Sir L.V. Palk is lord of Little Dunsford or Sowton manor; but part of the soil belong J.S. Pitman, Esq., and several smaller owners. A copper mine was opened here in 1848, by B. Fulford, Esq., of FULFORD HOUSE, a large square mansion, of the Elizabethan age, in a finely wooded park of about 400 acres, stocked with deer, and having a small lake. This seat is about 8 miles W. of Exeter, between Dunsford and Tedburn St. Mary, and the estate, called Great Fulford, is partly in the latter parish. The Fulfords have possessed this estate since the reign of Richard I., and one of them, Sir John Fulford, purchased the manor at the Reformation, previous to which it had been held by the abbey of Canonleigh. Sir Wm., Sir Baldwin, and Sir Amias de Fulford, distinguished themselves in the Holy Land. Another Sir Baldwin Fulford, having fought on the side of Henry VI. at Towton, was beheaded at Hexham, in 1461. His son Sir Thomas, was attainted in 1483, but escaped, and was among those who assisted the Earl of Devon in the relief of Exeter, when besieged by Perkin Warbeck, in 1497. Col. Fras. Fulford, afterwards Sir Francis, garrisoned Fulford House for King Charles, and his son was killed in his service. Fulford House was taken by Sir Thos. Fairfax, in December, 1645, and the command given to Col. Okey, one of the regicides. The mansion contains some good family portraits, and a full length of Charles I. The small manor of Halstow, in this parish, belongs to the priest-vicars of Exeter; and that of Cetley (mostly woods) to King's College, Cambridge. The barton of Clifford belongs to the Clifford family. The CHURCH (St. Mary) is a fine old structure, and contains some handsome monuments of the Fulfords. The chancel was mostly re-built in 1846, when a new organ was erected. The tower contains a clock, chimes, and six bells. The vicarage, valued in K.B. at £19. 10s., and in 1831 at £319, is in the gift of B. Fulford, Esq., and incumbency of the Rev. Richard Stephens, M.A., of Holcombe Burnell. In 1814, it was endowed with the tithes of hay, and the great tithes of Fulford and Clifford. The Vicarage House is a neat and pleasant residence, commanding fine views of Teign valley, and the romantic woods and granite rocks which enclose the road to Moreton Hampstead. The glebe is 7A., and the tithes were commuted in 1841, for £613 per annum, of which £368 belongs to the vicar, £143. 19s. to B. Fulford, Esq.; £60. 12s. to the executors of the late Geo. Gregory, Esq.; £36. 1s. to James Pitman, Esq.; and £4. 8s. to Sir L.V. Palk. Here is a National School. The Poor's Land consists of 104A. of moor land, called Cranbrook, let for only about £25 per annum, and purchased mostly in 1707, with £220 given by Agnes Harrison, and Florence and Christopher Barrow; and partly in 1862, with £157, raised by subscription. The poor have also a yearly rent charge of 20s., left by Nicholas Sperke, in 1606, out of Sowton farm.

Cheesworth Chas. Nosworthy, schoolmaster, Post-Office
Cheesworth C. N. Jun. registrar, &c
Day Saml. auctioneer, surveyor, and parish clerk
Froom Thos. Nield, surgeon
Fulford Baldwin, Esq., Fulford Hs
Hellier George, vict., Royal Oak
Helson Ts. edge-tool mfr., Iron Mills
James Hy. copper mine agent
May Mr John, Farrants
Pooks Wm.
Southcombe Rev. J.L. Hamilton, B.A. curate, Vicarage
Winser John, vict., Half Moon

FARMERS (* are Owners.)
Ash Richard, Langley
* Berry Joseph, Brook
Bolley Geo.
Carnell Wm.
Carnell Rd. Norris, Clifford Barton
Cole Wm., Mayne Farm
Colbridge George, Midwinter
Day Samuel, Culver Farm
Dicker Wm., Hole-land
* Elsworthy Wm.
Elsworthy Geo.
Gossland Thos.
Jordan John
Gray Geo., South Halstow
* Jarvis Jeremiah, Owlhole
Lee Jas.
May Geo., Farrants
May Walter, Sowton Barton
Northcott Joseph, Meadhay
Paddon James, Gillwell
Phillips Wm., Easton Boyland
Pitts Henry, North Ramridge
Sanford Simon, Pools
Seward Benj. E.
Seward John
* Seward George, Combes
Seward Martin, South Zeal
Seward Wm., Berry Barton
Shears Robert
Shears Wlll.
Short Mary
Short John
* Taverner John
Taverner Mary
* Tuckett Wm.
Taverner Wm.
Wills Ann
Wills Peter
Wills Joseph
Wills Thomas

Roleston Wm.
White Jane

Bond Wm.
Cox John
Rice Wm.
Shilston John

Crispin James (& wheelwright)
Smallridge Jph.

Bolt Samuel
Parr James
Shears George
Taverner Saml.

Hellier Francis
Hellier George

Bright Wm.
Chaffe John
Guscott James
Sercombe Sl. & Jn.

Bond George
Hill George
Orchard Wm.
Sercombe Wm.

Chaffe Geo. Sowtn.
Phillips J. Dunsfd.

Rice John
Routley Robert

Connett James
Connett Wm.

POST-OFFICE at C.N. Cheesworth's. Letters desp. 7 mg. & 5 evng.

Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1998