Dunterton Marriages (1677-1754)

Transcribed by

Philippa Stout
OPC for Dunterton



Published by kind permission of the Revd. G. Stanton

This transcription has been made by me from microfiche copies of the original registers and Bishop's Transcripts.
Whilst I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the transcription, researchers are advised to check the original source for themselves

Day / MonthYearBanns or LicenceGroom ForenameGroom SurnameGroom's NotesBride's forenameBride's surnameBride's Notes
20-Oct1677 JohnBRIANT MaryEDGCOMBE 
12-Feb1679 NathanMASTERS ThomazinDAW 
11-May1680 EdwardDAW PhilippaEMMET 
07-Jul1681 NathanMASTERS RebeccaBATE 
29-Nov1681 JohnSLEMAN HannahLITTLEJOHN 
09-Jan1681 MatthewTRIM MargeretHODGE 
22-Sep1682 RichardWIVELL AnnBARRABALL 
09-Feb1683 PeterREED (the elder) DorothyGRUTE 
27-Nov1684 NicholasHODGE MaryMATTER 
04-Nov1685 OliverSOWTON MaryTHOMAS 
08-Jun1687 JohnVEALE JaneCOLLIN 
29-May1689 GeorgeSTURTRIDTGE ChessonPEARSE 
01-Jul1693 JohnCOLLIN DorothyGENDELL 
29-Dec1693 GeorgeCASLY PhilippaSTRONG 
04-Jul1694 RichardWOODMAN ElizabethLITTLEJOHN 
19-Mar1694 HenryJAKEMAN HonorGENDLE 
28-Jan1696 RobertTREESof the pish of Milton AbottWilmottGENDLEof the pish of Milton Abott
22-Dec1698 JohnCULMEof the pish of Lezant in CornwallElizabethHARPERof the pish of Lezant in Cornwall
06-Jun1699 WilliamSTRONGof the pish of BradstoneSarahMETTERof this pish
13-Feb1699 PeterHANCOCK HonorGIST 
13-Jan1700 JohnTOOKERof the pish of Sydenham DamerelElizabethGREGORY 
03-Mar1700 AbrahamCOOMB RebeccaMASTERS 
08-Jul1701 JohnCOOKE MaryGENDLE 
07-Apr1702 EzekiahSTREEKE MarySPILLER 
19-Oct1702 CharlesWADGEof South PetherwynElizabethWISEof South Petherwyn
13-Jul1703 WilliamJEWELL RichordSLEMAN 
11-Jul1704 WilliamSTRONGof BradstoneMargerettDAWof Bradstone
01-Jun1708 HenryFOXof the pish of LezantHonourCROMPTONof the pish of Lezant
28-Apr1711 WilliamKNEEBONE MaryPREST 
12-Nov1711 RobertGLYNN (Gent.)of Hellan in the County of CornwallLucieCLOBERYof Bradstone
07-Oct1712 AnthonyCAKEof the pish of Mary TavyDorothyCOLLINS 
09-May1715 WilliamMASTERS PhilippaTRIMboth of ye same Parish and in ye same of Dunterton
14-Jan1716 SamuelWISEof the Parish of DuntertonAnnePEARSEof the Parish of Dunterton
04-Mar1716 JosephREEDof the Parish of DuntertonJaneDAWEof the Parish of Dunterton
22-Jul1717 RichardPHILIP AnneTRIMMboth of the Parish of Dunterton
22-Jul1717 WilliamKINGof BradstoneElizabethMARTYNof Linkinhorne
26-Jul1718 AnthonySHORTof the parish of BradstoneMaryPIECEof the parish of Bradstone
25-Aug1718 ThomasLITTLEJOHN BridgetDAWof the Parish of Dunterton
01-Jun1719married by License from the Arch-Deacon's Court of Cornwall (BTs only)FrancisMATHER RebeccaFRANKLYN 
07-Dec1719by BannsNicolasHOIDGEof DuntertonMaryBRADLAKEof Petherwyne
04-Aug1722by BannsJohnHODGEof DuntertonElizabethPELLOWof the Parish of Lezant
01-Nov1722by BannsRichardTUCKERof ye Parish of DuntertonElizabethWEBBof ye Parish of Dunterton
01-Jan1722by BannsJohnHURLEof ye Parish of DuntertonElizabethCHINof ye Parish of Dunterton
31-Oct1723by BannsGeorgeHODGEof ye Parish of DuntertonJaneWALKEYof ye Parish of Dunterton
04-Nov1723by BannsJamesSERGANTof ye parish of LandrakeMaryMASTERSthe Parish of Dunterton
31-Dec1726by BannsDanielCORNISH MaryEDGCUMBE 
22-Dec1729by LicenceRichardEDGCUMBE (Gent)of the parish of Milton AbbotGraceHANCOCKof Dunterton
07-Jun1730by BannsPeterHODGEof ye Parish of DuntertonMaryHANCOCKof ye Parish of Dunterton
24-Feb1730by BannsEdmundPOTTER JaneHARRIS 
21-Aug1731by BannsEdwardFOOTof ye Parish of DuntertonGracePENGELLYof ye Parish of Dunterton
08-Jan1731by BannsJohnBATEof ye Parish of DuntertonMaryWISEof ye Parish of Dunterton
12-Jun1733by BannsThomasHOSKINof ye Parish of DuntertonMaryWADGEof ye Parish of Dunterton
03-May1734by LicenceJohnSLEEMANof ye Parish of DuntertonTabithaBATEof ye Parish of Dunterton
29-May1735by BannsWilliamLUCASof ye Parish of SouthhillHonorTILLAMof Dunterton
24-Dec1735by BannsJohnHARTof ye Parish of Milton AbbotElizabethLITTLEJOHNof ye Parish of Dunterton
23-Feb1736by BannsRichardSMALEY ElizabethKENT 
05-Mar1736by BannsRichardDINGLE MarySTANBURYof ye Parish of Marystowe
09-Feb1737by BannsJamesDOIDGEof ye Parish of DuntertonElizabethHANCOCKof ye Parish of Dunterton
19-Dec1737by BannsThomasCUDLIP ElizabethHARRIS 
11-Feb1739by BannsWilliamBRADLAKEof ye Parish of Stoke ClimslandAnne?DINGLEof ye Parish of Dunterton
19-Feb1739by LicenceWilliamSANGUINEof Lezant in ye County of CornwallHannahLITTLEJOHNof Dunterton in Ye County of Devon
12-Aug1740by BannsEdwardFOOT (Junr) SusannahCUNDY 
02-Jul1743by BannsJohnVEAL MarySLEMAN 
03-Jan1744by BannsThomasHORSKIN MaryJOHNS 
15-Apr1744by Banns Entry in BTs onlyGeorgeEDGCUMBE MargaretTRIM 
13-Jul1746by BannsJosephSTANLAKE SusannaWARREN 
28-Dec1746by BannsWilliamADAMS MargaretHART 
02-Feb1746by BannsJohnHODGE ThomasinHODGE 
23-Jan1748by LicenceWilliamSTENLAKE ElizabethPREST 
23-Feb1748by BannsWilliamKNEEBONE MaryFOOT 
06-May1749by BannsJohnWREAFORDof BeerJaneADAMSof this Parish
14-Aug1749by Certificate of Banns (in BTs only)GeorgeCORAM GraceMOISEof the Pish of Stratton (in BTs only)
08-Apr1750by BannsJohnLITTLEJOHN AnnVEAL 
10-Jul1750by BannsJamesBROWN JanePREST 
25-Dec1751 JohnPHILP JaneHAMBLY 
15-Nov1752 JohnKNEEBONE ElizabethSTENLAKE 
02-Dec1752 JamesHEAL MaryBASSET 
11-Dec1752 JohnBICKEL ElizabethWARREN 
10-Jul1753 ThomasBLATCHFORD JaneBASSET 
17-Feb1754by Banns (in BTs only)RichardBATE ElizabethCUDLIP 
25-Feb1754by Banns (in BTs only)JohnCOLLIN MaryMONK