Dunterton Marriages (1754-1836)

Transcribed by

Philippa Stout
OPC for Dunterton



Published by kind permission of the Revd. G. Stanton

This transcription has been made by me from the original register for marriages 1754 - 1812, and from microfiche copies of the original registers for marriages 1813 - 1836.
Whilst I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the transcription, researchers are advised to check the original source for themselves

Day / MonthYearBanns or LicenceGroom ForenameGroom SurnameConditionAbodeGroom signed or markedBride's forenameBride's surnameConditionAbodeBride signed or markedWitness 1Witness 2Witness 3Witness 4
31-Dec1754BannsJohnSMALRIDGE of this ParishMarkElizabethHODGE of this parishMarkGeorge HODGEWilliam ADAM  
02-Dec1755BannsRichardPHILP of this ParishMarkFrancesHAMBLY of this parishMarkGeorge HODGEJohn LARK  
07-Apr1759BannsNicholasHODGE of this ParishMarkJanePETHERICK of this parishMarkGeorge HODGEJohn HART  
18-Jun1760BannsJohnSPEAR of the Parish of LauncestonMarkJaneHODGE of this parishMarkJohn HARTGeorge HODGE  
05-Jul1765BannsJohnGILL of this ParishSignedCatherineFOOT of this parishMarkWilliam LOBBGeorge STERTERIDGE X  
23-Sep1765BannsWilliamHARRIS of this ParishMarkMaryNEAIL of this parishMarkJ. HODGEGeorge STERTERIDGE X  
09-Nov1767BannsJohnGARD of the Parish of Milton AbbotSignedMaryFOOT of this parishSignedJohn HODGEJohn CATER  
17-Oct1769BannsRichardBICKLE of the Parish of LezantSignedSusannahFOOT of this ParishMarkEdward FOOTWilliam LOBB  
19-Mar1771BannsWilliamMILWARD of this ParishMarkHannahSLEEMAN of this ParishMarkWilliam LOBBJohn BATE ales SLEEMAN  
15-May1771BannsJohnBATE alias SLEEMAN of this ParishSignedWilmotGILES of this ParishMarkWilliam LOBBJohn HART  
14-Mar1772LicenceThomasMASON of the parish of Milton AbbotSignedAnnHART of this ParishMarkJohn HARTWilliam LOBB  
04-Jan1773LicenceJohnDOIDGE of the Parish of BradstoneSignedMaryKNEEBONE of this ParishSignedWilliam KNEEBONEH. BRYANT Junr.  
02-Jan1775BannsThomasJEFFERY of the Parish of BradstoneSignedMaryCOAD of this parishSignedIsaac COADJohn HART  
23-Dec1775BannsSampsonMYNARD of this ParishMarkMaryMASTERS of this parishMarkJohn HODGEJohn HART  
02-Jun1777BannsJohnHORRIL of the Parish of Stoke Clymsland in the County of CornwallMarkAnnSTENLAKE of this parishSignedMary BROWNJohn HODGE  
Feb-Mar1780Banns onlyHenryWALTER   MaryCOLLING       
14-Jul1780BannsJohnYEALON of the Parish of Milton AbbotMarkAnnDINGLE of this ParishMarkWilliam KNEEBONEJohn HODGE  
13-Apr1781BannsJohnSECCOMBE of the Parish of Milton AbbotSignedEulaliaFOOT of this ParishSignedJohn KNEEBONEJohn HODGE  
07-Oct1781LicenceJohnSLEEMAN of this ParishSignedElizabethPALKE of this ParishMarkWilliam KNEEBONEJohn HODGE  
15-Apr1782BannsJohnHARVEY of Sth. PetherwinSignedAnnVEAL of this ParishMarkWilliam VEALEJohn HODGE  
12-May1785BannsJohnDOIDGE a Sojourner of this ParishMarkElizabethHOSKIN of this ParishMarkJohn KNEEBONEJohn HODGE  
15-May1787BannsRobertLARKBachelorof this ParishSignedGraceSTENLAKESpinsterof this ParishSignedJohn KNEEBONEJohn HODGE  
02-Feb1788BannsJospehMASTERSWidowerof this ParishMarkJoanMEDDLETON a Sojourner of this ParishMarkJames KNEEBONEJohn HODGE  
11-Dec1788LicenceJohnMASON of this ParishSignedAnnMASON of this ParishSignedWilliam VEALEEdmd. KNEEBONER  
23-Mar1789BannsSampsonBENNETBachelorof this ParishSignedJaneSTENLAKESpinsterof this ParishSignedRobert LARKJohn HODGE  
17-Jan1791LicenceWilliamMORGANBachelorof this ParishSignedMaryHOWARDSpinsterof this ParishSignedSarah Couch HALESMargaret BRENDONMary HALESEdmd. KNEEBONE
09-Oct1794BannsJohnHAWKINS of this ParishSignedMaryKNEEBONE of this ParishSignedJohn KNEEBONEAnn KNEEBONES? SMITH 
20-Nov1794BannsJohn HartMASON of this ParishSignedAnneBICKLE of this ParishMarkEd. KNEEBONECattern BICKLEJohn KNEEBONEJohn COLE
09-Apr1795BannsJohnKNEEBONEWidowerof this ParishSignedElizabethSLEEMANWidowof this parishMarkEdmd. KNEEBONEJames KNEEBONE  
20-Feb1796LicenceDanielSLEEMANYeomanof this ParishSignedAnnMILWARDSpinsterof this ParishMarkWilliam MILWARD XJohn MASON  
28-Mar1797BannsJohnDAWBachelorof this ParishSignedJaneBENNETTWidowof this ParishMarkJohn MASONJames MASON  
04-Apr1799BannsJohn SpearBROWNBachelorof the Parish of BradstoneSignedJaneDOIDGESpinsterof this ParishSignedMary BALL XPeter STEART  
31-Jul1800BannsJohnBARTLETTBachelorof the Parish of Linkinhorne in the County of CornwallSignedCatharineBICKLESpinsterof this parishSignedMary SPENCERAnn FACY  
06-Oct1802BannsWilliamMILLWARDWidowerof this ParishMarkJeniferALLENWidowoff the Parish of Lezant in the County of CornwallMarkWilliam BATHDaniel SLEEMAN  
19-Sep1805BannsJamesGREEN of this ParishSignedMaryGASKIN of this parishMarkWilliam MARTINThomas ROYSE  
26-Dec1805BannsWilliamNORTHCOTTBachelorof the Parish of Milton AbbotSignedHannah SleemanMILLWARDSpinsterof this parishSignedEdward JAGOWilliam George ROYSEEliza KOWES? 
28-Apr1807BannsWilliamMASTERSBachelorof this ParishMarkSusannahPALMERSpinsterof the Parish of Lezant in the County of CornwallSignedMary BRENDONPhilippa DOIDGEElizabeth LANGMAN X 
08-Mar1810BannsThomasBOLT of the Parish of BradstoneMarkGraceCORRYSpinsterof this ParishSignedJohn SEARLEJohn KNEEBONE  
27-Dec1810BannsEdmundSNELL of the Parish of St. Dominick in the County of CornwallSignedSusannahBICKLE of this ParishSignedJohn Hart MASONMary BICKELN.T. Aryse? 
28-Jul1811BannsWilliamBRAYLEY of this ParishMarkAnnWEBBER of this ParishSignedJohn SEARLEGrace ?  
11-Aug1811BannsJohnWOODS of St. Andrews, PlymouthMarkMary AnnMASON of this ParishSignedJohn SEARLEMary HAWKINS  
30-Aug1812BannsJamesFITZE of this ParishSignedElizabethLARKE of this ParishSignedJohn SEARLEElizabeth BENNETTRobt. LARK 
04-Oct1812BannsJohnPELLOW of this ParishSignedElizabethPELLAR of St. Stephens in the County of CornwallMarkE.T.J. ROYSEThomas PELLOWMary HAWKINS 
07-Jun1813BannsJeremiahGALEBachelorof the Parish of Lezant in the County of CornwallMarkCatherineCURRYSpinsterof this ParishMarkDaniel SLEEMANJohn SEARLE  
04-Dec1813BannsThomasSHUTE of this ParishMarkProthesaJEFFERY of this ParishMarkDaniel SLEEMANJohn SEARLE  
27-Mar1815BannsHenryWALTER of this ParishMarkMaryTAWTON of KellyMarkPhillippa BICKLEThomas AXFORD  
26-Mar1816BannsWilliamREATH of this ParishMarkElizabethBENNET of this ParishSignedMary HAWKINSJames FITZE? DAW 
07-Nov1819BannsDunstoneWONNACOTT of this ParishMarkRebeccaWEEKS of this ParishMarkJames FITZEGeorge EDGCOMBE X  
26-May1821BannsJonathanBARNES of this ParishMarkMarthaBEER of this ParishMarkElizabeth YEOJohn MASONJonathan BARNES Senr. X 
17-Sep1821BannsJohnLARK of this ParishSignedPhilippaBICKLE of this ParishSignedRobt. BICKLECatharine BICKLE  
10-Apr1822BannsWilliamCLEMENTS of the Parish of Milton AbbotMarkDorothyJORDAN of this ParishMarkJohn CLEMENTS XTheophilus KNEEBONEWilliam CLEMENTS 
27-Mar1823BannsRichardCOOMBE of the Parish of BradstoneMarkJoannaKELLAWAY of this ParishMarkJames FITZEMary MOISE X  
09-Nov1825BannsThomasMUTTON of the Parish of Milton AbbotMarkJaneSTACEY of this ParishMarkRobert STACEY XJames FITZE  
26-Dec1825LicenceWalterDAWE of the Parish of Stoke Damerell in the County of DevonSignedMarySPEAR of this ParishSignedElizabeth CONDYWilliam JESPERWillm. SPEAR 
02-Jan1826BannsJosephPHILLIPPS of this ParishSignedElizabethVEAL of this ParishSigned? VEALEJohn WHITEJames ? 
31-Mar1826BannsThomasRUNDLE of this ParishMarkMary AnnGLUTTON of the Parish of Calstock in the County of CornwallMarkWilliam REDSTONEMary LARKHarriot CHEGWYN 
31-Mar1826BannsJohnFRY of this ParishMarkMaryRUNDLE of this ParishMarkHenry BURDEN?James FITZEPhebe RUNDELS 
12-Oct1826BannsWilliamLARK of this ParishSignedGraceVENNING Sojourner of this ParishSignedMary Ann BEARDMary LARKHenry BURDENJames FITZE
27-Mar1827BannsJohnBURROWS of the Parish of Milton AbbotMarkMaryCOLLIN of this ParishSignedSusan MASTERSMargaret COLLINGGeorge MUDGE 
08-May1827BannsHenryBURDON Sojourner of this ParishSignedMaryLARK of this ParishSignedJane HAWKINSWm. LARK  
02-Sep1827BannsRichardMASTERS of this ParishSignedMaryWILLS of this ParishSignedSusan MASTERSElizabeth CHEGWYNJames MOOR 
19-Nov1828BannsJosephREATH of this ParishMarkGraceREDSTONE of this ParishMarkJohn BURROWSusan MASTERSWilliam Soper MARTIN 
22-Aug1830BannsWilliamELLIOTT of this ParishMarkSarahCRABB of this ParishMarkJames FITZEGrace MASTERS X  
02-May1831BannsThomasREYNOLDS Sojourner of this ParishSignedMaryLISHMAN of this ParishSignedWilliam MAYNARDRid.? WEARING  
16-May1831BannsThosMASON Sojourner of this ParishMarkJoannaMASON Sojourner of this ParishSignedRichard NICH[ ? ]Nicholas YOULDON  
14-Apr1836BannsWilliam BennettHOCKIN of the Parish of BradstoneSignedElizabethSLEEMAN of this ParishSignedWilliam HOCKENElizabeth HOCKEN  
11-May1836BannsWilliamLISHMAN of this ParishMarkAnnLAWRANCE of this ParishMarkJames FITZEMary MARTIN? X