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Budleigh Salterton in Bygone Days:

memories and photographs of a Devon seaside town

by Jim Gooding (Devon Books, 1997)

Indexed by

Elizabeth Howard

Email: elizgh[at]btinternet[dot]com

Alford; William, Banjo, p 101
Arbury; 'Lardy', dairy farmer, p 54
Arundell; Mr, choirmaster, p 106
Baker; Mrs, p 54
Ball, Tommy, p 56
Barns; Mr and Mrs, dairy, p 52
Beasleys, artists materials, p 55
Bedford; Walter, violin player, picture, p 93
Beer; T, shopkeeper, p 46
Bennett; George, ironmonger, p 63
Bennett; Bill, picture, p 97
Bickley; butchers, p 55
Blackburns, photographers, p 56
Boucher; Revd J B, p 27, 48
Boyce; jeweller, p 46
Brushfield, Dr, p 75
Bucknell; Mr and Mrs, p 8
Burch; Miss, Red House, p 40
Burch; Tom, picture p 97
Carpenter; Miss, schoolmistress, p 96
Challis; Jacker, greengrocer, p 46, 66
Chichester; Colonel, Ingleside House, p 71, 96, 102
Churchill; Sir Winston, p 40
Clatworthy; ladies outfitters, p 55
Clinton; Lord, p 40
Connetts; outfitters, p 54
Coombes; George, watch repairs & jeweller, p62
Couch; Mr and sisters, landlords of Perriams Place, p 65, 66
Cowd; Little Fred, p 8, 78
Cowd; Big Fred, p 8
Cowd; Gilbert, Lee Ford, p 78
Cowd; Bill, carpenter, p 25, 43, 75
Cowd; Mrs Jack, picture, p 103
Cowd; Monty, p 52
Cowd; Sid, grocer, p 46, 59
Cowd; Zilla, p 46
Crabtree; Mrs, shopkeeper, p 49
Creedy; shop, p 54, 55, 72
Cummings; Mr, fire engine driver & wheelwright, p 59
Curtis; George, greengrocer & florist, p 62
Curtis; Len, picture, p 97
Curry; Mr and Mrs, apartment house, p 40
Dalglish; Mr, organist and choir master, p 54
Daniels, haberdashers, p 8, 41
Davie; family, p 5, 66
Davie; Jack, picture p97
Deas; Dr, retired, p 71
Doney; Mr and Mrs, Dog and Donkey, Knowle. p 80
Duneford; Miss, shopkeeper, p 83
Easton; Bob, picture, p 97
Ellis; Mr, Exeter jeweller, p 31
Emmett; widow, p 8
Evans; Dr Tom, p 69
Ewing; Lady Alice, p 27, 71
Farrant; Maria, shopkeeper, p 43
Fayter; Mr Tom, p 104
Fisher; Mr, headmasterr p 96
Forbes; Archie, p 35, 36
Ford; Jimmy, fisherman, p 13
Fulton; Mrs, Dial House, p 102
Gardener; Uncle Jack of the wholesale firm of Bristol p 102
Gavin, Dr, p 56
Gibbons; Maria, picture p 103
Gooding; Caroline, p 8
Gooding; Eli, p 5
Gooding; Emily, p 5
Gooding; Walter James, p 3
Gould; Fixle, council workman, p 58
Goullet; Misses, p 72
Griffin; Mr, headmaster, p 62, picture 95
Gush; P Henry, drapers shop, p 46, 62, 71
Harrison; Mr, dentist, p 53
Hart; Percy, Hart's buses, p 104 picture 105
Heard; Jack, p 102
Hill; Frank, blacksmith, p 65
Hill; Jane, general shop, p 64
Hillman; fisherman, p 25
Hitt; fisherman, p 25
Hitt; Mrs Tom, shopkeeper, p 43, 66, 69
Hitt; Mr and Mrs Wesley, p 64
Hooker; Harry, fish merchant, p 23, 55, 62
Hooker; Tom, son of, p 62
Horrell; Mr C, printing works, p 54
Hughes; Mr , p 31, 78, 102
Hutchings; coach and charabanc builder, p 61
Jewell; blacksmith, p 66
Keep; Mr and Mrs, p 102
Kemp; Clarice, piano player, picture p 93
Keslake; bakers shop, p 62, 75
Keslake; Ben & son Sid, coalmerchant, p 63
Knowles; Alfred, picture, p 97
Lackington, Mr James, Temple builder, p 53
Larcombe; Mr, George, dairyman, p 52, 61
Leash; old lady, p 5
Linscott; tailor, p 49
Lloyd George; Mr, p 8
Lobb; Miss, p 77
Long; Miss, schoolmistress, p 96
Mann; Mrs, boarding house keeper, p 46
Marker; Walt, picture, p 97
Marks; cafe, p 58
Martinua; Mr and Mrs, private school, p 81
Marshall; couple and son, haberdashers, p 54,
Mathieson; Lady, p 27, 83, 96
Matthews; Mark and Kip, p 102
Mears; Banoss, picture, p 14
Mears; Ambrose and Herbie, boat hirers, p 25
Mears; Charlie, picture 97
Mears; Frank, picture p 97
Mears; Walt, p 66, picture p 97,
Middleton; Daniel, p 35
Millais; Sir J G, painter, p 42
Morrison; Sir Oliver Bell, MP p 40
Mustow; Mrs, tobacconist, p 54, 62
Moxey; Mr and Mrs, p 3
Mullis; headmaster, St Peter's school, p 96
Norman; family, p 54
Palmer; JW, p 4, 25, 32, 58,69, 75, 102
Pantoll; J, p 102,
Parker; bakers, p 50
Payne; Ernie, saxophone player, picture, p 93
Pearcey; Old George and Young George, p 10, 25,
Pearcey; Charles, Jack, 'Farmer', pictures, p 97
Pengilley; Mrs and Walter, p 7
Pengilley; fisherman, p 25
Pengilley; Edith, Ethel, Ernest, Stanley, p 64
Penny; Mr, manager Lloyds bank, p 45
Perriams; shop, picture, p 50
Pidgeon; Jim, p 102
Pidsley; Mrs, p 50
Picketts; Mr Banty, fish merchant, p 23
Pile's; greengrocers, p 62
Pleace; Mrs, cafe, p 58
Pomeroy; Mr and Mrs, p 62
Pope; Wallace, trumpet player, picture p 93
Pratt; Harry, painter & decorator, p 25, 62
Prew; Ted, drums player, picture p 93,
Raleigh; Sir Walter, p 42
Raymont; forage merchant and seedsman, p 54
Redway; Mr, p 23
Rogers; Old Harry and Young Harry, p 10
Rogers; Henry, picture p 97
Rogers; Nelsie, Jim, Bella, p 64
Rolle; Hon Mark, p 15, 27; Lady, p 71
Russell; Mr, Lloyds Bank manager, p 101
Sanders; Ching Chang, chemist, W F, picture, p 48, 52
Sanders; Mr Frank, caretaker, painter & decorator, p 54
Sargent; Mr and Mrs Ernie, apartment house keepers, p 53
Searle; George, groom and gardener, p 69
Sedgemore; Bill and Jemima, p 25, 72
Sedgemore; Buckett, fish and chip shop owner, p 46
Sedgemore; Curly, picture, p 24, 25, 46, 84, 101
Sedgemore; Russell, p 25
Sedgemore; Tom, p 25, picture p 97
Sedgemore; Trooper, picture, p 9
Semple; Dr, p 25, 36, 53, 102,
Shand; chemists, p 61
Sheppard, Mr Fred, garage
Simcoe; General Graves, gov of Upper Canada, p 44
Slade, family from Sidmouth, p 8
Smale; Blampy, p 52
Smith; Mrs, p 62
Southcott; Miss, schoolmistress , p 96
Spillers; laundry, p 48
Spurway; Mr and dau Alice, school, p 96
Staddon; garage, p 63
Stamp; Bertie, manager, p 46
Teed; Archie, town crier, p 66
Thompson; newsagent, p 58
Trayhurn; Mr and Mrs, laundry p 8
Trick; Mr, p 31
Tucker; Miss, schoolmistress, p 96
Underhill; George, master baker, p 25, 54,
Wales; Prince of, later Edward Vlll, p 40
Walters; Mr, p 46
Warren; sisters, library, p 56
Watkins; boarding house, p 69
Watts; Frank, stables, p 83, 104, Eddie, 104
Webber; butcher, p 54
Webber; Mr and two sons, boarding house keeper, p 39
Webber; Mary Anne & Augie, fruit and veg shop, p 64
Whalley; Mr and Mrs, p 54
Whites; Mr and son, nursery men, p 77
Williams; Miss Tripp, lodging house keeper, p 46
Wilson; Red, chauffeur/gardener, p 25
Wilsons ; Stores of Exmouth, p 63
Worth; Mr and Mrs, Feathers Hotel, p 58
York; Duke and Duchess of, p 40


Brian Randell, 9 Apr 2004