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Help and advice for East Budleigh Baptisms 1558

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East Budleigh Baptisms (1558 - 1652)

transcribed by

Elizabeth Howard

Provided here by kind permission of The Rev. Janice Cackett and Mr Stuart Lovett, Churchwarden

Edward Parker 13th [unreadable]
Thomasine Godfrie 20th [unreadable]
John Friste? 5th [unreadable]
Mary May 5th [unreadable]
Thomas Stoke 6th [unreadable]
Thomasin Skar 22nd August
Katheren Andrews ?? Sept
Johane Dabrre? [unreadable]
Anno domine 1558  
Johane Stoke 2nd July
Christopher Towton? 2nd Dec
Thomas Clerke 14th Dec
William Pyne?Pope 20th Sept
Catrine?E? Dabrah? 12th Aug
John Andrew 12th March
Richard Batcheler 13th March
Anno domine 1559  
Greyne? Stooke? 3rd May
Henrie Sansom 5th May
Arthur Barlowe 10th May
Gilbert Roper 20th July
Roger Keemer? 15th Sept
Margarett Randell 1st Nov
Peeter Russell 19th Nov
Edmond Bonde 10th Dec
Anstis Hucthine 21st Dec
Phillip Pope 26th Dec
John Modye 11th Feb
Johane Morrine 18th March
Christopher Martine 9th March
Anno domine 1560  
Alice Crosse 12th April
Walter Follett 16th June
Katherin Cleake 23rd July
Henry Goulde 17th Aug
Johane Haymon 7th Sept
Marthey Sayward 26th Sept
Elizabeth Stoke 12th Oct
Edward Etheridge 2nd Nov
John Ludworthy 2nd Nov
Thomasine Forst 10th Nov
Roger Stoke 1st Dec
Agnes Newberie 20th Dec
Anstis Andrews 25th Dec
Agnes Coode 10th Jan
William Ruddle 16th Jan
Mary Courtler 16th Feb
Anno Domine 1561  
Richard Modye 27th April
Roger Mare 5th May
Marie Braden 24th Aug
Katherin Horeinge? 17th Sept
Margery Reemer 18th Sept
William Cleake 18th Nov
Alice Harthine 23rd Nov
John Garlende 2nd Jan
Nicholas Stoke 12th Jan
Alice Reddle 24th Jan
John Braine 31st Jan
Alice Bonde 16th Feb
Tham'ne Sanson 21st Feb
Johane Gould 5th March
Jane Martine 8th March
Christine Conante 21st March
Anno domine 1562  
Richard Coode [unreadable]
John Roper [unreadable]
Richard Morrine [unreadable]
Edward Randel 16th [unreadable]
Willyam Frost 23rd [unreadable]
Gabryell Pope 8th [unreadable]
Christine Russell 19th [unreadable]
Elizabeth Reemer 18th [unreadable]
Barbara Pope 14th [unreadable]
Richard Negge 3rd Jan
John Browne 10th Jan
Roger Follett 23rd Jan
Johane Coward 28th Jan
Thomasin Pope 2nd Feb
Margarett Morrine 13th Feb
John Stoke 22nd Feb
Edmond Rente 14th March
Anno Domne 1563  
Johane Maye 9th April
Peeter Newbery 11th May
Christine Haymond 11th May
John Baylie? 13th June
Henry Modye 10th July
Johane Thorne 1? th July
Gilberte Cowde 8th Aug
Elizabeth Etheridge 29th Aug
Garthered Baydon 4th Dec
Anne Becke 31st Oct
Jane Bagwill 18th March
Elizabeth Brooke 6th Jan
James Forst 9th Jan
Johane Braine 27th Feb
Anno domne 1564  
[first three names unreadable....30th July, 23rd Aug, 7th Sept]  
[unreadable] ......kinge 14th Sept
?John Heymond 21st Sept
William Hoppinges 15th Oct
Roger Russell 28th Oct
Johane Braine 12th Nov
Margarett Miller 19th Nov
[unreadable] Chaple? 19th Nov
[unreadable] Browne 10th Dec
John Andrew 14th Jan
John Thorne 14th Jan
Johane Conant 28th Jan
Jane River/Rixer/Riper 18th Feb
Ellinor Morrine 23rd Feb
John Bagwell [unreadable] March
Margery Hoppinges 4th March
Johane Pope 11th March
Agnes Bonde 18th March
Anno Dom 1565  
Julyan Mauryen 1st April
Jane Brewton 15th April
Alice Stoke 23rd April
Ellize Sansom 10th June
Christopher Brewton 14th July
Christyne Brewton 28th July
Richard Seawarde 5th Aug
John Brake? 2nd Sept
Henry River 21st Sept
Aime Gould 29th Sept
John Cannon 24th Nov
Margarett Weeke 16th Dec
Peeter Becke 22nd Dec
Elizabeth Cowde [unreadable]
Margarett Russell [unreadable]
Katherine Bradon [unreadable]
Gabriell Follett [unreadable]
Owyne Wheadon 23rd [unreadable]
John Newbery 11th [unreadable]
John Willasie 11th [unreadable]
Anno domini 1566  
Johane Pope 26th March
Elliinor Pope 26th March
John Salter 9th April
Emmett Maye 23rd April
Richard River 21st June
Thomas S...edall 14th July
Elizabeth Randell 25th Aug
Christine Andrews 20th Sept
Anstis Mood.. 20th Sept
Peeter Stoke 5th Oct
Mary Cole 12th Oct
Henry Smith 13th Oct
Elliner Callender 13th Oct
Marie Crosse 19th Oct
Elizabeth Fowler 19th Oct
Roger Hoppinge 10th Nov
Anstis Braine 8th Dec
Sisylie Bagwille 15th Dec
Margarett Goulde 15th Dec
Thomas Newbery 18th Dec
John Mayne 21st Dec
Martyne Thorne 1st March
John Browne 1st March
Edmond Browne 1st March
Mary Merricke 2nd March
Alice Channon 8th March
Johane Millett 9th March
Nicholas Christchell 2nd March
Anno Dm 1567  
Marie Penrose 6th May
Peeter Randell 25th May
John Lucas 6th July
John Russell 20th July
Elizabeth Hammonde 26th July
Johane Brewton 3rd Aug
Johane Pope 29th Sept
Thomas Man?rme?Marrine 19th Oct
John Sentell 20th Oct
Marie Forste 23rd Nov
Richard Swayard 2nd Jan
Johane Etheridge 7th Feb
John Newberie 8th Feb
Johane Coode 14th Feb
Elizabeth Smith 21st Feb
Bridgett Basse 25th March
Anno Dm 1568  
Rabidge[sic] Sansom 3rd April
Roger Bonde 24th April
John Stoke 1st May
Maryann Russell 2nd May
Agnes Hull 29th May
Johane Fillmor 30th May
Anstis Beare 2nd June
Agnes Wheedon 12th June
Johane Newbery 19th June
Thomazin Becke 19th June
Johane Roper?River 19th [unreadable]
Alice Beadon 21st [unreadable]
Richard ?Whithil 28th [unreadable]
Thomas Browne 5th [unreadable]
Christine Bagwill 19th Sept
John Braine 3rd Oct
Walter Braine 17th Oct
Johane Awstine 28th Oct
Roger Langford 29th Oct
Thomas Thorne 6th Nov
Jane Goulde [unreadable] Nov
Roger Channon 14th Nov
Gregory Merricke 5th Dec
Thomas Cleake 15th Dec
Mary Vinston 26th Dec
Mary Faytour 20th Jan
Anne Shopton 29th Jan
John Pope 29th Jan
Elizabeth River 22nd Feb
Ellinor Golsworthie 29th Feb
Nicholas Hoppinge 19th March
Anno Dm 1569  
Willyam Cooke 6th April
William Modye 12th April
Willmote Crosse 24th April
Anne Lucas 8th May
Henry Hoppinge 11th May
Mary Marrine 3rd June
Dorothy Worth 9th July
Anne Crutchard 17th Aug
Edmond Marrine 23rd Sept
Richard B [unreadable ? ru above] 30th Sept
Thomazin Archbale 1st Oct
[unreadable]....dick 9th Oct
?Danyell Cowd 9th Oct
Johane Fayter 14th Jan
Elizabeth ....bridge 5th Feb
John ............oode 12th Feb
George Austine 18th Feb
John Russell 18th Feb
Thomazin Hull 18th Feb
Christopher Brewton 26th Feb
Christine Millett 4th March
Richard Newbery 11th March
Ellyn Cleake 13th March
Anno Dm 1570  
David Maie 8th April
Roger Ethridge 16th April
William Holland 18th June
Anne Randell 24th June
Katherin Salter 1st July
Jane Browne 20th July
Julyan Bagwill 20th Aug
Bridgett Cowde 9th Sept
Elizabeth Channon 1st Oct
Johane Smith 1st Oct
Roberte Goulde 12th Nov
Edmond Praw 14th Jan
Richard Becke 14th Jan
John Tuckerman 26th Jan
Anne Keele 28th Jan
Marie River/Riper 11th Feb
Anno Dm 1571  
Johane Pope 30th March
John Seyncller 5th April
John Leader 14th April
Anne Frost 14th April
Elizabeth Faytor 15th April
Lewes Wotts 5th May
Nicholas Thorne 1st June
Jane Braine 2nd June
Elizabeth Merricke 12th June
Peeter Follett 29th June
Roger Batston 30th June
Thomas Bremill? 5th Aug
Mathew Fillmor 19th Aug
Katherin Stoke 19th Aug
Jane Langford 6th Oct
Agnes Hoppinge 6th Oct
Edmond Worth 14th Oct
Johane Randell 1st Nov
John Boyden 15th Dec
Margarett Molle 2nd Feb
Jane Molle 2nd Feb
Agnes Browne 6th Feb
Margarett Sansom 16th Feb
Gilberte Modie 24th Feb
John Vinston 9th March
Garthered Randell 15th March
Jone Randell 15th March
Henrie Russell 16th March
Alice Lucas 22nd March
Anno Domini 1572  
Roger Shopton 3rd April
Ebbatt Newbery 3rd May
Margery Lander 4th May
Roger Goulde 11th [unreadable]
Ellinor Etheridge 20th [unreadable]
Renbury Cooke 20th Aug
Agnes Br'dston 10th Aug
Roger Gouldsworthie 16th Aug
Thomas Moury 7th Sept
Richord Archbelle 14th Sept
Johane Brewton 12th Oct
Garthered Molle 25th Oct
Mary Woth 2nd Nov
Christine Bagwill 12th Nov
Jane Holland 12th Nov
Peeter Geyes 24th Dec
Alice Cleake 28th Dec
Johane Tuckerman 10th Jan
John Chapman 24th Jan
Gilbert Syencller 15th Feb
John Coule 17th Feb
Margaret Martine 22nd Feb
John Cowde 1st March
Martine Newbery 8th March
Julyan Molle 8th March
Richard Faytor 11th March
Thomas Beadon 15th March
Elizabeth Keyddle 21st March
Anno Dme 1573  
Roger Lucas? 18th March
Edward Gibord 24th March
Alice Follett 28th March
Elizabeth Salter 30th March
Margery Randell 17th June
Richard Whedn' 24th June
Elizabeth Seynckler 5th July
Elizabeth Dolline 8th July
Robte Awstine 15th July
John Vinston 15th Aug
Bartholomew Thorne 29th Aug
Henry Tauton 16th Oct
John B.....s [illegible] 24th Oct
Grace Hull 13th Dec
Thomas Launder? 20th Dec
Elizabeth Umfery 25th Dec
Thom`s Stoke 13th Jan
Richard May 4th Feb
Henry Browene 6th Feb
Roger River 7th Feb
Johane Goldsworthie 17th Feb
Agnes Worth 17th Feb
Johna` Seynkler 4th March
Margerie Diggens 16th March
Robert Smyth 20th March
Richard Hoppinge 20th March
Ellner Golsworthye 20th March
Anno domine 1574  
Elizabeth Molle 7th April
George Brane 16th April
Helline B 1st May
Richard Batston 25th May
John Hoppinge 1st June
Ellize Webber 28th June
Walter Russell 13th July
Agnes Crosse 18th July
Johane Yearth 25th July
Thomas Fulers 28th July
Elizabeth Worth 12th Aug
John Pears 10th Sept
Gilbert Kyddle 14th Nov
Jane Buckerell 5th Jan
Agnes Rugge 9th Jan
Lens? Kanbis 21st Jan
Elizabeth Voysey 2nd Feb
John Faytor 3rd Feb
Alice Etheridge 4th Feb
Sara Umfrey 12th Feb
Stephen Mitchell 26th Feb
Seythe Mitchell 26th Feb
Henry Brewton 6th March
An'o domine 1575  
Katheren Newbery 2nd April
Dorothie Brewton 2nd April
Martine Golsworthy 4th April
Richard Morrine 6th April
Thomas Randell 12th May
Thomas Diggins 16th May
Agnes Beadon 29th June
Thomas Pyne 1st July
Gilbert Molle 17th July
Johane Faytor 27th July
Rebeccca Sansom 4th Aug
Gilbte Lucas 13th Aug
Mary Channon 14th Aug
Johane Awstine 13th Aug
Margarett Riper/River 10th Sept
Jo Becke 14th Sept
Ellinor Langford 17th Sept
Margery Tremaine 17th Sept
Johane Smyth 28th Sept
Johane Lucas 19th Oct
Roger Modie 14th Dec
Elizabeth Webber 22nd Dec
Elizabeth Browne 22nd Dec
Willm B 22nd Dec
Richard Coude 25th Jan
Gilbert Hill 1st Feb
Jeyse Dollinge 6th Feb
Margarett Rule? 22nd Feb
John Braine 23rd Feb
Alice Cooke 23rd Feb
Jane Ellyott 10th March
Johane Webbe 10th March
Anno domine 1576  
Martine Rugge 1st April
Thomas Buckerell 5th May
Dorothy Austine 3rd June
John Beydon 10th June
Peeter Pavings? 1st July
Thomasin Hill 5th Aug
Agnes Follett 5th Aug
Mary Pope 7th Aug
Wm Smith 12th Aug
Gilberte Salter 12th Aug
Johane Maie 1st Sept
Anne Meynard 9th Sept
Stephen Holland 9th Sept
Thomas Tydman 7th Oct
John Manley 13th Oct
Dorothy Smyth 1st Nov
Gilberte Faytor 21st Nov
Johane Crosse 8th Dec
Garthered Crosman 9th Dec
Robert River 23rd Dec
Jane Coppinge 27th Jan
Elizabeth Becke 3rd Feb
Margarett Etheridge [no date] March
Anno domine 1577  
Mary Merricke 28th [unreadable]
Johane Channon 31st [unreadable]
Elline Randell 8th April
Peetter Batston 13th April
Alice Fullmor 5th May
Stephen Hoppinge 13th June
Richard Voisey 3rd July
Elizabeth Molle 31st July
Katherin Braine 18th Aug
John Meynard 20th Sept
Elizabeth Smyth 29th Sept
Peetter Lantu' [abbreviation above?] 27th Oct
Jane Cleale 16th Nov
Richard Brewton 23rd Nov
Thomazin B 23rd Dec
John Morrine 4th Jan
William Browne 6th Jan
Pearce Austine 6th Jan
Henry Limberie 20th Jan
John Faytor 9th Feb
William Hill 16th Feb
John Faito` 2nd March
John Newbery 8th March
Johane Awstine 9th March
Anno domine 1578  
George Webber 26th March
John Manfilde 9th April
Martha Bagwill 12th April
Bennett Mitchell 25th April
Marye Modie 17th May
Willyam Hull 20th May
Johane Golsworthie 25th May
Gabryell Gutter/Cutler 31st May
Elizabeth Earth 4th June
Alice Pridham 27th July
Alice Creese 3rd Aug
Richard Remell 21st Aug
Johane Salter 23rd Aug
John Salter 6th Sept
Denis Baylie 6th Sept
John Batchill 27th Sept
Jane Brewton 27th Sept
Katheren Tremaine 4th Oct
Agnes May 7th Oct
Willyam Cowde 18th Oct
John Langford 22nd Oct
Agnes Russell 30th Nov
Elizabeth Crosman 3rd Dec
Roger Poweringe 17th Dec
Jane Smyth 3rd Jan
Willmott Sansom 9th Jan
John Dolline 7th Feb
John Lucas 1st March
Agnes Mole 6th March
Rose Parker 8th March
Julyan Rugge 15th March
Katherin B 15th March
Anno Domine 1579  
Richard Holland 1st April
Agnes Hoppinge 12th April
Thomazin Meynard 17th April
John Besse 20th May
John Manfield 24th May
Johane Smyth 23rd June
John Russell 23rd June
Peetter [remainder of entry blank]  
Richard Thorne 5th July
Prudence Smyth 15th July
Elizabeth Limberie 30th July
John Randell 2nd Aug
Henry Bridgeman 8th Aug
Johane Awstine 15th Aug
Margarett Golsworthie 30th Aug
John Ellyett 2nd Sept
Elizabeth Archbolle 4th Sept
Willyam Coule 4th Oct
Jane Browne 7th Oct
Richard Chapman 9th Dec
Agnes Golsworthie 13th Dec
Varston?Tawton 13th Dec
Johane Conante 20th Jan
John Faytor 5th Feb
Roger Newbery 6th March
Thomas Becke 13th March
Anno Domine 1580  
Elizabeth Hull 30th March
Thomas Voisey 1st April
Gilberte Follett 10th April
Necholas Brewton 27th April
Johane Mereicke 8th July
James [no surname given] 8th July
Margery Salter 10th July
Robte Batchler 17th Aug
Robte Touse 23rd Aug
Richard Smith 3rd Sept
Richard Limberie 21st Sept
Johane Hunte 21st Sept
Jane B 21st Sept
Johane Besse 8th Oct
Wilmott Smyth 9th Oct
Willmott B 26th Dec
Michaeil Taillor 4th Jan
John Courtis 14th Jan
Thomazin Faytor 15th Jan
Mary Webber 15th Jan
Richard Bagwill 28th Jan
John Callinder 19th Feb
Rose Chapman 1st March
Anno domine 1581  
Jane Faytor 27th March
Necholas Gibbe 9th April
Willmott Newbery 25th April
Richard Smith 29th April
Richard Manfield 6th [unreadable]
Alice Braine 20th Sept
Johane Rugge 8th Sept
Thomas Salter 17th Sept
James Crosse 21st Sept
Gilbert Lucas 23rd Sept
Jane Limbery 18th Oct
John Stoke 23rd Oct
Arthur Crosse 8th Nov
Richard Tucker 15th Nov
Agnes Parker 23rd Nov
Beniamyne Powringe 29th Nov
Thomas Awstine 13th Dec
Johane Tremayne 19th Dec
Jane Bailye 17th Jan
Richard Webber 21st Jan
Roger Randell 1st Feb
Richard Conant 21st Feb
Molly Hill 24th Feb
Symon Voisey 1st March
Anno domine 1582  
Elizabeth Rugge 8th April
George Holland 6th June
Necholas Newberie 18th July
Henry Dolline 3rd Aug
Ellinor Brewton 5th Aug
Alice Cleake 12th Aug
Elizabeth Hoppinge 26th Sept
John Merricke 7th Oct
Johane Crosse 9th Nov
Alice Callender 11th Nov
Johane Smyth 12th Nov
Agnes Besse 7th Jan
Edmond Wielles 18th Jan
John Limbery 20th Jan
Gilbert Thorne 26th Jan
John Tookerman 2nd Feb
Anno domine 1583  
Willyam Limbery 7th April
Robert Canant 6th June
Margarett Colbeare 6th June
Elizabeth Molle 5th July
Elizabeth Luscombe 7th July
Janne Cooke 24th July
Agnes Basse 4th Sept
Jane Manfield 6th Sept
Julyan B 20th Sept
Henry Dolline 3rd Aug
Elline Brewton 5th Aug
Joyes Faytor 23rd Oct
Thomas B 26th Oct
Willyam Randell 30th Oct
Elizabeth Stoke 10th Nov
Edward Tooker 10th Nov
Elizabeth Smyth 17th Nov
Roger Pridham 6th Jan
Willm Buckerell 8th Jan
Garthered Parker 12th Jan
Henry Golsworthie 17th Jan
Agnes Voysie 22nd Jan
Gilbert Geninge 1st Feb
Alice Courtis 5th Feb
Jane Limbery 7th Feb
Richard Marker 19th Feb
John Spare? 12th March
Anno domine 1584  
Edmond Archpole 4th April
John Meynard 8th April
Johane Webber 13th April
Hano Becke 13th April
John Michell 19th April
Jane Conant 9th May
Johane Gibbe 3rd May
Symon Randell 17th May
Johane Elliott 26th July
Henry Rosemonte 26th July
Willyam Rugge 6th Sept
John Awstine 20th Sept
Dennis Smyth 3rd Oct
John Stoke 19th Oct
Thomas Stoke 28th Oct
Elizabeth Predise 16th Nov
Andrew Braine 2nd Dec
John Newberie 31st Dec
Edmond Callender 2nd Feb
Allexander Randell 6th Feb
John Featour 6th Feb
Roger Dolline 6th Feb
Elizabeth Brewton 16th March
Anno domine 1585  
Elizabeth Smith 9th April
Agnes Thomas 9th April
Roger Limbery 14th April
John Rogers 16th April
Andrew Hill 28th April
Richard Luckis 28th April
Philip Tailler 1st May
Elizabeth Thorne 20th June
Margerie Voisey 21st June
Thomas Beadon 17th July
Elizabeth Salter 18th July
Alice Webber 30th July
Mary Parker 15th Aug
Melline Tuckerman 24th Aug
Usselor Rase 26th Sept
Mary Ellyett 28th Sept
Margarett Crosse 20th Oct
Charles Basse 28th Nov
Johane Cooke 24th Dec
Richard Tremaine 20th Dec
Jone Kinge 7th March
Jenor Salter 14th March
John Conannt 18th March
Phillip Basse 21st March
John Smyth 26th March
Anno domine 1586  
Richard Cooke 9th June
William Bartlett 28th June
John Becke 28th June
Michaell Manfield 7th Sept
Simon Newbery 27th Oct
Willyam Bound 6th Nov
Mary Randell 5th Feb
Jone Rolston 9th Feb
Roberte Harte 10th Feb
Anno domine 1587  
John Deomitt 7th April
Andrew Callender 10th April
Roger Tawton 13th April
Thomas Conante 30th April
Richard Rugge 21st July
Garthered [no surname] 22nd July
Roger Lucas 3rd Sept
William Crosse 4th Sept
Martha Rabjent 26th Sept
Johane Parker 27th Sept
Roger Gibbe 12th Oct
Gregory Till 15th Oct
Elizabeth Fenove? 29th Oct
Roger Leay 5th Nov
Henry Hill 20th Nov
Josna? Becks 13th Dec
Johane Pridham 20th Jan
Mary Norleigh 21st Jan
Thomas Combe 4th Feb
Anno Dne 1588  
Christopher Conant 13th [unreadable]
Roberte Cooke 24th [same]
John Pope 7th July
Thomas Gutter ? 25th July
William Besse 31st July
John Breane 11th Sept
Stephen Manfield 22nd Sept
Margerett Rugge 29th Sept
Julyan Smyth 28th Oct
Mary Garrett 31st Oct
Richard Salter 10th Nov
John Thorne 5th Jan
Leonard Webber 5th Jan
Mary Salter 22nd Jan
John Liddell 2nd Feb
Anno Domine 1589  
Stephen Ward 11th April
Mary Baylie 13th April
Elizabeth Ellyott 25th April
Elizabeth Hethin 3rd May
Alice Roges? 14th May
Johane Smyth 6th July
Johane Lane 28th July
Gregorie Leaye 24th Aug
Margarett Crosse 24th Aug
Henrie Ellyott 5th Oct
Elizabeth Newberie 5th Oct
Richard Manley 24th Oct
Richard Parker 28th Oct
Dorothy Toose 14th Nov
Necholas Russell 15th Nov
Marie Toose 22nd Nov
Elizabeth Roper 8th Dec
Nevell Becke 15th Dec
Thomas?in Rosemont 7th Jan
Martha Haye 2nd Dec
Jane Coombe 12th Jan
Christine Russell 16th Jan
George Pope 7th Feb
Edward Toose 14th March
Andrew Besse 21st March
John? Skarre 21st March
Elizabeth Colbye 21st June
Anno Domine 1592  
Robert Crosse 7th April
Roger Conant 9th April
Willyam Norleigh 10th April
Margarett Dolline 10th April
Richard Smyth 25th April
Agnes Feytor 24th May
Mary Smith 29th June
John Braine 22nd July
Bartholomew Burton 6th Aug
Peyrce Hellyar 16th Sept
Thomas Brane 29th Sept
Elizabeth Coude 13th Oct
William Tizard 31st Oct
Thomas Swetland 9th Nov
John Parker 9th Nov
Mary Preawe 18th Nov
Henry Spurway 8th Dec
Richard Hill 24th Dec
Marie Bagwill 20th Feb
John Gudridge 22nd Feb
Richard Pope 17th March
John Raper 20th March
Anno Domine 1593  
Roger Reve 11th April
Elizabeth Horne 13th April
Philip Wood 17th April
Dorothy Salter 17th [unreadable]
Richard Denell 1st [unreadable]
Elizabeth Buckerell 5th [unreadable]
Henry Cowde 12th July
Richard Hayman 2nd Sept
Ferdinando Wescott 11th Sept
Heaster Garrett 13th Sept
Margarett Faytor 12th Nov
Ann Modie 13th Nov
Margarett Leaye 15th Dec
Johane Limbery 1st Feb
Edmond Tremaine 17th Feb
Francis Tremaine 17th Feb
Gilberte Skorr 7th March
Jane Lawton 15th March
Elizabeth Harte 16th March
Anno domine 1594  
Marie Tizard 16th April
Frances Morrine 21st April
Elizabeth Tyll 23rd April
Gilberte Stoke 27th April
Edmonde Combe 5th May
John Stoke 19th May
Marie Goulde 11th June
John Russell 24th June
Johane Tailler 16th Aug
Marie Tricthaie? 28th Sept
John Rolston 16th Sept
Johane Horne 6th Oct
Katherine Hull 3rd Nov
Marie Crosse 20th Nov
Thomas Smyth 1st Dec
Henry Awstine 21st Dec
Robte Bonde 21st Dec
Richard Swetland 22nd Dec
John Baylie als Smith 17th Jan
Richard May 22nd Jan
Richard Hunt.... 23rd Jan
Peyrce Roper 26th Jan
Christine Gill 1st Feb
Willyam Leigh 26th Feb
Phillip Wotton 4th March
Johane Nowell 7th March
Richard Walrond 2nd March
Margery Wescott 16th March
John Norleigh 23rd March
Anno domine 1595  
Richard Spurway 30th March
Dorrothie Willins 17th April
Johane Tuckerman 17th April
Elizabeth Basse 24th June
Thomas Lucas 24th Aug
Ellinor Crosse 26th Oct
Roger Fowler 11th Nov
Robert Hoare 16th Nov
Anne Manley 7th Jan
John Cowde 1st Feb
Henrie Palfreyman 21st March
Anno domine 1596  
Susanna Braine 9th May
Johane Haymond 27th June
Samuell Salter 2nd July
Jane Follett 4th July
Agnes Toose 7th July
John Tizard 23rd July
William Smith 4th Aug
Elizabeth Modye 5th Sept
Margaret Courtis 8th Sept
Thomas Faytour 2nd Oct
John River 22nd Oct
Katherine Courtis 21st Nov
Willm Awstine 26th Nov
John Feytour 19th Dec
Johane Russell 2nd Jan
Stephen Sayer 21st Jan
Richard Skure 25th Jan
John Wescott 25th Jan
Jonas Walrond 28th Jan
Robert Tyll 16th Feb
Garthered Randell 19th Feb
Richard Fidmor? 13th March
Marie Leaye 13th March
Anno domine 1597  
Willm Thoms 16th April
John Harte 1st May
Johane Brooke 8th May
Dorothie Crosse 29th May
Henrie Goulde 5th June
Elizabeth Trickhie 25th July
Alice Gilberd 14th Aug
Roger Coombe 7th Sept
Katherin Fowler 7th Oct
Margarett Rolston 10th Dec
Josnah? Swetlande 18th Jan
Robart Prestlie 1st Feb
Marie Walrond 11th Feb
Roger Braine Braine [as written] 18th Feb
Anno domine 1598  
Necholas Turner 28th March
Mary Hanson 30th April
Elline Russell 10th May
Anne Norleigh 19th May
Agnes Pleace 28th May
Judith Hodge 11th June
Roger Lowton 5th July
Margarett Gl..en 6th Aug
Mary Faytour 27th Aug
Ellin Russell 29th Aug
Marie Fleay? 29th Aug
Mary Weber 27th Oct
Thomas Haymond 28th Oct
Katherin Salter 7th Nov
Agnes Parker 3rd Dec
Marie Basse 10th Dec
John Willer 17th Dec
Margarett Tailler 7th Jan
John Lacye 12th Jan
Elline Stoke 21st Jan
Susanna Rooke 24th Jan
George Wescott 28th Jan
Margarett Hethen 30th Jan
Agnes River 4th Feb
Marie Cowde 4th March
Anno domine 1599  
Christine Walrond 27th March
Gilberte Mowdye 1st April
Margarett Toose 22nd April
Ellynor Awstine 22nd April
John Skin' als Maie 29th May
Prudence Gilbord 21st July
Johane Fowler 27th July
Yeede Woode 5th Aug
Margarett Smith 12th Aug
Jane Trickhaie 7th Sept
Marie Meynard 7th Oct
Saloman Tizard 14th Oct
Elizabeth Tizard 14th Oct
Willyam Faytour 17th Oct
Roberte Faytour 17th Oct
Agnes Roper 13th Jan
Elizabeth Leigh 18th Jan
Henry Randell 25th Jan
Richard Braine 27th Jan
Thomas Tailler 31st Jan
John Brooke 1st Feb
Thomas Crane 17th Feb
Grace Goulde 6th March
Roger Harrison 12th March
Richard Skarre 21st March
Anno domine 1600  
Roberte Harte 29th March
Samuell Crosse 6th April
Samuell Hethen 1st June
Richard Cowde 15th June
Henry Courtis 22nd June
Johane Faytour 20th July
Elizabeth Hooldwaie 10th Aug
Anne Brewton 17th Aug
John Boydon 24th Sept
Margarett Salter 12th Oct
John Coombe 22nd Oct
William Rolston 10th Dec
John Leaye 8th Feb
Umphery Dade 14th March
Richard Walberton 12th March
Anno domine 1601  
Mathew Wotton 21st May
Richard Ballyatchett 7th June
Liddia Walrond 9th June
Martha Trickhaie 10th June
Sicilly Willes 12th June
John Gilberd 14th June
Mary Bondine 5th July
Nicholle Horne 26th July
Alice Courtis 28th Aug
Mary Haymond 20th Sept
Willmott Roper 27th Sept
Urath ? Fleye 25th Oct
Honor Hethen 8th Nov
Samuell Mowdye 15th Nov
Abraham Hoare 22nd Nov
Elizabeth Fowler 22nd Nov
Richard Prestlie 6th Dec
Elizabeth Coadirs?Oadwrs 31st Dec
Richard Penywell 17th Jan
Walter Cuttyferd 18th Jan
Katherin Lanckester 27th Jan
Tristram Brooke 30th Jan
Joseph Pope 6th Feb
Richard Faytour 6th Feb
Margarett Tailler 11th March
Willyam Salter 14th March
Roger Skarr als May 17th March
Leonard Norleigh 21st March
Anno domine 1602  
Robert Kemell 31st March
John Hill 30th May
Katherine Thorne 10th July
Thomas Chanon 21st Sept
Thomas River 24th Sept
Alice Baydon 17th Oct
Jude Walrond 29th Oct
Katherine Rendell 14th Nov
Johane Hookway 5th Dec
Heaster Swetland 12th Dec
Elizabeth Skorre 19th Dec
Thomas Cowde 31st Dec
John Smith 29th Jan
Priscilla Trickhay 2nd Feb
Lettice Crosse 29th Feb
Marye Leegh 20th March
Anno domine 1603  
Martha Goldworthy 5th May
Dorothie Leaye 8th May
Elizabeth Manley 11th May
John Tailler 26th June
Judith Toose 31st July
Dorothye Faytour 28th Aug
Elias Brewton 2nd Sept
Roberte Coombe 16th Sept
John Harryson 8th Oct
Susanna Goulde 7th Dec
Robert Kemell 11th Dec
Richard Presse? 18th Dec
Margaret Bondine 22nd Dec
Elizabeth Harte 24th Dec
Thomas Tyzard the 30th Dec
K?oo? Skr' als May 12th Feb
Beaton Willes 24th Feb
Richard Baylie 29th March
Anno domine 1604  
William Thorne 4th April
Johan Braine 9th April
Johan Moodie 10th April
Johan Trickhie 15th April
Gilbert Kemell 19th April
Richard Pennywill 17th May
Frances Stoke 13th June
Richard Meynard 24th June
Margaret River 29th June
John Sichpedes? 9th July
Allice Brooke 24th Aug
Roger Channon 25th Aug
Nathanyell Braine 10th Dec
George Benfield 19th Dec
Prudence Hore 2nd Jan
Jane Hore 2nd Jan
Francis Hill 2nd Jan
Mellany Beadon 10th Feb
Richard Courtis 13th Feb
...enyell Swetland 15th Feb
John Fayter 17th March
Anno domine 1605  
John Crosse 18th April
John Lee 22nd [unreadable]
Tho Heyne Vic  
Hen ? Cowde?  
Isett Harryson? 11th Aug
Jane Cattiford 13th Oct
Mathew Morren 28th Oct
John Penywill 29th Oct
John the son of Mathew Garrett? 8th Dec
Willm son of Gilbert Cowde? [no date]
Mary dau of ....mer? Roper [no date] Jan
Thomas son of Roger Coutrise 17th Jan
Susanna dau of John Richards 6th Feb
Gartred dau of John ?Dunton 28th Feb
Roger son of Roger R....? 11th March
Willm son of Willm C'dis? 24th March
Anno domine 1606  
John son of Andrew Baston 1st April
Mary dau of John Channon 6th April
John son of John Skarre 21st April
Martin son of Edward Harrison 1st May
Elizabeth dau of John Morren 22nd June
Richard son of Richard kemyll 4th July
Richard son of John Tizard 30th July
William son of Robert Hookway 31st Aug
Isabell dau of John Heyne 31st Aug
Priscilla dau of John Randell 20th Nov
Robert son of Wm Cowde 30th Nov
Stephen son of Stephen Follett 5th Dec
Mary dau of Robert Pennywill 18th Dec
?Salome dau of Abraham Pyke 27th Dec
Isett dau of Thomas Pyne 1st Jan
Margaret dau of Christopher Brewton 11th Dec
Judith dau of Robert Warberton 13th Dec
John son of John Brayne 25th Dec
Tho Hearne Vickus  
Roger Crosse  
Roger Cooke wardens  
Richard son of Robert Thorne 5th Feb
?? son of Richard Modye? 7th March
Margaret dau of Anthony Salter 7th March
Anno domine 1607  
Susanna dau of Pierce Austine 6th April
Margaret dau of Roger Robins 20th April
John son of John Pyne 1st May
John son of Robert Bayley 7th June
Erasmus? son of Richard Swetland 7th June
John son of Jo. Collins 24th June
Richord the dau of Wm Randell 14th July
Margery the dau of John Crosse 25th July
[unreadable] Clapp dau of John [unreadable] Aug  
Richard [unreadable] ... Sept
[the above may be connected to ...]  
Ritichuns? sons of Edmond Calender 10th Sept
William son of John Pyle? 18th Nov
Thomasin dau of Roger ?Rugair 28th Nov
Margerie dau of ?? Medden 25th ?Dec
Theophilus? son of ?ione Hellyer 25th ?
Jas son of Jo C?cr?? 27th ?
Jone dau of Rich Courtis 21st Jan
Joane dau of John Bayly 7th Feb
Margarite dau of Agnes Pope 19th March
A'o 1608  
Roger son of Andrew Batston 6th June
?Debora dau of Rich Perry 29th June
Henrie son of Silvest Pennywill 11th July
Jo son of Jo Richards jun 17th July
Rich son of Edmond Hopping ?? July
Johan dau of Gilbert Cowde 5th Aug
Christopher son of John Crosse 20th Sept
Tho Hearne ??  
Hen Willes  
Robte Kemell  
Symond son of Edward Jayford?? 8th Oct
Robte son of Ro Mowdye 16th Oct
Elizabeth dau of George Braine 28th Oct
Susanna dau of Jo ?Crosse 12th Dec
Roger son of Roger Channon 19th Dec
John son of Jo Pyne 27th Jan
Thos son of Wm Lavis? 17th Feb
Willm son of Jo Nicholes 20th Feb
M'grett dau of Jo Siske? 17th March
Mary dau of Myhell Prew? 19th March
Henrie son of Rich Kemell 19th March
A'o dm 1609  
Willm son of Willm Meynard 21st May
Robte son of Robte Kemell 25th May
Elizabeth dau of Tho Pyne? 18th July
Christopher son of Aberthe? Pieke? 6th Aug
Diana dau of Robt Ballyatchett 20th Sept
Alice dau of Gilbte Cowde 15th Nov
Jethro son of Rich Swetland 3rd Dec
Jane dau of Jo Randle 30th Nov
John son of Roger Robins 17th Dec
Johan dau of Henry Catford 21st Dec
Johan dau of Jo Morren 31st Dec
Symond son of Jo Crosse 1st Jan
Margarett dau of Phillip Clapp 28th Jan
John son of Jo Ellyott 15th Feb
Tho Hearne dom  
Peeter son of Pierce Austine 22nd Feb
Mary dau of Jo Skir 4th March
Johane dau of Martin Bagwill 14th March
A'o 1610  
Susanna dau of Jo Trickey 20th May
Walter son of Jo Baydon 15th July
Dorothie dau of Alice Cloak 15th July
Jo son of Robt Thorne 26th Aug
Jo son of Edmond Calland' 26th Aug
Henry son of Robert Walberton 9th Sept
Eliza dau of Jo Brane 10th Sept
Edmond son of Richard Lukis 30th Sept
Diane dau of John Pym/Pyn 18th Oct
Jane dau of Jo Richards 28th Oct
Christian dau of Roger Wriddon? 10th Nov
Jeanett? dau of Robt? Harryson 15th Nov
An dau of Jo Pym' 2nd Dec
Nathanyell son of Geofrie? Braine 9th Dec
John son of Humphery Beirie 1st Jan
Willyam son of Tho Salter 19th Jan
Johane dau of Wm Browne 19th Jan
William son of Richard Faiter 9th Feb
John son of Jo Channon 23rd Feb
Tho Hearne vicar  
Mellany dau of George Tucker 19th March
Mary dau of Silvester Penywill 10th March
Jane dau of Jo Crosse 16th March
Anno 1611  
John son of Andrew Leaye 22nd May
Richard son of John Salter 30th May
Richard son of Humpherie Arscott esquire 16th June  
Jane dau of Richard Conant 16th June
Helline dau of Rich Perry 22nd June
James son of John Leigh 19th July
An dau of Andrew Batstone 25th July
Symon son of Richard Kemell 24th Aug
Charytie dau of James Edmonds 1st Sept
Jane dau of Jo Besse 8th Sept
Garthered dau of Richard Courtis 20th Sept
Richard son of John Mare 22nd Sept
John son of Willyam Lavis 2nd Oct
Johan dau of Wm Randell 15th Dec
Julyan dau of Peeter Morrish 11th Jan
Agnes dau of George Blandford 29th Jan
Alice dau of Robte Kemell? 3rd Feb
Robte son of Richard Mowdye 16th Feb
Margarett dau of Jo Chanon 23rd Feb
Roger son of Roger Robins 15th March
Anno dme 1612  
Thomas son of Stephen Manfield 1st April
Francis son of Jo Trickhey 3rd April
Tho son of Tho Pyne 3rd April
Tho Hearne  
Roger Cooke  
Roger Russell churchwardens  
Rebecca dau of Richard Swetland 14th April
Bridgett dau of Roger Leaye 19th April
Francis son of Phillip Clappe 17th June
Hercules son of Humpherie Arscott esquire 19th July  
Phillip son of George Ellyott 2nd Aug
Francis son of Stephen Longdon 2nd Aug
Richard son of Jo Davie/Dure 19th Aug
Robert son of John Richards 30th Aug
Richard son of Thomas Smith als Baylie 20th Sept
William son of Wm Lucey/Huley 2nd Oct
Walter son of Jo Tyll 1st Nov
Roger son of Ralph Jefford 13th Nov
Agnes dau of ?John Walberton 15th Nov
Robte son of John Crosse 29th Nov
Francis son of Richard Baston 30th Nov
Phillip son of Robte Kemell 24th Jan
Elizabeth dau of John Randell 4th March
Anno domine 1613  
Agnes dau of John Braine 25th March
Johane dau of Gilbte Shutt 25th March
John son of Elizabeth Salter 28th March
Roger son of Tho Pyne 28th April
Mellany dau of Martyne Bagwill 2nd May
John son of Richard Batstone 8th May
Roger son of John Ellyott 12th May
Elizabeth dau of William Collin 3rd June
Tho Hearne vic  
Henry Hockway  
Henry Pope churchwardens  
Thomasin dau of Robert Thorne 13th June
John son of Henry Pope 15th June
?Julyan dau of John Harrison? 29th Aug
Alice dau of John Rabgent 18th Sept
George son of George 2nd Oct
Edmond son of Edmond Callender 5th Oct
Richard son of Roger Luckis 28th Nov
Agnes dau of Roger Leyee 12th Dec
Johane dau of Tho Salter 19th Dec
Margarett dau of Peeter Morrish 5th Feb
Susanna dau of Thoms Knolles 12th Feb
John son of John Stone man 20th Feb
John son of John Crosse 20th Feb
Henry son of Andrew Leate 28th Feb
Thomas son of Jo Trickhey 27th Feb
Symon son of John N?orleigh 27th Feb
An'o dm 1614  
John son of Jo Durance 16th April
Willyam son of Jo Morrine 17th April
Anne dau of George Blackford 17th April
Edward son of Phillip Tailler 25th April
Lawrence son of John Hyne 1st May
Thomasin dau of Jo Cowde 8th May
Humphery son of Jo Richards 21st May
Alice dau of Henry Pope 10th [unreadable]
Alice dau of Simon Norelee 3rd [unreadable]
Richard son of Jo Lacie 11th Sept
Urath dau of Robert Harrison 18th Sept
Amey dau of Humphery Bery 2nd Oct
Francis son of Andrew Batstone 1st Nov
Christopher son of Ezikiah Callye 27th Nov
John son of Jo Chanon 11th Dec
John son of George Ellyott 8th Feb
John son of Richard Luckis 26th Feb
Anno domine 1615  
Willyam son of Roger Robbins 26th March
Mirriam dau of John Leegh 26th March
Frances dau of Abraham Yenans 31st March
Gregorie son of Roger Priddam 7th April
Mary dau of Ralph Jefford 21st April
Danyell son of Robt Kemell 23rd April
George son of Gilbt Shutt 25th April
Agnes dau of Thom Hayman 25th April
Melchisedech son of Richard Swetland 19th May
Eliza dau of Johna Wyott 9th July
Jone dau of Wm Collins 17th Aug
Richard son of Robte Walberton 4th Sept
Peeter son of Peeter Morrish 10th Sept
Susanna dau of Jo Crosse 17th Sept
Willyam son of John Rabgent 1st Oct
Michaell son of Michaell Green 5th Oct
Charles son of Richard Tydd 29th Oct
Johane dau of Andrew Holl 1st Nov
Honor dau of Edward Manfield 11th Nov
Jo son of Jo Tyll 12th Nov
Steven son of Wm Lavis 12th Nov
Martha dau of Richard Conint 3rd Nov
Mary dau of Richard Faitor 3rd Dec
Elizabeth dau of Robert May 24th Dec
John son of Phillip Clap 14th Jan
Elizabeth dau of George Blackford 11th Jan
Katherine dau of Richard Penney 25th Feb
?Joshua son of Jo Richardes 27th Feb
Thomas son of Henrie Hockweae 28th Feb
Alice dau of John Coude 17th March
Anno domine 1616  
Mary dau of Robert Thorne 27th March
John son of Richard Coxe 30th March
Elizabeth dau of Richard Wyndover 15th May
Thomsyn dau of John Nicholes 22nd May
Hellen dau of George Brayne 29th June
Alice dau of Edward Toose 10th July
Andrew son of Andrew Treleate 14th Aug
Richard son of Eze'l Cowley 15th Sept
Dorothy dau of Tho Smith 30th Sept
Henry son of Jo Ellyott junr 19th Oct
Petronell dau of Necholas Smith 20th Nov
Katherin dau of Abraham Yourn 24th Nov
John son of Henry Cap'worthy 30th Nov
Charles son of John Stonman 8th Dec
Mary dau of Martyne Bagwill 27th Nov
Sara dau of John Gudridge 25th Dec
Anne dau of Jo Kemell 12th Jan
Jacob 'daughter'[as written] of Jo Hyne 2nd Feb
Henry son of Henry Pope 9th Feb
Jo son of Robte Cooll 23rd Feb
Richard son of Jo Crosse 23rd Feb
Richard son of John Bassoner 26th Feb
Philip son of John Chanon 2nd March
Jo son of Gilbte Bedford 16th March
Thomasyn dau of Humphery Berry 16th March
Robart son of ...prence England 20th March
Anno domine 1617  
Timothie son of John Lacie 30th March
Jo son of George Blackford 21st April
Tho son of Tho Faitor 18th May
Nathanyell son of Jo Richards 22nd June
Richard son of Edmond Callender 20th July
Mary dau of Jo Besse 3rd Aug
Margarett dau of Michaell Manfield 7th Sept
Martha dau of Richard Luckis 7th Sept
John son of Andrew Hall 14th Sept
Jone dau of Thomas Helle 17th Sept
Thomas son of Robte Harryson 24th Sept
Mary dau of Willm Collins 28th Sept
[no name or description] of Raph Jefford 29th Sept
Jo son of Richard Bartlett 4th Oct
Solomon son of Edmond Coombe 8th Oct
Judith dau of John Newbery 15th Oct
Susanna dau of Necholas Russell 22nd Oct
Mellany dau of Stephen Langdon 29th Nov
Richard son of Richard Windov' 5th Nov
John son of Robte Kemell 30th Nov
Tho son of Roberte Walberton 7th Dec
Catherin dau of Tho Hayman 21st Dec
Johan dau of Anthony Leves 26th Dec
Mary dau of Richard Conant 2nd Jan
Debora dau of Christopher Brewton 25th Jan
Henrie son of Edward Toose 22nd Feb
Jane dau of Robte Worren 22nd Feb
Anno dm 1618  
Andrew son of Gilbte Shutt 29th March
Henry son of Henry Golserie 29th March
Andrew son of John Cowde 1st April
Johane dau of Willm Luckis 25th April
George son of Jo Crosse 26th April
Edward son of Wm Lavis 10th May
Anne dau of Gilbte Bedford 29th Sept
Ussalow dau of Necholas Smith 31st Oct
Leonard Mare  
sign X of Robte Symes churchwardens  
Martyne Bagwill  
Willo Thorne [unreadable word follows...Cfsomes?Overseers?]  
Sara dau of Steven Manfill 18th Nov
George son of George Ellyott 19th Dec
Anne dau of Jo Richards 26th Dec
Elizabeth dau of Roberte Thorne 10th Jan
John son of John Chilcott 15th Feb
Ruth dau of Necholas Brewton 20th Feb
Martha dau of John Rabgent 21st Feb
Marie dau of Robte May 24th Feb
Willyam son of Richard Tud 28th Feb
Grace dau of Jo Tyll 3rd March
Jane dau of Jo Lacie 21st March
An'o dm' 1619  
Margarett dau of John Stonman 30th March
Catherine dau of Lawrence England 13th June
Catherine dau of Gregory Leye 26th Sept
Elizabeth dau of John Gudridge 27th Oct
Thoms son of Robte Tuckett 31st Oct
George son of John Hyne 14th Nov
Jane dau of John Necholles 21st Nov
John son of Robte Warbton 21st Nov
John son of Hezekia Cawley 28th Nov
Elizabeth dau of Henry Pope 5th Dec
Jo son of Michaell Manfild 12th Dec
Elline dau of Jo Cowde 22nd Dec
Acquila son of Richard Swetland 19th Jan
John son of Edward Toose 19th Jan
Elizabeth dau of Jo Smyth als Baylie 25th Jan
Robte son of Robte Cooke 2nd Feb
Roger son of M'tin Bagwill 20th Feb
Jonas son of Jo Crosse 20th Feb
Gilbte son of Raphe Jefford 25th Feb
Elizabeth dau of Necholas Russell 5th March
Dorothy dau of Jo Ferrant 19th March
Grace dau of Jo Newbery 22nd March
An'o dm 1620  
Tho son of Tho Hayman 14th April
George son of George Blackford 18th April
Samuell son of Jo Richards 25th May
Jo son of Anthony Leves 25th June
Johan dau of Richard Penney 5th July
Henry son of Thoms Harrys' 2nd Aug
Sara dau of Jo Bassower 6th Aug
Margarett dau of Robte Kemell 18th Aug
John son of Henry Hackwell 20th Aug
Robte son of Robte Worren 3rd Sept
Dorcas dau of Nech Brewton 10th Sept
Dorothy dau of Thomas Golsworthie 29th Sept
George son of Jo Channon 29th Oct
Agnes dau of Ric Salter 29th Oct
Elizabeth dau of Robert Harrison 29th Oct
Alice dau of Christopher Golserie 8th Oct
Henry son of Roger Leye 26th Nov
Samuell son of Henry Horeberry? 26th Nov
Susanna dau of Jo Bollen 7th Jan
Francis son of Steven Longdon 25th Feb
Elizabeth dau of Wm Hill 2nd March
Tho son of Jo Smith als Baylie 4th March
Elyas son of John Ellyott 11th March
Elizabeth dau of Gilbte Shutt 16th March
Richard Newbery 'Jlisr' [unreadable '...rie']
An'o dm 1621  
George son of George Bond 2nd April
Charytie dau of Leonard Star 7th April
John son of Edmond Coombe 15th April
Susanna dau of Robte May 22nd April
Johane dau of Jo Lacy 3rd June
Henry son of Edmond Callender 17th June
Samuell son of Thomas Harris 21st Aug
Catherine dau of Jo Tyll 29th Augt
Tho son of Jo Stonman 8th Sept
Peeter son of Peeter Raclift 8th Sept
Sara dau of Wm Stonman 9th Sept
Judith dau of Steven Manfield 29th Sept
Elizabeth dau of Jo Salter 7th Oct
Jo son of Jo Rabgent 4th Nov
Robert son of Walter Faytor 25th Nov
Richard son of Gilbte Bedford 9th Dec
Mary dau of Christopher Golsery 25th Dec
Jo son of Jo Cowde 26th Dec
Rebecca dau of Jo Gudridge 10th Jan
Priscilla dau of Jo Gudridge 11th Jan
Martyne son of Robte Kemell 26th Jan
Richard son of Ric Conant 10th Feb
Edward son of Edward Toose 17th Feb
Judith dau of Lawrence England 17th Feb
Jo son of Henry Pope 22nd Feb
An'o dm 1622  
Elizabeth dau of Robte Bartlett 30th March
Mary dau of Jo Bollen 28th July
Henry son of Henry Ellyott 11th Aug
Robte son of Wm Couch 25th Aug
Dorothy dau of Jo Necholles 25th Aug
Ezekia son of Ezekia Cally 22nd Sept
Agnes dau of Raph Jefford 6th Oct
Anne dau of Necholas Russell 25th Oct
Robte son of Tho Hayman 1st Nov
Robte son of George Bond 3rd Nov
Johane dau of Michaell Manfill 24th Nov
Jo son of Ric Salter 1st Dec
Willm son of Anthony Lewes 2nd Dec
Danyell son of Danyell May 7th Dec
Anne dau of Jo Newbery 8th Dec
Gregory son of Tho Crane 15th Dec
Martha dau of George Ellyott 21st Dec
Priscilla dau of Pearce Hellyer 25th Dec
Job son of Nech Brewton 15th Feb
Anne dau of Robte Tuckett 16th Feb
Wm son of Wm Norrington 13th March
Jo son of Jo Randell 16th March
An'o dm 1623  
Jo son of Richard Penney 6th April
Wm son of Henry Golsworthy 4th May
Tho son of George Rosement 11th May
Anne dau of Edmond Coombe 25th May
Elizabeth dau of John Stonman 27th July
Elizabeth dau of Roger Franke 17th Aug
John son of Willm Hall 12th Sept
Willm son of Richard May 14th Sept
Jo son of Jo Salter 19th Oct
Phillip son of John Tyll 26th Oct
John son of Jo Lacy 4th Jan
John son of Robert Cooke 7th March
Anno domine 1624  
Sara dau of Richard Conant 30th March
Christopher son of Tho Harris 4th April
Agnes dau of Jo Forrant 11th April
Jo son of Gilbte Shutt 18th April
Henry son of Jo Cowde 9th May
Mary dau of Wm Stonman 13th June
Jo son of Gilbte Bedford 19th June
Christopher son of Xopher Galsery 20th June
Tho son of Thomas Crane 20th June
Anne dau of George Bond 11th July
Johan dau of Henry Pope 1st Aug
Robte son of Robte Harrison 22nd Aug
Mary dau of Edward Toose 26th Sept
Richard son of Richard Roper 27th Sept
Tho son of Peeter Rackliffe 27th Sept
Jo son of John Bollen 29th Sept
Johane dau of Henry Hackwell 2nd [unreadable]
Necholas son of George Hambly 17th [unreadable]
Alice dau of Robte Maye 7th Nov
Susanna dau of Roger Channon 25th Dec
Jo son of Jo Gudridge 26th Dec
John son of Robte Cooke 29th March
Anno domine 1625  
Richard son of Jo Newbery 3rd April
Mary dau of Jo Tyll 10th April
Mary dau of Gregory Ley 8th May
Willm son of Willm Cooch 4th June
Francis son of Richard Salter 29th June
Willm son of Ezekia Cally 10th July
Jo son of Robert Warren 10th Aug
Tho son of Danyell May 7th Sept
Tho son of Necho Hart 9th Sept
Johan dau of Henry Rutley 11th Sept
Zachary son of Rafe Jefford 25th Sept
Mary dau of Symond Randell 30th Sept
Richard son of George Ellyott 2nd Oct
Elizabeth dau of Jo Cally ? 9th Nov
Charytie? dau of Jo Salter 13th Nov
Eliza dau of Robte Bartlett 4th Dec
Mary dau of Andrew Terleate 21st Dec
Mary dau of Robte Follett 26th Dec
Mary dau of Jo Lacy 8th Jan
Willyam son of Roger Ley 2nd Feb
Robte son of Robte Bowden 26th Feb
Catheren dau of Lawrence England 10th April
Henry son of Robte Cooke 19th April
Johane dau of Rog Priddam 23rd April
Rachaell dau of Necholas Brewton 25th April
Johane dau of Ri Skin' 29th May
Mary dau of Steven Langdon 4th June
Henry son of Wm Hill 4th June
Agnes dau of Charles Lacy 7th June
Martha dau of Henry Pope 11th June
Henry son of Wm Collins 9th July
Mary dau of Wm Norrington 23rd July
Mary dau of Jo Randell 2nd Aug
Mary dau of Jo Rabgent 6th Aug
Richard son of Tho Hayman 13th Aug
Francis son of Jo Hill 8th Sept
Susanna dau of John Bollen 24th Sept
Nicholas son of Peeter Prew 26th Oct
Henry son of Tho Crane 2th Oct
Mary dau of Pearce Hellyer 5th Nov
Mellany dau of Richard Zelake 10th Dec
Tho son of Tho Stock 16th Dec
Margarett dau of John Gudridge 17th Dec
Hanna dau of Peeter Rackliffe 24th Dec
Ursillo dau of Jo Stonman 26th Dec
Eliza dau of Steven Manfill 7th Jan
Steven son of Johna Pope 21st Jan
Jo son of George Hinneyes 4th Feb
Eliza dau of Gyles Pennywell 11th Feb
Mary dau of Christopher Golsery 18th Feb
Edmond son of Walter ?Bryes 11th March
Anno domine 1627  
Maude dau of Jo Tyll 20th May
Willyam son of Richard Tuckerman 29th July
Tho son of Gilbte Bedford 12th Aug
Phillip son of Phillip Wotton 16th Aug
Anne dau of Symon Newbery 26th Aug
Eliza dau of Jo Hensbury 16th Sept
Johan dau of Jo Hall 16th Sept
Jane dau of Jo Clatworthy 23rd Sept
Dorothy dau of Richard Rop' 7th Oct
Johane dau of Tho Hayman 28th Oct
Richard and Nicholas sons of Robte Cooke 1st Nov
Jane dau of Roger Francke 1st Nov
Mary dau of Michaell Manfield 11th Nov
Catherin dau of Roger Fowler 21st Nov
Johane dau of Henry Ellyott 25th Nov
?Dewine? dau of Robte May 12th Jan
Mary dau of Ezekia Catley 13th Jan
John son of Jo Newbery 1st Feb
Robert son of Robert Follett 3rd Feb
Isacke son of Tho Crane 3rd Feb
Joseph son of Edward Toose 22nd March
Jonas son of Jonas Walrond 9th Jan p'e
An'o dm 1628  
George son of Nicholas Harte 25th March
Charytie dau of Wm Norrington 30th March
Tho son of Jo Lacie 14th April
Richard son of Charles Lacie 20th April
Jo son of George Bond 15th May
Johane dau of Richard Salter 18th May
Agnes dau of Willm Rolston 15th June
Willyam son of Wm Hill 6th July
Mathew son of George Ellyott 9th July
Urcillo dau of Henry Racklifft 10th Aug
Prudence dau of Walter Borges 12th Aug
Eliza dau of Francis Hopping 24th Aug
Dorothy dau of Raph Jefford 5th Oct
?Ckir?son of Ric Zelake 12th Oct
Tho son of Jo Cowde 12th Oct
Jane dau of Henry Pope 2nd Nov
Jo son of Jo Geare? 13th Nov
Catherin dau of Catherin Brayne widdo 16th Nov
Leonard son of Wm Cooth 16th Nov
Wm son of Wm Stonman 7th Dec
Mary dau of Gyles Pennywill 1st Jan
Jo son of Jo 9th Jan
Gregory son of George Penny? 18th Jan
Elizabeth dau of [unreadable] 21st Jan
[unreadable ? May] 22nd Feb
[?Christopher son of Christopher] Manfill 1st March
Samwell?Danyell son of John Bollen 15th March
Mary dau of Martin Cawley 15th March
Martha dau of Richard Hethe' 16th March
Dorothy dau of Peter Pru 22nd March
Anno domine 1629  
Richard?Leonard son of Peeter Cortis 9th [unreadable]
Elizabeth dau of Peeter Rutly 9th [unreadable]
Elizabeth dau of Christo 19th [unreadable]
Martha dau of Mathew? Follett? Landon 19th [unreadable]
Catheren dau of Solomon Tizard 29th April
Jo son of Jo Gudridge 10th May
Damaris dau of Jonas Walrond 22nd July
Catheren dau of Ellyne Sullevent 19th Aug
Henry son of Henry Peeter 3rd Sept
Jo son of Richard Skar 29th Sept
Humpherie son of Lawrence England 8th Nov
Justynian son of Richard Tuckerman 22nd Nov
Willmott dau of Jo Wolcott 26th Dec
Charitie dau of Jo Clatworthie 6th Jan
Nicholas son of Nicholas Manston 29th Jan
Elizabeth dau of Walter Burges 14th Feb
Margaret dau of Steven Langdon 7th March
John son of Henry Ellyott 21st March
An'o dm 1630  
Johane dau of Jo Norren 27th ?March
Sara dau of Wm Meynard 28th ?March
Tho son of Jo Hensbury 31st ?March
Mary dau of Roger Fowler 7th April
Robte son of Robte May 25th April
Yeedith dau of Jo Tyll 18th May
Wm son of Michaell Manfilld 2nd June
Jo son of Charles Lacie 5th July
Johna son of Johna Pope [in both names the letter a is smudged or blocked in] 5th July
Hanna dau of Gilbte Bedford 29th Aug
Rose dau of Richard Wheaton 5th Sept
Tho son of Tho Hooke 16th Sept
Thoms son of Jo Randell 23rd Sept
George son of Pearce Hellyer 3rd Oct
Susanna dau of Jo Hill 10th Oct
Hanna dau of Ric Salter 13th Oct
Susanna dau of Francis Hill 30th Oct
Francis son of Jo Stonman 7th Nov
Tymothie son of Symon Rendle 6th Jan
Martha dau of Jo Bollen 23rd Jan
Wm son of Jo Smyth 20th Feb
Henry son of Humphrey Arscott 28th Feb
Dorcas dau of Jo Halse 14th March
An'o dm 1631  
Thoms son of Gyles Moore 30th March
Francis son of Jo Gear ?Crane 12th April
Philip son of Robte Bartlett 23rd April
Sara dau of Mathew?Martin Bonding 29th May
Roger son of Robte Cook 5th June
Susanna dau of Thomas Hayman 12th July
Edmond son of Richard ..?..cot 26th Aug
Mellany dau of Steven Manfill [unreadable]
Robte son of John Golswthiy [unreadable]
Jane dau of ?Solomon ?Tyzard [unreadable]
Jethro son of Thomas?Jonas Walrond [unreadable]
George son of George Pring 21st Aug
Johan dau of John Lac.... 21st Aug
Jane dau of Ezekia Callye 7th Sept
Francis son of Rafe Jefford 21st ?Oct
Edmund son of Michaell Manfield 24th Oct
Henry son of Jo Wolcott 13th Nov
Jane dau of Wm Rolston 4th Dec
Helena dau of Peeter Pru 29th Jan
Elizabeth dau of Rich Heathman 2nd Jan
Mary dau of Richard Thorne 6th Jan
Richard son of Jo Callay 22nd Feb
Elizabeth dau of Jo Callender 26th Feb
Jo son of Gyles Pennywell 26th Feb
Ellise?son of Richard Ston' 11th March
Martha dau of Wm Tyll 18th March
An'o dm 1632  
George son of Thomas Hole? 3rd April
Margaret dau of Jo Bendinge 14th April
Mary dau of Walter Burges 17th April
Henry? son of Richard Roper 1st May
Frances and Agnes daus of Henry Pidgeon 10th May  
Richard son of Richard Wheaton 29th June
Francis son of Francis Hopping 8th July
?Philip and Jonah? sons of Robte Cooke 25th July
Thomasin dau of Roger Fowler 22nd Aug
Anstis dau of Perce Hellyer 17th Sept
Henry son of Henry Rutley 23rd Sept
Mary dau of Jo Smyth 27th Oct
Jo son of Richard Gur? 25th Nov
Margaret dau of Symon Langdon 25th Nov
Francis son of Francis Arscott esquire 29th Nov
Humphery son of Humphery Arscott 27th Dec
Henry son of Thomas Lacy 13th Feb
Mary dau of John Burto. 17th Feb
Sarah? dau of Stephen Manfield? widdo 7th March
Gilbert son of John Morren 17th March
Margaret dau of Richard Fowler 21st March
An'o dm 1633  
Susanna dau of Henry [unreadable] 14th April
[approx two thirds of the page missing from this point downward .. it would appear to have been cut out]
An'o dm 1634  
Richard son of Thomas ?Harman April 25th
Peter son of Philip Arscott? 3rd May
?Lucy dau of ? Callender ? May
Margrit? dau of H???? T?? ? June
Anne dau of Gils Mare? 10th June
E...? son of John S...? 7th July
?Edward son of John Clattery? 3rd Aug
Samwell son of Peter Pring?Prue 3rd Aug
Sarah dau of Mathew Wotton 3rd Aug
?Frank ?Francis son of John Newberie? 24th Aug
Susanna dau of Richard Thorne 24th Aug
Anne dau of Christopher [unreadable] 16th Sept
Hanna dau of Thomas ?Micke?Hicke 29th Sept
[unreadable ? L ..] son of John Russell? 30th Sept
John son of Roger? Gare?Garne 5th Oct
Anne dau of John Symes?Smyth 2nd Nov
[the above entries are almost indecipherable; below the page is missing as note above]
M'd Whereas Thomas Heathman and Solomon Hayman Both 'Cannented' before me and confessed that Thomas Heathman did tare and burne some parte of this Booke wherein there names were registered. And having by John Cowd a Certificate of [these] defects I thought it requisite to annex this sheete written with my own hand January 1st 1656. JRDunn
An'o dm 1635  
Jane dau of Henrie Pope 11th April
Richard son of Richard Salter 22nd April
John son of Edward Martin 28th April
Johan dau of Richard Heathman 22nd June
Barbara dau of Gilbert Bedford 30th June
Richard son of Daniell Maye 2nd July
Ann dau of Nicholas Mansen 14th July
Margery dau of Francis Hopping 11th Aug
Humphery son of George Harries 18th Aug
Edmond son of John Wollicott 1st Sept
Henry son of John Rabgent 1st Sept
Richard son of John Till 1st Sept
William son of John Hill 1st Sept
Ann dau of John Geare 6th Sept
Abraham son of John Bollon 17th Nov
Stephen son of Stephen Manfeild 1st Dec
Allice dau of John Lacy 5th Jan
John son of John Randle 6th Feb
Dina dau of Robert Bartlett 19th Feb
Johan dau of William Maning 25th Feb
Thomas son of Thomas Tucker 25th Feb
Item m'd that I give license to John Dunn who is Register and Clearke of East Budly to insert the ?same in witness whereof I put my hand the day and yeere above written . 1656. JRDunn
[From M'd the entries above are written on a separate sheet inserted as described. The following entries are on the back of this sheet and seem to be a continuation of the entries of 1634]
John son of Richard Gary 12th Oct
Ann dau of John Smith 2nd Nov
Johan dau of Ralph Jefford 16th Nov
Hanah dau of Giles Pennywill 23rd Nov
John son of Edward Cowde 30th Nov
John son of John Smith 30th Jan
William son of John Gutridg 1st Feb
Philip son of Philip Arscott 3rd Feb
Mary dau of George Hennes 1st March
Johan dau of Richard Salter 16th March
Thomas son of Roger Robins 5th April
Elizabeth dau of William Combe 11th April
Gilbert son of Henerie Cowde 20th April
Solomon and Roger sons of Thomas Hayman 22nd April
Thomas son of Richard Heathman 10th June
Johan dau of George Pring 21st June
William son of Francis Hill 27th June
Elizabeth dau of John Drake 7th Sept
John son of Martin Bonding 22nd Sept
Mary dau of Thomas Harris 22nd Sept
Ann dau of Richard Zeleck 13th Oct
Ann dau of Elias Brewton 8th Nov
John son of Francis Hopping 13th Dec
Thomsin dau of John Hill 20th Dec
Roger son of Charles Lacy 3rd Jan
John son of John Leate 15th Jan
Ann dau of Stephen Chapman 5th Feb
[end of reverse of inserted sheet and the start of the next page of the original register after the torn out sheet]
Ann dau of Stephen Chapman 5th Feb
Th...dau of John Geere 7th Feb
Henry son of John Morris 9th Feb
An'o dm 1636  
William son of Edward Cowde 20th April
Roger son of Roger Robbins 2nd May
Elizabeth dau of Richard Combe 7th May
John son of John Hopper? 15th July
John son of John Pennywill 24th July
Thomas son of Thomas Gould 14th Aug
Thomas son of Thomas Cowd 28th Aug
[unreadable ?C.......of Thomas?D..]  
Stephen son of [unreadable]  
[unreadable ..dau of Stephen ..]  
Anne dau of John [unreadable] 2nd Oct
Roger son of Gilbert Bedford 5th Oct
Philip son of Jonah Welbourne? 16th Oct
Richard son of Henry C[unreadable] 30th Oct
T ....dau of [unreadable ? Geere] 30th Oct
Jo....[unreadable] S....[unreadable]  
Hanna dau of John Ta... 27th Nov
Mary dau of Ezekia ?Wolcott 27th Nov
Philip son of Philip Elliot 18th Dec
Dorothy dau of [unreadable] Golswo.. 18th Dec
Sarah dau of ?Danyell May 28th Dec
Margaret dau of John [unreadable]  
[unreadable] dau of .....? Arscott 2nd Jan
Alice? Phebe dau of Henry Elliot 8th Feb
Elizabeth dau of Mathew Wotton? 24th Feb
W or M son of Stephen Lacie 26th Feb
Susanna dau of Richard Couch 8th March
John son of John Tremaine? 15th March
Anno dm 1637  
Hanna dau of Robert Bartlet 2nd April
John son of .......Hooke 15th April
Francis son of ? Till? ? June
Walter son of Walter ?Burges 10th June
Henry son of Edward Coude 16th [unreadable]
William son of William Yeonde?Meon 22nd [unreadable]
?Henry son of Peter ?Paxen [unreadable]
Annis dau of John Wotton?Bollen [unreadable]
William son of William Harris? [unreadable]
John son of Richard B?r?man [unreadable]
[unreadable ?dau of ?Thomas?]  
[unreadable ?Dorothy dau of John ?]  
[unreadable ?Grace dau of Robte?]  
[unreadable] son of John Treleat Feb 9th
[unreadable] dau of ??stow Wotton Feb 11th
[unreadable] Charles Snelling Feb 20th
[unreadable] sons of John Lee Feb 22nd
[unreadable] son of Joseph Cooper Feb 26th
Elizabeth dau of Francis Batstone March 13th
Anno domine [unreadable]  
?Richard son of John Parker March 30th
? Anne dau of Richard Zeleck April 5th
Ann dau of Samuel Richards April 31?
Elizab dau of John Becke July 24th
John son of George Cannon June 21st
Humph son of John Farant? June 24th
Hannah dau of Robert Burrows August 7th
Mary dau of Robert England August 7th
William son of Philip Channon August 23rd
Susanna dau of Richard Salter Sept 1st
Mary dau of Robert Harrison Sept 18th
John son of Thomas Roder? Sept 25th
Ursalo dau of Willa Prideam Oct 19th
John son of Thomas Lacy Nov 1st
?Stephen son of William Golserie Nov 23rd
? Henry son of John Crosse 2nd Dec
Marg?Mary dau of Zachary Simons 2nd Dec
[the above 23 entries from [unreadable] Feb 9th may not follow on chronologically from 1637: on the opposite page is a signature and date of John Elliott March 10 1717]
[the first 14 entries of the end of 1637 are unreadable except for a letter or a part of a name or a partial date]
[unreadable] Gyles Manstone 22nd Oct
[unreadable] William Rab December
[unreadable] Bartlet? December
[unreadable] Thomas  
[unreadable] Eliot  
[remainder unreadable]  
[this year with 20 or so entries is also almost unreadable; the following are the only ones faintly decipherable]
Susanna dau of Richard ? June
Anne?Amie dau of Henry Treleat  
?Stephen son of John Till 12th Aug
? of Robert Braine?  
Richard son of John Tucker? 12th Sept
Thomas son of John Geere 20th Nov
[very similar to 1638 until the entries on the following page]  
Thomas son of ?William Shutt  
Gilbert?Robert son of Gilbert Bedford 1st May
Anne dau of ? Pope  
? Mary dau of John Bending 27th April
? dau of George St ??? 3rd May
? dau of Philip Elliot 16th June
? Walter son of Walter Burges ? July
Mary dau of Richard Gary 4th Aug
Mathew son of Mathew Wotton  
Samwell son of John Fuller?  
Alice dau of ?  
Grace dau of Thomas Scott 26th Ja
Elizabeth dau of Peter Prew  
Charity dau of Edmond Hoppinge April
Sarah dau of Gregory?George Wheddon?  
Dorothy dau of Philip Elliot  
John son of He?ry ?umphry Treleate April
William son of William Meynard 3rd May
Robert son of Robert Bartlet 8th May
Annis dau of James Roberts 11th May
John son of John Walberton 17th May
Elizabeth dau of ?Richard?Pope 8th June
John son of Richard Crosse 26th July
Joane dau of Humphery Coombe 16th Aug
Elizabeth dau of Walter Bridge? 24th Aug
Elizabeth dau of Thomas T?ucker 30th Aug
Priscilla dau of Edmond Coombe 9th Sept
Elizabeth dau of Francis Hill 13th Sept
Anne dau of John Elliott 20th Sept
John son of Henry Elliott 18th Oct
John son of Richard Manson 18th Oct
William son of Francis Batstone 18th Oct
Solomon son of Solomon Farrand? 11th Nov
Anne dau of Roger ? junr 28th Nov
William son of William Smith 22nd Nov
Mary dau of ?...nah Walbertone 13th Dec
Honor dau of William Wescott 7th Jan
William son of Francis Hopping 24th Jan
Andrew son of John Treleate 5th March
An'o dm 1641  
Robert son of Robert Barne? 27th April
John son of Roger Robens 30th April
Sam...? son of Thoms....? [unreadable]
John son of Willa' Cowd 24th [unreadable]
Jone dau of Francis Clappe [unreadable]
[unreadable] dau of Richard H??d [unreadable]
?John son of George Pring [unreadable]
? son of Ralph Jefford [unreadable]
?....d son of John Smith [unreadable]
? son of Richard ?Crosse [unreadable]
Jone dau of William Rabgent 10th Sept
John son of Walter Headon 12th Sept
Susanna dau of Edward Hopping ?? Sept
?John son of Henry Cowd 5th Oct
Thomasyn dau of Leonard Skarr 13th Oct
Sarah dau of [unreadable] Bagwill 11th ?Nov
?Thomas son of Thomas Pridham? 12th [unreadable]
Philip son of Humphery [unreadable] Robbens?  
Francis son of [unreadable] Bending?  
Honor dau of Philip Eliot 9th ??
Mary dau of ...ry Lyddon? 30th ?Jan
Susanna dau of D.............cott 2nd Feb
....nd ???? of John Hoo??? 20th Feb
[unreadable] of John Crosse 27th Feb
? dau of ? Brewton 13th March
John son of Walter?Thorne? 22nd March
An'o dm 1642  
Elizabeth dau of Henry Treleate 3rd April
Philip son of Mathew Wotton 12th April
Robert? son of Andrew? Callender 17th April
Ann dau of Richard Curtisse 20th May
?Charitie dau of John Milton 22nd May
Richard son of Thomas Scott 24th May
Susanna dau of Thomas Langdon 2nd June
Dorothy dau of Willa' Smith 13th July
Ann dau of John Pennywill 31st July
Thomas son of Anthony?Andrew Page?Pope 5th Sept
Charity dau of John 11th Sept
Thomas son of Willa' Robbens 27th Sept
John son of John Eliot 30th Sept
Philip son of Richard Courtys 7th Oct
Martha dau of Henry ?Elliot 20th Nov
Mary dau of John Hill 27th Nov
Charity dau of Francis Hill 7th Dec
?Mary dau of John Channon 30th Dec
Richard son of Richard Thorne 1st March
?John son of Thomas Gould 5th Feb
[unreadable ?R ....?Roger...h..ild] 7th Jan
? John son of Philip Arscott 12th Jan
[unreadable] of Peter Prew 22nd Jan
[final two entries on the page are unreadable except for what might be Challis for the second surname]
?Catheren dau of Robert B.... 2? Feb
Edmond son of Edmond Combe 28th Feb
Mary dau of George Pyne??? 28th Feb
John son of ?Richard Elliot 5th March
Richard son of Thomas?James Swetland 9th March
An'o dm 1643  
Robert son of Robert England 25th March
John son of Jonah Walborne 16th April
Elias?Ellis son of John Callender 30th April
John son of John Leie 24th June
Franc son of Francis Clapp 7th July
Kateren dau of John Treleat 27th Aug
Mary dau of Stephen Lavis 30th Aug
John son of Richard Crosse 4th Oct
Grace dau of Willa' Smith 5th Oct
Ann dau of Henry Pearce 22nd Oct
Joane dau of Richard Comb 29th Oct
William son of William Lavis 3rd Dec
Annis dau of Henry Comb 4th Dec
Susanna dau of Willi' Lane 17th Dec
Joane dau of Henry? Leate 24th Dec
Susanna dau of Martin? 27th Jan
Philip son of John Pennywell 2nd Feb
John son of John C... 5th Feb
Mary dau of Roger Bagwill 24th Feb
[the last entry for 1643 is crossed out]  
An'o dm 1644  
Edmond son of John Crosse 28th April
William son of William Player? 12th May
Richard son of Francis Batston 20th May
Anne?Agnes dau of John Bending 20th May
Henry son of Gilbert Kemell 3rd [unreadable]
Honor dau of John Rogers 28th [unreadable]
Grace dau of Roger Gould 4th [unreadable]
Jane dau of Thomas Shut?Smith [unreadable]
William son of William Birch [unreadable]
John son of John Lovering [unreadable]
Roger? son of Elias Elliot [unreadable]
? son of Francis ? [unreadable]
[there is possibly a final entry on this page but it is unreadable]
John son of John Manfield 20th Oct
Hannah dau of Gregory Liddon 27th Oct
Susanna dau of John?Johna Channon 13th Nov
Edward son of Edward Aine? 17th Nov
Roger son of John Lea 8th Dec
Dorothy dau of Richard Callender 15th Dec
John son of Humphery Coombe 22nd Dec
Ann dau of Thomas Tucker 15th Jan
Richard son of Thomas Swetland 19th Jan
Diana? dau of Henry Elliot sen 26th Jan
John son of John Rabgent 2nd Feb
John son of Robert England 9th Feb
Susanna dau of Mathew Wotton 16th Feb
Mary dau of William Rabgent 16th Feb
Henry son of Henry Elliot junr 2nd March
An'o dm 1645  
Jane dau of John Milton?Milcom 30th March
John son of John Robbins 7th April
Honor dau of Isaac Birch 8th April
John son of ?..mon Waldrens 13th April
Robert son of ??? Smith 27th April
George son of Thomas Cuckney 5th June
Roger son of Roger Batston 13th July
Iset? dau of Martin Bending 18th Sept
Anne dau of Peter Prew 19th Oct
?Charity dau of Francis Clapp 12th Oct
Margerie dau of William Smith 19th Oct
Philip son of William Lane 26th Oct
Mary dau of Elias Elliot 2nd Nov
Mary? dau of Edmond Combe 3rd Dec
? dau of Roger Bagwill 10th Jan
? dau of Philip Elliot 11th Jan
[unreadable] Danile May 6th Feb
[unreadable] Cowd 15th Feb
[unreadable] Gilbert Lyddon 22nd Feb
[unreadable] ?Richard ?Rabgent 22nd Feb
Henry son of Henry B?D [unreadable]  
Grace dau of Nicholas Halse 14th March
Mary dau of John Crosse 16th March
An'o dm 1646  
? Ann dau of John Penewill 5th April
Thomas son of Philip Arscott?Wescot 15th April
Mary dau of Roger Couch? 15th April
Joan dau of Thomas Tucker 25th April
Edmond son of John Calender 6th June
Margaret dau of Robert Baron? 2nd Aug
Richard son of George Andrews 17th Aug
Stephen son of Stephen Lavis 14th Sept
Joan dau of ?Wm Lacy 14th Sept
Ame dau of John Peniwill 19th Sept
John son of George Haines?Harris 23rd Sept
Grace dau of Thomas Scot 28th Sept
[blank or words erased] Humphery Combs 30th Sept
Henry son of Henry Pope 5th Nov
Mary dau of John Bending 25th Nov
Thomas son of John Rabgent 12th Dec
Hanna dau of Francis Batstone 12th Dec
Dorothy dau of John Ford 4th Jan
John son of John Channon 8th Jan
Richard son of Richard Callender 10th Jan
John son of Willa' Cowd 4th Feb
John son of William Birch 26th Feb
John son of John Combe 7th March
Martin son of Roger Bagwill 19th March
An'o dm 1647  
Amey dau of Samuel Richards 25th April
Mary dau of William Rud...? [unreadable]
John son of Danile Hopping 24th [unreadable]
Willa'? son? of Willa' Tudd [unreadable]
Thomas son of Philip Wescott 9th [unreadable]
Francis? son of Mathew Wotton [unreadable]
??? dau of Walter B [unreadable]  
[unreadable ..? dau of James?Francis]  
[one possibly two further entries on the page .. unreadable]
?John son of John Elliot 15th Oct
Mary dau of Philip Channon 7th Oct
Willa' son of Thomas Switland 27th Nov
Ruth dau of Philip Elliot 30th Nov
Mary dau of Thomas Brewt'? 1st Dec
Hanna dau of Roger Batstone 18th [unreadable]
Thomasyn dau of Roger Gould 20th Jan
Mary dau of Willa' Hamet? 21st Feb
Dorothy dau of Henry? [unreadable] 18th March
John son of [remainder of entry unreadable... entry fitted in between two other entries .. no date]
Jno? son of Willa' Jenkens? 20th March
Richard son of Thomas Tucker 23rd April [as written]
Umphery son of Robert England 26th April
Susanna dau of Henry Elliot junr 26th April
Mathew son of Walter Thomas 27th April
Annod: - 1648 -  
Samuel son of Samuel Harison 16th July
Henry son of George Nut? Not 20th July
Joane dau of Gregory Priderm 23rd July
Mary dau of John Rogers 3rd Sept
George son of John Lea 7th Sept
John son of Nicholas Halse 29th Sept
George son of George ?labiner? 30th Sept
Andrew son of John Treleate 12th Oct
Charles son of William Coud 19th Oct
Roger son of Umprey Coombe 22nd Oct
Elizabeth dau of Christopher Halet? 1st Nov
Hanna dau of Henry Cowd 6th Nov
Sarah?Hanah dau of Gilbert Kemell 16th Nov
Roger son of John Robbens 19th Nov
John son of ?? Richards 25th Dec
William son of William Knecoles 27th Dec
Anstis?Alice dau of Henry Leete 5th Feb
[unreadable] dau of John Peniwill 7th Feb
?Samuel son of John Crosse 25th Feb
?John son of William Lane 25th Feb
[unreadable] son of Robert Burch? 13th March
Thomas son of Edward Avis 18th March
An dm 1649  
Susanna dau of Willa' Golsery 27th [unreadable]
Roger son of John Channon May [unreadable]
Henry son of John Rabgent [unreadable]
Charity dau of Edmond Combe 3rd June
Thomas son of Thomas Kendell? 4th June
Joan dau of Richard Callender 17th June
James son of Philip Wescot 20th June
Mary dau of Thomas Scot 12th July
Sarah dau of John Dunn 14th Aug
Mary dau of John Stouard 29th Aug
John son of Francis Clappe 25th Sept
John son of Roger Bagwell 28th Sept
Anne? dau of Robert Harison 29th Sept
Dorothy dau of William Priderm 14th Oct
Philip son of Philip Channon 16th Oct
William son of Willa' Hammat 17th Oct
Edward son of Edw Hopping 7th Nov
John son of John Midone? 27th Nov
John son of John Parker 29th Nov
Mary dau of Mathew Wotton 15th Dec
Francis son of Francis Hill 26th Dec
Mary dau of Thomas Gould 3rd Feb
An' dm 1650  
Kateren dau of Philip Elliot 7th April
[entry either erased or not written] Willa' Lane 26th April
Peter son of Peter Prew 28th April
[entry erased] Francis Batstone 5th May
Henry son of John Leate 28th May
Elizabeth dau of Thomas Swetland 4th June
Mary dau of Aaron Biddle 14th June
Katheren dau of Willa' Wayre? 14th July
Susanna dau of Will' Rabgent 21st July
John son of Francis Batstone 28th July
Richard son of John Elliot 11th Aug
John son of Thomas Lacy 18th Aug
?Richard son of Willa' Tud 4th Sept
Mary dau of Thomas Bragg 28th [unreadable]
?Joan dau of John Combe [unreadable]
[unreadable] dau of Richard [unreadable]  
?Philip son of Ellis? Elliot [unreadable]
John son of John Own 24th Oct
Walter son of Thomas Tucker 24th Nov
Mary dau of John Rabgent 24th Nov
Joan dau of Edward Labet 26th Nov
Francis son of John Tremlet 3rd Dec
Prudence dau of Gilbert Kemell 25th Dec
Elizabeth dau of John Bonding 1st Jan
Agnes dau of Richard Catley? 14th Jan
Grace dau of Robert England 28th Jan
Charity dau of Nichlas Halse 10th Feb
Thomas son of John Ley 11th Feb
Samuel son of Jane Nichells a whor 10th Feb
Elizabeth dau of ?Kayre? Wiscombe 18th Feb
John son of John Pope 25th Feb
Mary dau of Thomas Kimle? 26th Feb
John? son of John Dunn 3rd March
Philip son of John Crosse 6th March
Margaret dau of Samuel Richards 28th March
An' dm 1651  
Elizabeth dau of Richard Calender 2nd April
?Anthony? son of John Danniell? 11th April
[unreadable] son of [unreadable] ??May
?Mary dau of John [unreadable] 2nd June
Katern dau of Robert Braine 12th June
? dau of Thomas? Tucker? 13th June
Thomas son of Aaron Biddle? 7th July
Richard son of Roger Batstone ?? August
Richard son of George Curtney 2nd Sept
William son of John Lacy?Lee 3rd Sept
Chars? son of ?William Prideam 27th Sept
Elizabeth dau of Philip ?Wyert? 8th Oct
John son of Philip Channon 15th Oct
[unreadable] son of Richard Bessford? 10th Nov
[unreadable] son of Marynorse? Juleid? a bastard 9th Nov
[unreadable] dau of John Stuoard 15th Nov
John son of Francis Salter 20th Nov
[unreadable] son of William Leide? 10th Dec
Robert son of Robert Harison 1st Jan
Thomas son of Francis Hill 14th Jan
[unreadable dau] of William Hamet 20th Jan
[unreadable] dau of ??? Barsn?? 20th Jan
[at the top of this new page are 5 burials which have been included at the end of the burials transcription]
Jane dau of Samwill Harison 15th Feb
Henry son of Henry Treleate 21st Feb
Thomazin dau of William Smith 22nd Feb
Edward son of Thomas Scott 24th Feb
??Nichylas son of Roger Bagwill 26th Feb
Robert son of William Knowles 4th March
Thomas son of Jane Manfield bastard 7th March
Kateren dau of ?Robt Pridam 10th March
Sarah dau of John Robbins 15th March
An' dm 1652  
George son of John Channon 3rd April
John son of Richard Newberry 3rd April
Philip son of John Smith 8th April
Hannah dau of Willa' Heath 19th April
Mary dau of ?Constant Hodermanly? June 14th
Richard son of Willa' Tud July 15th
Anne dau of George Blackford July 18th
George son of George Salter July 29th
?Nicholas son of John Manfield August 20th
George son of Gregory Lyddon? Sept 2nd
Joane dau of ?Morald? Prew Sept 2nd
John son of John Ouwn Sept 3rd
Elizabeth dau of John Coome Oct 17th
Philip son of Edmund Coome Oct 23rd
Francis son of Thomas Bedford Oct 23rd
Christopher and Mary son and dau of Christopher Labat Oct 30th
Henry son of Gilbert Kemell Dec ??
Philip son of Philip Elliot Dec ??
Margaret dau of John Rodden Dec ??
Jane and Susanna daus of Thomas Crane Jan ??  
[unreadable] dau of John Bragg Jan ??
Philip son of John Dunn Feb ??
? John son of John Bartlett? Feb ??

Brian Randell, 27 Oct 2007